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Chart of the Day January 5th, 2023

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  • MongosPawn: $SLV $AGQ Nice gap up in precious metals.
  • traderbren: $SLV - pushing higher to close the gap at 19.21 Holding a Call vertical from below.
  • traderbren: $SLV - look for $SLV to close the gap at 18.42
  • Rjeletrik:
  • traderbren: $SLV - looking for downside gap to fill with a break of the 8ema
  • maracom: @traderbren $SLV 20sma crossing the 50sma. I'm long a half a position, if we get a retest of the 20 I'll be a buyer
  • traderbren: @maracom $SLV - yep, set alerts at the 50d as I think you can reload there.
  • scottrades: ...
    $SLV Above the 100 EMA
    $DBC Close to resistance
    $MSOS Smoke Em If Ya Got Em
    $SMH Needs to tighten up

    #Bitcoin Near the 50 Day

    $AMD Pre Announced a Miss. Likely not the first to do so..
    $AEHR Up on Earnings.
    $MOS Just under the MAs
    $CF Up on good ...
  • DrScience: #Markets $SPY in the middle of the overnight range and can't seem to get going in either direction, but the bias has been bullish as we pass an hour in. $GLD and $SLV have been taking advantage of the situation, rising for a third day.
  • maracom: I'm not finding anything particular tempting after the news. I sold a couple of Sept 23 calls on a few of my long term positions that are stuck in ranges like $SLV $JKS. I'm looking for re-entries into companies I like long term (watch list includes $RIVN $BFLY $COST $LULU) but I'm still waiting to see a good entry with some volume behind it
  • maracom: Took a starter in $BFLY today as it bounced on the 50ema/sma. @Lou I followed you on $FTI today, I like that it held the $9 level. My covered calls in $DVN $APA $SLV will expire worthless as planned, will sell some more soon.
  • maracom: $SLV making a 5% move today on dollar weakness, shorts probably getting a little squeeze
  • DAN: @jaaron2 Hi jaaron2. Re/ PSLV/PHYS: I'm not familiar with the Sprott products. They seem pretty liquid...but you can get the same exact charts with $SLV and $GLD, with way more liquidity. It's your decision as to whether you'd like to put some money in gold/silver for a long term investment. Any of these tickers that you mention would be fine for that. Same with $LIT. The thing that matters most for these is the chart for each. Gold/silver aren't where I'd like to be putting new money now. I just don't see it. Lithium? Might be basing here. OTher than that...I know nothing.
  • maracom: Was gone most of last week, missed out on lots of nice setups. Did start a little position in $SLV today which is lagging the pop in solar and tech, just reclaimed the 50day
  • maracom: $SLV popping on solar news, starting to look constructive. Looking for a pullback to the 20d at which point I'd be a buyer
  • DrScience: $GLD and $SLV liking the pullback in $DXY
  • maracom: @DrScience $GLD $SLV $DXY $UUP big bearish engulfing pattern
  • bRobert: $GDX WEEKLY following H&S top On the 200w Triggers below $18 potential IF triggered Daily H&S top as well Small and large Large is the same as the WEEKLY $27/$18 $GLD WEEKLY H&S top as well $160/200w potential IF triggered Not so precious metals watch $SLV H&S tops as well $NUE $70 WEEKLY H&S target TRIGGERED below 50w Daily observe failure at 20/200d ceiling Small and larger H&S top
  • maracom: $NUE and $SLV having some late day positive volume. I added small partials to long term cores
  • traderbren: $SLV - closed the upside gap from 3/11 at 23.68 May rest here or close the downside gap from this morning before moving higher.
  • maracom: @agiaccag $GLD $GDX #gold I have large long term positions gold, silver, and the miners, and they have different purposes in my portfolio. I think of $GLD as a long term store of value against inflation, along with $NEM which I hold for the dividend. I booked some profits on both at the top of the cup, and recently bought some back now that we're forming a handle. I do sell short term calls against my $GLD to make it into a more productive asset. Be aware that good news in Ukraine could be very bad for gold. I also hold $SLV and $PAAS for a more short term speculative trades. I trade these much more actively.
