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  • Rockstar: ...
    These two levels must hold this week or the market will continue to show weakness. The $SPY at 380 and the $QQQ's at $262. Many charts are showing weekly hammer candles and that is not a bullish sign. The $DIA is below its 21EMA, the $QQQ is below i ...
  • scottrades: ...
    As it stands right now, I’m focused on Biotech and Gold and stocks that are holding up despite the conditions. Yesterday $SPY Held on to the 380 level to the penny and bounced to close green. We are finding a little support here, let’s s ...
  • scottrades: $SPY Battle at 380
  • scottrades: @scottrades $SPY Bulls trying to make a stand.
  • vitoB: @scottrades $SPY no panic selling yet
  • traderbren: @scottrades $SPY - battle of the machines this morning. ;-)
  • scottrades: @vitoB $SPY There's till time...LOL! More Econ Data tomorrow. Non-Farm Payrolls, ISM, and more Fed Heads.
  • champ: $SPY.....maybe #Think about this #simple Set-up.....because for the Markets to settle down and start to slowly turn-up, the Markets needs the Payroll Job numbers to start dropping and in the morning...........the Markets will get the next report for ...
  • vitoB: $SPY just cracked this mornings low and sitting on a cliff, come on man...so much drama everywhere
  • bigbartabs: @scottrades $SPY ... I think the SP500 is the key index now, as it usually becomes. More now for a couple of reasons... it contains more tech now than ever before, and until that takes off again, it's in jail. if it falls much below here, that prob ...
  • bigbartabs: @champ $SPY $ULTA #Think #simple #might #always #Watching-for-Entries #Wait #lower #Close #Swingers ... good points, my brutha from anutha mutha. If we can get just a few green shoots into the report tomorrow, and settling down the sellers into the middle of January... we just might finally see some buyers start thinking about a nice place to start building positions again... hopefully fruitful through the rest of 2023. All the best buddy... hopefully you didn't get mauled down your way last night with the wind and rain. We had quite a night here...
  • Jazman0013: @champ #Computerized-trading #CopyCat #plan I’m thinking of going long the $SPY sometime this afternoon if it looks like we get some short covering.
  • bigbartabs: @Jazman0013 $SPY #Computerized-trading #CopyCat #plan ... not champ... but I would wait to see if SPY gets above its 8dema line. At that point, probably a good point to start building. One man's opinion... all the best...
  • champ: @bigbartabs $SPY $ULTA #Think #simple #might #always #Watching-for-Entries #Wait #lower #Close #Swingers......My guess is, that report in the morning is holding back the Markets...and after that report, the markets should or could turn at anytime, before the close. .....The Markets are forward looking and in the month of January there will be a lot of layoff... in most all the sectors and inflation will be starting to drop, which will become much more obvious......and thats what the markets are waiting for. Yes we had some heavy rains, with the normal winds and gust but not all that bad....and I hope everything, up your way works out...stay dry. LOL
  • champ: @Jazman0013 $SPY #Computerized-trading #CopyCat #plan.....Yes sir, the shorts could sure start to cover.. before the close.....and go into that report flat.... .....Yes sir exactly, however have to see how it goes but the guessing odds are, we could have a #trade-able-close....and if it happens ...I'm Ready......and I have a few targets.....sure go for it, I will use the $SSO. LOL
  • Jazman0013: @champ $SPY $SSO #Computerized-trading #CopyCat #plan #trade-able-close no dice so far for me. Got my bounce but my strikes weren’t right. Maybe we see it now but I think I’m done for the day. That drift sideways down ate the potential.
  • champ: @Jazman0013 $SPY $SSO #Computerized-trading #CopyCat #plan #trade-able-close.....I'm also still a Watcher.......
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Awaiting more Data $QQQ Awaiting Apple’s Breakdown $DIA Tap Dancing on the trendline $XLE Back in the range $GDX Holding up $KWEB Holding the gap $XHB Dan added some stocks to the ATL $XBI Tight $AAPL Not a good look. $MSFT The future? $BABA Strength in some China Stocks. $PDD Breaking out $KRYS Dan mentioned this one $CPRX I own this $ACLX Trying to move out of a base $LABU For those who like to live dangerously $MRK Breaking out $FCX Copper trying to move $WPM Still own this. $NEM Holding up. $GOLD 200 Day Support $XOM Sling Shot? Watch 110 $CROX Mentioned in the forum $CELH at the 50 Day $PLNT It is January $SBUX Clear resistance $BOX Nope.
