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  • bRobert: $VECO Patient spec holding stock. Continues to print higher highs/lows. Earnings 11/2 will move this.
  • bRobert: $VECO Patient long term trade on this chip equipment/tool supplier . Target 1 $24
  • bRobert: $VECO Long term spec perky
  • bRobert: $VECO Out of rehab. Nice move from $19. Little breakout and retest. Technicals improving. Trading above 50d. ADX green and avove 20. . Patient . Selectively adding as this turnaround story unfolds. Target 1 . $24
  • bRobert: $VECO spec with high potential. High growth Patience. required Will add when direction confirmed Trading above 50d ADX >20
  • bRobert: @Junior1 $SWIR $VECO is an orphan I adopted. Similar flush. Huge upside. I have a long term time frame. BTW both Renaissance tech holdings. One thing to consider is that with huge gut wrenching flushes, most of the old tenants have moved, thrown in the towel. . New group of happy bargain hunters with a long term view.. The old owners with loses is what makes up the resistance. There are technical hurdles, but with an improving story, the ride up can be faster than you think. Just employ good risk management, honor stops.
  • bRobert: $VECO higher low. Watching for higher high. Patient longer term hold project. Trigger >22 Target 1 $25
  • bRobert: $VECO Dark horse in electronics/chip manufacturing tools. Mentioned last week
  • bRobert: $VECO nice counter trend move
  • bRobert: $VECO Bottom fishing. High growth play.
  • bRobert: $VECO Dip pre earnings to 200d. Strong earnings/revenue growth High short interest. holding long calls
  • bRobert: $VECO Continues to see buying on pullbacks. Great weekly . If breakout above 34+ . Long term target $50
  • bRobert: $Veco Looking to add to long calls. Tremendous revenue/earnings growth. Cheap valuation. Nice Weekly chart
  • bRobert: $AL $AER. $w. $veco $nus Breakout AL. Will add prn. Added to w veco. Starter position. Nus. .
  • mradams0621: ...
    $VECO Veeco Instruments... 19.50 -7.01%
    $BRZU Direxion Daily Br... 16.59 -6.95%
    $GUSH Direxion Shares E... 10.51 -6.25%
    $RYAM Rayonier Advanced... 11.15 -5.91%
    $AMBA Ambarella Inc. 54.60 -5.67%
    $TTOO T2 Biosystems Inc... 9.50 -5.57%
    $ZIOP Zio ...
  • 1Boston330: @NXPI @ woodman. Did you buy? Do you own? Half of the semis are up today--$PANW, $RBCN, $SWKS, $VECO, $CODE, and $STX to name a few. Long $STX ( but losing position.)
  • tkteebone: $VECO-----broke thru 50 day, bottom of uptrending channel
  • woodman: @tkteebone $VECO - I've been looking at it the last few days. A lot of semiconductor stocks are reporting this week. I am in two that do report this week and was looking perhaps to move that money elsewhere.
  • woodman: #Semiconductor stocks - I've been mentioning thses here and there and provided a list of ones that caught my last week, I think. Many are working. My fav of late has been $OCLR which has been a beast the last few days, but more generally has been in a nice channel and a great buy on pullbacks to the 50 day. I am long $OCLR. I am also in $NXPI and $LSCC, but beware that these report tomorrow and the next day, respectively. $XLNX also looks good here, but it too reports tomorrow. $AMD and $MU have done well post earnings-announcements so maybe this will carry over to ones about to report. Who knows. $VECO looks good, as mentioned below. $NVDA was on my list too, but I missed the entry. Some others of interest $KLAC, $STM, $RBCN $TXN $TSM $MKSI.
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Wednesday's close $ACHC, $AMTG, $ARII, $ARRS, $ASGN, $AVG, $AWAY, $AXLL, $BAS, $BJRI, $CAR, $CSGP, $CW, $CXO, $DENN, $ELNK, $EPAM, $EQIX, $ESV, $ETE, $ETP, $GDP, $HAWK, $HLS, $HLX, $HOS, $HR, $IAG, $IVR, $JACK, LGCY, $LOCK, $MANT, $MAR, $MM, $OIS, $PGTI, $PVA, $RBCN, $REXX, RGP, $SNPS, $STR, $SWY, $SXL, $TILE, $TRN, $TSLA, $TSRO, $UNTD, $VECO, $VVC, $WMB, WPZ
  • snmtraders: $VECO - Looks like this is on the move -- cup and handle shape in my unsophisticated view, and above the major averages (200, 50 and now even the 20). Looking to add on a pullback to the 20ema, as we are in the 4th up day on declining volume.
  • snmtraders: $VECO - The only green on my portfolio screen at the moment.
  • MSL: $VECO @slschuler welcome, I think you get involved w $VECO if its starts breaking out and starts printing above $35.9 a share. It is extended but has held the gap up over the past couple of trading sessions which have been terrible at best (this is a positive sign). If you have to get involved right here right now define your risk and set a stop underneath Friday's intra-day low of 34.51.
  • Brett: $VECO - @slschuler - I'd wait for a bit more of a pullback. It seems the last time it was in the upper BB, it sold off pretty sharply. 3/15 - 3/20. You'll be swimming against the current - the semiconductors aren't strong right now (XSD). Welcome and good luck!
  • Henry: $VECO @slschuler By tradition, the very first word of our posts is a symbol in CAPS, name or topic. It's got a very similar chart to SWI. They are both moving sideways after power moves. It is also a very hard stock to buy here because it could drop 10% and still be in an uptrend. You could buy a very small position now, I probably wouldn't, but @Dan would sanction that if your plan was to add if it drops. You could also wait for a breakout above Wed's high. Personally I would wait for a test of Tuesday's low. @Henry no position. edit for readability
  • MSL: $VECO & Gap ups. @Slschuler and others interested in how to play them. This is a great great video. Apply this to $AMZN and $EBAY as well as VECO.
  • MSL: $VECO @slschuler, after looking at the chart, your stock looks positioned for take off (vol isnt as high as it should be but beggars cant be choosy (BCBC). Did you review DANs video on how to handle gap ups that I posted ? It will help you with your trade.
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Veeco Instruments numbers boosted at Credit Suisse
    Shares of $VECO now seen reaching $32, according to Credit Suisse. Estimates also upped, as the company is gaining market share and expanding margins. Neutral rating.


