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  • Iceman: $MAT #CoveredCalls – Sold MAT Jul 20 2018 25.0 Calls @ 0.65 with the stock at 17.75
  • Iceman: $MAT #CoveredCalls – Sold MAT JUL 20 2018 25.0 Calls @ 0.40
  • Iceman: $MAT #ShortPuts – Bought to close 1 MAT Jan 19 2018 17.0 Put @ 1.25 with the stock at 15.77 to avoid possible assignment tonight. Originally sold at 1.30, so at least I cleared commissions.
  • Iceman: $MAT #ShortPuts – Bought to close 1 MAT JAN 19 2018 16.0 Put @ 0.85. Originally sold in August at 1.15 and still ITM with 4 days to expiration
  • Bridget: #Notes: $XLP - starting to see a change in trend. $CLX breaking higher. $KO/$PEP looking good today $XLU - new high $CBOE - this works $QCOM - running higher $PLNT $LW $ROKU - IPOs working $MU - working $MAT / $HAS both broke higher on news, but not much continuation $BZUN - might be starting an earnings run $MO - in a squeeze $TREX - looks like phase 2 is done, starting phase 3
  • gwenzee: $HAS $MAT Because Toys "R" Us is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy you will probably see Hasbro and Mattel down in sympathy. Retailers are having a tough time with Amazon controlling so much in that space. And what about all the Real Estate that these companies own? Your thoughts welcome.
  • tejas7: @gwenzee $HAS $MAT Hazmat suit needed
  • gwenzee: $HAS $MAT Could be even more toxic??? How low can they go? Took a little liberty with HAZMAT.
  • lostsheep: $HAS $MAT - So no one will ever buy a toy again? Burgermeister Meisterburger must be in town. Maybe not from Toys R Us, Buying opp if not just for a trade? Santa Claus is coming soon.
  • gwenzee: @lostsheep $HAS $MAT Toys are always a good seller especially around Christmas. But, people are going to AMZN not to the stores as they once did.
  • debeers: $HAS/$MAT-If you insist on being in this space, at least be in the better of the 2 which is $HAS.
  • debeers: @lostsheep $HAS $MAT -$HAS is the one if you are to be in this space. Christmas hasn't been cancelled.
  • Bridget: $MAT seeing some selling rhrn. Looks to be breaking out of this tight consolidation tothe downside. 50DMA is still acting as overhead resistance.
  • traderbren: @Bridget $MAT - came back pretty quickly. NP, but interesting to see the buyers come in to take it off the bottom.
  • Bridget: @traderbren $MAT yeah, now it's a triple bottom. Still in the channel. Would need a break above the 50dma before I would be bullish.
  • Wolf: $MAT Phase 2, or just wide range consolidation? Up 3.8% today.
  • Bridget: @Wolf $MAT This stock is in a downtrend. I would want to see if break above $31.50 before I would be interested in going bullish or buy it closer to the 20MA for a swing trade.
  • Wolf: @Henry $mat Thanks. I don't pay much attention to twitter, but maybe I should.
  • traderbren: $MAT -- with all the talk of retail, $MAT has buying interest. NP.
  • mharps: $mat strong move but earnings on Jan 18 and resistance at the 200 (daily) , I have a starter and like the dividend-(if it keeps paying)-this was on volume so we'll see.
  • Wolf: @mharps $mat Yahoo and Fidelity show earnings on 1/30 after market close. I don't see any news to account for the 5.7% move today. Have been holding a medium position for the mainly for the dividend.
  • Henry: @Wolf $mat TWTR is my source to explain the unexplained. Mattel introduced an Amazon Echo-type smart home assistant aimed at children at CES as well as a smart baby monitor.
  • traderbren: $MAT -- might be worth a trade as its back above the 50 dma and getting a bid on the intraday.
  • Bridget: @janner0814 $MAT #BUCS This stock is just trading sideways. Did you have a question?
  • janner0814: $MAT ready to fill the gap. Proof is in the pudding.
  • Iceman: ...
    A couple of sharp earnings moves are getting me into $MCO (long) and $NFLX (short) - I'll start writing options against those positions on Monday. Other earnings trades worked ($IBM $MAT $MCD $PH $SLB)

