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  • Legobusier: $DPLO looking strong today
  • dngrisk: @Kasey $YELP Not @Dan, but "typically" the rubber band trades have made the majority of their move by the end of the first 45-60 minutes of trade. Always some pleasant exceptions, so good to keep a trailing stop on at least some of your position. I've also seen some aggressive moves later in the day, especially the last 15 minutes of trading. See $DPLO yesterday as an example of a great 9 minute trade!
  • petros06: @Dan is $DPLO done for the day?
  • JustJoe: @petros06 $DPLO it's just moving sideways...i've stop at 15...."I set it and forget it."
  • petros06: @JustJoe $DPLO thx. set a tight stop
  • phgruver: @petros06 $DPLO This is an "oversold bounce" trade that just isn't bouncing. I ditched it for a small loss.
  • JustJoe: @JustJoe $DPLO.....Petros06 my stop was hit which loss me a few hundred bucks, which just fine.
  • DAN: @petros06 $DPLO Looks like it. Pretty static now.
  • ramsun: @Dan - would you please let us know if $DPLO is good to buy? its picking up nicely...
  • Kid2old: @ramsun $DPLO Diplomat Pharmacy, Inc. (NYSE: DPLO), will release its third-quarter 2018 operating results after market close Tuesday, Nov. 6 , with a conference call to follow at 5 p.m. ET .
  • DAN: @ramsun $DPLO I see what you're looking at, ramsun. But the stock has moved more than 10% in the past several trading days, so there's risk in buying it here. It could pull back to $18 before even testing the last support level, so if you bought now, you would have to hold through a pretty big pullback to know whether you were wrong, or just bought at the wrong time. I'd keep an eye on it if I were you, but I wouldn't buy it yet.
  • ramsun: @Kid2old $DPLO Thank you.
  • ramsun: @DAN $DPLO Thank you so much. I got it.
  • bRobert: $DPLO nh Target $27 +
  • vfr777: $DPLO moved down to the 50day
  • woodman: $DPLO is looking like a Phoenix Stock (rising from the ashes). After the latest pop (early May), it has been in a trading box. But it has been whacking at the top the last 10 days or so and holding above the 200 day which moved under price in roughly the same period. I bought some on Monday on the brief move below the 200 (friday) and move back above it (Monday). It needs volume.
  • woodman: $DPLO trying to b/o rhrn.
  • spmeyers: @woodman $DPLO looking good so far
  • vfr777: @woodman $DPLO I god in at $19.08 although it's bumping against the upper trend line. 17.26% short float with a short ratio of 12.56
  • woodman: @vfr777 $DPLO - it may take some patience.
  • woodman: @vfr777 @spmeyers $DPLO - well that wasn't the afternoon I was hoping for. But volume picked up. I'll apply patience.
  • woodman: $DPLO was severely damaged with a gap down on 10/25/16 followed by a worse gap down on 11/3/16. From then until early May, it put in a long base. It moved nicely back into the gap on May 9 and has been consolidating following that move up. The 200 day has moved down under price as the stock has moved sideways. The 21dEMA and 200dSMA are coincident with the 21dEMA appearing to be support and about to cross up through the 200 day. A move up through $19 could signal the beginning of a next move up. There's about a 20% move from current price to fill the first gap, it that's what happens.
  • woodman: $DPLO - a blast from my past, which of course I lost track of. It's filling a big gap, and now trying to move through the 200 day.
  • woodman: $DPLO - was on my radar yesterday on its move from the ashes back into the gap after a long basing. Moving hard into the gap today on earnings.
  • Motorman: @woodman $DPLO saw ur post, but earnings held me back, hopefully get a PB for entry
  • woodman: @Motorman $DPLO - Me too. I should have been clearer - I didn't buy it b/c of earnings.
  • woodman: $DPLO in the ash pile, but close in the gap today with a hammer. Just happened to notice it.
