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Chart of the Day December 3rd, 2021

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  • Auto: $MSTR $RIOT $GBTC $ETHE added long from below
  • Cjauger: $RIOT Luckily yesterday I was working so I still have $RIOT.
  • zman: @Cjauger $RIOT I just didn’t agree with @dan view on this one. It’s volatile and I thought still in the range so I held it. Glad I did
  • jonwest88: $RIOT moves above the 50; 13 crosses above the 20; it's riding above the BB's. I am still holding my small position.
  • snowbound: @jonwest88 $RIOT The WEEKLY close looks quite notable . I sold mine but I'm re-thinking .
  • Firemedic: @jonwest88 $RIOT just started to get a little rotation into this one after $HUT and $MARA ran . Im thinking this one keeps going
  • snowbound: @Firemedic $RIOT The 50SMA DAILY slightly down-sloping is not ideal . I'm taking a starter based on the PING action's ability to overcome the longer trending downdraft . 200SMA > VWAP cross in motion is lift higher .
  • DAN: @zman $RIOT you were right. I was wrong.
  • DAN: ...
    $RIOT -- Continuing to grind through the 50-day moving average.
    $MARA -- Running along the 8-day EMA
    $HUT -- Up 16%. Higher low and high. In ATL. Entry 10.65. Consider stop to lock in a break-even.
    $MSTR -- Watch this at $800. Alert $800

    Active ...
  • Bwhitty: @scottrades $HUT Watching $RIOT has room to run.
  • Firemedic: $RIOT seems to be best miner holding up
  • DAN: Here is an update of the Active Trade List:

    Peabody Energy ($BTU) was stopped out this morning at 17.60 -- 65 cent loss. Recall that I set the stop yesterday on the thesis that the breakout had legs and that it would continue higher. If it did not ...
  • DAN: Update on our Active Trade List -- Closing down $NFLX and $RIOT:

    Boyd Gaming ($BYD) -- slightly profitable with a stop at 63.95. The stock is down just a bit today and I expect to see a bit more selling. BUT...the last few days of trading have bee ...
  • stairm01: @cshanggu $mara We've all been there. It's part of trading.......a hard part. I'm a all in at once and all out type of trader. That hurts when you don't keep some and it continues up without you. I was selling puts on MARA when it was at 33 and making good money and stop selling puts because I thought it would pull back. Also owned stock at 33 and sold for nice profit at 35. $20 bucks ago. It hurts, but still making money. Selling puts big time on $RIOT now.
  • BocaRick: $MARA $RIOT back to HOD
  • Babutters: @BocaRick $MARA $RIOT $RIOT is 1 (or 3%) off HOD. I have 31.78.
  • Firemedic: @agiaccag $GBTC same, I hold no $GBTC now. Been adding to $ETHE , $HUT, $RIOT, $MARA. Fortunately held all $COIN through drop
  • gmj: @Firemedic $GBTC $ETHE $HUT $RIOT $MARA $COIN Watching $ETHE into the close watching for a b/o abv 35.50+, holding some $HUT core and small pos $RIOT
  • Firemedic: @AdrenalineTrade $ETHE $HIVE should of grabbed some Hive the other day when you mentioned. Rotation into this and $RIOT as of late
  • sierramp: $RIOT above upper BB, Net Profit Margin 44.5%, Composite Rating 87, Relative Strength 99.
  • DAN: Adding Riot Blockchain ($RIOT) to the active trade list Basis: 29.70 Stop: 27.60 Dan
  • jee4416-trade: @DAN $RIOT Would you please enlighten me on this trade alert. Having been a long-term member, looking at the chart for $RIOT, it does not appear to fit your normal chart pattern trades.
  • Firemedic: @AdrenalineTrade $HUT $BTBT $VYVGF and $RIOT have small amount of each thinking we could get rotation into these but its a no go so far.
  • Docoof: Najarian just recommended $RIOT
  • wanda1616: $RIOT why is that stock so depressed comparatively?
  • Firemedic: @wanda1616 $RIOT same question. Im up marginally on this. Been watching closely for a bid to see if it ramps up to add more
  • slp20: @wanda1616 $RIOT Awhile ago, Scott mentioned in a video that due to daily volume MARA was getting more institutional support.
  • traderbren: @wanda1616 $RIOT - yep, I've stuck with $MARA and $HUT instead
  • jeff_free69: @wanda1616 $RIOT yeah - been a real dog - my only crypto loser! Really went way off track starting in Sept...
  • wanda1616: @traderbren $RIOT $MARA $HUT i have those but just added RIOT today. heavily shorted. there must be some issue with the company. long anyway for the moment.
  • Nivek231: @jeff_free69 $RIOT Just to add, they did a $600M secondary offering beginning of Sept, bought a new facility in Texas that they issued 12M shares for. Also I've read their cost to mine BTC is much higher compared to MARA/BITF
  • jeff_free69: @Nivek231 $RIOT Thanks , I did not know that . $HUT did similar secondary in Sep and is now above that level again. So they must have other things going on ...
  • Nivek231: @jeff_free69 $RIOT $HUT Good article outlining current state and concern with RIOT: Hopefully we're near the floor and if BTC runs we "should" recover.
  • jeff_free69: @Nivek231 $RIOT $HUT Yep - that was spot on , thanks for the info. was way too patient with this. Well every dog has its day. Hopefully the Texas facility will make them more efficient...
  • gtr89: @AdrenalineTrade $HUT $RIOT lagging as usual
  • agiaccag: @AdrenalineTrade $MARA Bitcoin needs to get thru a pretty tough area of resistance. 59 - 60k . I am long $MARA,$HUT, ETHE , $RIOT, $GBTC. holding for a potential move to 75k. but needs to get thru 60k first. we'll see .
  • Firemedic: @agiaccag $MARA $HUT $RIOT $GBTC Holding all of those with you and totally agree on your thesis. Also have $ETHE
  • agiaccag: @Firemedic $MARA $HUT $RIOT $GBTC $ETHE me too forgot the $ethe in my post
  • Auto: $RIOT watching $26.74 to add 5 min long from below weekly
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 #crypto Came across this for those trading/holding $RIOT: "Riot Blockchain tripled production this year and is hoarding $194M in Bitcoin"
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 $RIOT #crypto #API3 breakout. DeFi project. No position
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 $RIOT #crypto #AUTO trying to breakout. Worth watching here
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 $RIOT #crypto #CELO a few things to watch. I just know a couple in here are in this
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 $RIOT #crypto #CEL forming nice flag. Another I know a few are in
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 $RIOT #crypto #OCEAN breakout, test of 200 SMA
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 $RIOT #crypto #QNT looking really solid for trade or entry setup here. Not much needed for a break
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 $RIOT #crypto #SUPER watching for break and test of 50 SMA
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 $RIOT #crypto #UMB
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 $RIOT #crypto #KSM buy alert went off
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 $RIOT #crypto #FTM testing ATH. I really don't expect this to stop until the developer event on the 25th. I do expect extreme volatility though
  • Firemedic: @AdrenalineTrade $HUT right there with you. Scotty was right at the open yesterday to sell into strength. I held all and added more at $9.60 earlier today. Also took my first small position in $RIOT . Will keep tight noose on this due to under performing lately.
  • DAN: ...
    But know that I am creating a separate subscription product so that those who are interested in crypto can avail themselves to a unique subscription that focuses on crypto. But even then, we will see some stray posts in the forum because that's the ...
  • Bwhitty: @DAN $RIOT $MSTR $SQ $PYPL $TSLA #for-me #Crypto #crypto #crypto Just a remainder that my crypto portfolio is up 100% from June. Appreciate those looking ahead. 👍 #Crypto
  • DAN: @Bwhitty $RIOT $MSTR $SQ $PYPL $TSLA #for-me #Crypto #crypto #crypto #Crypto Nice, bwhitty! Congratulations, my friend.
  • mkirchner24: @Bwhitty $RIOT $MSTR $SQ $PYPL $TSLA #for-me #Crypto #crypto #crypto #Crypto Awesome Whitty!!!
  • Momentariness: @DAN $RIOT $MSTR $SQ $PYPL $TSLA #for-me #Crypto #crypto #crypto #Crypto It's great that @Bwhitty is making money with #crypto and congrats to @Bwhitty but you're missing the point. Does #Crypto belong in this forum? I say no. It really belongs in it's own forum just like options. Yes, I can block users that post on #Crypto but if I block @scottrades for posting about #Crypto, I'll miss all his great swing trade comments.
  • Bwhitty: @Momentariness $RIOT $MSTR $SQ $PYPL $TSLA #for-me #Crypto #crypto #crypto #Crypto #crypto #Crypto #Crypto #Crypto hmmm did I miss the point? The guy who pays the bills said it is in the forum just put #Crypto in front of it. I am not that smart but know how to follow direction.
  • DAN: @Momentariness $RIOT $MSTR $SQ $PYPL $TSLA #for-me #Crypto #crypto #crypto #Crypto #crypto #Crypto #Crypto #Crypto OK, I'll say it again.