    -- Expirations --
    AN Oct 21 2016 44 Puts
    ANF O ...
  • Wolf: @Iceman $MAT $HAS #ShortPuts #Earnings Looks good so far. $2 above my strike.
  • Wolf: $MAT Closed weekly bull put spread for .67 gain. BTO half as many weekly 32 puts for .21. With this volatile market, could make money if it gives back half.
  • janner0814: FYI @Alexandra: Pre-Market Earnings: $ABT, $APH, $ASML, $BABY, $BBT, $CP, $DOV, $GPC, $HAL, $MS, $MTB, $NTRS, $RAI, $STJ, $STX, $SVU, $TUP, $UNF, $USB Earnings after the Close: $ $AXP, $BDN, $BJRI, $BRKL, $BXS, $CATY, $CCK, $CLB, $CNS, $CTXS, $CVBF, $CVTI, $EBAY, $EGBN, $EGP, $EWBC, $EXPO, $FNB, $FTI, $GGG, $HLX, $HNI, $HXL, $KALU, $KMI, $LHO, $LRCX, $LSTR, $MAT, $PKG, $RLI, $SCSS, $SLG, $SLM, $STLD, $TBI, $TSCO, $UMPQ, $URI, $VMI, $WDFC, $XLNX $VXX $NUGT $XIV $SVXY #ETN #FEES #WIDOWMAKER
  • Wolf: $MAT Reports after hours today. $HAS was up over 6% on earnings. Kids will get their toys. Long weekly 30.5/28.6 Bull Put spread, Net Cr. .68
  • Iceman: $MAT #ShortPuts #Earnings - Sold MAT Oct 21 2016 28.0 Puts @ 0.20 with the stock at 30.59. Hoping for a repeat of the $HAS move on earnings
  • Bridget: $MAT breaking down below the 200MA. Head and shoulders pattern on the weekly that has just recently been confirmed. Moving averages turning over. I think this is a good shorting candidate.
  • RedLeaf1: Looks like a big seller of movies and their toys $DIS, $HAS and $MAT all day, despite big call buying in $MAT Aug 33 Calls this a.m.
  • Bridget: @LMReeder $MAT moving with $HAS
  • Bridget: Lots of breakouts today, will be watching tomorrow to see if any give us a pullback or a decent entry. $CHKP $COST $CCL $DPG $AVG $LULU $FPF $MAT $COH $KTWO $WAL $INFY
  • ryanj: @Bridget $CHKP $COST $CCL $DPG $AVG $LULU $FPF $MAT $COH $KTWO $WAL $INFY Nice list Bridget! I kinda like COST from Dan's Alert. I might take a little but the whole list is showing good.
  • Bridget: $MAT breaking out on good earnings.
  • captron: @Bridget $MAT I like the short interest here. Maybe we can get a little squeeze going. Long.
  • arrow: $MAT - Nice tail forming on today's candle.
  • arrow: $MAT - Constructive action in Mattel. Nice dividend. May also see some activist intervention here soon.
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $MAT Mattel Inc. Click here to view associated video clip:
  • Thunder_Struck: $MAT Mattel, Fuhu Move Closer to Sale -- Market Talk 18 hours 19 minutes ago - DJNF 17:35 ET - Children's tablet-maker Fuhu is nearing a solid sale deal with Mattel (MAT), and a truce with lender Tennenbaum Capital. Both will be necessary if the kid-tech business is to survive bankruptcy. Persuaded Mattel is serious about a buyout, Tennenbaum agreed to loosen its grip so Fuhu can fill holiday orders in the coming weeks, at least some of them. Fuhu's low on inventory, after a fight with contract manufacturer Foxconn, and its website says it's out of stock on many items. ( (END) Dow Jones Newswires December 08, 2015 17:35 ET (22:35 GMT)
  • Bridget: $MAT having a big up day. Would want to buy closer to the 200MA but after a tough year this stock could start a new uptrend. The monthly chart looks like it has found a bottom.
  • Aragorn: $MAT near the HOD 3 min chat been watching set an alert at eh upper BB and t triggered and now expanding the bollings on a 3
  • Iceman: $INTC $IRM $MAT $MRO $SDRL #ShortPuts - Covered all the short puts below at a profit to avoid possible assignment tonight Bought to close INTC Jul 17 2015 30.0 Puts @ 0.58 Bought to close IRM Jul 17 2015 32.5 Puts @ 0.85 Bought to close MAT Jul 17 2015 24.0 Puts @ 0.05 Bought to close MAT Jul 17 2015 25.0 Puts @ 0.60 Bought to close MAT Jul 17 2015 26.0 Puts @ 0.55 Bought to close MRO Jul 17 2015 24.0 Puts @ 0.23 Bought to close SDRL Jul 17 2015 10.0 Puts @ 0.90
  • Forexpro: ...
    $MTSI showed up in a recent scan that I ran, and has since performed well. "The Trader" column has a cautionary snippet observing that the company recently changed its accounting practices (rarely a good sign), specifically changing its re ...
  • pcotton: ...
    $MAT - hi vol spikes in April, pb to 50 & bouncing
    $MBT - just keeps goin' up a little every day in narrow range
    $TAHO - established 2 higher bases in short time
    $TEX - channeling
    $TWI - mounted 200, seems to have support
    $VCRA - high base conve ...
  • Bridget: $MAT price alert on MAT. REally nice pullback after the run up from earnings. Looks like it is finding support around $27. Will wait for a green candle on the daily but then I think this will be a good buy.
  • LTCSteve: @Bridget $MAT It just marked a green intraday candle. Are you buying or waiting for a up day? thanls
  • LTCSteve: @Bridget $MAT Initiated starter position under $27. Also bought May 15 26 Puts -very inexpensive. Pays 5.6% dividend, ex on May 20th. I think this is a low risk trade.
  • pcotton: #scan bottomUP lot of metals, construction doing well (in recent scans) I own $CMC $CRS $FCX $TAHO $TEX $CAT $FLR Tomorrow's list: $ASPS $AT $CRS $DOV $FCX $FLR $IBM $KMT $MAT $MDRX $NCI $NUAN $OSK $PWR $S $SCHN $TEX $UTEK $VMI $VMW $YELP
  • pcotton: #scan #bottomUP (ex energy) Hey, 7 out of 10 of today's list was up today, with market down, momo out of favor. $AVP $CRS $ECOM $FCX $FLR $KMT $MAT $MDRX $S $SB $TEX $UTEK $VCRA $VMI $YELP $ZINC copyable list: in TOS, can copy, then import to watchlist from clipboard: AVP CRS ECOM FCX FLR KMT MAT MDRX S SB TEX UTEK VCRA VMI YELP ZINC
  • dunsek: ...

