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  • spmeyers: $IO looks like phase 3 move here
  • justinp: $IO Still strong.
  • justinp: $IO Nice move today but still forming a squeeze on the daily.
  • justinp: @scottrades $IO Down to bottom of recent range. Sharp daily decline but longer-term pattern holding.
  • justinp: $IO Bouncing at support.
  • issues: @justinp $IO $GTLS is same group (#175) but much better ratings by IBD.
  • scottrades: $IO is holding up well. Resistance at 11.58
  • CraigReynolds: @scottrades $IO On my watch list. Interesting who is watching. Thanks for post. You are one that I am following.
  • bizmodal: @DAN $IO $GTS $TG $LKSD $RRGB $AXGN Looks like $TG is the mover in this group
  • DAN: Stocks to consider into the close as snapbacks: $IO $GTS $TG $LKSD $RRGB $AXGN
  • infocus: @DAN $IO $GTS $TG $LKSD $RRGB $AXGN Thanks Dan. Took a nibble at $LKSD
  • DAN: @infocus $IO $GTS $TG $LKSD $RRGB $AXGN Nice job. For no particular reason, I grabbed some GTS and TG. Those were just the ones that popped up on my screen...while my phone was ringing.
  • infocus: @DAN $IO $GTS $TG $LKSD $RRGB $AXGN Looking for the snap back tomorrow...
  • champ: @DAN $IO $GTS $TG $LKSD $RRGB $AXGN --- Thanks for the post....I will take a look. I'm watching $IQ and it did move up about a $1 today off the low....but this could be sick....however, I would #Day-Trade this one but I don't know if I would swing any Chinese positions.
  • Brian_M: @DAN $IO $GTS $TG $LKSD $RRGB $AXGN for a stop on LKSD would you hold it tight at the low today or give it a little room tomorrow. The low is only about $0.11 from the close.
  • stairm01: @DAN $IO $GTS $TG $LKSD $RRGB $AXGN Dan, might consider $X as a snap back tomorrow as well. Down 10% today.
  • Greendayguy: @DAN $IO $GTS $TG $LKSD $RRGB $AXGN Good list! $MZOR is another to add.
  • DT: $IO $GTS $TG @Dan How do you decide whether or not to buy a stock at the close that has dropped precipitously that day, looking for a pop the next day? I can understand buying it into the close if it has rebounded a bit that day and is finishing the day strong. But if it has just zoomed down to a low and stayed there all day what criteria do you look at to decide whether or not to expect a bounce the next day? The three stocks I listed just went down and stayed down all day.
  • spmeyers: $IO monster stock; holding half I didn't sell into earnings after close today
  • issues: @spmeyers $IO V shaped cup. Nice!
  • thehook1: $IO constructive progress
  • gmj: @spmeyers $IO starter pos this morning love the six mo pattern watching for nice bounce here at 50ma touch and go to add
  • spmeyers: $IO back to 50-day; watching
  • thehook1: $QURE & $IO movin up stops...making up for $PIRS :(
  • thehook1: @DAN....$IO where would u have had your FULL position? ty
  • DAN: @thehook1 $IO Hi thehook1. That's really hard to say ...I haven't traded it. I think it would have been tough for ME to build a full position unless I had bought some very close to the 50-day moving average. If I hadn't been able to buy some around $18, then I'd never have had the confidence to get really big on the position because it was just too steep. But one thing is for sure: If I was long now, I'd be taking some profits. The stock might indeed move higher from here, but it's pretty extended. And you want to sell into strength. Hope this helps. --Dan
  • thehook1: @DAN $IO perfect....ty
  • DAN: @thehook1 $IO 8-) Great!
  • thehook1: $IO good earnings....Court ruled in their favor...easy to hold here
  • spmeyers: $IO nice move but I missed it; fell off my radar screen...last move was 'one and done' so I won't chase it
  • bRobert: $IO next leg attempt. Target $26
  • bRobert: @ROSEY $TIF $PPG $TSE $LOGM $IO Entry/add $ULTA $ESPR earlier in day. $CAR $NUS huge upside Look at the weekly charts of PPG TSE LOGM . they have room to run. I don't buy when they're up. I wait for a little sale. eg ILMN ULTA. I own these from lower. YY pulled back $3 the other day in a phase 2 sale. Up huge since. Be patient.
