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  • lostsheep: $RCII pullback bounce off the 200 and the 26 level. Traded sideways around 26 for nearly a year. News that rent to own rules might be modified in California may have a recent impact. Still a 4% div yield and fairly valued. This segment should work in all economic environments.
  • lostsheep: $RCII looking at breaking out of range Rent em if you got em
  • lostsheep: $RCII Under accumulation since the earnings report drop. Looking to break out of this 5 months trading range if it can get above 28.25. Still paying a 4% + div. If you can't buy em rent em
  • CraigReynolds: $RCII Looks like a flag forming.
  • issues: I bought the following: $EGO $WGO $OLLI $W $TXN $VEEV $ORN $ANET (tight stop at $187) sold $RCII $DG (partial) $APLE $TWLO
  • Kid2old: $RCII moving off the 50 MDA, have small position.
  • DAN: ...
    $RCII -- I have a position, but Thursday’s big reversal is a problem. Good stock shouldn’t do that.
    $EBAY -- slam play. Alert $36
    $MNRO -- look for 3 candle reversal on Monday. Stop below $67.60. Alert $70
    $GME -- Michael Burry&rsquo ...
  • utex72: $RCII #Today'sPriceAction. Any news on today's 6% decline?
  • lostsheep: @utex72 $RCII #Today No denying the uglyness of that candle but volume is just around a 10 day average..
  • DAN: $RCII -- continuing its move out of a volatility squeeze.
  • Ajax4Hire: @DAN $RCII Moving my Stop-Loss to $25.91(50day-MA) (yes, 50day-MA is actually $25.89 but 2591 is a prime number)
  • DAN: @Ajax4Hire $RCII OK. Now, that means that you are willing to hold the stock through "Phase 2." Remember that when the stock does pause and retreat a bit. The big money is made when you're able to hold winning stocks through pullbacks, which are healthy. A pullback gives the stock time to breathe.
  • JonathanTrades: @DAN $RCII Do you have a position?
  • lostsheep: $RCII no mention of this yesterday. looked like it was breaking down but bounced off the up trending support line started on 5/29 and bullishly engulfed Tuesday's candle on descent volume closing back above the 50.
  • Bridget: $RCII is breaking down out of this squeeze. I think this gets back to $24
  • lostsheep: $RCII looks like its time as long as the market cooperates
  • CraigReynolds: $RCII Breaking up from tight squeeze
  • Ringo: $RCII - How about the vol
  • DAN: @lostsheep $RCII Nice move today.
  • CraigReynolds: @Ringo $RCII Yes, you have a point. Low vol stock 10%short 9 days to cover 638K traded avg daily. First 10 min 100,000 trade.
  • CraigReynolds: @lostsheep $RCII Yes, breaking out of very tight BB. Did start a small position. Yesterday Bridget said wait for BO of BB, it was so tight. But, yes need market cooperation as with all. Seems the moving avg are together. Not sure how to look at that.
  • Ringo: $RCII - bought it since the market is strong today.
  • lostsheep: @CraigReynolds $RCII shorts everywhere being squeezed
  • CraigReynolds: @lostsheep $RCII China high pill been taken giving everyone a high. What is scary, things go up must come down at some point. Probably a lot of swing profit taking will happen at some point.
  • Ringo: $RCII - This looks like a fake out again.
  • bwcarnation1: @Ringo $RCII I agree was just going to sell mine
  • CraigReynolds: @Ringo $RCII Yes, a number of stocks have pulled back but took a small position this morning believing a break out is taking place. Have no idea with this market and China news today. Has nothing to do with $RCII. Will be interesting what close looks like. With $RCII, not sure where ultra BO is ($27 -- $28.25) but toe in water and watching. I have a tight stop at $26 with 31 cent risk. These stores are busy these days, most folks do not have money and they rent to buy with high interest rate being charged. Most cities have one of these stores and they are expanding. Time will tell.
  • DAN: ...
    $MDB -- Watch this for breakout potential.
  • Ajax4Hire: $RCII - Rent-a-Center Volatility Squeeze. 8day-eMA,20day-MA,50day-MA convergence. Not much news. Going to have to put in a toe. Buying some now.
