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  • maracom: Good morning all! Was out last week, cashed out any high risk trades and set-and-forgot some stops. Missed the move off of the Powell speech. I'm in about 30% energy mostly $DVN $BTU, 30% metals $GDX $NEM $SLV $AA $FCX, 10% solar $RUN $ENPH, and 30% ...
  • vitoB: $CRWD already greeen...fallin in love with this ticker....plan is to lighten up at 125 and 128. also $MRVL 59er. lightening up but will look for reentry back near 42.42
  • vitoB: doing a lot of selling today...out of $FREY , half left in $LTHM, selling Funky town only 1/4 left $FNKO. was a few pennies away from gettin refilled on $MRVL and think thats done. added to $JBLU . oil bogey just paralyzing me, even if you told me what they do, dont know what the market would do, love to buy some nat gas as I dont see how it goes much lower. $UNG
  • Roadrunner: $SMH bouncing off 200 mov avg on weekly - $AMD $KLAC $MRVL $QCOM etc
  • Justhanging48: @Roadrunner $SMH $AMD $KLAC $MRVL $QCOM I like $ON as well
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Working $QQQ Working $IWM Working $DIA Working $UUP New Low $GLD Trying to rebound. TNX New Low $SMH Working but extended $XHB Working but extended $IGV Watch 296.10 $TAN Power Move $ARKK Bottom of the wedge $URA Holding $GBTC Down on a Tech Up Day. $AMZN Holding the Gap $AAPL Above the 200 Day $TSLA Power Move $GOOGL Working $MSFT Extended $NVDA Flag $AMD Stronger $TXN Through the 200 Day $ON Earnings Monday $MU Low Flag $MRVL MAs curling $PLTR Bought and added today $FNKO Working Warnings Thursday $CPB Soup’s on! $KO MAs are curling up $JKS Sitting on the 8/21 EMA $SNPS Mentioned this week. $DG Holding the 8/21 EMA
  • shoredriver: @debeers ....Wonder about $ON and $MRVL........
  • debeers: @shoredriver $ON $MRVL -gosh, i like MRVL-but minful of Scotty's advice.
  • debeers: $MRVL-my only semi. Marvell Technology, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, designs, develops, and sells analog, mixed-signal, digital signal processing, and embedded and standalone integrated circuits. No gaming and no pc.
  • debeers: $MRVL Upside-Marvell Technology is a leading fabless chipmaker focused on networking and storage applications. Marvell serves the data center, carrier, enterprise, automotive, and consumer end markets with processors, optical interconnections, application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), and merchant silicon for Ethernet applications. The firm is an active acquirer, with five large acquisitions since 2017 helping it pivot out of legacy consumer applications to focus on the cloud and 5G markets. Downside-Hot blooded Irishman(see @DAN)Matt Murphy is an empire builder. Also unstoppable.Caution is not this man's middle n ame.
  • Pokersmith: #FromBankOfAmerica 🐧 Advanced Micro Devices ($AMD) price target lowered to $110 per share from $160. Unit weakness could be cushioned by richer non-consumer risk; Marvell Technology ($MRVL) PT lowered to $60 from $90, sees unit weakness. Nvidia ($NVDA) PT cut to $220 from $270. #fwiw
  • bRobert: @Pokersmith $AMD $MRVL $NVDA #FromBankOfAmerica #fwiw $AMD 200w $50 potential H&S top weekly No bueno for the space $AVGO big shoe drop potential Still high above
  • PhilHarmonic: @Pokersmith $AMD $MRVL $NVDA #FromBankOfAmerica #fwiw $AMD I'm lowering the price target to 57.00 Advised BOA.
  • Pokersmith: @PhilHarmonic $AMD $MRVL $NVDA #FromBankOfAmerica #fwiw give them my regards
  • bRobert: @PhilHarmonic $AMD $MRVL $NVDA #FromBankOfAmerica #fwiw The big short ... Michael Burry tried to alert Bear Sterns about impending doom Didn't help
  • cgendro1: @bRobert $AMD $MRVL $NVDA $AVGO- Love this on AVGO: BofA Securities Adjusts Broadcom's Price Target to $625 From $780, Reiterates Buy Rating MT Newswires8:10 AM In the meantime, the stock is diving under $400! Analysts are worse than weather forecasters LOL!