  • scottrades: ...
    We are building a nice little support zone on $SPY around the 8EMA, while it’s still choppy we’re still getting pockets of constructive action. Resistance is around 386 and short term support is in the 380 zone. The trend is still down, ...
  • scottrades: $SPY Gap filled the downside gap
  • scottrades: @scottrades $SPY 380 support holding.
  • vitoB: $SPY just popped above the 13dema...ALGO CRAZY ...ill go crazy.. if we keep up this volatility. ... did someone just steal the fed digital briefcase
  • HGIGuy: #$SPY @Dan, in your excellent morning post yesterday, you made the following observation:
    "That's an important point to keep in mind this year. 2022 was different than most of you have ever really experienced before. A 13-year bull market ended ...
  • scottrades: Fed minutes are out. $SPY
  • champ: ...
    .....the $SPY needs to #turn before the close or this is going to be a negative Set-up for the start of the New Year.....and the short will be happy...$SDS....
    .....and in the Tech sector, the $SQQQ is still in play....can't really do anything in th ...
  • Jazman0013: @champ $BAC $SPY $SDS $SQQQ $TSLA #turn #Wednesday #Thursday #Friday #failed I wasn’t expecting anything fantastic but another day or so seemed reasonable before resuming the down trend. I enjoyed @DAN message this morning and caught myself hoping he would be right. Very well may be. When though? That is the question.
  • champ: @Jazman0013 $BAC $SPY $SDS $SQQQ $TSLA #turn #Wednesday #Thursday #Friday #failed......After Friday's nice move, going into the close....so for me, I'm disappointed this morning....because I was leaning the wrong way, however it is, what it is....and I will be doing what I always do, I will continue to look for opportunities and the next Set-ups are..... those next #Economic-Reports .....LOL.
  • scottrades: $SPY moving a bit off the low.
  • champ: $SPY....getting the turn going into the close again.. and is getting closer to the flat-line....and all investors would like to see is a flat market....and Traders would be happy...because they can make nice Profits in a flat market.
  • vcondry: @champ $SPY finished above $380 could be something...could be nothing...but feels slightly positive.
  • champ: @vcondry $SPY....The Markets really do need a positive mood swing, in order to work.... and maybe the ISM Manufacturing report in the morning, will help......
  • Jazman0013: @champ $BAC $SPY $SDS $SQQQ $TSLA #turn #Wednesday #Thursday #Friday #failed #Economic-Reports I hear you there. I was missing being available in the afternoon. The end of day swings have made for some great trades the last 2 weeks or so.
  • mechanic: @vcondry $SPY like your positivity. :-) $SPY feels like it wants to go further south. Big cap tech stocks like $AAPL, $TSLA, $AAPL heading lower.
  • DAN: ...
    $SPY -- Gap on hope. Institutions are still distributing. All indexes are pretty weak.
    $IYT -- Nope
    $QQQ -- Not where you want to be.

    Active Trade List:
    $VRTX -- stopped at 299.
    $ENPH -- stopped at 296.90
    $TMDX -- Stop at 54.20. 50-day MA ho ...
  • Forexpro: @joelsg1 $SPY $STT

    LOL, Joelsg1,

    Yes, I agree that the semis were everything we want those games to be annually, and although I've always had a soft spot for the Wolverines I'm still delighted to see an outsider break in to the finale. Now, much m ...
  • joelsg1: @Forexpro $SPY $STT $BK $JPM $NTRS $C Wow, amazing info and insight, thank you heartily. I hope the Kid appreciates the time, effort and wisdom imparted, I certainly do. P.S. he does, and appreciates your generosity. Their fledgling West Coast operation is trying to ramp at a difficult time, but at least no shortage of parking, as I understand. He’s attracted interest from some others, like $SIVB, so he has a tough decision this month, better informed by you. Thanks again for your kind reply.
  • champ: ......This is the #Set-up, for me....and so far the Futures are running around the flat line, as expected....because as I posted on Friday, the $SPY had a real nice move, going into the close....
    .....which means for all the Newbies.....that both Tra ...
