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Chart of the Day January 5th, 2023

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January 5th, 2023
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  • scottrades: $GDX Good volume Friday, trying to come out of a flag. Support at the 50 Day.
  • swingbound: @scottrades $GDX Bullish intraday hangman ... 20SMAD > 50 X is imminent ( RHRN ) .
  • scottrades: @scottrades $GDX Bought a small piece of $WPM. Stop at LOD
  • cmaxwel1: @maracom $DVN $FCX $AA $GDX (added $DVN at 67)
  • maracom: @cmaxwel1 $DVN $FCX $AA $GDX Nice! I'm glad we booked a win for the day. I sold calls on half today, moved up my stops on the portion I bought at $67 to $70 based on the hourly chart. Make sure to be nimble, there's more volatility ahead
  • maracom: Something I noticed on multiple commodity-related intra-day charts including $DVN $FCX $AA $GDX is that a lot of the biggest intraday price declines happened on almost no volume, suggesting that the institutions just put the squash on any buying. When the volume returned in the last 15 minutes, the directionality is revealed: $DVN buying, $GDX selling, $FCX selling, $AA selling
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY/$QQQ Follow Through Day $UUP Under the 21 EMA $USDJPY Potential Yentervention $TBT Consider moving up a stop $TLT Tradable low? $TNX Downside reversal but not out of the woods yet. $XLE Working great $OIH Extended but working $XOP Good volume not as extended. $GLD Moving up with the market $GDX/$NUGT Good volume $XBI Channel $INDA India Higher Lowl #Bitcoin - Added some today $SSO Bought this today $QLD Bought this today $DVN Bought this today $OXY Working $EOG Working $XOM Working $PBT Watch the 19.15 zone $VNOM Near some highs $LNG Fine $AAPL Good volume Watch the MAs $AMZN Right at resistance $GOOGL Needs a higher high $MSFT Watch 244 $HUM Nice base
  • scottrades: ...
    $GDX Hello old friend
    $GLD Speed bump at the50 Day
    $SLV Above the 100 EMA
    $DBC Close to resistance
    $MSOS Smoke Em If Ya Got Em
    $SMH Needs to tighten up

    #Bitcoin Near the 50 Day

    $AMD Pre Announced a Miss. Likely not the first to do so..
    $AEHR Up o ...
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY/$QQQ the bounce is on $UUP Around the 21 EMA $XLE Back above the 650 Day $TAN Running into the MAs $GDX Great volume $TSLA Watch for underperformance $TWTR Congrats Longs $FSLR Sold Half $ENPH Downside reversal $MAXN Closed near the lows $SHLA at the 50 Day $DV Working, tight action $WWE Chart of the Day $DG Basing $LTHM Watch 32.60 $REGN Extended but working $VRTX Working $SRPT Watch 113.70 $PRVA Support at the 100 EMA $ALB Back above the MAs
  • scottrades: My video notes: COTD: Here’s the DL on $DV $SPY Lower Low $QQQ Lower Low $UUP Lower please $TNX Still in trend $VIX Still in trend $XLE Watch 73 $GLD Holding up $GDX Good Weekly volume $TAN Back to the 200 Day $SDS Still in trend $QID Still in trend $GBTC Uhh guys, Bitcoin is actually doing ok!? $AAPL Nope. $NFLX Maybe. $TWTR Possible news trade. $ANET Watch 117.60 $CCRN Near the highs $DKS Watch 117.70 $ENPH Watch 294.50 $FSLR Holding the 21 EMA $PCTY Slope $DVN Potential Gap Fill $KGC Low Dollar Gold Stock $GOLD Watching $WPM Watching $FNV Watching
  • maracom: $GDX $GLD having a big bounce today based on Bank of England bond buying. I don't think there's a trade yet since we need a higher high to get put in and start to see some dollar weakness, but I'm watching the yellow metal
  • scottrades: @vitoB I'll scan through the $GDX and some metals today. Some of them do look like they are trying to firm up. Gold has been a hard trade.