    And one for the trade it like a biotechian millionaire crowd: $ATNM

    NB anyone looking for a ...
  • GreenGhost: $MAT Barbie on fire look at daily closed all BEPS about a week and half ago when stock touched middle of BB then kept going on 4/6 ; very strong signal for reversal of downtrend was commencing; 2 days later; 4/8 flipped to calls ;those are screaming ...
  • GreenGhost: $MAT Barbie beach buggy crashes and burns ; still no CEO just some interim board member who I suspect is not loving life here ; company announced yesterday it brought back fired CEO as a consultant; stock is loving that; down another 2.5% and yet another 52 week low ; long Apr 27/24 and 25/23 BEPS which have both more than doubled ;1st position bought 2/18 added 3/2; 2nd position bought entire full position on 3/12; I can see this stock at 20 before too long.
  • GreenGhost: ...
    $MAT Apr 25/23 BEPS for .49 (have larger position already in Apr 27/24 BECS which is working very well; a/k/a the Barbie trade)

    $MDLZ June 35/38 BUCS for a buck

    Looking at a $RUSS BECS (CR) too as this ETF rolls over on weakening oil ; very bearis ...
  • GreenGhost: $MAT Barbie trade update BTC Mar 27/30 BECS for .11 DR this was the funding side of Mar 27/24 BEPS debit spread which is up over 50% Stock is such a poor performer short strike was ATM when I sold them and this spread decayed 85% already since sale on 2/18 which isn't even a week. Poor Barbie. Close out early also frees up margin.
  • GreenGhost: $MAT Newsflash Ken wants a divorce; Barbie in tears; stock down another 1% today. Have several bearish options trades on this poor stock.
  • GreenGhost: @Bridget $MAT agree they do though apparently need toys that have ties to movies ala $HASB; should have done a pairs trade too ;short $MAT long $HASB
  • nb8702: @GreenGhost $MAT Heard through the Grape-Vine the disgruntle Barbie took a little road trip with a friend during her time of need but it's been reported they were a little wild and had a run in with the law and it's looking a DOWN For Barbie.
  • GreenGhost: @Bridget $DIS Continues Earnings strength mostly Espn driven; every wonder why your cable rates keep going up every month it seems and through the roof? You van than Mikey Eisner and his crew. $HASB is taking some serious market share from $MAT in a fairly zero-sum market toy market so pairing with $HASB is a more targeted and levered play than $DIS which is a multi-content media powerhouse vs. a stand alone toy company.
  • GreenGhost: $MAT Barbie no more trades ( Apr BEPS DR funded with Mar BECS CR) working really well; stock was off over 1% yesterday and is down another 2.5% today. See post yesterday for trade thesis and strikes. Stock looks pretty bearish as longs flee this weak company.
  • GreenGhost: $MAT Barbie getting crushed stock down 3.5%; 52 week low out of a tight vol squeeze to downside on big institutional selling; this stock has it all for bearish plays ; stock is quickly approaching my short strike on Apr 27/24 BEPS DR spread; it appears I set my sights in this case too high. My short leg on my mar 27/30 BECS ( CR spread ) has dropped in price 70% in 2 days; very weak and busted stock. Stock could see 20 before finding support. risk to trade is CEO replacement or activist at this point.
