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  • Wolf: $QQQ $SPY $DIA Unusually low volatility in the PM session today. Will most likely change when the PPI is released in 5 min.
  • vitoB: $SPY filled the CPI gap, see if LOD holds
  • DrScience: #Markets $SPY, $DIA, $IWM and $QQQ are all testing the earlier highs. Markets are still somewhat non-committal, and I expect a lot of pinning action on tomorrow's monthly OPEX. Next week could be a different story, and $NVDA earnings on the 21st could break the logjam. Just wish my crystal ball wasn't giving magic 8-ball answers.
  • scottrades: My video notes: $SPY / $QQQ Trend is fine $IWM Wild action $DXY / $TNX Not out of the woods yet $SMH In trend $XLK At the 8EMA $IBB Wedge break $XHB In trend $GBTC Bitcoin is extended $IBIT Dan added to his list $ETHE New 52 Week high $COIN Earnings $TSLA Trying to change its trend $GOOGL Trying to hold the 50 $SMCI New Entrants Beware $AAPL At the 200 Day $AMD 21 Day Support $MSFT at the 21 EMA $AMZN Going sideways $V New ATH Today $NET Just above the 8EMA $ELF Watch 180 $DDOG Watch 138.60 $IOT Bounced off support. $MMYT Short flag $URI Watch 662 $TT Flag $MSTR Gravity
  • TraderGeekSam: Over in OMM we put on two timely hedges on the $SPY and $QQQ yesterday. We took off about 1/4 of them this morning for 50% and 58% profits. Things are starting to simmer at OMM as we ramp up things with great ideas from @WhitePath and @Dan and some very nice trades. Join us!
  • champ: @TraderGeekSam $SPY $QQQ....#Thanks and thats nice to know Sam and I have some very nice trades going on over here also...on a few Stocks that are bouncing off of their LOD's........$TQQQ $BECN $OC $GTLS $BCC $CMC $KNF $SUM $OLLI $ARM $MGM $CZR $AXON and they might continue. LOL
  • scottrades: @TraderGeekSam $SPY $QQQ Great job boys!
  • scottrades: $SPY Fresh lows
  • bigbartabs: $DJI $SPX $NDX $RUT... $DIA $SPY $QQQ $IWM... $UDOW $SPXL $TQQQ $TNA ... first time I've been all cash in my trading accounts for a very long time. Not a time to be a hero. I might run up the hill and go skiing... be a lot cheaper! ==:O
  • traderbren: @scottrades $SPY - yep, and the $VIX is coming off the high of the day. ;-)
  • scottrades: My video notes: $SPY / $QQQ See the EOD Volume? $IWM Sill holding the 50 Day, for now $DXY Popped $TNX Popped $SMH At the 21 EMA $XHB Holding the 21 EMA $GE Still going. $S Earnings March 13 $AVGO Earnings March 7 $AMD Still holding up in this tape $CRWD support at the 21 EMA $GCT Working $MDB Short term support at today’s low $DDOG Off the leash $NOW Support at today’s low $TDG Upside reversal $EMR Near the ATH $BLD Earnings Feb 28 $LEN Still above the 50 Day $NBIX Support at the 50 Day
  • phgruver: $SPY just went through $500, not that that actually means anything ... just a round number ... but worth noting ....
  • Nepenthe: @scottrades $SPY Just as you predicted, S&P over 5000. Aloha.
  • ruskinq2: $SPY so Yellen comes on and essentially says don't worry about the bank failing...there is no systemic risk...seems to me thats what they said about bear sterns and then lehman, am i wrong?
  • scottrades: My video notes: $SPY Just under 500 $QQQ New ATH $IWM Above all the MAs $SMH Still great $XLI Near the highs $XRT Working $IBIT We like the coin $STNE Basing $ARM Congrats Longs! $CVNA Working $PATH Thanks Joe $IOT Good volume $VRNS Working $BKNG Breaking out $MSTR Power Move $MARA Power Move $ZS Breaking out $SNOW Breaking out $WDAY Close to the highs $SHOP Earnings Tuesday $GCT Trending let it work
  • traderbren: $SPY - about to push to a new new high....
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! Futures are up slightly. The Dollar and the 10 Year are still the major headwinds that I see as we all try and figure out what the future looks like. We’re going to have a multitude of Fed speakers today which could continue ...