  • CraigReynolds: @Bridget $RCII has been squeezing, what's your take please. Been looking for BO.
  • Bridget: @CraigReynolds $RCII this one is squeezing so tight , i would wait for a breakout above/below the bollinger bands on volume.
  • lostsheep: $RCII green on the day and holding up well amidst the red candles. Back above the 50. This becomes a bit of a safe haven in questionable times. Yesterdays high 26.2 Am I the only one unable to view charts by hovering over the ticker
  • champ: @lostsheep $RCII --- It is working for me. Shut-Down your computer and do a Re-Start, a re-boost.
  • CraigReynolds: @lostsheep $RCII Seems it has been there many times. Hope it breaks through the resistance and stays. Has a lot more resistance to over come. On my watch list.
  • lostsheep: $RCII after looking like it might break down it is regaining the 20 and 50 and pressing the top of the down trending channel
  • DAN: ...
    $RCII -- Which side of the 50-day moving average is the box in?
  • Sluggo: $AJRD Stopped out. 10 stocks remaining. Not deploying back to the market currently. $TMHC $FSS $BRKR $PLMR $LGIH $TER $RCII $ZUMZ $ACGL $FLY
  • Sluggo: $RCII Failed cons to the downside. Out. Thanks, @debeers. I had a stop in at $25, but I was able to get a few more bucks by selling at $25.26 since you tapped me on the shoulder.
  • lostsheep: @Sluggo $RCII the squeeze went a bit to deep into the triangle
  • Sluggo: My portfolio stalwarts that have withstood the downpull RHRN: I love relevance and putting my neck out. If I cant be relevant and in the now, what good am I? $AJRD $TMHC $FSS $BRKR $PLMR $LGIH $TER $AGCL $FLY $RCII $ZUMZ
  • debeers: @Sluggo $TMHC/$RCII -Absolutely love the $TMHC who makes a bigger percentage per sale than anyone else. We have to wait a bit for this to fully play out but it will be worth it. $RCII is all domestic and has stellar results.I cannot comment on the others but these 2 should be pure gold.
  • Sluggo: @debeers $AJRD $TMHC $FSS $BRKR $PLMR $LGIH $TER $AGCL $FLY $RCII $ZUMZ My stops are what they are. Why do people question their own stops? I mean, who set them in the first place?
  • Sluggo: @debeers $TMHC $RCII I always love your affirmations. Patting my head. Good Sluggo.
  • Sluggo: The stalwart 11. My eleven stocks still standing. $LGIH $BRKR $FSS $TER $TMHC $AJRD $PLMR $RCII $ZUMZ $ACGL $FLY
  • Sluggo: Adding to $ZUMZ and $RCII
  • Herb: @Sluggo $LGIH $BRKR $FSS $TER $TMHC $AJRD $PLMR $RCII $ZUMZ $ACGL $FLY "Sluggo's Eleven", now playing at the Roxie. . . . .
  • Sluggo: @Herb $LGIH $BRKR $FSS $TER $TMHC $AJRD $PLMR $RCII $ZUMZ $ACGL $FLY I love that movie!
  • lostsheep: $RCII Above the 50 and getting deep into the triangle but pressing the top.
  • bogiedog1: $RCII above the 50 Day, watching to see if it can sustain & push higher
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $RCII Rent-A-Center Inc.. Click here to view associated video clip:
  • DAN: $RCII -- looking frisky this morning. Refer to previous strategy sessions. It's been squeezing for a while and is up 2.5% today.
  • Richlion1: @DAN $RCII Thanks Dan have this one on my watch list. Waiting to see what happens, RSI is up. Also tracked entries from a while back and its definitely made a difference on how I trade. Better entries better trades.
  • Sluggo: $RCII In with starter. It does bother me that every time this thing starts to take off that the big red bars shoot it down. It looks very positive now and has settled some. Just waiting for the wedge resolution so that I can add or not.
