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  • Sher: $NUGT, $SAND, $HMY, $GSS - Just want to know if forum members are in or out of these four - Have been struggling with some post open-heart issues, of late, and not able to consistently be in the forum ... Thanks, Sher
  • GOOSE: @Sher $NUGT $SAND $HMY $GSS Sorry to hear you're having health issues. I hope they resolve in a positive way. GL GOOSE
  • spmeyers: @Sher $NUGT $SAND $HMY $GSS $GDX seems to be heading to 24ish, but could go higher too
  • cmac: @Sher $NUGT $SAND $HMY $GSS Sher good luck to you. The quickest way to check the conversation on each ticker is to simply click the "$Ticker" itself. Over the past several weeks there have been a lot of commentary on gold stocks in general. @Dan has covered several of these himself both in the forum and nightly videos. FWIW, $NEM looks the best to me - though you didn't mention it.
  • infocus: @Sher $NUGT $SAND $HMY $GSS Sorry to hear about your health problems. Hope you improve quickly. Best wishes.
  • phgruver: @Sher $NUGT $SAND $HMY $GSS Welcome to the CABG patch. I had mine 3 years ago. Take it easy while your body heals, but life will be much better after that.
  • bwcarnation1: @Sher $NUGT $SAND $HMY $GSS I like $GDX for gold play rather than trying to pick one stock. It tends to move faster up and down than gold.
  • JJT1: @Sher $NUGT $SAND $HMY $GSS Good Luck to you. I have $SAND bought stock at 5.00. Will hold for longer term. More worried about my Feb 41 calls on $T as it has been treading water lately.
  • Sher: @JJT1 $NUGT $SAND $HMY $GSS $T - Thank you - I know, same for me - I've also taken a beating on my $CX (bought day before "T" waged verbal war with Mexico, $FCX, and $BX (all Mar. calls) - I'm close to 'throwing in the towel' on long call positions...
  • Sher: @GOOSE $NUGT $SAND $HMY $GSS - Thanks Goose...
  • Sher: @cmac $NUGT $SAND $HMY $GSS $Ticker $NEM - I'll add $NEM to my watch list - Thank you...
  • Sher: @infocus $NUGT $SAND $HMY $GSS - Thanks so much...
  • Sher: @phgruver $NUGT $SAND $HMY $GSS - Appreciate the words of encouragement - I actually had the surgery (emergency, of course) a few months back, but one of the grafts (SVG) failed early on - Unfortunately, I've had one complication after another, since - Sometime when your not busy, Google "Mycobacterium chimaera infections post open-heart surgery" - Even though your surgery was 3 years ago, it's something you should be aware of - Have a great weekend!
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $GSS Golden Star Resources Ltd. Click here to view associated video clip:
  • philharmonic: $GSS This impulsive little stock just doesn't want to go down. Way over extended.. Should I wait for a pullback and then buy some more or should I sell half my position to protect profits.
  • philharmonic: $GSS - On 07/09/2013 I bought this crazy little gold stock, because Standard & Poors believed that gold would start moving up in the 2nd half of the year. Yesterday I added to my position, the stock looks like it has formed a double bottom.Today it went up another 16%. I may buy some more.... Meanwhile my quality stock CISCO, which I had great hopes for, has take quite a drop and disappointed me.
  • philharmonic: $GSS - Gold stock.. Up 25% today. Moving up with other metals. Moving up against a bad earnings report. I guess the Markets sees inflation coming.
  • philharmonic: @Tim $S MATERIALS ...Always been watching materials. I bought a little gold stock $GSS, hoping for a small profit from a run up to the 50dma. So far its working out. Exciting.
  • philharmonic: @kat $GSS From yesterday.. $GSS is not a fundamentally sound stock. IBD gives it a poor rating. I bought it strictly from the chart hoping for a move up to the 50dma. It has to be watched closely.
