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  • sbw1: $DG might break out
  • Spearchucker53: $DG This inflation business may have some people getting spooked a bit but take a look at $DG jumping out of a tight squeeze.
  • sbw1: @Spearchucker53 $DG there is also a gap from 8/31 it is starting to fill
  • GOOSE: $DG BTO STOCK @ 141.68
  • champ: ...
    ....$DG will be reporting on 3/14.........
    All 4 will be reporting their #Holiday-Season sales numbers.....
    .....and as we can see $OLLI will be reporting last, so they will be moving off of these other 3, however like I have been posting $OLLI, rep ...
  • champ: A little more Info......$OLLI...this #lagger is HOD but still dancing around, #zigzagging and this Retailer doesn't even report until 3/20, this Retailer needs patience and it will reward nicely, is my guess......however I'm expecting real #nice-guidance, off of their #Holiday-Sales....with 24 new locations...... ....I'm still Holding and Building, this is an #Investment-position. ....$DG $DLTR $FIVE, these are Discount-retailers, that are in this same sector, all basically have the same type of stores, however $OLLI offers the larger discounts, that they get from the manufacture......this #Growth-Stock is going to take a little more time, could see all of their upgrades, off of their last record setting Q3 earnings report, is what the company said, on 12/6, see all of that Info that they reported....see their #earnings-transcript.
  • champ: $OLLI....nice #Green stairs on the 5-minute, on this Discount-store, this is a lagger....look at all of their upgrades.......... ....and this sector had another upgrade this morning, $DG, however $OLLI is the low risk #Lagger...... ....Retail Sales report in the morning...... ~~~~Don't be #late on your stock targets.........
  • champ: $OLLI...$75, #Top-pick, in the Discount store sector... because it is a huge lagger, see their last earnings report...... ....these are others....$DG $DLTR $FIVE.
  • champ: ...
    ...... $DG, $DLTR, $FIVE and others.........

    And on Boot Barn, Riley Securities came out on 11/21....with a Buy rating and also a price target at $92.....
    Boot Barn... sales clothing wear for workers, who want to dress-well and to also dress warm, ...
  • billyzeke: @champ $OLLI $BOOT $DG $DLTR $FIVE $JPM #Discount-Retailer #Strong-guidance #Discounts #new-Retail-sales-numbers #Adobe #News #Set-up #niche-retailer #No-other #see #employee #opened #lagger #before I can confirm that both of these stores are always packed here in VA, and that my college age son and most of his friends are big into the western wear right now.
  • champ: @billyzeke $OLLI $BOOT $DG $DLTR $FIVE $JPM #Discount-Retailer #Strong-guidance #Discounts #new-Retail-sales-numbers #Adobe #News #Set-up #niche-retailer .................thats good to know, #Thanks.... because I only know about the $BOOT location in Salinas, is really swapped....and I will be checking it again.... today and Saturday, when I drive-by, I will stop and go inside for a look, it only takes a few minutes and I did the same-thing last year.... .....and I caught a real nice move, around $40K.
  • champ: $DG $DLTR $FIVE all of these discount stores are down today, NP's.
  • champ: @Onthemark .....$OLLI ...Yes I'm still holding and I''m building today, not a good move Yet because of $DG today and $DG drop gives Investors a chance to build-up a nice position in $OLLI....and it looks like around $71 is support..... ....and I will be holding my #Core $OLLI position for as long as it takes, to go up.. to around $95....however I also build-up a large #Trading-position. ....I see you dropped your post....however this is what I'm doing with $OLLI.....because I have a huge Working-capitol-$$$$/position to work with. Good Luck!
  • champ: $OLLI...HOD at $73....this is a #Lagger and this is a New position for me this morning and they will be reporting their earnings on 12/6/before......and these are in the same sector.....$FIVE $DG $DLTR.
  • Onthemark: @champ $OLLI $FIVE $DG $DLTR #Lagger Thanks for pointing out. Took a starter now at 73.10.