  • bRobert: @cgendro1 $AMD $MRVL $NVDA $AVGO Paper weights in suits Well, at least a paper weight has a useful function
  • sgiseller: Have an account that was mostly div producers that I inherited and ignored for a long time and was long overdue for a cleanup, small positions. SOLD $GPC, $ORCL, $SCCO, $TT, $USB, $ATVI, $AJG, $COST, $ETN, $FBC, $GS, $IDXX, $ICE, $LOGI, $MRVL, $MET
  • Roadrunner: $MRVL staying over the 50 day today on good price action - semi executives pushing for congressional subsidies again - this company had good earnings last quarter - long
  • bRobert: @Roadrunner $MRVL $90 with move > 20W $110 + longer term NVDA steps ahead Above 20w ceiling Sunny side
  • woodman: @Roadrunner $MRVL - nice weekly look.
  • Pokersmith: #Stat: 5G-capable phones made up more than half of smartphone sales in January, the first time that threshold has been crossed. See 🎳 : $MRVL
  • debeers: @Pokersmith $MRVL #Stat -thanks for that information.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Strong close $QQQ Higher High $IWM Above the 50 Day $SMHHigher High $GLD Rejection at the 8EMA $XLE Hold the 21 EMA $XME Still strong $TAN Under the 200 Day but basing $XLV Extended above the MAs $ARKK Closed above the 21 EMA $GBTC Quiet Day in Crypto. Could get interesting... $AAPL Working $NVDA Above the 50 Day $TSLA Above the 200 Day $MSFT Watch the MAs $COST Still in trend. $BROS Finally getting some Luv $AA Above the 8/21 $FCX Back above the MAs. Nice buy off the 50 Day. $MOS Flagging $UNH Riding the 8EMA $ANTM High Handle $ZIM Resting after a big move $MRVL Holding the 200 Day $QLYS Big slope $BLDR Close to support.
  • shoredriver: $MRVL....putting along...
  • Pokersmith: @shoredriver $MRVL watching this one...though not in the best grp. Great earning report , imho
  • shoredriver: @Pokersmith $MRVL ...yep...see earlier posts....
  • shoredriver: $MRVL.....nice open after reporting killer numbers last night....chub weeklies to sell too....
  • Pokersmith: @shoredriver $MRVL which ones are you considering ?
  • shoredriver: @Pokersmith $MRVL possibly 3/11 70's......
  • Pokersmith: @shoredriver $MRVL Holding above its 200 day...still lower highs though
  • bRobert: @Pokersmith $MRVL ' Not the sector to be in YET
  • Pokersmith: @bRobert $MRVL totally agree
  • shoredriver: $MRVL...numbers look starts soon...
  • bRobert: @shoredriver $MRVL $57 potential if the bearish technicals win out It's not the story/numbers that move stocks It's the crowd's reaction Less predictable in this environment
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Lower Highs Everywhere! $QQQ Back above the 8 Day but still a lower high $SMH Right under the 200 Day $XLE / $OIH Flag $XME Breaking out. $HACK Cyber Security Stocks Catching a bid. $TAN Needs a higher low. $ARKK Bounce! $GLD Back to the 8EMA $GDX Consolidating #Bitcoin Moving with Tech. $NVDA Bought this today $AMD Potential Higher Low $MU Above the 50 Day $TSM Careful here. $MRVL Holding right around the 200 Day $ON Not even allowed to get to the 200 Day $FCX Strong break on volume $BTU Upside reversal but running into some resistance. $AA Still strong. $MP Closed above the 50 Day on volume. $ZIM Holding the 21 EMA again. $AR Cup $XOM Channel $CVE Flag $CVX Breaking out. $SU Good Volume today.
  • SusanW: $MRVL This looks like it is filling the gap form Dec1. I missed the low point but wondering if it is a good time to buy this 5G stock
  • puttz: $MRVL Took a small piece. Low risk entry with stop just below 200 day
  • issues: @Samik $MSFT $PRFT $APPS $DVN $AR $MRVL Why take profits when the market is correcting. The time to take profits in when the market is up. I.e. UP NOT DOWN> don't sell uptrending stocks. I am holding all of mine for the time is coming in the next few days or weeks when this crummy market will once again fall into the hypnotic spell that these stocks are valuable and worth holding. HOLD ON! Better days ahead!
