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  • sgiseller: $COIN $VVNT $CRSP catching bids have small positions in all
  • sgiseller: @sgiseller $COIN $VVNT $CRSP SOLD $COIN @ 66.58, looking to reload
  • joelsg1: $CRSP Follow through day and I'm looking for pb entry, but today is est. tax payment day, tomorrow quad witch and Monday start of #LarryWilliams decline through end of month, so watchful waiting. Np yet.
  • bill52: $CRSP a previous active trade that is looking more productive today with a move above the 50dma, but needs to contend with the 200dma looming above around 73. I'm just watching for now, but a solid close at 73+ would possibly be actionable. $RBLX has a somewhat similar look and worth watching.
  • joelsg1: @bill52 $CRSP $RBLX Nice idea and analysis. I usually use the simple rather than exponential moving avgs. but look at the difference in this chart. On the simple, the 200d is $5 below whereas on the ema it's $2 above. Don't forget the weekly, where the 20w sma held. :)
  • bill52: @joelsg1 $CRSP $RBLX Excellent point and I should have been clearer on which moving average i was looking at. Yes, the weekly looks good for that.
  • joelsg1: $CRSP Volume into close.
  • DAN: ...
    Look at $LNTH $CRSP $SFIX $XBI $DQ $QLD $SSO. These are all positions that were open but have since been closed for either a profit or loss. But all of these charts are instructive. What happened AFTER the trade was closed. Was it right to close ...
  • DAN: ...
    $CRSP -- Still consolidating. Alert $84.40
    $CHPT -- Breakout today. Strong close. @champ’s idea today.
    $DNUT -- Good squeeze possibilities on a move above $14.85 Alert $14.85

  • slp20:
  • jaaron2: Any feedback regarding the following would be appreciated: buying $LIT instead of ALB or SQM with stop at 77.41 adding to $IWM with stop at 193.11 Buying $XBI instead of $CRSP or $EXAS or $VRTX with stop at 91.40 Buying $ARKK with stop at 49.05 Buying $CELH with stop at 96.61 I am new to SMM so any feedback highly appreciated. Thank you humbly.
  • Amisure: @jaaron2 $LIT $IWM $XBI $CRSP $EXAS $VRTX $ARKK $CELH - If I review my trading mistakes. I often find I bought stocks that are going up- but after they are already up a bit. So I buy up trending stocks but to late- then they correct. "buying after a zig then a zag happens". many of your buys here look like this.
  • Docoof: @jaaron2 $LIT $IWM $XBI $CRSP $EXAS $VRTX $ARKK $CELH $LIT seems ok w/stop below the 200d sma. Above 80.50 and it’s above that resistance line that can be drawn from Feb2.

    None of these are "perfect" entries, but here are my thoughts re/ risk:

    LIT -- I think y our stop is too tight. You'll probably get stopped out.
    IWM -- same. Stop is too tight.
    XBI ...
  • joelsg1: @jaaron2 $LIT $IWM $XBI $CRSP $EXAS $VRTX $ARKK $CELH What everyone else said, but when setting stops below a recent low, pick a last digit number below a round number, so instead of 77.41 which is just above round number .40, pick 77.34, less likely to be hit. Also, learned from @Scottrades select GTC good until cancelled instead of Day for stop duration, supposedly scanning programs can't detect GTC stops (Hope that's true).
  • jaaron2: @DAN $LIT $IWM $XBI $CRSP $EXAS $VRTX $ARKK $CELH Thank you Dan, I am learning. Thank you for all your input. Humbly I am not as skilled as the many other folks on your forum. So I appreciate your input. JD
  • DAN: @jaaron2 $LIT $IWM $XBI $CRSP $EXAS $VRTX $ARKK $CELH That means that you are in the right place! You are going to do quite well with the attitude you have. Great to have you here! 8-)
  • ar2006: @scottrades What do you think about $CRSP and $CNC?
  • scottrades: @ar2006 $CNC Looks like a positive Earnings Reaction, but a bit extended. $CRSP - Nice to see it hold above the 21 EMA. Short term support about 7% down.
  • DAN: ...
    $CRSP -- stopped out. Avoid.
    $LNTH -- Stopped out of the tight stop (68.70). I would not hold this here. No potential upside at this time.
    $LCID -- Stopped out of the 19.85 tight stop. $18.93 still intact. Stagnating here.
    $QLD -- reversing toda ...
  • DAN: ...
    $CRSP -- stopped out. Avoid.
    $LNTH -- Stopped out of the tight stop (68.70). I would not hold this here. No potential upside at this time.
    $LCID -- Stopped out of the 19.85 tight stop. $18.93 still intact. Stagnating here.
    $QLD -- reversing toda ...
  • DAN: Morning Market Update Good morning. Stocks are opening higher this morning after really solid gains on Tuesday and Wednesday. It's still too early to conclude that we've seen the low of the year, but I do like the way things are shaping up. since last Thursday, the % of stocks above their 40-day moving average have increased by 150%. So, we're seeing some concerted buying across sectors. Stops on Open Active Trade Ideas: $CRSP - 79.80 $LNTH - 68.70 $LCID - 19.85 $QLD - 46.45 $SSO - 46.70 $IWM - 171.50 $ARKK - 45.90 Have a great day, and be disciplined in your trading activity. --Dan
  • DAN: ...
    $CRSP -- In consolidation mode. Heavy volume today on what looks like an intraday reversal. Peak after 10 am.
    $LCID -- Stop at 19.85. Alert $19.85
    $QLD -- raising the stop from 43.65 to $44.90. This might be too tight for you. Alert $44.90
    $SSO ...
  • DAN: ...
    $CRSP -- stop was hit at 79.80. But this trade is still working. If you’re still long, let it work. The 8-day moving average defines the short-term uptrend. The weekly chart is best for the longer term trend following -- watching for higher ...
  • jgg8387: $CRSP - @Dan I am a little surprised to note that $CRSP is still in the Active Trade List, because on Friday morning Dan reiterated the Stop at 79.80 and said "the Stop was hit, honor the Stop." I suppose the smart folks may not have stopped out all of their position, but I haven't found any message from Dan saying Buy CRSP again. I'm not criticizing Dan, just pointing out what seems to be an inconsistency. Of course, I'm also wishing I hadn't been stopped out of my whole position or that I wasn't active enough on Friday to buy it back. That's trading. I hope everyone has a good day trading. Joe
  • DAN: The 79.80 stop on CRISPR Therapeutics ($CRSP) was hit. Honor your stop. --Dan
  • jpoko13: @DAN $CRSP I believe the stop was moved up earlier this week and so the stop was triggered on Wednesday and I honored it then.
  • DAN: @jpoko13 $CRSP Thanks jpoko13. I forgot about that. Not one that we'd want to be in right now, though definitely worth watching.
  • jpoko13: @DAN $CRSP See? I'm paying attention. :)
  • DAN: @jpoko13 $CRSP LOL. Now, if I could only pay attention. ;-)
  • DAN: ...
    $CRSP -- Active Trade. In at $82. Stop at 79.80.
    $HCSG -- VERY SPECULATIVE. Box trade. Basis: $18.49 Stop: $17.90. Earnings Wednesday. Trading a volatility squeeze. Alert $18.70

    $DLTR -- Breakout? Might be a fakeout. Could have bought at $170 ...
  • Cjauger: $CRSP was stopped out yesterday, looking good today
  • DAN: ...
    $CRSP remains active, with a cost basis of $82, and a stop at 79.80.

  • jpoko13: @DAN $HAE $MRNA $ZM $CRSP The stop was hit yesterday according to Fidelity. :( $CRSP
  • jonwest88: @jpoko13 $HAE $MRNA $ZM $CRSP Yes the stop was first listed as $80. I set mine at 79.75 and got taken out.
  • DAN: Adding CRISPR Therapeutics ($CRSP) to the Active Trade List. The breakout was at $80, and it's up just 3% above that level. Use a tight stop -- just below $80 bucks. If you are taking the trade, start SMALL. Basis: $82.00 Stop: $79.80 Careful here. Breakouts have been tough. --Dan
  • woodman: @DAN $CRSP - See also #Gene #Car-T stock list for a number of good performers.
  • Cjauger: Bought $SNOW and $CRSP small
  • wineinquirer: @DAN $CRSP $VRTX 11:27 AM 07/13/2022$CRSP $VRTX @Dan......$CRSP has partnership w/$VRTX which displays a 1.8y cup and a 3mo W handle. Been watching $VRTX since April (along w, $CRSP inv H&S). Would prefer >300 barrier to reduce risk but very sm position here could be rewarding as long as you account for risk. Like your respect of risk w/$CRSP. Encouraging pattern but could still see pb to bo in this wild and crazy mkt! Thx for your above and beyond energy as you work on healing the knee. Been there with a hip. It can be beaucoup challenging to brain function!!
  • DAN: ...
    $CRSP -- Just added today (basis: 82; stop: 79.80)

