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  • Nepenthe: @bigbartabs $RUT Hey, old friend, it is on my clunker of a platform. By the way, I've been playing mostly 3XEtfs based on your call from years ago when you piled into $SOXL right after Christmas? Do you remember that? Whish I had followed your advice. Now I'm heavily into $LABU (a shout out to @champ as well). Also, your remonstrance about beating the indices by a certain % yearly, which I realized I wasn't doing, hence the predominance of triple etfs. So you see, I have been stalking. Cheers.
  • bigbartabs: @Nepenthe $RUT $SOXL $LABU ... Yes, I do remember that. And I've been trading 3x ETFs ever since.
    #My #3x #ETF #Trading #Method... The main reason I got on the train of 3x ETFs... is I wanted to be able to be 100% in the market at all times... but ...
  • mharps: $SOXL added
  • woodman: @mharps $SOXL - Semiconductors should enjoy lowering rates.
  • stairm01: @mharps $SOXL Sold puts yesterday and bought them back this morning. Also bought January 11 and 12 calls yesterday. Working nicely. Getting ready to sell more weekly puts.
  • champ: @scottrades $SPY $SSO $CPRX $ARRY #News-Briefing....Yes exactly ...there are always huge swings when he speaks.....#Thanks...... ......and for me I will be holding some risk into his News Briefing.....with this ETF $SSO at $48.60...and I just added...... and I might swing a $SOXL position also, at this current price level $13.25...... .....I'm guessing that LOD's are in at these current price levels on both of these ETF's....however I'm pulling Trailers on both. Could be at Entries now/RHRn....with 3.... 5 minute green Bars on the Daily.... ......on $SQ and also on $ALB....
  • champ: $SOXL....getting some #Nice green 5-minute Bars going into the close...might continue....and I wish...I knew....
  • stairm01: $SOXL I'm selling puts against SOXL. Sold last week the 11 puts for 0.40. Just sold this week's 11.50 puts for 0.40. On a yearly basis selling these out of the money puts at 0.40 x 52 weeks = $20.80. If assigned, I'll do the wheel and sell calls. Bringing in 0.40 a week on a $12.80 stock is pretty good. Implied move for this week is $1.90
  • champ: @scottrades $SPY ....I'm holding $SSO $TQQQ and $SOXL....and I'm Trailing...and I'm also still holding $LABU and my entry was at $6.67, so I'm down a little.....
  • champ: $SSO $TQQQ $SOXL.....are still slowly moving-up.....HOD's, will these continue or #hold around these current levels and a close at these levels would be real nice, even great.....and then bounce in the last 15 minutes today, would be a real nice plus, going into the close.....and that is only one of the possible moves, that has happened in the Past... thats in the Play-book, so will it happen again..? ~~~~~however for sure, #always expect zig-zags.
  • champ: $SSO $SOXL...I took 1/2 off on both and took full profits on $TQQQ.
  • vcondry: @champ $SSO $SOXL $TQQQ i did a similar sold my $395 calls that expire next friday and bought $SSO in case she keeps running.
  • mharps: $SOXL up 31% for me- wish I had more: very extended
  • scottrades: @mharps $SOXL GREAT Trading!
  • champ: @bigbartabs....I moved back into $SOXL this morning....are you Watching any ETF's..?
  • woodman: $SOXL +20%, wow!. Np.
  • champ: $SSO....the $DJI..just touched 1,000, and thats a very important number for traders, however now is it going to fall back or move up....could we maybe get a Touch and Go....zag-zag ....and hold for a little while and then BreakOut..... .....however we are going to find out real soon what these computers are going to do..... .....I'm still holding this ETF........ but I took profits on most all of my stock swing positions..... now only holding these 5-swings.....$CMC $GVA $LUV $LBRT $OC..... and all the ones that I took profits on, are even higher for now...... .........this might be the real deal........ ......looking around for something, that might continue working...... and #maybe.. I might get back-in $SOXL and it is at $11.55...I sold it earlier...
