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  • champ: $HMNY @ $5.05...LOD ...for now....this still remains a Spec positions and the stock should settle-in, at some point but when...and I have been wrong so-far.....and the stock broke thru the 200 day RHRN and there is know real-way to know... how its going to play out.....its on LOD....and I might add a little....?....but the question is... how-low- can- it-go....?
  • woodman: @champ $HMNY - rough one, but looks like a falling knife. IMO, I wouldn't add here. Also, if you were to sell, you can always buy it back.... Just saying. Best of luck.
  • CHOFF: $HMNY down 32% on news it canceled some user subscriptions due to abuses of terms of service. They said it was a small percentage of users. Oversold. #TotalSpec. It may snapback hard on any good news or additional explanation from the company.
  • woodman: @CHOFF $HMNY #TotalSpec - It has dropped all the way back to the 12/27 low. I have checked multiple sites and they provide very different short float figures. I don't know which one, if any, is the correct figure. As a spec trade (extremely speculative), one could be persuaded to take a shot at going long here. Not a recommendation; merely an observation. (No position as I post.)
  • peppercorn: @CHOFF $HMNY I read where they also announced a $105 million equity offering at $5.50
  • woodman: @peppercorn $HMNY - I don't like the company and its endeavor with Movie Pass. Ultimately, it's a data company and that is, I think, what Movie Pass is all about - obtaining people's information. It's a long game and I'm not visionary enough to see how it ends. From what I have read, I just get red flags. Plus, it has a tendency to hype news in the morning and then announce a secondary after the close. Another red flag to me. My personal view of HMNY is as an extremely speculative short term trading vehicle.
  • champ: @woodman $HMNY @ $5.64 ---- Public offer dropped the stock, another secondary last night and was priced at $5.50 ...this could now be a nice Spec entry....I have a #new oversize position....its now on sale...the low was $5.37.
  • woodman: @champ $HMNY #new - yeah, I've been watching and reading about it for the past couple weeks because I was intrigued. I saw the action leading to this drop. For a spec trade only, it's worth a shot here. On a straight long trade, you risk about 8% to the downside (depending on where you put your stop, but figuring somewhere below the 12/27 intraday low) for 35%-40% upside if it makes it all the way back to the prior consolidation level above, or about 17% or so if back to the 200 day. I'm not a big fan of the latter, but certainly the former would be great.
  • Junior1: @champ $HMNY #new Like @DAN says... "Got a hunch, buy a bunch"...
  • champ: @woodman $HMNY @ $5.65 ---- Hard to know but I'm guessing that all the Spec traders should now be mostly out of the stock and the ones that are left ...will add. Now new investors should step in, with the other investor, that are still holding beca ...
  • CHOFF: $HMNY - up 14% on news it is playing chicken with AMC Theaters. Fun to watch the early innings of a tech company. "I'm 1,000% ready to do battle," Ted Farnsworth , chief executive of MoviePass's majority owner Helios & Matheson Analytics Inc. (HMNY), told MarketWatch. " Hollywood is definitely paying attention to us, now we have to start pulling levers. We have to say to AMC, 'look you don't want to deal with us, fine, but we're not going to keep giving you free money'.'"
  • woodman: @CHOFF $HMNY - I very nearly sold it on Friday. And very nearly sold it early this morning after holding onto it over the weekend. Miraculously, I'm still in it.
  • CHOFF: @woodman $HMNY - The chart is all over the place but it's been trending higher for the last 5-6 weeks steadily. I own it because I believe it has the makings of an early market leader that could be a home run a few years down the road. It's a pure spec play for sure. Frankly I'm amazed it's up today given the fight with AMC to get them to pay $3/ticket and 25% of concessions. If using their leverage ultimately works with AMC, watch out; it could really take off.
  • traderbren: $HMNY - continues to get a bid.
  • DrScience: @traderbren $HMNY Stock is still HTB. Bulls squeezing bears; hug continuing. :-)
  • CHOFF: $HMNY - up 10% on high vol and news it's growth is accelerating. It has now passed Fandango as the #1 Box Office App. It's on pace to surpass 2m subscribers by Jan. 30th and 5m by August. Interesting article written by an investor on their current growth and expectations: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4139347-moviepass-growth-accelerates-towards-5m-subscribers-august-surpasses-fandango-1-box-office I've traded $HMNY several times...I'm long as a high risk spec investment. I like the innovative concept of what their trying to achieve as a future analytic marketing machine.The stock has almost doubled in 3 weeks. Their subscription growth rate is faster than any other subscription service in history so far including Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and possibly even Amazon Prime. Something to keep an eye on.
  • CHOFF: $HMNY - for the spec in you. $HMNY CEO already announced they hit 1.5m users and growing. Today someone made known that he has been exploring Blockchain for over a year and would consider an ICO. Stock is up only 34% so far this morning. I still have a long position in this one.
  • champ: @CHOFF $HMNY ---- just took profits...
  • Vehid: started small positions in $HMNY and $PIRS with tight stops
  • champ: $HMNY up about 11%....moving-up off the low ....bouncing thru the 200 day...