    Const ...
  • snmtraders: $VECO - Up 15% today -- thanks jojo
  • Tricia: EARNINGS Reports: Earnings before Monday's open: $AHGP, $ALR, ARLP,AWI, $BWP, $CNA, DFG, $HAR, $HUM, IEP, $L, $LPLA, $LYB, $MCY,NYX, $SNH, $SOHU, $SCCO, $TEN $UDR, $WDR, WPI, $WSO, $Y, ZOLL Earnings after Monday's close: $AFG, $APC, $CBL, $CIM, $EEP, $EXR, $FST, $HLF, $HOLX, $JEC, $KRC, $MAS, $MCK, $MOH, $PMCS, $RGA, $SBAC, $SPF, $SU, $VECO, $VVUS Edited on Apr 30, 2012 00:18 Edited on Apr 30, 2012 00:18
  • scgaryinv: $VECO long after hours 33.00 & 33.50
  • jojo1480: CREE- maybe it is done going thru its two step tango, above the 50dma, and BBand not squeezing, just getting a little tighter daily. Long $CREE, others in the same space consider $VECO AIXG $AYI, and $LEDS (the dog of the group).
  • bethany: $CREE - jojo...been watching these....I like $VECO the most in this space for the fact of bouncing off the 50. Seems to have been support since late Jan. Cree is nice also coming out of the #squeeze....and $GTAT is also a bit interesting. I think $VECO wins #RHRN. thoughts??
  • jojo1480: $CREE VECO- @bethany, had $VECO & $CREE earlier this month, booked profits in $VECO, and kept CREE. I don' t think you can go wrong with either one. $VECO has a smaller mkt cap, the chart show it is @a good buy point, with the 50dma as reference. Buy small, this is more of eoy story, gl.
  • bethany: $VECO - jojo.....eoy??? Huh?? :)
  • bethany: $VECO - jojo....eoy/eod.....I knew that! :o
  • jojo1480: CREE- long term thesis still intact, stock acting nicely today. Others in the same space $VECO, $LEDS (avoid), and AIXG. The outlier is AIY. Long CREE
  • snmtraders: $VECO - Just bot a starter position as it bounces off what I see as an uptrending support line.
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Veeco Instruments upgraded at Deutsche
    $VECO was upgraded from Hold to Buy, Deutsche Bank said. $40 price target. Checks suggest that fundamentals are improving for MOCVD suppliers.

