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  • Rockstar: ...
    The $DIA remains the strongest $IWM ,then the $SPY with the $QQQ's continuing to fall apart. If the $QQQ's lose $AAPL than all of the generals will have been shot in the $QQQ"s. If $AAPL can regain the $140 level some basing might occur in t ...
  • swingbound: $SPY This is a busy presentation because I have 2x overlapping FIB sequences . The longer dated sequence ( previously posted alone ) shows the first Retracement ~ 3,900 - where $SPY topped out . This lead to a nearly precise 50% Retracement from that level shown in the shorter sequence . The 50SMAD overhead as R1 is now approximately the first Retracement to overcome
  • Rockstar: ...
    Good Morning. The market has had a difficult week thus far after the $SPY pushed up against the 100day EMA last Friday. The $DIA and the $IWM were the strongest indices and both of them have struggled thus far this week. Those were the two "pe ...
  • Docoof: @Rockstar $SPY $DIA $IWM $QQQ $DXY $HYG $VIX $XLE $XLV $XBI $XLB $KO $KHC $TLRY $WEAT $PG $UNG $TMUS $DVN Helpful—Thank you, Rocky.
  • vcondry: @Rockstar $SPY $DIA $IWM $QQQ $DXY $HYG $VIX $XLE $XLV $XBI $XLB $KO $KHC $TLRY $WEAT $PG $UNG $TMUS $DVN thank you for the insight as always!
  • champ: #Computerized-trading is at work,..chopping-up stocks....the computers are dragging profits off. $DJI..... $SPY...is at $373...up +$2.00 ...needs to hold around this level....$373 to $372 or so.
  • vcondry: @champ $DJI $SPY #Computerized-trading its FRI-YAY! don't let them mean market makers shake you out...shes gonna end up up up (probably just jinxed it lol)
  • champ: $SPY now at $370.50....might look for entries at around this price level.....now maybe chase a little..... .....and when the Markets opens-up, it is never a good idea to chase....
  • traderbren: @champ $SPY - keep those dancing shoes tightly laced. ;-)
  • vitoB: @champ $SPY nice tag
  • champ: @traderbren $SPY....this drop this morning was a set-up and #Now-thats-over..... .........so it's Time now...to go to Work and buy a little....is my guess. Could see a nice close today....#TGIFriday. LOL
  • champ: $DJI $SPY...the Markets are starting to move into #Prime-Time now, with only around 80 minutes left ....and what that means to me is, anything could happen..... however after that huge drop that the Markets had this morning, off of HOD....I'm guessing that the Computers could be Setting-up for a bounce....... and I'm thinking that the Odds are moving in that direction....... ....however the Markets never does what you think is going to happen..... however the shorts can't really swings their Short positions into the weekend, with the elections on Tuesday...and we are going to find out real soon. .....It's looking positive..and the guessing continues.
  • champ: $SPY....60 minutes left and you would sure think that computers have to go long, could get a nice power move. That would be a nice Set-up, for another bounce on Mondays open, so they can chop-up the markets again on Monday, on the first turn lower. ....Thats been their Trend, ambushing the markets.
  • vcondry: @champ $SPY I told ya happy days would be back again! I'm never wrong! except when I am...but I was right about the lunchtime blues passing :-)
  • vitoB: @vcondry $SPY you’re all flippin welcome. Bought $AMZN back
  • vcondry: @vitoB $SPY $AMZN "come on in the waters fine..."
  • vcondry: @vitoB $SPY $AMZN now can you do something about my $LLY stock that hit its 52wk high today and then crashed 10 points down lol
  • vcondry: @champ $SPY you know when I was busy patting myself on the back earlier I should have been buying $SSO .... lol
  • champ: @vcondry $SPY $SSO....I made more than a few mistakes today and I sold $SSO on the close and the only ETF, that I'm swinging now is $SOXL...only because Monday will be a New-Day....and hopefully I can do alright again on Monday......but it was a stru ...
  • DAN: ...
    $SPY -- All look similar: downward 200/50, with 50 below 200. This is a downtrend and an account eater.
    $DIA -- pushing against the 200-day MA. Still in downtrend and overbought here.
    $UNH -- Still in base. Watch the 50/200dma
    $T21 ...
  • scottrades: ...
    Good morning Team! We are fresh off of a rollercoaster FOMC Day with lower opens in both $SPY and $QQQ. The Dollar, which had been breaking down and helping risk assets is back near the highs and slightly above recent resistance. This is not bullis ...
