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  • ray: $WEAT $CORN $DBA Opened small starter positions in these. There was a fairly large fire (since contained) this morning at the port of Novorossiysk in the Black Sea. This is one of Russia's largest ports in that area. After the Russia-Ukraine Black Sea Grain deal was not renewed last month, incidents of each country targeting ships and ports in the Black Sea has increased. I'm looking at this as potentially a short or intermediate-term trade.
  • Francoise: @scottrades isn t $CORN squeezing on good volume?
  • scottrades: @Francoise $CORN Wouldn't really call it a squeeze. Needs tighter daily action and higher than average volume.
  • Francoise: @scottrades $CORN you re looking at daily chart, not weekly chart ? thanks a lot for helping have a nice next year, health and love
  • scottrades: @Francoise $CORN I define a squeeze as tight daily action. I see the Weekly pattern here and it looks like it has potential but there's no break above resistance on volume yet. Nice chart, worth watching for sure, just still a weekly lower high. Happy New Year and thanks for being here. :)
  • MongosPawn: @joelsg1 $WEAT $CORN with similar chart.
  • scottrades: Could get stopped out of $CORN here. Sold half of what I had left yesterday.
  • scottrades: Closing out my trade on $CORN. Looks to be breaking down. Sorry this one didn't work out.
  • scottrades: Sold half half my $CORN for a small loss. Will look to buy back if we get some strength out of the base.
  • veghead: @scottrades $CORN Selling because it went below Fridays low?
  • scottrades: @veghead $CORN It's just not going up and I don't like to hold if I'm unprofitable and in consolidation.
  • scottrades: $CORN Still just hanging our around the MAs
  • scottrades: Some short covering into the close. Still choppy for any real swings with conviction. Holding some $SLB and a small cob of $CORN into the weekend.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Rejected at the AVWAP $QQQ Closed under the FTD $TNX Back above the 8EMA $TBT Back above the 8EMA $XLE Upside Reversal $TAN Bumping up against the 200 Day $CORN Still have this $INDA Still watching this for a trend change #Bitcoin Still chopping around 20K $SLB Bought some of this today $DVN Nice move off the 100 EMA $OXY Holding the 21 EMA. Earnings Nov 8 $DINO Working, Earnings Nov 7 $BSM Working, Earnings out of way. $FSLR Still going $ENPH Above the 8EMA $ARRY Just under the 50 Day. Earnings nov 8 $GOOGL New low, Watch for a bounce, but don’t front run. $AMZN Watch for a bounce. $AAPL Watch the recent low. $MSFT Fresh Low $BJ Near the highs, Earnings Nov 17
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! Just have a small position in $CORN right now. We got some news about Grain coming out of Ukraine which could stop me out of this trade before it gets going, we'll see. My stop us under Monday's low.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $CORN After talking with Dan, I'll move my stop to under the 50 Day. 26.85
  • jmichaelet: @scottrades $CORN I was just putting in a trade on this and deciding where to put my stop. I typed it in - 26.87 - and then saw this update come through. A little validation is a nice thing in the morning. :)
  • scottrades: @jmichaelet $CORN Love it! I think it makes more sense if it's going to continue sideways. A close below would be a clear rejection of recent support.
  • jmichaelet: @scottrades $CORN Totally agree. It made more sense visually to place just under the SMA and keep the stop tight, move on if it doesn't hold up. Also the small risk allows for a little bit bigger position with still very modest downside.
  • scottrades: The $CORN ETF is close to some recent resistance.
  • RD: $WEAT $CORN Putin told Erdogan that Russia is ready to supply significant amount of grain, fertilizers to Africa for free.
  • scottrades: Just started a small position in $CORN.
  • Rockstar: @scottrades $CORN Just posted a trade in $WEAT
  • scottrades: @Rockstar $CORN $WEAT Gonna go to $SBUX later and buy the dip in $JO.....haha
  • Rockstar: @scottrades $CORN $WEAT $SBUX $JO I wanted to get long $JO and will continue to look at it... Nothing yet....
