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  • Pokersmith: #Solar S&P Revises Array Technologies $ARRY Outlook To Positive From Stable On Potential For Improving Financial Policies, Ratings Affirmed
  • Herb: $ARRY bot a little at 51.99. Decent ipo chart.
  • Bwhitty: $ARRY alert at HOD
  • Auto: $ZS $TTD shorts working $ARRY $BCOV $MSTR $SHAK added long
  • bRobert: @traderbren $CMPS $PYPL $WST $VIPS $CDNS $DHI $FND $HOLX $SNPS $MNST $ALRM $AMD $JD $SHOP $UCTT $ARRY $BLDP $FDX $MTSI $LPSN $HMST $FOCS $RMD $CRWD #Weekly_charts Parlez vous Weekly? You’re speaking my language. Many favorites here. UCCT. $50+ Weekly cup. Long term. 50% move. to $31 target 1 $fdx c&h. $400 $spot. Another $450 $mlm $vmc $med. $300 $crwd. $200. C&h $mdb. )360 c&h $strl. $26 $MS $75 $GS $300 $MU. $90. $URI. $300 Weekly. c&h. in motion $MRNA $170 . $BNTX. $150 $LABU C&H in motion $100/$140 $GH C&H in motion $160
  • traderbren: #Weekly_charts -- some tickers to keep an eye on based on the weekly set up: $CMPS, $PYPL, $WST, $VIPS, $CDNS, $DHI, $FND, $HOLX, $SNPS, $MNST, $ALRM, $AMD, $JD, $SHOP, $UCTT, $ARRY, $BLDP, $FDX, $MTSI, $LPSN, $HMST, $FOCS, $RMD, $CRWD
  • scottrades: Day Traders: Watch $ARRY for a short term move over 48.95
  • AS8: @Dan can you please advise on $ARRY? Is it a good buy point?
  • DAN: @AS8 $ARRY I don't think so. The stock is moving it could continue to run from here. But you're asking about a buy point. It's up 4% today and still well below yesterday's intraday high. So there's a lot of supply overhead. Also, whe ...
  • AS8: @DAN $ARRY Thanks Dan. This is helpful. I will "stalk the stock" (a big lesson from you for me) for a good buy point.
  • AlexH: $ARRY new IPO / new ATH / on High Volume
  • Yuls: $ARRY looking nice, RS to other solars
  • Auto: $ARRY started position Thanks Scott for pointing to this one long
  • ScottT: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $GDX $AEM $RGLD $WPM $OR $GBTC $SMH $NVDA $AMD $MU $MRVL $ON $SE $DADA $BABA $JD $ARRY $TSLA $FSLR i am already in $FSLR. I am looking for that breakout. Politics may push this one a bit.
  • scottrades: $ARRY Solar IPO close to it's highs.
  • Pcdentist: @scottrades $ARRY IPO ?
  • scottrades: @Pcdentist $ARRY Initial Public Offering.
  • Pcdentist: @scottrades $ARRY Not an IPO, trading for many moons
  • scottrades: @Pcdentist $ARRY My chart history says 22 days, so recent IPO, hitting new highs.
  • Mikev200: $ARRY back above vwap on volume
  • scottrades: @Mikev200 $MRVL Great trading Mike! Was hoping for a better close on $ARRY On my list for next week. Have a great one my friend!
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY A little rejection at the slope. $QQQ Stronger $GDX Some decent Miners setting up. $AEM, $RGLD, $WPM, $OR. Trade in scales. $GBTC The pretend internet money is still working. $SMH Semi’s strong, that’s a good sign. $NVDA Wow.. $AMD Bought some today $MU Coming out of a squeeze, but don’t buy too high. $MRVL Monster move. $ON Hitting the top Bband. $SE Nice Weekly. $DADA I added small today $BABA Long this today. $JD Short term target of 100. Earnings Nov 20 $ARRY I’m out now, but watching net week $TSLA Watch next week $FSLR Alert at 90.90
  • greenpatrol: $ARRY Congrats @Woodman! Hope you still have it.
  • CraigReynolds: @greenpatrol $ARRY Been watching since Woodman posted. I'm not smart enough to buy. If @Woodman still has it, probably retired now from SMM. Wow.