    $WMS Industries downgraded at Goldman
    $WMS was d ...
  • jojo1480: $CREE VECO- thesis remains intact, energy saving devices. Play on the elimination of incandescent +100 bulbs. Long $VECO CREE, others in this space $AYI AIXG $LEDS (LEDS stay away)
  • jojo1480: WPRT- having a huge run in %profit taking 20% off the table. Used the cash to add to $FIO CREE $VECO & KRA.
  • jojo1480: NXPI- scottdipietro, held my position in NXPI. Soldout of $AVB BIDU $VECO, and I trimmed quite a few position 20-40% ended with a higher cash position into the weekend. I increased a little to $BRCM QSII $KRA KBH and CREE. Closed out $AAPL spreads as the gains are almost @max. Still holding about 20 equity position, hard to eliminate some positions due to the chart.
  • jojo1480: FIO- now am happy I bought more yesterday, long. MAKO- adding a little to position, not going crazy. $VECO CREE- you know my long term view, bought more yesterday, holding NXPI- adding to my starter position, looks like everyone has a $GOOG wallet, $AAPL wallet etc, using these chips for most smart phones.
  • jojo1480: AVB- adding to position, as the stock now is above the 50dma, just looking for another 5-10pts. CREE- down a 1pt, adding to position. Long $VECO CREE
  • jojo1480: $VECO CREE- last post of the day, $VECO in VSqueeze take a look @the chart. I have owned both of these in the past. When they take off, it becomes a 2legged race, a ying-yang, alternating up/down days. Long $VECO CREE.
  • jojo1480: CREE- moving nicely, this is a Oct2012 play. $VECO hasn' t moved quite as much, same space. Long $VECO and CREE.
  • jojo1480: VECO- buying back this stock, now long $VECO and CREE.
  • jojo1480: CREE- adding a little more position size now at 70%, I sold $VECO, still like the fundies- had to many stocks in portfolio was giving me a headache. Long CREE
  • jojo1480: $VECO CREE- adding more to position now 50%, this is a longer term hold for me. Others in the space are $AIXG LEDS AYI- Fd long $CREE VECO
  • jojo1480: CREE- pulling back to 20dma, adding a little more. Long $VECO CREE (longer term holds 3-12mos)
  • jojo1480: $VECO CREE- adding to both position on the downgrade of CREE. This is an investment, am looking for longer term gains. Position size 40%. At this point will only add when stocks are going up, not down.
  • jojo1480: CREE- fell below 20dma, adding to position. $VECO holding up well adding as well. Long $CREE VECO CLNE- sold most of long position.
  • jojo1480: $CREE VECO AYI- Don' t forget about these Light Emitting Diodes play these 3cos are best of breed. $AIXG LEDS more speculative, $AIXG German Company euro exposure. Long $VECO CREE Golfing today was great +75degF, just a wonderful day. :o)), it is all good.....even $DMND didn't go down as much as it should.
  • jojo1480: SNCR-mpropst it blew out the Upper BBand, short #squeeze covering that is no subdued. Take a look @CREE VECO. $CREE reported a miss on earnings this week and the stock is up, I have a starting position in these stocks, and hoping they would come down, I want to buy more. This is a longer term hold, not trading the charts. Long $SNCR CREE $VECO, others in the LED (light emitting diode) space are @Dutch Phillips & Germany' s AIXG. @DAN- layed out a compelling case in the videos last night, take a look at them. If trading them, most are @good buy points. gl
  • jojo1480: $PAY CREE- @1Boston330, the daily chart doesn' t make sense, this should have corrected a little, still 60% looking to add on pullbacks, or if it keeps going up have to scale out. CREE- opened a position this morning, now long $CREE and $VECO, this will be a longer hold. No stops, if it tanks will be adding.
  • Aiko: ...

