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  • CdrJake: $TSEM now trading at price it was before the cash offer, is 33% below $INTC Intel's $53. takeover offer... Has anyone seen info or news as to whether INTC wants to pull out of the deal due to the lawsuit? Stock price sure acting that way.... Might be worth more if the offer is dropped.
  • woodman: $KEYS - Doing the work on the 50w moving average. It reports tomorrow, but that has nothing to do with why I mention it. Just that it seems to finding a base and is a big player in silicon-photonics (data centers/networks). Another one in this area - $TSEM - was just bought by Intel.
  • shoredriver: $INTC $TSEM....Intel buying TSEM....up 41%...
  • vitoB: @Suz $TMST $INTC I believe you're thinkin of $TSEM
  • humble:
  • Suz:
  • stairm01: @humble $TSEM Look at @Suz post just below. Being acquired by $INTC
  • PhooeyQuai: @humble $TSEM being purchased by intel for $53 a share.
  • humble: @PhooeyQuai $TSEM Thank you!
  • Wykeman: $TSEM Nh vol
  • woodman: #Semiconductors of interest (need to look at daily and weekly charts): $XLNX - breather on the weekly, moving on the daily. $MXL - moving up out of consolidation. $POWI - rough give-back of yesterday, but on the 200d/50w. Has pulled back to gap up (low) of 7/30. Keep an eye on it. $AMKR - hitting descending resistance today as it moves along the 50w. If it moves up through that descending resistance, it could move well. $RMBS - moving up out of small flag, htb here but perhaps on a little pull back. $LSCC moving back up, hitting 20d overhead now. $FORM weekly consolidation following breakout from range at/below 50w. $TSM (11 month) and TXN (8.5 month) - long consolidation in both. When these breakout of them, they could move very well. $TSEM - Breakout from cup and handle. Htb now.
  • issues: @bRobert $SOXL $AVGO $SMH Dr bRob I was looking/ lurking at the semis and IBD showed these as good ratings: $PI (up from minus 6% to plus 10% in a short time - too extended?) $TSEM (turning down?) $QRVO, $MCHP and $ON. I didn't like the chart on $SWKS and it has a weak rating of 75 d- (in the dumpster) Looking at the charts from this SMM pov I like $ON. Shall we say turn it ON!!? Just on the charts.... Now what does the good doctor of stocks have to say?
  • bRobert: @Ronmoz $TSEM $40+ $COHU $65 . potential. wait for the bounce. to enter. Stop just below the prior day's low or the low of bounce day. Whichever one is lower. They both may come in a bit. more. Both stretched a bit above the 20/50/200. w
  • Ronmoz: @bRobert and team, would like your thoughts on $TSEM and $COHU as PB buy opportunities. Both in a strong sector, earnings are behind them and support at the 20DMA. Thanks!
  • scottrades: Some #Earnings to be aware of this week... #earnings for the week.. $PLTR $SHOP $CVS $WMT $ROKU $FSLY $FVRR $AAP $TLRY $TWLO $WIX $AMAT $GOLD $TTD $AN $DBX $BIDU $YNDX $WING $LPX $ZTS $TRU $SPWR $ECL $ADI $BIGC $SEDG $EXPD $WM $MRO $RNG $STMP $USFD $TRMN $ET $BKI $OXY $TRTN $VMC $TSEM $SNBR $HLT
  • CraigReynolds: $TSEM For Information, bought a starter at open, $20,42. A lot of vol. and Aug options being trades in this Semi. Also option in Jan, large buys.
  • Bert953: Looking at semi's after seeing post on $TSEM. $MRVL is doing an engulfing on the 50dMA. Q2 8/27
  • spmeyers: $TSEM good setup for phase 3 move
  • woodman: $TSEM move above resistance within uptrend.
  • scottrades: $TSEM Gapping down to just above the 50 Day moving Average. Earnings were in line with Exceptions but have downside Q4 guidance that sees revenue at $312M versus the $316.37M consensus.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $TSEM Boom!
  • Herb: Looks like somebody misunderstood the $TSEM earnings call. . . . .
  • scottrades: ...
    $TSEM Riding the top BB.
    $CSS Move up your stop on this.
    $KMX New Weekly High.