  • issues: @champ $LABU Some of the most amazing down drafts I've seen since 2008; $ANIP (Down 22%) $AKRX (-20%) $DPLO (down 42% in a DAY!) $FIT (-32%) $ENDP (down 20%) These are HUGE losses! For what reason? That the government might scrutinize their drug prices? Crazy. We still hold a large position in $ibb and many drugs stocks. No position in ANIP AKRX DPLO... There is coming a bounce. But how high? It will take years, if ever, to see these come back. We are making some peanuts on $BIS that won't compensate for the huge downdrafts. Wish I had more. I was thinking of LABD but I noticed you think tomorrow it will bounce. I don't know. There may not be a bounce until after the election.
  • rookie_status: $DPLO looks like it may be done going down.
  • issues: @rookie_status $DPLO That's called "wishful thinking."
  • SierraJW: Just a "$" addition to some posts, and investigating possibilities, short and medium term, Not many positions in equities at this point. Scanning using FINVIZ maps and controls at FULL, ETF's and SP-500, for this week, so far, FWIW (http://finviz.com/map.ashx?t=sec_all&st=w1) and (http://finviz.com/screener.ashx?v=111&s=ta_mostvolatile&f=an_recom_strongbuy) Upcoming Earnings (Per @Dan) $BABA $FIT $TSLA $GPRO $PCLN $HAL $CVS $WFM $JCP $DF $LL $WWAV $SODA $M $WEN $KSS $RL $VSTO Investigating: $AMZN $APA $ASPS $BMY $CEMP $COG $COR $CVLT $DATA $DIS $DPLO $DSX $EAT $FRSH $FTI $IP $LL $LOW $LVLT $NOC $MITK $NVDA $R $RAX $RDUS $SLCA $SU $SVXY $TREX $TROV $TSCO $ULTI $V $WHR $XIV $XONE Trending: $BAS $BHI $DKS $FIT $GNW $HAL $MAS $OIH $PPA $SVXY $VGR Moving: $LPX $RRC $FCX $FIX @Dan $STMP Comments welcome! Jim
  • DAN: @SierraJW $BABA $FIT $TSLA $GPRO $PCLN $HAL $CVS $WFM $JCP $DF $LL $WWAV $SODA $M $WEN $KSS $RL $VSTO $AMZN $APA $ASPS $BMY $CEMP $COG $COR $CVLT $DATA $DIS $DPLO $DSX $EAT $FRSH $FTI $IP $LOW $LVLT $NOC $MITK $NVDA $R $RAX $RDUS $SLCA $SU $SVXY $TREX $TROV $TSCO $ULTI $V $WHR $XIV $XONE $BAS $BHI $DKS $GNW $MAS $OIH $PPA $VGR $LPX $RRC $FCX $FIX $STMP Jim, have you considered refining that search with volume parameters...and maybe price parameters (if you want to avoid stocks that are just a buck or two in price)?
  • Aragorn: ...
    $DPLO – inside day right at the 50 8ema support
    $GLUU – after a PB inside day at he 50 looks like turning back up a higher low
    $INO – 8ema support going to the recent highs broke a down trend line
    $LMT – expanding the Bolling ...
  • Paddleboard: ...
  • venkat: I bought $DPLO at $31 and $TGH at $13 two days ago which are at $34 and $15 today.
  • venkat: $DPLO - Dan, would you please give analysis about this stock ?
  • DAN: @venkat $DPLO Growing company in a pretty good space -- specialty pharma with a personal touch.. Relatively new issue (late 2014) and growing revenues by double digits ( earnings by triple digits). I like it and think the stock will likely go higher from here. Popped up above $30 after reporting really good earnings. I think it's something to buy now, as long as you've got a multi-month holding period. Thanks for mentioning it. It was off my radar screen. Now it's on my screen. :-)
  • pcotton: ...
    IPOs I'm watching: $ADMS $AFMD $ANET $AXTA $BLUE $CLLS $CYBR $DBVT $ERI ...
