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Chart of the Day January 5th, 2023

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  • scottrades: My video notes: $SPY / $QQQ Trend is fine $IWM Wild action $DXY / $TNX Not out of the woods yet $SMH In trend $XLK At the 8EMA $IBB Wedge break $XHB In trend $GBTC Bitcoin is extended $IBIT Dan added to his list $ETHE New 52 Week high $COIN Earnings $TSLA Trying to change its trend $GOOGL Trying to hold the 50 $SMCI New Entrants Beware $AAPL At the 200 Day $AMD 21 Day Support $MSFT at the 21 EMA $AMZN Going sideways $V New ATH Today $NET Just above the 8EMA $ELF Watch 180 $DDOG Watch 138.60 $IOT Bounced off support. $MMYT Short flag $URI Watch 662 $TT Flag $MSTR Gravity
  • DAN: ...
    $MSFT and $EDU are fine.

    $MDB was stopped out yesterday on a very tight stop for swing trades. This yielded a really good gain. But as I have said, this is a stock that you want to hold for a while. It's in the sweet spot with a partnership with ...
  • kenb: $MSFT added a few shares as it's dancing around the 21d MVA.
  • woodman: @joelsg1 $AAPL $TSLA $GOOGL $META - Thanks. I should have been clearer. I didn't mean immediately, but a general idea. META revamped and transformed the company a couple years ago. Zuckerberg took us into the "metaverse" in what seemed weird at the time, but now this a company that talks about buybacks and dividends making it a solid cash flow company rather than just a growth company. AAPL did that previously back when Cook came on board. Seems like $MSFT is doing it too. $AMZN next?
  • sierramp: Added a little $MSFT on this PB to the 21D
  • woodman: $ELF $MSFT back to and holding their 20d areas.
  • Henry: $MSFT Today's WSJ article on AI, sans paywall:
  • ZMan2: $ANET. Looks a lot like $NET did last week going into earnings. Like $NET $META & $MSFT are 2 its top customers.
  • sierramp: @gklee01 I am more risk averse than many. A full position for me is 6% to 8% but it also depends on the quality of the company. $MSFT maybe more than that, a biotech definitely less than that. We all have different styles.
  • DAN: ...
    $MSFT - Up 12%. Stop remains at 393.58

    $PSN -- Up 2% yesterday. Trade up 4%. Stop remains at 63.70.

    $SMCI -- The squeeze continues. My suggestion for a max stop remains at $595. Watch the 8-day EMA as a reference for trend.

    $VMC -- Basis 3 ...
  • debeers: $AMAT-I love it, you love it, we all love it--Remember Latin?? $ANF-small cap with a stunning control of inventory $ARDX-thanks @Woody $ELF-leave the dishes on the shelf-be tasty dish yourself. Surprise! Surprise---even men have discovered skin care as well as budget conscious women and teenage girls. Also--will be in a commercial during the Superbowl. Not paid for by them. Paid for by AAPL $LLY- The gold standard for diabetics and research $MSFT- Mr. Softee always outperforms the market. Not the highest earner just the most consistent $NVDA- if you aren't long--you're wrong $PANW- Youj really think you don't need cybersecurity? Are you living in a cave? The only Great Wall is in China boys and girls.How many folks get in there? We've all been working hard. Have a great Weekend!
  • scottrades: ...
    $MSFT Near the highs and trending
    $SNOW Working in trend. Watch 219
    $GOOGL Sitting on the 8/21 EMAs
    $GS Basing Watch 387
    $ZS Alert at 245.80
    $SHOP Broke out yesterday
    $MDB Working
    $ADBE Support at the 50 Day
    $WDAY Watch yesterday's high of 296

    Let& ...
  • joelsg1: $USD I'm bearish for Q1 and a big reason is strength in the US dollar, which is climbing above the upper BB and is an increasing headwind to the big multinationals, see e.g. $MSFT. When the dollar rolled over in late October that coincided with the start of current rally. Worth watching.