  • Samik: @Dan. Reaching out after a long time. Hope all is good with you & yr family. Desired to seek some advice. I was looking @ my profitable stocks $MSFT, $PRFT, $APPS, $DVN, $AR, $MRVL. The profits have obviously gone down drastically but most of them are still more than 100% profit since the time I purchased them under yr guidance :). Should I hold on to them or take the profits and then rebuy them on the swing up ?
  • bRobert: $AVGO $AMD $NVDA H&S tops completed or pretty close $MRVL M top completed
  • bRobert: $NVDA Bounce off $210 target area Now > 200d ALL those H&S tops in the chip royalty triggered and completed $AMD $AVGO $MRVL BOUNCES for TRADES
  • Cjauger: @scottrades Looking at many reversals, there are a few on high volume like $MRVL, $NVDA, $MSFT, $FB, $GOOGL, $AMD. Would these be more desirable on a bounce?
  • PhooeyQuai: $MRVL Green activity coming
  • Roadrunner: $MRVL $CRM $NOW $MSFT could be others - last hour charts look the same....
  • bla00109: @Roadrunner $MRVL $CRM $NOW $MSFT -- all moribund
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! A slight mixed bag this morning but mostly green. Seeing an early lift in some $SMH Stocks, keep an eye on them this morning. $MRVL is tightening along the 8/21 EMAs and I see $KLAC and $TER both trying to break out, I mentioned th ...
  • Nepenthe: @scottrades $SMH $MRVL $KLAC $TER $TSLA $LCID $SSO $FB Did you notice the stock 2/1split in SS0? Cheers.
  • scottrades: $MRVL Tight along the 8EMA.
  • zman: @scottrades $MRVL Triple top?
  • scottrades: @zman $MRVL Can you share a chart so I can see what you're thinking?
  • bRobert: @bigbartabs $SMH $SOXL $TSM TSM isn't exactly going straight up Nice short term move for sure BUT It went no where for a year Playing some catch up Compare the move to $NVDA $AMD $MRVL $AVGO many are consolidating BIG MOVES $TSM is not much higher than it ways a year ago
  • bigbartabs: @bRobert $SMH $SOXL $TSM $NVDA $AMD $MRVL $AVGO ... exactly... whole market trend has sucked for months in a monumental demand cycle for chips. If it was revolving around TSM, the biggest maker of chips, due to China risk... I would get it. But that must not be it with TSM shooting up over the last 3 weeks. So what's the problem? Definitely can't be demand.
  • bRobert: @bigbartabs $SMH $SOXL $TSM $NVDA $AMD $MRVL $AVGO Perhaps the moves in the big guns have priced a lot in Just consolidation of those big moves from extended positions. Eg AVGO
  • scottrades: Here's my notes: $SPY At the 8EMA. $QQQ Still under the MAs. $SMH Re-bounding on volume. $XLF Trending up. $XLI Above the MAs. $XME Chopping in a long base $XLE Energy going! #Bitcoin Is 40K the new 30K? $LCID Bought this today. $TSLA Running into a bit of resistance at the MAs $AMZN Still in a long base. $FB Back to the slope. Are the sellers gone? $GS at the 50 Day $NVDA Still in the Channel $TECK Dan raised the stop to 28.70 $OXY Breaking out of a short base. Mentioned in the forum $APA Another O&G trade, great volume $ZIM Finally breaking out, nice work in the forum. $BRO Tight along the MAs $FNF Mentioned last video $JEF Also moving on volume. $KLAC Semi Stock, Earning coming up, still under the slope. $TER Looks the same. $MRVL Great rebound. $AA Watch 63. Earnings next week
  • issues: I was surprised at how many of the IBD 50 stocks were replaced! 23 out of 50 are new! That's half. I can't see any difference between the charts of those replaced with the ones they kicked off. There's no sense that I can see in the difference between the old and new. The only observation is the "new homes" were abandoned including TREX. And some of the tech were gone. For example these are new on IBD 50: $AAWW $BRO $BX $CLF $EPRT $EW $JBHT $JEF $LIN $MPW $MRVL $NFG $NMRK $PFE $PSA $QLYS $REXR $SF $SIVG $SPG $STE $VRTS $WGO. We own mrvl, pfe qlys sivg and are buying SF and VRTS in the morning Mon.