  • bRobert: $IO flag Target $26
  • bRobert: $IO Continues to roll after squeeze breakout. Long calls Raised stops
  • bRobert: $IO up 12 % Not too shabby Raised stops
  • bRobert: $IO Squeeze pop
  • issues:
  • bRobert: $WTI $IO Showed relative strength in crude pullback. CRUDE Fibonacci support area $53.80 - $54.80. Watching for bounce
  • bRobert: $IO flag Target $17
  • bRobert: $IO pop day 3. Extended . Target $17
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Wednesday's close $ACC, $AEM, $AMAT, $ANGI, $BGC, $BGS, $CAKE, $CBS, $CJES, $CSCO, $CTL, $CTRP, $CXW, $DDR, $ECOL, $EFX, $EXL, $FNF, $INT, $IO, $IPI, $ITRI, $KGC, $LF, $LPSN, $MDLZ, $MET, $NEWP, $NRP, $NTAP, $NTES, $NVDA, $REG, $RKUS, $ROVI, $SKX, $SPRT, $SPWR, $STAG, $TAL, $TCO, $TNGO, $WFM, Z
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Wednesday's close $ACLS, $ACXM, $ALNY, $ALSK, $AMTG, $ANDE, $ATO, $ATVI, $AWAY, $AWK, $BALT, $BIOS, $BKD, $CBS, $CECO, $CKP, $CLR, $CODI, $CPE, $CTL, $CVG, $CXO, $CXW, $DCTH, $DGIT, $DK, $DVR, $DXCM, $ENS, $ERII, $EVC, $FLTX, $FTK, G, GA, $GNK, $HIMX, $HNSN, $HT, $INWK, $IO, $LPSN, $MAA, $MDLZ, $MKL, $MRIN, $NDLS, $NVTL, $OAS, OILT, $OSUR, $PDLI, $PHH, $PMT, $PMTC, $PRI, $PRU, $QCOM, $RIG, $RJET, $ROSE, $RST, $SCTY, $SLCA, $SN, $TCAP, $TEG, $TPX, $TS, $TSO, $TWTC, $UHAL, $WAC, WES, $WFM, $WG, WTI
  • BuffaloBill: $FIO - Fusion $IO - # AY, Caramba! - $9.58 new alltime low. My favorite company, But the chart says no investing here, losing management, sales down, only catalyist may be bought by HPQ. Fastest Blade Ever Made servers used by $AAPL FB $HPQ Twitter GOOG. I am thankful that I dont hold over earnings, only exception recently $WHR thanks to @debeers diamond company.
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Wednesday's close $AGU, $ARRS, $ARRY, $ASIA, $AWK, $BIOL, $BIOS, $BKD, $BPZ, $BWC, $CECO, $CLR, $CODI, $CTL, $CXO, $CXW, $DEPO, $DK, $DMD, $DRYS, $DVR, $DXCM, $EDMC, $EGLE, $ENS, $ETE, $ETP, $EXP, $FIO, $FTEK, $FTK, $FTR, $GMCR, $GNMK, $GRPN, $GTY, $HALO, $HNSN, $IO, $JACK, $JCOM, $LLNW, $MBI, $MDLZ, $MKL, $MNTX, $MRIN, $MWE, $NGVC, $NRP, $NVTL, OILT, $OSUR, $PKT, $PODD, $POWR, $PPO, $PRU, $PRXL, $PVA, $RBCN, RGP, $RIG, $RLD, $RST, $RWT, $SCTY, $SGI, $SN, $SSRI, $STEC, $SXL, $SZYM, $TCAP, $TNGO, $TSLA, $TTEK, $TWTC, $UHAL, $WGL, $WR, WTI
  • g00d3gg: $IO - Ion Geophysical - I did a quick forum search but don't see much chatter. Long sideways basing action on the weekly.... squeezing. Daily chart looks "frisky" as the mentor would say. Well at least to this untrained eye. 1/2 position from slightly lower level.
  • SeaKingA: $IO - Stock trades erratically. They are profitable when big oil is looking to acquire new fields, which typically happens only after the price of gas goes up and stays there.
  • Casper: ...
    $21.67 per share net book value as of Dec 31, 2012; Increase of $1.67 per share since IPO Generated an annualized economic return of 18.9% for the quarter. The actual constant prepayment rate for the Company's portfolio during the fourth quarter was ...
  • rkhanna: $AAPL - Kaw im with you, but long the Aug 650 Monthlies (alot of $IO on this)
  • Tricia: Make it a grand day! EARNINGS: Before Wednesday's open: $ABX, $AGN,AGP, $BEN, $CBE, $CIM, $CLH, $CLX, $CMCSA, $CVS, $DVN, $EPD, $ENR, $EIX, $EXXI G, $GRMN, $HSC,HSNI, $IACI, $ICE, $MA, $MAC, $MMP, $MRO, $MSCI, $MUR, $OAS, $OZM, $PCG, $PEG, $RDC,RRD, $SEIC,TWTC, $TWX, $UBS, $VSH, $WCG, $WXS YOKU, $VC After Wednesday's close: $AGNC, $ALL,APKT, $ATML, $ATO, $AWK, $AWH,BKD, $CACC, $CLR, $CNL, $CNQR,CVD, $CXO, $CXW, $DCT, $EIX, $EQY, $ESS, $EXPD, $EXXI,GMCR, $HIG, $HTZ, $IO, $JDSU, $KIM, $LBTYA, $LNC, $MELI, $MTD, $MUR,NGD, $NLY, $ONNN, $ONXX, $PPO, $PRU, $PXD, $REG,RIG, $RNR, $SCCO, $SHO,SHS, $SM, $SUN, $SXL, $SYMC, $TEG, $TGI,TFSL, $TSO, $TWO,V, $VVC, WES, $WFM, $WLT, WLG, $WTW, $YELP
  • jojo1480: $FIO OCZ- gained a better understanding why I was stopped out of $FIO earlier last week. Am currently long OCZ. Here is the article:

    Says Sterne Agee
    Posted by Tiernan @Ray
    Sterne Agee's Alex Kurtz today reiterates a Buy rating on shares of ente ...
  • frog1856: @Forexpro-anyone - Watching fast money last night. Scaramucci said Hedge funds were investing in $IO trades and Credit sensitive mortgage back securities. Sent chills down my spine. Do you know what these are. Here is a link to interview. Have a great day and weekend. Thank You
  • Forexpro: ...
    Mr. Scaramucci knows guys at hedge funds - he's basically an impresario - but I'm not sure that a lot of hedge funds are talking to him about what they're doing. In particular, there aren't many interest-only mortgages left out there from the debris ...
  • Darce: $OPEN, $GLUU, $IO, PPO...Earnings 5/3 after for $OPEN and GLUU. Earnings 5/4 after for $IO and PPO. $PPO looks to be in expansion ahead of earnings. I'm in for the the three day ride if it continues the expansion and out before earnings. $IO looks like it's going to do nothing ahead of earnings. I only have a starter position that I haven't decided whether to hold over earnings or not. They've beat pretty consistently the past few quarters, but before that, they missed pretty consistently. $OPEN looks like it's going to do nothing ahead of earnings, as well. I'm out before earnings. Seems to be pretty close to the top of the channel. $GLUU looks to do nothing before earnings. Consolidating nicely right at the 50. Tempted to just reduce my position rather than just dump the thing.
  • DragonFly: $IO - breakout. could have some legs as Zacks is recommending buy,buy, buy
  • DragonFly: $IO - really starting to move now!
  • skimamma: $IO, HWD - Some other ideas. Maybe not the best buy points
  • gwsmith: PCX- Low risk entry in most market conditions. I want coal in my portfolio and have been watching $WLT,ANR and PCX. PCX and $WLT they both move fast, I don't know $IO am going to let the market get thru the 1st hour and see if there is real buying in this sector. Same idea for $MOO stocks , liking $CF,POT and a host of others are oversold short term.
  • eileff: $IO @Dan you reviewed this today on RMS. The stock spiked four days ago after Frank Curzio recommended it on @hugh volume. There also was a subsequent buy recommendation. How do you buy something like this when an person who has a following recommends the stock? This also happened to CYRX when it was mentioned on RMS.
  • matteos: $IO $DO - Anybody know why $IO is up 10%... checked out the news on yahoo and saw something but nothing explains the move that I understand Could use some help on a longer term view, 3 months, for drillers. Do was down garded but looks to be bouncing on th 20DMA Thanks
  • HumanGeorge: $IO