  • joelsg1: @Forexpro $SPY $STT C'mon, forget Chip's UCLA kids , though he did convince the top qb prospect to commit to the Bruins, those college semi final games were excellent. My son says he's offered a position in client services for hedge funds West Coast, and there's some multi asset floating around too. Any color would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  • Forexpro: Re: $SPY

    Hi, Friends,

    I've been out of circulation, for the most part, and not really paying all that much attention to the markets. So, this morning seemed like an appropriate time to step back and take a look at my version of The Big Picture. Att ...
  • joelsg1: @Forexpro $SPY Nice to ‘ hear’ from you, Happy New Year! Quick question: my recent MBA son is considering a job offer from $STT to build their West Coast presence and I believe you used to work there. They pay a bit less than others and are mum about bonuses. Would you recommend?
  • Forexpro: @joelsg1 $SPY $STT Hey, Joelsg1, And the very happiest of New Years to you! What area of $STT is your son considering? Custody, Global Markets, or Global Advisors? They're pretty distinct culturally and the financial implications vary. Happy to try to provide some color, although I'm not as plugged in as I was once upon a time. The topmost echelon has turned over completely since my day. The current global head of FX is a former colleague with whom I'm on good terms, and I still know a fair number of people at the EVP level, but the C-Suite folks are strangers. Just let me know. All the best!
  • champ: $SPY...nice late squeeze move and close on HOD, off of LOD.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY / $QQQ Santa was late this year $DIA Under the 50 Day $XLE Under the 50 Day $OIH Holding up $XLF Holding the 200 Day $GDX Stopped at the 200 Day $SLV Still working fine $SMH Still under the 50 Day $KWEB Still under the slope $TNX Above all the MAs $TSLA Needs a higher low $JPM At resistance $MS Holding the 200 Day $MA Above the MAs $V Same $CPRX Holding the 8EMA $KRYS Basing $VRNA ATH $GILD At the 8/21 Day $SLB Holding up. $HES Mentioned last night $XOM Above the 50 Day $COP Just under the 50 Day
  • Docoof: @vitoB $QQQE $QQQ $AAPL $AMZN $RSP outperforming $SPY today.
  • vitoB: @Docoof $QQQE $QQQ $AAPL $AMZN $RSP $SPY see that confuses me, cause $AAPL is the highest holding and above both.
  • champ: The $SPY turned off of around $375.....and the $QQQ turned off of $260.....and it sure looks like everything is making nice moves today.... .....and it could be because of the Payroll numbers..... and hopefully this move will continue into the New Year...... ~~~~~ And I'm still looking for Entries......however it might be wise to Wait.. to See how the Markets close, however for Now, I like what I'm seeing.... .....but the Markets need to hold, however thats up to all the Traders.....need to see if the Traders, turn into happy swingers.
  • vcondry: @champ $SPY $QQQ not to pee on your parade but I see this all turning to crap by tomorrow. im easing back into $SDS and some $SPY puts today.
  • champ: @vcondry $SPY $QQQ $SDS....there are always both the Bulls and the Bears and they both have to pee...at times and I'm not going to swing any ETF today....however I sure might tomorrow, on the close.....is one of my plans, that is pending and in the Markets, everything is always pending.
  • Docoof: @vcondry $SPY $QQQ $SDS Is that, more or less, based on your sense of how $SPY has been moving lately, or do you have a particular technical indicator in mind? I’m not asking for a justification or elaborate explanation, but just a general and loose answer. Thanks, vcondry.
  • vcondry: @Docoof $SPY $QQQ $SDS just based on my sense of how its been moving lately combined with the almanacs better than 60% prediction of a BEAR day on the 30th of December historically. If you saw my account you would do the opposite of whatever nonsense I spew forth this year lol.
  • Docoof: @vcondry $SPY $QQQ $SDS Lol! I appreciate the response.Thank you!