  • bigbartabs: @scottrades $CORN $WEAT $SBUX $JO ... It seems to me that any notion that Starbucks ever gets cheaper, is an oxymoron :)
  • bigbartabs: @phgruver $CORN $WEAT $SBUX $JO ... I think there are a lot of ETNs that use that or similar legal disclosure.
  • DAN: @scottrades $CORN Scott, I really like this setup. I'm going to put it on the Active Trade List at 27.70. But the best approach, in my opinion of course, would be to wait for a breakout above $28. But this trades pretty thinly. Due to the illiquidity, if the stock does break out, it could pop so fast that you'd miss the trade. Small...or not at all. ;-) Good catch, my friend.
  • swingbound: @scottrades $CORN WEEKLY view , stacked averages , layers of deep support . In thesis the 20SMAW will inflect higher as the 50 crosses and the 20 near touches the first FIB Retracement support level
  • Robert1965: @DAN $CORN suggested stop?
  • scottrades: @vcondry $CASH I only have a position in $CORN and I'll likely hold it.
  • vcondry: @scottrades $CASH $CORN thanks I have found piggy backing your plans to be more successful than not :-D
  • MongosPawn: @DavidM $WEAT Dipped my toe in $WEAT on Friday, trying a little $CORN too.
  • MongosPawn: $CORN Up on good volume. Phase 3?
  • Docoof: #Interesting #Corn #Uptrend From Katie Stockton and Fairlead Strategies’ latest free Idea Generator:

    It is challenging to find compelling bullish charts in the equity market, so we sourced commodities as an alternative and found the Teucrium C ...
  • Carpe_Diem: @Forexpro $KR - reminds me of $CORN $SOYB $TAGS $WEAT $CANE. We live in interesting times.
  • bRobert: @Carpe_Diem $KR $CORN $SOYB $TAGS $WEAT $CANE Oliver Twist. trade
  • gt: @Pokersmith $WEAT watch how the ags close today $WEAT $CORN $SOYB $JO $CANE $NIB haven't participated. i've been in $DBA for awhile, but watching the components
  • marklesparkle: Dan I so like your chart of the day teachings. FWIW $PAA is a holding in $CORN ETF also which I'm long some from below kinda watching the weather too in the Belt. I'm a SF bay area guy and the radio was talking about $FASTLY this morning SOMA (south of Market area) so I'm surprised at the up move or no I'm not . FASTLY works with CDN. Content Delivery Networks. I know nuthing!! about that but it does have an important kind of ring to it
  • gt: @Carpe_Diem $TECK $FCX $WEAT $NIB $SOYB $CORN --ags also finding buyers
  • bRobert: @gt $TECK $FCX $WEAT $NIB $SOYB $CORN It'a a material world Madonna trade
  • Carpe_Diem: @gt $TECK $FCX $WEAT $NIB $SOYB $CORN - I love those charts.
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $XEC $DECK $T $DISH $LGIH $SIG $LULU $AMZN #My-Market-Plan #Bounce-Candadietes Yes, oil will be most interesting off of the political arena which is a no no topic in SMM, but the market moves because of that arena. I'm trading $PPLT because ...
  • Mitchell: 9/4/2019 Trading Notes $AKAM - breaking out above the $90 resistance level $CMCSA - trying to finally move above the $45 level $CORN - retesting the $14.40 support level from the May bullish engulfing candlestick $DAL - recently bounced off of the uptrend line from the January 2019 lows. Watch to see if it can sustain a move above the 20-day SMA for more confirmation of additional upside. $TSLA - lower high being put in on the retest of the 50-day EMA and 100-day SMA. Look for a pullback to the $210 support level. $TWTR - closed above the $43 level after struggling with the resistance level over the last month
  • bRobert: $CORN Shortfalls in many crops expected due to rain delaying planting. Phase 3 daily
  • DrScience: $DE According to a Barron's blog, dated 4/6, corn prices could double in the next couple of years, to $8 per bushel. One factor is the demand for corn is likely to rise, in part because China has decided that gasoline should include 10% ethanol by 20 ...
