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DEN Weekly Chart

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  • scottrades: Buying some $DEN into the close. Small
  • scottrades: @scottrades $DEN Filled at 96.38
  • traderdl: $XOM $DEN takeover speculation
  • traderbren: #Weekly -- some potential Weekly set ups to keep an eye on: $NBIX $DINO $ALB $BJ $CCRN $CLH $DEN $FLNG $VRTX $DCP $WWE - no positions in any at this time.
  • vitoB: If bonds and dollar slow down or reverse. First tickers that come to mind are some energy and commodities tickers, lithium specifically, with some relative strength. $LTHM $ALB $VET $DEN $EQT $LNG Any on others watch list?
  • vitoB: @vitoB $LTHM $ALB $VET $DEN $EQT $LNG well $LTHM just told me to take it off the list for today
  • vitoB: @vitoB $LTHM $ALB $VET $DEN $EQT $LNG looks like gold miners should have been where to look.
  • issues: @champ $DVN $DEN has been the best. We sold it several days ago. NP
  • champ: @issues $DVN....for me this is a Hold and Built ...swing Investment position. On $DEN ...NP and it never hurts to take profits,..... Good Work!
  • arthur: $den up $6.75 today anyone know why
  • vitoB: $DEN first to go green on a turn. dollar lower play also. still long $CPE too. lokin at $LPI HOD...i'll take some $LPI dtrade
  • DAN: ...
    $DEN -- still messy. Stop at $72.25
    $POSH -- still in base. Alert $15
    $MNDY -- early in base. Alert $165
    $PLTR -- Stop $11.90. Alert $14.50
    $DOCS -- Alert $53
    $MYTE -- Alert $13.25
    $LZ -- Alert $15.40
    $AAN -- Alert $23.20
    $TASK -- Stop $34.
    $I ...
  • Angdionk: $DEN trying to bounce off 50 and 200dma
  • MongosPawn: $DEN Relative strength rating upgraded from 85 to 92 10 days ago. Continues to run on strong volume. Extended.
  • issues: @MongosPawn $DEN Thank you Mongos. I missed that one. WOW What a huge elevator up. Will buy small on Mon morning.
  • vitoB: $DEN $CPE $SM clawed back to green , $DEN was fastest. pointed out before there is a good amount of short interest as of last week in $CPE. all this with oil down 6%, in $CPE
  • DAN: ...
    $DEN -- holding 200-day MA. Still has a right side to build…and has to work out the Jan 5th gap and crap.
    $TGH -- Holding moving averages. But still not in a squeeze at all. Needs a LOT of time.
    $AAPL -- What happens on Monday?
    $MS -- Sett ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DEN -- Pullback to 200-day MA and still in a 7 month base.

  • DAN: ...

    $CEIX -- Aggressive entry here…but doable. Alert $26.15
    $MP -- lesson -- waiting for the pullback to test the 50-day MA. Still want to buy? Maybe…or not.

    $XME -- Still setting up.