  • scottrades: My video notes: $SPY / $QQQ Consolidating $IWM Near the 50 Day $DXY Still elevated $TNX Still elevated $XLI Still fine $SMH Clear resistance $IBIT Day 17 $ETHE Holding up great $PLTR Earnings Gap Up $STNE Along the 21 EMA $DASH Earnings Feb 15 $CVNA Good coverage in the forum $FRPT Nice Base $CPRT Working $DV At resistance $TM Earnings Gap $RYAAY Great volume $URI Short base $BKNG Watch 3669.70
  • scottrades: $SPY has made a new ATH, 5 mins ago
  • southernmum: @scottrades $SPY Time to buy more?
  • curtis: @BarryC Good Morning: Added $AMD at 165 small position Added $SPY at 483 to existing position Looking for either a continuation of selling today, or a pause.
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! Futures are up after some dovish Jobless Claims numbers, which is the kind of data that Fed Chair Jerome Powell wants to see. The volatility we see in the market right now is the re-pricing of a rate cut in March to possibly a rate ...
  • vitoB: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $RCL $CCL $NVDA $SMCI $ADBE $ANET $WDAY .... nice..also $NCLH which has been coiling on the 50d... ill take a starter in this at open
  • vitoB: @vitoB $SPY $QQQ $RCL $CCL $NVDA $SMCI $ADBE $ANET $WDAY $NCLH ....got out of dtrade
  • vitoB: little inverse head and sholders pattern just formed on $SPY, vwap up to 4866
  • vitoB: @vitoB $SPY ..BAM
  • scottrades: $SPY near HOD
  • scottrades: $SPY at yesterdays high
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY/$QQQ Was FOMC just a blip in the rally? $IWM Support at the 50 Day $MDY Watch 510 $DXY Lower $TNX Calling Bluff? $GLD Good volume $SMH Support at the 21 EMA $XHB Near the highs $XLI COTD $XRT Support at the 50 Day $MSOS Top end of the range $IBIT More volume than GBTC $AMZN Beat $META Beat, Buyback and Divy $SMCI New high $NVDA Let it work $ADBE Basing $TREX Breaking out $MDB Near the 50 Day $CRWD on the 8EMA $WDAY Same $OC Champ idea $GLOB Earnings Feb 15 $FIX Working $SBUX Bottom fish $CPRT Pinching $FAST Going $COIN Needs to get above the 50 $EGO mentioned a few times
  • curtis: Good Morning @BARRYC Looking for a pull back in market with buy list limit orders for additional partial positions to add. $AMD at 150 https://www.tradingview.com/x/Vd3ACpg8/ $NVDA at 580 https://www.tradingview.com/x/NHePI2Sd/ $TSLA at 180.27 https://www.tradingview.com/x/ZJjhThgU/ $SPY at 480 https://www.tradingview.com/x/7sTuC20k/
  • BarryC: @curtis $AMD $NVDA $TSLA $SPY GM Sir!! :-)
  • curtis: @BarryC $AMD $NVDA $TSLA $SPY $GM needs to hold 37.11 https://www.tradingview.com/x/tKEptRGC/
  • BarryC: @curtis $AMD $NVDA $TSLA $SPY $GM - It would depend on ones timeframe IMO
  • scottrades: $SPY LOD
  • scottrades: @scottrades $SPY POWELL: I DON'T THINK MARCH RATE CUT IS LIKELY
  • wijimmy: @scottrades $SPY.....YUP.....The SELL BUTTON has been HIT !!!!
  • traderbren: @scottrades $SPY - yep, someone geezed in the room!
  • wijimmy: @wijimmy $SPY ... Mamma always said... If you Don't have anything Nice to Say .. SHUT UP !!!!!
  • ruskinq2: $SPY @Dan ugly candle today...shot across the bow?
  • champ: @ruskinq2 $SPY.......The markets have been dropping, around 85% time, off of the FOMC Rate Decision days, since Day-one, happens all the time, nothing new going on today....and Now investors and traders will both be looking for #opportunities.....and certain stocks are always in play. ....In the Markets, nothing ever stops, some might go broke, however there are always others, that make nice profits off of these type of Market drops...because drops, always open-up New-entries. There will be a lot of stocks, reporting their earnings in the coming days. However you already know that...because you have been around a long time. Good Luck!
  • ruskinq2: @champ $SPY #opportunities...just taking temperature...closed out Feb 2 puts I bought on Monday today, they just seemed too cheap at the time, I was right...triple...just once I want to totally overload the boat on a trade like that LOL...just once!
