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  • scottrades: ...
    Want to keep an eye on $SE today as it’s close to the highs. Also I’ve noticed some Medical/Health stocks like $PGNY and $CUTR are above their MAs and I’m watching those for a push higher.

    I’m still holding $PLTR and $NIO a ...
  • JosephM: $ASO/$VSTO/$PGNY...$VSTO has the most volume it appears.
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY The market should pull you in and push you out. $QQQ Above the 8EMA. $UUP Up $GLD Down #Bitcoin All Around. $XLK in trend $IGV Working $ARKK Back above the MAs. $SMH ugh. $NVDA This shouldn’t be a loss now. $NIO Still holding but took some off $PLTR I added a bit but I’m Breakeven on the trade. $ROKU Watch for a PB $PYPL Watch for a PB $PGNY Needs to hold above 65.60 $PHR Another Heath stock with good volume. $MRVI Watch 46 $DBX Potential Flag $SPCE Watch 38 $FTCH Watch 52 $DEN Don’t lose sight of this one $DAC Shipping stock in trend.
  • scottrades: $PGNY Low volume but in a nice base.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $PGNY This has started perking up.
  • alfred1939: @DAN $SPY $IYT $MDY $IWM $QQQ $FFTY $ARKK $TSLA $GUSH $NLY $AGNC $PAYX $PAA $SRCL $CLF $XME $FCX $TECK $TTEC $EPD $M $JWN $AEO $ANF $LB $RRC $UPST $DELL $PGNY $DLTH $WTFC $MDRX $ATVI $M I believe earnings for Macy's is Tuesday
  • DAN: ...
    $PGNY -- Rebound off 50-day MA, but the selloff was steep.
    $DLTH -- Alert $17.00
    $WTFC -- Alert $81
    $MDRX -- Popping out of a squeeze. Still going. Alert $17.00
    $ATVI -- Request: Nothing here. It’s a mess.
  • JosephM: $PGNY..stop $51.95..IBD 50
  • Yuls: $PGNY ATH, but will the break out hold on a moody day? Just watching
  • JosephM: @Yuls $PGNY just saw this on my scan as I was in no mood to buy today. NH..I'm late.
  • sierramp: $PGNY decisive move above prior highs.
  • scottrades: $PGNY In a high base. Low volume right now but watch 38.70.
  • jschibal: @scottrades $PGNY - Nice find, I set an alert at 38.75
  • sierramp: @scottrades $PGNY Q3 Rev grew 61.7% yoy, impressive.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $PGNY Good volume!
  • sierramp: $PGNY running.
  • sierramp: $PGNY is resuming move with volume.
  • Hemal: @Hemal $PGNY $PGNY was sold as sell limit was hit as per plan at 36.45. I was enticed to remove sell limit as it was blasting off. I stuck with it. Booked profits of 24.23%
  • Hemal: $PGNY stock update Days on 275 Unrealized Profit 18.30% Sell limit 36.45 Profit 24.23% if sold at sell limit
  • marklpearson: @Bridget $PGNY #ipo moving today. Thanks for the heads up on this one!
  • romanalexk: $PGNY keeps working. Very nice volume
  • romanalexk: $PGNY is a rocket.
  • Bridget: $PGNY #ipo stock. Starting to breakout of a squeeze. Solid uptrend.
  • romanalexk: @Bridget $PGNY #ipo Thank you! I got some at $28.00
  • romanalexk: $PGNY Boom!
  • romanalexk: $PGNY nice reversal today on volume. Earnings reported.
  • romanalexk: $PGNY moving on volume
  • debeers: A FUNDIE LESSON- with all due respect to the price prince bRobert---if you want to own a manged care stock here's the rundown- ALL PERCENTAGES ARE YEAR TO DATE. Just so you know- i own Molina and being diversified doesn't mean owning 5 of the same kind of stock. The vast majority with half the year gone are negative for the year. $ANTM(-7.3%) $CNC+3.9% $HQY(-23.7%) $HUM 6.7% $MGLN(9.8%) $PFH(O-22.2%)- $PGNY(--7.1%) $GTS--(8.1%) $UNH-(-2.0%) $MOH-Molina meanwhile which is what i own is up 34.47%. Yes, UP. Morgan Stanley today slapped a 229 tag on it. Heare's the deal and this isn't technical. You want to own a Ferrari-buy a Ferrari. Don't get on your knees every night and ask God to turn your busted up 55 Chevy into a Ferrari. In the morning The Molina is still the Ferrari and $HQY is still the busted up Chevy.