  • GreenGhost: $MAT I identified a intermediate term Bearish continuation wedge pattern (6wks -9 mos) so here's my anti-Barbie trade ( company has a really crappy qtr and guide down) STO Mar 27/30 BECS ( a credit spread) to fund purchase of Apr 27/24 BEPS DR spread ; downside target in stock is low 23s. Entire trade cost me .15DR so possible 2.85 CR max win ($3box less .15DR net capital outlay). That works out to 19 to 1 leverage (2.85/.15) ; I'll take it. I will look to take out all my capital and possibly book a profit by selling another BECS at Mar opex. Stock is cooperating nicely today and is off another 1%. Of course this is double option leverage so if stock runs up north of 30 I'd be cooked.
  • Forexpro: RE: $MSFT, $MAT Hi, Friends, $MSFT is something resembling a long term holding for me, but while the drawing isn't quite a perfect trend channel, it's certainly pointing the wrong way for those of us who are long. The company is winning quite a bit of media applause of late, but that doesn't seem to be translating into an overly strong stock: Meanwhile, $MAT just announced that $MAT's CEO has resigned. The stock isn't doing all that well thus far this morning: No position in that one. Best of luck!
  • captron: $MAT - Reference Dan's post and email, their earnings are scheduled for 1/30 after the bell and Whisper has called for them to have a nice loss or miss, what ever you want to call it. That should also move the stock.
  • traderbren: $MAT - turned into a great 59M Trade.
  • captron: $MAT - Volume picking up on the Feb puts
  • captron: $MAT - Really starting to squeeze on the 5 min chart. Which way will it go?
  • TunaHelper: @captron $MAT is skipping slightly above the VWAP (in a narrow channel, per your post). Chart:
  • captron: $MAT - The spread is widening on the Feb 30 puts as volume picks up. Adding to my position.
  • Iceman: #FallingKnife trades today - It's not what the stock is doing now that matters, but what it does next summer. Sold 1 $ATI Jul 17 2015 22.5 Put @ 1.3 Sold 1 $CAM Aug 21 2015 32.5 Put @ 1.4 Sold 1 $COP Aug 21 2015 45.0 Put @ 1.22 Sold 1 $CTXS Jun 19 2015 47.5 Put @ 1.1 Sold 1 $FCX Aug 21 2015 15.0 Put @ 1.27 Sold 1 $FOXA Jul 17 2015 31.0 Put @ 1.2 Sold 1 $HES Aug 21 2015 47.5 Put @ 1.34 Sold 1 $HOT Aug 21 2015 55.0 Put @ 1.23 Sold 1 $LNC Jul 17 2015 45.0 Put @ 1.59 Sold 1 $MAT Jul 17 2015 25.0 Put @ 1.2 Sold 1 $MET Jun 19 2015 42.0 Put @ 1.13 Sold 1 $MPC Jul 17 2015 55.0 Put @ 1.35 Sold 1 $MU Jul 17 2015 25.0 Put @ 1.34 Sold 1 $NOV Aug 21 2015 40.0 Put @ 1.16 Sold 1 $NUE Jul 17 2015 37.0 Put @ 1.22 Sold 1 $PSX Aug 21 2015 40.0 Put @ 1.15 Sold 1 $RIG Aug 21 2015 10.0 Put @ 1.34 Sold 1 $SE Jun 19 2015 29.0 Put @ 1.1 Sold 1 $SLB Aug 21 2015 55.0 Put @ 1.37 Sold 1 $SNDK Jul 17 2015 55.0 Put @ 1.26
  • Forexpro: ...
    $INTC, $LLTC, $FCX, $ETN, $TWC, $MAT, $ HRB, $VLO, $IBM, $SWK, $LLL, $GE, $IPG, $BBT, $YUM and $FITB.