  • champ: @Onthemark $OLLI $FIVE $DG $DLTR #Lagger... Now we will see if Insiders and Employees start taking positions and that could happen next week on Monday.......and with #3-full-trading-days-left, before they report their earnings, could see a real nice move........however still a little early....but if a move happens, need to be holding a position........ ....and this is exactly what a Low-risk entry looks like. Good Luck!
  • champ: $DG might follow $DLTR, however $FIVE is up too bat and he might spike-out.
  • champ: News mover....$ HOD, small/chasing position at $111.60, only 50 shares.
  • champ: $MS $BAC $ORLY $DG ....I moved off of these positions because of the $ not really working.
  • traderbren: #Consumer - just took a look at $TGT, $DG $DLTR, $M, $MCD -- yikes! Says a lot about the consumer -- versus $TJX, $WMT, $COST
  • vitoB: $CHWY squeezing, $DG and $OKTA 59ers
  • Zimzala: $DG Working.
  • Roadrunner: $DG pushing on the 50 day
  • Roadrunner: $DG is 5 over 13 59 min trade.
  • lauralynnee: @Roadrunner $DG Nice call on this, thanks for the heads up!
  • sagsworth: @Dan, are you seeing a 59er on $DG?
  • woodman: @vcondry $COST $BJ - The "discount stores" are down today, some quite a bit. $BJ $COST $BIG $DG
  • stairm01: $BIG $DG $KR All report earnings before the open tomorrow.
  • champ: @stairm01 $BIG $DG $KR....these are different types of Retailers....and they will be pointing out the over all Retail sales for Investors....and I'm also currently watching these....NP's.
  • DAN: ...
    Dollar General ($DG): This stock has been trending sideways for several months but has recently broken out above $240 and now forming a "handle" pattern in a really flat Cup & Handle formation that goes back to July. Resistance is at ...
  • Jazman0013: @DAN $DG $BBY $DKS $ETSY $AMZN Retail observations from the weekend. From the Northern NJ area of Rockaway on Friday it was rather tepid traffic. Met some friends and dreaded the ride. However, traffic wasn’t there. Buddy went to Dicks Sporting goods and mentioned no crowd. I had to go to Costco later and it was also lighter than expected by far. Saturday necessitated a trip to Walmart. Also light. Sunday’s trip to visit family passed Middletown mall, Nanuet Mall and the Woodbury Commons outlet malls in NY. No heavy traffic aside from that heading towards 95. Perhaps people are doing more online shopping. My friend who went to Dicks thought most people are shopping online. Anecdotal for the Black Friday weekend but I found it disturbing. Hopefully it was busier than it looked
  • AboveWater: @DAN $DG $BBY $DKS $ETSY $AMZN - Morning training - could you send out the link again - please??
  • scottrades: $DG likely reacting to $DLTR Earnings.
  • vcondry: $DG great day along with the market...never thought when I was younger I would fathom investing in Dollar General lol.
  • Angdionk: $DG consolidating nicely. $BKE $BOX $PLL above major MA's. $INDI trying to move above 50DMA
  • Angdionk: $DG $PANW $PLL all trading near their major MA's $RMBS moving out of a squeeze i posted last week
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY/$QQQ the bounce is on $UUP Around the 21 EMA $XLE Back above the 650 Day $TAN Running into the MAs $GDX Great volume $TSLA Watch for underperformance $TWTR Congrats Longs $FSLR Sold Half $ENPH Downside reversal $MAXN Closed near the lows $SHLA at the 50 Day $DV Working, tight action $WWE Chart of the Day $DG Basing $LTHM Watch 32.60 $REGN Extended but working $VRTX Working $SRPT Watch 113.70 $PRVA Support at the 100 EMA $ALB Back above the MAs
  • jpoko13: $DLTR $DG thriving in this tape
  • Docoof: @jpoko13 $DLTR $DG —$BJ is ok too.
  • traderbren: $DG - providing a nice 59min. Let's see if there's more gas in the tank to clear the 50d.