  • rj7150: Markets @philharmonic - I like your analogy of trading and chess. I belong here for most of the same reasons you do, but do not have as much trading experience. I hope you are not disappointed regarding my response to your $GSS post from yesterday, it was not meant to be any kind of a slight to you. I was just stating my experience in gold which hasn't been golden. Any style of investing is good if you make money with it. Have a great weekend!!
  • philharmonic: $GSS - I recently purchased this penny gold stock to play the frisky metals group. Up almost 20% in a few days. IBD gives it a poor rating. 65th out of 76 stocks in the group.
  • rj7150: $GSS @philharmonic - I have lost a pile of money trading gold this spring. If you can play the charts and make money, I am happy for you. The danger of playing penny gold stocks is that a high number of these will go out of business if they don't hav ...
  • kat: $GSS @ philharmonic - Certainly looks like it has greater upside potential than the $GLD at this point, but that is comparing apples to orange. If I try it, I will consider a very small gamble. Have you examined the #financials on it? $EPS is negative, but what are the projections? What does IBD say about it?
  • philharmonic: $GSS - Took a starter position in this Gold mining stock.
  • taylor: Today after the close look for the following companies to report: $SCLN, $SUPX, $QTM, JDAS, $VRTU, $BMC, $MKL, $ESE, $SGI, $CSCO, $EPM, $FLT, $GCOM, $NWSA, $ATVI, $ECPG, $ELON, $PODD, $CJES, $CTL, $DGIT, INSP, $SF, $TSLA, WFR, $CUZ, $DAC, $GSS, $MNKD, $ENV, $JOBS, $LYV, $MNST, $WR, $IL, $PCLN, CPNO, $LXU, $MKTG, PANL, $SGMS, $BWC, $EVEP, $NNI, $QUAD, $AMSF, MALL, SATC, $CCRN, $CODI, $FTK, $MYRG, $STAN, $DNN, $BPZ, $SVN, $IPAR, SRSL, $AIQ, $EGLE, $HOGS, $PRSC, $STRL, and AUQ.
  • dagdog: $GSS @Henry, Thank you for making me smile this morning! I'll add one : 5) At Christmas, upon opening gifts, @Gary would never let @Dan get away with, "wait for it...uhm, no" as he snatches the gift out of the hands of his lovely niece. She's too young for SPANX anyway. P.S. @Freeze dried caviar? Yuck!
  • dfaz: SLV-Elektra, thank you, i bought $EXK AG $GSS AUMN $NG on dips, now only holding $NG AUMN, been itching on the $SLV and appreciate the reinforcement of holding off until later/mid summer.
  • dfaz: NG-Bull, thanks I saw your post the other day on $NAK and have it on the radar along with @Dan pointing out $HMY, still like $EGO and been holding $GSS but looking at expanding on pullbacks to at least 2 other @Jr Miners as they seem to be getting bought up. Also, what do you think about hedging with Copper? Long $ABX, $GSS
  • bullmoose: Gold Miner suggestion - My suggestion, wait. Don't make a @rash decision based on a low volume one day pop. Take a look at the weekly charts of all the miners. Many are coming down off the upper bollinger band and/or lower weekly highs and could have ...
  • joanie: $NG - Took a small starter despite the fact that it's up 7% today. This is one of the few that's closing above the 50ema, so I figure it stands a greater chance of being a leader, and there's also fewer "I want my money back" folks. I'm using yesterday's low as support/line in the sand, and that line actually extends back to a gap up in early November as support. Here's hoping I'm not too premature. I also looked at $KGC and $GSS which have moved up nicely and might pop up big, but I'm just a little nervous still so I'm sticking with one that's not as volatile and has almost been in a narrowing/declining trading box instead of a freefall like some of the others.
  • dr.orangejuicer: $GLD GDXJ $ABX GBG $GSS NG - ISEE showing a big opening position in $ABX this morning in the JAN 55 contract on the call side. Could be a buy-write, hedge, or outright bullish bet. $GLD and the miners have all pulled back to support and are at least mildly compelling here. No position yet.