  • geothrills: $AEHR - Added to yesterday's short Nov $17.50 puts with a second tranche @ $1.25 this morning. Had a third ask out @ $1.50 that didn't hit. $SGML - Finally got a fill on my short Nov $30 puts @ $1, only to see the stock immediately reverse and now up 6%. I want longer term exposure to this name, and the move makes me think these puts probably won't exercise, so I may have to continue being patient while generating a bit of yield. $SPY - Was keeping an eye out for a pullback bounce around $370-$375. Yesterday's high volume Fed induced puke fest has me feeling a little less confident about that, but low and behold, we see some buyers stepping in around SPY $370 this morning. I put on some $SSO, stop at LOD.
  • joelsg1: @geothrills $AEHR $SGML $SPY $SSO $AEHR Added shares early.
  • champ: $SPY....the Markets fell back....and that could be because the Monthly PayRoll numbers for October, will be reported before the open.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Rejected at the AVWAP $QQQ Closed under the FTD $TNX Back above the 8EMA $TBT Back above the 8EMA $XLE Upside Reversal $TAN Bumping up against the 200 Day $CORN Still have this $INDA Still watching this for a trend change #Bitcoin Still chopping around 20K $SLB Bought some of this today $DVN Nice move off the 100 EMA $OXY Holding the 21 EMA. Earnings Nov 8 $DINO Working, Earnings Nov 7 $BSM Working, Earnings out of way. $FSLR Still going $ENPH Above the 8EMA $ARRY Just under the 50 Day. Earnings nov 8 $GOOGL New low, Watch for a bounce, but don’t front run. $AMZN Watch for a bounce. $AAPL Watch the recent low. $MSFT Fresh Low $BJ Near the highs, Earnings Nov 17
  • dmurphy68: @Affable Trader $SPY $QQQ Welcome @Affable Trader. I'll echo what the others have said here. They're "key levels" because if their respective prices drop below those numbers it's generally a negative indicator of where things are headed. I can also tell you that there are some really, really knowledgeable people in this forum (hang out for a week and you'll start to recognize them), and you will definitely become a better student of the markets the more time you spend here. Good luck!
  • Kimberly2: @Affable Trader $SPY $QQQ Welcome! There is a dictionary on the SMM site as well as video tutorials that you will find are very helpful.
  • champ: $SPY $SSO $TQQQ $LABU $SOXL $JETS $GUSH..... I have NP in any ETF's for now....and it looks like we are going into the Fed announcement with a market thats down a little.......
    ......for now the $DJI is down 28 points and that is more or less Flat... ...
  • champ: $SPY.....I'm setting-up for possible new Buys....and I have opened-up all of my possible Buy trading widows....for... if the Markets gets the right type of #News, on a slow down on the future rate hikes.....meaning we could get a pause in December or a lower rate hikes in the future....... ........I would like to see words like....... all future rate hikes will depend on the Data.....(Data Dependence)..... ......I'm now Waiting and I'm Ready for possible new Trades...... and I like what I'm seeing as of RHRN...... ......however everything could Bounce or drop really fast..... and for me......I'm only looking for Bounce trades. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Cjauger: $SPY, $QQQ could be a head fake. Not buying Bought small $QID stop at LOD
  • scottrades: $SPY $SSO Holding the initial reaction low. Let's see if it can stay above.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $SPY $SSO Annnnd it's gone.
  • traderbren: @scottrades $SPY $SSO - here we go!
  • scottrades: @traderbren $SPY $SSO "It is VERY premature to think about or talk about pausing our rate hikes." #dead
  • champ: @traderbren $SPY $SSO....Yes....because he just said.....off script.... it was #too-early-to-pause....and thats Not following the Data, like he said earlier, when he was On script.
  • woodman: @scottrades $SPY $SSO #dead - ... and to be placing much hope that "data dependence" will save the day.
  • bigbartabs: @scottrades $SPY $SSO #dead ... premature pausing rate hikes... yes, that was a key statement.
  • champ: @woodman $SPY $SSO #dead .....data dependence means....that the Feds will watch the future data....so that phrase is real simple to understand..... ......the word pause, means something else all together...pause means now......
  • champ: @bigbartabs $SPY $SSO #dead ....he shouldn't have used that word #PAUSE, that was a #mistake.....he should let someone else talk for him.
  • natural: @champ $SPY $SSO #dead #PAUSE #mistake Why does he even speak? Isn't the rate change (or not) and press release enough?
