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  • Wolf: $RAD $PIR Kicking myself for taking profits too quickly.
  • woodman: $PIR horizontal and 200d resistance test.
  • Bridget: $PIR this one is also looking to be in a squeeze
  • Bridget: @Bridget $PIR well that went well :)
  • mradams0621: ...
    $PIR Pier 1 Imports In... 4.95 -16.81%
    $NUGT Direxion Daily Go... 24.01 -10.48%
    $JNUG Direxion Daily Jr... 31.24 -9.37%
    $PII Polaris Industrie... 88.07 -7.58%
    $HKTV Hong Kong Televis... 3.68 -7.30%
    $GBSN Great Basin Scien... 3.12 -7.14%
    $YPF Y ...
  • mradams0621: ...
    -17.31% $PIR Pier 1 Imports Inc 4.92 157640
    -13.03% $AMDA Amedica Corp 0.10 50000
    -8.35% $ANAD ANADIGICS Inc 0.44 1000
    -7.90% $NUGT Direxion Daily Gol 24.70 192730
    -7.46% $JNUG Direxion Daily Jr 31.90 7850
    -7.07% $PII Polaris Industries 88.55 1 ...
  • janner0814: Interesting tale of two retailers: $PIR (up) $BBBY (down)
  • gintice: $PIR This mornings pre-market Roach Motel....
  • dunsek: #BBexpansions clothing- big move on earnings from $TJX, and from $CTRN ahead of earnings today. Home improvement: $AMWD blew the lid off its Bollinger Band, and $PIR made a nice move out of its band yesterday. Folks are buying clothes and stuff for the home. That's a good sign!
  • janpaus: $PIR reported earnings of 60 cents beating consensus by 43 cents. Up 1.59% today in this tape.
  • moneyHoHo: $PIR - Nice move. No pos.
  • scottto: ...
    $PIR - cb $19.69, closed 20% at $21.25 (per Countertrade strategy program)
    $SCSS - cb $18.84
    $SWK - cb $75.51
    $TDC - cb $41.65, 20% closed at $46.75 (per Countertrade strategy program)
    $TKR - cb $ 51.20