    Zacks5 New
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $VECO estimates lowered through 2012, Citigroup said. Expiring subsidies, significant oversupply, weak demand, and elevated inventory. Maintain $27 price target and Neutral rating.

    $WMS Industries numbers reduced at Goldman
    Shares of $WMS no ...
  • Sparksjim: $CREE @eptake5 $CREE tooks good...I also think $VECO fits the potential as well....perhaps better. PS I am in EP too
  • jojo1480: $VECO CREE- so far no short covering, I outlined over the weekend a few metric re the LED space, and China mandate to eliminate incandescent 100+bulbs by Oct 2012, so far the no reaction by short sellers. Long $VECO and Nov19C30, it won' t take much to get a nice pop, feeling like Vegas. :o))
  • jojo1480: $VECO #options, picking up a few Nov19C30 @1.00, see if this China mandate has any ooomph.
  • jojo1480: ...
    $CREE VECO $RBCN AIXG LEDS- These are the main player in the LED space. I don' t know if China' s mandate to eliminate the use of 100+Watts by Oct 2012 is going to @crank these cos now, or later in 2012. I did a comparison of where these cos stood a ...
  • jojo1480: $CREE VECO $RBCN AIXG LEDS- These are the main player in the LED space. I don' t know if China' s mandate to eliminate the use of 100+Watts by Oct 2012 is going to @crank these cos now, or later in 2012. I did a comparison of where these cos stood ag ...
  • Sparksjim: $VECO interesting.
  • Sparksjim: $VECO, $CREE, $LEDS Something up all LED space
  • bigbartabs: $VECO, $CREE, LEDS... something up... maybe Christmas? Not sure that is a good reason, since the price for a 100' of LED Christmas lights was $16. I'm gonna hafta make a lot more profitable trades to afford replacing my 12 year accumulated Griswold stash.
  • ginny: $VECO CREE China announced plans to phase out traditional lights
  • rippashred: $VECO - solid balance sheet, tons of cash, low $PEG, low p/e. What's the catch?
  • jojo1480: $VECO rippashred, last year I rode $VECO and $CREE in a featured horse race as they gained 2-3pts daily. Then the new came that China was slowing the demand of the product, and price appreciation came to a screeching halt. Short position in $VECO is ~22% of the float, and the stock has given up most of its gain. I will wait and see, gl.
  • rippashred: $VECO @ jojo1480 - hope the market continues its move higher in these final minutes! good luck with the buy of VECO! the chart is an interesting setup, especially if it closes above the 50dma.
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $VECO was downgraded from Hold to Sell, Canaccord Genuity said. Company is facing lower growth prospects. $18 price target.

    Wolverine World Wide downgraded at Sterne Agee
    $WWW was downgraded from Buy to Neutral, Sterne Agee said. Company has ...
  • rippashred: $VECO - thanks to @sparksjim for bringing up $VECO on Friday. Anyone have thoughts on this potential vol. #squeeze higher? do you wait for a break of the 50 day to buy? thanks in advance for the help. this stock has been crushed!
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Shares of $VECO now seen reaching $28, according to Credit Suisse. Estimates also cut, as the company lacks near-term catalysts. Neutral rating.

    Wal-Mart estimates increased at @Morgan Stanley
    $WMT estimates were raised through 2014, @Morgan ...
  • Sparksjim: $UAN I have been doing the same . I didn't miss the move though. Got in about 20.75. Plan to sell call against next week. #Dividend about two weeks off. Like $CVI too. Regards. @Jim PS Keep an eye on $URI, $VECO, and $NTAP
  • Sparksjim: $VECO heading for a trend change big mover in past
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Shares of $VECO now seen reaching $43, according to UBS. Estimates also lowered as near term Korea weakness may continue. Buy rating.

