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Chart of the Day December 16th, 2022

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December 16th, 2022
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SHOP Weekly Chart

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  • DanAz: $SHOP needs a little push
  • scottrades: ...
    $SHOP Mentioned in Dan’s webinar
    $FTNT Holding the 21 EMA
    $LSCC Back above the 50 Day
    $LRCX Holding above the 8EMA
    $JPM Watch 142

  • natural: @BarryC $LRCX $AMZN $CELH $FLNC $MNDY $GOOG $TSLA $UPST $GTLB $FRSH $HSBC Barry, thanks for posts like these (and your good mornings). I dropped $SHOP this am since I don't love the relative underperformance. Just lightened up on $TSLA as I work to not get greedy. Holding $TSLA, $FTNT, and $AI.
  • BarryC: @natural $LRCX $AMZN $CELH $FLNC $MNDY $GOOG $TSLA $UPST $GTLB $FRSH $HSBC $SHOP $FTNT $AI My Pleasure & Happy to help!! :-) Stay with some of the stronger ones, even if smaller for longer :-) Great job!!
  • natural: @BarryC $LRCX $AMZN $CELH $FLNC $MNDY $GOOG $TSLA $UPST $GTLB $FRSH $HSBC $SHOP $FTNT $AI Yeah, I dropped $FLNC two days too early because I was impatient. Ugh. On to the next!
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! Some charts that caught my eye today include: $FTNT Watch for a break and close above 71.50 $MDB Holding the gap $NVDA Basing $AMD Still in trend $RMBS Basing $JPM Basing under resistance. $DXCM Watch 126.60 $SHOP A bit choppy but still in trend. $CRM Same $BA Back to the Feb Highs
  • natural: In for about half position of $SHOP Friday. Starting to go...
  • BarryC: $SHOP, a little sloppy but could squeeze...
  • natural: @BarryC $SHOP Started a little yesterday, added today. I like.
  • scottrades: Watch for $SHOP top take out HOD.
  • scottrades: $SHOP HOD
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Holding up $QQQ Holding up $DIA Support at the 50 Day $IWM Added to the ATL $MDY Added to the ATL $SMH Holding the 8EMA $XHB Trying to break out $ARKK Working $BITO Highest volume in a month $ACLS Watch 167.50 $AMAT Small Flag $AMD Strong close $FTNT Holding the 8EMA $GOOGL Curling up $MHO Good volume $KBH Breaking out $SHOP Breaking out of a channel $COIN Highest Volume of the Year. $RIOT Coinbase is getting Sued, Bitcoin doesn't care. $MARA Great volume $DT Upside reversal $RELY Still working $DKNG Still trending
  • sbw1: @Dan for the session: $MDT or $SHOP
  • DanAz: $SHOP watching
  • BarryC: $SHOP could be a low risk entry here against 57.01
  • scottrades: $SHOP holding the 21 EMA
  • wineinquirer: @DAN Hope your weekend was peaceful! Could you offer your take on $SHOP. Seems to be flagging (guess that's appropriate for Memorial Day)! Many thx for all the sweat and tears you put into this outstanding site! The rewards show!!
  • DAN: @wineinquirer $SHOP Hi, wineinquirer. I really appreciate that, and am happy that you are finding so much value here. We've got an excellent team in Scott, Karen and a few others who work behind the scenes. Lots of new stuff coming soon. I am excited and hope you are too!!
  • Auto: $SHOP added long weekly
  • Auto: $SHOP added long from below daily
  • scottrades: $SHOP Holding the 21 EMA beautifully. @Auto
  • Auto: $SHOP added long daily
  • MongosPawn: @Auto $SHOP Me too. Small.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY/ $QQQ NVDA is the Star of the show. $SMH Bounce $HACK Note the range $WCLD Above the MAs $BLOK Holding the 50 Day $TAN Bottom of the range $BITO Watch for a reaction on a Debt Ceiling announcement. $NVDA Earnings Beat $AMD Up AH $RMBS Added on the bounce $AMAT Support at the 21 EMA $ON Holding the 50 Day $LRCX Potential Phase 3 Start $TSM Up With the rest $SHOP Holding the 21 EMA $AMZN Still in trend $RIOT Holding the 50 Day $MARA At the MA Cluster $MSTR Just under the 50 Day $NFLX Phase 3? $DV A bit extended $CCJ Close to a pivot $ARRY I have little.
  • BarryC: HI Everyone, Hope ya have a good evening! I put on a few new trades yesterday, things that were on my watchlist AND bought some $RIOT with you guys, thanks to @scotttrades pointing it out. I went home #long: $FISV, $GOOG, $LRCX, $LTH, $MARA, $RIOT & $SHOP ALSO have some speculative smaller positions in $HBIO, $IMGN, & $NNOX. #btw, I got shaken out of $NOV on that $PFE news. I will still watch closely, in fact MANY of my good ones I wind up trying 2/3X sometimes before they work.
  • scottrades: ...
    $SHOP Watch for a bounce off the 8EMA
    $KTOS Slow mover, but trending up.