    However, recent stocks that have hit stops are finding support. I actually view these as lower risk trades now because they are bouncing off support rather than breaking out. Check these out:

    $R ...
  • jpoko13: @DAN $HAE $MRNA $CRSP $RBLX $ZM $HALO $NTLA $TAN $JKS $CLFD $TDOC $ENPH $DQ $OLLI I believe the change you made in the stop on $MRNA actually stopped it out this morning. Did mine. :(
  • jonwest88: $CRSP hit that stop @79.74 pretty quick. The couple uh hour trade. Puny loss
  • Nepenthe: @jonwest88 $CRSP Yep, that didn't last long. So out of spite, I bought it back. So far so good. Cheers.
  • DAN: @jpoko13 $HAE $MRNA $CRSP $RBLX $ZM $HALO $NTLA $TAN $JKS $CLFD $TDOC $ENPH $DQ $OLLI Sorry about that. Keeping it on the list.
  • vcondry: Ugly-ish day... lone standout to the upside for me $CRSP
  • scottrades: @vcondry $CRSP Seeing $XBI Holding up ok today. Whippy but still above the MAs for now.
  • Docoof: $ARKK’s Top 10 holdings added to ATL: #1 $ZM (ARKK’s largest pos.) #5 $TDOC #8 $NTLA #3 $CRSP Discussed but not added. [#15 $RBLX]
  • woodman: This is a list of #Gene editing/therapy #Car-T stocks (#Biotech subset). I haven't updated it in some time, so it's not an up-to-date/complete list, but it provides a number stocks that are acting very well and, if you've paid any attention to this area over the years, you'll certainly recognize many of them (including $NTLA which @Dan added to his list today). If interested, kick some of their tires over the weekend (listed below in order of performance today). $ABEO $ADVM $EIGR $PGEN $QURE $RARE $AGTC $SRNE $BLUE $PRTA $CLLS $AVRO $MGTX $ADAP $KRYS $SRPT $BMRN $AMGN $ARCT $RGNX $CNCR $SLDB $TCRT $AGIO $NVS $JNJ $PFE $IOVA $NTLA $SGMO $LUMO $EDIT $VYGR $ORTX $CRSP $BLCM $BBIO
  • DAN: My Notes: SS 070722 COTD: Here’s your trade on Zoom Media ($ZM). $SPY -- 4th consecutive day of higher closes, and 5th day relative to the open. Look for more basing and potential upside. Be cautious and observant rather than blindly bearish. $XBI -- Best of the bunch. Lots of potential trades here. Look at stocks like $CTIC -- watch this? $CRSP -- Active Trade List Candidate? $MRNA -- Active Trade List Candidate? Ticker -- Basis -- Stop $HAE - 67.25 -- 59.90 Alert $59.90 $BABA - 120.79 - 110.00 Alert $110 $DQ - 68.14 - 63.00 Alert $63 $FXI - 33.76 - 29.50 Alert $29.50 $WB - 23.07 - 21.50 Alert $21.50 $BIDU - 150.72 - 144.00 Alert $144 $HALO - 48.50 - 43.00 Alert $43 $JKS - 73.90 - 65.20 Alert $65.20 $TDOC - 41.90 - 37.90 Alert $37.90 $TAN - 75.36 68.50 Alert $68.50 $ARKK -- tomorrow? Alert $47 $RBLX tomorrow? Alert $40.00 $NTLA -- soon? Alert $65.10 $ZM -- tomorrow? Alert $122 $CRSP -- Active Trade List Candidate? Alert $80 $MRNA -- Active Trade List Candidate? Alert $173.80
  • woodman: Keeping with the #Biotech theme, #Gene editing/therapy / #Car-T stocks doing well. @Dan mentioned $CRSP. Many more in the group look good as well. I'll post some later when I have time.
  • Babutters: @woodman $CRSP #Biotech #Gene #Car-T I entered $INBX this morning on a day trade after seeing your AH post. Closed EOD (couldn’t stare at phone). Passing over a thank you.
  • Docoof: @Pokersmith $ARKK Especially 9th biggest pos. $NTLA Also #4 $CRSP
  • bwcarnation1: $CRSP tanking didn't see any news yet
  • scottrades: @bwcarnation1 $CRSP Looks like they are doing a presentation right now and people didn't like the cancer drug prelim. data.
  • sierramp: @scottrades $CRSP That's too bad. We certainly need an effective treatment / preventative.