    $EPAM Still waiting on a Trigger.
    $GOOGL Chewing through supply.
    $TWTR Going sideways. If you’re buying here you’re guessing.
    $AMZN Earnings coming up i ...
  • scottrades: ...
    $TSEM A little more extended, but decent volume today.
    $DIOD Ditto.
    $NOW Still some supply overhead so this could grind.
    $V Broke out of an Hourly consolidation on good volume.
    $UPLD Hourly Trend in play. Let it work for you.
    $SQ Hasn’t be ...
  • scottrades: $TSEM Trying to poke above a Weekly Base.
  • lostsheep: $TSEM this semi could have some room to run above 21.1
  • JoeTrader: @Dan Thanks for $TSEM at this mornings webinar! I think if it breaks $20.50 it could run to $22.50 or so...
  • woodman: #5G / #IoT stocks are working, though some are too hot to touch rhrn - $VIAV $TSEM $CEVA $LSCC $GLW $CIEN $HLIT $KEYS $XLNX
  • woodman: $TSEM - high volume breakout from squeeze.
  • spmeyers: @woodman $TSEM but resistance at 16
  • bRobert: @spmeyers $TSEM YUP . I don't buy breakouts. In addition. $SMH is super extended and entries are at higher risk ...for me. Long several others with tight stops
  • woodman: @bRobert $TSEM $SMH - These have been horses. I've been riding a stable of them. Most are extended and keep extending, so I'm just letting them run.
  • woodman: @spmeyers $TSEM - No position. Just noting the action. Similarly, $TER is breaking out of a pennant at the 200 day. Strong move.
  • bRobert: @woodman $TSEM $SMH I have my stable too, but I raised them from colts
  • spmeyers: $TSEM short opportunity; up against 50-day; watch for failure
  • efrain007: @DAN $WYNN would $TSEM work the same? It's in a 15min squeeze now. I bought some yesterday and am thinking of adding over yesterday high which would coincide with a move out of the squeeze.
  • DAN: @efrain007 $WYNN $TSEM Same idea, but it's pretty thinly traded. So you have to be careful.
  • PhilHarmonic: $TSEM Earnings surprise. Gapped down pre-market.
  • PhilHarmonic: $TSEM Bought this am @ 22.70 for oversold bounce. Still holding with stop @ 22.90
  • PhilHarmonic: @PhilHarmonic $TSEM Sold at $23.77
  • woodman: @grcjr $QCOM $ARGO #5GCellular - some players in 5G/IoT: $DAIO $WIFI $TSEM $SQNS $NATI $CEVA
  • woodman: #IoT / #5GSpectrum stocks looking good: $NATI $SQNS $TSEM $CEVA. $WIFI also, potentially, as it consolidates sideways.
  • Bridget: Notes: Quite a few good performing stocks pulling back today. Taking a breather. Closed a lot more positions today than I opened. $BA - cup and handle pattern $XLNX - nice cup patterm $MRCY - new 52 week high $SODA - working $KTOS - new all time high $TSEM - new all time high $AAOI - resistance still at $60 $NWL - good ER, breakout from consolidation $WYNN $MLCO - profit taking looks done. Can look at possible entry. $KITE - breakout and down, $JUNO followed $CELG - breakout and down, looking at $115-116 for support $AMC - ER this afternoon, Weekly chart looks like a short set-up $COMM - still holding at 200ma $RL - another try to breakout but pulled back $DDD - 3D printing stocks up big today
  • issues: $TSEM beat .47est 0.52actual beat by 10.64% Price $19.47. But nothing on $WDC or $STX. Anyone buying any of these?
  • issues: @michaelH $PI same industry group as $MCHP $MSCC $MU $MTSI $TSEM. We own MCHP MSCC MU not PI (yet). MSCC is IBD rated/composite 97 (accumulation B-) The best is MCHP at 99 B+ (assum)
  • michaelH: @issues $PI $MCHP $MSCC $MU $MTSI $TSEM $MCHP has had quite the run; $MSCC worth watching for a breakout from the tight base its building, my 2 cents
  • Photiosm: $TSEM best chip move higher today!
  • janner0814: ...
