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Strategy Session October 31st, 2018

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  • Reif99: Nice day for IPO $PVTL. Only news I saw is it's part of an Air Force contract. missed the real entry yesterday, I'm long a strangle from a few days back
  • rachel: ...
    2. $PVTL – also coming out of squeeze.
    3. $TWTR – Trendline test.
    4. $FB – Gap and kinda-crap
    5. $GOOGL – back at top of downtrending channel.
    6. $DECK – did you buy the breakout? You shouldn’t have.
    7. $OLLI &nd ...
  • efrain007: $PVTL watching for gap/reversal trade
  • efrain007: $PVTL in 22.30
  • efrain007: $PVTL working, day high
  • efrain007: $PVTL has a good chance at an all day bounce but I sold some 23.60 to lock in some profit.
  • efrain007: $PVTL sold some more 22.75
  • efrain007: $PVTL not closing great but there is demand so I'm holding on to remaining shares
  • gregb74: @champ @bRobert $COOL I echo @bwcarnation1 sentiments. Really appreciate both of your posts, and am also trying to get better at holding stocks longer term. any thoughts on whether these are good long term employees (my current holdings): $TNDM $PVTL $ROKU $CTRL. I'm most concerned about $CTRL right now...Made a mistake of not setting a stop initially and am riding it down. I see other posts about $TNDM & $PVTL on the forum, which have been helpful.
  • gregb74: @gregb74 $COOL $TNDM $PVTL $ROKU $CTRL I should mention that I have decent profits in $TNDM & $PVTL, but am under water with $ROKU and $CTRL right now with stops in place.
  • bRobert: @gregb74 $COOL $TNDM $PVTL $ROKU $CTRL $CTRL . I don't follow it closely. but at this point I would have a stop at $30.90 , or just under last week's low. . You have good company. Renaissance tech is a major holder, but they've been in it from the $8 area. . $TNDM Use a 8d trailing stop (tight) 20d (loose) . Consider taking PARTIAL profits sooner than later or keep a tight stop on a partial position to lock in profits.
  • gregb74: @bRobert $COOL $TNDM $PVTL $ROKU $CTRL ok, great. Thanks for the feedback. I'll be reviewing my stops on these.
  • mlgold99: @ Dan - $PVTL - IPO that looks to be hitting is recently recurring point of resistance. Was thinking about looking to get in as a run into earnings above $27.50 which is what it has been bumping up against for the last 2-3 months. Earnings on 9/12 - last time in June it jumped about 50% after reporting and then came back down to Earth. So literally, 2 minutes after posting this, the stock jumped to $27.80....
  • numbers: $GSHD - Fidelity does not have current earnings dates for new issues, I got hit on $ONE, $BILI, $PVTL, great trades but I didn't know they were reporting earnings the next day. Can someone check the earnings date for $GSHD more than doubled since its issue in Apr 27. In $BOOM, $GHDX.
  • mjnteach: @numbers $GSHD $ONE $BILI $PVTL $BOOM $GHDX Checked $GSHD web site. They last released on June 6. No current info for second quarter release.
  • Bob E: @numbers $GSHD $ONE $BILI $PVTL $BOOM $GHDX TDA has an Unconfirmed date of August 8, 2018 on $GSHD
  • issues: Oil: Cramer says it goes back to $60. IBD has an excellent article "Permian Oil Prices Dive As Gas Prices Rise, Boosting These Refiners": https://www.investors.com/research/industry-snapshot/u-s-refiners-near-permian-get-boost-from-bottleneck-environmental-regulations/ Bottom line: $DK bullish get 78% from Permian; $HFC 39% from Permian $CVRR 14% from Permian. Another IBD article said of these clouds: $PVTL $ZUO & $SEND only $DBX will be profitable in 2019...
  • mlgold99: $PS $PVTL - Relatively new IPOs (PS - 5/17/18; PVTL - 4/20/18). $PS - ATH 2 days ago at $29, pull back to $25 on same day, rested next day w/ spinning top, now working back up. $PVTL - "Crushed" earnings on 6/12 - went from $21 to $28.70. Today's high, ATH, at $31.24 now pulling back. Need to see where it settles - looking for support above yesterday's low of $23.75.
  • numbers: $PVTL - ATH - starter friday $BILI - ATH - up 16% friday no position $EAF - ATH - set alert
  • ATX17: $pvtl IPO breaking out above recent high
  • ATX17: @ATX17 $pvtl Look at that squeeze
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Pivotal Software Inc provides a cloud-native platform, It accelerates and streamlines software development by reducing the complexity of building, deploying and operating new cloud-native applications and modernizing legacy applications.

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