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Chart of the Day December 3rd, 2021

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December 3rd, 2021
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  • lostsheep: $tnx a break above 13.79 and things get interesting $qqq if the trend persists tech should suffer on this strength
  • scottrades: *NOTE: I apologize for the tinny audio on my video tonight* $SPY Trend is up. $QQQ Trend is up $SMH Flagging $BLOK Breaking out #Bitcoin / #Ethereum *beep beep bloop bloop* Working. $HUT Biggest volume EVER. $MARA Extended and looking tired. $RIOT Secondary Offering. $COIN Watch 300 for resistance $MSTR Meh. $DBX Nice move off the 50 Day. $TSLA Mind the ramp! $PLTR Trending just fine. Building a nice cushion now. $NET Moving out of the base. $NVDA Bounce off the 8EMA. $AMD Needs to tighten up. $LSCC Bit of a Rising Wedge $AMAT at the 50 Day. $SQ Holding the 21 EMA. Watch 275-276
  • NickSingh: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $SMH $BLOK $HUT $MARA $RIOT $COIN $MSTR $DBX $TSLA $PLTR $NET $NVDA $AMD $LSCC $AMAT $SQ #Bitcoin #Ethereum $MSTR BIG meh AH
  • DAN: ...
    $QQQ -- static

    $PTON -- H&S Throwback looks complete.
    $MRNA -- Looks like the base is at 350.
    $SNAP -- Possibilities for a breakout.
    $SQ -- Also another one to watch.
    $PAYX -- Holding the 50-day MA? Watch this for more consolidation. If it br ...
  • bRobert: @NickSingh $DIS The trend is your. friend. Look at the WEEKLY CHART. for $SPY $QQQ. $DJI $SMH. $XME $XLF $XRT. $IYT Tell me what YOU think . There is always the possibility of a black swan event. WE had a big one last year and the market is printing nh's Good low risk scaled in entries , trailing stops , partial profits where appropriate, will keep you involved and protect your six We are in a bull market with a healthy wall of worry. There are many potential bullish catalysts /off white swam events ahead
  • NickSingh: @bRobert $DIS $SPY $QQQ $DJI $SMH $XME $XLF $XRT $IYT awesome thanks, just what I wanted to hear Sir, I guess everyone has to watch the trend closely in order to stay involved in the markets. And yes with grand daddy of all black swan events last year, hopefully there’s rosier scenario developing in many segments, eg entertainment, travel and many other. And pls keep printing dear mr Powell.
  • bRobert: @NickSingh $DIS $SPY $QQQ $DJI $SMH $XME $XLF $XRT $IYT A. small elite Seal team of stocks/ETFs. . is MUCH easier to manage and leads to outperformance . Fewer charts to watch and make adjustments to in a changing market environment. The discipline is in keeping the number of positions small and choosing the right team to fight for you
  • NickSingh: @bRobert $DIS $SPY $QQQ $DJI $SMH $XME $XLF $XRT $IYT yes sir this is the best piece of advice I can receive, I do look forward to refining my portfolio hopefully in coming weeks/months and focus on fewer positions, I enjoy looking at charts now but still all my trading decisions are not based on charts. Just few more pops in oil price, and I will be able to say good bye to a lot of my canadian energy holdings and focus more in some star candidates as you say. Thank you!
  • woodman: $QQQ - the Big Guns continue to work well. QQQ provides restful sleep.
  • bRobert: @woodman $QQQ LEAPS ......Leaping Bull frog trade
  • champ: $SPY...$QQQ....it's easy to see that Traders are working most all positions, that are working and new Entries are never easy....as we all know.
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! A bit of a mixed bag today which is somewhat expected after a pretty strong day yesterday in both the $QQQ and $SPY. I mentioned in my video that the indexes are starting to get slightly extended and it’s not a good idea to ...
  • sierramp: @scottrades $QQQ $SPY $AAPL $FB $TSLA #Bitcoin #Ethereum Always appreciate your guidance. That's a darn cute story about your daughter. I hope they both have a great time at school.
  • lostsheep: $tnx a liittle green. If it fades the $qqq should go again. The fed purse reloads into a new month. The futures have move in accordance
  • Cjauger: @scottrades $QQQ $SPY $AAPL $FB $TSLA #Bitcoin #Ethereum I hope that your kids have a great first day. I retired as an educator in June, I now work as a consultant for elementary and middle schools. Love teaching kids
  • Cjauger: $QQQ taking a rest, $TSLA keeps trucking higher
  • DAN: ...
    $QQQ - status quo