    Gapping up: $AMCO 18.1%, $XGTI 9.6%, $PSTI 9.3%, $VRS 6.9%, $GURE 6.9%, $ALTR 6.5%, $ENDP 5.4%, $SLTD 3.8%, $PBR 3.8%, $IGLD 3.4%, $ASTI 2.2%, $AUY 2%, $PAAS 1.7%, $GOLD 1.6%, $AUQ 1.6%, $CSIQ 1.4%, $TSEM 1.4%, $TSEM 1.4%, $CSIQ 1.4%, $RIG 1.3%, $GG ...
  • DrChucky: $TSEM - up more than 8% in pre market to 18.30.
  • DrChucky: $VRX $TSEM - two very different companies rising on their earnings news. $VRX up from 173 to 191 in pre market. $TSEM closed at 13.79 and is trading at 14.68 or so in pre market, falling a bit after an early high of 14.98.
  • jarch1: $TSEM weekly, monthly, yearly breakout seems to be confirming yeasterdday's breakout.
  • DrChucky: @jarch1 - $TSEM earnings ahead. but looks strong until then.
  • jarch1: $TSEM pushing on 2012 high's if it gets through here target is 23 and higher.
  • DrChucky: $QRVO, $TSEM - $QRVO up 2.74 or 3.86% $TSEM up 3.45% with a .50 move. a useful comparison of percentages and dollar moves. Sure makes similar dollar sizes in each position very different. $QRVO still rising. $TSEM now fading
  • DrChucky: $TSEM - looks like a breakout. at 14.39
  • DAN: @DrChucky $TSEM -- yes, I like that, DrChucky. Dan
  • DrChucky: $SWIR, $TSEM semis pushing to new highs.
  • DrChucky: $TSEM - anyone see a breakout here? upgraded and given a price target of 20. back above 12 in pre-market. I was long for a bit but booked profits when it fell of its recent high. Thinking of re-entering as it seems strong. Looking for second opinions or better semi trades.
  • DrChucky: $TSEM - anyone? got big volume in the last few days of green candles
  • DrChucky: $TSEM - breaking out. above all near term highs at 12.80. testing 13 next?
  • DrChucky: $TSEM - up 4% to 11.63 after falling to 11 and change. looks to me to be ready to break out. shook me out on the intraday fall a day or two ago. I am hesitant to get back in, but it looks like a potential winner. Can anyone chime in here and help get me thinking straight? thanks
  • DrChucky: $TSEM - gapped up a bit and continuing to rise on well-received earning report. stop at 9.85 now at 10.77. Up .30 about 3%
  • DrChucky: $TSEM - regaining some key averages and still on the upswing. long.
  • DrChucky: @woodman - $TSEM not looking too bad for an entry here.
  • woodman: @DrChucky $TSEM - yeah, nice, if it can put 50 day resistance (prior support) behind it. Maybe take a small position now and if it rolls over at the 50 day, bail out. If it takes the 50 day out and holds on to the move, add. Just a thought. Best of luck.
  • DrChucky: $RFMD, $TSEM - semis still green for the day. now the fireworks begin.
  • bullmoose: $MDXG, $TSEM - Added at the open. Nice bounces off the 50-day.
  • bullmoose: $MOBI, $TSEM - Nice rebounds off the lows in these two holdings.
  • DrChucky: $TSEM - dropped like a stone to 11.00 no news. Any ideas why?
  • bullmoose: $TSEM - Breaking out of a flag after breaking out of a squeeze.
  • DrChucky: $TSEM - showing some strength after earnings. 10.80, well off the intraday low. nice volume. nice recovery.
  • bullmoose: $KNDI - A bit of a fake-out today. Keep those stops tight. Same with $ENPH. I was stopped out of $TSEM today.
  • bullmoose: $TSEM - Has retraced its way back to the 20-day and is attempting a bounce. It could be time to start putting money back to work in it. If not today, then Monday. I want to see how this bounce holds up this afternoon.
  • bullmoose: $TSEM is forming a flag pattern after a nice breakout. Keep an eye out for a pop above the flag.
  • bullmoose: $KBH, $KNDI, $TSEM, $ESV, $RIG - Hi forumers. I've been under the weather the past week. I caught some very strange virus that, on the bright side, has at least helped me lose some weight. I haven't been trading or participating in the forum as activ ...