  • traderbren: $DG - looking to be priming the pump ahead of earnings on the 25th.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY/$QQQ Another CPI Report coming tomorrow $UUP / $DXY Tight along the 8/21 EMAs $TNX Watch this to react tomorrow. $TLT Same $ARKK Rest Day $IGV Rest Day $TAN Solar still working $AAPL Good strength today $AMZN Hard to buy here $MSFT Higher Base $ON Sold this. $CDNS Watch 187.50 $BJ Out of this now $DLTR Another Discount Store $DG Still in an uptrend. $LTM Watch 435 $RTX Still watching $SEDG Nice move off the 50/200 Day $CSIQ Earnings coming up $JKS China Solar $DQ Up day $ENPH Leading $BMY Watch for a bit of a base $CNC Moving today $SNPS Near the 52 Week Highs $CEIX Coal stock setting back up $DINO Oil & Gas $FLNG Clear Resistance $AR Mentioned in the forum $CLR Flag
  • scottrades: $DG Close to a breakout. Needs some volume. Earnings August 25
  • scottrades: ...
    $DG Another discount store, in an uptrend. Watch 255
    $SHLS Mentioned for the Chart of the Day. Opening higher, watch for a tighter entry.
    $DQ Holding the 50 Day. Watch 67.90
    $HXL Flagging.

    I had some requests for another midday Huddle today, but ...
  • saber65t: @scottrades $SPY $RTX $BJ $DG $SHLS $DQ $HXL Good morning. may I ask how are you handling your position on $ON?
  • scottrades: $DG Strong into the close. Looks actionable with a stop at the 21 EMA
  • mopick: @scottrades $DG, weak volume though.
  • scottrades: @mopick $DG Daily weak. Hourly strong.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Working $QQQ Working $IWM Working $DIA Working $UUP New Low $GLD Trying to rebound. TNX New Low $SMH Working but extended $XHB Working but extended $IGV Watch 296.10 $TAN Power Move $ARKK Bottom of the wedge $URA Holding $GBTC Down on a Tech Up Day. $AMZN Holding the Gap $AAPL Above the 200 Day $TSLA Power Move $GOOGL Working $MSFT Extended $NVDA Flag $AMD Stronger $TXN Through the 200 Day $ON Earnings Monday $MU Low Flag $MRVL MAs curling $PLTR Bought and added today $FNKO Working Warnings Thursday $CPB Soup’s on! $KO MAs are curling up $JKS Sitting on the 8/21 EMA $SNPS Mentioned this week. $DG Holding the 8/21 EMA
  • champ: $AMZN.....and these are others that are working, I'm also holding $COST....and $BJ....all are zig-zagging......and I have NP's in $WMT $DG $DLTR $GO or $OLLI.
  • Cjauger: $DG holding up well
  • traderbren: $DG - weekly set up looks constructive here....or you might consider starting a position at the 8 ema if we get a pull back.
  • bRobert: @traderbren $DG WEEKLY is LONG sloppy sideways consolidation Not really bullish until breaking out Still a lower high Daily reversal base $260 + potential $250 interim np
  • Cjauger: $DG $COST both breaking out of a base
  • Cjauger: @scottrades thoughts on $DG?
  • champ: $BJ $COST $GO $DG $DLTR $AMZN $TGT $WMT ...this sector is on the move.
  • scottrades: @Cjauger $DG Nice move off the 50 Day but wish the volume was higher.
  • Cjauger: @scottrades $DG I noticed that. thank you
  • champ: @champ $BJ $COST $GO $DG $DLTR $AMZN $TGT $WMT.....Watch because these these stocks might be nice Inflation plays and they will Also past thought price increases....however #discount-retailers, will always draw the most shoppers.....could line these stocks-up and see which one will outperform, off of these #current price levels....and for me, I don't really care what happened in the past, I already know that.... along with all investors, we only care about the future....and all Investors will be looking for new Entries and or Add-ons....and so will I. However for now, my only swing-position in this sub-sector, is $BJ, at $60.10...up 3.71%. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • traderbren: $DG $DLTR - will likely close upside gaps and reverse. NP
  • Cjauger: $DLTR and $DG Fell in sympathy to $TGT and $WMT they report on the 26th. Both are 3 standard deviations on Bollinger bands
  • bRobert: @Cjauger $DLTR $DG $TGT $WMT Technical snap backs are due Not my trade I'm mostly a trend trader not a counter puncher Good luck
  • Cjauger: @bRobert $DLTR $DG $TGT $WMT thank you
  • Cjauger: @Cjauger $DLTR $DG $TGT $WMT Thoughts on inverse $SH, SQQQ? Airlines $UAL, $DAL seating right at the 50
  • Cjauger: $DG and $SQM flagging on the minute chart , tight price action
  • Cjauger: $DG at new HOD
  • champ: $DJIA....strong move in the last 10 minutes...200 points...but will it hold, now falling back and both $DLTH $DG...did that happy dance...however they also fell back.