  • cgendro1: @BarryC- you brought my attn to $SNOW via one of your posts. I am nicely up. Thanks! Also holding $SMCI, $META, $NVDA, $CRWD, $MSFT. Sold 1/3 of $SMCI prior to earnings and held remainder. Obviously glad. $META- just held through EPS since my cushion was good. I too have been working on keeping emotions out and let price and vol be my guide!
  • Cjauger: Bought $QLD, $SNOW, $MSFT, $SMH. From 10% invested to 98%. Fewer larger positions
  • Margi1983: @debeers $GM $META $MSFT $MTDR $NVDA $NUE Ahhh, Lady @debeers and another David Ortiz reference. Too bad he can't come back as our Red Sox stink. Love $META stock, despise Zuck. I am with you on $MSFT, $MTDR, $NVDA. I cannot buy or own $GM as I know from selling equipment to to the auto industry, they Mary and others are dirty, almost Mafia types with suppliers. I know it is at a 3 year low, but $BYDDY is pretty interesting as they sell more EV's than anyone else globally. A starter at 45.
  • RD: Wow, very different reaction to $META $AMZN earnings compared to $MSFT $GOOGL.
  • BarryC: Hi Everyone!! I'm currently #long: $AZEK, $CCJ, $CG, $EYPT, $GTLB, $IWM, $JNUG, $KKR, $MSFT, $MSOS, $NVDA, $NVO, $SHOP, $SNOW, $SPOT, $STNE, $TJX & $XBI
  • RD: $MSFT $GOOGL close to LOD
  • Cjauger: Having a great year, up 14% yesterday (90% in) then $MSFT and $GOOGL reported. Pulled in my horns in after market to 30% in, after Powell I went to 0% in. Gave back 2%, so now up 12% for the year.
  • champ: @Cjauger $MSFT $GOOGL....Great...and I hope you have over a million $$$'s in the Markets. Good Luck!
  • Cjauger: @champ $MSFT $GOOGL Thank you sir, I hope you make many millions
  • BarryC: Hi Everyone.... Im currently #Long: $AZEK, $CG. $EYPT, $GTLB, $IWM, $JNUG, $KKR, $MSFT, $MSOS, $NVDA, $NVO, $SHOP, $SNOW, $SPOT, $STNE, $TJX & $XBI
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! Bit of a lower open this morning as we prepare for some big Earnings releases after the close, including $MSFT, $AMD, $GOOGL and many others. The market will be looking into these reports to take the real temperature of the economy ...
  • oldtimer: @scottrades $MSFT $AMD $GOOGL $ANET $CRWD $ELF $MDB $FIX $COIN $TREX $SHOP $SNOW $DOCU Lots of red on my screen . .
  • DAN: ...
    $MSFT -- Up about $34 bucks and the implied move on this is about $19. Earnings are due after the bell today. So, there is enough of a profit cushion to warrant holding some (or all) over earnings.

    $GOOGL -- Also reports after the close today. T ...
  • debeers: $GM-and then along came Mary. She could care less what the government wants--she'll pull shares off the market and prioduce what sells $META- i cant stand him but who else has cut costs as much $MSFT- tough bar for nadella to cross. It has always paid me to stick with him $MTDR-above the 50--David ortiz says jew want to be in this one! $NVDA-you casn dump all you want on a stock that cannot produce enough quick enought to satisfy its customers By the way, i believe in diversification---if you havent guessed and other s i own are Woody stocks Oh, did i mention $NUE? no? silly me--called it in to Mad Money about 3 weeks ago because no one squeezes a nickel like Topalian
  • scottrades: $MSFT *MICROSOFT FISCAL 2Q EPS $2.93, EST. $2.77 *MICROSOFT FISCAL 2Q REVENUE $62.0B, EST. $61.1B
  • Forexpro: Re: $MSFT Hi, Friends, I've been long for some years - ever since rumors of Steve Ballmer's imminent departure became rampant - and I've been more than adequately rewarded. I am a little disappointed by the reaction to today's earnings report. It may be that the price action is just getting too high for anyone to feel very confident about taking more at current levels. Institutions are already long, and if they aren't, well, this probably doesn't seem like a great place to initiate a position. I'm not inclined to lighten up, as the company seems (is) well-managed and well-represented in growing businesses, but it may need to consolidate for a bit and grow into the current valuation. Unless I'm wrong, which can't be ruled out. If I am, I hope I'm erring on the side of caution. Here's hoping that your day(s) have gone well; all the best!