  • agiaccag: $GDX,$GLD Nibbling in long term account.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY/$QQQ Squeeze before the Meeting $UUP Priced for Perfection $TNX Rejected near yesterday's high $SMH Inverse H&S? $XLE Working but high. $OIH Extended $TAN Working of the 21 EMA $IGV Green but low volume. $ARKK Back above the 50 Day but low volume. $FFTY Mentioned in my morning note $GDX Potential Higher Low #Bitcoin Watch tomorrow for some fireworks. $AMZN Though some highs $GOOGL Filling the gap $MSFT Holding the 100 EMA $NVDA Power Move (Dan added to ATL) $V/$MA Holding the 50 Day $AMD Bought today $ON Not Long $ACLS Biggest volume ince 2020 $STLD Great volume $RTX Watch 96.30 $NOC Close to the highs $ENPH Working off the 21 EMA $SPWR Flag $DVN Sold some into strength $OXY Trend is up $SLB Swingers: Move up stops $CVX Creeping up $F Working $GM Working $OLLI Asked about in the forum. Earnings Sept 1
  • DavidM: $GDX, $NUGT popping
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Target 420 $QQQ Trending up $IWM Same $DIA Holding the 100 EMA $UUP Chopping around $TNX Getting some push back $TLT Tightening along the 8EMA $GLD Holding the 8/21 EMA $GDX Trying to base $SMH Semi’s are working $ARKK Move up stops $IGV Holding the 100 EMA $XHB Holding the 100 EMA $TAN Watch Wednesday’s low $XBI/IBB Nice follow through $AMZN Extended but working $TSLA Holding the 200 SMA $GOOGL Speed bump at the 100 EMA $NVDA Riding the 8EMA $AMD Working $ON Working $MU Holding the 21 EMA $ASML Holding the 100 EMA $DQ Holding the 50 Day $LMT Stronger but extended $RTX Stopped on half $HXL Short flag $PLTR Working $BJ Got a starter $SEDG Early signal in the forum $ENPH Working $SHLS COTD $AMT Yield Hog $AXNX Low float $BLDR Watch yesterday's low $TOL Ditto $LEN Watch 86.40
  • Rockstar: ...
    So what does all of this mean? I am still cautiously bullish ,but not adding many positions. I am keeping my risk very low and looking for setups that fit my parameters. I added a very small long in $GDX yesterday as it came back to the 8 EMA and st ...
  • bigbartabs: @Rockstar $TNX $DXY $HYG $VIX $GDX $INTC $TLT ... I sold my $TMF this morning. Always watching support levels...
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY/$QQQ Eyes on CPI $UUP/$TNX Watch for a CPI Reaction VIX Still in an uptrend. $GLD Lower Low $GDX Needs a base $XBI Green on the day $XLE Holding the 200 Day $USO Not so great $KWEB China Tech holding the 50 Day $ARKK Holding the 50 Day $SDS Working $QID Working $GBTC Not yet. Watching: $AAPL $AMZN $ZM $TSLA $MSFT $RBA Green on the day $MNST Small base $AZN Basing $MRK Basing $PPC Channel $MCD Look for a move to the bottom of the triangle
  • bRobert: $XOP 50w target acquired Expect a bounce Not necessarily the bottom The 200w IS in play with a failed bounce Been long $DRIP Speed bump here for partials and or tight trailers Inv H&S shoulder Classic $37+ 200d target $30 interim $GDX H&S top in motion $18 potential Long $DUST C&H like reversal base Speed bump HERE for partials /tight stops $25/$28 targets $SOXS speed bump Here $92 longer SHort several in the space Many posts on $NVDA $125 $AVGO 200w /$350 FAILED bounces
  • bRobert: @Cjauger Posted $GDX $$GLD H&S tops in motion with LOW targets Long $DUST Still nice upside after pullback bounce
  • bRobert: $USO H&S top Break of the 50d 200d $65 with trigger < $78 neckline area Look for a failed bounce to the 50d from BELOW for a low risk short Stop just above I believe Oil/gasoline prices have a good chance of coming in $TBT H&S top On 50d neckline $24/22 potential with trigger I expect a bounce but then I would look for failure and trigger Good chance longer term rates are coming in soon $TLT at 50d ceiling $120/$132 potential with trigger $GDX Been posting the H&S top/trigger WEEKLY is OBVIOUS $18 potential Long $DUST (posts) WEEKLY breakout in motion