  • natural: @champ $SPY $QQQ #support Looking at a 4hr chart, there's a pretty good size gap on the $QQQ - it'll close at $263.25. Pretty near to @Dan's $266.00.
  • champ: @natural $SPY $QQQ #support.....Yes might as well, that was a good move, Risk-Off, that should work...because we never know what is going to happen tomorrow...... ....and for me, I'm not holding any ETF's and only a few stocks....so I will just stick to working Day-trades....because that seems to be the best play, in this type of market. ......Everything needs Trailers....Good Luck!
  • natural: @champ $SPY $QQQ #support I'm only long a little $ERY. All of my $LABU went out the window with Jerome speak.
  • champ: $SPY....well Investors had hopes that Powell would say that the Feds were going to rely on the future data but he mess-up that statement.....and everything turned negative in a hurry. I never trust the Feds, to get things right, however their statement was working....but Powell sure screwed-up, when he when off script.
  • champ: @natural $SPY $QQQ $ERY $LABU #support...It's a #sad-day, for all the working people, that are holding IRA's....because it seems like they always get hurt the most. Today is not going to help the democrats next week, thats for sure.
  • bigbartabs: @champ $SPY $QQQ $ERY $LABU #support #sad-day ... what about all those that aren't still working... that are holding IRA's ? That's even worse!
  • DAN: ...
    $SPY -- Back to the bears. The prevailing downtrend remains intact. Don’t look for contrary evidence
    $DIA -- Another fail at the 200-day MA
    $QQQ -- Selling
    $COMPQX -- Selling.

    Active Trade List:
    $TBT - 30.40. 33.80 stop. 10-year stalled at 4 ...
  • champ: @bigbartabs $SPY $QQQ $ERY $LABU #support #sad-day...Yes I agree and I just posted about that to @natural.....and none of the Investors in the U.S., or the world are happy.....and it seems like everything they touch, falls apart, everything is being destroyed.
  • scottrades: ...
    I still see 363 on $SPY as a key level and 266 on $QQQ. Those were the technical “Follow Through Days” after the big CPI Reversal.

    Energy is also creeping higher as well, again, my understanding is, it's based on rumors of China re-ope ...
  • DAN: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ Great note, Scott! 8-)
  • bigbartabs: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ ... for these two, also likely the low support point for their reverse head and shoulders pattern... FWIW.
  • scottrades: @bigbartabs $SPY $QQQ Thank you BBT! I see it.
  • DrScience: #Markets $SPY $SPX short-term bottom could be in for the next 2 minutes (or 2 hours), but a bullish breakout isn't in the cards. Possibly positioning ahead of FOMC announcement. Internals weak with all 11 sectors in the red. Breadth is positive, which belies the bearish bent on the market as bulls just cannot get traction. TICKs still trending bearish.
  • Affable Trader: We are newbies to SMM and I have a question. In today's morning post Dan said, "363 on $SPY as a key level and 266 on $QQQ". What is meant by that? key level for what?
  • champ: @AffableTrader $SPY $QQQ.....could be to hold #support at $363.00 on the $SPY and also maybe $266.00 on the $QQQ.
  • Henry: @Affable Trader $SPY $QQQ Welcome to the forum. Those are areas of support but if you took drafting in high school 50 + years ago, you drew a line with a hard H5 pencil. The support line on charts is drawn with a paint brush. Some of us could throw out a number a few bucks higher or lower. While Carter B Worth would say: "it happens to the penny," it does always work out that way.
  • swingbound: @Affable Trader $SPY $QQQ Greetings ! .... There are many things spoken of at SMM / OMM but support and resistance levels are what makes a chart and drives our trades . best , Will
  • Rockstar: ...
    So, I continue to be bullish on the market at least through the elections and that could drive the $SPY to $410- $413. $413 is the yearly anchored VWAP on the $SPY. The $IWM yearly anchored $VWAP is at $189. Seems the market is looking for the ...
  • phgruver: @phgruver $AAPL $MSFT $NVDA $XLK $QQQ $FTEC #VALUE As a supplement to the previous, $AAPL and $MSFT are over 12% of the $SPY as well! ...and further, $AAPL and $NVDA comprise over 13% of the $SMH....