  • ruskinq2: @champ $SPY #opportunities sorry my bad...was puts on #QQQ
  • champ: 110 minutes in and everything is working as expected and the Nasdaq is down 69 points.... $DJI is at 000 and the $SPY is running Flat.....
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY /$QQQ FOMC Tomorrow $IWM Watch tomorrow $SMH Still the place to be $XLI Nice base $XBI Nice Base $MSOS Extended $XHB Still in an uptrend $XRT Above the MAs $FBTC Working from below $ETHE Actionable today $DXY Watch tomorrow $TNX Watch tomorrow $AMD Earnings $MU At the 21 EMA $MSFT Earnings $GOOGL Earnings $SBUX Earnings $NFLX Coming into support $SHOP Basing $MDB Watch 426 $TSLA Just wait. $FIX Nice one. $FAST Holding the Earnings Gap $CPRT Near the 50 Day $V Watch for a pullback $COIN Long for a move to 160
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Working but extended. $QQQ Same $IWM Still above the MAs $DIA Basing $DXY NEar the 200 Day $TNX Near the 50 Day $SMH Extended $MSOS Smokin’ $GLD Near the 50 Day $GBTC Above the 50 Day $IBIT Looking for a higher high $AMZN Earnings Feb 1 $AAPL Earnings Feb 1 $GOOGL Earnings Jan 30 $META Earnings Feb 1 $NFLX Watch the gap $NVDA Working $INTC Reported tonight $TSLA Wait. $COIN Imperfect Wedge $GCT Watch 24 $FIX Holding the 50 Day $KKR Short base, Earnings Feb 6
  • DavidK: $SPY- bought puts this am before playing golf . 76. Bad day . Looks like the fever is about to break . Gonna give you my indicator . Wife’s upscale Boutique up 30 % last year . Jan to date down 27% . Be careful . Market overvalued . Real estate in my area down biggly . Car dealers I play golf with say business is TERRIBLE . Hey I know it’s the charts we trade but don’t overstay your welcome .
  • champ: @DavidK $SPY ...Yeah, 76 is a real bad day and the last time I played that bad, my caddy kept saying to me, you have to throw another one... because that one went in the water. Yes I also talked to a New Car dealer Saturday and he said the same-thing, he has over 400 new cars and nothing is selling...and if you order one...it takes over 5-months because of the supply chain.....and the price of parts, they keep climbing daily. Charts and #News, is the way it works for me.
  • vitoB: $SPY is really pinchin here ...interesting coil
  • DavidK: $SPY / bought puts . Looks like this needs to rest , digest and pull back to 480 area .
  • DAN: @rrdutta $SPY and $QQQ.
  • scottrades: @DAN $SPY $QQQ I was gonna say the same thing...and 10% $FBTC or $IBIT
  • champ: ...
    ....and with know major Economic reports in the morning, the Rule of Thumb is, one of the Safest times to Buy is going into the close or on the close....in a Market ($SPY $QQQ) that is working or is holding the Flat line or is up a little....
    ....an ...
  • DAN: Morning Market Update Good morning. Futures are up this morning as we finish a holiday-shortened week. We've got existing home sales coming out at 10 am ET, and the consumer sentiment survey. I seriously doubt that any number will have much impact on the market. In bull markets, buyers gotta buy. I mentioned yesterday that breadth has declined markedly since the December high while the major indexes have not. The $SPY and $QQQ are both at all-time highs. Tech is still the place to be. When a trend is trending, don't assume that it's ending. Just let the chart show you the way. --Dan
  • joelsg1: $SPY Generally speaking there is pressure at the close of a monthly options expiration in a bull market as stock prices settle just below round number strikes so market makers don't have to payout shares through exercises, but that dynamic is supercharged today as LEAPs expire issued up to 2 years ago. For you short termers and daytraders, consider fading the close.
  • bigbartabs: @joelsg1 $SPY ... close of monthly options... will that be the same phenomena for the other indexes as well? $DIA, $QQQ, $IWM ?
  • joelsg1: @bigbartabs $SPY $DIA $QQQ $IWM Yes. Actually meant single stock LEAPs, not much open interest in the indecies, just used $SPY title generally to refer to everything with substantial LEAPs.