  • woodman: @Docoof $TQQQ $FNGU - $SOXL +25% Crazy.
  • champ: $SSO at $44.75....$TQQQ at $18.75....$SOXL at $10.00....$LABU at $6.80...if the Markets hold-up today....and if the Markets closes around these current level, I will be swinging my ETF positions into Wednesday Election results.
  • vcondry: @champ $SSO $TQQQ $SOXL $LABU good plan i'm piggybacking it!
  • bigbartabs: @Rockstar $SMH ... yes, and $SOXL is right up against the 7/5/22 low. Significant overhead resistance.
  • champ: $SSO and $SOXL....back to only holding both of these 2 ETF's....profit stops took me out of my other ETF's.
  • champ: $AEHR...at $21....HOD....has News and I'm also still holding this ETF...$SOXL.
  • champ: @vcondry $SPY $SSO....I made more than a few mistakes today and I sold $SSO on the close and the only ETF, that I'm swinging now is $SOXL...only because Monday will be a New-Day....and hopefully I can do alright again on Monday......but it was a stru ...
  • champ: $SPY $SSO $TQQQ $LABU $SOXL $JETS $GUSH..... I have NP in any ETF's for now....and it looks like we are going into the Fed announcement with a market thats down a little.......
    ......for now the $DJI is down 28 points and that is more or less Flat... ...
  • champ: $SSO $TQQQ $SOXL $LABU $JETS.....there was a lot going on in the Markets this morning......and I had some nice entries, also in stocks that are now paying off, hopefully they will continue.....
  • vcondry: @champ $SSO $TQQQ $SOXL $LABU $JETS any entry left for $LABU and $SOXL or do you think those trains have left the station?
  • champ: @vcondry $SSO $TQQQ $SOXL $LABU $JETS .....I'm in these ETF's off of the lows, off of around the bottoms....and I added Trading positions.....however I did't add to my $LABU or $JETS, core positions.
  • Carpe_Diem: @champ $SSO $TQQQ $SOXL $LABU $JETS - Short Squeeze has been going on me smell. How about you?
  • champ: @Carpe_Diem $SSO $TQQQ $SOXL $LABU $JETS....Yes....and maybe they will continue into the close, for the next decisions......but like you said.....this has been a Wacky week......
    but obviously there is a turn going on.......
    because certain stocks an ...
  • champ: $SOXL....zigzagger....was HOD but dancing around
  • sagsworth: @champ $SOXL Looking at a 5 year chart do you think this a good entry for long term hold? I know it's a triple #ETF but its looks enticing.
  • bigbartabs: @champ @sagsworth $SOXL ... good ticker to load up on as time goes on. Doubting semiconductors growth and profit in the medium to long term is a fools errand.
  • sagsworth: @bigbartabs $SOXL Thank You for your input IM slowly accumulating shares now.
  • phgruver: @sagsworth $SOXL I goofed, and was thinking of something else. I'll blame it on old age. Part of what I said, though, was valid, so I'll rephrase....

    The problem with leveraged etfs is how they recalculate their value at the end of each day. The ...
  • bigbartabs: @phgruver $SOXL $SMH ... I've never understood (or experienced) what you are referring to. I've been holding and trading 3x ETFs for probably 15 years... and still don't understand the "reset"... nor felt it. If what you are describing (and I've heard a lot of people describe the same) is true... then I guess we could simply sell and re-buy our 3x ETF holdings each morning at the same price to "reset". True?
  • champ: @bigbartabs $SOXL $SMH ....Exactly.....
  • champ: @bigbartabs $SOXL ....Exactly.....
  • sagsworth: @bigbartabs $SOXL $SMH IM just looking at a 5 year chart of $SMH vs $SOXL when $SOXL falls bellow $SMH a divergence for 6 months or so for whatever reason $SOXL comes back to par or outperforms $SMH.