  • wanda1616: @Pokersmith $XLP $WMT $COST #Retailswoon see $DG $DLTR !!
  • Pokersmith: @wanda1616 $XLP $WMT $COST $DG $DLTR #Retailswoon This is no small thing. Reverberates through the entire economy. Easy to connect the dots.
  • wanda1616: @Pokersmith $XLP $WMT $COST $DG $DLTR #Retailswoon $TJX swimming upstream
  • Pokersmith: @wanda1616 $XLP $WMT $COST $DG $DLTR $TJX #Retailswoon certainly is...impressive....but for how long...exhaustion will set in, imho
  • bRobert: $DDS Short rewarded This one has been stalked for a while Profits were harvested on last down draft FAILED BOUNCES in stocks with BEARISH weekly charts MANY in the space If the generals are being shot $COST 5 star, $TGT $WMT $DG $DLTR waht chance does the rest have I posted my bearishness on ALL these BEFORE they dropped and had made yellow flag BEARISH DIVERGENCES They were extended and ripe $XRT H&S top WEEKLY rolling over badly
  • bRobert: @bRobert $DDS $COST $TGT $WMT $DG $DLTR $XRT $DDS profits taken 20w bounce M top measures to $220 FAILED BOUNCES TO SHORT A drop below the 20w and this one will follow $M route 50w test then out the bottom of the band with a drop below
  • wanda1616: @traderbren $IBM taking out everything $TJX $DLTR $DG had held up well til now
  • bRobert: $HD losing steam. H&S. top. $280/$260 potential A. move. above. the. 50d ceilings. changes things up $340. target. so. Cover. stops. $NAIL. GREEN. to. RED. $22. potential. with move. below $35. Housing bueno $COST. In this environment generals are being. clobbered. Is. your choice in the space . better? I posted that I am bearish retail and expected the best of breed. to come in ALL have. $DG. $TGT. $WMT. $DLTR. I am. SHORT. $M. from above. $22. to. $10. targets. can end up being . a huge. trade
  • wanda1616: @natural $COST many leaders failing now $ORLY $AZO (on back of orly earnings) $COST even $DG and $DLTR
  • bRobert: $XRT. Daily move. >. 20/50d. $82+. target. 1 $92 . potential IF. >. $82.5. neckline . Reversal base 200d. speed. bump on route Generals $COST. $WMT $DG $DLTR. $TGT. $260 target 1 $300 . WEEKLY breakout potential $DDS on the move. $400 . potential Shorts
  • wanda1616: $DLTR $DG new highs all around.