  • dkoran: @debeers $ANTM $CNC $HQY $HUM $MGLN $PFH $PGNY $GTS $UNH $MOH don’t follow these but just glancing at earnings report and chart maybe taking some profits here might be a smart choice .$MOH specific
  • bRobert: @dkoran $ANTM $CNC $HQY $HUM $MGLN $PFH $PGNY $GTS $UNH $MOH $MOH I have always liked $MOH I own it and Loved the WEEKLY range breakout Close to $190 measured move target 1 Higher long term I understand the fundies but will always trade the price action Best when they both concur. If $UNH breaks out of its squeeze I will play that one as well The market may create an exceptional opportunity/entry for a particular stock which sets up for a low risk/high reward trade I know you like $LRCX I like it also but $KLAC has been the better trade in a short time frame .$EHTH has provided tremendous swing trade opportunities Price is the final arbiter
  • bRobert: @debeers $ANTM $CNC $HQY $HUM $MGLN $PFHS $PGNY $GTS $UNH $MOH Which one do you think will outperform from TODAY with new money ?
  • efrain007: $PGNY gap up on earnings, pb, over vwap now, might work for trade over day high.
  • efrain007: @efrain007 $PGNY Tagging new highs, good daily volume, watch for intraday set up.
  • RichardOw: $PGNY Short squeeze in the making....
  • Ringo: $PGNY - rocking.
  • Henry: @Ringo $PGNY Well if you are home anyway, might as well get preggars
  • efrain007: @efrain007 $PGNY Broke 15min down trend, basing over vwap.
  • cgendro1: $PGNY trying to push above the 50dma. Up near 9%. $EHTH- still going crazy, taking some off!
  • metal: @DAN $PGNY $VIX $T2108 $SPX $DJI $NDX $GLD $TNX $AYX $PYPL $PLAN $CHWY $ZM $WORK $FND $TVTY $FSLR $YETI $PING $SPGI This is a reply to your wondering in last nights video why a starter position is called a PILOT position: Before you can drill a big hole, you must drill a small hole so the big drill bit does not walk. The small hole is the pilot hole. A small position is a pilot position. Everything else I know is already known by you.
  • phgruver: @metal @Dan $PGNY $VIX $T2108 $SPX $DJI $NDX $GLD $TNX $AYX $PYPL $PLAN $CHWY $ZM $WORK $FND $TVTY $FSLR $YETI $PING $SPGI ...and, oil drillers drill pilot wells to determine the nature of the substrata and best locations for a full blown drilling project. Also, pilot boats often go in front of larger ships to show them the location of the channel. Many uses. I see it as a small, experimental position to help you get a better feel for how the stock trades, before committing larger sums.
  • metal: @phgruver $PGNY $VIX $T2108 $SPX $DJI $NDX $GLD $TNX $AYX $PYPL $PLAN $CHWY $ZM $WORK $FND $TVTY $FSLR $YETI $PING $SPGI Yes sir, very true.
  • DAN: @metal $PGNY $VIX $T2108 $SPX $DJI $NDX $GLD $TNX $AYX $PYPL $PLAN $CHWY $ZM $WORK $FND $TVTY $FSLR $YETI $PING $SPGI Ah! That makes sense to me, metal. Thank you! I often refer to pilot positions. Now I don't have to be worried about someone asking me, "Why is it called a 'pilot' position?" 8-)
  • champ: @metal $PGNY $VIX $T2108 $SPX $DJI $NDX $GLD $TNX $AYX $PYPL $PLAN $CHWY $ZM $WORK $FND $TVTY $FSLR $YETI $PING $SPGI --- Pilot, Test or Starter position, its all the same, common sense is always in play.
  • Hemal: $PGNY Took this one for just a quick trade more like a day - swing trade. CB of 29.34 pivot point
  • cgendro1: $PGNY recovering nicely.
  • DAN: ...
    COTD: $PGNY -- stop at 27.95
    $VIX/SPY -- Vix is high...but not THAT high.

    Trying to pick bottoms or make money?
    This is not a time to be scrambling to buy.
    Less is best.
    Knowing what to do and being able to do it are two different things.
    This is ...