  • Docoof: @scottrades $CRSP Thanks for texting me last Friday and telling me to buy a huge position in this med-care stock at the close: $CNVY.
  • scottrades: @Docoof $CRSP $CNVY WOW!! nice move...
  • Trendrider: @scottrades $CRSP Not good for ARKK. It’s in the etf.
  • wijimmy: $CRSP dumpster diving $CRSP at 52 week low.. approaching weekly 200day... dipping in a toe around $80.25 L/T put away in IRA
  • shoredriver: @wijimmy $CRSP ...$LABU .. and sell weekly calls.... the way to go for me....
  • bill52: @bRobert $LABU $IWM Good idea. Also been watching $BFLY $ASXC $CRSP The first two are finding some support, but CRSP is still finding its legs. Any others you are watching in this space?
  • bRobert: @bill52 $LABU $IWM $BFLY $ASXC $CRSP I generally prefer the index Diverse (safety in numbers )Alpha dog team. In big caps. $REGN. $1000. target. 60% upside
  • wijimmy: $CRSP.. NP.. down -10% ... Am I missing something here.. I see POSITIVE DATA.. .... 10/13/2021 09:01AM • Benzinga CRISPR Therapeutics AG (NASDAQ:CRSP) is trading lower Wednesday after the company reported results from its Phase 1 CARBON trial of CTX110 in relapsed or refractory CD19+ B-cell malignancies. “We are excited to share POSITIVE data from our CARBON trial, which show that CTX110 could offer patients with large B-cell lymphomas an immediately available ‘off-the-shelf’ therapy with efficacy similar to autologous CAR-T and a differentiated safety profile,” said Samarth Kulkarni, CEO of CRISPR Therapeutics. Kulkarni continued, “Furthermore, we have the potential to improve upon already observed efficacy with a consolidation dosing strategy. Based on these encouraging results, we are planning to expand CARBON into a potentially registrational trial in the first quarter of 2022.”
  • Motorman: @bRobert $ntla Thank you, started, also hold $CRSP.
  • gmj: $NTLA, $EDIT, $CRSP like these for trading Current fav is $NTLA basing since gap up end of June allowing 50ma to catch up to 20/8ma, tightening up around pivot area 155/156 finding support 152, holding abv 140 ...watching closely for vol + these have a tendency to pop.
  • bRobert: @gmj $NTLA $EDIT $CRSP $NTLA. Very. buliish technicals. $170 - $250+. potential. with low risk entry SMALL works best Pinch close to 20d/50d. EXCELLENT.
  • woodman: $CRSP - holding its move above the 200d. Has more room to go if it follows the like of $EDIT and $NTLA in the space.
  • Cjauger: $CRSP up nicely
  • bRobert: @Cjauger $CRSP Long labu. Has. many of the high flyers
  • Cjauger: @woodman $CRSP $EDIT $NTLA Thank yo for pointing this out yeaterday. I got some yesterday and added today
  • bwcarnation1: @Cjauger $CRSP $EDIT $NTLA I added to $CRSP this a.m. nice vol so far
  • Docoof: @DAN $ARKK’s 13th biggest holding $CRSP looks interesting here as it crosses above its MAs except the 200d and now looks ready to cross the 200d too. What do you think?
  • woodman: @Docoof $ARKK $CRSP - not Dan (I couldn't do what Dan does even if I slept a Holiday Inn Express for a week), but look at what $EDIT just did. I "found" EDIT yesterday (up 14% today) by looking at the ARKK components. Look also at NTLA (another ARKK compoenent) which is up 17% today. All three of these are in the same industry area, so to speak, but $CRSP looks one day behind. No guarantees, but it could well be the next one as it moves into the 200 day just above. That's what EDIT did, and it had a great afternoon, closing just above the 200d. Perhaps buy a little CRSP here to get in, but not enough to hurt you if it fails at the 200 day. Then add tomorrow depending on conditions as they arise. Just a suggestion (what free advice is worth).