  • phgruver: @bigbartabs $SOXL $SMH Pull up a long term chart of $SOXL, and run a comparison to the $SMH. During periods of high volatility, the $SOXL out performs, in both directions, but during times of steady growth or orderly declines, they track very closely together percentage wise. As you suggest, I'm sure there is a strategy that would work. The chart shows that $SOXL outperforms in an up market, but seriously under performs in a down market. It may be as simple as only be long $SOXL when $SMH is above the 200DMA.
  • champ: @phgruver $SOXL $SMH $SSO.......Nice and that is something to think about also.
  • bigbartabs: @phgruver $SOXL $SMH ... maybe that's the reason I have never noticed it. I don't hold any tickers that participate in a down trending market. They immediately get "reset" by not being in :)
  • champ: #Trading-ideas @bigbartabs $SOXL .....Yes but this is only for dancers, could maybe also say that about $SSO $LABU and $JETS.....and these are for Exactly like you said....these are only for #Investors, for long-term...and these won't work for Scaredy-Cats, however there will be a lot of #Copy-Cats along the way, for sure. Investors versus Scaredy-Cats......Investors have to have or they always need to have...#Working-Capital, to Work with. Traders even Trade, in their Sleep. However could hold #Core-positions and Trade around those Core positions and that way the Investors... could work with all of those different types of Cats. There are always different ways, for Investors to skin-up those Profits, to make those Profits. LOL
  • champ: $SOXL....HOD....and I did get back-in this morning with a new Spec at $8.75, Trailing....
  • champ: $LABU $SOXL $SSO $TQQQ, these are the ETF's that I'm holding...off of the recent lows/bottoms, still holding all of my swing positions for now....and I haven't made any New moves yet today....for now I'm watching to see how things play out in the next hour or so.....
  • natural: @champ $LABU $SOXL $SSO $TQQQ Champ I'm with you in all but $SOXL; I have $ERX... Just waiting.
  • Fung: @champ $LABU $SOXL $SSO $TQQQ I have some shares of these too. Under what condition you will buy more or sell them all? Thanks
  • champ: @Fung $LABU $SOXL $SSO $TQQQ.....Thats a great question, that I'm also thinking about......I already have full positions on both of these...$LABU and on $SOXL....I started out with $SMH and then stepped down to $SOXL........
    .....$SSO and $TQQQ and I ...
  • champ: $SSO $TQQQ $SOXL.....Out, took full profits, because any big name ER misses, these ETF's will also drop.
  • champ: $SOXL ...HOD...up over 11%....and I will be swinging a piece.
  • bigbartabs: @champ $SMH #Semis ... bought some $SOXL when it stabilized and started its rise. Its been quite awhile since I've owned any semiconductor related tickers.
  • champ: @bigbartabs $SMH...is at $177 and $SOXL is at $7.10 #Semis .....Yes real nice...need timings....I was a too early on $SMH....Entry was at $175....
  • mogo: @DavidM $SOXS Nice! I always do better getting lucky than being good. I don't see many posts about $SOXL $SOXS $SPXL & $SPXS. I've been in and out lately, sold $ERX this morning to buy $SPXS (better coverage and better defined support/resistance levels).
  • grcjr: $SOXL up nicely today. $INTC $NVDA $AMD and others up nicely today.
  • mharps: $SOXL very small starter
  • vitoB: ran through my lists yesterday with a filter of tickers that did not eclipse Tuesday's lows yesterday, and above the 50dma.: $SAND $KGC $AG $NET $DRI $EAT $AVAV $WOLF $TTD $ARHS $LAZR most shocking was $LAZR completely not profitable but there was an article and the short intest is pretty high. and quite a few miners...@scottrades any interest in $SAND or others at these bases? $NET and $KGC are my favorite of the bunch. but $DRI has earnings out now so more juice today. still long $ARRY $PLAB $CPG and in and out of $SOXL and $TZA
  • vitoB: out of $TZA. into $SOXL, just a quick flip, could be a huge red day but, when this much red expect some reprieve
  • scottrades: @vitoB $TZA $SOXL Nice trade Vito.