  • eleKtra: this week dlylis..I watched a short @Larry Williams video, and 7-8 days before Thanksgiving was a very high probability good time to buy (this was Monday and yesterday). $SLW having a strong day and moving higher $GSS coming back from the dead but $VLTR not getting any love Small gold miners are having a nice move in general if you like this space (I do) $GDXJ for an ETF... $NG, NGD..
  • eleKtra: $TGB I had been in and out of this one all year, but fortunately was out when the big drop happened. Got back in today, but didn't realize earnings were tomorrow. Hmmm. now wondering if I should hold or not. With it being up 3% today, people are expecting good news and maybe think the selloff was a bit extreme? It will have plenty of resistance as it climbs back up again, but might be a nice trade. Of course the trouble with earnings is that anything can happen. Look @ $GSS today. Got stopped out w/ a profit and will look to buy back around 5.
  • joanie: Cash for stocks - I've had some nice profits, and I've protected some of them by bringing down their position size and others by tightening stops. Took money off the table in $SLW, DGP, $F, DAG, PCX and ATML. I feel a little more comfortable now yet have plenty in the game. Sold my remaining $GSS premarket (thank goodness). Added to $REE (possibly bad timing, we'll see). Will add to PANL at the first sign of buying as I think it's about as close to support and minimal risk entry as I'll get.
  • eleKtra: Hedges.. This is practically all I mention.. I also like $AGQ, double for @silver. (like the DGP for gld). I am long $GDXJ, $GDX, $EXK (the next SLW!), FUQI (China gold play), $SA, $GSS, $ANV and RGLD.
  • john55: $NEM, $GSS, $EGO - I'm out of all my gold miners. Been out of $EGO for a while. Contemplating putting them next to Biotech on my do not buy list. Still have some $GLD and $SLV that I'll add to on more of a pullback. John
  • john55: $EGO, $NEM, $GSS - Tentatively adding to my gold miner basket of stocks. They sold off pretty hard from this morning, but I feel like I have my risk defined well. Stops placed accordingly. John
  • joanie: Broken stocks: $RVBD -down to a placeholder currently, with a stop under today's low $CRM - bought some ohso happily early yesterday, fortunately was stopped out at 109+ today. $MELI - bought some ohso happily yesterday, fortunately was stopped out today at 65.60 $BIDU - down to placeholder, was happily stopped out a couple of days ago around 104 and didn't add yesterday $EMC - got fed up with $EMC a while ago and got out with a small profit. Currently happy with : PMI, PCX, $PAL, $GSS, $BA, PANL, $XTEX, $HMIN, $DE (never did add to it), DGP, $TIE, DAG, $QUIK,
  • joanie: ...
    $GSS - ready to go if/when gold moves up, watch for volume on this one

    $CHS, $QUIK and $CIM ... they're done for now (although I'm still riding, but the big move is done for now I believe)

    Hope that helps.. but I love these things.
  • joanie: $GSS - sue you're quite welcome.. good luck to both of us on this one huh? :)
  • bullmoose: Gold Miners - I have triggers going off all over the place. The dip in junior gold miners is being bought here: $AEM, $AXK, $BVN, $EGO, GBG, $GSS, $NAK, $NG, NGD
  • joanie: $GSS - Golden Star Resources - nice little gold miner that's pulled back to the 20 which held as support and today we have a bullish engulfing candle. I took a bite.
  • john55: $EGO, $GSS, $NEM, $ABX My little basket of gold miners are not looking so hot. My plan is coming together. Buy a little, wait for a pullback and then a sign of buyers coming in. No buyers yet. John
  • dunsek: $GSS and Q: Kudos where Kudos are due, which is to @Dan- just pointing out (gratefully) that I am up 28% on $Q and 29% on GSS. Not big positions, but an almost 30% gain is an almost 30% gain!