    Hi Crew,

    FYI, one of my speculative tickers is getting some attention this morning on a @Morgan Stanley upgrade. They feel the the stock is "fundamentally mis-priced" and have a $10.00 price target. The stock has already traded above its av ...
  • eileff: $IO was also recommended by Frank Curzio a couple of days ago.
  • HumanGeorge: $IO - Ion Geophysical Yesterday I posted about $IO, alerting all of the volatility expansion. Today, it continues to track the upper BB and is poised to eclipse its most recent intraday high of 6.50. Upon a break of 6.50, I expect more buying interest in the near future, especially if oil continues to climb higher. Merry Christmas All
  • rcline: $IO - Ion I know the CEO of IO. They have spent the last year revamping their image and internals. Couple of years ago they were #1 in the Houston 100. Looks like they are ready to run again. Go get em @Bob (Peebler, CEO). Cheers, @Ray
  • vitaly077: speking of $IO and looking at OI- check it out:)
  • HumanGeorge: $IO - Ion Geophysical

    Hello Team,

    I hope I'm not bringing this to the table to late. But, check out the volatility expansion going on in IO. I have gone long this stock again since $6.00 it seems like it's just getting going. Many secondary ind ...
  • dennis: Data on momentum stocks- here is a good site to view a list of ticker symbols for stocks showing persistent up or down trends in the relevant recent period. He uses an algorithm and not searches using indicators. Gives a different and maybe correlati ...
  • tmjska: $ONNN - I don't expect to see a move higher this week. #Options expiry tomorrow. $IO at 7.50. Long ONNN.
  • begoeckeler: $IO breaking out of a #squeeze.... I'm long from a lower level, thinking of adding here, just watching right now. b.g.
  • evanesce: Good morning team. In addition to the energy stocks @Dan highlighted last night, here are a few more names that are beginning volatility squeezes and aren't too far from major trendline support: $CNQ IO PDE PXD $PXP WFT WLL. Although $IO is an electronics firm, it mainly help E&P companies collect and process geophysical data. I think of it as a tech-energy combination.
  • evanesce: Hi Team, this is a busy day so I'll be brief in this one. On the weekend I usually go through a few hundred charts in my various lists. Overall, most are in poor technical shape which is no surprise in this market. These are the ones that I noted for me to watch this week. Possible longs: $IYR XRT $GD ZEUS $ICF JOE (last was was nicely profitable for me last week) Possible short: $RTI BTU $MTG QMAR Volatility squeezes, could go either direction (I'm agnostic on squeezes): $SMH ALY $IO RRC $IIIN SPF $NBR AGO AVCT ESIO $TSS Broken charts I will avoid: $DBA DBB $GLD SLV $ECA ABX $DAR (and individual names associated with the materials indexes) Best to all, as always.
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Volume 54,816

ION Geophysical Corporation is a technology-focused seismic solutions company that provides advanced seismic data acquisition equipment, seismic software, and seismic planning, processing, and interpretation services to the global energy industry.

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