  • agiaccag: @maracom $GLD $GDX $NEM $SLV $PAAS #gold thanks for feedback. I need to learn to sell calls. Not a technique I am using.
  • maracom: @agiaccag $GLD $GDX $NEM $SLV $PAAS #gold Selling covered calls takes some practice. You'll generally want to do it on a green day when it's approaching resistance, and you'll want to be sure you're ok with limiting your upside. Covered calls are good when the stock is sleepy/in consolidation. I don't recommend them during times of increased volatility, especially since those are the periods when gold really proves its worth
  • agiaccag: @maracom $GLD $GDX $NEM $SLV $PAAS #gold Good advice. Thank you. I'm still bearish biased for the moment so going to hold my gold positions.
  • InvestStarRev: $GLD /GC... Thoughts on why is gold going up along with the US dollar? In February there was some highly unusual call options far out of the money and in June/July. Same story for $SLV. Something's gotta give?
  • Pokersmith: @InvestStarRev $GLD $SLV both " safe haven " plays in the short term.
  • Pokersmith: @PhooeyQuai $GLD $SLV FYI: your messages/replies are always blank. Might want to check on that
  • PhooeyQuai: @Pokersmith $GLD $SLV Sorry about that. Blank is my mind when I first wake up;). Actually, I keep fat fingering the little keys on my phone.
  • yammi55: On a day like this I wish had more Silver. Hmm. $SLV.
  • yammi55: $SPY, yep an ugly close. Lower than yesterday's close after nasty reversal. If it wasn't for $CAT, $TAN, $DVN, $ENPH, $SLV and some miners, it would have been a red day. $FCX still holding, mkt's pulling it down to retest the breakout.
  • mharps: @yammi55 $SPY $CAT $TAN $DVN $ENPH $SLV $FCX 410 spy not far away
  • Mikev200: $SLV on late vol.
  • traderbren: $GLD & $SLV -- may take a rest here and pull back to close downside gaps before moving higher. Long both but may look to trim today.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Wide Range Bar. $QQQ Double Bottom? $SMH Still under the 200 Day. $GLD Great volume but extended. $SLV Stopped at the 200 Day $GDX Starting Daily Consolidation $XLE Big sell Day $TLT Higher High #Bitcoin Held up well today. Broken Correlation? ETFs are buying. $AAPL Lots of indecision in the leaders. $AEM Miners coming in a bit. $NEM Holding up better than others $FNV Gap Fill but above the 8EMA $WPM Holding the 200 Day. $ZIM Holding the 21 EMA $GOGL Big move on volume. $GSL Upside reversal. Needs a higher high. $SBLK Still working but a bunch of volatility. $AR Sold out of this for profit today. $ABBV Great volume, support at the 21 EMA $ADM Basing. $PLAB Earnings Tomorrow.
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! Another mixed bag type of morning with Metals like $GLD and $SLV green and carrying up the $GDX and $GDXJ Miners with them. I don’t have much to say this morning that wasn’t said last night so I’ll keep this one brief. We are in a Messy environment and the best course of action is to focus only on what’s working and wait for tighter price action or big moves on volume. My 8 year old son tested positive for Covid today and I’m not sure how it’ll all play out so I may be in and out of the forum as needed. TGIF! Scott
  • sierramp: @scottrades $GLD $SLV $GDX $GDXJ Prayers that your son has a very, very mild case. Will be thinking of you and him.
  • gt: @scottrades $GLD $SLV $GDX $GDXJ we will all be holding you and your family in our thoughts. good thing we have family day!
  • iglab: @scottrades $GLD $SLV $GDX $GDXJ
  • iglab: @sierramp $GLD $SLV $GDX $GDXJ Please Scott, keep in mind that there is no valid test for C19, the symptoms are the same as the seasonal flu and kids have better than 99.9% recovery rate with just bed rest.
  • Mikev200: @scottrades $GLD $SLV $GDX $GDXJ Sorry to hear this about your son. Take care buddy.
