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Chart of the Day August 4th, 2022

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August 4th, 2022
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  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Cash isn’t Trash. $QQQ Given up all of the gains from 2021 $DIA Not much better $GLD Above the 200 Day $TLT Down at 2018 Levels $UUP The Wrecking Ball $XLE At the 50 Day $XOP Under the 50 Day $XLU Close to the 50 Day $DBC A slow mover, but still got hit. $SMH Lower Low $QID Higher High. $SDS New high $GBTC Yikes. $AAPL Broke the longer term trend $AMZN I gotta think 2000 is in play. $GOOGL 3 Levels to watch $MSFT Coming out of the hose $TWTR Short Seller believes this deal could be priced lower. $UPST Watch for a bounce tomorrow. $TSN Above the 50 Day.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Needs to calm down. Respect the lows. $QQQ Lower Low $DIA Under the Major MAs $GLD Choppy $UUP Wrecking Ball $XLE Still where you want to be $XOP Trend is fine $OIH At the 50 day $DBC A slow mover, but working. $GBTC Know your time frame $AAPL Holding the Longer term trend $MSFT Needs a base $TSLA Nothing Good happens under the 200 Day $USO Watch above the line! $XOM Working great $APA Dan Added this to the ATL $OXY Working $PSX High Base $DVN Working $AR Might be starting some consolidation $BPT Support at the 50 Day $GLNG Above the MAs $KMI From the forum $CEIX Coal still Black Gold.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY The J Pow Pump $QQQ Bounce is on $DIA Watch the 50 Day $UUP The wrecking stops swinging, for now. $DBC Strong Trend. Look at the Volume. $GLD Still all over the place $XOP Pullback bounce $XLE At the highs $SMH Whippy but good volume $XLB In a year long base. Above all the MAs $XLP Above the 50 Day $GBTC Short term False breakdown $AAPL Swinging This $TSLA Above the 50 Day $MSFT potential Double Bottom $FB Everyone hates it. $PYPL Potential short term reversal base $XOM Near the highs $CVX Above he MAs $CVE Working $PSX Boom! $VLO Working $SU Working, look for dips. $DVN 52 Week High $OXY Good volume. Close to resistance $CEIX Coal is still working $CF Above the MAs $LAC Lithium - Earnings tomorrow. $ADP Channel $ON Above the 50 Day
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY End of Month Selloff $QQQ Lower Low $DIA Trend is down. $IWM No. $GLD / $GDX Under 3 Key MAs $UUP Still in an uptrend. $SMH Trend is down. $XLF Lower Low $XLV Unable to hold the 200 Day for now. $XLU Not holding the BO Zone $XME Rejected at the 50 Day $XLE Ok looking chart (outside Inverse ETFs) $XOP Better looking Chart (outside the Inverse ETFs) $IGV In a down trend. $TAN Blah. $XBI Yikes. $ARKK My goodness… $SDS Working $QID Working.
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- Almost a 3% drop. That’ll make the front page tomorrow.
    $DIS -- Mouse House is on fire.
    $IYT -- Planes, Trains and Automobiles won’t save you.
    $QQQ -- Note the 200- and 50-day moving average situation. Not good.
    $MDY -- If you& ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- in jail
    $IYT -- nope.
    $QQQ -- Wrong in every way.
    $FB -- This dog won’t hunt. Facebook is losing the ad revenue competition in every way. Google is mopping the cyberfloor with Zuck’s round little head.
    $AMZN -- Looks like ...
  • DAN: #MarketThoughts: The transportation stocks are really breaking down, which is only a good sign for the bears and Negative Nellies. This is kind of a big deal. The Dow Jones Trannies ($DJT) is almost ready to test the September 2021 lows after the m ...
  • HGIGuy: @DAN $DJT $SPY $DIA $QQQ $COMPQX $XME $XLE $DAL $R $MATX $UPS $FDX $USO $JBHT $EXPD $LSTR #MarketThoughts Is anyone shipping anything anymore? It doesn't show up in transport data, but $AMZN doing their own shipping and deliveries has really taken a bite out of the others.
  • DAN: @HGIGuy $DJT $SPY $DIA $QQQ $COMPQX $XME $XLE $DAL $R $MATX $UPS $FDX $USO $JBHT $EXPD $LSTR $AMZN #MarketThoughts Probably so. Makes sense. I know that we aren't buying much anymore from Amazon. Not for any other reason than just not needing much. There is a limit to how much sh!t you can put in your house. We do use Amazon grocery delivery. But that's a loss leader for them. It costs them money to run that thing.
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- This has always been a POS.
    $IYT -- Southbound train is leaving the station…and it’s full capacity.
    $QQQ -- Actually, a shorting opp.
    $COMPQX -- Lower high and a reversal before the 40-week MA is even tested.