  • bullmoose: $HL is breaking out. I added to my position. $CORN is also continuing its breakout. I took some more profit in $BLUE and $ACAD.
  • msb: $CORN - Inverse Head and Shoulder's set up on daily chart.
  • Aragorn: $Corn - is an interesting looking chart in the process of breaking out now above the 150ema and 150sma with positive MACD. Breaking out of a VS higher than avg volume on Friday - no position yet
  • bullmoose: $CORN is breaking out of a tight squeeze.
  • bullmoose: $CORN and $COW calls continue to work.
  • bullmoose: I bought some Jan 25 calls in $CORN a little while back that are doing very well. A nice little uptrend. Look for the next pullback to the 20-day for an entry.
  • msb: $CORN - Corn is getting so cheap, pretty soon we will start paying farmers not to grow it. Oh wait, we do that already!
  • highroller: @msb $CORN-Back when $CORN was expensive, $CMG's stock took a big hit.
  • msb: @highroller $CORN - It is also a big factor in the ethanol producers profit.
  • RON: Picked $CORN on Aug12 25.99 ATR about.47 cents Traded 4 days in row up closed at 26.56 same as the open. Last 4 trading days on above average volume. Its fun being a farmer and watching the seeds popping out of the ground at the 10MA. Closed the GAP from July 21. On Watch Why the FED will not Let Stock Market CRASH http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-08-16/why-fed-cant-and-wont-let-stock-market-crash From Zerohedge
  • billk: Ron $CORN Thanks for talking about this. I was not aware of this type of investment and I am reluctant to trade commodities the "old fashion way".
  • RON: Bottom Pickers $CORN 3 days of higher lows and 3 weeks the same at 25.99 ATR about.50 cents. Now inside lower BB so relative higher low.on weekly chart Volume on Daily is 2x at 367k LONG at least today
  • prockow: $CORN- at a low risk buy for a trade ?
  • NapoleonSolo: @prockow $CORN not sure why low risk trade ...record harvest ...ETF in freefall no signs of support wud not look at single trade of 11K shares at 10:10 today as support......stock down another 1.4% .....when stock/ETF bounces at established levels of support on some volume OK to nibble back in this ETF has none of those trading characteristics .... looks like just a mild oversold bounce which hasn't even come close to getting the stock to break-even no less up on day...see my post on same from last week....hope this helps
  • Forexpro: @prockow, $CORN

    Hi, Prockow,

    $CORN is currently about 3.7% above its intraday low, so your risk is around 4%. That might be acceptable; is there any reason to anticipate that the ETF will go up from here?


    There are a lot of ...
  • NapoleonSolo: @Forexpro $CORN record forecast corn harvest is trumping the charts here .. technicals of marginal value here IMO.....ethanol stocks are flying across the board as a result... bearish catalyst which ain't taking a holiday anytime soon
  • NapoleonSolo: @woodman record corn harvest forecast by USDA.. prices have collapsed on the farm...see $CORN.. commodity down another 2% on day cheapens cost of producers feedstock did you see my post to you on $GWPH earlier? http://finviz.com/futures_charts.ashx?t=ZC&p=w1
  • mkridge708: @bullmoose $POT - And other ferts: might want to take a look at $CORN before getting too long.
  • bullmoose: $DBA, $DBC, $CORN - Commodities are making good moves today. $DBA is at the top of a channel now. Look for it to break out or wait for a pullback to the bottom of the channel. $DBC is breaking above it's channel and can be bought. I use calls to add more opportunity for gains. $CORN is attempting to break out of a little consolidation. Could have been bought this morning. Look for any opportunity near the 20-day.
  • gtrguy: $CORN - !! The morning started w/ a drift down below the 200, getting traders gloomy, and taking out stops. Then, BANG, 12 pm strong buying sending it back above the 200, and breaking to a new 2014 high. Check out the 12:00 15 min candle. Don't know if the new high will hold, but the volume suggests it's likely. Biggest 1-hr volume bar of 2014. Full disclosure, I'm long stock, calls and short puts.