  • woodman: $DPLO bouncing off some rising channel support / 50 day. Added to it yesterday.
  • issues: @woodman Do you prefer $DPLO or $DEPO? I can't decide which is better.
  • woodman: @issues $DPLO - what I've liked about DPLO is its pretty reliable upward path with pretty solid 50 day support. It could be added to @Prazan 's #LURK list, IMO.
  • issues: @woodman Thanks Woodman. We own a starter in $DPLO and haven't yet bought $DEPO... thanks for you insights. PS We also hold a small position in $HZNP (chart stinks for a company buying DEPO. But now the $HZNP's offer makes $HZNP worth less than $31! according to Benzinga)
  • woodman: $DPLO - bought it today with a stop under $43.
  • pcotton: ...

    Here's my notes on the non-obvious ones:
    AVOL - leases commercial aircraft. PE 9, PEG 0.36
    CONE - data center real estate
    DBVT - Epicuta ...
  • woodman: $DPLO another new high. More than a triple since ipo last Oct. I finally sold mine ~$47 b/c of good profit and I thought it just was too hot, having popped way out of its channel. It pulled back a little, consolidated a little, and now off to the races again... without me. Oh well.
  • tjv821: $DPLO woodsman ur out on this right
  • woodman: @tjv821 $DPLO - I'm no woodsman, but yes I am out. :) I sold yesterday at 46.97.
  • woodman: $DPLO - sold it. I like this stock/company, but looks very extended on a move outside its channel, and feel the need to protect my profits. Will look to buy it back.
  • woodman: $DPLO - been working well since the pullback to the 50 day. Hard to buy it here if looking to add or enter, but maybe consider on a pullback to or toward the recent breakout level. Long $DPLO.
  • sterlingm5982: $DPLO Bot some on 2ndry, more on 5/12 earnings drop, featured in IBD today
  • woodman: @sterlingm5982 $DPLO - loving it. I bought that earnings dip to the 50 day too! I'd been in and out, then foolishly got out and missed the next move up. It had been on my want list to buy back, but I kept missing my entry so had to keep waiting.
  • traderbren: $DPLO - late, as I missed the move off the 50dma. Might be worth watching if it pops above $38.10
  • woodman: $DPLO - I finally bought this one back - my old baby - on the earnings dump on Tuesday. Working well. Nice bounce off the 50 day to which it pulled back. Still not in a bad spot, though it has moved up so not quite as inviting.
  • woodman: $DPLO - my old baby. I let it get away.... No position.
  • gt: $dplo :anyone know this stock?
  • Aragorn: @gt $dplo do a search ther was much discussion - Woodman all over it at one time
  • peppercorn: @woodman $DPLO Humble thanks to the able and esteemed @woodman for steering me to this sweet morsel $DPLO (Oct 2014 IPO ATH's for now everyone's a winner)
  • woodman: @peppercorn $DPLO - congrats. Glad it worked out for you. :)
  • woodman: @DrChucky $ADXS, $CHRS, $DPLO - sorry man. I'm still in ADXS but I've had that happen to me many times. I almost sold CHRS yesterday, but instead, I lowered my stop to give it more rope to hang itself and me. Turns out it was the difference betwee ...
  • woodman: $DPLO - pullback to/near some support levels with a bounce today.
  • woodman: $DPLO - this is moving the stock: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/diplomat-expand-infusion-services-acquisition-130000399.html It reports earnings on Monday. No position.
  • woodman: @moneyHoHo May want to watch $DPLO (specialty pharmacy) too for a move back up through the 50 day. No position currently.
  • moneyHoHo: $DPLO looking nice.
  • woodman: @moneyHoHo $DPLO - Yep. I re-entered it yesterday after mentioning it here. By happenstance, it got some price target upgrades today. They're pointing to big growth potential.