    $XLK -- Ominous we ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- Still pretty crappy
    $IYT -- Basing for over 10 months?
    $QQQ -- Stalling here.

    Active Trades:
    $MPC -- In at 79.30. Starting to move to new highs. New stop at 76.20. Note that the 50-day MA was lower at initiation (74.41). If 50-day MA i ...
  • gtr89: @DAN $JNPR $TSLA $MRO $OKE $CTRA $SPY $T2108 $DIA $IYT $QQQ $MPC $AAPL $DE $NVDA $XOM $CVX $OVV $CLF $STLD $X $ZIM $CPLP $EXR $ANTM $DAC I’m kicking myself for selling $JNPR today for a small gain. I didn’t want a gain to turn into a loss. It was looking a little dicey for awhile. I’m still pretty distrustful of this market after that monster bounce
  • Docoof: @DAN $JNPR $TSLA $MRO $OKE $CTRA $SPY $T2108 $DIA $IYT $QQQ $MPC $AAPL $DE $NVDA $XOM $CVX $OVV $CLF $STLD $X $ZIM $CPLP $EXR $ANTM $DAC — “So, no toga parties among pigs.” —That’s a keeper! (09:35)
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- Everything is in sync. Pullback and end of the big trading rally. Lock ‘em in.
    $IYT -- Sloppy
    $COMPQX -- 6 consecutive higher highs/lows. Due for a rest here.
    $QQQ -- Note declining volume in this big move.

    Active Trades:

    $DE -- R ...
  • vitoB: $SPY $DIA bumping up against levels on downtrending moving averages, nice tug a war happening to end the week
  • Bert953: $SPY $QQQ $DIA $IWM all printing bearish engulfing patterns after failing to hold the 8dEMA. the $MDY wasnt quite an engulfing, but it suffered too. Reminds me of that old TV show "Voyage to the bottom of the sea"
  • champ: @Bert953 $SPY $QQQ $DIA $IWM $MDY ---- #Memories....Bert I remember, that I was driving a Truck and working for a moving company, that year in 1964, when that Science Fiction TV series started. What were you doing...............
  • bigbartabs: @DAN $AMZN $SPY $DIA $QQQ $DOW $CF $NTR $URA $LEU $UEC $XME $CLF $MTRN $RS $TMST $BTU $ARCH $FCX $ANTM $HCA $UNH $RMD $ISRG $REGN $ABBV ... I watch lower low weeks... and we have a lot of em.
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- bouncing down the stairs
    $QQQ -- No one’s buying the dips. It’s circular. Dips aren’t working b/c no one’s buying them. And no one’s buying them b/c they aren’t working.