  • scottrades: My video notes: $SPY Trend is down. $QQQ Yikes. $GLD Holding up great $SLV No #SilverSqueeze Yet but working fine. $GDX Some miners are extended but as long as GLD is good… $GDXJ Same $XLP trying to get back above the 50 Day $SQQQ Bearish QQQ $SPXS Bearish SPY $FAZ I hate that this looks bullish.. #Crypto Bitcoin is a bit boring, so I bought another NFT Today.. $NEM High Flag potential. $WPM Low volume pullback $GOLD Still extended. $EGO Same $CMC In trend, good volume $RIO Bit of a flag $AA Working.. $CF Still in trend but whippy. $AR Bought some of this today. $PXD Good volume today. $DVN Still fine. $HES Holding the 21 EMA. $BROS at the 50 Day $COST Bubbling under the 50 Day. $MO Following $PM
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY We’re going to look at a lot of Shiney Rocks tonight $QQQ Needs to firm up, quick. $GLD Wow! $SLV Testing the upper trendline $GDX Power move on Volume. $GDXJ Also working. #Crypto Not acting like Gold but we finally got our 40K Test. Now let’s see if it holds. Some Miners that are working well: $NEM, $AEM, $EGO, $WPM, $PAAS, $SSRM, $FNV, $GOLD, and $AG $FCX Looking for a handle. $SBLK Power move, consider profits. $GOGL Needs a rest $ZIM in consolidation $EGLE Testing the highs. $BYD Flag $PLAB Earnings Next week $HES Watch the 8EMA $DVN Still in an uptrend $PXD Great volume today
  • traderbren: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $GLD $SLV $GDX $GDXJ $NEM $AEM $EGO $WPM $PAAS $SSRM $FNV $GOLD $AG $FCX $SBLK $GOGL $ZIM $EGLE $BYD $PLAB $HES $DVN $PXD #Crypto Hey Scott -- I'm not sure whether there's any merit to the 8 ema / 22 ema crossover as a potential buy signal.... but would be curious to hear your thoughts/observations on your #BTC chart. Thanks, B
  • traderbren: $GLD $SLV nice pop based on Putin BS tweet ;-)
  • gt: @Pokersmith $GLD and its silly sister, $SLV is also on the move but into sloped resistance. will this time be different?
  • agiaccag: Closed $SQQQ, $TZA took my profits from this week. I suspect we get a bounce this morning. I'll go into weekend on sidelines. Holding $GLD, $GDX, $SLV longer term swing trade. Watching #bitcoin maybe a tradeable bounce in $MARA today . we'll see. NP
  • traderbren: $SLV - sold my calls this morning. Looking for SLV to work on closing the gaps to the downside.
  • MmaxX: @scottrades $QQQ $GLD $SLV #Crypto #Bitcoin Great point on reduced correlation between BTC and Nasdaq. Benjamin Cowen has some smart thoughts on lengthening cycles of bitcoin, predicting this crypto bull run will go into 2022 Q3/Q4 or even 2023 and that the volatility will continue to gradually reduce and become more like the stock market.
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! Markets are rebounding a bit here after a brutal close yesterday. $QQQ Is flirting with “Correction Territory” here and currently around the 200 Day MA. We want to see buyers come in and defend that level. Cash is a gre ...
  • Bs7518: @scottrades $QQQ $GLD $SLV #Crypto #Bitcoin @DAN Happy Birthday
  • Pokersmith: @scottrades $GLD another gap up on $SLV 😯
  • sgiseller: @scottrades $QQQ $GLD $SLV #Crypto #Bitcoin Sure seems that overall #CRYPTO is lockstep with TQQQ and has been for 3 months
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Lower Low $QQQ Nothing Good happens under the 200 Day $DIA is DOA. $SMH Heavy Selling $XLK On the way….to the 200 Day. Hey that Rhymes! $IYT Under the 200 Day. $XLU Nowhere to hide. $GLD Still ok good day for partials. $SLV Speed bump at the 200 Day #Bitcoin Nice pop but weak into the close. Gold Miners were Hot yesterday here’s how I would trade these $KL Still above the 50 Day $NEM Still above the 8EMA $GOLD Speed bump at the 200 Day $AEM Same. 200 Day Above $WPM Sloppy $FNV Watch for a weekly reversal at 139 Let’s go through the leaders… $AAPL Under the 50 Day $AMZN over 10% under the 200 Day $DIS Almost 20% under the 200 Day $NVDA Breakdown out of the channel $TSLA Rejection at the 50 Day Just for fun… $PTON If you know you know. $NFLX Bad Earnings.
