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  • Rockstar: ...
    The $DIA remains the strongest $IWM ,then the $SPY with the $QQQ's continuing to fall apart. If the $QQQ's lose $AAPL than all of the generals will have been shot in the $QQQ"s. If $AAPL can regain the $140 level some basing might occur in t ...
  • Cjauger: #crypto resilience. Noticing a decoupling of #crypto from $QQQ, as In Lebanon where the country’s currency has lost 95% of its value, and there is loss of confidence in the banking system. #crypto is functioning as a store of value. In Lebanon, locals mine bitcoin and buy groceries with tether to fight inflation|
  • Rockstar: ...
    Good Morning. The market has had a difficult week thus far after the $SPY pushed up against the 100day EMA last Friday. The $DIA and the $IWM were the strongest indices and both of them have struggled thus far this week. Those were the two "pe ...
  • Docoof: @Rockstar $SPY $DIA $IWM $QQQ $DXY $HYG $VIX $XLE $XLV $XBI $XLB $KO $KHC $TLRY $WEAT $PG $UNG $TMUS $DVN Helpful—Thank you, Rocky.
  • vcondry: @Rockstar $SPY $DIA $IWM $QQQ $DXY $HYG $VIX $XLE $XLV $XBI $XLB $KO $KHC $TLRY $WEAT $PG $UNG $TMUS $DVN thank you for the insight as always!
  • DAN: ...
    $T2108 -- Up near the typical top. Not a good time to be buying anything.
    $T2107 -- Same dynamic. Not good for new positions.

    Probabilities favor a process. But you can take different types of trades. They just have a lower probability and ...
  • scottrades: ...
    Good morning Team! We are fresh off of a rollercoaster FOMC Day with lower opens in both $SPY and $QQQ. The Dollar, which had been breaking down and helping risk assets is back near the highs and slightly above recent resistance. This is not bullis ...
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Rejected at the AVWAP $QQQ Closed under the FTD $TNX Back above the 8EMA $TBT Back above the 8EMA $XLE Upside Reversal $TAN Bumping up against the 200 Day $CORN Still have this $INDA Still watching this for a trend change #Bitcoin Still chopping around 20K $SLB Bought some of this today $DVN Nice move off the 100 EMA $OXY Holding the 21 EMA. Earnings Nov 8 $DINO Working, Earnings Nov 7 $BSM Working, Earnings out of way. $FSLR Still going $ENPH Above the 8EMA $ARRY Just under the 50 Day. Earnings nov 8 $GOOGL New low, Watch for a bounce, but don’t front run. $AMZN Watch for a bounce. $AAPL Watch the recent low. $MSFT Fresh Low $BJ Near the highs, Earnings Nov 17
  • dmurphy68: @Affable Trader $SPY $QQQ Welcome @Affable Trader. I'll echo what the others have said here. They're "key levels" because if their respective prices drop below those numbers it's generally a negative indicator of where things are headed. I can also tell you that there are some really, really knowledgeable people in this forum (hang out for a week and you'll start to recognize them), and you will definitely become a better student of the markets the more time you spend here. Good luck!
  • Kimberly2: @Affable Trader $SPY $QQQ Welcome! There is a dictionary on the SMM site as well as video tutorials that you will find are very helpful.
  • traderdl: $QQQ - 272 big number
  • Cjauger: $SPY, $QQQ could be a head fake. Not buying Bought small $QID stop at LOD
  • agiaccag: $SQQQ $QQQ do we test 266 ? Short but its been a tough day.
  • woodman: @agiaccag $SQQQ $QQQ - While listening to Powell, I bought $SOXS. I don't now how semis can do well in this environment. Additionally, $SOXX just about hit its head on 50d resistance.
  • agiaccag: $SQQQ OUt on the tag and bounce off of $QQQ 266.88 . I got lucky today . I was LONG and stopped out. Flipped and managed to ride down this trend. Ironically Powell saved my A$$ in my initially POOR day trade.
  • agiaccag: @woodman $SQQQ $QQQ $SOXS $SOXX agree. was 20% long , 80% cash in my LTA and ended up flushing most of my longs. I think he may have just crushed any Bear market bounce we were enjoying this past couple of weeks.
  • natural: @champ $SPY $QQQ #support Looking at a 4hr chart, there's a pretty good size gap on the $QQQ - it'll close at $263.25. Pretty near to @Dan's $266.00.