  • Kid2old: @Cheryl_in_FL $RCII, What is our stop? I am watching. N.P. Basic notations are $,@,#. $ in front of the stock - $STOCK (brings up a chart by hovering the cursor above the symbol) @ in front of a person name - @Name # in front of subject - #Subject Also, no need to put in number of shares bought, just use % of full position bought.
  • bogiedog1: $RCII Looks like it is going to close above 50 Day MA. Watching. On below avg volume
  • lostsheep: @bogiedog1 $RCII Interesting technically and fairly valued. Nearly a 4% div and the business model probably gets better in a weaker economy as easy money and lending tightens up.
  • debeers: @lostsheep $RCII -LONG
  • Sluggo: @lostsheep $RCII If there's a 4% dividend on $RCII, someone forgot to tell me. No dividend listed. I own it anyway.
  • debeers: $JNUG-Do you drive without insurance? Gee, i hope not. i have great stocks:$RCII,$WGO (on the back of $THO), $RH, $AAPL, $LAD,. If it works, it will cushion the blow--if not the others will more than make up for it.To further clarify--$WGO is a superior stock to $THO so, if folks are buying RV's, $WGO, the quality name should outperform by a bunch.No position in $THO.
  • debeers: @Sluggo $RCII -divvie today is 3.88% however when YOU bought it it was 4.00--so good on you!
  • phgruver: @Sluggo $RCII You're not keeping up with the news on your stocks. On Sept 5, $RCII announced a 4th quarter dividend of $0.25 to be paid on Oct.9 to shareholders of record on Sept. 23. This amounts to a 3.88% annual yield at yesterday's closing price, and assuming that they continue to pay $0.25 quarterly going forward.
  • lostsheep: @phgruver $RCII Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah!!!!! whatever your deal @Sluggo. it's an added gift. Don't spend it all in one place. Enjoy
  • Sluggo: @lostsheep $RCII Sometimes you just step in the good stuff. Thanks, all!
  • DAN: ...
    $RCII -- still squeezing. TBP -- 26.72
    $PFPT -- great move this morning...but no follow through.
    $LAD -- Looked better yesterday...but this is why you start very small, with stops.
    $AUDC -- No position...but I would definitely wait for indications ...
  • champ: @phgruver $RCII --- This stock is rated A + at Schwab, it highest rating, you don't see that very often and I have been with Schwab, for almost 38 years. This is a real nice stock and everything is listed on Schwab. They are never going to cut the dividend and they gave out more Scholarships on 9/13, this is just another great company in Texas.
  • phgruver: @champ $RCII I was providing information for @Sluggo, but since you brought up the subject, $RCII last paid a dividend, of $0.08, on June 29, 1017. While the chart looks a lot better since June 18, 2018, one should exercise a bit of caution when dealing with a stock that's had a near death experience. JMHO.
  • champ: @phgruver $RCII --- Don't know what you are looking at...? ....but I'm looking at $RCII....Rent-A-Center, they last paid a div on 9/20, of $0.25 and the pay-date is 10/9/19. ......This stock turned in May of 2018 and is now up 106%. However, I agree...all investors should use caution when buying a new position, I would not add-on here or even buy a new position at this time because this stock doesn't have stock or market timing, RHRN....but I wouldn't sell this today but I might tomorrow, if I had a position.
  • phgruver: @champ $RCII I'm sorry, but you're not reading all my posts, just the most recent one. Before this 4th qtr. dividend, $RCII last paid a dividend in June of 2017. I really do hope they can keep it up, but their record is suspect.
  • champ: @phgruver $RCII --- I'm only read the post that you send to me. Just read the post that you send to me, about the div, it was wrong. They initiated a new div and that started on that X-date, 9/20. I now see that other post that you send to @Sluggo, criticizing him about the news, I just read it.
  • DAN: ...
    $RCII -- still squeezing. Alert $26.70
    $EDU --Twice avg volume on Friday. China company was news. Recovering now. Support at $106.
    $BLD -- trending nicely along 20-day MA.
    $PPC -- Also working well. Looks ready to go higher.
    $CMG -- Still tig ...