  • metal: $SPY 10 day avg looks a bit stretched to my eyes. Easy to see and say and then watch it go higher still. You can lose your shares selling calls for income when the $SPY is on a rip
  • wineinquirer: While the major indices such as $SPY,& Nasdaq Composite are somewhat short term oversold based upon the McClellan Oscillator (rolling over from very overbought), the Summation index still has a long way to go before we're intermediate oversold! ...
  • traderbren: $SPY - back above 475 and holding above the 20d and 8ema.
  • bigbartabs: @wineinquirer $SPY ... what part of the desert do you live?
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY / $QQQ Holding the 21 EMA $DXY Pop $TNX Reverting a bit $TLT At the 50 Day $SMH Just fine $IGV Bounce off the 21 EMA $IBIT Trying to find a floor $AAPL Holding the 200 Day $NVDA Still working $AMZN At the 21 EMA $GOOGL Bounce off the 21 EMA $MSFT Bounce off the 8EMA $META Support at the 21 EMA $AMD Day 2 $DKNG Good volume $DDOG Good volume $SHOP Support at the 21 EMA $V Breaking out. Earnings Jan 25 $ELF What a monster $COIN Near the 50 Day $MSTR trying to find a floor
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY On the 8EMA $QQQ Still fine $IWM Lower Low $DIA at the 21 EMA $SMH Great volume $IGV Software working $GBTC Holding the 21 EMA $IBIT Could be firming up $ETHE Morning shakeout $NVDA Working $AMD Powerful move $INTC Sharp slope $MSFT Earnings Jan 31 $AMZN 50 Day Support $GOOGL Wedge $TSLA Inverse H&S Spotted $SHOP In trend $U Bottom Fish at the 50 Day $RCL Along the 8/21 EMA $CCL Watch for support near the 50 Day $MNDY Watch 199 $COIN Near the 50 Day $MSTR Trying to find a floor
  • champ: Both the $SPY and the Nasdaq $COMPX are now green......
  • Forexpro: ...
    Anyway, attached is a chart of one of my longest-term holdings, $MSFT, versus $SPY for the past 20 years. You'll observe that it outperforms in Oct 74 percent of the time, and by a very respectable 3.9 percent. It's possible to exclude individual ye ...
  • vitoB: approaching the weekly vwap on the $SPY around 4755. look out
  • maracom: Good morning all! Not too many changes to my positions. $SPY resting the prior high and pulling back in the face of the higher than expected inflation report, I remain net short the indices, watching $IWM closely. Saw an interview with Jeremy Grantha ...
  • champ: My guess is, the Markets could hold these current levels and turn before the close..... .....the $SPY is now at around $473....... .....$DJI is now at around 37,450....... ......$COMPX is now at around 14,800...... Watch your stock targets for possible Entries......
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Working $QQQ Working $IWM at the 21 EMA $DIA Nice base $DXY Watch tomorrow $SMH Working off the low $GBTC Bitcoin ETFs approved, for real this time. $ETHE The next one? $NVDA Working $AMD In trend $SMCI In trend $INTC Holding the 21 EMA $META Breaking out $AMZN Near the highs $MSFT Close to the ATH $NET at the 8EMA $COIN Choppy $MSTR Support near the 50 Day $GOOGL Near some highs $PANW Gap and Go $TSLA Near the 200 Day $GTLB Above Near the recent highs $RCL Near the MAs $CCL Above the 8/21 EMAs $ARCH Near the highs
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! Futures are down a bit this morning but seeing the $SPY and $QQQ tucking in near the 8EMA, which is a healthy pullback to start. Ideally we see another close above the 8EMA. I think you can use Friday’s low as a stop level on ...
  • maracom: Good morning all! Indices gave us a higher low, so now we need to see if we get higher high or a lower high next. I'm guessing we'll get a lower high and another pullback leg down to $SPY 460, so I'll keep some short exposure unless we make a higher ...
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Above the 8EMA $QQQ Above the 8EMA $DIA Basing $IWM Lagging Near the 21EMA $SMH Support just above the 50 Day $GLD Still bubbling underneath resistance $GBTC What is going on? $NVDA Working but extended $SMCI Close to the highs $AMD A Bit extended $CRWD Working $ZS Watch 228 $META Watch 360 $MSFT Basing $WDAY Watch 280 $PDD Looks close to a breakout $ANET Trending $NET Strong close $DASH Close to a breakout $MNDY Curling off the 8/21anet $NVO Support at 105 $MSTR Out of half $COIN Rollercoaster $COST Watch for a Pullback
  • joelsg1: @Forexpro $SPY I've subscribed to StockCharts too for a while, like the charts, scans, articles and plug-ins like the MoneyFlowIndex and all things Larry Williams.