    $DOW -- setting up&h ...
  • Bert953: #MrMarket - $DIA $QQQ $SPY are below their downtrend lines and the 8dEMA. $QQQ is weakest with price < yesterdays close. interestingly, $IWM is above the downtrend line (I drew) and sitting at the 8dEMA with a small open (bullish) candle, which would be a candlestick harami. Well, everything just changed.... they are all back up again..... whipsaw market! Trading small or not at all!
  • bigbartabs: @Bert953 $DIA $QQQ $SPY $IWM #MrMarket ... a good way to make decisions buying indexes and their derivatives (and also sector tickers)... is to keep an eye on the weekly charts... and favor accumulating when you see higher highs in the current week. If a green candle... computers / buy programs really like it. Even if a week candle is red, but higher... they still like it, just not quite as much. Prior week lower highs and lows are risky. FWIW... good luck...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- Lower highs and lows.
    $NDX -- Nope.
    $MDY -- mid and small caps are holding in a lower range,...but that doesn’t mean they’re right to buy. It just means that they are the best houses in the slums.
    $IWM -- see above
    $XLE -- This ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- See above
    $IYT -- See above.
    $MDY -- See above.
    $IWM -- You know.
    $QQQ -- You definitely know.

    $TWLO -- Still paying off the shorts.
    $TSLA -- Why would you be fixated on this stock? Don’t think of it as Tesla. Think of it as a ...
  • success: @DAN $BTU $hit $TNX $SPY $DIA $IYT $MDY $IWM $QQQ $TWLO $TSLA $TWTR $FB $DWAC $PFE $BNTX $MRNA $MOS $CENX $BKR $AA $OVV Dan - the mark is 666 . .wrist or forehead . . no economic or any other transaction without it . . hope to watch that show from a different and more favorable position . .
  • issues: @success $BTU $hit $TNX $SPY $DIA $IYT $MDY $IWM $QQQ $TWLO $TSLA $TWTR $FB $DWAC $PFE $BNTX $MRNA $MOS $CENX $BKR $AA $OVV We are totally with you Mr Success! A real high perspective - as in heaven! Right on!!!
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- holding
    $IYT - holding
    $MDY -- weak and in downtrend.
    $IWM-- weak and in downtrend.
    $QQQ -- Weak. Despite the big earnings move of some high profile names, there is still a lot of supply.
    $TSLA -- weekly chart tells you what’s happen ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- channel.
    $IWM -- Reversing
    $QQQ -- failing at 200-day MA
    $COMPQX -- Tired here, and below 200-day MA

    $FB -- Brutal selloff. Down 30% from the highs.
    $SPOT -- Brutal selloff. Might be a good day trade tomorrow.

    Bull Watch:
    $AA -- ...
  • issues: @DAN $SPY $DIA $IWM $QQQ $COMPQX $FB $SPOT $AA $TECK $FCX $BTU $ARCH $AMZN $GOOGL $AMD $ARKK $TSLA $TDOC $ZM $ROKU $COIN $NFLX $BCC Please post the link to hear the podcast. I didn't get it in my email. I went to the SMM Home page and it wasn't there! Just yesterdays.Thanks!
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- Broken. Now trapped in the basement…but holding 34,000.
    $COMPQX -- 14,000 was the line in the sand. Now it looks like $AMZN (down 15% from the 200 dma)...only a bit better (down 6.2% from 200 dma) .
    $QQQ -- Just 17 / 100 stocks are ...
  • BocaRick: $DIA $D30 new high $CRM still going
  • BocaRick: @BocaRick $DIA $D30 $CRM ....new big red bar??
  • Bert953: $DIA and $IWM stalled at 8dEMA, $SPY stalled at 23% fib retracement$QQQ stalled at Monday's high.. There is a big purple crayon note on my $SPY chart that says "whipsaw market"!
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- Same dynamic. Algos go first, impatient money follows…and then algos go the other way.
    $IYT -- the weakest of the bunch. Now decisively below the 200-day MA
    $QQQ: Selling Tech into strength: Still showing a rotation out of tech. Bro ...
  • AdrenalineTrade: $DIA the volume today is mind boggling. If this isn't capitulation day, I will be shocked.
  • jjohn: @AdrenalineTrade $DIA FOMC meeting outcome pending this week. That can be an event for algo selling
  • bigbartabs: $DJI $DIA $UDOW ... well, there it is... Dow down 1000+ points. This is definitely ugly folks. Patience is the word...
  • Mnatale: @bigbartabs $DJI $DIA $UDOW JPOW's phone must be ringing off the hook.
  • bwcarnation1: $DIA $3 away from12/1 low
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Lower Low $QQQ Nothing Good happens under the 200 Day $DIA is DOA. $SMH Heavy Selling $XLK On the way….to the 200 Day. Hey that Rhymes! $IYT Under the 200 Day. $XLU Nowhere to hide. $GLD Still ok good day for partials. $SLV Speed bump at the 200 Day #Bitcoin Nice pop but weak into the close. Gold Miners were Hot yesterday here’s how I would trade these $KL Still above the 50 Day $NEM Still above the 8EMA $GOLD Speed bump at the 200 Day $AEM Same. 200 Day Above $WPM Sloppy $FNV Watch for a weekly reversal at 139 Let’s go through the leaders… $AAPL Under the 50 Day $AMZN over 10% under the 200 Day $DIS Almost 20% under the 200 Day $NVDA Breakdown out of the channel $TSLA Rejection at the 50 Day Just for fun… $PTON If you know you know. $NFLX Bad Earnings.
  • DAN: ...
    $COMPQ -- Unconvincing rebound off 200-day MA.
    $MGY -- Showed this on Tuesday
    $SM -- Tuesday
    $LPI -- Alert $76.00
    $COP -- After Monday…up another 6.5%.