    Walgreens target reduced at @Morgan Stanley
    $WAG target was lowered to $45, @Morgan Stanley said. $ESRX pro ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $VECO was initiated with an Equal-weight rating, @Morgan Stanley said. LED demand could be slowing out of China.

    US Steel downgraded at @Morgan Stanley
    Rating on $X was cut from Overweight to Equal-weight, @Morgan Stanley said. $48 price targe ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $VECO estimates were lowered through 2012, JP @Morgan said. Company is seeing shipments delays to China and facing lower demand. Overweight rating and new $60 price target.

    Western Digital estimates, target lowered at $BMO
    Shares of $WDC now se ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Veco Instruments numbers cut at Sterne
    $VECO estimates were lowered through 2012, Sterne Agee said. Company likely has little bookings visibility. Buy rating and new $53 price target.

    Wells Fargo estimates, target raised at Goldman
    Shares of ...
  • jojo1480: VECO- back from the dmv and passed the stupid motorbike test, trying to keep the front wheels of a Harley within a 1.5 wide tight circular lane is kinda stupid, nobody tries to that @4mph, shees. $VECO did bounce of the 50dma, something to look for come Monday. Long a starter.
  • jojo1480: $CREE VECO $AYI AIXG LEDS- barillo, $JMP securities said $CREE was very upbeat @JMP research conference, this entire LED space was taking down last year due to China slowdown in saving energy thru utilization of LED technology. You got resistance @50dma, and support around 40.30. $VECO hit 52wk hi today. Might consider playing $AYI vsqueeze, and stay away from LEDS. Were all squatters in this environment, utililze 3 or 4% trailing stop losses. good luck. No position.
  • wanda16: $VECO breaking out very steady $HCA threatening for highest close blue sky ipo hospitals JOJO would you give your opinion of HCA? thanx so much I know you are into healthcare
  • Miki: $VECO JJG (grains ETF) $ALTR VRSN $PLAB PPO $DELL all breaking recent highs
  • galcebo: PQ- Almost out of half, looking for late pm bounce from shorts. Looking to reload $VECO plenty of shorts should still be out there.
  • southern: $RBCN Cree is down 7% at 45.67 on lowered guidance; LED peers also trading lower on light volume, including $VECO -6.7%, $RBCN -5.7%, $LEDS -4.5%, $AIXG -3.4%
  • tickerhound: CREE; lowers guidance, the whole sector should fall as well. $VECO comes to mind, others...??
  • taylor: $CREE -- lowers Q3 revenue target to $215M-$220M vs. consensus $254.8M. This will weigh on LED sector today. $VECO, $RBCN also down
  • jojo1480: $CREE RBCN $VECO AIXG $AYI - looks like the Led space is picking up steam, thanks to $RBCN earnings blowout. $CREE is forming a Vsqueeze, $LEDS chinese IPO several mos. ago looks like it wants to Twiggy for a while. Keep them on your radar. No position.
  • jojo1480: this reminds me of the $VECO CREE foot race that went on the latter 1/2 of last year.
  • jojo1480: $CREE VECO $AYI AIXG- last year rode $CREE VECO and $AYI and was very profitable. Now $VECO and $CREE are starting to move once again. I currently don' t own any of these, just keep them on the radar, there are several members who have started buying, i say kudos!!
  • joanie: Solar stocks - I have a list of solar related stocks which I monitor (and I now feel like I missed the boat because I obviously didn't have a look at them today). $LDK YGE $CSIQ SPWRA $STP JASO $SOL CREE $TAN APWR $FSLR PWER $VECO SOLF SATC. They're all up. I was in $YGE and $JASO last week, but got stopped out. Have to remind myself that if this is a "one-day trend" then I haven't missed anything, and if this has some teeth to it, I'll kick myself later when this whole group is in the winner's circle and I"m wondering why I couldn't buy on day 1, just because of the strength.......
