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  • DAN: ...
    COTD: $SARK -- Here’s your trade if the market continues to fall.

    Fed Decision: 75 bps and more likely. Take Powell at his word. He wants to crush the economy and the market. And he has the tools to do it. He is not your friend.
    Neutral se ...
  • DAN: ...
    I am raising stops on five stocks on the Active Trade List and removing $SARK.

    $TBT - Basis: 30.40 Stop at 31.80. Raising to 33.80 to lock in more profit.
    $TWNK - Basis: 24.04 Stop at 22.80. Raising it to 24.77 to lock in a small profit.
    $LLY - B ...
  • DAN: ...
    $SARK - Basis: 64.30 Stop at 56.40. I am closing this down. It’s looking like the Nasdaq 100 is firming up and may start to move higher. And that puts this inverse ETF on the wrong side of the market. I could be proven wrong, of course. Bu ...
  • DAN: ...
    $SARK -- Pulled back to the 50-day MA. This needs to hold here.

    $CECE -- Drew line on 10/13. Up almost 20% since the breakout.
    $ARLP -- pushing against the 50-day MA. Alert $24.25

    $NBIX -- Working, but at the top of the range. The 21 ...
  • Rockstar: ...
    So what do we do now. Well Dan has put some stocks on the ATL that are performing including the $SARK ETF that is short the $ARKK stocks. $TBT has been knocking it out of the park. You can make money in this market . You just need to be surgical in ...
  • DAN: ...
    $SARK -- Good idea.
    $TDOC -- Down 92%

    $LNG -- Strong uptrend. Use the 50-day MA as your reference. Alert $180. Alert $164