  • john55: @dwjflies - That was pretty bad wasn't it. :) 52 week highs for $GSS, NEM. Also like $EGO, ABX. (Long $GSS, EGO) Thanks, John
  • john55: Gold Miners - $AEM, $NEM, $EGO, $GSS My little gold miner basket of stocks are still working, though they are at tough places to buy. $EGO has canceled its bid for another gold miner. I think that offer has been weighing on the stock the past few days. Looking to add to that one when I get a chance. John
  • john55: Gold Miners - $ABX, $EGO, $NEM, $GSS have been moving higher since their reversal two days ago. I know I've mentioned $EGO several times and it is through resistance. The others are all close to or nearing resistance/52 week highs. (long GSS) John
  • mongo: Gold, Hui index, $GSS, $NGD, $IAG, GBG- I would like to hear people's thoughts on gold and the gold miners. I hold positions in these and they seem to have decoupled to some degree from the broader market and trade more with gold spot price. My question is this a good selling point or is this a bull flag? The broader market is trending down, but gold is seasonally strong in the Fall and this year is shaping up as no exception. Also some of these stocks seem to be forming the proverbial "triple top" (especially GSS). As @Dan has pointed out trading anything gold-related is choppy at best and it is easy to get shaken out by volatility. At times Gold is a cruel, cruel mistress.
  • dwmeredith: Gld. @Mongo, I just had a look at some of your stocks. I think $GSS and GBG especially look strong. Gold looks to me to be expanding from a volatility #squeeze on the daily chart and may have just tested its breakout. It looks like $GSS has done the same and GBG has definitely broken out of a volatility #squeeze on the daily chart and is forming a triangle. I'm looking at $SLV, it seems to be in a long term reverse H&S on the weekly chart. I have a small position in $SLW and will add if it breaks out of its bull flag. I also have KGN and while the chart's not great, their cost per ounce in the ground is very low and hopefully at some point we'll start to see more consolidation among gold miners.
  • manhat10: GSS: A bounce off the 5/7 support and just below the 50 Day. $GSS is a gold mining and exploration company that engages in the exploration and production of gold.
  • diner: $GLD -@psuperstar As @Dan said if you don't have a position maybe it's time to start. Even if gold corrects in time it will go to $1300 (IMHO and many others) and higher so just keep adding. I was buying more yesterday . Long $GSS NG $GDX GDXJ $EGO CEF also @silver $CDE SLW. Good luck
  • papharm: $GSS -- Breaking out to new 52 week highs on good volume
  • dunsek: Firing employees- I'm in the happy circumstance now, thanks to the ongoing work of a west coast mentor who shall remain nameless (cough @DAN cough), to have no full time employees in danger of being fired at the moment. They are all working, working ...
  • bullmoose: $GSS / IVN # Got burned by $GSS on the secondary offering awhile back, and once before that a long time ago. I'm cursed on it. IVN is setting up real nicely right here. I also like $NAK, $NG (though it's had a big move already), $EGO and GOLD.
  • bullmoose: @MJM # As an "investor" I still have not made up my losses from '07/'08. That's why I made the decision to actively trade, though I wish I had the time and money to do it full time. More recently, I bought $GSS on a breakout and then it announced a secondary. It fell from around 4.2 to 3.7 overnight. I decided to hold for a pop and ended up ultimately selling in the low 3's. Lesson learned...again.
  • bullmoose: $HTCH # That's why we don't buy and hold. We look for signs of strength on $MA tags and breakouts, ride it up, trim a little as volume starts to wain on the way up or it gets too extended from the MAs, and set a stop under the trend line to protect our gains. And be careful how much we hold into earnings. Luckily I got out of $HTCH with a very nice profit, but I've been burned before, like when $GSS announced it was selling more shares. The pros on the street see what we mere mortals don't. One thing I'm learning here is to be much more nimble with my trades.