    $CEIX -- Aggressive entry here…but doable ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- 50-day MA rebound
    $IYT -- rebound off 50-day MA
    $NSC -- $277.40 stop. Alert $277.40
    $QQQ -- Rebound and back into the channel.
    $COMPQX -- Rebound off 200-day MA.

    Metals are setting up:
    $TECK -- Active Trade. Still going on volume. C ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- 22/30 stocks are up.
    $KO - at a new high.
    $CAT -- working on the right side. Makes sense that this is moving higher.
    $XLI -- Strong, but look for a bit of resting/selling here.
    $XLB -- 25/27 stocks are up today. Lots are in uptrends. No n ...
  • Pokersmith: @champ #Computerized-trading Had an inkling that it would sell off, especially as I couldn't get any shares of $DIA to sell short ( hedge ). I tried at 1:30 p.m but Fidelity would have none of it. I had to meet with a client so no time to try other hedges. Oh well....man plans...Fidelity laughs 🤷‍♂️
  • Forexpro: @Pokersmith $DIA #Computerized-trading Sorry, Pokersmith, Still, I'm sure that Abby Johnson's family needs the money more than you do ... :-) Have a great evening; we'll get 'em tomorrow (although Abby will likely still get us first).
  • champ: @Pokersmith $DIA #Computerized-trading.....There is a lot of normal ETF's to work, for shorting the markets,...don't even waste the time to do that, with all of these in other balls in play .....$$VXX $UVXY $SQQQ $SDS $FZA....it is better to try, to keep everything as simple as possible.... .....because #simple always-seems to works the best and the easiest, so for me, I always try to take the easy way....I just keep it straight and then that way, I just try to lay-up, for my birdie shot because it seems like I always get an easy putt, that way. .....Fast and easy always seems to Work the best and every-time I try to out-think my next shot, something negative alway seems to happen....especially when the wind is blowing. LOL
  • DrScience: #WalkAwayTrade This is an end of the quarter trade. On the last day of the quarter, the portfolio managers have a tendency to run out of money after marking up stocks earlier. So, by 12:00-1:00ish CST the S&P is susceptible to a decline through the afternoon. Traders look to set up a short position in the early to midafternoon, as the professional money managers walk away, leaving the equities ready for an afternoon fade. As with a lot of trading rules, use your awareness of this tendency in combination with proper chart analysis and a solid trading plan. ---- Yesterday, $SPY, $QQQ, $DIA, and $IWM set up as a preview of exactly what happens when institutional buying dries up into the close. Does lightning strike twice? Happy New Year!
  • bRobert: @DrScience $SPY $QQQ $DIA $IWM #WalkAwayTrade Always great stuff. Health and happiness are the greatest riches . May you be wealthy beyond imagination
  • marklesparkle: @DrScience $SPY $QQQ $DIA $IWM #WalkAwayTrade Thank you @DrScience
  • DAN: Good morning. Futures are flat this morning. As I look at the weekly charts of five of the various indexes ($SPY, $DIA, $IYT, $QQQ and $MDY), things are really shaping up for the next leg higher. The small caps ($IWM) aren't looking so hot and are ...
  • bRobert: @DAN $SPY $DIA $IYT $QQQ $MDY $IWM $FCX $ARCB $NSC $UNP $PTSI $COST $NUE $FB #Crypto $NSC $350/$400 WEEKLY breakout potential targets top of range Pullback bouncers from above $300 look interesting + a tested weekly breakout $IYT $380 target $100 move 36% Top down approach as always
  • DAN: @bRobert $SPY $DIA $IYT $QQQ $MDY $IWM $FCX $ARCB $NSC $UNP $PTSI $COST $NUE $FB #Crypto By the way, @bRobert, I want to give you props for being such a great contributor to the forum. Many, many members follow your posts and take trade ideas that you present. Simply put, you are money. Thanks for being so generous with your wisdom and experience. --Dan
  • Kid2old: @DAN $SPY $DIA $IYT $QQQ $MDY $IWM $FCX $ARCB $NSC $UNP $PTSI $COST $NUE $FB #Crypto I like this format. Makes it easy to find all post together.
  • bRobert: @bRobert $SPY $DIA $IYT $QQQ $MDY $IWM $FCX $ARCB $NSC $UNP $PTSI $COST $NUE $FB #Crypto $FCX WEEKLY breakout retest 100% upside to $80 if it gets an A on the exama
  • Bs7518: @DAN $SPY $DIA $IYT $QQQ $MDY $IWM $FCX $ARCB $NSC $UNP $PTSI $COST $NUE $FB #Crypto @bRobert 100% agree Thank you for a great year.