    Active Trades:
    $ARKKLOL ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DEN -- Looking good here, with stop below yesterday’s low.
    $SM -- Alert $36
    $MGY -- setting up nicely. Look for breakout above 21.30 on above-average volume, with a stop around $19.10. Alert $21.30
    $CPE -- Same setup at $MGY, though a littl ...
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Bumping up against the resistance zone. Search for RS. $QQQ Watching 401 $SMH Choppy under resistance. $IYT Transports still above the 50 Day. $XLP Holding up well. $GDX Back under all the MAs. #Bitcoin / #Ethereum Still in consolidation on the weekly. We might be here a while… know your time frame. $AAPL Looking tired. $NVDA Out. $TSLA At the 50 Day. $PEP In trend along the 8EMA $BROS Attempting a Daily Trend Change $CROX Drifting down around the 50 Day $REGN Mentioned in the forum. $JBHT Resistance at 200 $NMRK Reit along the 50 Day $ACN In an uptrend. $PRFT above all the MAs. $DEN Above the MAs
  • DAN: We were stopped out of the remaining position in $HUT this morning at 11.45. We previously sold half at 15.20 for a 43% gain from the 10.65 entry. With the stock down below the 50-day moving average, this is a stock that I would not want to own now ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DEN -- The cost basis on DEN is 76.60. We sold half on a stop at 84.60 and have been holding the rest hoping for a quick rebound. That's not happening and the stock has broken through the current stop of 76.60. This is a profitable trade and I s ...
  • bugpack28: Look at the beautiful downward handle on $DEN . It is actually beautiful. Watch for the break of the trendline.
  • JosephM: @bugpack28 $DEN looks interesting. But where's the beef? volume.
  • bugpack28: @JosephM $DEN No Beef, no volume quite yet. Watch and wait. Just noting a super cool chart
  • DAN: Several active trades were stopped out over the past few trading days. This is a very choppy and dangerous environment. Risk is high, reward is low. Excitement does not equal profit. Don't give it back. Squirrel it away and deploy it in a more fav ...
  • Momentariness: @DAN $DEN $NUE $ORC $SNOW $TAN $BOOT $GOOGL $HUT $SHOP $XPEV $ZIM Have you ever put a short position on the active trade list? You mentioned that $TEAM looked like a possible short during yesterday's trading/study session and that worked out well today for me. Thanks.
  • DAN: @Momentariness $DEN $NUE $ORC $SNOW $TAN $BOOT $GOOGL $HUT $SHOP $XPEV $ZIM $TEAM I haven't put one on the ATL. I'll typically just do what I did with $TEAM. Point it out and let members decide.
  • DAN: ...
    The following stocks were stopped out and removed from the ATL: $DEN $NUE $ORC $SNOW $TAN

    Here are my notes for all of the stocks:

    $BOOT -- You should be taking profits by now. Uptrend still good….but you should be taking profits. Don&rsqu ...
  • DAN: Good morning. Stocks are up in pre-market trading after an obvious trading bottom on Friday. (I covered this pretty extensively in Friday's video -- the VIX had spiked above 28 and nearly hit 30. That's a pretty reliable indicator that the fear is ...
  • Bert953: $DEN gapped down, but looks to be holding support trendline from 8/23. Watching.... long Jan & April call spreads that are underwater.
  • bRobert: @Bert953 $DEN High probability of going lower. H&S. top. daily. triggered below the 50d. retest of. 50d. from below Expecting a. failed. bounce and a potential $67.5 - $70.
  • Mstr_Kief: @bRobert should I exit my $DEN position? Pretty much break even on this trade.
  • bRobert: @Mstr_Kief $DEN I would. You can always. get back in. could test the 20W Stops should have. given you some partial profits
  • DAN: ...
    $DEN -- 76.50 is the stop...this is holding the 50-day MA...but volume is pretty high. Be careful with this one. Took partial profits at 84.60. Don’t ride this down if it falls below $78.
    $NUE -- Not acting that great here, but the floor is ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DEN -- earlier partial stop at 84.60 hit, but loose stop is right at the entry of 76.50
    $HUT -- Took partial profits at ~$16. Stock is now starting to test the 50-day MA. Entry was 10.65. Don’t let it fall below the 50-day MA. And skittish ...
  • DAN: Active Trade List Update:

    $BOOT - Still has its climbing boots on. Tight -- 108.50. Loose 101.95. Tightest: 116.40

    $HUT -- stopped out of the tightest stop at 14.30. $HUT is starting to climb back and you might consider just buying back what was ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DEN -- Basis 76.60. Partial stop 84.60 (stopped out). Long term stop at entry. 76.50
    $BOOT -- Basis 79.96. Stop 108.50. Looser stop 101.95.