  • champ: $HMNY @ $6.50 ---- More News....Costco will extend its MoviePass offering because ...."due to OverWhelming demand" they said ....know real reasons to sell this investment, that I posted about and I'm still holding my position
  • champ: $HMNY ....Volume alert on News.
  • champ: $RIOT....in @ $25.10 ---- $HMNY @ $6.30 ----- #New Spec Day trades..this morning.
  • champ: $HMNY ----News teaming up with $COST.....new day trade position
  • CHOFF: @champ $HMNY $COST - trading which one? I'd be cautious with $HMNY since it jumped 25% overnight. I caught the move since I owned it, but I don't see any signs that I'd trade it today....yet.
  • champ: @CHOFF $HMNY $COST ----- $HMNY but its flat....not moving.
  • champ: $HMNY @ $9.40 --- This drop today could be overdone, short interest is 60%...I have a New Spec position, this could be a #BounceCandidate.
  • CHOFF: @champ $HMNY #BounceCandidate - the reason for the drop is Cinemark launched their own Movie Club subscription for $8.99. I suspect they still accept Movie Pass as well (cost is $6.95/mo with 1 yr sub).
  • champ: @CHOFF $HMNY #BounceCandidate --- Yes, I believe it is. However, I'm out now because the markets are dropping...out Spec trades....but its on my watch-list.
  • efrain007: $HMNY low risk entry. Been bouncing off of 60sma for the last month.
  • Vehid: $hmny popped up today on a good volume
  • champ: $HMNY $12.50 ---- News....stock is moving ....#New Position.
  • CHOFF: @champ $HMNY #New - tightening the squeeze with an upward trend on the 52 week, was up 6.5% on volume today.
  • champ: @CHOFF $HMNY --- When this positive News was released, right after the open, the stock was at the low $11.82 and the stock started the climb, off of that new promotional news. I'm out of this Spec trade near the high $13.85 ....Out @ $13.65.... but I might re-enter, at some point.
  • champ: $HMNY....spiking up 30% now....er in the morning
  • CHOFF: @champ $HMNY - CEO was on CNBC saying they might start a streaming movie service which caused the pop.
  • champ: $HMNY @ $17 ....the new recent low was this morning @ $15.76 ....this is around a 10 day low.....could be the New low...don't really know...new day trade position this morning.
  • Ottawagreg: $HMNY look at this chart. yikes. who invests in this stuff? i should have said wagers i guess
  • CHOFF: @Ottawagreg $HMNY - those with a big smile on their face;) Good luck.
  • CHOFF: $HMNY - profit taking, down 17% today. Potential big swings in either direction. MoviePass CEO speaks at the BTIG Media Disruptors Event at 4pm ET this afternoon. At minimum it will be entertaining to watch the bliss continue or the carnage begin.
  • CHOFF: $HMNY - party's over. Fun ride.
  • Henry: $HMNY No idea what Movie Pass is but this is today's rocket stock
  • Aragorn: $HMNY - stay away now CITRON report out getting smacked
  • Bridget: @Henry $HMNY I just recently heard about movie pass, didn't know they had a stock. They just recently announced that they will be offering a deal where you pay one subscription pass in order to get unlimited movie passes to the movie theater in a month. I guess this is their way of competing with HBO, Netflix, Amazon, and etc for stealing their business.
  • Henry: @Aragorn $HMNY #Citron Well bless their heart Being a New Yorker, you wouldn't know, but that is Southern for the expletive deleted Andy Left.
  • efrain007: @Bridget $HMNY Not sure how movie pass will make money. They are still paying the theatre the full ticket price so if someone uses their pass four times each month they lose on that customer. (I thought it was one movie per week, if it's unlimited then that's a bigger loss)
  • Bridget: @efrain007 $HMNY it says unlimited for $10. I agree, I don't know how they will make money unless they worked out a deal with the theaters to pay less that full price tickets. They movie theaters just want people to go more often and buy popcorn. They typically don't make money on the ticket sales. But after such a poor showing this summer at the theaters I think they are getting desperate.
  • efrain007: @Bridget $HMNY Geesh, for $10 they lose even more. I run a theatre and we have nothing to do with them. They issue a debit card and deposit money in the amount of the ticket price when a customer wants to go to the movies. We gladly take their debit card. Summers tend to be poor for the theatre industry and the media loves to hype that up. The Q1 and Q4 are the best for us. Though, I'm up 1% YTD from last year and with the business IT did it really helped. Plus we have Thor, Justice League and Star Wars coming and these will rock ;)
  • CHOFF: @Bridget $HMNY - this is a big data play, not a ticket sales money maker. The model depends on gaining critical mass to leverage their analytics on user behavior, effective marketing, and yes results show concession sales have increased markedly. It' ...
  • Bridget: @CHOFF $HMNY Very interesting! Thanks for the info.
  • CHOFF: @Aragorn $HMNY - market doesn't care so much about Citron. Stock is up another 33% right now. Hope you made some dough.
  • CHOFF: $HMNY - wild swings today, keep your guard up
  • champ: $HMNY @ $27.25 big drop in the AH's....after a News release.