  • DAN: @Bs7518 $QQQ $GLD $SLV #Crypto #Bitcoin Thanks Bs7518. I don't feel a day over 63.
  • Mikev200: $SLV gap yesterday on vol, another today. In the middle of 11/23 gap down
  • traderbren: $SLV & $GLD - looking to close upside gaps.
  • scottrades: $SLV A break over this trend line would be a change of character. @traderbren
  • traderbren: @scottrades $SLV - thanks, Scott. Long calls from below. We may need to close the gap on the downside before we clear the 200d overhead and fill the gap on the upside.
  • Pokersmith: @scottrades $SLV good volume !
  • DavidM: Silver futures up 2.6% $SLV matching them in the PM.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Not a good look, interesting MOC.. $QQQ Eyes on the 200 Day. $XLE At Highs. $XME Pushback near the highs. $GLD Still tightening. $SLV Still under the 200 Day $TNX The chart everyone is watching $UUP Slingshot or oversold bounce? #Bitcoin Falling Wedge? $CF Ag Stocks holding up well. $NTR Get volume today $MOS Trying to make a new weekly high $ZIM Still in a nice uptrend but a little weakness with the market $DAC Daily extended but moved out of a weekly base. $CHRW Holding the 21 EMA $CTRA Building a handle $CIVI Clear Resistance. $DVN Trending up. $EMN Big round cup, Earnings Next week. $WLL High Handle $HD Watch for a rebound. $LOW Same. $AIG Another handle in process.
  • MongosPawn: $SLV $AGQ Higher lows and higher highs. Volume increasing. Thanks to all in this forum. Learning a ton. Coming up on my 1 year anniversary with SMM. A bargain at twice the price. Happy New Year to you and yours!
  • DrScience: #SilverAndGold Burl Ives Christmas song in your head? And, it's not even Thanksgiving yet! /GC $GLD $NUGT $SLV $AG
  • bRobert: @DrScience $GLD $NUGT $SLV $AG #SilverAndGold $GDX $40 target Long $NUGT $80
  • jeff_free69: @DrScience $GLD $NUGT $SLV $AG #SilverAndGold Oh yeah getting to be that season. $GOLD $GDX too . seems they all like inflation ?
  • Ajax4Hire: @humble $SPY $SLV - Silver(and /SI[Z21] - Silver Futures) $WPM - Wheaton Precious Metals $FNV - Franco Nevada Not sure how to symbol Silver Futures on forum.
  • Explorer: @humble $SPY -- $SLV $AG $WPM -- google silver stocks for a giant list -- good trading....
  • scottrades: My Notes: $SPY Nice green on the screen. 425 Support. $QQQ Firming up but still under the MAs $DIA nice volume. Higher lows. $SMH Holding the 200 Day $IYT Consolidation around the MAs $IGV Nice setups in Software. $XLF Flag $GLD / $SLV Trying to firm up. #Bitcoin / #Ethereum Uptober! $SNOW New addition to ATL. Software stocks are strong. $UPST Good volume, peep the slope. $AAPL Potential retest of the breakout zone $APPS Bought small into the close. Watch 76.70 $FIGS Needs a break up on volume. $COOP Support at the 21 EMA $HUT Downside reversal. Great day to take some off but maybe not everything. $MARA Upside no-mans land. $SI Wild Swings $RMNI Software stock with Great weekly volume. New Blue Dot Special $BILL Close to the Coiled MAs. $DOCS Power through the 50 Day. Look for a PB to support. $PANW Watch 490 $U Trying to firm up
  • Explorer: @Scottrades -- $SLV $GLD -- Both Up -- $GOLD and $WPM down -- ETFs vs Individual Stocks -- ?Is this an early indicator of a sector shift? BTW -- TGIF
  • scottrades: @Explorer $SLV $GLD $GOLD $WPM Did you watch my video form last night? I talked about this. They (Gold and Silver) are both trying to change the trend but still up against some pressure. Want to see some HHs and HLs. Miners are not showing any signs of reversing yet.