    $NFLX -- Gapped and ran,...but still limited by the 200-day MA. I suggested a short with a 282 stop. Also a BuPS on OMM. ...
  • woodman: @traderbren $ARKK - I wonder if in her personal account she's been buying $SARK. :-0
  • traderbren: @woodman $ARKK $SARK - great point. I think she's just drawing a great comp package and keeping her moolah under the mattress.
  • woodman: @traderbren $ARKK $SARK - maybe she's a genius after all.
  • vitoB: $SARK looks like it’s counting down to blast off
  • DAN: @Bert953 $SARK $SJIM Cramer is a really smart guy. But I think his emotions get in the way of his brain. He's the guy who pounded the table and told everyone that they should NEVER count Suckerberg out -- that he is a winner and he is going to crus ...
  • DAN: ...
    $SARK -- Looks good…but not buyable here.
    $NOC - Above the MAs
  • scottrades: @scottrades P.S. The same group that brought you the Inverse ARKK ETF has come out with an Inverse Jim Cramer ETF. If the $SARK ETF was the top, does that mean the $SJIM ETF is the bottom?? LOL! Let’s find out together…
  • Bert953: @scottrades $SARK $SJIM Thats hilarious. I no longer listen to Cramer, but I had started listening to him back when he had a radio show. I did learn alot from him and have read his books. He is a very smart man and has tons of experience in markets, although his fundamentalist principles and trading style are different from mine and his picks have often been money losers (from what I've read). In fact, I became aware of SSM as Dan was a contributor to Real Money.
  • scottrades: @Bert953 $SARK $SJIM I totally respect him as a person and have no problem with the guy. He's hammered on Twitter all the time. I don't use his ideas but understand he fills a need for those looking for what he does.
  • vitoB: Totally in line with this day 2 to start the quarter. Also Woods on tv should induce some temp pops in her tickers. Takin a look at $SARK at close/tomorrow
  • vitoB: @vitoB $SARK haha woods says we’re cherry picking her bad trades
  • phgruver: @vitoB $SARK Sometimes there's a bumper crop of cherries to pick.... :-)
  • vitoB: @phgruver $SARK hahaha
  • manoli77: @vitoB $SARK C. Woods just started a venture fund with a ~4% expense ratio. That's OK...not going to pay you 4% to lose my money. :-)
  • vitoB: @manoli77 $SARK but they have groundbreaking research on how to establish conviction and buy all the way down
  • vcondry: @vitoB $SARK will probably follow you on this one 3 days is about as much faith as I have in this relief rally.
  • Forexpro: @vcondry $SARK Hey, Vcondry, Hope you're doing well. With non-farm payrolls due on Friday, I'd have to think that we'll see some profit-taking at the latest on Thursday afternoon. If a hedgie or other institutional type is up 5 percent for the week, they'll very probably take some off ahead of the number. If the current hope ("The Fed sees the economy weakening, they'll ease up") becomes the dominant narrative as supporting data come in, there will be plenty of time to add. Just my thought; this month, of course, CPI (13th, I think?) will be even more important than NFP, but I suspect that the latter will still generate some sharp moves, even if they're short-lived. If they're the right sort of moves, they can be as quick as they please as far as I'm concerned. :-) All the best!
  • vcondry: @Forexpro $SARK appreciate the insights. Trying to work on not overstaying my welcome in either direction. Nothing worse than seeing gains evaporate only to go the other way and realize you could have just stuck with what you had and actually made a profit. Thank would definitely make sense to see the rally taper off Thursday afternoon.
  • scottrades: $SARK Potential Flag
  • RD: $SARK Tempted to swing SARK over the weekend but too scared TSLA might have blow out numbers tomorrow.
  • vcondry: @RD $SARK you can cover it with some Oct 7 $300 $TSLA calls only trading for $1.18 right now. If they blow out numbers those will cover your monday losses...most likely your $SARK position will make money and those will go worthless in this market.
  • RD: @vcondry $SARK $TSLA Thanks!
  • DAN: $SARK -- Notice that SARK (which was barely stopped out in yesterday's rally) is now up today. Not yet to the entry at 62.50...but it's looking to me as if the pattern of higher highs and lows is persisting. If you're still long, I suggest just holding it. The Nasdaq is the weakest of all the major indices this morning, and $ARKK holds a lot of Nasdaq stocks (many of which are smaller cap stocks that need money...which can be expensive in today's tightening environment).
  • DAN: ...
    $SARK -- Stop at 58.30. Stopped out. Stay out.
    $DV -- Basis: 27.00. Stop: 25.30 Leaderboard. Low entry. Worst RS rating…at 88!
    $FSLR -- Basis 135 Stop 126.90.
    $TWNK - Basis 24.04 Stop 22.80.

    $CALX at 60.40. It’s working, albei ...
  • Docoof: @Roadrunner No more $SARK, but go $TARK! 2X the Innovation!
  • shoredriver: @Docoof $SARK $TARK ...Or her n ew venture fund....entry of $500 bucks...2.75 fees....quarterly liquidity....such a deal........
  • woodman: Still not doing much. Raised my stop on $TBT which I purchased a couple times last week (stop now under the low of the day today), added a wee bit of $SARK on move back up through VWAP earlier this morning. Still holding $SRPT (not a "short term" trade; been adding at low spots of the nearly two-month range/consolidation b/c it's one I want hold unless it fails to hold ~103 level), $VRTX (similar to my outlook on SRPT) and $ELF. That's it at the moment. Looking at various things but not at all eager to dive in on the long side.
  • jeff_free69: @DAN $ARKK and $SARK is still on the ATL ?
  • DAN: @jeff_free69 $ARKK $SARK $Arkk has not been on the ATL. Only $SARK. I mentioned that I took a small position in ARKK as a daytrade. That's just a quick trade to make coffee money. $SARK is still on the list (it's the opposite of $ARKK) with a maximum stop at 58.30 (I had it looser than that last week, but I'm raising it today just to cut down the risk).
  • DAN: Raising the stop on $SARK I'm hiking the suggested MAXIMUM stop on $SARK from 52.50 to 58.30. I want to limit the risk on this trade. Please remember that my suggested approach in the market is to be rigid in your entries, small in your positions, and cognizant of current market conditions. You trade the market that exists, not the one you wish existed. Also, my suggested stops are maximum stops. Your stop might be tighter, but it should never be looser. --Dan For a complete list of all Active Trades, click here:
  • DAN: Active Trade Bulletin: Adding $SARK to the Active Trade List