  • vcondry: @Docoof $SPY $QQQ $SDS anytime! I did add to my small $SDS $AAPD and $SPY puts a few minutes before close fwiw.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Inside Week $QQQ Bounce to the trendline $DIA Still at the 50 Day $XLE Chopping under the 50 Day $XLF Just under the 50 Day $KWEB Holding the 8EMA $XBI Back to the top of the range. $TSLA Oversold bounce Day 2 $MSFT Back to the 50 Day $AAPL Still in a down trend $META Right at resistance $MS Holding the 200 Day $PSX Basing under the 50 Day $SLB Above the line $HES At the 50 Day $TDW Through resistance $BOX Through the pivot on low volume $CROX Trending $ASO Above the MAs $DKS Very similar $ATI Daily base $ELF Holding up
  • scottrades: $SPY Fresh Low
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Rejected at the 8EMA $QQQ Trending lower $DIA Chopping around the 50 Day $XLE Back to the 8 Day $OIH Same $GDX Bouncing around the 200 Day $XLF Near the MAs $XBI Waiting for strength to come back $KWEB Needs strength $VIX Bottoms usually happen near the highs $TNX Rates churning up $TSLA Dan Trading from overseas $AAPL Fresh low $NVDA Failed upside reversal $CAT Back at the 8 Day $SLB Back to the 8 Day $CROX Trend still in tact $TDW Near the highs $LLY Basing
  • vcondry: @steve71 $F $SPY heck yes.
  • steve71: @vcondry $F $SPY Buy and Hold the indices is a safer bet than trying to pick one stock. 35 years ago, say Jan 1, 1986, the SPY was 575. Today it's 3,830. With dividends componded by reinvesting in shares the return is OK.
  • steve71: @phgruver $F $VFINX $SPY We forgot to mention management fees. "SPY stock has a very low fee, just 0.095% annually." The numbers are low but it's a little parasite drag on returns over 35 years.
  • cmaxwel1: @vcondry $F (I've done just fine with my $F reinvesting dividends). New product pipeline is encouraging. Long $F. Note: Both kids had only $SPY in their UGMA accounts and it paid for college for one, and 1/2 for another. Daughter will go to grad school with remainder in hers. Formula: 10K in $SPY at birth and 200 added per month with dividends reinvested,
  • Docoof: @cmaxwel1 $F $SPY Good post. Thx.
  • vcondry: @cmaxwel1 $F $SPY I was pretty done with Ford when they raised the price of my Lightning before letting me place my order and never contacted me again about my Maverick Hybrid. Glad to hear you went the $SPY route with the kids!
  • cmaxwel1: @vcondry $F $SPY (I'm partial to my 2021 Explorer ST with 400HP, but have a 2014 Corvette with 460 that my wife loves). F-150 is best in class truck. I worked on roll-out of aluminum repair program for 2000 dealers and body shops website. Lightning and Transit are first real commercial trucks that are all Electric. Big changes for Ford E franchises will set pricing on website vs the fiasco of dealers raping our customers.
  • vcondry: @cmaxwel1 $F $SPY That would definitely be a welcome change. I wonder how much long term damage has been done by Franchise dealers sticking the screws to the customer base over the past couple years..$5,000-$20,000 market adjustments some customers will just pay it and move on but I could see others going to other brands (again not exclusively a Ford problem). The Lightning price hikes will really put a damper on them I think though with the Work Truck (pro) now starting at $55,000 with no bells and whistles and shorter range.
  • scottrades: My video notes: $SPY Inside Day $QQQ Still in a down trend $DIA Still holding the 50 Day $GLD Working $SLV Working $GDX Above the 200 Day $GDXJ Same $XLE Just under the 50 Day $KWEB Flag break on volume $XBI Want to see this get back to the base. $TSLA 90 degree Angle $AAPL Broke the low $NVDA Yikes $WPM Bought last week $EGO Low Dollar Gold Stock $GOLD Breaking above a short base $AEM Above all the MAs $CROX Trending up $FL Also working $NKE Working but extended. $BOX Flagging $CAT Working $DE In a base $INT Flag $SLB A bit above the 8EMA $TDW Holding the 8EMA $XOM Holding the 50 Day
  • Rockstar: ...
    Overall the market has some rebuilding to do if you are bullish. Yesterdays swings were not in favor of the bulls. There is that support level of 3830 on the /ES. The $QQQ's came down and almost touched monthly support and closed above a support le ...
  • champ: $SPY......Does the Markets have normal #trading-hours today or does it shut down early....??
  • rverkamp: @champ $SPY #trading-hours 2pm close on bonds
  • champ: @rverkamp $SPY #trading-hours....#Thanks ....OK confirmed at 2pm ET.