  • DAN: It's important to remember that breakouts are not following through. It's fun to buy breakouts because you make quick money...when they are working. And that feels good. The deceptive thing is that the initial breakout always looks the same, irres ...
  • DAN: I just sent you an email...but forgot to include the link. Here is the original email, with the link at the bottom.

    It's important to remember that breakouts are not following through. It's fun to buy breakouts because you make quick money...when ...
  • DAN: ...
    $RCII -- Look at the 50-day moving average. Has the trading range been above or below it? Remember yesterday's class on entries). Alert $26.50
    $VCYT -- trading below the 50-day MA. Alert $27.00
    $TTC -- Has potential here as it squeezes along the ...
  • bogiedog1: $RCII trying to breakout
  • DAN: ...
    $RCII -- Working on a breakout. So far...not seeing it.
    $SERV -- Also working on a breakout. Bottom of base still being built. Need to see more of a right side.
    $LGIH -- squeezing
    $ELF -- a decent buy point? No.
    $SHOP -- Best short ent ...
  • jonwest88: @DAN $KO $BA $PG $SPX $NDX $MTUM $CPRT $ESNT $FND $HXL $STNE $TWTR $DELL $TSLA $NIO $AUDC $PLMR $MSFT $GME $IGV $SNPS $ANSS $RCII $SERV $LGIH $ELF $SHOP $AMZN Where was the stop price listed for STNE? I looked through what I thought were all the post since it was first put on the GSL. 2) Where can we access the price when each stock is put on the GSL, and where are the stops listed? If they are hidden somewhere in one of the hundreds of post on the forum, I cannot sift through the forum all day long looking for a quick update. BTW, wouldn't you email the members when stop or buy is hit? We did get an outdated alert on SHOP today which you, Dan, quickly corrected. Thank you
  • DAN: ...
    $RCII -- Alert $26.50
    $PAYS -- chart is not good...but the growth is very strong with this company.
    $NAVI -- Alert fired. Still waiting for a breakout.
    $CTRE -- 3.9% yield. Starting to pinch. Alert at $24
    $LAD -- still squeezing.
    $PEGA -- still ...
  • lostsheep: @debeers Interesting post. seeing subprime lenders $OMF and companies like $RCII perk up
  • debeers: $RCII-You might not be confident enough to buy that piece of equipment but you really need it for your business. So you rent it to own it eventually........LONG $RH-No showrooms in China, none in Europe either.LONG
  • rachel: ...
    $RCII – Might see a Day 3 tomorrow. Good volume today.
    $MTCH – I think this is too high to amount to much if it breaks out...but I could be wrong. Look what happened in early May.
    $AYX – Missed this last week. Can’t buy no ...
  • DrScience: $RCII trying to breakout above recent high and move above the 50 DMA on a buying spree in the last 5 minutes. Could just be bulls and bears testing the other's resolve. but the stock is still moving.
  • DrScience: @bigbartabs RBC Capital put out a list of Winners -- (shrug) there are no "Losers". You might start here: $AKRX $AMRI $AMWD $ARCB $ASNA $BCOR $BIG $BKMU $BOFI $CAL $CGI $DEPO $DNR $DXPE $ECPG $EHTH $ESND $FMBI $GME $GNW $HFC $KIRK $KS $LCI $MPAA $NSR $ORI $PETS $PMC $RCII $REX $RRTS $SKYW $SPXC $TLRD $TRST $UVE $VAC $VRA
  • tejas7: $RCII bought some common with stop at 29.99. *BB squeeze, * bottom triangle measuring anticipated move upto 39/40 *symmetric continuation triangle measuring move upto 34/35 range Later 2, I don't trust much. But it can be used as a guidance
  • DrScience: $RCII took it on the chin on their 4Q earnings announcement on February 3rd. Stock dropped 15% on guidance, where Rent-A-Center said it expects to make $2.05 to $2.30 a share on revenue of $3.25 billion to $3.35 billion, below the consensus of $2.48 a share on $3.34 billion in revenue. Stock is stabilizing at the 200 DMA. Chaikin Money Flow still nicely positive which means somebody is accumulating shares even on the lowered guidance. If the recent pattern holds, this sell-off is an opportunity to take a few shares and ride the stock back to $35ish before the next earnings release around tax time in the middle of April.