    Last 10 closed
    $IPHS - 2 day trade
    $ ...
  • debeers: PIR-just before their last quarter report, all the members of the BOD bought sdditional stock in $PIR at 23.15-you can look it up--its in their filings. Here's the thing as I see it. Where is discretionary spending concentrated? I'll wait. Yes, that's right, the upper income stores.Also, since the Home Goods store which is part of $TJX is presciently opening its stores next to either a Trader Joes or a Whole Foods store, I don't see nearly the traffic at $PIR I used to see. Additionally, Cost + is eating PIR's lunch. Love the management but until lower income folks have more coin to burn, and with low hiring and stagnant wages, I don't see that happening any time soon, do you--I would not be in this one until they report after the first of next year.
  • woodman: $PIR - still working its way into the apex of the triangle as the sides continue to offer support and resistance. Getting kind of deep in there now.... Long PIR.
  • debeers: WHR-@Aragorn, big smoochies for getting me in on the proper buy point yesterday, BMO. Returning the favor: buy $PIR, it already got 2 analysts upgrades to 28 before their report!! Back to WHR-I remember the women in Oklahoma and New Jersey: One was s ...
  • ginny: $PIR thanks @DeBeers earnings 4/11
  • ginny: $PIR thnaks @debeers for pointing this out. I began a starter position. Chart looks constructive and earniongs 4/11.
  • debeers: $ROST v.PIR-@woody, here's a thought-if you listen to what has made the most money for $ROST its not clothes. Its their home furnishings and kitchen goods. So what if you had a $ROST but with 84% institutional support and grows at 18.58% with a p/e o ...
  • murfields: SQUEEZES working BUYS: $OCN, $BKD, $FDO, $AET, $CERN, $SREV, $HNT, $AMGN, $PCY, $NU, $BMY, $EDU SQUEEZES riding upper BB: $ARNA, $AKAM, $NRG, $VRTX, $MYL, $RAX, $WMT, $EXC, $ADM, $WSM, $RWM, $SHAW, $NI, $CX, $CBE, $KO, $ERF, $NYT, $EMC, $STX, $GD, $VLO, $WPX, $APOL SQUEEZES lower BB: $CUBE, $SBUX, $PIR, $ANN Murfield's favorite has been $OCN and have been riding it since 8/1 when it was 0.06 and then down to 0.11 and yesterday to 0.25 with 20% gain. Up another 5% today. Why? I don't know. Maybe it's because I am out talking to neighbors to vote right. Giving thoughts to $AMGN, $PCY, $TWC EDU all squeezed and working.
  • murfields: SQUEEZES working BUYS: $OCN, $BKD, $FDO, $AET, $CERN, $SREV, $HNT, $AMGN, $PCY, $NU, $BMY, $EDU SQUEEZES riding upper BB: $ARNA, $AKAM, $NRG, $VRTX, $MYL, $RAX, $WMT, $EXC, $ADM, $WSM, $RWM, $SHAW, $NI, $CX, $CBE, $KO, $ERF, $NYT, $EMC, $STX, $GD, $VLO, $WPX, $APOL SQUEEZES lower BB: $CUBE, $SBUX, $PIR, $ANN Murfield's favorite has been $OCN and have been riding it since 8/1 when it was 0.06 and yesterday down to 0.11 and today to 0.25 with 20% gain. Why? I don't know. Maybe it's because I am out talking to neighbors to vote right. Giving thoughts to $AMGN, $PCY, $TWC EDU all squeezed and working.
  • debeers: $PIR results out-.16/sh av and high and revenue est/361mm high street. Actual .16/sh and 361.1mm due to increased traffic. Raised their previous guidance for 2013.Conf call at 11am est.They were ahead of the curve with their spend on e-commerce and d ...
  • MissEllie: @jojo-oh, they would be, but she is too busy doing the happy dance on her $PIR holdings-awesome earnings this morning and she's been a buyer since the beginning of the year.
  • debeers: PIR/LULU/PCLN/TDG/WAB-allworking but $PIR up 3% ahead of Thursday's earnings.JOJO tell me you're not going to sell our gal LULU.The not so Spectacular $BID might finally not be stumbling out of the gate. At least she doesn't look washy and her Beyer figures on the wine auctions were outstanding.
  • debeers: PIR-reports Thurs and is worth a look IMHO.I hold this stock because on the 4 metrics important to me,it beats its closest rival,CPWM, on them all.1st: quarterly revenue growth: $PIR is 8.20 while CPWM is 6.70;2nd, Gross margins:PIR is 59.48/CPWM is 32.12;3rd,Operating margins:PIR is 9.13/CPWM is 3.32 and lastly,P/E-PIR is 18.94 vs CPWM at 25.04. Even a compare to the success story that is Macys is instructive: Macy's gross margin is 40.4, and operating margin is 9.04. Lastly, since the market isn't open, a personal wish to JAY,MISS E,JACKIE,@HENRY and JOJO ETHAN and FROG and all SMMers for a happy Easter and Passover.
  • Dr. Science: CPWM - Up 17.5% on earnings beat. Similar business as Pier One (PIR)... Looking at $PIR chart... steady uptrend and their earnings are 4/12 BMO. May be a trade there somewhere. Paper thin #options. Buy the stock. Gotta go!
  • debeers: $LULU Estimate .49sh/362.2mm revenue. Actual .51sh/371.5mm revenue. Echo JOJO. If commodities are down today, and the futures are looking that way, retail per se will benefit and not just my faves on the high end. The dollar stores should do ok as well. I favor $PIR which I will buy into any weakness as well as $KORS on the high end. The preference for American retail was highlighted on #Cramer last night and other than clothing. All Americas all the time should mean that $CMG and $BWLD go down less than most.
  • debeers: V/MA/PIR- several of the star analysts are now preferring $V over $MA because of the Europe exposure of MA. In reviewing the multinationals, almost all think that at least for the short term, more growth will be here which is a distinct shift. $V gets the nod from $CS and Argus over $MA for that reason. Thus a $CMG over a $MCD and the lovely little "housing is getting better play":PIR. Long $V and $PIR
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Pier 1 Imports numbers raised at Oppenheimer
    Shares of $PIR now seen reaching $20, Oppenheimer said. Estimates also raised on further room to run. Outperform rating.


    ISM non-Mfg.
    10:00am: ISM Non-Manf. Comp, Feb., est. 56.2 ...
  • Henry: The A-B list from the weekend is off to a good start. If you bought at the open Monday: Stock Percent $AKS 8.9 $JOY 7.5 $IDIX 6.9 $WLT 6.8 $ASH 5.7 $REGN 5.5 $FCX 5 $CF 4.4 $PIR 3.6 $SLB 2.8 $WYNN 2.7 $VHC 2.6 $GLD 2 $HERO 1.8 $WYN 1.8 $FDX 1.6 $GLNG 1.2 $MELI 1.1 $DE 1 $BA .4 $TIE -.06 $ZAGG -.1 $CTL -.2 $RTN -.3 The A-B list? Don't bother to google it, you have to read Saturday's forum. @Dan would have to wash my mouth out with soap if I told you.
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $WAT was upgraded from Neutral to Overweight, JP @Morgan said. $90 pirce tagret. Company can continue to gain market share, despite exposure to Europe.