    $ETSY -- Really nice move higher. Hard to buy right here...but the stock does have good ups ...
  • Nepenthe: @DAN $TSLA $MSFT $AAPL $HUT $RCL Dan, if I'm not mistaken, didn't we get shaken out of $PGNY and a partial on $DEN? Cheers.
  • DAN: @Nepenthe $TSLA $MSFT $AAPL $HUT $RCL $PGNY $DEN Yes on both. Forgot to mention $PGNY. I'm going to make the necessary changes on the page so that it's accurate.
  • Nepenthe: @DAN $TSLA $MSFT $AAPL $HUT $RCL $PGNY $DEN No problem. Know you're busy. Had it under control. Did buy some $PGNY back, and keeping a partial on $DEN. Cheers.
  • DAN: @Nepenthe $TSLA $MSFT $AAPL $HUT $RCL $PGNY $DEN 8-)
  • DAN: ...
    $DEN -- holding ½
    $VSTO -- Stopped yesterday at 43.40. Today's Low was 43.08, which “might” be the bottom, but strong breakouts don’t pull back 10% in four consecutive days.
    $XME -- Metals are starting to break out of a six ...
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $DEN Denbury Inc.. Click here to view associated video clip:
  • DAN: ...
    $TSLA -- 3 day correction and off the high by 17%. This could fall to $900 and still be in an uptrend. “Blow Off top.” Why the selloff (other than the stock being very extended)? This is what we’ve become: “TSLA stock fell ...
  • bRobert: $MRO nh $22 target Monster WEEKLY base $DEN WEEKLY C&H high base $120/$150 np $MTDR $80 WEEKLY target LOng $GUSH $130 soon $200 longer Long trading around a core $XOP $120/$150 LEAPS
  • bRobert: @issues $MTDR $DEN $CVX $CPE #don They all work $CPE has high targets $100+ Close to 70% $MTDR $70 60% $XOP $150 40%
  • issues: @bRobert #don Good points Dr bRobert. Is the "b" for Bob? I was wondering, with all your great points, what sector in oil do you favor the most? Oil exploration is a good IBD industry as well as Semi conductors. We are holding quite a few oil names like $MTDR $DEN $CVX etc. The only oil stock I see in the IBD 50 this week is $CPE. CPE is in IBD group 4 Oil Exploration along with $DEN $EOG $DVN $AR and $FANG. COMPUTER SFTWR-SECURITY GROUP is number 17 on IBD, includes $EBIX $TTGT $NET $AMPL... Retail is group 3 with $DDS, $M $KSS JWN $ASAI $JWEL What are you holding recently?
  • issues: @bRobert $MTDR $DEN $CVX $CPE $XOP #don Thank you Doc. We are holding the same ones!! Hurray! Yippie! Let's go! Giddy up!
  • DAN: ...
    $HUT -- short term stop hit. Remember...I suggest holding some of this over earnings if you have a weekly chart tendency.
    $SNOW -- up 20%. Need to protect this type of gain with a partial stop. (Selling all at once means that you’re picking ...
  • wanda1616: $DEN beats on eps and rev. zero response so far
  • debeers: @wanda1616 $DEN -so odd, i have looked everywhere and i see nothing.
  • wanda1616: @debeers $DEN look on finviz there are links to the reports
  • scottrades: Some Oil and Gas stocks are working... $DEN still working well here. $DVN closed weak but held the 8EMA. $CPE trying to break out but a bit extended.
  • woodman: @scottrades $DEN $DVN $CPE - I held a small position in CPE over its report. Haven't added. I agree it's a bit extended as it hits up against top of the range.
  • nathan09: @scottrades $DEN $DVN $CPE $CNQ also high base/ reported this morning
  • DAN: Some notes on some of our Active Trades:

    $GS -- stopped out at 407.90 for a 4% loss. This was a good trade because of minimal risk. Falling back to 50-day MA...but is this one to buy now, or can you find something more attractive?

    $GOOGL -- Worki ...
  • Wolf: @DAN $TSLA $SPY $DIA $IYT $ARCB $JETS $QQQ $HUT $BOOT $SNOW $NLY $ORC $DEN $TGH $GOOGL $VSTO $ESI $UHAL $SE $ESI reported earnings on 10/27.
  • scottrades: ...
    Keep and eye on $UPST, $SE, $ABNB and some Oil and Gas stocks like $FANG and $DEN. I also noticed that $XLF is in a High Handle. Some major banks are flagging a bit like $BAC, $GS and $JPM.