  • DAN: @Kid2old $SPY $DIA $IYT $QQQ $MDY $IWM $FCX $ARCB $NSC $UNP $PTSI $COST $NUE $FB #Crypto I agree, Kid. We'll be trying a few different things ins 2022. Right now, we're still working on a complete overhaul of both websites. They'll be much faster and more appealing to members, and easier for the contributors to navigate. We'll also be rolling out the crypto subscription, and re-opening Option Market Mentor for new members. @Suz is doing a great job as @Bridget's replacement and I'm comfortable with making it more available to members. Over these past few months, it's felt like we're trying to repair an aircraft while it's still in flight, but I'm really happy with the progress we are making and optimistic about the first quarter of 2022. :-) Dan
  • bRobert: @DAN $SPY $DIA $IYT $QQQ $MDY $IWM $FCX $ARCB $NSC $UNP $PTSI $COST $NUE $FB #Crypto I appreciate your kind words Dan. It’s a pleasure being part of your trading community I’m always trying to improve my craft If I have ever helped another fisherman out, I am more than pleased. Happy holidays to you and yours Robert
  • DAN: @bRobert $SPY $DIA $IYT $QQQ $MDY $IWM $FCX $ARCB $NSC $UNP $PTSI $COST $NUE $FB #Crypto Thanks Rob. You're a helluva fisherman. Let's just hope that you aren't the "Old Man and the Sea." Hate to see a big marlin get eaten by the sharks. LOL
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- also at ATH
    $IYT -- Dow signal at $279.33 (17,039.39 on the index) $IYT Alert $279.33
    $MDY -- Consolidating in a good pattern.
    $QQQ -- Still working ok.
    $IWM -- Trapped below two moving averages. Not where you want to be.
    $SMH -- You could ...
  • Bert953: #Markets $SPY @ ATH, $DIA and $QQQ just under their highs. $IWM testing 50dMA from below, so its the weakest index. They all have declining volume in this holiday shortened weak. so I'm going to identify the exits despite the frisky price action...... Just sayin'
  • Bert953: big divergence between the $DIA vs the $SPY $IWM and $QQQ
  • phgruver: @Bert953 $DIA $SPY $IWM $QQQ They way I see it, they are all essentially flat, through the first 30 min of trading. Volume shows "above average", but that's usually true in the first hour. I made a small add (options) on $SPXL, but I'm not adding more risk until I see some direction.....
  • Bert953: Wellll, now the $DIA is up and the others are showing weakness, if not outright selling. My stops are being hit as they are pretty tight to lock in gains. Im likely done for the day, if not for the week. Happy Holidays everyone.
  • bRobert: @Bert953 $DIA Many over head speed bumps being tested on first kiss eg $QQQ and 20d Just one smooch May need a bit more warming up to clear
  • Mikev200: @Bert953 $DIA Same to you, Merry Christmas.
  • PhilHarmonic: @DAN $GM $SPY $DIA $MDY $IWM $QQQ $T2108 $T2107 $XLP $HSY $STZ $MSFT $F $TSLA $AAPL $NVDA $PKI $DELL $TXN $AMAT $FND $RBLX $SPGI $MRNA $RH $COIN $MP $TGH $MU Hi Dan: I also found the volume to low.
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- at the top...but look at the weekly chart. This is not a broken market.
    $MDY -- weekly chart still looks ok.
    $IWM -- This is not what we want to see. Low volume rally to 200-day MA. This is the only index that is problematic.
    $QQQ -- all ...
  • joelsg1: $DIA Filled the gap from 7-day island reversal, $SPY too but less pronounced, $QQQ never really gapped. Bullish!
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- Same thing -- testing 200-day MA,...but there has been no rebound. The longer the rebound takes, the weaker it is. Is it a Superball or a soggy nerf ball?
    $IWM -- All the same...though this is worse.
    $MDY -- Will the 200-day MA hold? Even ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- 200-day MA rebound. Typical.
    $IYT -- Still a spit show here. Holding the 200- and the 50-day MA...but is this where you want to be?
    $QQQ -- actually, the best of them all. HOlding above the 50-day MA...but still in jail. Not a solid base ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- Testing the 200-day MA
    $IYT -- Testing moving averages...but this is broken. Every single holding (20) is down today. All but one...by more than 1%. 11 more than 2%. So this is a sector under pressure. Don’t buy this!!! 9/20 stoc ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- falling
    $QQQ -- new highs