  • Explorer: @scottrades $SLV $GLD Sector ETFs vs Individual Stocks $GOLD $WPM -- Yes, did see the video (got it HH / HLs) -- ?my question is more general -- ? Do ETFs show an early sign of sector rotation vs. Individual Stocks? I posted earlier this week --AU and AG / Miners --All Up 2%+ Today -- $EXK $MAG $AG $GDXJ $BHP $SLV $GDX
  • scottrades: @Explorer Sorry for the confusion. 100% Yes! I scan a large list of ETFs every week and look for patterns within those ETFs. $SLV and $GLD however are not ETFs, they are essentially Paper Gold and Paper Silver. So because of the fact that Miners are ...
  • scottrades: My notes: The Market is trying to make a stand to start the new Quarter. Let’s see if we get some follow through next week. Here’s some Charts I’m watching... $SPY New Q Rebound! $QQQ Holding the 100 Day $GLD / $SLV vs $GDX #Bitcoin / #Ethereum Boom! $SI Breaking out of a 4 Month base $HUT nice day buy hard buy on the Gap. $MARA Not as clear $PLTR Holding the 100 Day. Mixed Shelf AH $AXP Good volume. $V Holding outside the channel $LAC Giant C&H. Bought some within the base. $DEN Basing. $OVV Flag $CRM High Handle. Pulled back to the 8EMA $IIPR Staying close to the 50 Day. $KBR Nice base and good volume
  • Explorer: AU and AG / Miners --All Up 2%+ Today -- $EXK $MAG $AG $GDXJ $BHP $SLV $GDX $GOLD
  • scottrades: My notes: Being Patient is Being Disciplined. It’s part of trading. $SPY Closed at the lows, end of the Quarter. $QQQ Lower Low $XOP Eyes on Black Gold $MSOS Trying to bottom? $UUP U.S. Dollar still Elevated $GLD / $SLV Still in a downtrend. #Bitcoin Strength in a Weak Market but let’s talk Wedges and China. $AAPL Trying to hold 141 but needs a base. $MRO Building a handle $MGY In and uptrend. $DVN Holding near the highs $ZIM Holding the 50 Day MA. Potential back test. $DAC Above the MAs $SBLK Right at the resistance zone $UPST Upstart still in an UpTrend. $LAC Basing along the 21 EMA $HUT Best Miner I can see. $SI Crypto Bank near some coiled MAs.
  • DavidM: $SLV, $GLD coming to life today.
  • DavidM: Interesting that even with the current inflation talk there is no discussion in here of $GLD or $SLV.
  • Bwhitty: $SLV I sold puts last week. Probably will chop around but I like it better then $GLD
  • bRobert: @Bwhitty $SLV $GLD Industrial kicker
  • gtr89: @Bwhitty $SLV $GLD Agreed. I have both, however, $SLV has both precious metal investment appeal and industrial usage
  • gtr89: @Bwhitty $SLV $GLD I prefer copper over all other metals
  • Bwhitty: @Wolf $GLD $SLV as well.
  • JosephM: $GLD/$SLV...putting in a shelf? Both above the 8ema.
  • scottrades: ...
    $SLV In trend but down on low volume.
    $XLF In trend but not Exciting right now. $KRE – Same.
    $XRT The Retail Squeeze is on! $AMC, $PETS , $DDS, $RAD, $PRTS
    $AAPL / $AMZN Trying to hold the 200 Day
    $GOOGL Holding the 8EMA, watching for a Bounce ...