    Active Trades:
    $AAPL -- resting day after a breakout is healthy
    $FB -- Good that it’s resting here.
    $BOOT -- no change
    $REGN -- you’re up 20%. Trim here a bit.
    $ALGN -- holding up well.
    $JNJ -- resting here now. Good ...
  • woodman: $AAPL $FB $TSLA $MSFT $QQQ - the Big Guns working well today.
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY ATH - Let’s not get complacent. $QQQ: ATH - Be careful buying anything that’s extended. $SMH - A bit extended $BLOK Popping out of a small box. #Bitcoin / #Ethereum nice move off the lows $AAPL Nice breakout on volume $AMZN Filling the gap but still under the 50 Day $FB Breaking out on volume $MSFT Out of a tight flag $SQ Above the slope, good volume, more of a HODL. $TSLA Added this morning $PLTR Added this morning $HUT Trying to sit with it. $MARA Holding the 8EMA $RIOT LAGGING $COIN Working but supply up above. $MSTR Watching the slope $CROX Watching 147.75 $DBX Volume into the close $DT Watch 68.30 $ASO Working. Let it work. $ENPH Not a long base but close to the 50 Day $NET 5 Little tops.
  • DAN: ...
    $QQQ -- Another new high.

    Active Trades:
    $FFTY -- 47.93. Stop $44.90. Starting to break out of a base. Higher high and low.
    $NLY -- Powell Put.
    $DX -- question about this. Monthly dividend? 8.85%. Monthly divvy of 0.13 cents.
    $AAPL -- Status ...
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY 450 $QQQ ATH $DIA Holding the 21 EMA $SMH in a channel? #Bitcoin / #Ethereum Strong into the weekend. $PLTR Added a bit today. $TSLA Short base. $MSTR Watch for a move over the slope $RIOT Holding the 8EMA $MARA Great volume $COIN if you bought off the 50 Day you’re good. $HUT You love to see it! $JBHT Moving out of a base. $ALL Watch 140 $ZI Watch 64 $CRWD Hitting new highs, wait for the PB. $NDAQ Mentioned this morning. $CROX Late stage base. $DBX Tight along the 50 Day
  • lostsheep: $qqq getting sold
  • bRobert: @lostsheep $qqq Higher rates reflex
  • jeff_free69: @lostsheep $qqq Kabul - UK reports apparent suicide attacks at airport
  • woodman: @NickSingh - I don't know about that. $ARKK about -5% ytd; $QQQ up over 18% ytd.
  • NickSingh: @woodman $ARKK $QQQ yes sir
  • DAN: ...
    $QQQ -- Phase 2