    $RIOT -- pullback buy.
    $RIVN -- Higher high and low...but we need to see the H > O for any kind of traction.
    $LCID -- Continuation Move.
    $TSLA -- Look at the weekly chart for reference.
    $AAPL -- Really n ...
  • Bert953: #Indices $DIA $QQQ $SPY $IWM all printing lower highs with $IWM being the weakest as its currently printing a bearish engulfing pattern. The 4 indices are still above the 8dMA's however going into the noon-time slump.
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA $QQQ -- all stable after a pullback. More work to be done.
    $MDY -- When mid and small caps are strong, the market is strong.
    $XLP -- Staples are strong.
    $STZ -- popping out of a low squeeze. This could run.
    $XME -- Added to ATL today. En ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA - could move much lower.
    $QQQ -- $TSLA is ok, so the $NDX is ok.
    $TNX -- Inflation is real.
    $XLP -- Staples benefit from inflation b/c they get to charge more.
    $XME -- metals also benefit from inflation. They are at the top of the food chain be ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- All major indices topping today. None of my trades are working today, and that’s a red flag to me.
    $QQQ -- Slightly higher volume.
    $TSLA -- 3 day correction and off the high by 17%. This could fall to $900 and still be ...
  • Wolf: @DAN $TSLA $SPY $DIA $IYT $ARCB $JETS $QQQ $HUT $BOOT $SNOW $NLY $ORC $DEN $TGH $GOOGL $VSTO $ESI $UHAL $SE $ESI reported earnings on 10/27.
  • scottrades: ...
    $DIA New High
    $IWM Conviction out of the base
    $SMH New High
    $IGV High Handle
    $IYR Handle near the highs
    $XRT New High
    $XHB Close to the highs
    $XLF C&H
    $XME Holding the 50 Day
    $URA Big volume near the highs