  • bullmoose: I can't find any news on $TSEM as to why it exploded upward today, but I'm raising my stops on part of my shares to 10.67 to lock in gains.
  • boba: @bullmoose $TSEM - Huge volume, someone knows what's in the earnings.
  • msb: @boba $TSEM - I saw on Bloomberg very early this morning that they had announced Q2 earnings and that they get $10 in revenue for each smart phone sold. It was just the notes on the right side of the screen, so there was no detail.
  • bullmoose: Time to trim some $TSEM
  • Tricia: @bullmoose $TSEM ... congrats Bull moose .. I held this one and sold it too soon :< !
  • bullmoose: Some good stocks that are working and buys (I bought/added to some today) – $KSU, $SAND, $BZH, $ENPH (actually bought yesterday). Also, keep an eye on $KEG. I bought $TSLA calls back yesterday as well. Other than that, I'm treading lightly to see if this bounce holds up here today. If it follows through I'll add more of some key stocks I trimmed (including $RIG, $TSEM, $IRBT, $JKS, $CX, $KNDI, $AVGO, and $HZBNP). Also adding to $KCAP on the high yielder front.
  • bullmoose: Added $TSEM and $POT here on the bounces.
  • bullmoose: Take a look at $TSEM. It's breaking out of a tight squeeze. I've bought two chunks today.
  • southern: companies to report before the open: # $EAT, $OSIS, $AIT, $BGG, $SRI, $VPHM, $CTB, $ATK, $CCOI, $CNQ, $FUN, $GOLD, $ITG, $JRCC, $MFC, $NJR, OMG, $RDEN, $RGLD, SLE, $USPH, $ZEUS, $KOP, $MINI, $NOG, $BKR, $BR, $MHR, $PGNX, $AXAS, $CAAS, $FXCM, $KRO, $MKL, $SSRI, $THI, $WEN, $ACCO, $ADY, $AG, $AMCX, $BDC, $HNR, $HWCC, $KSS, $LIWA, $MPW, $RDNT, $WIN, KITD, $SNSS, $RRGB, $AAP, $TK, $TNK, $TSEM, $TUC, $CAE, and $NVO
  • debrup: Gapping up&down. Up: $DF +26.8%, WFR +16.5%, $EVOL +13%, $CHTP +12.2%, $IILG +10.4%, $KNXA +9.9%, $ENOC +9.8%, $CSGS +7.9%, $ESRX +6.9%, $RAX +6.1%, $TSEM +5.8%, $ACTS +4.8%, $POWL +4.7%, $SAPE +4.2%, $MAXY +4%, $DMD +3.2%, $RIO +3.1%, $MNTX +2.9%, $JAZZ +2.8%, $ACHN +2.2% Gapping down: $PRMW -21.2%, $PCLN -15.1%, $XOMA -10.1%, $Z -9.6%, $WG -8.7%, $NVTL -7.5%, $IDSY -5.6%, $EXAS -4.8%, $AYR -4.3%, WPZ -3.5%, $EXPE -3.2%, $KRC -2.2%, $UBS -2.2%, $VVUS -1.9%, $PLAB -1.1% Have fun!
  • Miki: $TSEM SCLN - cheap < 5 $ stocks IMHO a good risk going into earnings with small positions- made a lot for me in previous cases
  • Miki: EDITED: $TSEM SCLN cheap < 5 $ stocks IMHO a small risk holding a small position going into earnings today -both made some money for me in the last 6 months
  • Miki: $TSEM - under 5$ but a specialties Semi with a very good CEO, a nice chart a a cup and triple handle and an analyst saying the price will triple itself soon...( the cup chart depth givs only ~3$) now in a converging triangle VSQZ -very nice growing volumes lately RINO- i do not remember who of the SMM brought up this green China stock - made for me some 10% three weeks ago - seems ready to pop again out of a VSQZ i think its breaking the downtrend resist line!!!!
  • birdsgarage: $TSEM - @dlg1

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Change -2.55%
Volume 735,726

Tower Semiconductor, Ltd. semiconductor integrated circuits. Its products include digital CMOS, mixed-signal and radio frequency CMOS, CMOS image sensors and power management devices.

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