  • champ: @natural $SPY $QQQ #support.....Yes might as well, that was a good move, Risk-Off, that should work...because we never know what is going to happen tomorrow...... ....and for me, I'm not holding any ETF's and only a few I will just stick to working Day-trades....because that seems to be the best play, in this type of market. ......Everything needs Trailers....Good Luck!
  • natural: @champ $SPY $QQQ #support I'm only long a little $ERY. All of my $LABU went out the window with Jerome speak.
  • champ: @natural $SPY $QQQ $ERY $LABU #support...It's a #sad-day, for all the working people, that are holding IRA's....because it seems like they always get hurt the most. Today is not going to help the democrats next week, thats for sure.
  • bigbartabs: @champ $SPY $QQQ $ERY $LABU #support #sad-day ... what about all those that aren't still working... that are holding IRA's ? That's even worse!
  • DAN: ...
    $QQQ -- Selling
    $COMPQX -- Selling.

    Active Trade List:
    $TBT - 30.40. 33.80 stop. 10-year stalled at 4%. Still holding up ok. BAck at the 20-day MA
    $LLY - 333.05 Stop: 338.80 Acting VERY well.
    $SGML - 31.30 Stop 31.30. Four down days on decli ...
  • champ: @bigbartabs $SPY $QQQ $ERY $LABU #support #sad-day...Yes I agree and I just posted about that to @natural.....and none of the Investors in the U.S., or the world are happy.....and it seems like everything they touch, falls apart, everything is being destroyed.
  • scottrades: ...
    I still see 363 on $SPY as a key level and 266 on $QQQ. Those were the technical “Follow Through Days” after the big CPI Reversal.

    Energy is also creeping higher as well, again, my understanding is, it's based on rumors of China re-ope ...
  • DAN: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ Great note, Scott! 8-)
  • bigbartabs: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ ... for these two, also likely the low support point for their reverse head and shoulders pattern... FWIW.
  • scottrades: @bigbartabs $SPY $QQQ Thank you BBT! I see it.
  • bigbartabs: $NDX $QQQ $TQQQ ... this is probably the weakest NASDAQ run America has seen since the spring of 2001... after Year 2000.
  • Affable Trader: We are newbies to SMM and I have a question. In today's morning post Dan said, "363 on $SPY as a key level and 266 on $QQQ". What is meant by that? key level for what?
  • champ: @AffableTrader $SPY $QQQ.....could be to hold #support at $363.00 on the $SPY and also maybe $266.00 on the $QQQ.
  • Henry: @Affable Trader $SPY $QQQ Welcome to the forum. Those are areas of support but if you took drafting in high school 50 + years ago, you drew a line with a hard H5 pencil. The support line on charts is drawn with a paint brush. Some of us could throw out a number a few bucks higher or lower. While Carter B Worth would say: "it happens to the penny," it does always work out that way.
  • swingbound: @Affable Trader $SPY $QQQ Greetings ! .... There are many things spoken of at SMM / OMM but support and resistance levels are what makes a chart and drives our trades . best , Will
  • Rockstar: ...
    Good Morning. Think for a moment if you were on the wrong side of the market last week. The heavyweights reported earnings and all but $AAPL and $maybe $TSLA took major haircuts, yet the market kept on going up. The place to be was and still is in ...
  • phgruver: Anecdotal evidence in support of what @Dan was saying in the weekend update: My TD investment account, which is #VALUE oriented and somewhat defensive is out performing my Fidelity RollOver IRA which is somewhat tech heavy. The outsized influence of $AAPL, $MSFT and $NVDA cannot be overstated! They are 50% of the $XLK, 26% of $QQQ, 40%+ of $FTEC, and so on. They are some of the most over-owned stocks in the market. True diversification is getting away from those big dogs, not buying more funds that have significant holdings in them. (mea culpa)
  • phgruver: @phgruver $AAPL $MSFT $NVDA $XLK $QQQ $FTEC #VALUE As a supplement to the previous, $AAPL and $MSFT are over 12% of the $SPY as well! ...and further, $AAPL and $NVDA comprise over 13% of the $SMH....
  • phgruver: @Bert953 $SSO Inside days for $SPY, $QQQ, and $DIA. $IWM managed to get above Friday's high, but still traded in a narrow range. For the most part, nothing to do....