    That’s all I got for you this morning, let’s g ...
  • Firemedic: @scottrades $TSLA $COIN $MARA $HUT $SI $HIVE $MSTR $UPST $SE $ABNB $FANG $DEN $XLF $BAC $GS $JPM #Crypto Your Swing trading course should come in handy on my crypto miners. Got my entries . Now to the daily management using hourly and daily.
  • Auto: $TSLA filling gap added $SBUX filling gap added $DEN added $BBBY short from the top rinse and repeat
  • DAN: ...
    $DEN -- EARNINGS THURSDAY. Up 14%. A $100 price would be a complete measured move. Look for that as a target, but protect some profits. Current stop is at 76.50. That’s a decline of more than 12% from current levels, which is just too much ...
  • JosephM: $DEN...practicing staggered stops. Sold a little on the lod break. Will look to buy it back lower.
  • Ajax4Hire: @JosephM $DEN For me, just moved up Stop-Loss to: Redline=$81.91,$DEN Bought $DEN beginning of 2021-10Oct but then shook-out on Wed,Oct13 drop below 50day-MA. Restarted position day after but irritation already done. Saving Grace: Stop-Loss/Redline is above my Basis:)
  • JosephM: @Ajax4Hire $DEN using $79.27 for a stop loss.
  • Ajax4Hire: @JosephM $DEN My basis is $80(again with much irritation) Redline at just below $82 psychological limit Did not want to turn into a loss. Entry is everything and I have a regrettable entry in $DEN.
  • teacher5: $DEN Trying to break out.
  • gtr89: @teacher5 $DEN it’s succeeding. I didn’t see any news. Nice move
  • DAN: Good morning. Our Denbury ($DEN) position is breaking out today, and we're up about 11.5%. The stock is trading at much higher volume than it typically does, and we're less than a week away from earnings.

    I am usually not a fan of buying something ...
  • Jimi: @DAN $DEN Thanks for this! Added 2 tranche at $84.65 and set stop at 80.25
  • DAN: @Jimi $DEN Nice job! Protect that capital!!!
  • JosephM: @Jimi $DEN added small too. Following you on the stop. If it breaks today's low, it's a failed breakout.
  • Geewhiz: @DAN $DEN What a calm event for me. I added to $DEN. I looked at "logical" stop point. I now what my loss would be. BY jove @DAN, you've done it.
  • DAN: ...
    $DEN -- good pullback entry within a handle today.
    $VSTO -- Holding at the 50-day MA. Still viable.
    $RDWR - Base isn’t strong, but this stock really runs when it runs. Earnings next Wednesday Alert $35.55
    $PLTR -- Don’t lose track of ...
  • DAN: ...
    $DEN - Holding $80. Still in the handle pattern.
    $GOOGL -- Yesterday’s breakout → Today’s rest. Low volume on this pullback, so the trade still works.
    $HUT -- status quo
    $MPC -- Still in the upper half of the BBand complex.
    $SNOW ...
  • scottrades: My Notes: $SPY When the leaders look tired, get cautious $QQQ Needs a rest. $TAN Weak close. #Bitcoin Weekly Lower low. Memecoin Frenzy, $TSLA Sold the last of it today. $NVDA Tired. $MSFT Working but extended. $GOOGL Added to the ATL today. $V Oof. $TWTR Oof. $U Following market weakness. $HUT Sold some. Trying to be patient. $MARA in consolidation $APPS Sold most yesterday, off my front page now. $ASO Breakout backtest $COST Looks pretty good. $SNOW Still in trend. $DEN Potential Handle building in process. Notes from Dan: $BOOT -- earnings after the bell $MPC -- Close to hitting 65.70 stop. Entry was 62.10, so if the stop is hit, it's still a win. $VSTO -- stop is 39.90. This was almost hit. Holding at the 50-day MA, and that needs to hold up. 3 consecutive days of selling, so we should see a bounce...but maybe not. Who knows?
  • DAN: Raising the stop on our Denbury ($DEN) trade. We are up about 8.5% and I want to reduce the risk on this trade. Our entry was 76.60, and I'm hiking the stop from 72.90 to $76.50 which takes us to nearly break even on the trade. Dan
  • DAN: ...
    $DEN -- Up 8.5%. Raising the stop to $76.50 Our entry was 76.60, so we’re just about flat on the risk.
    $HUT -- Up 24%. Raising the stop to $11.40 to lock in a 7% gain. “Consider raising your stop on Hut 8 Mining ($HUT)...and possibly ...
  • wanda1616: $DEN slow curve formation...could be very profitable
  • Ajax4Hire: $DEN - Denbury, Inc. an oil and natural gas company with operations focused in: the Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountain regions Added to long-term holding. Finally, $DEN recognized as an Energy Stock Winter is coming and it will be cold(no duh). I hear rumblings that this winter will be colder(but they always say that). Because humans cannot remember cold, only the idea of cold. Sight,Sound(sometimes smell) can be "replayed" in our mind. But not touch. Cannot replay a tickle, sunburn, icy wind, spider on your face; only remember the idea of touch, not the touch itself. So, this will be coldest winter ever; In our minds. Always will be. Winter is coming says the ant to the grasshopper.
  • bogiedog1: @wanda1616 $DEN Yea, new ATH, starting earnings run potentially. Earnings 11/4
  • JosephM: $DEN..working on trading in scales. Sold some as it took out LOD. Still involved.
  • DAN: ...
    $DEN -- Up 5%. Coming out of a squeeze. $80 is a key level to break through.
    $HUT -- Pullback after a breakout. This is Phase II. Up 4.5%.
    $MPC -- Up 9%
    $NLY -- Climbing back through the 9/29 ex-dividend drop.
    $ORC -- Ex-dividend date is next Th ...
  • jpoko13: $DEN flirting with our stop
  • JosephM: $DEN...looks constructive here.
  • AdrenalineTrade: $DEN @ HOD
  • JosephM: @AdrenalineTrade $DEN not seeing the volume to want to add. No volume, no buy. Nice set up.
  • DAN: ...
    $DEN -- Holding up. This is healthy price action.
    $BOOT -- It’s starting to squeeze a bit.
    $TGH -- All good.
    $MPC -- Really good price activity.
    $SNOW -- Status quo.
    $HUT -- This is still going. Stop at 9.90 with a 10.65 entry. Consider a ...
  • DAN: Here is an update of the Active Trade List:

    Peabody Energy ($BTU) was stopped out this morning at 17.60 -- 65 cent loss. Recall that I set the stop yesterday on the thesis that the breakout had legs and that it would continue higher. If it did not ...
  • DAN: Update on our Active Trade List -- Closing down $NFLX and $RIOT:

    Boyd Gaming ($BYD) -- slightly profitable with a stop at 63.95. The stock is down just a bit today and I expect to see a bit more selling. BUT...the last few days of trading have bee ...
  • wanda1616: $DEN falling like a rock.
  • Bridget: @wanda1616 $DEN Looks like it is testing the breakout level.
  • DAN: $DEN -- breakout today. Consider putting a stop just below 74.00. Today's low is 74.13. If the stock completely reverses the breakout, you don't want to be long.
  • DAN: Adding Denbury ($DEN) to the active trade list. Basis: 76.70 Stop: 72.90 Dan
  • vitoB: @DAN $DEN nice call! wish I jumped on the forum 30 mins ago 😝
  • AdrenalineTrade: @Dan Nice call on $DEN my friend. Started shooting up right after I took a piece. Nice return already.
  • Firemedic: @DAN $DEN Im in. Nice call.
  • Ajax4Hire: $DEN - an oil and natural gas company with operations are focused in: the Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountain regions unsure why $DEN has not participated in the sharp increase enjoyed by other NatGas/Oil companies like: $UNG,$DVN,$LNG,$COG,$EOG,$KMI,$CLR,$OKE,$XEC,$VNOM Very "new" (IPO last year:Mon,Sep21st,2020), a $3.5B company. Started a position in long-term account on @Dan recommendation, Go, Active Trading List, Go!
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Volume 255,787

Denbury Inc is an independent energy company. Its operations are focused on two key operating areas: the Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountain regions. The company is differentiated by its focus on CO2 EOR and the emerging CCUS industry, supported by the company's CO2 EOR technical and operational expertise and its CO2 pipeline infrastructure.

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