  • Docoof: @issues Some general themes/sectors encompassing the IBD 50: Semis/Semiconductor-Related and Data Storage: $AOSL, $SGH, $ONTO, $KLAC, $TER, $SIMO, $STX, $LCRX, $AVGO, $MRVL Real Estate/REITs: $CBRE, $LSI, $EXR, $EPRT, $SPG, $REXR, $NMRK, $PSA, $MPW Financials: $CUBI, $WAL, $JEF, $SF, $SIVB, $BX Medical/Bio/Healthcare-related: $AMN, $EW, $PFE, $IQV, $VRTX, $STE Builders and Lumber: $BLDR, $CCS, $GRBK, $LPX, $WFG Insurance-Property/Casualty/Title industry group: $KNSL, $FNF, $BRO (Insurance Brokers) Transportation/Transport-Related: $ZIM, $AAWW, $JBHT
  • scottrades: $MRVL tight along the 8EMA. Close to HOD
  • CM: @scottrades $MRVL Took a position and where do you think the stop should be?
  • scottrades: @CM $MRVL I would be small here have a stop under yesterdays low.
  • scottrades: ...
    Some $SMH Stocks are looking decent here as well. I see $NVDA hanging on to the 50 Day MA and $AMD just slightly below the 8EMA. $MRVL Holding up as well above the Major MAs also watch $MU it’s near its 52 Week Highs.

    I like the $F chart bet ...
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Like watching Paint Dry.. $QQQ Resting near the highs $SMH Same $IYR REITs still holding up. $XLP Close to the highs $XME Above the MAs $XLI industrials Above the 50 Day $XLV Healthcare still strong. $XHB Homies Above the MAs #Crypto Flushing a bit. $MSFT Near the highs $NVDA Above Holding the 8/21 EMAs $AMD Holding in trend. $MRVL Back to the 8EMA $SMTC Low volume Back test, Trades a little wide. $XLNX Building a handle? $DIOD Basing near the highs. $FCX Working $CLF Coming out of a channel but under the MAs. $AA Still holding. $STLD Basing under the 50 Day $X Same $NSC Creeping up, look for a PB $CSX A bit extended. $UNP Same as NSC. $PHM Weekly pivot is around 56.75 $DHI Needs a base. $TPH Holding the 8EMA, great volume today. $CUBE Above the 8EMA. Great volume yesterday. For a Divy Play, use the 50 Day
  • scottrades: My notes: SPY Nice rebound! $QQQ Back above the 50 Day. $XLV Healthcare still strong. $XME Metals back above the 50 Day $SMH Up on low volume, back into the congestion zone. #Bitcoin / #Ethereum BTC has broken out of the 4 hour range. $TSLA Needs a base of a Daily Higher Low $NVDA Above the 50 Day $AMD Tightening $MRVL Holding the 8EMA $MSFT Above the 50 Day but on Lower Daily volume. $AA Working $FCX Nice move out of a squeeze $CF Boom! Nice one @Pokersmith $PFE Working but no real base for a new entry $BMY Flagging under the 200 Day $AMH REITs still catching a bid. $BLDR Low volume break higher. $KLAC Peep the slope $TECK Watch 28.30 $WFG Along the 8EMA, low daily volume. $BCC Off the 50 Day on low volume $PVG Watch this gold miner above 13.90
  • spmeyers: $MRVL nearing gap support at $80; one to watch
  • scottrades: Watching the $SMH Stocks for gentle pullbacks to support. $AMD $NVDA $MRVL $QCOM $MU $TSM
  • mradams0621: @scottrades $SMH $AMD $NVDA $MRVL $QCOM $MU $TSM Your thoughts on $ADBE please? E's and down 10% this morning. LTH position still up over 107%. Great LTH. Thinking of adding. Or wait for it to settle out?
  • cgendro1: $MRVL- has been amazing! I sold 1/3 after the earnings pop thinking I could do a PB buy. So far no entry. Glad I have the remaining shares!
  • Mikev200: $MRVL ATH
  • debeers: $MRVL
    Marvell to Ship 5 Billionth HDD Controller
    9:10 AM ET, 12/07/2021 - PR Newswire
    SANTA CLARA, Calif., Dec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL) today announced that it will ship its 5 billionth hard disk drive (HDD) controller next mon ...
  • debeers: $MRVL-105-107 target on this one.