    Adding $SARK to the active trade list. Remember, the Active Trade List is a list of ideas. It is not intended to be a portfolio. The stops are suggestions for maximum prices. You may c ...
  • DAN: ...
    It's noteworthy that $SARK is now breaking out to above the Sept 6th peak. This is a very good stock to watch. It's an inverse Arkk ETF. It has doubled since its 2021 inception.

    Probably not the best entry here because the $QQQ is pretty oversol ...
  • woodman: @DAN $ARKQ $GM $SARK $QQQ - Since 2020, Wood has been diligently working to destroy her reputation. It's been quite a thing to watch. $ARKK is now not all that far from 100% Fib retracement of the rise from March 2020 to peak Feb 2021.
  • DAN: @woodman $ARKQ $GM $SARK $QQQ $ARKK And she's been doing a yeoman's job at it. Appearances on CNBC are more like comedy skits. And funny ones, too!
  • DAN: @DAN Might consider buying $SARK -- it's an inverse Cathie Wood ETF that's done pretty well. Just breaking out now.
  • vcondry: @scottrades $ARKK If it craps out would you consider $SARK or some alternative inverse?
  • scottrades: @vcondry $ARKK $SARK I think they are extended for a swing. I only like those for Day Trades because overnight the futures can whip around.
  • vcondry: @scottrades $ARKK $SARK when you're looking at those for a day trade do you only interact with them in the morning or anytime if the chart looks like its heading in your direction?
  • scottrades: @vcondry $ARKK $SARK Depends on when the volume comes in. If it's set up on the daily chart and it triggers intraday with volume, you take the signal then.
  • vcondry: @Perry $BJ just been the markets pattern this year when we get a big drop like friday usually we get a little bounce monday or tuesday followed by another big poop. Also...September even in bull markets has been a terrible month. Usually we get a little bounce the first week followed by a complete and utter crap out til october or sometimes longer. I have ALWAYS regretted any bullish positions I held from August into september. Your mileage may vary. EDIT: wait for a solid green day this week and use that day to start some bearish positions for September profits such as $SDS $QID $SARK or even $SPY puts.
  • Justhanging48: @vcondry $BJ $SDS $QID $SARK $SPY You make many valid points! Always good to play defense, and have a cushion if going long, or go with the bears if we get too extended. Rule #1 don't lose your dough.
  • bRobert: $ARKK. test of 20d. ceiling. 50d. just. above. that $25. potential with failures and lower. low. triggers Using this as a barometer $SARK small H&S. top. acquired. at $62. and test of 50d.
  • bRobert: @bRobert $ARKK $TDOC $VRM $CVNA $SARK. $85. WEEKLY breakout target DAily. breakout. LOOK for a pb. bounce to enter.
  • Pokersmith: #Leverage From the folks that brought you $SARK ( ARKK short etf ), introducing $TARK, a 2X long the $ARKK etf instrument. Let the games....begin!
  • joelsg1: @Pokersmith $SARK $TARK $ARKK #Leverage Definitely a sign of something in Market, excessive pessimism perhaps.
  • bilipi: @Pokersmith $SARK $TARK $ARKK #Leverage ... and (BINGO ) there's the chart ... amazing . Trading the VWAP is straight forward , that's a good lesson for newbies .
  • Cjauger: @Pokersmith $SARK $TARK $ARKK #Leverage Nice!
  • bRobert: @kbrowe $ARKK Not an all time low YET I have a $30 target Retest of the COVID low I sold some $SARK at $75 with reload on the pb bounce $85 target now 12% more $32.50 $ARKK equivalent
  • adamchess: heads up $SARK and $BERZ working well today my day off bday - cheers