    #Bitcoin Not making new highs but t ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- Still going along the 8-day MA. Strong market? Note the decline in volume.
    $IYT -- Still going.
    $ARCB -- breakout continues. Reported earnings this morning. Stock still going. Not a good entry here. You are obviously chasing.
    $JETS -- I ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- Weekly chart is in a squeeze.
    $MDY -- Squeeze
    $IWM -- Squeeze

    FANG stocks:
    $FB -- Stable at the 200-day MA. This is dead money now. “Meta won’t matteh’”
    $AAPL -- Didn’t fall much. This could firm up for ano ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- Tightening at this level.
    $MDY -- bullish look to it.
    $IWM -- tight 200- and 50-day MA
    $XME -- Watch these tomorrow.
    $X -- Reported after hours and back above the 50-day MA...STILL in congestion. This isn’t really a “break ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA - status quo.
    $T2107 -- Still a lot of stocks under the 200-day MA...but improving. Market is still heavy.

    Active Trades:
    $TSLA -- Closed Tesla for 44% gain. This was a good swing trade on a monster stock.
    $BOOT -- Took half for 26% gain. I ...
  • DrScience: #Markets On the weekly chart, $SPY is trying to eclipse last weeks' ATH, $DIA is trying to break from an 11-week squeeze, and $IWM is still in consolidation between $210-235. The best performer, however, has been $MDY. At it's ATH, the stock is moving out of a 20-week volatility squeeze.
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- Back to a new high.
    $IYT -- Rails are going strong! Why? Because they don’t need drivers for each car.
    $SNDR -- Will have trouble in California because of legislature/governor with a double digit IQ (combined).
    $MD ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- Look at this on a weekly chart. Looks pretty good to me.
    $QQQ -- Toppy here? This is very short term analysis
    $IWM -- close to popping out. This is a good thing!

    Crypto Madness:
    $BITO -- ETF on Bitcoin futures. Very volatile. This is a ...
  • scottrades: My notes: COTD: While Bitcoin is running Keep your Eyes on $ETHE! $SPY Rebounding nicely, cautious for a re-test. $QQQ Nice the see the Leaders helping out here. $DIA Above the 50 Day. $IWM Still in the channel $TAN Gap out of a Flag. $SMH Above the 50 Day $IGV Software Hitting highs $TSLA Took Partial Profits on a swing. $AAPL Through the 50 Day on volume $AMZN Break out of a slope.. Watch for a back test. $NVDA Working. $NFLX Whippy on Earnings… Watch 641 $MSFT A bit extended. $HUT Whippy but still in trend. $MARA Still strong. $APPS Momentum is slowing. Stopped out of a bit today. Still in a nice uptrend. $SNOW A little extended $U Also a bit extended. $FTNT Out of a base on volume. Look for a PB. $SEDG Pop out of a flag. $SPWR Extended but Watch for a PB $IIPR Watch 248.30
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- clean gap and run...on light volume.
    $IYT -- Starting to run.
    $SAIA -- Trucking/Logistics. This is a good stock. Phase 3 breakout today. 30% growth rate. Breakout year -- 2021
    $KSU -- running...but earnings next Tuesday. Look for good n ...
  • scottrades: My Notes: $SPY Right under the 50 Day. Higher high! $QQQ Some tech leaders are catching a bid $DIA Top of the cluster. $IWM Tightening up $SMH Good volume today. Uptrend continuation or right shoulder? $IGV Software continues to be strong. $XLE Biiiig Cup $QLD Bought some today $NVDA Above the 50 Da on Good Volume $LSCC I mentioned this in the forum, strong close. $AMD Working but extended. $MSFT The Safety of Mister Softee $GOOGL Looks similar to NVDA. $TSLA Hard to add this high, but working well. $F Watch 15.70 $GM Pulled back to the 8EMAs. $UPST Wow. $SNOW Ugly Daily Candle but the intraday looks ok. $APPS Trend is strong. Momentum slowing a bit. $HUT Watch 11.30 $MARA Watch 45.15 $DVN High Handle $DEN Support at 68.70 $EOG High flag.
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- same thing.
    $QQQ -- Same pattern. Stabilization does not mean “opportunity.”
    $JETS -- Decent numbers from $DAL...but fuel costs are the issue (and they’re not going down...no matter how many times Grandma Janet and Jerome ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- Also still in correction mode.
    $QQQ -- still in correction mode.
    $MTUM -- thin...but I look at it.
    $IPO -- thin...but I look at it.