  • champ: This was one hell of a Great day for the Markets...and it took 2-hours just to get ready for tomorrow..... $TQQQ....and if the tech sector continues this move, then we could see a real nice continuation move tomorrow and that could maybe last all week.... however let's see what happens.....and I always make my swings decisions, 1-Day-at-a-time. ....Certain stocks in the $SPY sector, also had strong moves....... ..and the $DJI also moved-up around 415 points, off of LOD. ~~~I'm-Now-ready, I'm locked and loaded.....for hopefully, more of this nice pin-action and I have all of my targets, all lined-up. .....However most of the time, the Markets never does what is expected...so if this move continues, that would be a huge plus.
  • Forexpro: ...
    Anyway, I was noodling around this evening, and discovered that the program will automatically calculate pivot points. Attached is a 5-minute chart of $SPY covering 5 days. Now, truth to tell, I've never found pivot points useful except in futures ( ...
  • scottrades: $SPY $QQQ at HOD. Let's see if we get rug pulled again...
  • Nepenthe: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ Starting to look like it. Cheers.
  • DrScience: $QQQ has been below the daily 21 EMA for the past 3 days, and with the $SPY struggling with the same MA, today, market weakness has been evident since 11:00am . Now, the Q's are trying to resolve VWAP as the stronger index, but the S&P is holding it back. Let's go small to test the thesis of a possible bearish resolution on Monday and into Tuesday. (%2B) BUY +1 VERTICAL QQQ 100 9 JAN 24 396/394 PUT @.67 SELL -2 VERTICAL QQQ 100 (Weeklys) 8 JAN 24 400/407 CALL @.45 Note the difference in expiration for the call and put side spreads. If the overall market stages a rally into the close, we can exit both spreads with a small loss, but it just feels like bears are still controlling, and until we retest the breakout level at $394, bulls are really tentative about putting more money to work.
  • scottrades: $SPY trying to hold the 21 EMA
  • scottrades: $SPY closing near LOD. Not a good look.
  • geothrills: @scottrades $SPY Yep, pretty gross. Stopped outta my $MSFT mentioned earlier in the day. Alerts set to revisit when appropriate. $NVDA survives, at least for today.
  • woodman: @scottrades $SPY - Anything I bought today I think ended lower.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Back to the 21 EMA $QQQ Under the 21 EMA $IWM Filling the Gap $DIA Closed under the 8EMA $DXY Reverting to the mean $TNX Despite the Hawkish tone, close near the lows $TLT Off the 21 EMA $XLE Support art the 50 Day $USO Needs a higher high $SMH Needs an upside reversal $XHB Watch for a gap fill $GLD Watch as it comes into support $GBTC Above the 21 EMA $ETHE Bounce near the 21 EMA $NVDA Basing near the 50 Day $MSFT Basing $SMCI At the 50 Day $COIN Choppy $MSTR Saylor selling 5000 per day $MARA Needs to tighten up $TOL Watch for a gap fill $PHM Holding the 21 EMA $XOM Trying to get above the 50 Day $KMI Breaking out of a base $DVN Close to resistance. $LPG Trending $PDD China Stock $NVO Above all the MAs
  • DavidK: $SPY $KRE$TLT $DIA - my last day / end of 2023 put buying paying off. Profit taking as expected in 2024 to dealt cap gains taxes until 2025. $MARA puts only position not working .
  • DrScience: $SPY $SPX /ES #WalkawayTrade This is an End Of Quarter (EOQ) trade. On the last day of the quarter, portfolio managers have a tendency to run out of money after marking up stocks earlier in the day. So, by 1:00-2:00ish EST/EDT, the S&P 500 is susceptible to a decline through the afternoon. Traders look to set up a short position in the early to midafternoon as professional money managers walk away, leaving equities ready for an afternoon fade. As with many trading rules, a trigger is neither guaranteed, nor does it mean individual stocks and/or the S&P 500 will decline or close at the low of the day. Use your awareness of this tendency toward afternoon weakness in combination with proper chart analysis and a solid trading plan.
  • sierramp: @DrScience $SPY $SPX #WalkawayTrade I've had this on my calendar quarterly since you first posted about it many years ago. I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2024.
