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  • Docoof: $CEG New ATH. Nuclear Energy.
  • Docoof: $CEG Hod/New ATH $95.26 on good volume. Nuclear Power Plants/Carbon Free Energy. Constellation to Seek License Extensions for Two of its Zero-Carbon Nuclear Plants in Illinois:
  • Docoof: $CEG New ATH
  • Docoof: $CEG New hod/ATH
  • Docoof: @DAN $HII Thanks, Dan. Can you briefly comment on $CEG? Not for a buy or to sell it, but just a comment on the chart.
  • vcondry: @Docoof $HII $CEG second that request! @DAN
  • DAN: @Docoof $HII $CEG Chart looks good, but not a buy here. MIssed that move.
  • Docoof: $CEG Nuclear power. 30 cents off a new ATH pre.
  • Docoof: $CEG ATH
  • Docoof: $CEG Still printing new ATHs on nice volume. Nuclear/Hydrogen Power Stock.
  • Docoof: $CEG At hod/ATH = $92.82 +4.56%. Great volume.
  • Docoof: $CEG Nuclear power. Steady climb higher throughout the day.
  • Docoof: #Nuclear #Energy More on $CEG. Excerpts from BofA’s 10/6 Industry Overview Research Report:

    Of the operating US nuclear plants, the largest operator is Constellation Energy ($CEG), formerly Exelon Generation. 85% of $CEG’s generation is ...
  • BigOx: @Scott I'm liking the story behind and action on $CEG. Could you comment please? many thanks
  • scottrades: @BigOx $CEG I'm not too sure about the story, but the stock has great RS and is in a strong group and that's what you want to see.
  • Docoof: $CEG A possible new leader close to a new ATH into the close. (Clean hydrogen and nuclear power)
  • Docoof: ...
    (Sept 28) Leaders from the U.S. Department of Energy, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, and the New York State Public Service Commission joined $CEG leaders and employees at Nine Mile Point today to celebrate progress on ...
  • bigbartabs: @Docoof $CEG #CleanEnergy #Hydrogen ... ever since I was a junior in High School, in chemistry class, some 50 years ago... when my instructor ( a really hard core Russian fellow) told us that Hydrogen "will be" the perfect fuel... (with water being the by product... out of the exhaust pipe), I've wondered why it had never happened and was taking so long. Maybe we are now close.
  • Docoof: $CEG ATH
  • Docoof: BofA this morning: Constellation Energy ($CEG) is the second best performing equity in the S&P 500, lagging only Occidental Petroleum ($OXY), rising +75% from its official trading on February 2nd, 2022 as a spin-off from Exelon ($EXC). The streng ...
  • Lori: $CEG 52 week high and squeezing
  • Docoof: @Lori $CEG BofA LOVES $CEG and they publish a love-letter research note on it practically every day. Here is an excerpt from this morning’s note: “On balance, we see many ‘ways to win’ for US nuclear, principally $CEG, into its critical capital markets day later this year. Reiterate Buy on $CEG with numerous under-appreciated nuances that should add to specifics & sentiment.”
  • marklesparkle: @Docoof $CEG Go figure. Since I'm a high voltage guy I have been saying what BofA says for a few years now. The trouble is it costs so much to build a new one but the safety regulations are gigantic
  • Docoof: $CEG Broke out of an IPO-type base.
  • Docoof: #MANCHIN #Solar #Nuclear #Energy According to BofA, the following stocks are the ones most likely to have an immediate outsized upside reaction to what is so far known about the Manchin news: $MAXN $FSLR $RUN $NOVA $CEG $SPWR $NEE
  • Auto: $NOW added long $NEE $FSLR $CEG short DT
  • Henry: $CEG, it it were an IPO instead of a spin off, it would be at an @DAN buy point. I discussed this stock a few days ago.
  • Henry: #Uranium $CEG Turns out it's not all in Russia. Australia is #1
  • Henry: $CEG talking head on CNBC says this spin off from $EXC produces 20% of the carbon free energy in the US, nuclear, wind and solar. He thinks that fact means that it deserves a higher multiple. Current thinking in the US, but not Germany, is that nuclear is the greenest of energy and the new generation of reactors are safe. $MS has a pt of $63, I own both in my long term portfolio.
  • Docoof: @Henry $CEG $EXC $MS What’s difficult (I think) is that $CEG is, in terms of its chart, a young IPO stock = mega volatile..
  • bRobert: @Henry $CEG $EXC $MS Smaller. lithium cooled reactors. are the future until fusion is feasible on a large scale. They are safe and. green. You NEED a. backup for all the other green technologies
  • Henry: @bRobert $CEG $EXC $MS I was reading through their presentation and they can also produce green hydrogen efficiently.
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Volume 1,502,010

Constellation Energy Corp offers energy solutions. It provides clean energy and sustainable solutions to homes, businesses, the public sector, community aggregations, and a range of wholesale customers (such as municipalities, cooperatives, and other strategics). The company offers comprehensive energy solutions and a variety of pricing options for electric, natural gas, and renewable energy products for companies of any size.

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