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  • 1993dean: $CTRA
  • 1993dean: $CTRA
  • 1993dean: $CTRA
  • johndavid5: I'm going SHORT on $CTRA...looks like a double top from March 8th and March at $27.315...stop loss at $ $22.00...risk $2.18...reward $7.49...reward to risk ratio: 3.44...
  • DAN: ...
    $CTRA -- strong move. Hard not to chase.

    $SPY -- Weekly chart confirms a breakout above 40-week MA
    $T2108 -- more stocks above 40dmasince November…when it was on it’s way down. So breadth is improving.
    $DIA -- Still pretty crappy
    $IY ...
  • gtr89: @DAN $JNPR $TSLA $MRO $OKE $CTRA $SPY $T2108 $DIA $IYT $QQQ $MPC $AAPL $DE $NVDA $XOM $CVX $OVV $CLF $STLD $X $ZIM $CPLP $EXR $ANTM $DAC I’m kicking myself for selling $JNPR today for a small gain. I didn’t want a gain to turn into a loss. It was looking a little dicey for awhile. I’m still pretty distrustful of this market after that monster bounce
  • Docoof: @DAN $JNPR $TSLA $MRO $OKE $CTRA $SPY $T2108 $DIA $IYT $QQQ $MPC $AAPL $DE $NVDA $XOM $CVX $OVV $CLF $STLD $X $ZIM $CPLP $EXR $ANTM $DAC — “So, no toga parties among pigs.” —That’s a keeper! (09:35)
  • InvestStarRev: $CTRA bunch of spreads traded today. March 15th $29 calls + puts. Jan 2023 call spread way below the current stock price $12.50 & $16.50 calls. Thoughts/Comments??
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Choppy under the MAs $QQQ Same $SMH Still under the 200 Day $ARKK Needs a base $GLD Hard to buy but worth watching $GDX Bought this today $XLE Still working but extended. $OIH Downside move but holding the 21 EMA $XME Extended. $GBTC Closed above the 50 Day $AAPL Running into Resistance. $TSLA Running into resistance. $NVDA Building a base $GOOGL Same $GOLD Close to resistance. $NEM Nice move off the 8EMA $WPM Big volume today. $EGO Great volume off the 8EMA. $SU Watch today’s low $IMO Still ok. $CPE Extended. $CVE Holding the 8EMA $AR Breaking out of a cup $FANG Still in trend. $COP Still working $CTRA Still working. $BTU Wait for a pullback now $ARCH New the highs $ANTM Tight along the 50 Day $CNC Close to the 50 day $MP Mentioned in the forum, watch today’s low $MEOH Pulling back to the 8EMA
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Not a good look, interesting MOC.. $QQQ Eyes on the 200 Day. $XLE At Highs. $XME Pushback near the highs. $GLD Still tightening. $SLV Still under the 200 Day $TNX The chart everyone is watching $UUP Slingshot or oversold bounce? #Bitcoin Falling Wedge? $CF Ag Stocks holding up well. $NTR Get volume today $MOS Trying to make a new weekly high $ZIM Still in a nice uptrend but a little weakness with the market $DAC Daily extended but moved out of a weekly base. $CHRW Holding the 21 EMA $CTRA Building a handle $CIVI Clear Resistance. $DVN Trending up. $EMN Big round cup, Earnings Next week. $WLL High Handle $HD Watch for a rebound. $LOW Same. $AIG Another handle in process.
  • Sher: ...
    $CTRA ($COG/$XEC merger) which Raymond James just raised to "outperform" from "perform" - They report Nov. 3rd.

    $DVN - ER Nov. 4th. with pretty stellar estimates - Earnings Whisper has them beating by $.11 ($1.03 versus .92) - L ...
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Stock Price $28.06
Change 0.47%
Volume 2,456,490

Contura Energy Inc is engaged in mining operations. It extracts, processes and markets steam and metallurgical coal from surface and deep mines for sale to electric utilities, steel and coke producers, and industrial customers. The mining operations are carried across the coal basins in Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming. The operations of the company are carried out in the US. The segments of the company are CAPP, NAPP and Trading and Logistics.

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  • November 3rd, 2022 - 2022 Q3 Earnings
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