    That’s what’s on my mind today.

    I’m currently long $RMBS $RIOT and $MSTR.

    Let’s have a great day!

  • bigreek42: back in some $shop on pb
  • BarryC: Here is my watchlist at the moment: $ACLX, $AVAV, $CBOE, $DXCM, $FISV, $HCA, $LI, $LTH, $PEGA, $ROIV, $SHOP, $TDW, $TPR, $TREX, $TXG, $V, $VSTO
  • Auto: $SHOP $TSLA added long
  • bigreek42: sold some $shop
  • scottrades: $SHOP looks actionable.
  • LenD: $SYM,$SHOP Thank you.
  • BarryC: I bot some $FFIV $SHOP & $LTH this am...
  • bigreek42: probable quick trigger but out of $shop now
  • Onthemark: @BarryC $FFIV $SHOP $LTH I added to $SHOP
  • Docoof: $ARKK Arkk stocks having a strong day: $TWLO $DKNG $PATH $SHOP $ROKU $CRSP $U $COIN —$ARKK currently at $39.94 up 3.2%.
  • Docoof: @jpoko13 $ARKK Many of its top holdings are doing well today: $TWLO $DKNG $PATH $SHOP $ROKU $CRSP $U $COIN $TDOC $NTLA
  • Cjauger: $SHOP holding the VWAP
  • Ian: $SHOP What is your Vwap setting? 8 days?
  • Henry: @Ian $SHOP If you use reply, it would add @Cjauger to your post and for those that use conversation mode, you question would nest Outline style, under his/her post. VWAP is an intraday indicator. One would look at it on a 5, 15, 30 or 60 min chart.
  • bigreek42: actually picked up $shop small, stop below recent low
  • MongosPawn: $SHOP Starter taken off this bounce. Phase 3?
  • Auto: $SHOP added long weekly
  • Auto: $SHOP added long
  • champ: $ up $1.50 off of LOD, thats nice for Traders.
  • camaro69: $SHOP small add
  • champ: $SHOP....still holding my swing and this sure looks like a nice runner/swinger, into the unknown, however I'm pulling a Trailer, with room around $0.80 on that first bracketed trailing stop, however I'm flexible on all Daily-stops, off of pending News or a nose-bleed-level....... ......on that first trailer or on all brackets....everything is a Wait and See, how this new game plays out.... .....I'm on second base and I just might make-it, into the dug-out, however just don't know how the batters, my team-mates, the Markets are going to do.
  • shoredriver: $SHOP....nice additional move...selling weekles....
  • Vasilis: @DAN any thoughts on $SHOP, on a Daily basis RSI 77 and way above BB (2,20). Thank you
  • Onthemark: @Vasilis $SHOP Dan had previously said this stock could hit 60, and sure enough it's there. Day 2 of the breakout, better to wait for a pb IMO.
  • vscottg: @Onthemark $SHOP Summary behind the climb - Shopify is selling its logistics business to supply chain management firm Flexport and laying off around 20% of its staff as it refocuses on its core e-commerce roots. CEO Tobias Lutke broke the news to employees in a memo Thursday ahead of the company’s earnings report. He referred to the logistics business as a “side quest” which he says is "always distracting because the company has to split focus.” Shopify has been cutting staff since e-commerce growth started slowing last year – previously shedding 10% of its global workforce in July 2022. Shopify shares were up around 25% in early trading. Shopify’s operating loss in the first quarter was $193 million compared to $98 million a year earlier. The reduction would result in a loss of almost 2,700 jobs, Global News estimates.
  • DAN: @Onthemark $SHOP Shopify is making me look smart. Every once in a while, that happens. ;-) I think you have to wait. Hard to do that when you see it running away, but it is just toooo high to buy here. I've been wrong before, so take it with a grain of salt.
  • DAN: @Vasilis $SHOP Can't buy this here. It's the one that got away. It happens.
  • champ: @DAN $SHOP ...I got in this morning, on the open because of that upgrade by $USB, this morning....and I have also been following the News flow...over the last week or I was ready and I'm Trailing, with Brackets.
  • RiccardoB: $SHOP selling all calls . these Profits are criminals . Got to take them.
  • bigbartabs: @champ $SHOP $USB ... do you trail with dollar brackets? Or percentage brackets.
  • champ: @bigbartabs $SHOP $USB....All depends on the stock, however use $$$, for Example, maybe around $0.75 and then let it run into a 1/2 or 1/4 size swing, it all depends on How-fast it moves...because the faster moves... sometime are not all that positi ...
  • RiccardoB: $SHOP another pig porfolio winner today along with uber. thank you Jesus biggest portfolio losers so far Sofi snap rule #4567 , Don’t average losers. you will never see me do that in a show me story. Reason for pig portfolio? find future winners and move them to long term portfolio. So far only uber has made that cut with 1/2 position . zillow , zoom , dash, coin, etc are all in queue. the all portfolio is 1% of net worth. Not a full time gambler ! lol
  • rokey: $SHOP up 22% !?
  • manrodmar10: $SHOP UP 26%
  • Crodmm: $SHOP @Dan. Reports tomorrow BMO. What’s the plan?
  • vitoB: back in $SHOP 47
  • DAN: I've recorded an intraday update on the stocks in the ATI. Updating the trades (stopped out of $SHOP and advising to take 1/2 profits on $CROX ).