  • stateofmusic: @CraigReynolds $ARRY Morning guys, holding 1 Jun 21 $28 Call and 1 Jul 19 $29 Call. Any advice or suggestions how to handle options with this merger? Really have no clue how options play out with mergers. Perhaps I should have an OMM account....
  • CraigReynolds: @stateofmusic $ARRY Yes, some one that deals with options, which I;m not one could answer better. MY advice/what I would do would be wait and see how option trades, should be you big, I would sell. Just me.
  • stateofmusic: @CraigReynolds $ARRY Thanks for the advice. I took it and the money and ran.
  • DAN: @greenpatrol $ARRY Buyout! Nice move, guys. If you were holding the stock, time to sell. No more upside...but man, one trade like that will skew your numbers of "average profit" in a good way. Yikes! Congratulations!!!
  • DAN: @debeers -- I hope you owned some $ARRY. I know you were very bullish on this company!!! Please tell me that you are being paid off for being so prescient....
  • djmurph: Is anybody who uses TDA/TOS having an issue with alerts? I set an alert on $CECE in early May ago for a break over 7.92, and just got the alert this morning. That would have been a nice one to get when it actually happened rather than a month later, seeing as how it jumped 20% after it broke out. My fault I guess for not paying more attention to the ticker but that's what I rely on my alerts for. And congrats to all who were holding $ARRY!
  • Bob E: @JBed $LABU Could the move in $LABU be because of $ARRY?
  • CraigReynolds: @djmurph $CECE $ARRY They do come slow to me, sometimes 5 min in some cases late I notice
  • DrScience: @djmurph $CECE $ARRY Alerts messages usually appear within seconds of their trigger parameters. I haven't used E-Mail and Text message capability as messages are sent on ALL triggers, not just on tickers I'm interested in.
  • djmurph: @CraigReynolds $CECE $ARRY Thanks Craig. I could probably live with a five min. delay but six weeks is a little crazy. Maybe it's just an anomaly this one time.
  • djmurph: @DrScience $CECE $ARRY Thansk DrScience. For me too usually. But it's been a little wonky the past couple of weeks. And I have to rely on texts b/c I can't monitor the screens all day but am able to take a minute or two to check the chart once I get the alert. Might just reset everything and go from there.
  • phgruver: @bRobert $CSII Speculators hoping that this will be the next $ARRY. $RDUS is also up over 5%.
  • rachel: ...
    $ARRY – old request. Stock has made its move. Buy above $25 with tight stop was the trade. Would have been speculative and aggressive…but would have worked.
    $RTN – MA stack is narrowing. What’s up with this stock?
    $STZ & ...
  • debeers: $ARRY-Colorectal cancer treatment breakthrough. I 'm just wild about $ARRY up 18% today. on 10,728,000 shares. No, you cannot buy it here................
  • sierramp: $ARRY broke out above prior ATH. @Woodman commented on this in January: Good phase 3 data for its combo trial colorectal cancer drug. Haven't found any other news but sure seems like something is up. I started a position on the BO.
  • martyrb3: $ARRY Very heavy call buying yesterday. 20,25 and 30 March strikes. Small position.
  • woodman: $TRXC $EXEL $ARRY - news for each making them worth watching today: TRXC - The premarket pop in this one is odd to me because the news of the 510K clearance for its Senhance Ultrasonic advanced energy device came out during the trading day yesterday with plenty of time for a reaction, and the stock closed down. EXEL - FDA approval for its Cabo pills to treat certain liver cancers. I have a little of this but not enough to make a great splash. ARRY - Good Phase 3 data for its combo trial colorectal cancer drug.
  • BocaRick: @woodman $TRXC $EXEL $ARRY premarket also $PLAY and $SSYS
  • gotoguy: @woodman $ARRY Is the price activity today just a shakeout?... took a small starter position, set my stop fairly tight below the LOD... how much more room would you give it, if any?... thanks!
  • mopick: @woodman $TRXC $EXEL $ARRY, long & strong with $EXEL. Been on a TEAR!
  • woodman: @indigo1948 $ARRY may be up to something too....
  • gwenzee: @woodman $ARRY I was just looking at this one. Nice move past few days but is now above upper BB. Waiting for a pullback. Are you doing anything with this one?