  • bRobert: @bRobert $USO $TBT $TLT $GDX $DUST Evidence of recession, potential for reduced oil demands with a shrinking economy (oil reflexly moving down is not necessarily a good indicator ) Bond traders see the big picture Like oil prices, rates coming in may be a sing of poor grades on the future economy Obviously subject to a retest and revisions
  • bRobert: $GDX $GLD oversold bounces towards necklines H&S tops I would love to see more Sold $DUST Looking to reload Dust pb from CLEAR $22 swing high resistance C&H like base breakout daily $27+ potential Daily breakout Pb retest in motion WEEKLY view same C&H trigger > 50w and move into major $24/$25 ceiling LONG consolidation can support a move towards $35
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY/$QQQ Worst Half in over 50 Years $UUP Still in trend but hitting some resistance. $GLD Not where you want to be $TNX Notable break of the 50 Day $QID Still Above the 8EMA $SDS Still above the 8EMA $XLE Holding the 200 Day $XOP Same $TAN Talked about in our live session today $ARKK Bloomberg reporting huge inflows $XLP Higher Low? $IGV Higher Low? $KWEB Holding the 21 EMA $GDX Yikes. $AAPL Potential Higher Low $AMZN Support just above 100. $TSLA Potential Higher Low $MSFT Potential Higher Low $GOOGL Peep the support line $ZM Holding the 50 Day $COST Wedging Under the 50 Day Watch 488 $NOC Good volume $ENPH Holding the 200 Day $DQ IN trend, great volume today. $STNG Nice uptrend but extended. $HAE Still holding the 8EMA
  • bRobert: $GDX WEEKLY H&S top $42 top $30 neck $18 potential Failed bounces $DUST $25+ /$35 POTENTIAL 70% with $GDX at $18 Daily C&H like reversal base $27
  • bRobert: posted $DUST set up via $GDX H&S top in motion WEEKLY $GLD H&S top Daily and weekly Under the 20/50/200d ceilings $155 target 1 with trigger np $UUP Ultra bullish WEEKLY C&H $32 potential Head wind to all commodities and multi national sales
  • bRobert: $GDX H&S top throw back to neckline Juicy downside with failure resumption $20 potential $DUST $25+ C&H like weekly base potential
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY/$QQQ Was today an FTD? Yes, technically. $UUP At the 8EMA $TNX Still above the 50 Day $GLD Sideways $GDX Still making Lower Lows $IGV Good volume but needs a base. $XRT Note the highs low. $XLE Needs a floor $ARKK At the 50 Day $SMH Good volume today $KWEB China Tech, be careful. $AMZN Watch the 50 Day $AAPL Watch the recent resistance zone. $GOOGL Big move through the 50 Day $TSLA Note the higher low $MSFT At the 50 Day $ZM Working $NIO Working $NOC at the 50 day $RTX Holding the 200 Day $CEIX Good volume $CSL Volume at the 200 Day $RRC Volume at the 200 Day $SQM Slope at the 50 Day
  • bRobert: $GDX daily/WEEKLY H&S top Posted targets few days ago $18 potential $28 interim target 1 $GLD H&S S top $155 200w potential Daily under the 20/50 /200d Trigger < $168
  • bRobert: @bRobert $GDX $GLD $DUST partial DAILY C&H base $22 target 1 $25 speed bump $27+ potential
  • bRobert: @joelsg1 $SPY #PMI $GLD $GDX H&S tops $UUP WEEKLY C&H
  • bRobert: $GDX WEEKLY down 6% and sliced < 200w WEEKLY H&S top trigger Targets as posted Failed bounces to short or $DUST on pb bounces
  • bRobert: $GDX WEEKLY following H&S top On the 200w Triggers below $18 potential IF triggered Daily H&S top as well Small and large Large is the same as the WEEKLY $27/$18 $GLD WEEKLY H&S top as well $160/200w potential IF triggered Not so precious metals watch $SLV H&S tops as well $NUE $70 WEEKLY H&S target TRIGGERED below 50w Daily observe failure at 20/200d ceiling Small and larger H&S top
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY/$QQQ Lower Low = All you need to know $GLD Still chopping around the 200 Day $GDX Double bottom? $DBC Holding the 21 EMA $TLT Trying to firm up $XLE Under the 50 Day $XOP Same $SDS New High $QID New High #Bitcoin - Hasn’t made a new low yet. 20K Support.
  • bb_b: $GDX up 4%
  • stairm01: @bb_b $GDX $NUGT Up 7.4%
  • Nepenthe: @stairm01 $GDX $NUGT By the way, thank you for posting that earlier. My only position is $NUGT at the moment. Cheers.