    Basically, I'm looking for overpriced options of decent companies that offer a bit of yield. There are normally more of those on days when the ove ...
  • Iceman: #SP500 - who says yesterday was not as bad as it looked? $YHOO Yahoo! Inc. 38.65 -5.57% $FSLR First Solar, Inc. 67.17 -5.22% $BTU Peabody Energy Corp. 12.65 -4.82% $XEC Cimarex Energy Co. 127.8 -4.32% $TRIP TripAdvisor Inc. 94.29 -4.15% $AZO AutoZone, Inc. 505.38 -4.00% $WAG Walgreen Co. 60.42 -3.91% $NBR Nabors Industries Ltd. 22.96 -3.89% $DNR Denbury Resources Inc. 15.14 -3.32% $MU Micron Technology, Inc. 30.6 -3.26% $NFLX Netflix, Inc. 442.78 -3.22% $IPG The Interpublic Group 18.21 -3.19% $MAT Mattel, Inc. 32.83 -3.10% $TSO Tesoro Corporation 60.01 -3.08%
  • Iceman: ...
    $MAT Jul 19 2014 36 Puts
    $MDSO Jul 19 2014 45 Calls (Covered)
    $NAT Jul 19 2014 7 Puts
    $NSM Jul 19 2014 20 Puts
    $NUAN Jul 19 2014 10 Puts
    $NVAX Jul 19 2014 5 Calls (Covered)
    $P Jul 19 2014 32 Calls (Covered)
    $PAAS Jul 19 2014 8 Puts
    $SCTY Jul 19 2014 ...
  • Forexpro: Re; Emerging Markets, @Bglee Thanks, @Bglee, Much appreciated. $MAT, huh? Interesting. All the best!
  • Neil375: QCOM- Good morning everyone. I came across a few stocks that might return a profit. A few in a #squeeze- $QCOM, $DECK and PM. PM has a 4.3% #dividend. And a few breaking out or looking like they might- $UTX,PNC, $MT, $MAT and JOY. I have no position as of now. I'm a bit cautious and waiting to see what the market does.
  • Tim S: Notable earnings before Wednesday's open $ABT, $ASML, $BAC, $BK, $BLK, $CMA, $GWW, $KEY, $MAT, $MTG, $NTRS, $PEP, $PNC, $STJ, $SWK, USB
  • scottto: #Countertrades - Here's what popped out of my screen this weekend: (re-post mostly for my purposes) $ACTG - Current 22.02; Low/stop 21.50 (risk = $0.52); Gap fill target 24.75 (profit = 2.73); profit/risk = 5.25 $APH - Current 76.78; Low 75.08; target 84; P/R = 4.25 $CYH - 43.16, 42.12, 47, p/r = 3.7 $EBAY - 52.19, 52.12, 56.5, p/r = 61.6 $ISRG - 392.67, 357.02, 420, p/r = 0.77 $UTEK - 30.01, 29.63, 35, p/r = 13.1 Previously mentioned: $FLY - 14.64, 14, 17, p/r = 3.7 $INGR - 61.70, 60.62, 68, p/r = 4.9 $XXIA - 15.02, 13.31, 18, p/r = 1.7 $MAT - stopped out of original $MAT new - 42.38, 42.06, 46, p/r = 11.3 $SHW - 172.86, 163.63, 180, p/r = 0.77 Take a look at the daily chart with each stock and the trade will make sense to you.... Cheers,
  • scottto: #Countertrades - Here's what popped out of my screen this weekend: $ACTG - Current 22.02; Low/stop 21.50 (risk = $0.52); Gap fill target 24.75 (profit = 2.73); profit/risk = 5.25 $APH - Current 76.78; Low 75.08; target 84; P/R = 4.25 $CYH - 43.16, 42.12, 47, p/r = 3.7 $EBAY - 52.19, 52.12, 56.5, p/r = 61.6 $ISRG - 392.67, 357.02, 420, p/r = 0.77 $UTEK - 30.01, 29.63, 35, p/r = 13.1 Previously mentioned: $FLY - 14.64, 14, 17, p/r = 3.7 $INGR - 61.70, 60.62, 68, p/r = 4.9 $XXIA - 15.02, 13.31, 18, p/r = 1.7 $MAT - stopped out of original $MAT new - 42.38, 42.06, 46, p/r = 11.3 $SHW - 172.86, 163.63, 180, p/r = 0.77 Take a look at the daily chart with each stock and the trade will make sense to you.... Cheers,
  • :
  • jdaniels: $MAT - Initial pre-market reaction for earnings appears good for those of you that like toys. I trade this company every year always with good results and each year I always exit too soon. Well run company, good balance sheet and better than 3% div yield. No position
  • jdaniels: $STON - For those of you that like yield like I do, I have mentioned this company before. Today market direction only seems to be lower based on all 93 tickers I follow except $MAT, $LULU, $HD, $KO and this one STON. StonMor Partners is an LLP in t ...
  • jdaniels: $MAT - Stopped out of a winner @40.18. Will look to re-enter at lower levels. No position in common, long $MAT Jan 2014 40 calls. I do this every year and use it for my Christmas fund.
  • BuffaloBill: ...
    Returned the following 32 $HRB $NFLX BIG $KLAC $MPC $PSA $KIM $CLX $OXY $LRCX $FFIV $HUM $MAT