  • woodman: @gwenzee $ARRY Gwen, ARRY is one I used to look at a lot and held at times. I'm interested but not moving on it just yet.
  • woodman: $ARRY - continuing up.
  • woodman: $ARRY - I don't think it's done going up.
  • Gary: ...
    4. $ARRY – Alert $16
    5. $ACAD – Alert $22
    Other Stocks:
    6. $AMP – traderbren in forum. Not yet.
    7. $CGC – squeezing.
    8. $TLRY – Alert $158
    9. $AMZN – Wait for test of 50-day MA. Could turn out to be a good run i ...
  • woodman: $ARRY - see Gary's SS Notes below. I really like this set up on the weekly chart.
  • woodman: $ARRY has been climbing from a double bottom (May/August), possibly starting a right shoulder (see the weekly). I spotted it the other day, but didn't buy it. Nearing the 50 (above) now.
  • bRobert: @woodman $ARRY I like the weekly. It's Zig time $19+ The stock doesn't respect the 50d in either direction. I can see it plowing upwards through it again.
  • woodman: @bRobert $ARRY - Good point. I held off today. I'll revisit it tomorrow.
  • woodman: $ARRY - I've lost track of the catalysts for this one, but the chart shows a double bottom, perhaps moving back up to make a right shoulder. Weekly shows it better. It has pulled back to the 50 week moving average. No position.
  • spmeyers: $ARRY clean breakout; will present results at conference on Saturday, might run up before
  • woodman: $ARRY - Big data/events coming very soon. Having gotten lucky with $SRPT, I don't want to tempt fate too much with $ARRY. I believe (okay, "guess" is the better word) it will do well, but I've lightened up to just a small position in ARRY. For those interested but haven't been following it closely, here is what's on deck: 6/20-23/18 Updated data for Encorafenib & cetuximab BEACON CRC for BRAF-Mutant Colorectal cancer PDUFA 6/30/18 binimetinib COLUMBUS BRAF mutant melanoma cancer (no AdCom).
  • debeers: @woodman $ARRY $SRPT -Respectfully disagree---You put in the work. I bet you were the one in college who aced tests and everyone thought you were lucky and none of them knew that you (on occasion) studied your ass off.
  • woodman: @debeers $ARRY $SRPT - I did study a fair bit. Sunday evening through Thursday afternoon were classes and studying. Thursday evening into Sunday morning was beer-drinking. The remainder of Sunday morning/afternoon was rehab. Classes on a Friday were anathema and universally (at least among my friends) regarded as an unpardonable mistake.
  • debeers: @woodman $ARRY $SRPT -the point was---and is---you put in the work. You discovered somewhere that the more you studied the "luckier" you got.
  • woodman: @debeers $ARRY $SRPT :-)
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $ARRY STC STOCK @17.73 $ROKU BTO STOCK @40.65 Encumbered with short calls though. $FSLR STO 6/15/18 53.5 CALLS @.55 $FSLR BTC 6/15/18 56.0 CALLS @.18
  • GOOSE: At the bell TRADES yesterday. $IQ STO 6/15/18 atm CALLS @1.55 Covered $ARRY BTO STOCK @17.74 Green day everybody.
  • woodman: $TRXC $ARRY - added to both this morning.
  • woodman: $ARRY - another one that is leaking upward.
  • gwenzee: @woodman $ARRY Leaking upward paints quite a picture.
  • woodman: @gwenzee $ARRY - Search for ARRY here:
  • mharps: $ARRY starter
  • tjv821: $arry $anyone know whats gng on with this stock???
  • mharps: $arry : What happened
    After Array BioPharma (NASDAQ: ARRY) announced quarterly results and shared some clinical news with investors on Tuesday, shares of the cancer-focused clinical-stage biotech jumped and were up 18% as of 3:10 p.m. EST.

    So what
    H ...
  • Henry: @tjv821 $arry earnings, an upgrade and good news on a melanoma drug
  • tjv821: @mharps $arry ty for your quick And very informative reply
  • tjv821: @Henry $arry Tks Henry
  • spmeyers: @infocus $ARRY bought it yesterday for a breakout but didn't like the action so I sold it. I am being very disciplined with breakouts. If my premise doesn't work, best to just move on. Maybe later on this one.
  • infocus: $ARRY - Bought 1/4 position @14.02 Dan's Cup and Handle example from yesterday's video.