  • champ: @Rockstar $SPY #trading-hours....Are you sure about Normal-hours......because that is what I was confused about....OK...#Thanks!
  • Kim32865: Normal trading hours today according to IBD. @champ $SPY #trading-hours
  • Kim32865: According to mIBD, normal trading hours today. @champ $SPY #trading-hours #Thanks
  • Kid2old: @champ $SPY #trading-hours https://www.nyse.com/markets/hours-calendars
  • champ: @Kid2old $SPY #trading-hours....Real nice, and that confirms what is going on this Holiday season.....2-Back to Back... 3-day Holiday weekends, thats great.....#Thanks.....
  • camaro69: @Rockstar $QQQ $SPY $DIA $IWM $VIX $DXY Merry Christmas Rocky!
  • champ: $SPY....nice close and everybody have a great #Merry-Christmas weekend.
  • scottrades: Doing an ETF Review for the Strat Session today: $SPY Nice close. $QQQ Under the trendline. $DIA At the 50 Day $SMH Under the 50 Day $UUP 8EMA as Resistance $GLD Above the 200 Day $SLV Chopping higher $GDX Still Bumping up against the 200 Day $XME In the cluster $XLE At the 21 EMA $OIH Above the MAs (looks the best) $XOP Under the 200 Day $XRT October Support zone $XHB Near the 200 Day $XBI Back to the Middle $TLT Coming into the 50 Day
  • swingbound: $SPY This Daily view shows the 1st Retracement at ~ 390 - ( well documented ) overlain with a shorter array pinned from 0 % to 23.6 % . The resulting 1st Retracement from the 390 - level is presently acting as a Daily support pivot ~ 380.34 in this view
  • Jazman0013: @champ $SPY #Merry-Christmas nice move into the close. Wasn’t on my A game today but did okay. Merry Christmas! Always appreciate your posts.
  • Justhanging48: Waiting for market to bounce, $SPY at LOD
  • champ: $SPY is at $379...and the $SSO is at $43.75.....this number might or should hold, we will find out real soon......the Markets didn't like the $GDP report this morning and that report is playing the role of the Grinch, after that report came in higher than expected, giving the Markets a reason to Sell,......however it wasn't really that bad, it was only off 0.03%, it came in at 3.2%, the forecast was for 2.9%......that report should have been a non-event....because it doesn't really mean anything in the short-term,....that number is in the past, thats why the Feds already raised rates at a lower number...... because they expect that the next report will show a drop. .....However that being said...the Markets never does what is expected.
  • champ: $SPY $SSO.... the Grinch is making a small turn, lets see if it will make our Day......$379 needs to Hold......
  • DrScience: #Markets $SPY $QQQ Bearish pattern pretty strong for the week. We've had virtually no positive TICKs today, as Perma-Bulls have left the building, and buyers have been shut down at every turn. On a bounce in the market today and tomorrow, look to sel ...
  • Justhanging48: $SPY breaking thru the VWAP on the 10 min chart
  • DrScience: @Justhanging48 $SPY Hey! What do ya' know... We could see $381 before the close. BTW... Price broke through VWAP on every intra-day timeframe (because VWAP resets every day, starting from the open).
  • Jazman0013: @DrScience $SPY I like these end of day moves. I don’t get to ride them often. I had the 3805 and 3820 OTMs when it first started getting moving. I didn’t have the wherewithal to hold the 3805 all the way up but the entry on the pullback near there was great for the 3820 which had a 200 trend line on the 5 minute chart. I got out there. Seemed logical. 3805 almost a double. 3820 4x sold some at 5 and some at 3.5 bought for 1
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY $QQQ Santa Rally? More like Santa Short Covering $GDX Going sideways $SLV Holding the 8EMA $XLE Choppy $XBI Tight $VRNA Consider more profits if you’re long $CPRX Don’t lose sight of this $VRTX Would like to see it tighten up $SRPT Working $CAH Holding the 8EMA $SHLS Still holding the 50 Day $ARRY Nice volume into the close $CROX Holding the 8EMA $G Tight weekly $Four High Handle $ELF Holding the 21 EMA $WPM Sold and bought some back $GOLD closed above the 8EMA
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! Futures are up slightly as the market is breathing a small sigh of relief. I think the real test comes when we see what happens closer to the 50 Day MA on $SPY. That could be an area that shorts reload for a potential break lower ...