  • Rockstar: ...
    Good morning. Dan posted and sent a great email last night about the generals. You know $MSFT, $AMZN, $AAPL, $META, $GOOGL and the "old leaders". I mentioned in an email over a month ago that the first stocks to get hit are the high ...
  • DAN: ...
    $QQQ -- The big dogs look like they are catching bids. I am not suggesting that they be bought. I am just suggesting that firmness in the top 10 Nasdaq stocks should put in a bottom in the $NDX

    $NVDA -- This could move a bit higher. Poking above t ...
  • natural: $XLE breather here? MMs take $ from $XLE to bet on $QQQ? Not that I think $XLE is done going higher, but it's been crushing it lately, like 30%+ in the last 24 trading days with 11 straight, and 14 of 15 green days. I'm going @rockstar here, and playing with some Fibs: Somewhere between the .236 ($85.45) and .382 ($82.24) pullback is the 21 day, and about the breakout level of $84ish. The .500 ($79.65) is just about the 50DMA. The .618 is at $77.05 - that's way down there, and not all gaps need to be filled, but $76.49 would close one. By the time it gets there, the 200DMA will likely be there, too. Just one dude's opinion.
  • Rockstar: @bigbartabs $DIA $SPY $IWM $SPX No doubt The $IWM has been the second best performer. The $SPY has been weighed down by the $QQQ"s... ...With a little performance there the bulls could start to be happy.
  • natural: $QQQ $TQQQ Just saw this, and had to laugh. I still Mutombo things all the time!
  • bigbartabs: $NDX $QQQ $TQQQ ... If we open here tomorrow morning, $AMZN just sent the NASDAQ back to a lower month.
  • DAN: ...
    It is important to note that, while the market is set to open lower, the short-term uptrend remains intact. $SPY and $QQQ remain slightly below their respective 50-day moving averages, so a pullback from these levels establishes the 50-day moving a ...
  • scottrades: Wild swings today $SPY $QQQ
  • maracom: $NFLX planning to open a 10/28 $305/312.5 bear call spread going into the close. $1 credit for $2 risk, $QQQ is showing weakness and $NFLX has closed at or above the bollinger bands for 6 days in a row with declining volume. I think we're due for a pullback towards the 8EMA/200SMA, although if we break above 305 tomorrow I''ll close it out and look for a test of the $330 level
  • bigbartabs: @scottrades $META ... earnings / guidance must not be too bad... $QQQ only down 40 cents.
  • DAN: ...
    $GOOGL -- Google “distribution” and you’ll see the weekly chart of $GOOGL. 38% off the high.
    $MSFT -- This will not save the market. Down 37% off the highs.
    $TSLA -- Down 45% off the highs.
    $TWTR -- Snowstorm pending. 75% ...
  • traderbren: $QQQ - closed the gap at 283.42
  • bigbartabs: $DIA $SPY $QQQ $IWM ... with this big of a jump... not feeling the love of volume.
  • champ: @bigbartabs $DIA $SPY $QQQ $IWM .....the earthquake was 5.1......and was 12 miles east of San Jose, California, with 1 aftershock of 11.42 AM this morning.
  • phgruver: @bigbartabs $DIA $SPY $QQQ $IWM I was just looking at that myself. $SPY has only traded 10M shares, avg is close to 90M. $IWM is at 5M, avg is over 28M. Unless there's HUGE volume during this last hour of trading, these are going to have very light volume! Still, up is up whatever the volume....
  • vcondry: @phgruver $DIA $SPY $QQQ $IWM I've made the mistake several times this year of worrying too much about the volume and trying to plan around it...hasn't worked out. Just stick with up is up seems to work better in the wacky year.
  • phgruver: @vcondry $DIA $SPY $QQQ $IWM Very true. What it's telling you is that there are no sellers at this price, and that buyers aren't anxious to push the price higher. It's an equilibrium between buyers and sellers.
  • Rockstar: ...
    So how do we prepare for the week? The $DIA is leading the market with the $IWM coming in second, the $SPY third and the $QQQ's bringing up the rear. Will that change this week with the earnings reports? The $XLE has been the best sector and I see ...
  • DrScience: #Market $SPY manufacturing PMI out at 9:45 saw spike in indices. $SPY much stronger than $QQQ.
  • sagsworth: @scottrades $SPY $IWM $QQQ which do you think has the best potential from here?