  • mharps: $ARRY starter
  • woodman: @mharps $ARRY - cup and handle (from 2/2017) breakout.
  • woodman: $ARRY $BLUE $ARRY - move above 50 day. I missed my spot on this one. $BLUE - pullback to breakout level. Possible next leg up coming. I started with a small position.
  • woodman: $ARRY looks back on track.
  • spmeyers: @woodman $ARRY but volume falling instead of rising past few days; conviction lacking maybe
  • woodman: $SRPT $ARRY $CLVS $FOLD in #Biotech land. Possibly $EXEL and $SGYP as well.
  • woodman: $ARRY - bought this back. It looks like nice support here. Second consecutive day of bullish engulfing near the 200 day.
  • woodman: $ESPR $EXEL $ARRY $DVAX $CALA - all were on my "of interest" list this morning. I ended up adding to $DVAX and buying back $EXEL and $ARRY. But $ESPR, which I didn't buy, is the winner so far. (No position in ESPR.) $CORT is looking good here too, btw.
  • woodman: $ARRY bullish engulfing near the 200 day to put the brakes on a 20% pullback. Still 8% to the 200 day, though.
  • Sher: Took profits on several front month call positions this week: $ABBV, $ARRY, $ATI, $DVAX, $EEM, $RF, $SQ, $UPS & $X. Long Nov. call positions in $ABBV, $ATI, $EEM, and $UPS, which I initiated or added to on pullbacks, throughout the week. Diciest trade of the week: $JD – Jumped into Nov. $40 long call position, way too early following plunge, at average price/share of $1.94 – The next day they hit a low of $1.14 – Bullish reversal underway - Options up another 24% today and positon back to breakeven… Worst trade of the week: $LVS – Initiated long Nov. $65 call position when I had no conviction, whatsoever, in casino stocks – Paying expected price for stupidity – Position down 30%.
  • woodman: $ARRY - another stair-stepper. Probably due for a pullback here. Pullbacks have generally been to the 8 or 13dEMAs.
  • woodman: $ARRY - I added a little this morning. I can't say it's all that decent an entry, but my gut is telling me it keeps moving toward those post-data $14 price targets.
  • woodman: @Sher $ARRY - I added a little more to my holding at $11.50 this morning.
  • Sher: @woodman $ARRY - Great timing - Missed adding to my call position, earlier.
  • woodman: @Sher $ARRY - sometimes the gut speaks louder than the brain. Worked here but it's not always to good effect.
  • Sher: $X - Adding to Oct. $26 call position, here - 100% retracement of 9-21-17 sell-off. $AZN - Added to Oct. $32.50 call position, earlier - Believe phase 2 PB over, for now. $SQ - Continue to add to Oct. $29 underwater call position - Felt Monday's PB was overkill - Has retraced 50%. $ARRY - Phase 3 - Up 7%, today - Long Dec. $12 calls...
  • woodman: $ARRY working still.
  • Bs7518: @woodman thanks for $ARRY tip got what is a good stop target?
  • woodman: @Bs7518 $ARRY - did you buy today or previously? I ask because I have mentioned it a number of times over a number of weeks, and posted some thoughts about buying, selling, and buying it back prior to today. Ultimately your stop should depend on va ...
  • Bs7518: @woodman $ARRY BIG Thanks, bought a small position on 9/9 and was thinking of adding on a pull back to $10.75. I have been a member for 6 months now and tend to watch your post the most as I have money following your post, Thanks! Always learning something new about stocks and trying to better understand how and when to set stops.
  • Vehid: $ARRY looks like a profit taking day for some but it is still green and volume is high
  • Sher: $ARRY - Announced $175 mln public offering, AH - Initiated new call position, yesterday - I'll be exiting ATO.
  • woodman: $ARRY - nice daily reversal.
  • woodman: $ARRY - popped on a few good news items very recently (along with the obligatory analyst upgrades and raising of price targets), but then sold off as folks took their profits. Selling may be over and it may be time to buy (or buy back).
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Stock Price $18.81
Change 6.51%
Volume 3,806,200

Array BioPharma Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of targeted small molecule drugs to treat patients afflicted with cancer and inflammatory diseases.

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  • August 9th, 2022 - 2022 Q2 Earnings
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