  • dunsek: Being wrong- Don't sweat it, Arnold. You've been here a month and you're still making mistakes, I've been here 11 months maybe, and I'm still making mistakes. I still have positions in both $GSS and MOT in my portfolio which are so far underwater I need scuba gear just to get a quote :) We all buy the wrong stock on occasion and buy the right stock wrong. Don't beat yourself up, look at what you've done and see what you could have done differently. As for paying big bucks for the lessons, yep. Consider it tuition. It's only a waste of money if you pack up and quit school.
  • joanie: $RF, $HBAN, baskets I may start taking a cue from Callalilly and use baskets for some of these lower priced stocks. I had considered before with $MEA, $PAL, $PLG, and GSS. Or AEZ and $KOG and find a couple others to go with them. It gets you in the game and keeps them on your radar so if one clearly becomes stronger than the rest (or weaker) you can act accordingly. At this point I'm not sure I'd do it with the regionals, but it's something I'm going to be giving more thought to in the future. edit: grrrrrr.. speaking of which, $GSS just got downgraded by Scotia
  • rgsmm: ...
    After reading your last three posts today, I feel you really have gotten into my head. It is tough to rewire myself, especially being an engineer. but, I am trying hard to follow the logic that you go though in your videos. As a matter of fact, I ha ...
  • rajeshsmm: @Dan: Need some help on exit a stock that I own during volitity expansion. I own pcx currently, which i bought after your last weeks video, though in a small amount. I would appreciate if you could shed some light on when to exit. Your guidelines on buying with a a risk defined works. But, I have no idea on a strategy on when to exit. I would appreciate if you could give your views. Noticed that $AUY and $GSS are also raising two days in a row. Thanks. rajeshsmm
  • joanie: $GSS - Moving up today with a very clearly defined risk and able to place a tight stop at yesterday's low of 3.12, my stop is 3.11 and got in at 3.16. @DAN covered this one a while ago. Chart looks like a falling knife, but downside risk is minimal given yesterday's low. edit: caveat emptor.. below average volume
  • joanie: $GSS - Tested yesterday's low and bounced up off it
  • jmcgee66: GBG and $GSS What happened?
  • bullmoose: $GSS # Same question. Down 17 cents in a matter of minutes. Anyone know anything?
  • rajeshsmm: @Dan: I a newcomer to trading. Getting better at it since I joined smm. I noticed gold mining stock, namely $AUY, LIHR, and $GSS are at 50-day EMA. Do you think it is wise to start building a position in these, especially due to the inflation data today? I would appreciate your take on this. Thanks. Rajeshsmm
  • 1maui2mom: $GSS Anyone considering entering here? Oops. Looking more closely at the chart I see I'd probably be first out of the foxhole here!! I guess "slow learner" is better than "no learner"
  • flyingm: $GSS vs. $HL 1maui, I put these two against each other in a drag race and $HL pulled hard all the way down the track, while $GSS went kind of flat even as the gold price kept going up. $HL is more on the @silver side but both are the kind you just want to dart in and out of. Maybe if they switched lanes, $GSS could hook up better and run farther. (just some drag racer humor there) Are you in Maui??? I was doing some homework on Hawaiian stocks lately and appreciate any observations you, or anyone else, has on the economy there. Maybe @DAN can tell us about his vacation and wether there are any pineapples left???
  • karkn: $GDX and gold stocks - Anybody looking at $GDX or associated gold stocks. Lots of them are sitting right around support (typically the 50 dma) after the last three days of consolidation. $ABX, $AUY, $GG, $GSS, $HMY, $KGC, $SLW (@silver) all look pretty interesting to me. I noted that gold (the metal) was up thursday and $GLD may be strengthening as @Dan noted. $GGN (@Dana's gold yielder also looking good). Gold futures up 12 as I write this so maybe these will gap up.
  • headscratcher: $GDX -karkn Bought a few days ago. Using $UUP as a gauge to buy $AUY & $ABX #options today. Will buy if $UUP doesn't go above 22.62 and retreats. Not to keen on $GSS and $GG candle patterns today. But who knows for sure :) After open $UUP at 22.64. Now it needs to drop to 22.60 before buying gold psoitions.
