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  • bRobert: $SHAK Zig off 50d . $NDLS setting up. $WING sideways consolidation. $TACO 20d zig . Short squeeze fast food portfolio
  • bRobert: @Reif99 $CMG You should dine at $SHAK $TACO $NDLS $WING my short squeeze fast food favorites.
  • bRobert: $TACO $SHAK $WING $NDLS Fast food short squeezes
  • bRobert: @Wykeman $SHAK Shorts 8d to cover. Part of my short squeeze food portfolio . $WING $NDLS
  • Wykeman: @bRobert $SHAK $WING $NDLS nice ideas..thanks.
  • bRobert: $NDLS $SHAK $WING . My short squeeze food portfolio strong.
  • BocaRick: @bRobert $NDLS $SHAK $WING take a look at $LW
  • bRobert: $SHAK $WING $NDLS . short squeeze food menu. Still tastey
  • bRobert: $NDLS nh .short squeeze . holding on
  • bRobert: $NDLS nh Short squeeze.
  • bRobert: $FRAN $NDLS short squeezes still going
  • bRobert: $NDLS flag Shorts 13 d to cover $SHAK Holding up. 9d to cover. $WING and a prayer bounce off low risk entry 10d to cover. $FRAN 12d to cover $SAM 19d to cover $DDS 9d to cover. Can make a short squeeze ETF
  • bRobert: $NDLS nh
  • bRobert: $DDS Keeps printing nh's. At resistance. Watching for c&H or weekly inv h&s to trigger and prices to cross $100 threshold. Weekly inv h&s target $115 Short squeeze portfolio doing well . $NDLS $SAM Also nhs
  • bRobert: $NDLS Breakout day 2. shorts 12d to cover. Will watch along with $SHAK $WING
  • spmeyers: $NDLS phase 3 move starting
  • DrScience: Add $NDLS and $OXLC (#yieldhog) to the list from this morning ($NICE, $SMRT, $OLLI)
  • orpheusredux: $WTW up 20%. $NDLS up 9%. $SHAK up 8%. I'm so confused. Are we binging or are we dieting?
  • shoredriver: @orpheusredux $WTW $NDLS $SHAK both, as usual... maybe some purge too....
  • orpheusredux: @shoredriver $WTW $NDLS $SHAK Yes, of course. Doh! Not sure about the purge, however. $WM is flat today.
  • Alexandra: Any thoughts on $NDLS? Shall I cut my losses ?
  • zbogs4: @Alexandra $NDLS i started a position in long term account
  • Aragorn: @Alexandra $NDLS you really do not like to give any info to work with do you? Below the 8ema and the 21ema a shooter today I would say yes fwiw given I have no idea of your entry, but honestly why don't you put it out there what you think and ask us what we think of the thesis. That is how this is supposed to work, not us telling you what we think but to see your thought process and then add to iy from our knowledge base.
  • Alexandra: @Aragorn $NDLS It's not my intention to enrage you. Bought in at 12.47. I just wondered if this stock needs a rest or should I hold? I cannot tell you how many bec Bridget says its not allowed.
  • Aragorn: @Aragorn $NDLS I get you are new here and newer to trading that is cool, that said we have a way of doing things here. Dan and Gary really should define the rules and send them out to all new people You see my posts, you know I am free with my thoug ...
  • DrScience: @Alexandra $NDLS Stock is trading in a flattening range from 11 to 13.60. You bought in about the middle of the range -- that's easy enough to see. A downgrade at Piper-Jaffrey to 8 bucks isn't helping the stock today, and I don't think the technical picture is going to help the stock either. Stochastics say momentum has pulled an Elvis -- left the building -- and is moving down from overbought. Chaikin Money Flow says money is leaving the stock. I think that with the 200 DMA overhead, the stock, at best, is stuck in the range, and you can probably find a better vehicle for moving your account value higher. With that said, 11.66 is definitely the "Oops, I'm wrong" level you should watch.
  • infocus: @Alexandra $NDLS - I would also add to what @DrScience says: if you sell, you can always buy it back. Try Dan's 1% idea. (See the SMM site under Tutorials for that 1% rule). Hope that helps.
  • Aragorn: $PNRA - took out Fridays highs walking up the 8ema. Seems to be a day for restaurants $SONC a big day $SHAK $NDLS $CMG up on a bad tape also $BWLD . Note TXRH lower than Fridays low and into the 2nd std Bollinger. Do not lose sight of this one it might rest a bit then take off again
  • GreenGhost: $NDLS so sick of looking at this trade day after day with no decay BTC mar 17.5 /15 BUPS for .08 loss ; stock could roll over again. Really weak stock.
  • Bridget: $NDLS and $SHAK both making a run
  • GreenGhost: $TASR one other point; if trying to bottom pick this one and day trade it , looking at the daily VWAP strata could easily do that waterfall roll over into close as traders I suspect have a lot of unfilled sell orders and are waiting for higher prices which may never come today; if those hopes are dashed that often leads them to all pile out door in near the last hour and accelerating right into the close as they HAVE to sell per their client's orders. The most recent one where this occurred was $NDLS last week.
  • GreenGhost: $NDLS on fire LOL up over 3% off mat ; missed bounce trade have Mar 17.5 /15 BUPS which is decaying though; stock might see 20 before hitting severe overhead resistance I'd expect; like a brick wall.
  • GreenGhost: $NDLS OMG up 1% stock trying to base after massive sell -off Have Mar 17.5 /15 BUPS (CR). Suspect stock will trade sideways to slightly up from here and grind around and try to absorb massive overhead supply. That will work for this trade as it's a decay thesis.
  • GreenGhost: $NDLS very limp stock ; another new low ; yuck. Stock continues it crushing. NP may look to sell if it ever stops going down. Stock has stabilized enough for my tastes and selling volume trickling off. I just sold the Mar 17.5 / 15 BUPS for a .32 CR ; not the greatest R/R (1 X 7 ish) but I'm willing to accept a lower return on capital risked as I view this trade as low risk as stock already drank a case of castor oil and further risk to downside is pretty limited IMO.
  • GreenGhost: $NDLS Funny chart and release and some lessons to learn IMO; great example of why earnings is often a crapshoot; look at the charts on this one: rising up-trending channel; steady and orderly climb ; huge move from 17.85 to close yesterday 27.74 an out-sized 55% move up in about 5 months. Stock recently reclaimed both 50 and 200DMA; OBV was very bullish; huge volume pop and volatility squeeze YESTERDAY. Great place to get in and ride it to higher prices right. What's not to like? How about earnings; stock's down 26% PM on release all the way back down to 20.70 a give back of over 75% of move up. Takeaways ; holding a spec stock over earnings (that includes those micro-cap bio-techs) is risky and price action trumps all charts and technical every single time; charts are NOT predictive.
  • philharmonic: @GreenGhost $NDLS Charts are not 100% accurate on predicting future prices and that is why Dan stresses "risk Management". Learning risk management is the most valuable information I receive from SMM. Also very valuable is the stock leads that I receive from the Strategy Sessions and the Forum.
  • TunaHelper: $NDLS Outside 3BB. 59MT?
  • Matt0311: @TunaHelper $NDLS waiting patiently, now below opening...
  • GreenGhost: @TunaHelper $NDLS not from long side; from short side absolutely. cracking 20 level here and free falling panic selling ; now down close to 28% and LOD
  • dunsek: @TunaHelper $NDLS seems like the 19.75 wants to hold so far, but no sign of any bulls pushing towards 20.76.
  • GreenGhost: @TunaHelper $NDLS you might want to think from the short side not always long; the stock is not HTB so it would have been a pretty profitable quick short trade on the opening rotation
  • TunaHelper: @GreenGhost You definitely called $NDLS. Wow, it's totally lawn-darting right now. Ouchie!
  • GreenGhost: @TunaHelper $NDLS easy one traders must sell BY EOD ; they wait for better prices and wait and wait only to see better prices that never come. Their clients give them orders they MUST sell by EOD. Now these guys are sitting there thinking OK 1 hour to go I better start selling; next guy does same thing ; before you know it many traders start to panic and get out now before the price goes even lower and you get that plunge effect over the waterfall into the close. usually close id LOD; seen it many times before. Look for more selling on Monday at open.
  • RON: ...
    $NDLS did it hit bottom?