  • vitoB: $SOXL just tapped the lows of June TTP (to the penny chartmaster), $SMH has not, just ETF mechanics but easier stop setting
  • vitoB: @vitoB $SAND $KGC $AG $NET $DRI $EAT $AVAV $WOLF $TTD $ARHS $LAZR $ARRY $PLAB $CPG $SOXL $TZA if anyone interested in a pure spec play,. That $LAZR total turn around but lows of day are small stop risk, highly speculative trade
  • vitoB: $SOXL Dtrade again. Let’s go. Also consider $PARA bottom might be in and shorts on op ex shouldn’t get too greedy
  • vitoB: @vitoB $SOXL $PARA bad picks and timing. Done here
  • vitoB: $QRVO spec 59min with stop at low of day. $SOXL didnt work out yesterday but these are oversold
  • vitoB: @vitoB $QRVO $SOXL $QRVO nope!
  • vitoB: @vitoB $QRVO $SOXL you son of a b****
  • vitoB: @vitoB $QRVO $SOXL HA you son of a lol
  • vitoB: $SOXL on a quick turn here dtrade. Would wait for a break through 200min and retest for new entry
  • sgiseller: $SOXL $LABU Sold for nice 1 day gain, been making day trades on 3x leveraged etf's. volatility is a friend (sometimes)
  • success: @vcondry $SOXS i was watching at 32 and failed to pull the trigger and have missed a significant move . . I am the last person to give any advice . . but I am watching as it has now popped out of the box from July 26 . . I watch the $SOXL to figure where support is which is 15% from here. that should equate to roughly a 45% increase opportunity in the $SOXS. So, given the charts and momentum you can evaluate the risk you want to take. Hope that helps . . actually, I am going to open a small position with a tight stop at todays low . .
  • vcondry: @success $SOXS $SOXL awesome I appreciate the analysis. I like the small position plan. Gonna follow you on that one.
  • success: @vcondry $SOXS $SOXL in at 54.17 with a stop at $51.17
  • sgiseller: Closing my leveraged etf's for the weekend $SOXL, $LABU, $SSO, $TQQQ, no point waiting for the bell
  • woodman: #Semiconductors $SOXL $AMD $NVDA continue to rise from recent pullbacks in the zig-zag path.
  • woodman: $AMD $SOXL
  • woodman: @veghead $AMD - I held this one over earnings and added on yesterday's pullback. Also holding $NVDA (reports 8/24) and $SOXL
  • vcondry: @woodman $AMD $NVDA $SOXL when AMD pulled back after initially disappointing what made you decide to hold it? would appreciate some insight because I had a small position left and sold it around $96/97 not seeing a reason to consider a positive move. Obviously I did it wrong.
  • woodman: $TECL (np) $QLD (np) $SOXL (in) working well today.
  • champ: $SOXL and $AMD....are both really strong...HOD.
  • champ: $AMD...@ $91.65....this stock has 2-positive reasons to continue this move, #1 is they still have their earnings to report... because they will be reporting on Tuesday 8/2/after....so a beat on ER and the passing of #2...the Chip Bill are both in play...and in a Chip shortage environment, they should beat. $SOXL @ $19.40 and I'm also still holding this ETF.
  • Nepenthe: @scottrades $QQQ $QLD Don't own it--stuck instead with $SOXL, $FAS, $TNA, $SSO--but wonder if you or others are concerned at all with $AAPL and $AMZN reporting after the bell, and how their earnings might effect negatively/positively the indices tomorrow? Cheers.
  • champ: @Nepenthe $QQQ $QLD $SOXL $FAS $TNA $SSO....on both $AAPL $AMZN, my concern is Guidance.
  • mopick: @champ $AMD $SOXL #1 #2, volume in $AMD pretty lackluster, however.
  • champ: $SOXL...HOD....up 13%.