  • DrScience: #Markets $SPY $SPX having trouble getting lower as the few positive $TICKs are keeping the bulls in the game at the 10:30 reversal period. Breadth is negative on NYSE and NASD, but unremarkable. Sectors are 6:5 positive, but the notable weakness in $XLK is confirming weak breadth in the overall outlook. $SPX has been rejected in every attempt, so far, to push above VWAP. If the market can move above VWAP and hold, expect the change in tone to bring in a few more buyers willing to push the market back toward 3900. But, if the LOD is taken out, expect a drift down to 3800.
  • Docoof: @DrScience $SPY $SPX $TICKs $XLK #Markets Helpful, as usual. Thx
  • DrScience: #Markets $SPY $SPX Plenty of action over the lunch hour to make junior traders gag on their burritos. Market is turning from the bullish green shoots of the move above to two-sided trade on either side of a flat VWAP. No new LOD, but still in play. Breadth has changed little, while Sectors are 5:6 positive, and TICKs more neutral as $XLE digests news about a tax on producers.
  • champ: $SPY.....the way that I work.... my entries sizes is....I move up my position size, when the Stock or Markets have #better-News, on a short-term market turn...is when I start to increase my position size....however it is not really my position size....... it is taking #more-positions, off of my Watch List....because I have stocks that are waiting for Entries.....and the reason Why that is....because Not every stock works,...so if I have 10 stocks, I expect only 8 or 9 are going to work...and I always dump the ones that aren't working #right-away, No hope-Trades... and I also #replace them right away....... ....and if they are flat.. I will hold and also move another stock in....so I might have 12 or 15 stocks or so ...with maybe 6 or so that are only up a little......
  • phgruver: @Bert953 $SSO Inside days for $SPY, $QQQ, and $DIA. $IWM managed to get above Friday's high, but still traded in a narrow range. For the most part, nothing to do....
  • Rockstar: ...
    Good morning. Dan posted and sent a great email last night about the generals. You know $MSFT, $AMZN, $AAPL, $META, $GOOGL and the "old leaders". I mentioned in an email over a month ago that the first stocks to get hit are the high ...
  • sagsworth: #Markets I feel like once again I've missed a golden opportunity like in March of 2020 when things were at their worst. I should have put some money in the $SPY but I listened to the crowd and hunkered down. Now the market has been on a terror, and I've got peanuts in the game. Yeah, IM a grown assed 62-year-old man and take reasonability for my own actions, but this SUCKS waiting for a pullback in the $SPY that may never happen. Good trading to all.
  • vcondry: @sagsworth $SPY #Markets just hold your nose and buy some $SSO throughtout the next several days...no reason to keep avoiding the trend...also there is about a 100% chance you will see some pullbacks next week and some buying opportunities with a lot of the chip companies reporting. At the very least just buy whatever @DAN and @Scottrades put on the list...it has helped me a lot this year. (the wins definitely have outweighed the losses) and yes i'm also a skeptic of this market but if nothing else this year has taught me not to fight the current trend.
  • swingbound: @sagsworth $SPY #Markets Hello , the best is yet to come IMHO . A successful retest into the $SPY 50SMAD could set off a buyer-storm . best , Will
  • dmurphy68: @sagsworth $SPY #Markets @sagsworth $SPY #Markets Don't get down on yourself @sagsworth. We've all been right where you are, but not all of us have the courage to admit it. There will always be opportunities to make money (@vcondry provides good advice); maybe not as much as you'd like, but better to be cautious and make a little than foolish and lose a lot (trust me on that).
  • woodman: @sagsworth $SPY #Markets - You are suffering from FOMO given an 11% bounce over the last 2 weeks. SPY is still down 19% from beginning of the year. So, relatively speaking, you really haven't missed anything. And there is no way to tell in this instant Polaroid snapshot moment whether we go only higher from here, or whether there is more lower to come. I won't be very surprised if we ultimately go lower from here and test the bottom again before we go higher. Is the FED done raising rates? Is inflation over? Who knows what happens next, but in terms of perspective, you still have time to take any course you'd like based on what you think is going to happen or if you have a long term view and don't care what may happen next.
  • sagsworth: @woodman $SPY #Markets I was expecting a real pukefest a total washout maybe it's coming down the road. My crystal ball has been in the repair shop for quite a while.