    Lots of the Active Trade stocks are falling to the bottom end of their range.
    $COIN -- Lower high. This has a lot of work to do at the 250 level
    $FB -- 6 week base at the 50-day
    $JNJ -- Breaking the 20-day MA
    $STLD -- Higher Darvas ...
  • scottrades: My #SS Notes: $SPY $QQQ Getting a bit extended but still in the channel. $DIA Support at the 50 Day $SMH Also in a potential channel #Bitcoin / #Ethereum Let’s look at BTC 2019 vs ETH 2021 $NVDA Working $FB A bit extended $U Letting it work. $TSLA Added a tiny bit just to get a little more involved. $SE Chugging up the 8EMA SHOP sitting atop an MA Cluster $PLTR Sold some today. $CPRT Above the MAs Watch that 50 Day $JBL Curling close to recent resistance $COIN Going sideways $MSTR In trend but wide risk. $RIOT / $MARA / $HUT Some BTC Miners $DT Up 5% since Dan’s Webinar $ALL Look for this to settle under resistance $KRNT Move your stops up if you took this idea $JBHT Shipping Stock - C&H $ZI Watch 63.40
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! Lots of Green on the screen this morning as the market stops worrying about whatever it was worried about last week. That said we did have 3 pretty strong days up the past sessions and so I would expect a mix today as $SPY and $QQ ...
  • lostsheep: $tnx red $qqq
  • lostsheep: @Cjauger $TSLA next pivot 709.5 $spy new highs $tnx red $qqq screaming No taper fears here
  • woodman: $QQQ impressive. All time high. It is Day 3, however. Generally speaking, it's a good parking place for $$.
  • coldevinc: @lostsheep $TSLA $spy $tnx $qqq Are you running with a stop loss? At what?
  • bRobert: @woodman $QQQ LEAPS. Long term hold Multi year winner Stock 100% + in < 2 years. 200% in 5 years. I can go on
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY/ $QQQ Slingshot recovery #Bitcoin / #Ethereum BTC 50K - Expect some chop around this psychological level. $COIN Downside reversal but still in trend $RIOT $MARA Choppy. If you’re buying these you need to get em close to support $HUT Look for a base. $MSTR Downside reversal. Buy at SUPPORT. $V Getting into NFTs. Popping out of a wedge. $TSLA Bought some today. $PLTR Bought some back today $U Working well. $DT Mentioned in Dan’s webinar today $ALL Good intraday volume. Stock Buy back news. $KRNT Support around the 50 Day $ZI In trend $ZS Creeping up. $MIME Resistance just above. Holding the 21 EMA $UPST High Handle $EBAY Potential PB Bounce
  • bRobert: ...
    Several that. I own. $MSFT. $BX. $SPY. $QQQ. $NVDA. others I generally use. At the money ATM. or. slightly Out of the Money. OOM. strike prices. There is plenty of time. for the bullish thesis to unfold and higher strike prices to ...
  • Pokersmith: @bRobert $MSFT $BX $SPY $QQQ $NVDA Great stuff ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  • Jimi: @bRobert $MSFT $BX $SPY $QQQ $NVDA When do you deal with a CC that has gotten ITM? For example, I have been using this strategy with $MSFT from below, writing monthly CC’s along the way. I wrote a Sep-17 $305 call the week before last, well Friday’s gap up, so that is currently a loser. I *think* the stock should consolidate a bit and we have a volatile few weeks ahead, so my inclination is to get closer to OE to at least eat up the time value. What guidelines do you use for setting your CC strikes and dealing with gap-ups like this? Thanks!!
  • wanda1616: @bRobert $MSFT $BX $SPY $QQQ $NVDA wow thanks. another occaision to smile : )
  • NickSingh: @bRobert $MSFT $BX $SPY $QQQ $NVDA thanks you Sir, this definitely is pearls of pure wisdom, I just saw this, will study this and yes will ask questions going forward, but for now only one question pops in my mind “can you adopt me” ..;)), thanks again for your kindness!
  • bRobert: @Jimi $MSFT $BX $SPY $QQQ $NVDA
    This still may work out for you. It is due for at least some sideways consolidation. If not, just close it tout for a loss at or near expiration as the time value self implodes. . or roll it up and out. ...
  • Jimi: @bRobert $MSFT $BX $SPY $QQQ $NVDA ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  • DAN: ...
    $QQQ -- Squeeze continues

    Active Trades:

    $NLY - 7.40 - 8.66 - 2020-08-20 - 7.90 Status quo
    $AAPL - 129.46 - 129.33 - 2021-06-14 - 139.90 Status quo
    $BOOT - 79.96 - 79.51 - 2021-06-22 - 72.50 -- Resting here. Stop at 72.50.
    $REGN - 556.85 - 556. ...
  • scottrades: My Swing notes: $SPY $QQQ Nice recovery and good volume on the way back up. $DIA Holding the 50 Day. #Bitcoin / #Ethereum Big Orange leading the way. $U Added today and IBD Stock of The Day $PLTR Small here. $COIN Working great. $MSTR BAck above the 8EMA on good volume $RIOT Great volume on the move through the 50 Day $MARA Leading the Crypto Stocks $HUT The Little Miner That Could $BSY Weekly higher low. $ZS Bumping up against resistance. $TSLA Choppy. $ZI Keep an eye on this one. $AAPL Not a great swing trading stock more of a HODL. $GOOGL Cramer pumping the FANG Stocks yesterday $SQ Back test of the BO Zone. Needs a base or some volume. $DT Close to the 50 Day. $KRNT At the 50 Day.
  • ldy2021: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $DIA $U $PLTR $COIN $MSTR $RIOT $MARA $HUT $BSY $ZS $TSLA $ZI $AAPL $GOOGL $SQ $DT $KRNT #Bitcoin #Ethereum Is the video working???
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! Lots of red on the screen as the futures have brought $SPY under 437 support and closer to the 50 Day Moving Average. $IWM is down to a 6 Month Support Level, $DIA and $QQQ are sitting on their 50 Day MA. So we’re at a prett ...
  • BellaVino: @scottrades $SPY $IWM $DIA $QQQ #Bitcoin #Ethereum Hard to feel like you are minimizing the suck when you are stopped out of all except one of your positions. Very frustrating.
  • kbrowe: @Docoof $TLS $FTNT $CRWD $ZS $PANW $RPD $BUG $QLYS $NET $OKTA $EPAM $MIME $FEYE $QQQ turned green as well. Was this morning a fake-out or just eliminating weak hands? $SPY still red.
  • joelsg1: $QQQ Coming back nicely as all this taper talk countered by 10-year yield which dropped.
  • bRobert: @joelsg1 $QQQ Ignore the noise. Follow the relevant price action in bonds
  • phgruver: I know I've been AWOL for most of 2 years, but every now and then I see something I feel I should comment on. In today's trading action, in which I did nothing, I noticed, at the end of the day, that $SPY, $QQQ and $SMH all put in reversal days, closing higher than yesterday's close on higher volume. This is almost always a good sign. Unfortunately, there was a divergence, in that $IWM closed 1.18% lower on higher volume, so it's not a market wide "all clear" signal. I'll be watching, tomorrow, for long opportunities in Large Cap, Tech and Chips. It is options expiration Friday, keep that in mind.
  • Dig44north: @phgruver $SPY $QQQ $SMH $IWM nice post, welcome back, you and I are on the same page
  • DAN: ...
    $QQQ -- 50-day MA holding.
    $DJUSST -- Phase 2...looking for support.
    $CLF -- Holding up, but I’d want to wait for more of a squeeze.
    $UNH -- Solid breakout from a cup and handle. The 50-day MA needs to hold. This is health care. Not really ...
  • Babutters: @DAN $ETHE $GBTC $T2100 $SPY $DIA $IWM $QQQ $DJUSST $CLF $UNH $UPST $FB $COIN $AAPL $BOOT $REGN $ALGN $STLD $JNJ $SNOW $NFLX $EL $BA went long $EL this morning. I saw the bounce as well, and the break from the flag. The last 2 flag breaks ended with a 30pt move. PT of 350. Stop just below the 50d for me.
  • lostsheep: $qqq looks as though a weekly poke down may again have opened the door to higher prices
  • scottrades: Ideally we see $SPY and $QQQ able to get up over yesterdays high. So far rejected just under.
  • woodman: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ - I too would like to see that. I'm not doing much today. While some are bouncing well, many are not or are giving them back. Many also are a little trapped in the spin cycle. Today feels like a dust settling/coin flip day/question mark day. Good fast traders will always find something that works, but that's not my style. Plus I won't be here for long this afternoon. So, I've been mostly watching, noting, and will be waiting until tomorrow.
  • scottrades: @woodman $SPY $QQQ Good plan! The market is still mushy in my opinion.
  • woodman: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ - "mushy"! I was groping for the right word to describe it. You nailed it!
  • scottrades: A little rug pull on FOMC Minutes. $SPY $QQQ
  • NickSingh: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ are you buying or selling any crypto stocks Scot..? Also you’d recommended opening a coinbase account, do you find the fees charged by them reasonable? I Thought since I am asking, might as well ask 2 questions.:)
  • scottrades: @NickSingh $SPY $QQQ I did buy some $MSTR today and I still have some $HUT. I would look at $MARA if you're looking to get started. You'd want to go small and put a stop under yesterdays low.
  • woodman: $SPY $QQQ - I had a feeling that today was a sidelines day (at least for how I trade) and that we'd see lower after I shut down in the early afternoon. Visits to the 50 day are not unheard of (though it's been more a thing for SPY than QQQ). Stay vigilant.
  • scottrades: ...
    $SPY $QQQ Under the 8/21 Day = Strategic Trading
    $DIA Unable to get above the 8 Day.
    $SMH Under the 50 Day, watch for an upside reversal
    #Bitcoin / #Ethereum Wait for A Green Day Bounce.
    $PLTR Cathie on the Bid. Nice work in the forum on this.
    $A ...
  • joelsg1: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $DIA $SMH $PLTR $AAPL $TSLA $NVDA $ZS $U $NUE $CLF $STLD $X $RIOT $MARA $MSTR $HUT $BSY $RBLX $BMBL $ZI $LKQ $ZTS #SS #Bitcoin #Ethereum Hey Scott, $BMBL is I guess a software application company, but really an online dating/friendship site where women supposedly make the first move ;)
  • lostsheep: $qqq inside week and down
  • lostsheep: @scottrades The weekly dips on the $qqq have provided great buying opportunities for quite some time I did add to $stx near 89 again as there is support on many time frames i like $figs against the weekly 8 and daily 50 as well
  • scottrades: Seeing some bounces $SPY $QQQ
  • lostsheep: $spy $qqq weekly lows taken back inside by the bull cavalry, but it is noted
  • DAN: ...