  • sniper: Im not the smartest trader but I can trade when there are stairs,$soxl, $spxl,
  • sniper: back to holding my core postions $soxl $spxl, that was a fun news trade, but I was too top heavy for me, stoped out [tight]
  • champ: @sniper $SOXL $SPXL ...Exactly ...and I moved Back-into my Core position and then take profits on your trading position...which is....just step-down your position size, on your swing position.
  • champ: $AMD @ $91.....HOD was at $91.58 and LOD was at $88.28....and $NVDA..NP is doing the same..... .....$SOXL doing the same.....plus $SMH and $SOXX..NP's on these 2, only holding $SOXL.
  • champ: $QLD $SSO $ARKK $SOXL...I'm still holding these, however I'm not holding full size, only 1/2 size and that is hard to hold also...I have to read my hold plan, in order to keep holding....and it says expect zig-zags,.... however I did down-size, yesterday on the Close, so the hold this morning was easier, the guessing...the should I hold or should I move off.....because remembering the pass pin-action, is always the problem....for me.
  • champ: $COPMX $QLD $TQQQ....must be some type of News that turned the tech sector....$SOXL is now at $17.64, this ETF just dropped also, might be time to take a position or to add-on....looking around and for now I don't see anything.
  • PhilHarmonic: @champ $COPMX $QLD $TQQQ $SOXL It was about 6 minutes of selling on the i minute chart.
  • vitoB: @champ $COPMX $QLD $TQQQ $SOXL google did say they would stop hiring for a couple weeks....lol seems really trivial to me but thats all i noticed.
  • champ: $SOXL @ $17.80, this sector is about to get..... what could be a huge free financial boost....the 52-week high on this ETF was $74.21....this ETF could be a free gift, however I expect that all of these type of chip ETF's are going to bounce, is my guess....$SMH $SOXX.
  • humble: @champ $SOXL $SMH $SOXX Missed the news...what's your reason for the boost?
  • sniper: @champ $SOXL $SMH $SOXX yes usd,smh
  • rythm: @humble $SOXL $SMH $SOXX $50B Bill moving thru Congress to boost US semiconductor production.
  • sgiseller: Been closing out or taking partial profits on my winners this morning, $ZIM $NTLA $ETHE $ARKK, $SOXL, $COIN, $LABU. All still on my radar as today's pullbacks and tomorrow's pending puke look to take shape.
  • champ: @humble $SOXL $SMH $SOXX ....Sorry for the delay....I didn't get back to you because my power went off, they were working on a power pole down the street....and it just now came back on. So I was off line all afternoon. The reason for the boost you asked.... it was because the Senate is working on a Bill for the #Semiconductor-Manufacturing-Sector to bring all the manufacturing of Chips back to the U.S. and the amount of the Bill was around $55 billion dollars and it could end-up, even more than that...... .......and that is the reason why the chip sector is climbing. Maybe others might have the latest #News on this bipartisan Chip Bill... that is pending in the Senate and it should pass, maybe within the next 7 days or so, was the last that I heard. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • bigbartabs: $SOXL ... 6.5 million shares sold at 14:20... apparently due to no Senate vote.
  • champ: @bigbartabs $SOXL ...That red Bar was 3,197,285, that was that News flash red Bar and now there are #green bars after....some just didn't know the correct News, is my guess...... however if I had that many shares I would also sell and then #buy right back.
  • vitoB: Rotate from $SOXL into $AMD $QCOM $GFS….smaller guys $AOSL and $WOLF (formerly CREE….lil short squeeze)
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Volume 64,903,800

The investment seeks daily investment results, before fees and expenses, of 300% of the performance of the PHLX Semiconductor Sector Index. The fund, under normal circumstances, creates long positions by investing at least 80% of its assets in the securities that comprise the PHLX Semiconductor Sector Index ("index") and/or financial instruments that provide leveraged and unleveraged exposure to the index. The index measures the performance of the semiconductor subsector of the U.S. equity market. The fund is non-diversified.

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