  • woodman: $CORN - nice one, @gtrguy. Helluva bulling engulfing candle, tagging the bottom BB, then moving right up through the top BB and the 200 day. As you said, the volume is strong. Someone else kindly brought this to my attention earlier today and I bought on that.
  • gain22: $CORN - @gtrguy appears that the planting intentions have been reduced to 91.691M acres from 2013 acreage of 95.365M acres...lot's of time for that to swing the other way however
  • gtrguy: $CORN @gain22 - interesting how the chart and the news interact w/ each other. All I know is that it bottomed, and has been ticking up, testing the 200. Today, it seems, it has cleared it. Also, from any given acreage figure can't it swing either way? I.e., can't it also be reduced further, instead of moving the other way?
  • gain22: $CORN - @gtrguy yes the futures pricing for physical corn (basis for Teucrium Corn Fund ) will rise & fall with many fundamental issues ie...mother nature (dry / wet conditions), South American corn supply, China imports / exports, ethanol requirements etc..
  • gtrguy: $CORN - Tasty chart! nice saucer forming over last 6 mos. Tagged the 200dma this morning. Came close to the 200 a couple weeks back. I am in this as a long term trade, so for me if it fails at the 200 and just drifts lower, I may add to my position. $DBA has already had a huge move, I'm thinking (and yeah, I may be wrong) $CORN will play catch-up. Especially once it clears the 200. Thoughts!
  • msb: $CORN - breaking out of a base on the daily chart.
  • gtrguy: $CORN - big, high volume selloff in the last 1/2 hour of trading.
  • msb: $CORN - continues to look constructive.
  • msb: $CORN - has been in a downtrend for the year and a half. It has found support for the last couple of months. It is just pushing through the 50 dma and coming out of a loose #squeeze. Volume today is good, but is a little thin on this ETF.
  • bfolkerts: Losers - Looking to balance my portfolio a bit, and get some more Puts in action. Anybody following any real losers - that can't seem to go up...ever? I'm stalking $KR, $CORN, SPLS. Thanks!! -@Brett
  • hooked1: $CORN /ZC - @scottto? I Know this is SMM but it looks like corn is finding support on a long term trend line. Futures are higher in later months. Not sure how to monetize this in stocks.
  • hooked1: $CORN - Just had an alert go off on the touch of a very long term support line.
  • prockow: $CORN - what do you mean when you say that ? Are you saying it is a low risk opportunity ? Thank You
  • r.charbonnet: $CORN - Anyone taking an interest in this at SMM? I'm thinking the move is over...but wonder if the headlines are going to play out longer and create a bigger move still. Small position...Tight stop at $50?? Or is that giving into the news and giving up my hard earned cash?
  • markor01: $CORN and $DBA continue to work
  • ginny: $CORN @ frog. I agree. I got stopped out in the down draft and as usual, I was afraid to get back in. Perhaps if it passes through 50 and holds we can start a position. Still watching $SOYB .
  • ginny: $CORN there are two stocks I have been watching I am in $CORN although it is thinly traded. The other to watch is $SOYB if we do not get sufficient @rain in the next 2 weeks, the soybean crop will be lost. I got taken out of $CORN on the down draft and have not gotten back in yet. Will see what Monday brings. $MOO the ag Etf will probably go down and dont forget $KO and $PEP all that corn syrup .
  • Aragorn: $CORN and $SOYB - @ginny , yes I have been following both as well. Corn has been parabolic - and just as I was considering entering I noticed all the buzz on Stocktwits and then the guy who shines my sneakers told me to get some so I figured it was t ...
  • frog1856: CORN- I was in corn for a while and got out. Had no trouble. The volume is picking up. They talked about it on #CNBC. maybe some of that. It trades in brust it seems. [ futures trade overnight and only part of day. That's way out of my league]

    Ev ...
  • markor01: $CORN has benefitted from rising corn prices
  • hooked1: $CORN - So with the corn crop in jeopardy, do you short chicken producers; something like Tyson foods, or even a BWLD?
  • kbowman: $CORN - Teucrium Corn Fund popping.... like jiffy pop.