  • CallaLilly: $CREE just upgraded to overweight by the lovely Piper Jaffrey raising the target to 85 from 65, $VECO raised to 62. from 38.50 ... think there's much going to keep the market going up even though eventually there has to be some kind of pullback, unless it's stock by stock and sector by sector. $AAPL just needs to be at 340.
  • mrkkaz: $CREE $VECO that research note a few weeks back that was negative on $VECO seems to have been on target. ughh
  • dlylis: $CREE - the LED glut chat seems to be cyclical. $VECO as well.
  • jojo1480: $CREE VECO AIXG- the trade that keep on giving, buy the dips and sell the rips. $CREE has not participated in the past several weeks, whereas $VECO and $AIXG have moved higher. I own $CREE common, calls, naked puts- it has to be CREE's turn soon. Everyone have a great weekend, lousy tape, virtual company a great group of traders!
  • unremitting3: $VECO Pick of the day. Take a look, ready to move, right sector, right time, UP in premarket, watch the O.I. as it is a little small. But near term prospects are pretty good. More later.
  • taylor: $CREE, $VECO, #Options @scottto - for the first time in 6 months, I am completely out of CREE. I would only be #shorting puts again in $CREE if it pulls back sharply, ala VECO. Position: short $VECO Jul 16 2011 30 Puts
  • Marty: SOX - The Semiconductor Index - Okay....... I'm a relatively new member in the SMM forum so go easy on me with my "baby-step analysis" =) SOX ($SOX.X) looks to be bouncing right off of the 20 DMA. Going back to mid-September the SOX has bounced off of the 20 DMA 5 times and now its about to touch this 20 day line again. Semiconductor equity, $TQNT, has bounced 2 times and now touching the 20 day. Will it bounce again? $NANO $NVDA $VSH $ALTR $CREE These are either touching the 20 day moving avg, or just a hair above. $BRCM $VECO These broke yesterday. Anyway, just thinking about the Semi's this morning and wanted to share my thoughts. Of course I'm open to any dissections of my notes or feedback here.
  • taylor: $CMG, $PCLN, $FFIV, $NFLX - Market tone - some are recovering. Some are not. $VRSN, $VECO, $SRCL Doing Well... $CMG 7.5100 3.31% 234.30 $WYNN 5.4203 5.38% 106.16 $ENR 4.8300 6.91% 74.70 $PCLN 4.8299 1.21% 403.70 $AZO 4.5900 1.74% 267.14 $WHR 3.2600 3.73% 90.47 $FFIV 2.6199 2.00% 133.00 $LVS 2.5600 6.05% 44.83 $BWA 2.3399 3.43% 70.50 $NFLX 2.3099 1.29% 180.80 Doing Poorly... $AEM -3.8500 -4.79% 76.51 $VRSN -3.0099 -8.13% 34.00 $RIG -2.9499 -4.10% 68.94 $SCHL -2.3200 -7.79% 27.45 $VECO -2.2099 -5.16% 40.57 ACL -1.9500 -1.18% 162.14 $DRIV -1.8400 -4.99% 35.00 $RGC -1.8000 -12.20% 12.95 $SRCL -1.5449 -1.93% 78.09 $DVA -1.4099 -1.99% 69.33
  • mrkkaz: $VECO text book action as @Dan wrote on Realmoney. For now this stock looks broken, real heavy volume accompanied the sell off that started earlier today .
  • jojo1480: NG- money flow indicator, measures the stock being bought at the ask than the bid, 2nd most accumulated at buying on weakness. $SPY is the highest accumulation. Got my 18 holes in yesterday was $VECO, and today found $BIDU getting clocked, still showing green in these two holdings, will see what 2011 brings.
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Stock Price $USD 8.29
Change 5.87%
Volume 502,305

Veeco Instruments Inc designs, manufactures and markets equipment primarily sold to make light emitting diodes and hard-disk drives, as well as for emerging applications, such as concentrator photovoltaics, power semiconductors and wireless components.

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