  • gphelps: @adamchess $SARK My 2 cents: Too extended at this point for an entry. Better entries are made at major moving average support that corresponds with your planned holding period.
  • bRobert: @gphelps $SARK MAJOR $75 target acquired and YES extended $ARKK WEEKLY bear flag target $40 acquired Covid low $30 potential with failed bounce
  • adamchess: @bRobert $SARK $ARKK ok thanks for the response guys - much appreciated
  • adamchess: @gphelps @bRoberts $SARK thanks but thought this market still has some expected downside and CW stocks generally out of favour and TSLA way over valued comprising large representation in these funds along with TDOC and some others
  • bRobert: @adamchess $SARK $ARKK I believe that the meat of the trade has been ripped off the bone $75 was my target Riskier trade up here
  • bRobert: $SARK. $72. target. 1. is CLOSE. Room for. more BUT. consider. partials and or. raised. trailers. Long. Took a piece. off $ARKK. $30. target for. a. long time. Closing in. WEEKLY. dome (inverted cup) on this. mausoleum of. dead stocks
  • bRobert: IF. the Lord had commissioned Cathie Wood to build an ARK, none of us would be here $30 potential. Covid. lows. $SARK. nh. She would be.have doubling down. on. a fair weather expectation. Her weather forecast was for only a chance of rain over the next. 40days
  • bRobert: $SARK nh $72 target Pullback bounces $ARKK $30 potential $25 with a tip Completion nice inverted cup Dome mausoleum over the tomb
  • bRobert: $ARKK $30 target on current bear flag trigger WEEKLY Titanic heading for the bottom $SARK $84 potential
  • bRobert: $ROKU. Was apple. music a game. changer? IMHO. no. Throwback. bounce $75/$60 potential $SARK. WEEKLY breakout. pullback retest $72+. Daily still extended for best entry $ARKK. $30. potential $SPOT. $80/$40. potential. Spot on for shorts. Throwback.
  • bRobert: @bRobert $ROKU $SARK $ARKK $SPOT $ROKU. 5d. multi day. has. POTENTIAL to test. $115. with a. trigger. C&H base np
  • bRobert: $MU $55 target Daily H&S top WEEKLY M top in motion $95 - $75 Retest of the breakout below WEEKLY $SARK WEEKLY breakout retest $72+ target potential $ARKK Retest of Covid low soon $30 Bear flag trigger
  • marklesparkle: @bRobert $MU $SARK $ARKK $SARK has been treating me well b
  • bRobert: @shoredriver $TDOC $20 potential Really $ARKK $30 target Long $SARK
  • bRobert: $SARK NH WEEKLY breakout $78 potential $ARKK $30 target Almost 40% downside is not insignificant Failed bounce s Covid low test
  • bRobert: $SARK top of range speed bump early WEEKLY ooze out tease Pullback expected Right shoulder $78 potential with resumption and nh print > $60+
  • bRobert: $MELI throwback to the $1050 neckline $850 potential with failure and resumption H&S top $SPOT Looking for failed bounce to $120 neckline Bear flag trigger $80 target $ARKK $30 with failed bounce and dip < $50 Covid low $SARK Flag pullback $62 with trigger
  • bRobert: $SARK $62 target $SPOT $100/$80 Covid low being tested Bear flag trigger
  • bRobert: $SQ 20w ceiling failure $60 potential Down 15% for week Failed bounces $ARKK down 11% $30+ potential 40% haircut House of horrors Zombies apocolypse over $SARK $80 potential $62 target 1 is close
  • bRobert: $SARK may retest $60 Look at what they own House of horrors
  • vitoB: @bRobert $SARK But she predicted 50% returns
  • bRobert: @vitoB $SARK For the shorts She under promised and over performed for them
  • bRobert: $SARK $62 target Top of range potential
  • bRobert: $ARKK Bear flag to the 20d $50/$30+ potential with lower low Retest of the 2020 Covid low WEEKLY was mercilessly hit by the ugly stick $SARK reversal base $57 potential $CVNA $50 with trigger $LAD under all ceilings Automobiles No bueno $TSLA is the best chart by far Now bear flag under the 20d Under pressure $900 with trigger