    I am creating a separate crypto product. It will be a separate subscription, Momentariness. And at that point ...
  • coldevinc: @DAN $RIOT $MSTR $SQ $PYPL $TSLA #for-me #Crypto #crypto #crypto #Crypto #crypto #Crypto #Crypto #Crypto #crypto thank you!!!!!
  • Auto: $RIOT adding RHRN long since 2013
  • scottrades: ...
    $RIOT Under the MAs. Not my trade but that doesn't mean it’s wrong.
    $HUT Use the recent lows as stops
    $PLTR Nice volume today. Watch the tops.
    $CRWD Nice slope.
    $NVDA Nice volume.
    $AMD Above the slope.
    $TSLA Elon on CNBC Next week…. 4 ...
  • Auto: $RIOT it's alive!
  • AdrenalineTrade: Interesting. They have added LEAPs to $MARA, $RIOT, $BITF and $HUT over the past week. No ISDA required. Jan 2024 expiry. Those are the longest dated options I have ever seen that retail can buy.
  • Coolfrog001: $MARA is doing very well today. Early today I rotated from $HUT to $MARA, which I am happy about. Also a bit disappointed in $HUT that they've pulled the same trick as $RIOT. Indeed, $MARA can be the next. Just keep the position relatively small.
  • Ajax4Hire: ...
    $RIOT-RIOT BLockChain, nope, true Harmonic Convergence but broken.

    $HUT-Hut 8 Mining, a new type of miner;
    Returned to 2021-02Feb Hi, could be forming Cup for cup-with-handle.
    My problem with $HUT, below $10, nothing below $10 for me.