  • Nepenthe: $GDX FWIW, a bullish engulfing candle(?) on high volume. Other than that, have a great weekend all. Cheers.
  • bRobert: $GLD Watching test of 20w from BELOW SPEED bump $GDX 50w ceiling here 20w above that Just watching $TLT paoted reversla base with $122+ 50d target 1 Clear that and the $132 larger reversal base target is next Neckline of Monthly H&S top $135 Throwback TRADE sets up for failure and resumption of downtrend later via short $TLT / Long $TBT
  • Docoof: Gold stocks up pm: $GLD $AEM $GDX $GOLD $GDXJ $BTG $JNUG $NUGT $AUY Down pm: $UUP
  • Cjauger: @Docoof $GLD $AEM $GDX $GOLD $GDXJ $BTG $JNUG $NUGT $AUY $UUP
  • bRobert: $GVA W > 20/50d 200d potential No hurry $36+ with move > $33 speed bump just above $AMAT $80 target 200w H&S top $NVDA Remember that $130/$125 target? Failure under the 20d H&S top in motion 200w date $GDX test of 20/50w ceiling will be informative Worst case ...failure and drop < 200w and big shoe drop np yet
  • Docoof: $GLD $GDX $GOLD $GDXJ $BTG $JNUG $NUGT All up pm.
  • bRobert: $GLD < 50W Failed bounce to ceiling 200w target $155 area $GDX Bear flag daily $26 with daily bear flag trigger $16 potential WEEKLY with brak of 200w NOW < 20/50w ceilings np yet No bueno in precious metals Crypto going the way of disco POTENTIAL to test covid lows $GBTC H&S top in motion BELOW 200w $5 potential $ETHE same $10/$5 potential H&S top in motion weekly $COIN flag Long TRADE if bull trigger > $75 with $100 20d target Flag BREAK TRADE ........Single digit potential WEEKLY H&S top target was exceeded $100 Anything is possible with this seemingly fiat currency
  • Docoof: Their charts aside, a lot of miners are doing well today: $TECK $VALE $KGC $FNV $PAAS $HL $AEM $WPM $BTG $GDX $SSRM $AUY
  • bRobert: @Docoof $TECK $VALE $KGC $FNV $PAAS $HL $AEM $WPM $BTG $GDX $SSRM $AUY $UUP less of a headwind to all commodities
  • maracom: $GDX popping
  • bRobert: @maracom $GDX EXPECTED bounce from the 200w BUT test of the 50w ceiling (20w just above that) from below will be very informative Failure expected under the double ceiling but a move above opens up a door that is now closed
  • bRobert: $GLD monitoring throwback to the bottom of the 50W for failure 20w just above that $GDX same np
  • issues: If we've got rampant inflation why is gold going down? $GDX $GDXJ $GOLD, $NEM $WPM Etc
  • bRobert: @issues $GDX $GDXJ $GOLD $NEM $WPM $UUP. one reason Headwind Two. Margin calls. may lead to raised cash. in other assets 3. Perhaps inflation becomes less of an issue. Start with a pullback in oil prices
  • DrScience: @issues $GDX $GDXJ $GOLD $NEM Because the value of the dollar is going up. Inflation should weaken the currency, but our old buddies, the national debt, geo-political events, international concerns, and slowing economy are just some of the cross-currents spoiling the party. Can't buy as much gold when folks are flocking to the dollar.
  • maracom: $AA $FCX $NUE metals all doing very poorly today, stopped out of partials on all of them. $GLD $GDX $XLE $XOP holding up comparatively well
  • bRobert: $PANW WEDGE watch Long $670/$750 $GLD $GDX Breakout WEEKLY Retest 20W Bounce $HD short working Stop was $315.1 yesterday I will trail cover stop down
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY End of Month Selloff $QQQ Lower Low $DIA Trend is down. $IWM No. $GLD / $GDX Under 3 Key MAs $UUP Still in an uptrend. $SMH Trend is down. $XLF Lower Low $XLV Unable to hold the 200 Day for now. $XLU Not holding the BO Zone $XME Rejected at the 50 Day $XLE Ok looking chart (outside Inverse ETFs) $XOP Better looking Chart (outside the Inverse ETFs) $IGV In a down trend. $TAN Blah. $XBI Yikes. $ARKK My goodness… $SDS Working $QID Working.