    Change parameters by SCAN ...
  • jdaniels: $MAT - Started working on Christmas at the beginning of year. $MAT Earnings this morning and missed, but raised its div from 31 to 36 cents. Traded down pre-market and is now flat on the day. This stock goes higher
  • jdaniels: $MAT - Added to common position via leap Jan 2014 40 calls. Did the same thing last year, which worked out well without the stress
  • jdaniels: $MAT - Up over 1% on very high volume. Looks like the market liked the div boost, I know I did
  • jdaniels: $MAT - Added to long term position on this pull back before earnings. For those looking for the slow and steady investment strategy
  • murfields: #SQUEEZE---Today only 10 of the 15 are up. $MAT up another 1%+ and it is outside the upper BB band. A usual sign to take the 15% profit, $PFE also outside upper BB band so sell. Tomorrow possible start of another 3 day down so either watch another day or start taking profit on the rest of squeezes posted on the week-end.
  • murfields: #SQUEEZE---Scotto listed approximately 100 stock with a #squeeze based on the BB band with of 0.06 or less. Many will go too long before a break-out and will not give immediate profit and of little indicative value for now. Examination of the appearances of their BB charts is of importance. For a trial I picked out 15 out of Scotto's list based on their BB charts and maybe a possible break-out for immediate profit. The list includes; $EW, $MAT, $ETR, $NU, $MCK, $COF, $USB, $VZ, $TEG, $PNW, $CMS, $WFM, $T, $DTE, PFE. At 1.37 Pm EST 10 of the 15 are positive on this down day. I will follow these for the next few days for further possible up-trending.
  • scottto: ...
    $ETR, $BEAM, $HSP, $PBCT, $TSS, $MAT, $ALL, $WU, $WM, $KEY, $CFN, $NOC, $AON, $RTN, $EW, $RSG, $TMO, $SIAL, $BA, $CMCSA,