  • natural: Why do I feel like $SPY gonna close the gap to $389 and then crap?
  • joelsg1: $SPY We have been conditioned to tighten stops and take under 10% profits when we have them on working trades by this terrible year, But tomorrow is #LarryWilliams launch day for a yearend rally through at least the first 2 trading days of '23 and perhaps through 1/10. Not magical thinking, based on solid historical data, so I am open to this rally continuing farther than we've been conditioned to expect.
  • champ: @natural $SPY....I'm holding a large $SSO position....and I'm Trailing......and if we get a #Santa-Rally....then we might even see the $SPY move-up to a Price level.. somewhere maybe around $392 to $395.... ~~~~ Forbes has the Odds set at 77.9%.. for a Santa Rally.......... ....so for me this is a Hold with a Trailer and I doubled-up my ETF swing position this morning....as it moves into the unknown.
  • champ: $SPY.....here is something to #think-about, going into the New Year.......hopefully there are going to be millions of New positive Hope-Trades pending......as of RHRN.....
    .....and today's trades are looking decidedly positive thus-far, with all the ...
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Just under the 50 Day $QQQ Oversold bounce continuation $XLE Under the 21 EMA $GDX Stopped at the 200 Day $SMH Support at the 50 Day for now. $XBI Close to a pivot $TAN 200 Day Support $AAPL Stopped at the 8EMA $TSLA Still no bounce. $NVDA Holding 158 $META Support at the 50 Day $OXY Basing near the 200 Day $SLB Above the trendline $HAL A bit high now $CHX At the 50 Day $CROX The Wedge Popped $EGO Still in trend $GOLD Held up better $NEM Tried this today $ENPH Back above the MAs $ARRY Above the MAs $SHLS Holding the 50 Day $FSLR At the pivot $VRNA Up above 24% Today $CPRX Working $DE Close to a Pivot
  • Rockstar: ...
    Good morning. During the week after triple witching in December the $DIA has been up 23 of the last 30 years with an average gain of .8% for the week. Well yesterday did not start the week off very well and the next two days are very important for t ...
  • PhilHarmonic: $SPY Trying to escape. But its in a Force Field with a direction towards 300.
  • champ: The Markets need a #Santa-rally.....on the $SPY and the $QQQ.....because Profits on every New position....as we all know, will depend on Market direction...have to have positive Direction.....because Nothing is going to work without a positive Market....and the same goes for all the Tech-stocks......... .......I have to keep telling myself that....over and over....to be careful.... however everything is Trade-able.......at some point...... .........and the Markets are looking positive for now..........
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Holding 377 for now. $QQQ Trend line support $UUP Down thanks to BOJ $XLE Around the 100 EMA $OIH Stronger $GDX Around the 200 Day $SLV Not letting you in $BITO Going against the grain but messy $AAPL Holding 130 $NVDA Around the 100 EMA $TSLA Watch for an upside reversal $BA In trend $CAT Support around the 21 EMA $DE at the 21 EMA $CROX Wedge $VRNA Boom! $CPRX Slingshot $SLB Pushed through the 50 Day $VAL Same $LLY At the 50 Day $TK From the forum $PTEN Slope $WPM Above the 200 Day $EGO Slope, pullbacks on Low Vol $SSRM 200 Day above $GOLD Same $NEM At the 100 EMA
  • scottrades: ...
    Short term, the $SPY is around the 50 Day MA, which is a natural support zone and we should see some back and forth that will give 59 Min Traders some opportunities. The $QQQ has 4 Red Days in a row and should see a natural bounce soon that we&rsquo ...
  • vitoB: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ got close to the 379, 50% retracement level of the recent trough to peak. bothers me we didnt quite get there. Mike Wilson gives his 300 target, which he has said for some time, but aldos have enacted what he has predicted this year. This is gonna be a wild next 4 weeks
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The investment seeks to provide investment results that, before expenses, correspond generally to the price and yield performance of the S&P 500® Index. The Trust seeks to achieve its investment objective by holding a portfolio of the common stocks that are included in the Index (the ¿Portfolio¿), with the weight of each stock in the Portfolio substantially corresponding to the weight of such stock in the Index.

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