    $EPS Changes

    BB&T target raised at Citigroup
    $BBT price target increased to $29, C ...
  • Aragorn: SMM Pirate Radio is starting up the generators for a Saturday inspired set put together by Jay and The Angry Bitches. Now Mind you I do not approve of such language and I do not refer to my women as such, but it was those damn angry Ladies @Debeers, ...
  • debeers: Eptake-there you go! You say green and $PIR up over 3%.No more scaring us, 'kay?
  • debeers: ...
    I like $MCD,PIR those are my retailers until the market stops being crappy.The other reason I like $PIR is that their full online push hasn't even kicked in yet which I learned on the conference calls that @DAN has said are a waste of his time. Well ...
  • debeers: GOOG-new price tgt from Baird $760. No complaints from me as I am long the stock, except Baird is not an ax on the stock (tbss).Elsewhere, for today at least in @debeers portfolio land-it would appear that burgers and smokes are not being consumed or charged(-MCD/-PM/-V) while folks are still watching TV and planning on voting+GOOG/+CBS and still, amazing as it may seem, still planning on feeding livestock and planting corn+CF.Since $PIR was up over 2% yesterday, it is taking a breather today. Don't ever add on an up day on this baby- you can always buy it on a down2% day.Have a great New Years everyone.
  • Aiko: Weekend Watchlist - Longs Featuring; Stocks recently added to the IBD-50 Stocks recently added to Zacks#1 list Stocks on both the IBD-50 and Zacks#1 List And an antique tune in honor of these winner; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU_dBGo2rxY IBD 50 New $CELG $BWLD $VRSK $TCBI $FDO $ENDP $INTC IBD50-Zacks cross (On both the IBD50 list and Zacks#1 Buy list) $CELG $HIBB $INT $ISRG $MELI $NTES $QCOR $SWI $TCBI $TSCO $ULTA Zacks#1 New additions $ANX $B $BHLB $COR DDAIF $DISCB $DXPE $ENSG $EL $THFF $FWRD $HBNC $IPG $MWE $PIR $RDA $SNDK TLSYY $THC $UVV $VSI $WAB BRRAY $FELE $ISRG $RICK $ASML $WTS BOPH $GNC $CFNL $EPM $HTH $HUSA $IBKR $ODFL $TLLP $TITN $WMB
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Pier 1 numbers raised at Credit Suisse
    Shares of $PIR now seen reaching $15, according to Credit Suisse. Estimates also increased, given increased productivity. Neutral rating.

    Philip Morris added to Priority Stock List at Wells
    PM wa ...
  • debeers: $PIR update-10 questions on calls-9 congrats- The meat of the call focused on margins breaking 60%, foot trafic up 20 per cent, Pier 1 to you where the customer can get goods shipped directly is on budget and on time,consistent marketing spend of 5%,Pier One to go exceeding forecast.During the last quarter the company repurchased 100mm shares at a cost of 10.53-very nice- and woud visit with the BOD the concept of a 1 time div to shareholders. The real return has been staggering in this or any other economy and they are gearing up already for the Chinese New Year. Excellent call. Happy analysts. Expect another upgrade. $LONG
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Pier 1 Imports numbers raised at Oppenheimer
    Shares of $PIR now seen reaching $17, Oppenheimer said. Estimates also raised as it is now performing like a well oiled machine. Outperform rating.

    Pall numbers raised at Jefferies
    Share ...
  • debeers: ...
    The small affordable luxury from $PIR,LTD are poised to do well. The savvy retailers like $M will profit on eventual $SKS and $NM tradedowns as well as opportunistic purchases from the apparel makers.In this environment, it appears to me that only $ ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $PIR was initiated with an Outperform rating, Wells Fargo said. Company offers value to the consumer and can continue to grow.

    Schlumberger estimates, target lowered at Guggenheim
    $SLB estimates were cut through 2012, Guggenheim said. Margins ...
  • gold2stocks: $PIR - Not a fan necessarily of retail stocks but look at the chart on this one. Talk about a winners circle. Even with a $PB today. I owned this in the 10's and bailed just after 11's. Wish I would have hung longer. G2S
  • gold2stocks: $PIR - Nice move up today in an otherwise terrible market. I started a position in this after the earnings crap. Already with a trailing stop. At least some stocks are still working. $NLY another nice upper today, probably with ex-div around the corner on the 28th....Best to all............G2S.
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $PIR estimates increased through 2013, Sterne Agee said. Solid Q2 with consistency across merchandise categories and geographies. Maintain $15 price target and Buy rating.

    Research in Motion estimates raised at Citigroup
    RIMM estimates incre ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $PIR estimates raised through 2012, Oppenheimer said. Sales and $EPS have consistently topped Street forecasts. Maintain $14 price target and Outperform rating.