  • woodman: @scottrades $MSFT Microsoft (MSFT) reported earnings of $2.93 per share on revenue of $62.02 billion for the fiscal second quarter ended December 2023. The consensus earnings estimate was $2.76 per share on revenue of $61.03 billion. The Earnings Whisper number was $2.91 per share. The company beat expectations by 0.69% while revenue grew 17.58% on a year-over-year basis.
  • sierramp: @Forexpro $MSFT I'm with you on this. It is my biggest position as I remember you saying it is your biggest position as well. I did not lighten up and I don't see a reason to at this point either. ER was good and the future looks very good. Consolidation for a while would be healthy and would not scare me off.
  • curtis: @Forexpro $MSFT (Long term position) I sold some at 409 prior to earnings release. CO-PIlot will add to future earnings. Here is a AI generated picture from copilot.
  • shoredriver: $WMT....3/1 split.. last did 2/1 in '99...come on $MSFT..
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY /$QQQ FOMC Tomorrow $IWM Watch tomorrow $SMH Still the place to be $XLI Nice base $XBI Nice Base $MSOS Extended $XHB Still in an uptrend $XRT Above the MAs $FBTC Working from below $ETHE Actionable today $DXY Watch tomorrow $TNX Watch tomorrow $AMD Earnings $MU At the 21 EMA $MSFT Earnings $GOOGL Earnings $SBUX Earnings $NFLX Coming into support $SHOP Basing $MDB Watch 426 $TSLA Just wait. $FIX Nice one. $FAST Holding the Earnings Gap $CPRT Near the 50 Day $V Watch for a pullback $COIN Long for a move to 160
  • Henry: @shoredriver $BRK/A Uncle Warren started a thing about high stock price. His theory was that he wouldn't have traders like us holding the stock. Now it's some sort of symbol of manhood, BSD in Liars Poker terms. $BKNG, $MSFT, $GOOGL, $NVR. Stock splits helped $AAPL
  • DAN: ...
    For about 5 minutes today, I was tempted to put on some volatility compression option trades on $GOOGL $MSFT and/or $AMD. But, after the a$$kicking I took on $NFLX I decided to step away from the felt table and keep my chips in my pocket.

    As I typ ...
  • BarryC: Hi Everyone, Hope ya had a good weekend! :-) Back to work! I went home with and currently #Long: $AZEK, $CG, $EYPT, $JNUG, $KKR, $MSFT, $MSOS, $NVDA, $NVO, $SNOW, $SPOT, $STNE & $TJX
  • Forexpro: ...
    Someone quoted in a column that I skimmed over observed that there are three potential market drivers at present: Earnings (some big ones this week, including $MSFT, by far my largest holding), geopolitics (i.e. is there going to be a ...
  • DAN: ...
    You may notice that these applications are largely depending on AI model running in data-center, hence the growth of $NVDA story. The top data-center/cloud service provider know they are paying top dollar to $NVDA and want some of that action too. $ ...
  • Henry: @Forexpro $MSFT #Super_Bowl_Indicator, are you a unbeliever 😲 I read it in the NY Times, they wouldn't lie. 🤣 The market does better when and original NFL team wins. The Ravens (ex-Browns), Lions and SF were in the running. Now it's all down to SF
  • woodman: @DAN $SMH $NVDA $GOOGL $META $UBER $TSLA $AMZN $ARM $MSFT $TSM $AMD $AAPL $QCOM - Thanks for reposting this. Great stuff.
  • mikeo561: @DAN $SMH $NVDA $GOOGL $META $UBER $TSLA $AMZN $ARM $MSFT $TSM $AMD $AAPL $QCOM Yes. This is very interesting information.
  • Bs7518: @DAN $SMH $NVDA $GOOGL $META $UBER $TSLA $AMZN $ARM $MSFT $TSM $AMD $AAPL $QCOM Great info Thanks!