  • vitoB:
  • scottrades: @sagsworth $SPY $IWM $QQQ I think SPY Looks the best out of those 3. I think $XLE and $OIH look the best. Also $TLT might give you a bounce trade.
  • traderbren: #Gap - almost closed the gap on the $QQQ at 279.43 This next upside up is at 283.42 -- then we'll head lower again. ;-) Time will tell depending on the Fed heads.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY / $QQQ Rally in tact (for now) $IWM Wish there was more volume $DIA Above the 50 Day $KWEB China getting hit $UUP Still holding around the 21 EMA $TNX Trend in tact $TBT Not going down yet $VIX Still above the 50 Day $XLE Working great $OIH Same $GLD Inside Day $XBI Tightening up $XLP Higher High #Bitcoin - I sent out a note about BTC. Read that if interested. $SSO / $QLD working $AMZN Posted the chart intraday $MSFT Watch the MAs above $AAPL Same $GOOGL Same $TSLA Needs a higher low $XOM Consider moving up stop $DVN Stop moved up. Earnings Nov 1 $MRO Working $VRTX Good Breakout $AMR Squeezing out of a base. $CHWY Potential Reversal base $DKS Basing $MUSA Mentioned in the forum $DV Great volume $FNKO At the 50 Day
  • Rockstar: ...
    The $SPY started the week continuing the reversal from last Thursday. On Tuesday the $SPY even closed above the 21EMA. Danger continues to lurk around every corner. The four horseman continue to be bearish with bonds showing continued weakness. ...
  • agiaccag: $TQQQ $QQQ that June low of 269.28 has really been a magnet. interesting. small position on long side $TQQQ
  • agiaccag: $QQQ $TQQQ AVWAP from Oct 18 gap acting as resistance at the moment
  • agiaccag: $TQQQ $QQQ Took most of my profits $19.75-$19.85. I'm still long biased today. I don't feel like riding a potential midday reversal , even if ultimately we go higher. we'll see.
  • agiaccag: $SPY $QQQ Seemed far away tis morning but $SPY hitting max pain 372-374 . WHO says the market makers don't control the market. classic move on options expiration. I suspect we will close in this area. IMHO
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY/$QQQ Follow Through Day $UUP Under the 21 EMA $USDJPY Potential Yentervention $TBT Consider moving up a stop $TLT Tradable low? $TNX Downside reversal but not out of the woods yet. $XLE Working great $OIH Extended but working $XOP Good volume not as extended. $GLD Moving up with the market $GDX/$NUGT Good volume $XBI Channel $INDA India Higher Lowl #Bitcoin - Added some today $SSO Bought this today $QLD Bought this today $DVN Bought this today $OXY Working $EOG Working $XOM Working $PBT Watch the 19.15 zone $VNOM Near some highs $LNG Fine $AAPL Good volume Watch the MAs $AMZN Right at resistance $GOOGL Needs a higher high $MSFT Watch 244 $HUM Nice base
  • scottrades: Want to see $SPY and $QQQ Take out yesterdays high.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ Also nice to see #Bitcoin holding up here today. Gives me a bit more confidence in this move up.
  • Cjauger: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ Thoughts on $LNG
  • scottrades: @Cjauger $SPY $QQQ $LNG Good consolidation. Support just about 5% down. Wish the buying volume on the up days was higher.
  • woodman: @Cjauger $SPY $QQQ $LNG - Still holding mine within this consolidation between the 20/50d and resistance ~178-179. I see an inverse head and shoulders (and can flip it to make out a regular head and shoulders). Either way, need to get up through that resistance.
  • agiaccag: $TQQQ $QQQ at least a small trend this moring. 200 week sma at 274 ish seems to have broken thru
  • agiaccag: $SQQQ $QQQ thought we might hit 268. ish but $SPY at 20 sma is offering some support.