    By the way, An answer to the question A much better Stock Market Teacher.

    You are lucky to have found SSM @DAN Best Trading to everyone

    REPLY with your Dan-ism would be appreciated

    Other future thoughts, Retail chases H ...
  • RON: ...
    $DO similar to RIG Downtrend looks almost like $NDLS

    $OIH no with similar bottoming process and unlike RIG above the 200MA and at support line developed in May. Low Risk Better Reward potential.

    $DRC Trading in an Uptrend in a BOX

    $OIS after a 5 ...
  • RON: $NDLS -- An Excellent Example of a Bad Example Not quite ready for DANs Recent IPO Strategy. When flipping enough charts the EYE will quickly recognize a BAD chart, with the exception of all you SHORTER's -- Check it out 99.1% of this is owned by Institutions almost no retail holders. My hunch this goes further south and taken PRIVATE. Note if $GLD begins to look like $NDLS, well SHORT IT
  • TG2000: ...
    Many restaurant stocks bounced/bottomed in early Feb anticipating recovery: $BAGL BH $BJRI BWLD $CAKE CMG $DAVE MCD $NDLS PNRA $RRGB SBUX $THI YUM

    Some are at or very near new highs: $BKW DFRG $DIN DNKN $DPZ JACK $KONA PZZA $SONC TAST

    Some p ...
  • BuffaloBill: ...