  • sierramp: @DAN $SMH $NVDA $GOOGL $META $UBER $TSLA $AMZN $ARM $MSFT $TSM $AMD $AAPL $QCOM Def interested in your posting this info.
  • RedLeaf1: @mikeo561 Thanks for your informative post. As far as AI, I am staying with the Big Dog for the long term, $MSFT. How have you [or anyone reading this] circumvented the Schwab Evil Empire? I need a place for a Rollover.
  • BarryC: Hi Everyone... I'm currently #Long: $CG, $EYPT, $JNUG, $KKR, $MSFT, $MSOS, $NVDA, $NVO, $SNOW, $SPOT, $STNE, $TJX & $ZIM side note... I did buy back 1/4 (the ones I broke the rules) $SNOW & $SPOT. I also took my $AMD balance off yesterday,.....
  • BarryC: Im currently #long: $AMD, CG, $EYPT, $JNUG, $KKR, $MSFT, $MSOS, $NVDA, $NVO, $TJX, $ZP & $ZIM I will be buying 1/4 positions back in $SNOW, $SPOT & RMBS THEN STICK TO MY ORIGINAL PLAN!! :-)
  • curtis: I have been trimming partial position profits this morning. $MSFT $AMD $SPOT $ADBE Sold $RMBS $ELF $WFRD
  • BarryC: Hi Everyone!! Hope all is good in the hood :-) I'm currently #Long: $AFRM, $AMD, $EYPT, $JNUG, $KKR, $MSFT, $MSOS, $NVDA, $NVO, $RMBS, $SNOW, $SPOT, $UPST & $XME (I also do have some PUTS as hedges, as you can see)
  • BarryC: @BarryC $AFRM $AMD $EYPT $JNUG $KKR $MSFT $MSOS $NVDA $NVO $RMBS $SNOW $SPOT $UPST $XME #Long #FWIW My Big Cap Tech options are deep in the monies and expire this week.... I haven't yet decided IF Im rolling them OR letting them exercise.
  • bigbartabs: @Nepenthe $MSFT ... I forgive you. As long as you don't stop drinking Mai Tais.
  • billyzeke: @bigbartabs $MSFT I'll forgive him if he shares some Mai Tais with us. :)
  • BarryC: I have not bot anything new... been Trimming $MSFT, $NVDA & $AMD
  • bigbartabs: @billyzeke $MSFT ... that would be tough, since he's in Maui :)
  • Nepenthe: @billyzeke $MSFT Deal! I'll drink 'em in absentia. Cheers.
  • BarryC: Hi Guys... Im currently #Long: $AFRM, $AMD, $EYPT, $JNUG, $KKR, $MSFT, $MSOS, $NVDA, $NVO, $RMBS, $SPOT, $TJX $UPST & $XME... I ditched $UBER and $BABA yesterday... and MAY ditch $NVO this am. As a general rule (for me).... If I buy something and not rewarded fairly quickly, Im NOT going to pretend that, that was my original thesis... I can ALWAYS buy things back.
  • jeffslm: @BarryC $AFRM $AMD $EYPT $JNUG $KKR $MSFT $MSOS $NVDA $NVO $RMBS $SPOT $TJX $UPST $XME $UBER $BABA #Long - $BABA up over 7% this morning
  • Nepenthe: @DAN $NVDA $MSFT Earnings after market. Would you be inclined to close this position or reduce and hold over. I took some off but will hold some. Aloha.
  • Nepenthe: $MSFT Sorry Forum! In my earlier post, I mentioned MSFT's earnings as after close today; they're the 30th. One too many Mai Tai perhaps. Aloha.
  • bb_b: $ARKK is up big and $MSFT is down
  • Firemedic: @DAN $SPX $DJI $MDY $IWM $NDX $XLK $ARKK $SMH $SMCI $NVDA $RMBS $GOOGL $META $MSFT $PSN $MCD $TSM $SHOP $CCL $RCL Awesome message Dan . Thank you very much for the trade counseling.