  • woodman: @bRobert $SOXS - I'm in $SARK.
  • bRobert: @woodman $SOXS $SARK I read a lot about $SARK attacks Move . above. 20/50d. $62. potential.
  • woodman: @bRobert $SOXS $SARK - Sark Week could become Sark Month.
  • bRobert: @woodman $SOXS $SARK Being able to trade long and short means that there are no rain outs. Just see which way the wind is blowing and pick the right club.
  • woodman: @bRobert $MELI $SHOP - $SARK ($ARKK inverse) ... or just about any of the inverses we commonly discuss.
  • bRobert: @woodman $MELI $SHOP $SARK $ARKK Watching it Testing ceilings 20/50d Looking for pb bounces in this and related
  • bRobert: @woodman $MELI $SHOP $SARK $ARKK Can't buy if not in already Testing overhead resistance $VIX testing overhead Expecting a bounce soon
  • bRobert: @woodman $MELI $SHOP $SARK $ARKK I took a piece of $MELI TRADE Stop < 20d
  • RD: $SARK Given the possibility of a market pullback, what do you guys think of SARK here?
  • CrazyTrain: @bRobert $SQ I know I was in $SARK for the last 10 days, entered whne it found resistance at 21 DMA, had a quick gain of 25% on the turn away from the 21 DMA. I got greedy and gave up most of those gains and turned it into a 3% gain. :(
  • bRobert: @CrazyTrain $SQ $SARK 2 word Trailing STOPS 2 more words Partial profits
  • CrazyTrain: @bRobert $SQ $SARK yeah my GF also trades and for the last 6 days was saying take PP, only stay in short positions for a few days at most... LOL
  • bRobert: $DIS H&S top $100 target WEEKLY Interim targets Failed bounces to short $SARK nh Blue sky I have posted a $65 target below
  • bRobert: @agiaccag $QQQ $SPY $SQQQ CASH IS SAFE Wander out if you have some short inclinations Even long Shorts ETFS $LABD $SARK others it can be very small Be comfortable Mange risk
  • bRobert: @bRobert $DIS $SARK $SARK $60 interim target PULLBACKS $65 or more
  • bRobert: $PLCE $30 WEEKLY H&S top Many posts on this short set up Ooozing out the bottom Bands expanding $ARKK $50 WEEKLY h&S target here $30 potential with a a failed bounce Covid low retest $SARK $65 target close Pullback bounce 8% higher $LVS multi year low 12%dive today $WYNN nl $MGM 200w target $DKNG nl $10 potential M top daily in motion $PTON nl $15 Don't think any stock has gone down enough $VRM another $2+ now from $70 high Do I hear $1? $CVNA $75/$50 potential $ARCB H&S top Tease < 50W /200d $65/$50 potential with a shoe drop after a lower low
  • Wykeman: $SARK Still working nice..nh soon.
  • bRobert: @Wykeman $SARK $ARKK $40 potential target Posted H&S top $SARK $64 High base target
  • bRobert: $SARK. $60/ $64+. daily high base target potential.
  • Wykeman: $SARK Added on recent pb. Going higher.
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Stock Price $39.31
Change 1.47%
Volume 4,205,120

The investment seeks to provide investment results that are approximately the inverse of, before fees and expenses, to the daily price and yield performance of the ARK Innovation ETF. The fund is an actively managed ETF that the advisor attempts to achieve the inverse (-1x) of the return of the ETF for a single day, not for any other period, by entering into a swap agreement on the ETF. The ARK Innovation ETF is an actively managed ETF that seeks long-term growth of capital by investing primarily in domestic and foreign equity securities of companies that are relevant to the fund¿s investment theme of disruptive innovation. It is non-diversified.

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