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  • stairm01: $MRNA At a good buy point on the beginning of phase 3. Set a stop just under 24.27. This is an IPO stock from January.
  • stairm01: $MRNA IPO continues it's climb this morning, …….after it stopped me out. Too tight of a stop got me again. Up another 13%. Spotted it Friday as it broke to a new ATH. Hey, I made some good money in two days, can't complain. As it screams. Well maybe I can a little.
  • stairm01: $MRNA An IPO in December is a few penny's under an ATH of $34.40 . Chardan came out with a $40 price target today on this Biotech stock. Has had a three day move with volume.
  • stairm01: $MRNA Wish I'd bought more. IPO high out of VS on volume.
  • bwcarnation1: @stairm01 $MRNA saw it earlier today and passed yet up a lot more now...oh well another one missed
  • stairm01: $MRNA Stopped out with $1.24 profit in less than an hour. Wow, in the middle of the day on a Friday. 59 minute trades are suppose to be at the open.
  • stairm01: $MRNA Back in at $24.65. Move continues.
  • shoredriver: ...Cramer is on now pumping $MRNA...largest ever Biotech IPO last week..interesting concept....
  • TRICIA: #RNAi tickers .. $ARWR - fake sell off ... watch volume, the stock is 26% short and after buying back RNAi tech from NVS a few weeks ago, they are very promising .. Watch $TKMR, $MRNA, $ALNY etc ... (watching not buying)..
  • iron: @TRICIA $MRNA Thanks for the response.
  • TRICIA: @iron $MRNA - yes I have a position ... my CB is $.60 with 2 adds so I just leave it alone... thesis is it will get bought ...
  • iron: @TRICIA $MRNA Do you still hold this ticker?
  • iron: @TRICIA $MRNA If you have time, what is your opinion of this co.going forward.Thanks for your countless contributions to the forum.
  • TRICIA: @iron $MRNA, yes, that was quite a move..but as we have discussed, it is a thin trade that is a member of the RNAi tickers ... it's value is as a technical buyout. It is not a big position but yes I still hold this roller coaster high r/r trade
  • boba: $MRNA - up 15%
  • westshore: @boba $MRNA - Yes--Thank you Tricia for this gem!
  • woodman: @boba $MRNA - nice one, Tricia. Thanks!
  • moneyHoHo: $MRNA Ye haw! Tricia!
  • DrScience: @moneyHoHo $MRNA $RSH identical breakouts from same level! Bartender! I'll have a double! Who cares that it's only 10 in the morning.
  • Tricia: RNAI is on fire ... $MRNA - patents - throw a grand at it .. $TKMR and $ARWR are giving buy opps ..
  • Tricia: #Swing for tomorrow - $BSPM,$DRL,$MRNA ... Biostar .. beast!
  • Tricia: RNAI therapies are still delivering.. $TKMR: ↑9% I suspect CEO wants more gov't money for this drug, and indemnification b/c we still don't know enough about possible A/E's. Also protocol needs to be established - "Who" gets the drug? Chaos and fear are the rule in W Africa and WHO is NOT on First ... in fact these idiots are not in the damn game #EBOLA HEP B is a very viable story -- REAL STORY - remains LPN technology ... LPNT Analogy Question? ADC:$SGEN as LNPT:$TKMR ... True or False ARWR: ↑ 6% HEP B leadership for now .. Long ARWR, Overly - LONG TKMR. also tiny watching positions in $ALNY, $MRNA
  • Tricia: SMM RNAi Tickers $ARWR - In PR for unrelated patent, $ALNY claims to own/have licensed UNA delivery technology #Arcturus $ARWR $MRNA $TKMR … last week Jeffreies - presentiation … Janet Yellin's comments gave several entries to small but good small cap bios ...
  • Tricia: ...
    and a host of Diagnostic Testing companies

    Private Company – Human Longevity ; - the founder is the father of genomic testing – Dr. Venter ...
  • tina: @Tricia $MRNA doesn't come up on TC2000. Did you mean $ARNA
  • Tricia: RNAi therapies continue to recover from last I posted first thing Monday, Fridays' patent bullying from from $ALNY was a big buy opp .. $TKMR, $ARWR, $RNA, and even that penny ticker $MRNA ..
  • woodman: $ROSG / $MRNA - Tricia, they are working. :)
  • woodman: $MRNA - just took the elevator up and right back down. It's getting tossed around like a candy wrapper in a hurricane, and now is lower than it was before the theatrics that took it up. What gives?
  • Tricia:
  • woodman: @Tricia $MRNA - crazy manipulation going on with this right now as it ping-pongs between $0.85 cents and $1.11.
  • Tricia: ARWR: Ridgeback capital filed 13 G .. 5% stakeholder ...... (follow Dirk Hausssecker --- RNAi analyst in twitter ( Titter for @Bigbartabs) - also this blog Back to the importance of RNAi Therapeutics platforms (blog): # $ARWR $TKMR $ALNY $SLN $MRNA
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