  • BarryC: Hi guys! So SORRY that I've been MIA.... I stopped in quickly today to mention that I put on a couple new positions "today" IF any one cares.... TODAY I bot $RMBS & $KKR Also IF you care, I have been and currently #Long: $AMD, $MSFT, $MSOS, $NVDA, $NVO, $SPOT, $TJX, & $UBER I also have some small speculative junk: $BABA $EYPT $UPST & $JNUG I will be back in FULL MODE Monday!! Have a GREAT weekend!!
  • DAN: ...
    $MSFT -- All time high. Great price action from a volatility squeeze breakout.
    $NVDA -- All time high. I’m sticking to my $1,000 price target. But $700 is the next rest stop (If it breaks $600.)
    $PSN -- Thin. Entry 64.50
    $MCD - 299.95 / 38 ...
  • champ: ...
    $MDA $AMD $META $ARM $NVDA $PAWN $AAPL $MSFT $AMZN ... I'm have also been Trading stocks in the tech sector, however I did not swing any of these stocks today and I did not trade all of these stocks today either, however for me, I'm Watching all of ...
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY / $QQQ Holding the 21 EMA $DXY Pop $TNX Reverting a bit $TLT At the 50 Day $SMH Just fine $IGV Bounce off the 21 EMA $IBIT Trying to find a floor $AAPL Holding the 200 Day $NVDA Still working $AMZN At the 21 EMA $GOOGL Bounce off the 21 EMA $MSFT Bounce off the 8EMA $META Support at the 21 EMA $AMD Day 2 $DKNG Good volume $DDOG Good volume $SHOP Support at the 21 EMA $V Breaking out. Earnings Jan 25 $ELF What a monster $COIN Near the 50 Day $MSTR trying to find a floor
  • Henry: $MSFT $NVDA is the only ones of my brood that are up a couple bucks in pm
  • debeers: $AMD/$ARDX/$LLY/$MSFT/$NVDA/$PANW/$VLO-Longs all
  • debeers: $AMD $ELF-take the dishes off the shelf be a tasty dish youself $LLY-deserves to take a breath $MSFT $NUE $NVDA $PANW Longs all Liking the ELF a lot as it is the stock that benefits so much from KISS AND MAKE UP
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY On the 8EMA $QQQ Still fine $IWM Lower Low $DIA at the 21 EMA $SMH Great volume $IGV Software working $GBTC Holding the 21 EMA $IBIT Could be firming up $ETHE Morning shakeout $NVDA Working $AMD Powerful move $INTC Sharp slope $MSFT Earnings Jan 31 $AMZN 50 Day Support $GOOGL Wedge $TSLA Inverse H&S Spotted $SHOP In trend $U Bottom Fish at the 50 Day $RCL Along the 8/21 EMA $CCL Watch for support near the 50 Day $MNDY Watch 199 $COIN Near the 50 Day $MSTR Trying to find a floor
  • Forexpro: ...
    Anyway, attached is a chart of one of my longest-term holdings, $MSFT, versus $SPY for the past 20 years. You'll observe that it outperforms in Oct 74 percent of the time, and by a very respectable 3.9 percent. It's possible to exclude individual ye ...
  • oldtimer: @oldtimer $WDAY $MAR $MFST $FI $PDD should be $MSFT
  • DAN: ...
    If you tend to "trade around" your stock positions, you might want to be paying attention to the daily price action in the big stocks like $MSFT $META and $NVDA. I would say that they are all in the transition from Phase I to Phase II.
  • Amisure: @DAN $MSFT $META $NVDA - Trading around a position- a good idea but somewhat unclear what this is supposed to look like.. Would appreciate some examples of this strategy in video. I know " it depends" but still showing the process on certain positions would be educational. Thanks.
  • debeers: $ANF/$CHK-winner winner chicken dinner/$CRM/$CRWD/$LLY/$MSFT/$NVDA/$PANW
  • vitoB: @debeers $ANF $CHK $CRM $CRWD $LLY $MSFT $NVDA $PANW you have any stops on $ANF or takin profits?