    Active Trades:

    $ORC -- Basis 5.05 Stop $4.80. This yields 15.5%, so it's the sister of Annaly Capital ($NL ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- Not quite the same as $SPY. It’s in a box between $340-$350
    $QQQ -- Right at the ceiling.
    $T2108 (% above 40 dma)
    $T2107 (% above 200 dma)
    $T2100 -- A/D line is stabilizing
    $FFTY -- a good barometer for the market environment.
    $IPO -- ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- squeezing on the weekly chart.
    $QQQ -- Moving into the supply zone.
    COVID stocks have the flu:
    $MRK -- holding the gap. Pill for treating symptoms has MRK holding the gap.
    $MRNA -- falling off the 50-day MA. Doesn’t want to waive pat ...
  • scottrades: My Notes: $SPY Nice green on the screen. 425 Support. $QQQ Firming up but still under the MAs $DIA nice volume. Higher lows. $SMH Holding the 200 Day $IYT Consolidation around the MAs $IGV Nice setups in Software. $XLF Flag $GLD / $SLV Trying to firm up. #Bitcoin / #Ethereum Uptober! $SNOW New addition to ATL. Software stocks are strong. $UPST Good volume, peep the slope. $AAPL Potential retest of the breakout zone $APPS Bought small into the close. Watch 76.70 $FIGS Needs a break up on volume. $COOP Support at the 21 EMA $HUT Downside reversal. Great day to take some off but maybe not everything. $MARA Upside no-mans land. $SI Wild Swings $RMNI Software stock with Great weekly volume. New Blue Dot Special $BILL Close to the Coiled MAs. $DOCS Power through the 50 Day. Look for a PB to support. $PANW Watch 490 $U Trying to firm up
  • Hedged1: @scottrades It seems like do or die for $QQQ $DIA $SPY right here. It's looking like possible head and shoulders, possibly breaking the long term upward trend for equities.
  • bRobert: @Hedged1 $QQQ $DIA $SPY Short term caution is more than warranted I am still optimistic with a long term WEEKLY view We have been here many times Trade your time frame Watch and react
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- still in jail.
    $MDY -- jailbird
    $IWM -- cellmate
    $QQQ -- Holding 50-day MA
    $XLE -- Starting a move?

    Active Trades:

    $AAPL -- Up 13.4%. Holding up ok, but not an outperformer.
    $ALGN -- Up 11.5%. Nothing to do. New stop at $698. Alert $69 ...
  • wanda1616: $DIA $SPY $QQQ if all maintain pre market levels they are poised to retake the 8 EMA. this is a critical level
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- Rebound off 150 MA
    $IWM -- small and midcap stocks rally when the money is cheap.
    $MDY -- Nice move off the 200 day MA
    $QQQ -- Still bumping up against the 50-day MA...but printed a higher low vs. August and July lows.

    Active Trade List: W ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DIA -- gap and fail.
    $IWM - weak
    $MDY - weak
    $QQQ -- like $SPY

    Active Trade List:
    $SNAP -- Adding Snap to the Active Trade List. Squeezing here. Try a stop below $70...at $69.50. Alert $69.50 and $77.90.
    $IPO - Squeezing here. Just hol ...
  • traderbren: #Gaps -- look for gaps to be filled on the downside - $QQQ - 368.14 $DIA 339 $IWM 216 $SPY 435.72 This will leave gaps to the upside that will be filled in time, but there's no rush to get out of the fox hole. Sit on your hands until its safe to venture back out into the open.
  • jsdpie:
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