    Changing now to a 3 day sort from Oct 6 to today $NSM SCTY $AVG WPX $AREX IGT $WFM G $NDLS TSLA ...
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Wednesday's close $ACLS, $ACXM, $ALNY, $ALSK, $AMTG, $ANDE, $ATO, $ATVI, $AWAY, $AWK, $BALT, $BIOS, $BKD, $CBS, $CECO, $CKP, $CLR, $CODI, $CPE, $CTL, $CVG, $CXO, $CXW, $DCTH, $DGIT, $DK, $DVR, $DXCM, $ENS, $ERII, $EVC, $FLTX, $FTK, G, GA, $GNK, $HIMX, $HNSN, $HT, $INWK, $IO, $LPSN, $MAA, $MDLZ, $MKL, $MRIN, $NDLS, $NVTL, $OAS, OILT, $OSUR, $PDLI, $PHH, $PMT, $PMTC, $PRI, $PRU, $QCOM, $RIG, $RJET, $ROSE, $RST, $SCTY, $SLCA, $SN, $TCAP, $TEG, $TPX, $TS, $TSO, $TWTC, $UHAL, $WAC, WES, $WFM, $WG, WTI
  • MissMet: $TCS, $NDLS - Here is my @Dennis Gartman IPO strategy: Long $TCS, Short $NDLS in Yen terms. ( There is a Container Store and Noodles & Co restaurant next to each other in my town so I have a biased opinion)
  • ogas: $NDLS - Warrants taking a look at the chart (IPO Strategy). It seems to be coming out of a volatility #squeeze - not at an all-time high yet but wouldn't be a bad idea to keep an eye on. #Cramer likes this one because two of the top guys at Chipotle left to run Noodles and Company and we all know how well Chipotle has done.
  • ajitsuthar: $NDLS - Ready to break out in big volume.. New IPO strategy .Buying when above 48.40
  • BuffaloBill: $NDLS 44.82 Recent IPO, Chipotle style resturant Asian Noodles, Excellent Reviews huge amount of new franchises coming increases revenus. In Trading Range Sell @46.60 Buy @ 43.47, about 9%+ range, At 52.00 then at @DAN IPO Strategy. Or BUY near 8MA when day clears the close from a previous day. Eventually we will catch the wave.
  • redamber: Crazy Yahoo Finance - $NDLS closed Friday @45.67; this mornings asking price is 200,000 bid 40.26
  • boba: $ONTX - Thanks for posting this. Also look at $VOYA which has been screaming up after it's May IOP and $NDLS which is approaching it's post IPO high.
  • redamber: $NDLS - ran up about 8% then rolled over; I can't find any news
  • MartySS: $NDLS _ $NDLS bought a SMALL starter in $NDLS just in case it becomes the next $CMG I want it on my screen each morning.
  • redamber: $NDLS - I don't remember @Dan bring this stock up. can you point me to the video-article Thanks
  • ab2510: $NDLS - I think he said he sold already in a post right after market close
  • rj7150: $NDLS @Chong51 - @Dan mentioned some where that he got out with a paper cut.
  • ginny: ...
    Noodles & Co. $NDLS 150% $45.00 $18.00 27-Jun-13
    Epizyme Inc. $EPZM 104% $30.54 $15.00 30-May-13
    Textura Corp. $TXTR 100% $29.99 $15.00 7-Jun-13
    @bluebird bio Inc. $BLUE 77% $30.05 $17.00 18-Jun-13
    Prosensa Holding $BV RNA 48% $19.25 $13.00 ...
  • DAN: ...
    $NDLS -- got a bad case of the "can't help its" this morning. I took a small position in $NDLS, knowing that I am late. The P/E is off-the-charts high...but this is an IPO, where the normal rules don't apply. Don't trade along with me on this -- ...
  • Niche: $NDLS == I wonder how much @DAN has lost on this trade
  • ab2510: @DAN - $NDLS - down, $CMG - up, Too early to tell if you lost the gift.
  • DAN: $NDLS -- LOL. About 20 cents. :-) Very, very tight leash on this kind of stuff. No conviction...just skepticism that begs to be disproven.
  • Jorma: $NDLS - #Cramer featured this IPO last night, talking about it as a possible next CMG. People are buying this stock hand over foot again on this 3rd day of trading, up another 20% this morning. I am never in stocks like this....
  • pcotton: $NDLS - could somebody direct me to @Dan's "IPO Strategy" ?
  • Tim S: $NDLS - absolutely ... you can watch this video:
    Essentially ... you wait until after an IPO's initial rush of buying. Once the stock surpasses the intraday high of the "exuberance" buyers (when it ...
  • pcotton: $NDLS - @Tim $S - thank you for the direction on @Dan's IPO strategy !
  • sgr606: $NDLS, new ipo doing well today. one to keep an eye on.
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Noodles & Co develops and operates fast casual restaurants that serves noodle and pasta dishes, soups, salads and sandwiches.

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