  • Margi1983: @debeers $ANF $CHK $CRM $CRWD $LLY $MSFT $NVDA $PANW I thought $CHK went bankrupt in 2020? Yes they did. But now they are back and buying companies!! I am sure the bag holders from that time are excited about more debt
  • debeers: $MSFT- Its Official at least for today--Congrats to Satya Nadella. Woo Hoo! you have now eclipsed the phoney balonies at $AAPL $ELF- Take the dishes off the shelf--be a tasty dish yourself. Kiss and MAKEUP. Times are good tweenagers buy more--times are tough well off folks will trade down a bit because although the prestige isn't there the quality is!
  • kenb: @debeers $MSFT $AAPL wondering if you would be referring to $MSFT market cap finally surpassing that of $AAPL.
  • DAN: ...
    The other stocks are SMCI $NVDA $MSFT $GOOGL $META. They're all working just fine.

    I'll be on Fox Business today at 2 pm ET / 11 am PT. Charles is out in Los Angeles at the DoubleLine conference and is doing his show in the ABC studio in West Los ...
  • sierramp: $MSFT Mr. Softee is at the upper BB after a 5-week base.
  • geothrills: Picked up a fresh starter in $MSFT via a March $375 call this morning at the open. Added a March $380 call just now on the move to a new HOD. This one is coming out of a squeeze at its 50 day similarly to how $NVDA looked a few days ago. I got sha ...
  • cgendro1: @geothrills $MSFT $NVDA I also have calls on $MSFT. May be setting up for a run into earnings on 1/23
  • woodman: $MSFT the good set up - consolidation into rising 50d - seems finally to transitioning into a move.
  • champ: @woodman $MSFT....This is a #Breakout.....I'm trailing, Watch for Entry and all should try to Hold and Build........for 2024.... ....I this sector.....I'm also holding $META $AMZN and $MDB.
  • kenb: @woodman $MSFT initiated a small starter on this last week as it pulled back to the 50d MVA, and would like to add as it bounces up off that level. So, at this point watching closely for a potential pull back or break of the high set at the end of Nov and break out.
  • woodman: @kenb $MSFT - good timing. I had been in, but too early. I sold for a small profit, then bought back on 1/4.
  • pperlroth: @woodman long from a long time ago for $MSFT and added some yesterday as it looked ready to move. $GOOGL also seems poised.
  • woodman: @pperlroth $MSFT $GOOGL - MSFT, nice long term winner for you!
  • kenb: @woodman $MSFT we are about even on the entries. Bought on 1/3 and 1/5 and waited for direction. ATH was the late Nov price, which is only a couple of $'s up from here, so expecting a little resistance there. Mag 7 stocks recovering from last week's draw down and wondering like everyone else if they could be leaders again this year. They are holding up pretty well so far.
  • woodman: @kenb $MSFT You're right about the M7. $META working well too. @champ has been all over META.
  • champ: $MSFT....I took the Profits on this one and rolled them into $BE.
  • champ: $META $MDB $NVDA $CRWD $MSFT $AMZN.....could park these tech stocks Next to each other to see what is going on....Watch the % moves..... ......and $MDB at $385, has the most room to move back-up, could look at the 10-and 30-day chart, upgrade by $C, with a price target at $515.......
  • curtis: @champ $META $MDB $NVDA $CRWD $MSFT $AMZN $C Added $MDB , we use it here at work on Azure projects target $416
  • debeers: $CRWD/$HD/$LEN/$LLY/$MSFT/$NVDA/$PANW Notes: $CRWD & $PANW- yes you can have both $LEN-Not only raising its divvie4 but buying back 5B of its own shares $LLY-the king is still the king $MSFT- will overtake aapple as most valuable co, $NVDA- you gotta have 1 semi-have the best Allthe aboved IMO and you shoud make bank on all of them
  • debeers: @Henry $ARDX - i have enough to handle with 1 retailer and $CELH, $CRWD $HD $LEN $LLY and $META $MSFT $NVDA $PANW and @Woodman does ALL of Biotech!
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Microsoft Corporation is engaged in developing, manufacturing, licensing and supporting a range of software products and services for different types of computing devices.

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