  • debeers: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $GLD $GDX $DBC $FFTY $XLU $QID $SDS $TSLA $AAPL $MSFT $GOOGL $NVDA $TWTR $COST $SMPL $PM $BSM $OVV $VLO -So nice to have you back! IMO being as the market is in correction, most of the non ag or energy sectors will be below the 200 day, dontcha think?
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY An 88% Down Day $QQQ Fresh Lows $GLD Under the 50 Day $GDX Same $DBC Still in an uptrend $FFTY Growth making new lows $XLU No safe haven.. $QID / $SDS Short the Indexes $TSLA Nothing good happens under the 200 Day $AAPL Lower Low $MSFT Whippy on Earnings $GOOGL New Lows $NVDA New Low $TWTR Down despite the deal. $COST at the 50 Day $SMPL Above the 21 EMA $PM Above the 8EMA $BSM Great volume today $OVV Off the 50 Day $VLO Flag
  • Docoof: $GDX down near 50d pm
  • maracom: $NEM earnings miss this morning. I’m getting ready for more $XME $GDX pain
  • Docoof: $GDX at the 20d.
  • maracom: @Docoof $GDX leader $NEM below the 20 day, some short term risk here going into Powell's speech but I'm trading the metals off the weekly at this point
  • maracom: bit of green volume coming in to $GDX $XLE $ARCH. Probably because #Powell seemed to confirm 50 basis points as the most likely outcome of the May meeting (as opposed to 75)
  • champ: @maracom $GDX $XLE $ARCH #Powell ....Exactly...I agree and it looks like the next rate hike is going to be a 1/2 of point, just like you said.....and now maybe we will get a #re-start on the stocks that are after that News is over.....
  • bRobert: $GDX small H&S top completed to $37.50 50d area Bounce Stop below
  • bRobert: $GDX. Breakout. retest 44. target. 1 $NUGT. $90/$120. with move. >. 200W. ceiling. KEY move to unlock the door $GLD. $195/$285.
  • bRobert: $DE. $400 bounce. gift. $440/$470. $600+. longer term $GDX. $42/$50. HIGHER LONG TERM Breakout. retest. BOUNCE $NUGT. $90/$105. Higher long term. MUCH
  • vitoB: $GDX lookin good. $AU RHRN starter, looks alot like ARCH 4 days ago
  • bRobert: @vitoB $GDX $AU Multi year. C&H. forces. for $GLD. and related. $195/$285. 50%+. upside $GDX. 100%. $NUGT. 200%. upside Long. $NUGT. $GLD
  • Docoof: @bRobert $GDX $AU $GLD $NUGT What do you think of $GDXJ? Is it coming out of a little base today? (Junior Gold Miners ETF)
  • bRobert: @Docoof $GDX $AU $GLD $NUGT $GDXJ It will work. well. Similar. bullish chart. Higher potential % return than $GDX. when in. BULL MODE. More risk Higher reward wit smaller names
  • Docoof: @bRobert $GDX $AU $GLD $NUGT $GDXJ Thank you. I’m only in $BTG, but am looking to enter one of your favs soon, because they come with free commentary and suggestions from one of the SMM members.
  • bRobert: $JBHT. $185 with trigger. >. $175. Small base. np. I'm waiting. ALL are oversold and have. bounce trade potential I have. easier places to make. $$$. These are higher maintenance. I'm a low maintenance trader /investor and prefer not to trade uphill. I have been overweight $XOP. and others with similar charts in. $XME $SLX space AG. $IPI. $MOS. Easier to make money in stocks printing new highs. They tend to be serial repeaters. Everyone is a winner $GLD. $GDX. related. breaking out. Easier. You don't get bonus points for trading more difficult /challenged chart stocks Hold on to a winner until it taps out. Many traders make trading/investing . more complicated than it has to be
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Still choppy around the 50 Day $QQQ Still under the 50 Day $GDX Working $UUP Sharp move down today $XME New High $XLE / $OIH Working $IGV Inverse H&S? $TAN Close to the 50 Day $GBTC Nice Bounce. $AAPL / $TSLA / $AMZN Lower High $NEM Working $GOLD At resistance $GFI See the slope? $FCX Better today $CLF Back above the 8EMA $ARCH Black Gold $AMR Great volume $HCC Closed off the highs, but great volume $BTU New High $TECK Closed at a New High $ATI Right at resistance $DVN Working $OXY Goins sideways $SU Watch 34.20 $PANW Flag $FTNT Flag $NET Watch the 200 Day $CRWD Above the 200 Day
  • scottrades: $GDX at HOD.