  • Aragorn: $CORN - is an etf, $DBA is another
  • Zatodeb: $CORN - yep, and a good one with the action in the upper right winner's circle. Bght some 2/12 calls @ 35 this morning.
  • debeers: $CORN, Ferts, equipment.In this space, you'll do ok with all ag as the sector is 50% of the price action (I am not even going into the HFT's).As to where you will make the most, its the ferts every time. Not all plantings get harvested and there are more ok or poor yesrs than great ones which is when the equipment gets replaced.As you all know, I am partial to $CF but still sold off some today because when a stock is up big you are an oinker if you don't take someoff the top. And for those of you who turn your nose up at the ferts, you may want to check the percentages sometime on returns. I am just sayin there's no reason you can't have ferts and LULU.PS-BTU sure came off ok as did MS-ha
  • frog1856: $CROP REPORT - $CORN expected to be short by a 1/3. $CF is up $6.00
  • frog1856: $CROP REPORT - $CORN expected to be short by a 1/3. $CF is up $6.00
  • sambolsm: ...
    I bought some more $DBA, the other day, even though I haven't liked its performance. There are others like DAG, and there is a well known agro-industry $ETF, but I just can't remember it's name. There is something called $CORN, and a member sugges ...
  • sambolsm: ...
    I bought some more $DBA, the other day, even though I haven't liked its performance. There are others like DAG, and there is a well known agro-industry $ETF, but I just can't remember it's name. There is something called $CORN, and a member sugges ...
  • lclarkc: $CORN - The crop estimates are based on what farmer thing they might do. If it looks like planting will be delayed due to floods or other bad weather, farmer will plant less corm and more soy beans and other crops. Clark
  • emac2north: Agriculture stocks. (repost from last night). $MOS Closed right on the 50 day ema. I've got them reporting earnings tomorrow (now today) after the close. It seems this ag sector has come back to earth (except CAT) since its great run in January. Are there any stocks poised to push higher if there is a good report? Above 50 day ema: $ADM, $AGCO, $AGM, $CAT, $CORN, $DBA, $DE, $MON, $MOO, $POT Below 50 day ema: $AGU, $CF, $CNH, COIN, FEED, FUD, $HOGS, $IPI, $OINK, $SANW, $SEED If I'm missing any ag tickers please let me know as I like to keep abreast of each sector as best I can. best to all, emac
  • emac2north: $MOS - Closed right on the 50 day ema. I've got them reporting earnings tomorrow after the close. It seems this ag sector has come back to earth (except CAT) since its great run in January. Are there any stocks poised to push higher if there is a good report? Above 50 day ema: $ADM, $AGCO, $AGM, $CAT, $CORN, $DBA, $DE, $MON, $MOO, $POT Below 50 day ema: $AGU, $CF, $CNH, COIN, FEED, FUD, $HOGS, $IPI, $OINK, $SANW, $SEED If I'm missing any ag tickers please let me know as I like to keep abreast of each sector as best I can. best to all, emac
  • frog1856: $TSCO - I live not far from one. They have every thing, farm products, Animal products, Pet products,nuts,bolts,salt,wildlife food,tractors,toys Rugged clothing, jeans,fannels,boots, Carharts and there clothes, especial woman's are more invouge. [instead of unisex]. The one here had been in same location for years, moved a mile down the street and doubled in size. Always busy. Been in this for awhile. Farming is doing well. Ours is located on the edge of Indianapolis, right on a highway headed towards $CORN country. Patty Edwards on fast money talks about this one. I am sure she has done her homework.
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Stock Price $20.31
Change -0.93%
Volume 255,174

The investment seeks to replicate, net of expenses, the daily changes in percentage terms of a weighted average of the closing settlement prices for three futures contracts for corn that are traded on the CBOT, specifically (1) the second-to-expire CBOT corn futures contract, weighted 35%, (2) the third-to-expire CBOT corn futures contract, weighted 30%, and (3) the CBOT corn futures contract expiring in the December following the expiration month of the third-to-expire contract, weighted 35%. The fund will invest in corn futures contracts. It may also invest in corn-based swap agreements, short-term obligations of the US government and/or cash equivalents.

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