    $ARKF-ARK Fi ...
  • dcolten: @Ajax4Hire $HUT $COIN $MSTR $MARA $RIOT $ARKF $BLOK $V $MA $DFS $AXP $SQ $PYPL Great Analysis.. Really helps those of us constantly confused by these stocks
  • jeff_free69: @NickSingh $MSTR Yes , strange behavior the last couple of weeks; definitely some negativity in the air. they just bought another load of BTC ( total now = ~114k). AS you probably heard it was delisted from the SP600 recently. Wondering if there's concern over potential crackdown from SEC. Anything that provides exposure to crypto seems to be fair game for Gensler (not the friend many had assumed he'd be) $COIN $MARA $RIOT also not having a nice day. Whereas $GBTC is fine...
  • gtr89: @scottrades $HUT Recently $RIOT then $HUT ….. $MARA next?
  • Firemedic: @gtr89 $HUT $RIOT $MARA good point
  • NickSingh: @jeff_free69 $MSTR $COIN $MARA $RIOT $GBTC thanks and I’m in all the names you mentioned except $COIN currently
  • Firemedic: @mkirchner24 #crypto #bitcoin #SOL #FTM #AUTO #ALGO #BTC #ETH #UNI #LINK #DOT #ADA #LUNA #ICP #SOL #ERN #SUPER #POLS #FIL #MATIC #DOGE #ILV #QUICK #ENJ #FTM #KSM #UMB #XED #ANRX #KTN #PMON #CGG #FXF #SHAKE #CLIQ #YFDAI Thanks for the update. $RIOT dumped it. Got tired of subpar performance. Would like to add proceeds to $ETHE or $HUT
  • bRobert: $RIOT. ?catch up 20d. bounce Low risk add $60. target with trigger $40+
  • Firemedic: @bRobert $RIOT Have the $RIOT but seems to continually lag $MARA and $HUT. But I keep thinking it will catch a bid and make bigger moves soon. Has done this in the past
  • bRobert: @Firemedic $RIOT $MARA $HUT It's how you finish the race. Low risk entry. Long MARA also. All small
  • bRobert: $SQ. $264. pullback target Bounce Lower channel $RIOT. ADD earlier. Stop < 20d. $SOXL. added yesterday. $48. ceiling test. Breakout. above ALERT
  • gtr89: $RIOT is frustrating down 1%+ while $HUT and $MARA are having strong days. Real head scratcher 🤔
  • bRobert: @gtr89 $RIOT $HUT $MARA Create an ETF of the group. as a lotion for that scratch RIOT WEEKLY is pinching. strongly above the 20/50week. Catch up can come quickly
  • Nivek231: @gtr89 $RIOT $HUT $MARA This might help explain why. I was scratching my head also as to why. There's a 600M shelf offering in the works.
  • NickSingh: @gtr89 $RIOT $HUT $MARA true I have some from above and added more at $36.03 thinking it might accompany its peers up
  • gtr89: @bRobert $RIOT $HUT $MARA I’m tempted to sell some $MARA and buy more $RIOT
  • Docoof: @Nivek231 $RIOT $HUT $MARA Thank you for posting info on the offering.
  • gtr89: @Nivek231 $RIOT $HUT $MARA Thanks for the link. Makes some sense now
  • Firemedic: $RIOT any news or thesis for this selling into crypto strength every where else?
  • Docoof: @Firemedic $RIOT News of offering.
  • champ: @Firemedic $RIOT --- There was a mixed securities offering...and obviously like you said $$$ are moving into $COIN ...and others.
  • agiaccag: @Nivek231 $RIOT $HUT $MARA Thank you for posting . I own $MARA, $ETHE, $RIOT, $GBTC, So my $RIOT poor performance was really sticking out. Own from below but just barely at this level of $RIOT .
  • scottrades: *NOTE: I apologize for the tinny audio on my video tonight* $SPY Trend is up. $QQQ Trend is up $SMH Flagging $BLOK Breaking out #Bitcoin / #Ethereum *beep beep bloop bloop* Working. $HUT Biggest volume EVER. $MARA Extended and looking tired. $RIOT Secondary Offering. $COIN Watch 300 for resistance $MSTR Meh. $DBX Nice move off the 50 Day. $TSLA Mind the ramp! $PLTR Trending just fine. Building a nice cushion now. $NET Moving out of the base. $NVDA Bounce off the 8EMA. $AMD Needs to tighten up. $LSCC Bit of a Rising Wedge $AMAT at the 50 Day. $SQ Holding the 21 EMA. Watch 275-276
  • NickSingh: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $SMH $BLOK $HUT $MARA $RIOT $COIN $MSTR $DBX $TSLA $PLTR $NET $NVDA $AMD $LSCC $AMAT $SQ #Bitcoin #Ethereum $MSTR BIG meh AH
  • scottrades: $RIOT Lagging the Crypto miners but nice and tucked into the MAs here. $MARA has more institutional support. I'm long $HUT.
  • bRobert: $MARA clear path to $50 /$54 WEEKLY has $75/$100 potential $RIOT Catch up Talk to it $60 with trigger above $41 WEEKLY C&H like has $1210 potential
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY ATH - Let’s not get complacent. $QQQ: ATH - Be careful buying anything that’s extended. $SMH - A bit extended $BLOK Popping out of a small box. #Bitcoin / #Ethereum nice move off the lows $AAPL Nice breakout on volume $AMZN Filling the gap but still under the 50 Day $FB Breaking out on volume $MSFT Out of a tight flag $SQ Above the slope, good volume, more of a HODL. $TSLA Added this morning $PLTR Added this morning $HUT Trying to sit with it. $MARA Holding the 8EMA $RIOT LAGGING $COIN Working but supply up above. $MSTR Watching the slope $CROX Watching 147.75 $DBX Volume into the close $DT Watch 68.30 $ASO Working. Let it work. $ENPH Not a long base but close to the 50 Day $NET 5 Little tops.
  • AdrenalineTrade: $RIOT and $MARA triggering daily bull flags
  • bRobert: @AdrenalineTrade $RIOT $60. with. move. >. $40 WEEKLY pinching. $120. POTENTIAL. C&H LIKE
  • AdrenalineTrade: Seeing strength in the BTC plays today. Of note are $BTBT, $BITF, $HUT, $MARA and $RIOT. Traders anticipating a move above $50,000 this weekend.
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY 450 $QQQ ATH $DIA Holding the 21 EMA $SMH in a channel? #Bitcoin / #Ethereum Strong into the weekend. $PLTR Added a bit today. $TSLA Short base. $MSTR Watch for a move over the slope $RIOT Holding the 8EMA $MARA Great volume $COIN if you bought off the 50 Day you’re good. $HUT You love to see it! $JBHT Moving out of a base. $ALL Watch 140 $ZI Watch 64 $CRWD Hitting new highs, wait for the PB. $NDAQ Mentioned this morning. $CROX Late stage base. $DBX Tight along the 50 Day
  • rverkamp: $RIOT $MARA above the opens
  • Auto: $COIN $MSTR $GBTC $RIOT added long
  • wanda1616: @Auto $COIN $MSTR $GBTC $RIOT also MARA, holding up amazingly well
  • scottrades: ...
    #Bitcoin and #Ethereum are down near their major moving averages. This is when I look to scale into them from a new trade perspective. We don’t know if consolidation is over but for long term duration trades, you need a reference and I use the ...
  • charles23phelps: @scottrades $AMC $GME $MSTR $MARA $RIOT $HUT $DDOG $PKI $ZIM $UPST $ZI #Bitcoin #Ethereum Indeed! let's take advantage of this amazing day. It is a blessing... your hiking photo looked amazing btw. so cool
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Stock Price $USD 17.70
Change -5.35%
Volume 7,207,660

Riot Blockchain Inc is a strategic investor and operator in the blockchain ecosystem with focus on the bitcoin and ethereum blockchains.

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