    Here is a link to the vide: ...
  • Boone.ruth: @Lou $SHOP thank you! Helpful
  • scottrades: @scottrades I'm currently holding $SHOP $FSLY $SONO and a few $TSLA shares.
  • DAN: ...
    $SHOP is flat. No change.

    $WING is flat this morning and still in a trading range. This probably needs to tighten up for a while before we can expect much.

    Here is the link to this morning's session at 8 am PT / 11 am ET. ...
  • scottrades: $SHOP holding up well
  • Nepenthe: @scottrades $SHOP Not any longer. And so it goes...Cheers.
  • vitoB: $SHOP 48.06
  • Boone.ruth: @DAN $BNTX $MSFT $GOOGL $META $AMZN $DXCM $LEN $MNST $RETA $SHOP $WING @Dan. you mentioned hoping for a pullback on $IOT. are you adding here
  • DAN: @Boone.ruth $BNTX $MSFT $GOOGL $META $AMZN $DXCM $LEN $MNST $RETA $SHOP $WING $IOT Nope. I don't see this as a bottom or low. Just a pullback on lighter than average volume.
  • woodman: $SHOP - this is an incredible deep-dive into the company's business model and investment case.

    "Here, we will explore all there is to know about Shopify’s business model and investment ...
  • Lou: @woodman _ $SHOP
    You posted this deep dive and it lured me in. Notwithstanding how deep the dive is, I looked at the number of words/pages it contains, so I fell back on my study methods from college and law school (amazing that at my age I even rem ...
  • woodman: @Lou $SHOP Amen, Lou. I skimmed it and moved pretty quickly to the conclusion as well. ;-) (I have no position, though it seems to be working, particularly if bought on pullbacks to rising support.)
  • champ: @Lou $SHOP ....Lou you are a great asset for all of us...SMM members and you are an amazing you are still on top of your game and you are also still making all of us profits....#Thanks.
  • scottrades: $SHOP Holding above yesterday's low.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $SHOP Back in with a stop under yesterdays low
  • vitoB: $SHOP starter 48.12
  • vitoB: lightening up on the $HUT and $SHOP positions, moving into some $BXP with a very close stop
  • scottrades: @vitoB $HUT $SHOP $BXP Shopify at HOD
  • champ: @scottrades $HUT $SHOP $BXP ....Whats-up, what is the reason or reasons Why....Why should I there new News...?
  • champ: @champ $HUT $SHOP $BXP....$SHOP is at $48.50.....
  • sgiseller: $SHOP STO May 5th 41 puts for premium of .50
  • scottrades: Nice close on $SHOP in coming. Selling some and holding some into the weekend.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY $QQQ Consolidating $UUP Another Green Day $GLD Chopping $XHB Homies are Strong $XLE Lower High $TAN Tighening $IBB Watch 133.90 $TLT Higher Lows $TSLA No sustained bounce. $AAPL At resistance $MSFT Sideways $AMZN Unable to rally $AMD In a wedge $DKNG Working $LVS Looked good but couldn't hold $SHOP Still in trend $WING Working $LULU Working $DKS In trend $HSY Earnings Next Week $BJ A bit extended $FSLR Near the highs $SEDG Long Base