    Edited for usefulness:
    $WFM - Strong chart, coil ...
  • murfields: @Scott- How do you pick your possible squeezes, just the 0.06 band width? The list is quite long. When I am looking I try to pick possible break-out in the next several days for possible up-tend of 3 or more days I try to analyze the BB chart of present and possible future expansion. Most in your long list could go for a long time-period before an immediate break-out. Possible immediate break-out on the list are $EW, $MAT, $ETR, $NU, $MCK, $COF, $USB, $VZ, $TEG, $PNW, $CMS, $WFM, $T, $DTE, PFE??? They are just possible. Next week I will check for the winners. @Henry; your posting eliminated my reason for my post.
  • jdaniels: @DAN - $MAT, $LTD, $PEP,CAG, $GIS, $PG, $CLX, $KMB - Need help @Dan on stocks that are never talked about in the forum. $MAT, $LTD, $PEP,CAG, $GIS, $PG, $CLX, KMB. Obviously these are all in the consumer space and very low beta and considered safe with dividends. However in a markets such as we are in now when the river is running against us should we sell and buy back at lower prices or stick with the long term theme. I own all of these tickers, some up substantially, some flat and some with slight losses.
  • mikeo561: ...

    Others not so great (for reference):
    Comparison and contrast.

    There are others, but I try to stay in the $20 to $100 per share range. ...
  • scottto: Breakout alerts - $MAT RL $COV WAT $UPS SPG GWW
  • scottto: ...
    $MAT - perhaps starting another breakout
    $GWW - great chart
    $SWK - may be starting a breakout

    Set an alert on the ones you like and forget about 'em.

  • pcotton: UP-TRENDING STOCKS - I culled my up-trending list of the mis-behaving stocks (defined by pulling back lower than it's general trend or below support) which left these: $ACN, CMB, $CVS, $DLTR, $FAST, $GRMN, $HD, $LOW, $LSTR, $MAIN, $MAT, $MJN, $NKE, $ORLY, $RHT, $ROST, TJX
  • gold2stocks: UP/DOWNGRADES ESTIMATES/MEETINGS - Hope everyone has a STELLAR day! G2S

    Arch Coal downgraded at Brean
    $ACI was downgraded from Buy to Hold, Brean @Murray said. Company will struggle to sell uncommitted 2012 volumes.

    $AES Corpora ...

    Archer-Daniels-Midland upgraded at $BMO
    $ADM was upgraded to Outperform, $BMO Capital said. $35 price target. Fundamentals should bottom out in the first quarter.

    Broadcom downgraded at A ...
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Volume 7,331,150

Mattel, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets a variety of toy products through sales to its customers and directly to consumers. The products include fashion dolls, infant and preschool products, toy cars, and electrical vehicles, among others.

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