  • Ajax4Hire: @scottrades $AAPL #Crypto I use crypto-just-say-instead-digital currency all the time; used $DFS-Discover(coin) to pay for StockMarketMentor Last week, used $V-Visa(coin) to pay for 2021-May WDW-Disney World trip. Money/Currency exchanging business is old, very old and fiat banking is not new. $ETHE,$GXBT,$GLD,$SLV are just as fiat-able as USD,Euro,Renminbi. This is a "We don't have to be right, we just all have to agree" fact. as opposed to "no one needs to agree on" facts like gravity. Right now we all agree that 1share of $AAPL=127.05-USDollar. Change is coming in the payment system. $AMZN,$WMT,$FB,$ETSY,Venmo,$SQ,$PYPL,$V,$MA,$DFS,$T,$VZ,$TMUS All handle money exchange now better than banks. C.Woods $ARKF has the right idea, just too early to the party.
  • mkirchner24: @Ajax4Hire $AAPL $DFS $V $ETHE $GXBT $GLD $SLV $AMZN $WMT $FB $ETSY $SQ $PYPL $MA $T $VZ $TMUS $ARKF #Crypto I like the evolution of crypto since 2018. Imagine how easy audits would be if we ever got to that point. Would take 10 minutes to audit. NFTs can imprint ownership digitally. Staking gives much higher APY than banks by a lot (risk is stablecoins being actually backed).
  • traderbren: $SLV - bullish engulfing candle ...also keep an eye on $PAAS setting a hammer based on today's move.
  • Crodmm: @traderbren $SLV $PAAS just bought some $SLV calls for the same reason. Confirmation of my interpretation is good. Thanks for posting
  • marklesparkle: @traderbren $SLV $PAAS I've been stalking PAAS and if the 8 crosses the 20 solid I'm going in
  • bRobert: $SLV $28 daily high base target I like the WEEKLY view $30+ longer term Industrial use kicker to silver Long $PAAS I love pullbacks to support in great companies
  • Bwhitty: $SLV might 8 day walk out of there. Many say it has more demand then gold as of late.
  • bRobert: $GLD $SLV Short term extended on the daily WEEKLY basing .......long way to go Compare to $JJC $SLX Look for Pullback bounces
  • bRobert: $NUGT. Pullback bounce Added. earlier. $80 - $110. with. move. > 200d $SLV. Breakout pb. bounce. WEEKLY. high base tightening. Slow return to $28 Higher long term. $W notable. underlying strength. today. Close to 20% over the past week. Daily. resistance to chew through but. the. WEEKLY. high base. is bullish. with. $475+. potential np. Reports. August. Watching.
  • CraigReynolds: $SLV Thought I would share a trade on silver that has worked 100% well the last few months. Just Bot a July 16 -- 26/27.5 Call Spread for $.38. Spec low risk, risking 38 cents to make $1.12. Nice risk-reward trade. Been doing 5 contracts at a time, batting 1000% last 8 trades. Nice way to grow a small account. Understand most in the forum are homerun hitters, I love singles.
  • bRobert: @CraigReynolds $SLV that is a home run % trade
  • Jazman0013: @CraigReynolds $SLV that is excellent. Congratulations on a great strategy.
  • bsnceo: @CraigReynolds $SLV you're not looking for headlines, just a batting avg that gets you where you want to be with the least stress
  • RoderickKnoll: @CraigReynolds $SLV A few trades like this pays for a nice anniversary dinner!
  • champ: @CraigReynolds $SLV --- #Singles are the name of this game, for sure and as long as we keep hitting singles, we will never be moved down to the minor league. I know that the lumber stocks have also been working. #Nice-Work, nice post and I will take a look at Silver, Gold also fell back today and both charts almost look the same...$SLV and $NUGT.
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Stock Price $20.48
Change -0.44%
Volume 15,811,800

The investment seeks to reflect the price of silver owned by the trust less the trust's expenses and liabilities. The fund is intended to constitute a simple and cost-effective means of making an investment similar to an investment in silver. Although the fund is not the exact equivalent of an investment in silver, they provide investors with an alternative that allows a level of participation in the silver market through the securities market.

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