  • marpots: $GSS and $GG candle patterns. Why aren't you keen on them, @headscratcher?
  • joanie: Stops triggered: $GSS FFIV $RFMD $BIDU close to being stopped out.. $1 and I'm gone More red than green today. My risks are so well defined that I'm feeling like the Oxford Dictionary. Oh well. edit: I'm never sure what to do with low volume. I haven't adjusted my stops because I set them at either "I know I'm wrong" or "I refuse to risk more" prices. But on a day like this with lighter volume, I'm just "hoping" I'm not being stopped out by volume related headfakes.
  • headscratcher: $GSS, $GG - @Marpots Sorry, that I took so long to answer but I was checking a few utility stocks. Both $GSS & $GG had black spinning tops at close. $GSS was working off a bearish #doji star & $GG was coming off "meeting lines" that were bearish. Remember, that's not to say they won't go up. It's just, I won't bet against them. Hope you make a "mil" if you do :) @Terry $V
  • 1maui2mom: $GSS Is anyone considering buying this stock? It looks to be at a good buy point........
  • bhaden: $GSS - I am in it and looking for another buy point and this appears to be a good point. I got in a day before the news of the share offering. Great timing...Support has been defined..
  • bhaden: $GSS - It is also moving up on declining volume over the past couple of days. A good sign..
  • bullmoose: $GSS # I got bit by that one too after buying the breakout and not selling when it retreated two days in a row before the dump. Then made a second mistake in @Dan's rules and didn't sell the drop below the 20-day. I doubled my stake a couple days ago and sold that for a profit yesterday. Still holding the original losing shares but definitely won't if it heads back down below support.
  • DD123_1943: $GSS fwiw. yes. In fact 2 days ago I increased my starter share by 100 shares. I have rather large stop to sell 50 shares though. Best to U. David $D
  • gamiller: Dollar down, gold up. Go figure! $GLD +1% $GDX +2% $GSS +4%
  • snakedriver: One-arm wallpaper hanger Prior to the open, I was like the proverbial one-arm wallpaper hanger, tightening up my stops, changing trailing stops & selling 3 losers. Bailed on $GSS HPQ & $TQNT With the dollar up strong and gold down, $GSS was a no brainer; when the dollar resumes it's march downward, I will buy back an ingot's worth & ride it to $GLD @ 130. I'll use Suzie's 15/34 technique on $GLD to call the $GSS buy back. Got Tstopped out of some CREE; I'll take a $4 tstop profit every day. And, I will get some more & ride it into earnings 20 Jan. $ANH, EK, SOLF, $VNR & $XCO all working; yea team! $FFIV, should have waited for today to buy; will probably add some more. Going to go chew on some RIMM for a starter pos'n. @Jim
  • dwmnr: $TQNT, EK, $QTM - picked up small starter positions. $GSS, $NG - holding on to these, looking for a bottom for gold.
  • rbrown2222: @Dan - If you have time could you give us your take on how to play a stock that makes an additional common share offering. $GSS would be a great example since quite a few members have at least starter positions. Thanks for starter positions Thanks DR
  • joanie: ...
    $GSS -- I bought this one around 3.88 (more than I should have, frankly) and thank you @Dan, because I took 1/3 off the other day and yesterday of course it tumbled due to the offering. I bought some back impulsively.
    rut-roh.. we'll see what happ ...
  • bobbychuck: $GSS - picked up a litte $GSS as a starter yesterday. down 12% premarket. Thank god & what I learned here, I just took a tiny starter. $BC
  • dwmnr: $GSS - Golden Star Prices 20M-Share Offer At $3.75 Each >GSC.TLast update: 12/4/2009 9:17:48 AM
  • Dannomon: $GSS - If you want a miner with a little less volatility, try $EGO on the dips. Pretty reliable.
  • H72010089: $GSS - Good place to pick some up if you like it. It's right back down at the breakout level and you have the offering as a floor.