  • bill52: @scottrades Your thoughts on $PGNY as it closed above 35 yesterday, and holding above so far this morning. Although it's struggling to hold the VWAP which i'd want to see it do a better job for a while before I'd consider adding any more . This has my attention after watching the session last night. Graet job to Dan and you.
  • scottrades: @bill52 $PGNY It depends on when you bought it but the stock is staying in trend I think you're ok as long as it stays above 32.50
  • DAN: $PGNY -- up at the top end of a wide range. IPO stocks can be volatile. I look at $35 as the line in the sand.
  • Mikev200: $PGNY above $35. @DAN mentioned earlier
  • cgendro1: $PGNY- moving again. Is over the 35 level which I wanted to see it take out. I own but wouldn't add again til this level taken out. Will continue to watch since it is at R2
  • dpierce3326: $PGNY moving
  • dpierce3326: @DAN @SCOTTRADES any advice on $PGNY ? I weathered this through the storm and have a cost basis of $30.50. It is up roughly 30% from recent lows and about 20% from its 50DMA bounce. Weekly chart looks good as does daily, but I expect some resistance around 34.24. Would it be wise to take some off the table here and add on a pullback? Should I continue with my full position? Any advice from anyone helps!
  • shoredriver: @dpierce3326 $PGNY ...did you have plan for exit/holding strategy when you initiated the position?
  • efrain007: @dpierce3326 $PGNY I bought it when it bounced off trend line and have have a sell order for half at 34. This may change depending on the action today and/or coming days, but that's where I stand now.
  • cgendro1: @dpierce3326 $PGNY I sold some before the pb but held on to some as well. So rode it down. Then bought more at the 50dma. It all depends on your timeframe. I am trying to hold winners longer and the trend is good though the pb didn't feel good at all!. Volume today is better than prior 2 days, RSI is strengthening, the MACD looks to a positive cross. Weekly chart NH. I would like it to clear around the $35 level and will add more.
  • efrain007: @dpierce3326 $PGNY I sold half at 34. You're up 10% so you might want to consider selling some to lock in profits. If it continues to run you're still in it, if it sells off, you don't give back as much.
  • BocaRick: $PGNY up 10% on volume
  • sierramp: @BocaRick $PGNY I plan to add above $35.43 resistance if there is volume but Dec and Jan history show a 26% PB after a ramp up of 50% or more is the MO. That requires a very loose stop and / or buying at the lower BB.
  • scottrades: @dpierce3326 $PGNY Looks good. There's some real volume coming into the stock. I think you want it to stay above 32.60
  • dpierce3326: @shoredriver @efrain007 @cgendro1 @scottrades $PGNY thank you all for your input. I need to work on my enter/exit strategy. I have always sold everything. I am working on trading around a core position. I just took half off the table at @34.51. Will look to add on any pb. Thank you all!
  • DAN: @dpierce3326 $PGNY Good question, dpierce3326. Here's my thought: The fact that you are asking the question tells us a lot. You're up about 10%, stock is in congestion, and you're a bit concerned. That's all pretty reasonable -- and my suggestion would be to sell a bit. When you're wondering whether you should take some off the table, there's usually a reason for it. So just sell a bit of it to reduce your exposure, uncertainty and anxiety. Hang onto some stock too. And just let things play out. Hope this helps, dpierce3326.
  • dpierce3326: @DAN $PGNY Thanks for the advice Dan. Took half off the table as suggested. Will continue to learn discipline and process!
  • DAN: ...
    $PGNY -- This has a LOT of tightening up to do. It is up 30% in 7 trading days. Could use a rest, so any entry here is low percentage, high risk.
    $DT -- Going strong. Hold this, and get used to some volatility. It is under acquisition pressure.
  • cgendro1: $PGNY is on the move again. It was up near 3+% yesterday and now nearly 4% today
  • teacher5: @cgendro1 $PGNY What’s your buy point? I’m watching this too.
  • cgendro1: @teacher5 $PGNY I bought on the PB to the 50dma. I had done a sale when it was higher. MACD is about to turn positive. I will add if it breaks through the congestion area but watching as it approaches the prior high. I'd like it to clear the $34.45 area.
  • teacher5: @cgendro1 $PGNY Thank you! This group is the best!
  • DAN: ...
    $PGNY -- Still needs to tighten up and make more of a base. You’d be guessing now.
    $ENDP -- does this match criteria for “trending.”
    $CSPR -- IPO implosion.