    Qlik Technologies downgraded at @Morgan Stanley
    $QLIK was downgraded from Overwei ...
  • hwyflier: jojo1480 : Have been to Laguna, this one is the final turn at $PIR in Portland. Go karting? Yes, that will get your attention really quickly.
  • Markf: $PIR - Pier One has just hit the 50 ma as of last Friday. May take a entry position if it can produce a bounce. Found it with Dr. Science's (SMOKIN). Thanks Doc.
  • Darce: $DDS - Brwnilocks...not for today, but keep an eye on this set of stocks in Home Furnishings: $PIR, $BBBY, $WSM and KIRK. The 'sector' is consolidating currently. I really like the price action on the weekly chart for $PIR and $WSM, and they've done well over the past year, six months, three months and one month periods. It looks like both $WSM and $PIR could make significant moves in the near future...and that can be upward with the right conditions. I was in $WSM but bailed to put my money to work more productively in the short term, so I'm just watching right now.
  • patricia_ann: ...
    Thursday: $FDX, $MCS, $PIR, CKR, DDMX, $MLHR, $ORCL, and RIMM
    Friday: No companies are currently scheduled to repo
  • Dannomon: $PIR - Well @nasada, this stock is on its fourth trip to this level and now it's weighted lower than the last times under the 100dma (i.e. it's further under its averages but not yet below its Bollinger band so it can still comfortably drop further). Also, money appears to be continuing its rotation out of retail now (witness XRT) so I'd be very leery of this one.
  • Darce: $BBBY - I spent some time this afternoon trying to understand this move. $PIR was up on positive earnings. $WSM and $BBBY took dives. Looking at $PIR, $BBBY and $WSM charts, it appears that $WSM was the weakest. $PIR and $BBBY could arguably be said to have pulled out of down trends. I could find no news to explain the plunge in $BBBY and $WSM today. I then compared them to the $XLY as a segment proxy. $XLY didn't do badly today...held the 50ema down .64%. The main negative I saw to the drop in $BBBY is that it took out the recent double bottom. However, it didn't take out the early May low. Anybody else have better wisdom?
  • indigo1948: $PIR - banjobox - I know some $PFI employees - big growth movement and they feel the spin off from CITI will bring about fairly rapid growth. My take is to wait until next week and see where the stock settles - I think 19+ is a little rich. I am going to look for an entry around 17 - 17.50 for a small starter position. My sense is that this company has very good growth potential.
  • slowtime: $PIR and $CLDX @Dan, what do you think of these two stocks which are trying to make a name for themselves. Thanks to Calla I have been picking up a few positions in CLDX. I know you don't care to comment on biotechs. Although two years ago, I lost a bundle on $AMGN, however I made it up by going long on $ONXX below 10. and selling at 25, and seeing it run without me to 60. I wish I had then known about you and SMM, then I would have ridden the $ONXX all the way. @slowtime
  • CallaLilly: "Junk longs" - mostly horrible companies such as $PIR that fell to ten cents at its March lows and rocketed to 2.10 at its June high. Overreactions at both ends of the trading range. Behavior that's more usual to a money-losing biotech that suddenly has a phase $III important drug and the stock does a $DNDN imitation. Not meaning to be totally esoteric ... the market is not unlike jazz with its own rhythm. I stopped hyper focusing on particular stocks and trying to poke my head out to look at the landscape. Because it makes sense to look for excellence (F, aapl, SKS) as well as to look for opportunities. I think ......
  • aliabassi1: I saw the upgrade in the morning and I contemplated.. I think there are bigger fish to fry ... the short interest in these retail stocks are driving them up, there is lil to no shorts on $PIR (2.2 days to cover according short #squeeze but thats from May 11th data) It think thats over - smart money will probably dive in when the personal spending numbers come out ... I wanted to get in simply because of the #squeeze but I don't think there are that many shorts in it
  • jb130: Nothing new about the penny (I call 'em silly) stocks moving. It is an old John Templeton trick to invest in that type stock at the depths of the market doldrums. I know little about fundies but I think the market is saying the companies that are still alive will be able to get financing. Myself, I don't care whether it is a "liquid/established" like MEE GMCR etc. or a "silly" stock like @DAN ALY $PIR HEB etc. I will do either type if they make money. I leave my precepts at the door and just listen to the charts. PS. It will be interesting to see if @DAN LEA and the other auto part companies give us a rebuy opportunity in the next couple days off the Baron's drive by
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Change -1.04%
Volume 127,410

Pier 1 Imports, Inc., is a specialty retailer of imported decorative home furnishings and gifts in the North America. It conducts business as one operating segment and operates stores in the United States and Canada under the name Pier 1 Imports.

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