  • maracom: Good morning everyone! $SPY $QQQ struggling after $NFLX. #gold pulling back hard today despite modest $UUP move. I've been buying $NEM which was much closer to support than the high flyers like $GFI $WPM. I've got one more buy left for $NEM but if $GFI and $WPM start pulling back hard I'll be a seller of naked puts. #LTA: $FCX covered call. $SCHW added yesterday. $MOS $FTI no changes. $WEAT pullback to 8EMA possible add. #Trading: Short $NVDA and 280/282.5 BeCS. $BITI possible add today. $SHOP stop at 8EMA. $UNG pullback to 8EMA/20EMA possible add. $BFLY covered call.
  • scottrades: $SHOP Strong off the open
  • vscottg: @DAN @scottrades $SHOP Did you decide not to add this to the ATL?
  • scottrades: Took the rest of my profits on $SHOP
  • Nepenthe: @vscottg $SHOP I'm a little confused about that myself. And to Scott, out of curiosity, would you consider buying it back if it holds at the 8ema, or since we're getting close to earnings, forget it about it. Cheers.
  • DAN: @vscottg $SHOP forgot to put it in the system
  • DAN: @DAN $SHOP I’m at the airport now so I have limited info. I don’t know whether it reached my criteria or not. Will check tonight.
  • Nepenthe: @DAN $SHOP Fwiw, It has turned green, for the moment, at least. Cheers.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY /$QQQ Nice reversal $UUP Here’s the problem $IBB Holding the 8EMA $GLD Holding the 21 EMA $SLV Above the MAs $GDX still in consolidation $XLE In a range $TAN Holding the 200 Day $ARKK Upside reversal $ARKF Above the MAs $AMZN Strong today $TSLA Watch tomorrow. $MSFT Fine $DKNG Go Oilers! $SHOP Still in trend $V Cup building a handle $CRM Working $HUBS Clean slope $IBP Great volume this week. $BLD Close to the highs $XOM Earnings coming up $TDW Above all the MAs $INTU Tax Season $WING In trend $HEI Around the 50 Day $COIN Near the 50 Day $SONO Going sideways above the MAs
  • scottrades: ...
    Keep an eye on the Solar Stocks, $TAN, they are working well here. The Semiconductor ETF is also finding support at the 50 Day MA which is good. Dan bought up $SHOP yesterday and I bought some of that during our live webinar. I also think you can ow ...
  • scottrades: Moving up a stop on $SHOP
  • DAN: Adding $SHOP (nice call Scotty). Basis: 49.30 Stop: 47.70 -- tight b/c it's a breakout.
  • DAN: @DAN $SHOP I would be careful here. We really need to see SHOP hold 49
  • scottrades: @DAN $SHOP High of Day
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Stock Price $53.70
Change -5.74%
Volume 11,069,400

Shopify Inc provides a cloud-based commerce platform designed for small & medium-sized businesses. Merchants use its software across their sales channels, including web, tablet & mobile, social media storefronts, & brick-&-mortar & pop-up shops.

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