  • agiaccag: $SQQQ $QQQ Took most of my position off . Nice orderly downtrend from high.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Resistance above the 21 EMA $QQQ Same $UUP Flagging...eek. $VIX New Lower Low $TNX Fresh High $TLT Fresh Low $XLE Still in trend $XOP Look got a bounce off support $TAN Under the MAs $XHB The 30 year-fixed mortgage rate hit 7.37%, the highest since 2000. $GLD Needs to find some support. #Bitcoin 19K All Day $OXY Still in trend but choppy $EOG Consider moving up stops $FANG Looks the same $XOM Look for a PB $DPC watch 39.50 $DVN Pretty clear where resistance is $LNG Trend is fine $BAH Earnings Next Week $CAH Watch 72.35 $CF At the 50 Day $HQY Near the highs $HSY Around some key MAs
  • agiaccag: @vitoB $SPY $SQQQ $TQQQ Tough sledding for me today. Trading chop very difficult. Stopped out twice today. So do we Gap fill this week $QQQ 266 ish
  • DAN: ...
    $QQQ -- See above
    T2108 -- Good divergences in the 40dma
    T2107 -- Good divergences here too. A bottoming process is in play. But it’s a process and not an event.
    Risk on: Um, no!
    $ARKK - Down 78%...but she’s moving on and leaving the me ...
  • scottrades: ...
    We’re seeing the Dollar make lower hourly lows and come in around the 21 EMA. This area has been a support level recently so a close below could help fuel another potential rally. If we really get going and can rally, I’d look to the 400 ...
  • agiaccag: $TQQQ $QQQ AVWP from Sept 13 CPI acting as resistance on the top side . at least for the moment
  • agiaccag: $SQQQ went short below Daiy VWAP. , added on break of gap $qqq 275.15 seems to want to head to 271 we'll see.
  • agiaccag: $QQQ 20 sma may find support. $SQQQ holding short
  • agiaccag: $QQQ 271.87 "ISH" target acquired . taking some off. IF finds support and reverses
  • DrScience: #Markets $SPY $QQQ From @scottrades Green to Red in an hour as the 10:30 reversal period begins. Breadth is still positive with 5:1 green on NYSE, 6:1 on NASD. Sectors are 9:2 negative since the open. TICKs are trending down so initiating longs RHRN could be problematic until a bottom is found. Be patient. We have an 80 pt /ES gap to fill from yesterday's close and have retraced half the gap so far. Failure to fill the gap today is more bullish than bearish, but weakness in tech and health stocks is pulling the market toward the bear camp. Caution!
  • vcondry: @DrScience $SPY $QQQ #Markets good advice thank you!
  • agiaccag: $QQQ $SQQQ Booked profits on Bounce . I'm out. for now. Day trade only. I may reload if we break 271.81 . intraday high forma couple of days ago.
  • Docoof: @DrScience $SPY $QQQ #Markets Thanks!
  • agiaccag: $QQQ $SQQQ 269.28 looks like we may want to tag the June low again.
  • agiaccag: $SQQQ $QQQ i think theres a war going on at the June lows between bulls and bears. $SQQQ reloaded earlier . tight leash .
  • woodman: @agiaccag $SQQQ $QQQ - Didn't want to, but had to sell mine finally because I'm taking my daughter out to lunch in a bit. Good luck!
  • Henry: @agiaccag $SQQQ $qqq congrats, you were right
  • scottrades: If $SPY and $QQQ close strong (and ideally on good volume) it could classify as a Follow Through Day. Still lots of time on the clock.
  • woodman: @scottrades $SPY - $QQQ I was just remarking to a friend not long before the fall in $QQQ - and while I was considering getting back into $SQQQ - that QQQ has been hitting its head on VWAP all day, unable to get through it. I didn't rebuy $SQQQ, though. I had a good morning with it and didn't want to snag defeat from the jaws of victory.
  • vitoB: I don’t know about the whole market on its own. But it should move the $QQQ s and consumer discretionary and in combination with $UAL
  • DAN: ...
    $QQQ -- Back to 20-day MA resistance
    $XES -- “I want to buy the when they are down and then sell to the institutions.” Really? Not me. I’d rather not sell.

    Active Trade List:
    $TBT -- Up 15% and climbing.
    $TWNK -- Building a new ...
  • Docoof: @vitoB $QQQ $UAL $UAL United Airlines shares surge on higher profit and strong demand forecast
  • champ: @Docoof $QQQ $UAL......Look at $JETS....
  • mopick: @champ $QQQ $UAL $JETS, $DAL as well!!
  • Rockstar: Good Morning. As I studied over the weekend I focused my efforts looking at the indices. I reviewed the $SPX $SPY /ES along with the $QQQ's and the $IWM. I also spent some time looking at the /ZB and $TYX, the $HYG, the $DXY (or $UUP) the $LQD and o ...
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