  • bRobert: @debeers $MRVL $SOXL up. 15%. De. todo un poco with espresso $100. target. 50%+ upside
  • debeers: AFTER HOURS;After the close on earnings announcements, $MRVL/$ULTA/$ASAN/$DOCU Marvell Technology (MRVL), a chipmaker that's been holding up well, reported earnings. So did Ulta Beauty (ULTA) and two former software leaders, Asana (ASAN) and DocuSign (DOCU). MRVL stock surged overnight, signaling a new high, while ULTA stock moved up toward possible buy points. But ASAN stock and DocuSign tumbled in extended trade on weak guidance. Asana lost more than 10% while DOCU stock dived more than 30%. SHORT FORM; MRVL-VERY GOOD ULTA-GOOD ASAN-BAD DocuSIGN-Despite Josh Brown's arroganceand blasting someone for thinking it would be anything but a blowout quarter, VERY BAD and the stock dived 30%
  • debeers: $MRVL-analyst updates: Oppy to 110 Rosenblatt to 120 Hallum to 108 Credit Suisse to 105 its wonderful, its $MRVL ous that you should care for me.LONG
  • Mikev200: $MRVL per earnings whispers SummaryMarvell Technology Misses Marvell Technology (MRVL) reported 2nd Quarter July 2021 earnings of $0.33 per share on revenue of $1.1 billion. The consensus earnings estimate was $0.31 per share on revenue of $1.1 billion. The Earnings Whisper number was $0.34 per share. Revenue grew 47.9% on a year-over-year basis. The company said it expects third quarter non-GAAP earnings of $0.35 to $0.41 per share on revenue of $1.11 billion to $1.18 billion. The current consensus earnings estimate is $0.37 per share on revenue of $1.13 billion for the quarter ending October 31, 2021. Marvell Technology Group Ltd is a fabless semiconductor provider of analog, mixed-signal, digital signal processing and embedded microprocessor integrated circuits.
  • cgendro1: @Mikev200 $MRVL up nicely AH (7.9). But the morning could bring a different result!
  • slp20: $MRVL Marvel had blow out earnings and guidance thru 2023 is outstanding due to its expanding revenue in chips for autos and the metaverse. 5G is also accelerating. Will wait for a pullback.
  • Mikev200: $MRVL nice off 20dma $SOXL also
  • scottrades: ...
    Keep an eye on the Semi’s today. $NVDA had Earnings and I mentioned watching them last night for some potential strength on a positive reaction. I’m thinking it this one goes it could help pull up the others in the group. $LSCC $UCTT $MR ...
  • Jazman0013: @scottrades $NVDA $LSCC $UCTT $MRVL $MU $DIOD $TSM $SOXL $SMH $TSLA $F $GM $LCID #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Crypto #BOND Quick question, can you mention which charting software you like from the video. My mobile Ameritrade software is often lacking. Great video last night as always. Thank you.
  • bRobert: @scottrades $NVDA $LSCC $UCTT $MRVL $MU $DIOD $TSM $SOXL $SMH $TSLA $F $GM $LCID #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Crypto #BOND $SMH 20% upside to $330/$360 $SOXL 3X 60% upside x $65 = $100+ target LONG WEEKLY MONEY MAKING PATTERN Safety in numbers $NVDA more limited % upside from HERE
  • cgendro1: $HUT- up near 12% today. EPS due on 11/11. Up 35% but will take some off prior. $MRVL- nice move but extended. EPS on 12/2 after. Got in just over $65 so will take some off prior $FCX and $BX- thanks @brobert and @debeers! Long leaps
  • sierramp: @cgendro1 $HUT $MRVL $FCX $BX Re: $HUT eps estimate for 2021 is an increase of 147%, for 2020 it is an additional 132%. Not sure how their purchase of mining hardware will impact their Q3. I don't believe it is scheduled to start delivery until Jan but don't know if that expense has already started.
  • cgendro1: @sierramp $HUT $MRVL $FCX $BX Thank you for the info!