    $MRVI -- covered in 8/3. Breakout without a base. But it’s an IPO. IPOS don’t build bases.
    $UPST -- This has been a big mover for many of you. Don’t give up on it -- protect your gains. The last 5 days have ...
  • scottrades: $QQQ Trying to firm up here...
  • woodman: @bRobert - $QQQ is by far my largest long term holding. Same with my kids' custodial accounts/IRA's. No fuss, no muss.
  • shoredriver: @woodman $QQQ ...I use $TQQQ/$SQQQ and sell weeklies.........
  • bRobert: @woodman $QQQ Qqq leaps and stock
  • bRobert: @bRobert $QQQ Spy leaps too doing very well. Steady weekly uptrend
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY Focus on a clean setup. No Setup, no trade. $QQQ Leaders picking up the slack $DIA Closed above the 21 EMA $XHB In trend but choppy. $HD & $LOW Have Earnings coming up. $XRT in a 5 Month Base. #Bitcoin / #Ethereum Resting while the AltCoins Shine $AAPL Nice breakout today. $FB Ok volume pick up today. Zuck is still selling.. $TSLA Consolidating. Watch the 50 Day/200 Day Complex $NVDA Earnings coming up $AMD Watch 112 $QCOM Watch 149.40 $MRVL Watch 61.10 $U Expected Pullback. $IQV Long base breakout $SBUX Holding the 50 Day $BCO Mentioned in the forum, watch 80.20 $ZS Watch 248 $LEN Watch 56
  • lostsheep: $TNX red 30 trillion reasons why $qqq green with envy
  • bRobert: @lostsheep $TNX $qqq Pullback $TNX. expected. Pin ball action in. $QQQ and $XLF Opposites
  • lostsheep: @bRobert $TNX $qqq $QQQ $XLF 10 year treasuries 7% in an hour? That's price stability
  • scottrades: $SPY We’re in a Goldilocks Market...peep the EOD Volume. $QQQ We like this. $ARKK Sold my last bit. #Bitcoin and Ethereum JPM and My ETH Bullcase. $U Eye Popping Weekly $MSFT Working $AAPL In trend $TSLA Holding up but the batteries are running low. $ABNB Whippy but closed strong $PHM Holding the 50 Day $DHI Natural Reaction $LEN In trend $MTH Weekly C&r $SBUX Stole this idea from Bridget. At the 50 Day. $NVDA Tight - Earnings Next week $AMD Great volume today $IQV Long base. $SI Whippy $RIOT Watch next week $MARA Holding the 8EMA $COIN Needs a base or strength. $MSTR Don’t lose sight of these $HUT Riding the trend.
  • DAN: ...
    $QQQ -- Holding up in a sideways base.
    $NVDA -- Tightening along the 50-day MA. Still needs more work here...earnings next week. Alert $207