  • DrScience: @scottrades $GDX playing those 45 rpm golden stacks of wax on clear channel KCUL, the Backwards Station of the Nation. Sister station, KCUD, has $NUGT doing the dance as well, but they play only 78's!
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Choppy around the 50 Day $QQQ Nothing good happens under the 50 Day $GDX Resistance near the highs $UUP New high. $XME Watch 63.86 $XLE Watch 80 $XLP Extended $XLU Watch for a backtest of the upper trendline $QID Eek! Above all the MAs $GBTC Lower low. $AAPL / $TSLA / $NVDA / $MSFT - Leaders not leading. $NEM In an uptrend. $GOLD Resistance near the highs $ARCH Great volume $AMR Massive volume $HCC Along the 8/21 EMA $BTU Near the highs $FCX Not yet. $VALE Low volume pullback $BHP Flag $CF Near the highs $MOS Watch for a Pullback $ICL Slope $DVN Sellers near the highs $OXY Small here $CUBE Small base. $NSA Small base. $RTX Small here as well.
  • bRobert: $GLD $95/$285 Multi year C&H Beautifully drawn Not a preK rendition 50%+ upside $GDX 100% potential $42/$50 sooner than Higher long term Nice C&H LIKE base $NUGT $90/$100 sooner than Long
  • bRobert: $GLD Setting up for move to $195 Multi year C&H $285 50%+ upside $GDX 100% $42 soon $50 Daily C&H like base $NUGT $85/$110 to start You can OWN apiece Add i n scales on pb bounces Higher highs and lows
  • bRobert: @Docoof $WPM Doing some. healthy sideways consolidation. C&H. base. Handle area tightening up as the 50d. approaches. You can. own a small piece with a loose. stop I am bullish $GLD. $GDX long. term. 50% upside for. $GLD. 100%+. for. GDX.
  • Docoof: @bRobert $WPM $GLD $GDX Thank you. (The gold trade I’ve been in is $BTG.)
  • bRobert: @Docoof $WPM $GLD $GDX $BTG I keep it. simple $GLD. $GDX or $NUGT Many ways to participate
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Closed slightly above the 200 Day $QQQ Holding the 50 Day $GDX Support at the 21 EMA $XLE Slope $XME Still above 21 EMA $URA Great volume XLP New High $XLV Right at the Highs $GBTC Jack Mallers announcing Strike has Connected with Shopify $AAPL On the 21 EMA $NVDA Close to the 200 Day $TSLA Choppy $MSFT Down the 50 Day. Support at the 50 Week $TWTR $COST Working but extended $BJ Moving out of a short base. $WMT BReaking out of an over year long base. $LMT Curling up. $LXU In the IBD 50. Watch for a Pullback $GWW Right under resistance. $EOG Flag $CNX Flag $ERF At the 50 Day $XOM Watch 85.50 $BRO Short base.
  • bRobert: $GLD $185 target 1 $285 long term $GDX $50 $NUGT $120 Going higher Scaling in
  • bigbartabs: @scottrades $ATI $SPY $QQQ $GLD $GDX $XME $URA $XLE $TAN $GBTC $AAPL $MSFT $TSLA $MA $QLYS $TWTR $SQ $COIN $FTNT $CLF $FXC $SEGD $RUN $CARG $EOG $ERF $GWW $ZIM $MATX ... might want to learn shorthand. Could have just said "mess" ==:O
  • bRobert: @bla00109 $GLD Very well drawn Multi year C&H base 2012 to present $285 target Long this and $GDX related $NUGT
  • scottrades: My Notes: COTD: Some heavy metal (Fabrication) with $ATI (Watch 29.50) $SPY Above the 200 Day but still in consolidation. $QQQ Rejection at the 200 Day $GLD Going sideways. $GDX Same $XME Resting $URA Unable to go. $XLE Resistance at the Trendline $TAN Resistance at the 200 Day $GBTC Still along the 8EMA $AAPL Near the highs $MSFT Above the 8EMA $TSLA At the slope $MA Watch 371 $QLYS Flag $TWTR Pushing back at the 200 Day $SQ Basing $COIN Out my crypto trades for now. $FTNT Resistance at. $CLF Light exposure after the give back. $FXC Basing $SEGD Long base $RUN Unable to break out today $CARG Watch 45.80 $EOG Clear Resistance. $ERF Flag. $GWW Building a Handle $ZIM $MATX Breakdown in Shipping stocks
  • AndStars: @scottrades $ATI $SPY $QQQ $GLD $GDX $XME $URA $XLE $TAN $GBTC $AAPL $MSFT $TSLA $MA $QLYS $TWTR $SQ $COIN $FTNT $CLF $FXC $SEGD $RUN $CARG $EOG $ERF $GWW $ZIM $MATX Hey Scott, Nice job on the Strategy Session tonight, buddy. Very concise and informative. I appreciate you getting a lot of info out there in a short period of time. I like the new profile picture at @Scottrades on $TWTR. Cool! I think it looks a bit like Elon! Lol. ₿
  • scottrades: ...