  • bRobert: $SOXL approaching $60+ target 1 $80 longer MANY MANY POSTS on this set up staring out at you Built over a year WEEKLY consolidation Explosive breakout move Parabolic potential $AMD $150 high base target $MRVL $80 $AVG) $560/$700 $NVDA $280 W target acquired WEEKLY Partial profit zone for tarders
  • bRobert: $AVGO nh Broken record Own it Pullbacks $550/$700 Long from below $TXN WEEKLY breakout $250 STRONG chart $AMD $150+ WEEKLY C&H base Earnings speed bump $MRVl $80 $NVDA $250 target forever Put a chip on your shoulder or own a bunch $SOXL $80 $AMAT $210 WEEKLY breakout target $165 interim Bulk of the move happens AFTER a WEEKLY breakout $145 - $210 50% move in a easy sledding stock into blue sky
  • Ajax4Hire: @Auto $MU I too would like to invest in the USofA IC memory maker, $MU-Micron, but like $INTC, there is just no love. $TXN-Texas Instruments another US based IC manufacture is favored. And the other "fab-less, Fab at $TSM" IC makers are doing well: $AMD,$AVGO,$NVDA,$MRVL,$QCOM(hard to include in this list) and $AAPL,$GOOGL,$FB,$MSFT now design their own ICs in huge volume and can be considered in the group. Some of the smaller make-their-own-ICs doing great also: $ADI,$NXPI,$MSI,$LSCC and $MCHP,$SWKS,$QRVO,$ON are like $QCOM. The $SMH is cloudy.
  • Ajax4Hire: @Auto $MU I too would like to invest in the USofA IC memory maker, $MU-Micron, but like $INTC, there is just no love. $TXN-Texas Instruments another US based IC manufacture is favored. And the other "fab-less, Fab at $TSM" IC makers are doing well: $AMD,$AVGO,$NVDA,$MRVL,$QCOM(hard to include in this list) and $AAPL,$GOOGL,$FB,$MSFT now design their own ICs in huge volume and can be considered in the group. Some of the smaller make-their-own-ICs doing great also: $ADI,$NXPI,$MSI,$LSCC and $MCHP,$SWKS,$QRVO,$ON are like $QCOM. The $SMH is bifurcated.
  • bRobert: $AVGO reversal Flag highbase daily $525 with flag trigger > $500 WEEKLY long consolidation Tight $700 long term $TXN reversal high bae $200 with flag trigger $250 Tight pinch WEEKLY $MRVL Breakout retest $80 target $NVDA reversal Flag just below 20/50d $225 with trigger move above 20/50d $250 longer
  • cmaxwel1: $mrvl big volume spike yesterday. Watching this morning for a lower entry
  • slp20: @cmaxwel1 $mrvl me too.
  • bRobert: $SMH $SOXL. Early reversal base starting $SOXL. speed. bump here. Pullback bounces. and $44. target. 50d Expect a pullback there Then $50+. potential with a move. above the 50d. $NVDA $AVGO $MRVL $AMD. $TXN individual favorites with WEEKLY. mojo. strength
  • mollagha: @bRobert $SMH $SOXL $NVDA $AVGO $MRVL $AMD $TXN Good morning! Time to add to $NVDA?
  • mechanic: @bRobert $SMH $SOXL $NVDA $AVGO $MRVL $AMD $TXN what do you think of $XLNX which is holding the 50MA nicely
  • cmaxwel1: @cmaxwel1 $mrvl looking at 66 for entry small
  • bRobert: @mollagha $SMH $SOXL $NVDA $AVGO $MRVL $AMD $TXN LOW RISK. add. with stop. < 20 WEEK. $250. target to start
  • mollagha: @bRobert $SMH $SOXL $NVDA $AVGO $MRVL $AMD $TXN Thank you!
  • bRobert: $AVGO. $500 kiss again. Daily reversal base. EXPECT. a pullback from top of range. then look for. a. right. shoulder Flag. pullback. to complete a high base reversal $535. target WEEKLY base breakout. $700. potential. LONG CONSOLIDATION BASE $TXN. $250. with flag trigger $MRVL. nh. $80. target. $NVDA. $250. target $AMD. $140/$150 Put a chip on your shoulder. Pullback bounces after these moves $SOXL 50W. bounce $65/$85+. potential
  • mollagha: @bRobert $AVGO $TXN $MRVL $NVDA $AMD $SOXL If the ARM deal doesn't go through, will that crash $NVDA?
  • bRobert: @mollagha $AVGO $TXN $MRVL $NVDA $AMD $SOXL I can't predict the severity of any market reaction. but. crash seems a bit severe
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Volume 18,012,300

Marvell Technology Group Ltd., is a fabless semiconductor provider of analog, mixed-signal, digital signal processing and embedded microprocessor integrated circuits.

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