    ATL Stocks:
    $NLY -- Under accumulation again.
    $AAPL -- buy signal from yesterday still in play.
    $REGN -- U ...
  • lostsheep: $tnx coming in a bit watch $qqq
  • lostsheep: $tnx still fading $dia down $qqq up so it seems to go
  • lostsheep: $qqq took off as the $tnx fell hard now maybe the reverse
  • bRobert: $QQQ coming in with rotation $360 M top potential
  • woodman: @cshanggu $snow - it's up nearly 50% since 5/13; about 16% since 7/6. Much better than, say, $QQQ over such periods. There have, of course, been better performing stocks over that time, but this isn't bad. So, check your entry/entries (and sales if you've sold and bought back) and figure out why you haven't been profitable.
  • lauralynnee: @woodman $snow $QQQ Yep, post-mortems are critical to growth
  • cshanggu: @woodman $snow $QQQ TY!
  • lostsheep: $tnx just took a tumble must be news always good news for the $qqq
  • lostsheep: @bRobert $tnx $qqq $TLT $tnx red is like market crack
  • bRobert: @lostsheep $tnx $qqq $TLT bounce off the 200d $144 M top potential $TNX pullback retest of early breakout 200d just below Expecting it to bounce and TLT to come in a bit more
  • scottrades: $U Biggest Daily Bull Volume in 6 months. I have 2/3s position. If we continue higher tomorrow I'll add, but as we know this is an outlier in Tech and I don't want to give back my cushion with $QQQ Under the 8EMA.
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY Rotation underway, how long will it last? $QQQ Weakness coming in. $DIA Great volume today $XHB Homies are Poppin’ $ARKK Letting some work but glad we sold some yesterday. $SLX Extended but working. $TAN Not ready yet but on watch. $XME Great volume, watch for a pullback. #Bitcoin / #Ethereum Basing under resistance. $U Bought this today, great work in the forum! $LEN Mentioned before the open. $TOL Mentioned before the open. $DHI Another Homie to watch. $PHM Watch 55.80 $TSLA Still holding, Watching 720. $COIN Bump after Earnings but trying to go in the right direction. $RIOT Whippy but in trend. $HUT Grateful for moves like this. $MARA Holding up ok. $MSTR Drifting. $SI Trying to hold above the breakout level. $NUE Great volume today, no losses allowed now. $JBL Great volume today. $DKS Earnings August 25, watch 110.
  • lostsheep: $qqq inside and down om the day
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! A slight mixed bag in the market today, $SPY and $QQQ are pretty much flat and that’s ok.

    We’re seeing a nice pop in #Crypto stocks this morning as #Bitcoin holds up over 45K, for now. As you may have heard there&rsq ...
  • Firemedic: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $COIN $MARA $RIOT $HUT $MSTR $SI $FB $GOOGL $MSFT $CRWD $CRM $DOCU $STLD $NUE $CLF $MT #Crypto #Bitcoin Scott , do you have a line in the sand for trimming $MARA, $RIOT. Below 8dma which I know you use a lot ?
  • mkirchner24: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $COIN $MARA $RIOT $HUT $MSTR $SI $FB $GOOGL $MSFT $CRWD $CRM $DOCU $STLD $NUE $CLF $MT #Crypto #Bitcoin was Ted Cruz not always a hero??? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ
  • DAN: ...
    $QQQ -- status quo
    $XLF -- catching bids
    $MS -- Moving higher
    $GS -- also moving higher.

    Active Trades:
    $NLY -- Stable
    $AAPL -- Stable...and boring.
    $BOOT -- Good trends
    $REGN -- Still working. Raising stop to $583 -- middle BBand complex.
    $PANW ...
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY / $QQQ The longer above the MAs the better. $DIA Potential Back Test to the 8EMA $XLI Tight along the MAs $XLP Flag $TAN Nice volume today, chatter in the forum $SLX Mentioned before the open, nice moves today. $UUP U.S. Dollars close to breaking out. #Bitcoin / #Ethereum U.S. Government Stuff...yay. $RIOT $MARA $HUT $MSTR $COIN $SI $TSLA China numbers out tomorrow $NVDA Resting along the MAs $SQ Working but no real base. $SONO Earnings coming up, but keep an eye open for a potential trend change. $U Handling out, but Earnings close by. $AAPL Still consolidating. Watch 147 $CRWD Support at the 21 EMA $DOCU Still watching. $STLD Out of a flag $CLF Support under the 8EMA $NUE Great volume today $MT High Handle
  • bRobert: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $DIA $XLI $XLP $TAN $SLX $UUP $RIOT $MARA $HUT $MSTR $COIN $SI $TSLA $NVDA $SQ $SONO $U $AAPL $CRWD $DOCU $STLD $CLF $NUE $MT #Swing #Bitcoin #Ethereum
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The investment seeks investment results that generally correspond to the price and yield performance of the index. To maintain the correspondence between the composition and weights of the securities in the trust (the "securities") and the stocks in the Nasdaq-100 Index?, the adviser adjusts the securities from time to time to conform to periodic changes in the identity and/or relative weights of index securities. The composition and weighting of the securities portion of a portfolio deposit are also adjusted to conform to changes in the index.

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