  • bRobert: $DDS 20d. bounce. TRADE. 4% move to top of range. =. profits zone and or raised stops $TGT. Reversal base. $245/$285. with move. >. 200d $COST.General. bounce Caution with recent spike high $470 long term $WMT. WEEKLY flag. $165/$170 $DG. $260/$280. EXTENDED Cup base. breakout $DLTR. $200. Easy cruising $LULU. Break above. 200d. Reversal trigger CRYSTAL CLEAR SET UP $450. $600 potential long term Speed. bump. just above. at $400 Pb bounces
  • bRobert: $XRT H&S top daily $68 Under the 20/50d ceilings WEEKLY 200W potential SELECT retailers have been doing well eg $COST $WMT $DG $DLTR .....$TGT $260+ potential with move > 200d ceiling Short $CROX 200W target $RH $250 potential
  • bRobert: @wanda1616 $DLTR $DLTR $DG $COST $WMT $TGT coming up the rear Now > 20/50w Reversal base Old high with move above ceiling $260 target 1 /$300+ weekly breakout potential $LULU $375 with flag trigger > 200d
  • bRobert: $LULU watching for. move. >. 200d. Np. Reversal base potential $WMT. nh. EXTENDED $175. potential. longer. Not straight up $COST. WEEKLY breakout. nh. $670. weekly target posted. a while ago 5 star General $DG. nh. $300 potential after a rest $DLTR. Daily high base. Extended. shallow cup $200
  • bRobert: @Cjauger #TGT Speed. bump territory but. setting up well for a breakout move > 200d. and. $265. potential Reversal base. np $WMT. $COST. $DG $DLTR. on the attack
  • Cjauger: @bRobert $WMT $COST $DG $DLTR #TGT yes, cant add to $COST here, initiated $TGT POSITION
  • bRobert: @Cjauger $WMT $COST $DG $DLTR $TGT #TGT You will be. able to build in scales Pb. bounces. above the 200d
  • bRobert: $XRT $M $DDS $BOOT $CROX WEEKLY shows the trouble in retail and breakdown POTENTIAL Exceptions..... $LULU Great earnings pop Under 200d ceiling Could come in and retest the breakout with a small H&S top here Get above the 200d and all is good $COST general zig zag higher $600/$670 potential Strong weekly base $WMT pop to nh WEEKLY base breakout $175 Pullbacks $DG Cup base $270 potential $DLTR WEEKLY base $175/$200 potential;
  • wanda1616: @champ $AMZN $BJ $TGT $COST $DG as well. yahoo.
  • wanda1616: $DG $ACN great earnings by the look of things. both up bigly. PM at least
  • wanda1616: #EARNINGS tomorrow $ACN $FDX $DG
  • champ: $DG $SIG $CMC....these stock will be reporting earnings this week...
  • champ: $DG ...might have an earnings beat...$DLTR reported a earnings beat, by $0.24...and is up +$11 since they reported on 3/2 ...could see their ER-report.
  • traderbren: $DG - working on chewing through the upside to fill the gap at 222.73
  • Jazman0013: $DG still dropping. Most my holdings red. Happy to be heavy in cash.
  • Jazman0013: $DG pulled back to the 50 ema. Look for confirmation bounce. Doubt it is buyable yet. Watching.
  • bRobert: $BIG Daily reversal base Early WEEKLY pinch with move > 20WEEK $60 - $70 potential $100 with WEEKLY breakout Baby steps Bargain store moves in $DG and $DLTR to top of ranges
  • Jazman0013: @champ $F $DG $AAPL as long as you don’t leave food about we are okay up here. People have their cars or garage doors ruined for leaving food about. Seldom see raccoon or opposum, more skunk and fox. Bobcats are seldom. Too many coyote. I always carry a sidearm. I’m not too worried about the animals. More the problem people. Even so I don’t expect to have to ever use it. You can forget calling the police. You may not have service and they don’t get to you for well over and hour.
  • roddog101: Anyone taking a stab at $DG trading near the 200 day?
  • RM: @Jazman0013 $F $DG $AAPL I live in Tacoma, Washington near Pudget Sound. My backyard fronts the Chambers creek wilderness area, which is an urban wildlife sanctuary. We have our urban coyotes that come up to feed on the urban cats, small dogs as well as racoons etc. Coyotes adapt well to living around people. I could bag a deer with a baseball bat, there are so many of them and they are oblivious to humans presence. Black bear and cougars are quite common, but mostly east of I-5 which acts as a natural north-south barrier. On occasion one will wander over in our area which creats quite a stir.
  • Jazman0013: $F and $DG… only two green at the end of the day. Even $AAPL finally took a hit. Nice run in it. May go further. Glad I sold off my calls and some common. If we get a decent open tomorrow I will likely be looking to add to hedges and fade it. See what pitch comes in and whether to swing or take a ball…
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Stock Price $142.13
Change -3.04%
Volume 2,743,840

Dollar General Corporation is a discount retailer in the United States, which offers a selection of merchandise, including consumables, seasonal, home products and apparel.

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