  • woodman: @sagsworth $SPY #Markets - So, for example, articles like this suggest that the FED will soon pivot, which of course could cause the Market to move strongly upward. If true, as of today, you still have the ability to participate in this given the Market is still down about 19% YTD. So, don't let FOMO get you down. You have plenty of time to make good money if the Market has already bottomed. https://www.benzinga.com/government/22/10/29446652/pivot-language-from-the-federal-reserve-could-be-coming-next-week-what-you-need-to-know-before-the-f
  • jeff_free69: @sagsworth $SPY #Markets I know the feeling, but several months ago I came to the conclusion that this perfect storm of macro headwinds was not just going to blow over. Playing small ball for now is fine for me, and I've been logging small gains. which is helluva lot better than Q1/Q2 . Maybe in the coming months we'll get that Fed pivot. Watching and Waiting...
  • CrazyTrain: @woodman $SPY #Markets Pearls Woodman, Pearls
  • stairm01: @sagsworth $SPY #Markets If I feel like I missed out on a stock that is moving higher, I sell weekly puts against it. If the stock is put to me, then at least I've gotten it at a discount. If it keeps running, then I keep the premium of the sold put.
  • scottrades: @sagsworth $SPY Today is just 1 day in the market. If the move is real there will be another and then another after that, etc. No need to worry about picking the bottom.
  • champ: @CrazyTrain $SPY #Markets ....that #News is Out already and started on 10/21.....that the next rate hike is Not going to be 3/4th of a point......that is what has been going on sense last week....is around when I posted that News.
  • CrazyTrain: @sagsworth $SPY #Markets And there may well be a pukefest and another painful leg down... This market can inhale your cash quickly. Wait for a clear uptrend HH & HL then you can press and make some dough. If its real,it will last awhile.. Don't plunge
  • champ: @scottrades $SPY....Yes sir...#Exactly...$SSO.
  • swingbound: @sagsworth $SPY #Markets This is what I have on $SPY .... in this particular logical view ( a snapshot in time ) I anchored the FIB sequence to the high on 01.04.22 and the low on 06.17.22 . The second W bottom was seen as an overshoot ( my view ) sinking into Carter Worth's mattress of support . Naturally , this can logically be done other ways as well with a thesis in hand to back it . My real point is we're still in the first FIB Retracement zone below 23.6% , on this presentation to 390 - ..... its what I call the Wild Wild West zone and the bulls just ran the ball from one end to the other . In many ways , however , including the smaller W topping out in the pattern ( off the second bottom ) we're closer to short term resistance than support on the $SPY .
  • sagsworth: @stairm01 $SPY #Markets Yes, I did that on $CCL in March of 2020 Dans call and made a Boatload.
  • Margi1983: @swingbound $SPY #Markets Great work my Forum friend..Still trading small
  • swingbound: @Margi1983 $SPY #Markets Hi ! Me as well and I got smaller yesterday . best , Will
  • champ: $SPY....On the #Markets......for those who don't know what is going on, on this market turn around......if the DOW adds another 1% by the end of the day on Monday....October 2022....then that would be the #best month since 1938......
  • bigbartabs: @champ $SPY #Markets #best ... yep, just look at the $DJI weekly and monthly charts. That tells the whole story.
  • scottrades: Consider some partials into the close as we melt up. The Dollar and TNX are still elevated and so want to be ware of any re-test of the 50 Day MA on $SPY. A pullback on Monday to that level could offer a new entry if the rally continues.
  • vcondry: @scottrades $SPY I just bought some Nov 4th $380 $SPY puts for insurance on these gains.
  • scottrades: @vcondry $SPY My man!
  • bigbartabs: @scottrades $SPY ... $SPX $SPY right up against the 100dma
  • scottrades: @bigbartabs $SPY $SPX Volume is still lower than expected for this time of day.
  • maracom: @scottrades $SPY $SPX I'm pretty surprised that traders are so eager to go into a Friday before Fed Week so long
  • bigbartabs: @scottrades $SPY $SPX ... low volumes... could be a lot of traders not believing, with a big FOMO at the close.
  • phgruver: @maracom $SPY $SPX ...True, but, remember, Monday is the last day of the month....
  • champ: @maracom $SPY $SPX....check-out...$FAS
  • bigbartabs: @phgruver $SPY $SPX ... and the first month all four indexes are bouncing off of their 50 month moving averages. That's different... and significant.
  • DAN: ...
    $SPY -- Likely moving higher. MACD's fast line is now positive. Since last October, each time this has occurred, the S&P ran higher.
    $T2108 -- More than half of stocks are now above their 40-day MA (two months of trading days). 59%. This is a ...
  • DAN: @vcondry $SPY $SSO #Markets Tru dat
  • DAN: @sagsworth $SPY $CCL #Markets 8-) $$$
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