    While we are seeing a ton of Tech stocks bounce, I don’t want to lose sight of some of the commodity stocks. Coal stocks like $BTU and $AMR are still in a nice uptrend. #$XLE and $OIH Stocks are the same. Materials like $TECK $FCX $SCCO are st ...
  • Mikev200: $GDX HOD nice come back for the day
  • Mikev200: $GDX = green
  • scottrades: My notes: COTD: Time for a little $TAN? $SPY +460 $QQQ Above the 200 SMA $GLD Holding the 50 Day $GDX Upside reversal IGV Breaking out of a shelf $SMH High above the MAs $XLP High above the MAs #Crypto BTC Breaking out of an accumulation zone. Needs a rest. $AAPL 11 Days Up $MSFT Mr. Softee is working $NVDA Watch for the PB $AVGO Working $SQ Watch the 200 Day $JNPR Working great $AMR Close to the highs. Watch 134. $CPE Firming up. $REGN Above resistance $JBHT Holding the 21 EMA $MATX In trend, good volume today $GWW Watch for a handle and 528 $SEDG Flat Base. Wath 341.20 $RUN Moving on volume, look for a PB $SPWR Clear pivot. Watch 22 $COIN Working $SI Working $HUT Sold some today but still in trend. $RIOT Looks like it could consolidate
  • bRobert: $GLD WEEKLY flag $195 target Long term Multi year C&H Perfectly drawn $285 target Ready to sell my gold tooth in the future 50% upside $GDX $43+ weekly target $55 longer Long term 100% upside married to GLD 50% move
  • scottrades: ...
    Keep an eye on $GDX and some of the Gold Miners. They have firmed up and are creeping closer to the highs. $GOLD $NEM $WPM $FNV and $AEM are all close to a pretty clear pivot.

    I was talking with a fund CIO named Mark Yusko yesterday and he has a gr ...
  • bigbartabs: @scottrades $GDX $GOLD $NEM $WPM $FNV $AEM #Crypto ... a lot off little green. The tallest midget $NDX seems magnetized to the death cross 50dma
  • scottrades: $GDX starting to perk up
  • bRobert: $GLD Multi year C&H 10 years Nicely drawn Trigger with nh print $285 target 50% Daily H&S top completed $GDX C&H like daily /weekly $44/$50 100% upside long term long $NUGT
  • scottrades: @scottrades $GDX Bought some.
  • snowbound: @scottrades $GDX So , I'm seeing about twice AVGVOL on the 10 and 30 minute in relative scale . Great ! I'm through that learning curve bottle neck . Skyscrapers can be relative !
  • bRobert: $GLD $187 small daily W target Long term $285 target 50% upside $GDX 100% upside The $XOP of $GLD All rises in gold prices go to profits./bottom line $NUGT for zig moves
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Stock Price $30.21
Change -0.36%
Volume 19,964,700

The investment seeks to replicate as closely as possible, before fees and expenses, the price and yield performance of the NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index. The fund normally invests at least 80% of its total assets in common stocks and American depositary receipts ("ADRs") of companies involved in the gold mining industry. Such companies may include medium-capitalization companies and foreign issuers. As of December 31, 2012, the Gold Miners Index included 29 securities of companies with a market capitalization range of between approximately $209 million and $35.0 billion and a weighted average market capitalization of $14.5 billion. It is non-diversified.

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