  • DrScience: $RCII We've got to rent those Color TV's... ... for the Super Bowl. Stock holding support at 20 DMA, A break above the 8 DMA bodes well into Earnings 2/3 (tentative). CMF turning positive again. And now a word from our sponsors. Enjoy! FD: Long stock, short JAN 35 Calls
  • DrScience: @greberalan $URI Not all stocks go up during a bull market, i.e. Oil stocks falling for the past 6 months, REITS taking it on the chin as spectre of rising interest rates looms, etc. But, you do want to be in the right stocks for the sector... Witness $RCII at 52-week high. Collected the dividend today, payable on Jan 22 -- just in time to buy more on a pullback. :)
  • tennisaddict: @DrScience $RCII Being an ex owner of a similar rental franchise, it always amazed me how many people came in to rent the huge screen tv for the super bowl party. And being in Texas at the time, the Cowboys were always good for a bump in business.
  • DrScience: $RCII made a new 52-week high on the open today, goes ex-div on 12/30. Chaikin Money Flow is strongly positive (but nearing previous peaks) on the Weekly and Monthly charts. Interestingly, the daily chart is showing more outflows as the price moves higher, which makes reaching my 40's resistance target a little less likely. Company reports earnings on 1/26. Here's hoping we get the Cowboys in Super Bowl XLIX. Need to get those TV rentals up and out the door during Q1. :)
  • DrScience: @debeers $URI Hold onto you computer! Why bet on rental of big machinery when the consumer is heading to $RCII and paying through the nose for the opportunity to trash their computer, TV, washer/dryer, AND refrigerator.
  • DrScience: @debeers $RCII Thanks for your incredible due diligence and fundamental analysis. I'm concerned about long-term prospects, as well, but the chart is driving the bus RHRN.

    I've been in the name since Mid 24's (small position in Grandson's account) af ...
  • DrScience: $RCII the little engine that best represents the consumer today? Still... can't deny the chart. New 52-week high.
  • DrScience: $RCII If you're looking for a I-don't know-why-I-missed-this trade, keep an eye on Rent-A-Center. Earnings are 10/20 AMC. We'll see if the rent-to-own crowd is really the only ones who are propping up the market. :)
  • tina: Good Morning! Notable Earnings After the Bell on Monday $BRO, $BXS, $CCK, $CDNS, $CMG, $CNI, $CROX, $CYS, $ELS, $GLF, $HLX, $HSTM, $HXL, $NFLX, $PKG, $POL, $RCII, $RMBS, $SANM, $STLD, $TXN, $UCTT, $WCN, $WWD, $ZION
  • scgaryinv: $RCII popped higher in after hours/ long now @38.00
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Rent-A-Center upgraded at Stifel
    $RCII was upgraded from Hold to Buy, Stifel Nicolaus said. $48 price target. Acceptance kiosks can help drive near-term growth.

    Southern Copper upgraded at @Morgan Stanley
    $SCCO was upgraded from ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $RCII was initiated with a Hold rating, Keybanc said. Company faces near-term earnings headwinds.

    Stancorp Financial downgraded at $FBR
    $SFG was downgraded to Market Perform, $FBR Capital Markets said. $41 price target. Company is seeing high ...
  • shredex3: $RCII - check this one our Rent a Center, not a big VS but may continue the move up...Thoughts????
  • slowtime: $NEM, $GS, $DWA, $NKE, $CB, $LLY, $RCII, $PNC, $ABX, $PAAS, $RSH, $DD, ERTS, and $STX are all recommended "short" in the Investors Intelligence trading account.
  • joanie: $RCII - Just bought some. It's at the 50 ema, bullish engulfing after a pullback, decent volume.
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Stock Price $USD 25.87
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Volume 668,607

Rent-A-Center, Inc. engages in leasing household durable goods to customers on a rent-to-own basis. The Company also offers merchandise on an installment sales basis in certain stores. It offers consumer electronics, appliances, computers, etc.

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