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  • rachel: ...
    16. $SRNE – Alert $8.30
  • Danzguy: $SRNE I did a TOS scan Tue eve for candles bouncing of the 50ema (BTW, if anyone has a good scan please share as mine is homebuilt and clunky). Anyway, $SRNE popped up and it is a therapeutic (anything with therapeutic in the name is hot). The IBD metrics are good and it is moving today. FWIW
  • spmeyers: $SRNE just about breaking resistance RHRN
  • woodman: #CAR-T #GeneTherapy #GeneEditing stocks are doing well. Some charts I like within the space: $AGTC $BLCM $EDIT $AGIO $LBIO $EIGR $TRIL $SRNE. Also $CLLS which may be on the verge of busting through the 200 day on 20 day support. Of course there are the crowd favorites too: $JUNO $KITE $BLUE . And don't forget $CNCR - the cancer immunotherapy ETF which holds a number of such stocks.
  • mradams0621: @woodman $AGTC $BLCM $EDIT $AGIO $LBIO $EIGR $TRIL $SRNE $CLLS $JUNO $KITE $BLUE $CNCR #CAR-T #GeneTherapy #GeneEditing Nice 59min trade on news on $RPRX today. Gap and crap and Go. $1.18 down $0.96 up $2.00 Nice double if you could get most of it. Of coarse I only paper traded it so it's still beans and franks for dinner. CouldaWouldaShoulda trade.
  • woodman: @mradams0621 $AGTC $BLCM $EDIT $AGIO $LBIO $EIGR $TRIL $SRNE $CLLS $JUNO $KITE $BLUE $CNCR $RPRX #CAR-T #GeneTherapy #GeneEditing I saw it "too" late and didn't get involved. It probably moved up a measly 30% up after that. :(
  • mradams0621: ...
    8.19% $SRNE Sorrento Therapeut 8.45 3900
    8.03% $DDC Dominion Diamond C 8.88 800
    7.96% $GDP Goodrich Petroleum 0.27 3000
    7.79% $AVH Avianca Holdings S 4.43 400
    7.79% $STRP Straight Path Comm 22.00 300
    7.68% $DGAZ VS 3X INV NAT GAS 24.40 109020
  • Dave: @woodman - Thanks for the news on that, folks. Here's some good charts that showed up in my Biotech folder today (many are on the verge of breakouts and very consistent moves on the hourly): $VVUS (mild inverse H&S), $RGLS, $ZGNX, $AMRN, $RPTP holding the 200, $OHRP, $SRNE, $FPRX, $CBLI (rounded bottom breakout, RBB), $LXRX, $INCY, $CERS, $STEM and $NKTR.
  • TRICIA: ...
    watch $CLLS - tomorrow ...$XON and $ZIOP move together ... $SRNE - chart trade for now (I missed this but that's okay and the volume was incredible along with a 18% move) - so much to follow --- I will post some thoughts on Sunday - there is too m ...
  • janner0814: At 2:30 PM today, 21 stocks gaining 50% in a month. A Close of Twenty (20) stocks gaining 50% in a month is my benchmark, for a larger pull back. So expect this pull back to come 2-4 days of the days of the FIRST closure =>20. There is a chance that this number dips below 20 ATC. This is when the highly speculative stuff begin flying. SERIOUSLY, how many stocks can you think of, that has gained >50% in 25 days (one month)? (A number of the following stocks are not recognized by Finviz): $ADXSW $ALDR $BPMC $BRDR $CORI $GEVA $GKNT $HRTX $MOMO $NHTC $NPTN $ONCS $QLTY $RARE $RELY $SEDG $SRNE $SRPT $TCX $ZEUS $ZSPH Full Disclosure: Don't even try to "google this on the web." You'll only get this info if you have written the PCF to extract this data from "Common Stocks" (5788 today).
  • 3Peat: $SRNE Taking a Swing rhrn.
  • TRICIA: SWING TRADES -- looking good in the CARt's for swing -- $BLUE, $ZIOP, $NLNK, $SGMO, $SRNE, $AGIO, $JUNO .... SCALE SCALE SCALE ( that means scale in ) and if you buy them all.... then I will send you a dunce cap $CLLS - I am watching .. ( this is the IPO that represents the CARt company that has the strongest IP ...( and it matters)
  • SADL: $SRNE Breaking out from a pennant pattern. In for a swing trade
  • pcotton: ...
    3. $ASPX, $BLUE $PTSI, $CEMP, $SRNE, $INCY, $NPSP gave signal on day of or soon after big pop or runup, but it kept running up afterward.
    4. $GBIM signaled during gradual uptrend recently. Look for pop.
    5. $VRX signaled on pop very recently. Look f ...
  • woodman: @Aragorn $SRNE - giving it a $ sign instead of # sign to better find it later. Thanks, Aragorn.
  • Aragorn: $SRNE I failed ot mention it here but did to some friends it was an inside inside day a great move today
  • TRICIA: $SRNE - ↑6% after ytdy soar .. A spec play for me
  • TRICIA: $SRNE on it's way to my PT of 9-10 :-)
  • Aragorn: $SRNE to the HOD
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Stock Price $USD 3.59
Change 4.06%
Volume 1,763,900

Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc., discovers and develops human therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of cancer, inflammation, metabolic and infectious diseases.

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