  • lclarkc: $GSS Is this a good entry. Or is Gold done for a while?
  • snmtraders: $GSS This looks like a good buying opportunity to me. Once the euphoria of the unemployment numbers wears away, investors will realize that the rest of the world will continue to move away from the Dollar and rebuild their gold reserves imho
  • cmac: re $GSS Waiting for some strength. I want to see some strong volume intraday above the 3.75 offering before adding to my position. Fortunately, I sold 1/3 position yesterday, so I'm in the black, but not enjoying this
  • joanie: $GSS - sold 1/3 position yesterday am at 4 something, and bought back a little less than that today at 1.72. What a weird feeling to be doing what I'm supposed to be doing!!!
  • robwait: $GSS, be very careful. $GSS just priced a secondary @3.75. They are raising $75,000,000 buy selling 20,000,000, subject to regulatory approval by the Toronto Stock Exchange. The offering is still open. Their property is in Ghana. In my opinion political risk is too great. I prefer juniors that have mines in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia or Alaska. When it comes to Juniors, forget technicals. Focus on the fundies: 1.Ounces in the ground 2. regulatory environment 3. Political Stability- ie who do you have to pay off to get permitting. 4. Metallurgy- how much gold is recoverable 5. Cost of production 6. Cap-ex for start up 7. Ease of access to property- do roads have to be built or do tracks have to be laid? See #6 Nova Gold is a better "play" on those counts.
  • cmac: re $GSS update: I closed the position at 3.65.. I'm sure I should wait to the closing hour, but I just don't like the pattern.
  • LaurieAnn: TBT/GSS- not selling anything or covering my BBY/AIG shorts. I just opened a position in $GSS and added to the TBT. The day wasn't too scary. I felt like a big idiot selling that $MAN last night, but a couple hours on the tennis court made me feel better. I'll probably get a re-entry in Jan. or Feb. when unemp. goes up again. have a great weekend everyone. LA
  • ilove2teach: $GSS - started a small position today on the dip. After reading some of the posts, I'm starting to wonder if that was right.
  • dunsek: GSS- I took a starter on this on 11/30 when it broke out, and at the time thought that I'd add if/when it got to 4.25 or so. I picked that level based on late 2007/early 2008 highs, though you could argue that maybe it needed to clear 4.38 to indicate an add. As luck would have it, it traded up to that higher level (4.39) yesterday before moving back down, so I added at 4.29. Now though, I'm watching @Dan's video and thinking ok, I've traded this wrong. I probably should have taken a bigger starter at 3.84 and have been selling into that higher level, rather than looking to use it as an add mark. I'm thinking now that if it keeps tracking northward, 4.95 is a level I'd sell some into (the 4/16/07 and 4/23/07 weekly highs). Anyone else have a different plan in mind for $GSS and specific targets?
  • 1maui2mom: $GSS 12/1 Took starter at 4. 12/2 Took second at 4.36. 12/2 Listened to @Dan's video and thought the very same thing....did it wrong, bought too few, now what. 12/3 Staring at chart and wondering if it violates yesterday's low or $ATR then I guess I'm out cause looking as tho I missed the boat yesterday. But seems all the metal/mining/gold are down too though.
  • joanie: $GSS - I don't have an exit strategy because it looks like it's simply in an upward channel so I want to stick with it for as long as it works.
  • bhaden: $GSS - Joanie, that would be my take as well but I do have a price target along Dunseek's range of 4.75. I am only in with a starter position and was a little late to the party. $TCK is down today as well, so I don't believe there is anything "wrong" with GSS.
  • RFrangie: $GSS Files shelf offering
  • dwmnr: $GSS - Has fallen off a cliff in the last hour. Now starting to bounce.
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Golden Star Resources, Ltd., is a gold mining and exploration company, producing gold in Ghana, West Africa. The Company also conducts gold exploration in West Africa and in South America.

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  • July 31st, 2019 - 2019 Q2 Earnings
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Dan Fitzpatrick

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