  • Docoof: @woodman $ARKK $CRSP $EDIT I’m very happy to receive your input—Thanks @woodman!
  • woodman: @Docoof $ARKK $CRSP $EDIT - my pleasure.
  • Cjauger: @DAN $ARKK Large position in $ARKK? or $CRSP?
  • Motorman: $CRSP Up 7% through 20, 50 , 200 D MA also 20 and 50W. ER in rearview.
  • bRobert: @Motorman $CRSP $LABU. on fire off the $50. BOTTOM. 11% today. I like the index in this space with a few exceptions. Safer
  • Motorman: @bRobert $CRSP $LABU Yes, agreed, own both. followed the crumbs ;)
  • bRobert: @Motorman $CRSP $LABU We traded LABU from $40 double bottom -to $190. Now. $50. double bottom Looking for similar run to develop
  • woodman: @Motorman $CRSP - yep. This is a replay of $EDIT and $NTLA (same biotech area) in the making, just one day behind. I bought it today.
  • Motorman: @Pokersmith $EDIT Holding $CRSP
  • Pokersmith: @Motorman $EDIT $CRSP high correlation ...
  • gmj: $NTLA, $EDIT, $CRSP therapeutics continue to move took more porfits on $NTLA outside 3 St Div BB holding my pos in the others
  • Motorman: $CRSP Bounce today, close to trigger.
  • bRobert: @Motorman $CRSP VACATION ! Cheating. ;)
  • Motorman: @bRobert $CRSP Yes, sir! Dr's orders. Was hesitating with post ;)
  • Motorman: @bRobert $CRSP Gotta make up a lot of lost ground from May debacle :)
  • Motorman: $CRSP Flag trigger, Sorry @b last one!
  • traderdl: $NTLA, $CRSP, $EDIT, $BEAM - new highs
  • bRobert: $EDIT ADD pullback bounce Shorts $70+ potential Stop < yesterday low just under 200d $CRSP flag pullback Watch for the trigger $180 potential
  • bRobert: $LABU $85/$110+ 5/13 daily in motion Daily high base Inv h&s $CRSP perky spec 5/13 WEEKLY cross $IBB WEEKLY 5/13 cross in motion Looking for this to test highs $175/$200 potential
  • bRobert: @bRobert $LABU $CRSP $IBB Long $LABU Stock and call spreads Could retrace to the high NOT straight up $BIB BULLISH as well Another alternative
  • Docoof: $ARKG Genomic Revolution ETF getting a boost pm from the gene editing news. $CRSP is its 13th biggest holding; $REGN is its 5th.
  • bRobert: @Docoof $ARKG $CRSP $REGN The entire ARK complex getting goosed Lazarus trade could retest highs Reversal bases 5/13 cross $ARKK
  • success: @bRobert $LABU $CRSP $IBB $BIB might as well ask about your thoughts onTECL and SOXL
  • bRobert: @success $LABU $CRSP $IBB $BIB $TECL top of range Could work but extended Hold Not a buy $SMH reversal base will explde higher at some point Top of range Hold Buy on pullback bounces closer to the 50d or after a breakout pullback retest bounce $SOXL close to 50% upside with a breakout continuation You don't have to be super early Just right
  • success: @bRobert $LABU $CRSP $IBB $BIB $TECL $SMH $SOXL thank you
  • gmj: $EDIT, $NTLA, $CRSP therapeutics moving up on vol + sm pos in all three. $EDIT nice cup/handle trace the 8 ema on daily chart with b/o abv 39, bottomed in May now abv all moving aves T1 48, T2 66 volume spikes in Dec 2020 indicate this can move quickly ... watching closely
  • gmj: $NTLA one of my sm spec trades working nicely as it approaches the 50ma broke abv the 68.40 level with vol over the last three 30 min bars, be watching the 70.50 level to take 2/3 off. Still following $CRSP, $EDIT in this area.
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Volume 870,479

CRISPR Therapeutics AG is a gene editing company focused on the development of CRISPR/Cas9-based therapeutics.

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