  • CHOFF: $HMNY - up 32% and another NH today at $28.70. CEO presents Thursday to the Media Disruptor Conference. I sold into close after adding twice to my position today. Tomorrow may offer more opportunity.
  • bRobert: @CHOFF $HMNY Tiger by the tail. 5min chart very helpful
  • Aragorn: $HMNY just made a new HOD so strong $$NVDA go
  • CHOFF: $HMNY - up 22% today. The shorts were very vocal on the 26th at $9, today it's at $19. CEO to speak on Oct. 12 at Media Disruptor's Conf.
  • CHOFF: $HMNY - another day, another 12% higher.
  • issues: @CHOFF $HMNY until ... one day... suddenly ... it isn't. Right? Like stacking dominos.
  • greenpatrol: @issues $HMNY True, but @CHOFF has been on this since it was around $2.80 a couple of weeks ago. Wish I had kept my position. Oh, well. Nice find @CHOFF.
  • CHOFF: @issues $HMNY - true, it's certainly risky. However, the same was true of AMZN, FB, countless biotechs as well. No guts, no glory. No stops, no profits either;) I've been in and out of this one several times to preserve profits. Once you've done that enough you reinvest profits and protect your principal. If they keep growing their user base and the former Netflix co-founder/Redbox President can pull this off...."ka-ching"....it's certainly not for everyone. P.S. I like a lot of unloved stuff that has resulted in 4 and 5 figure gains....aka....$JCP, $SIRI, $DANG, $BLUE, etc. I can't tell you the number of posts I've seen about NH's that drop right after...we all choose our risk tolerance. I don't mind the unpopular trades...this one is indeed a spec stock. Happy hunting!
  • CHOFF: @greenpatrol $HMNY - if there were a thumbs up or a like button, I'd give you one. Thanks amigo. So far this one has a bit of a rhythm to it if you look at a 20 day chart. I've bought and sold the stair steps. It's a fun day trade too. Onward and upward amigo.
  • CHOFF: $HMNY - up 26% today. This spec hit a 4x and only $1 from 5x. Big vol continues. Bought and sold a few times on stair steps up/down. I only day trade this for fear the music stops.
  • CHOFF: $HMNY still going higher on volume. Up 26% today.
  • CHOFF: $HMNY - this spec is up another 23% today and moving. We'll see if it becomes a triple at $7.26. It was $2.42 (4 days ago). No longer a penny stock any more. Increasing vol at 12.5m last two days (avg. vol was around 500k)....tight stops. High risk, but keeps on going for now.
  • CHOFF: @CHOFF $HMNY - took my profits and ran. Reactions to the report the shorts issued, stock is falling. Nice triple, stops hit.
  • CHOFF: $HMNY - super spec is up another 20% today. 60% total since post a few days ago.
  • CHOFF: $HMNY - to infinity and beyond...up 50% today. This stock has more than doubled in the last 3 days. Wish I could say that I rode it all the way up.
  • greenpatrol: @CHOFF $HMNY Yup, it's like a runaway horse. Sadly, I got stopped out too. Will keep it on my watch list though.
  • CHOFF: @greenpatrol $HMNY - I got back in at $5.40 and it's still making a run. This thing may have legs with the massive subscriber growth. Very tight stops are working on the way up.
  • CHOFF: $HMNY - up 18% today. Posted on this yesterday at close. Wow. Folks like the MoviePass deal today.
  • mharps: @CHOFF $HMNY as a movie guy for many years this is interesting. I suppose if they somehow manage to link the data base to advertisers, they could have something bu they are loosing a lot of money on each transaction. Average ticket price is still about $8.00. China used internet sales and advertisers to subsidize ticket prices-it drove attendance but is no longer in vogue.
  • CHOFF: @mharps $HMNY - The question is how long will their capital last while subsidizing the tickets. Will they be able to monetize the big data for advertisers before the capital runs out?
  • CHOFF: $HMNY - update: high today is 36% pop so far. High risk/reward no doubt.
  • greenpatrol: @CHOFF $HMNY Still going. Picked up a small tracking position when it broke above the 200 dma. Thanks @CHOFF for putting it on my radar. Now I'm up 20%. High quality problem! $HMNY up 40% on the day.
  • CHOFF: @greenpatrol $HMNY - ka'ching
  • CHOFF: Spec play caught my attention 20k users up to 400k in a month - $HMNY
    (found this while updating research on my $NFLX position)...poor fundamentals, it would be pure spec on user growth IMO.

    MoviePass experiences benchmark breaking growth after anno ...
  • DrScience: $HMNY spiking
  • PJMR11: @DrScience $HMNY halted
  • DrScience: @PJMR11 $HMNY Restarted. In 4.65 Out @ 6.5 #TTMAR
  • PJMR11: @DrScience $HMNY #TTMAR Nice!
  • kcar21966: $HMNY big move today
  • kcar21966: $HMNY up almost 100% on the day....crazy
  • Dan1946: $HMNY > up 628.68% in five days?
  • grcjr: @Dan1946 $HMNY - Merger announcement: Per Marketwatch, HMNY merging with privately held Zone Technologies (makes cell phone map app that maps out crime activity in real time).
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