  • DrScience: #Markets $SPX $SPY Looks like folks are returning all the gifts Santa brought. $SPX has given back all the gains from last Friday's close at 4755.16. #WalkawayTrade For those who started early and walked away, it's time to cover some shorts as the stock could take some time to resolve the daily 8 EMA.
  • AndStars: @DrScience $SPX $SPY #Markets #WalkawayTrade My Walkaway Trade: STO $SPY Dec 29 2023 $476.00/$478.00 BeCS for $0.25 credit Spread expired worthless for collection of 100% of premium. That's my last trade for 2023. Thanks again, @DrScience. Always appreciate your insight! Happy New Year to you and to everyone on SMM/OMM!
  • champ: $SPY $SSO $UPRO....all are HOD.....
  • champ: $DJI $COMPX $SPY $IWM $TNA....all are hanging in nicely..and sure looks like the Markets want to have another nice close today.... ....and the computers could also be waiting to make their move...before the close today. ~~~~Everybody is Ready and they are all Watching and Waiting..........
  • bigbartabs: @champ $DJI $COMPX $SPY $IWM $TNA ... With the indexes up so steep... there are probably a lot of traders waiting for Jan 1st to put taxes off a year.
  • PhilHarmonic: @bigbartabs $DJI $COMPX $SPY $IWM $TNA That’s me.
  • champ: @bigbartabs $DJI $COMPX $SPY $IWM $TNA........Could be..however most won't start to take profits, until the Markets starts to turn lower....because as we all know, most investors always need a few negative reasons, before they take profits.
  • DavidK: @champ $DJI $COMPX $SPY $IWM $TNA Wall Street Houses will collude to keep the upward push I feel into Jan to fake small fries into buying more . Then swoosh , i they pull the rug out from Frankie small fry .
  • bigbartabs: @PhilHarmonic $DJI $COMPX $SPY $IWM $TNA ... over decades, I positioned all of our accounts within IRAs... so I have no worry of a swoon pre January 1, where I would need to aggressively sell. Now if I can finish getting my last traditional IRA account fully converted to Roth... I'll be in fat city. I just hope that the Trump tax cuts last until I can get that done :)
  • joelsg1: @bigbartabs $DJI $COMPX $SPY $IWM $TNA Those 'tax cuts' were tax increases for me, due to caps imposed on formerly deductible property taxes and mortgage interest.
  • sgiseller: @joelsg1 $DJI $COMPX $SPY $IWM $TNA don't forget charitable contribs also took a big hit as a result
  • maracom: Good morning all! I was away on vacation for the past month. In order to avoid ticking off my wife, I didn't really do any trading except for checking on my stops and moving them every couple days, so as a result I missed a bunch of the Santa rally a ...
  • joelsg1: $SPY Tremendous volume in yesterday's zero day option $475 puts and environs no doubt contributed mightily to drop last 90 min. which began at (drum roll) $475. But that's yesterday's news, although watch that 475 level. Added to faves small early but if we get above that level, watch out Above.
  • DrScience: ...
    Let's not end the year guessing or start the New Year 2024 with a bunch of options that are holdovers from thinking that's so-o-o 2023! It's time to just sit and watch. But, if you get the itch to trade, then hone an existing style, or try out a str ...
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY /$QQQ The Trend Remains $VIX Popped $IWM 196 Support $DIA Still working $TLT Daily Higher Low $SMH Flagging $IGV Suppoer at the 8EMA $GLD Watch 189.90 $GBTC Secret Meetings underway $TSLA Holding above yesterday low $AMZN Still in trend $MSFT Going sideways $NVDA Support at yesterdays low $AMAT Small flag $AMD Holding above the 8EMA on low volume $MU Breaking out $SMCI Flag $ASML Cup $RAMP Ramping $DDOG On the 8EMA $SNOW Along the 8EMA $COIN Snagged a License in France $MSTR He likes the coin $MARA Leading the miners $RIOT Lagging a big $CLSK Working $PHM Flag $TOL Flag
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The investment seeks to provide investment results that, before expenses, correspond generally to the price and yield performance of the S&P 500® Index. The Trust seeks to achieve its investment objective by holding a portfolio of the common stocks that are included in the Index (the ¿Portfolio¿), with the weight of each stock in the Portfolio substantially corresponding to the weight of such stock in the Index.

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