  • dpierce3326: $PGNY coming back strong. Sank below 50DMA 3 days ago, but has had 3 strong days.
  • dpierce3326: $PGNY getting clobbered. At 50 DMA. Waiting to see if this bounces
  • MtChet: $PGNY - Up over 5% today...any news?
  • Geewhiz: @MtChet $PGNY @DAN strategy session last night must have gone viral. ;-)
  • scottrades: $PGNY Looking good here. @Dan mentioned it last night.
  • scottrades: $PGNY Weak now. Not today sir!
  • debeers: @scottrades $PGNY -never responded the way it should have. Thanks, Scott!
  • DAN: ...
    $PGNY -- tightening up.
    $BYND -- careful with this. News that Denny’s ($DENN) is offering will be offering a plant based burger in 1700 locations. Stock is actually down a bit.
    $PLMR -- Still coming out of squeeze. Support now at the 50-day ...
  • DAN: ...
    $PGNY -- Holding $30. Stop just below $30. Can be volatile.
    $LAKE -- Very low float. Huge volume today .
    $BYND -- close to breaking out.
    $PINS -- Trading range. In “Phase 2” of squeeze pattern.
    $NTNX -- Do you see cup patter ...
  • Herb: $PGNY just flushed.
  • captron: $PGNY - It hit an alert I had set to look to buy but this came down too fast on high volume for me to risk anything here.
  • bill52: $PGNY @DAN @scottrades with PGNY checking back pretty much exactly to old resistance from the breakout, i was thinking to start a position and set a stop at LOD 29.50. about 5% risk to see if this can turn around and continue the move higher. sound reasonable?
  • Herb: $PGNY ipo is the IBD stock of the day. np.
  • Herb: $PGNY bot a little at 32.59.
  • debeers: $INMD/$PGNY/$WYNN/$RH-For every $INMD today there's a $PGNY. I think of all the good folks who got shaken out of great companies and i get so sad because a little intestinal fortitude goes a long long way. Patience pays off. What the Delta airlines t ...
  • yongli: @debeers $INMD $PGNY $WYNN $RH Come on stop for the great company in bull market ?
  • debeers: @yongli $INMD $PGNY $WYNN $RH - i don't understand what you said. Could you explain?
  • bwcarnation1: $PGNY nice move on vol above 10 day ave vol already
  • cgendro1: $PGNY up 8%. I was up close to 12% so took some off and letting the rest ride. Will add on any pb
  • DAN: ...
    $PGNY -- IPO breakout.
    $PINS -- Due for a rest.
    $CGC -- Still running on big volume. Late to be buying here.
    $SHAK -- Coming out of a base on increasing volume.
    $BYND -- Tried to short. No available shares.
    $LK -- Most recent entry was on breakout ...
  • debeers: $PGNY@DAN-gee, isn't it gman's birthday soon?. Money in money out..
  • efrain007: $PGNY perky good early volume
  • debeers: $PGNY-fertile ground for growing profits while $CRSP wilting today. $PGNY is a JPM top pick.LONG in the PGNY.
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $PGNY Progyny Inc - Ordinary Shares. Click here to view associated video clip:
  • infocus: @DAN #FYI Shorting wheat futures? ;> ) By the way, thanks to you and @scottrades for mentioning $CGC and $PGNY I took small positions in both this a.m. and added to both before leaving the house, early afternoon. Happy to be home now and seeing the results. I was slightly in the red for January but now have wiped out the deficit and have a nice profit (as my sometime father would have said, cautiously, "On paper?"
  • DAN: ...
    $PGNY -- Alert $30
    $TPX -- former GSL holding. Forming base around 50-day MA. Not actionable now...but should be watching.
    $PAYX -- former GSL holding.

    Requested Videos
    $NLOK -- Just announced $12 dividend. would you buy. I went in after hours an ...
  • scottrades: $PGNY New #IPO. Short base of consolidation. Loose BBands but close to the highs. Alert at 28.65
  • BGale65: $PGNY pulled back for a shakeout. Nice opportunity to get a good fill here
  • Pcdentist: @BGale65 $PGNY Going in, thanks
  • greenpatrol: $PGNY ATH #IPO
  • Tinker97: $PGNY breaking out
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Volume 348,174

Progyny Inc is a United States based company engaged in specializing in fertility and family building benefits solutions. Its clients include employers across various industries.

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