  • woodman: $DPLO - one worth watching here as it may be gearing up for another run. It pulled all the way back to, and bounced off, its early ipo resistance area. Now it's back up through the 8 and 21 dEMAs, and nearly hitting its head on the 50 day. However, though it is green today, volume is weak. Like I said, worth watching I think.
  • woodman: $DPLO - looks back on track after what appears simply to have been a pullback to the 50 day. :)
  • woodman: $DPLO - been buying this back. Now watching the reaction to the 8dEMA.
  • clefferts: $DPLO - done going down? Started a position with a tight stop.
  • woodman: @clefferts $DPLO - I started buying it in October in the $21s, and sold my shares yesterday when they fell into the $27s. I'm watching to potentially to buy them back.
  • woodman: @clefferts $DPLO - I ended up buying back half of what I sold yesterday.
  • Esslinger: $DPLO, anyone know why $DPLO has fallen 10% today? Is this PB a buying opportunity or stay away? @woodman, @aragorn, you gentlemen follow this one I believe.
  • woodman: @Esslinger $DPLO - I continue to hold this one from my initial purchase in the $21s and with additions on the way up. I reached a "full" position around my highest addition in the $26s last time it pulled back to near the middle BB. I traded around my position just once, then said to myself: "Why? Just get full and let it ride...." I don't know what is driving it down today. That said, near the middle BB has been a good bounce point for this one. FWIW, articles remain positive for DPLO: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jayritter/2014/12/17/2014-ipos-to-buy/?partner=yahootix http://online.barrons.com/articles/stocks-in-the-time-of-cheap-oil-santa-visits-1417735974?mod=yahoobarrons&ru=yahoo http://seekingalpha.com/article/2758745-2015-healthcare-sector-predictions
  • greberalan: @Esslinger $DPLO I don't see any news on why this pullback. Watching the daily 15min chart with VWAP, 8,ema 21,ema It has not gotten above vwap, 8,ema as yet. Looks like it could be a low risk buy here if it gets above those indicators. But use a tight stop just in case it decides to continue down.
  • Aragorn: IPO Watch $TRUE at the 50ema inside day watch this tomorrow $DPLO woodman nice still going $HABT nice move today but way off its highs of ever $LC recent issue showing stregnth near highs $Tube near Highs $BAB above descending trendline as mentioned yesterday inside day and up also $CYBR below the 8ema watch fro theis ot retake that, $KITE a PB to the 8ema watch that it holds $FCAU watching to regain the opening day high
  • clefferts: $DPLO - continues to work, full position for awhile now.
  • woodman: @clefferts $DPLO - been a good one. I started in the $21s, added as it went higher, attained full position in $26s. Since then, just been riding it.
  • Aragorn: $DPLO still working nice woodman
  • woodman: @Aragorn $DPLO - Yes, Lord Aragorn. Until it bucks us off.
  • woodman: $DPLO - ipo that's still working, new high this morning.
  • woodman: $DPLO; $ABC, $MCK, $CAH... DPLO, a specialty pharmacy ipo, is hanging in there still at ipo high level. Keeping to the drugs theme, wholesalers doing well too: ABC, MCK, CAH.
  • woodman: $DPLO - ipo that has pulled back over last few days and bounced intraday today. Still long this one.
  • clefferts: @woodman $DPLO - still long also as I have a wide stop loss in it.
  • woodman: $DPLO - been mentioning this specialty pharmacy ipo for about a month. I was holding a small position at first and increased my position significantly about a week and a half ago in conjunction with the end of its "quiet period" and move up out of sideways consolidation.
  • dhorst6: @woodman $DPLO, nice trade, congrats
  • bullmoose: $DPLO continues to move higher on an IPO strategy.
  • woodman: $DPLO - this recent ipo's quiet period ended on Friday I believe, so perhaps it will get "pumped" some now. It is moving above its ipo high this morning.
  • peppercorn: @woodman $DPLO thanks and a hat tip for mentioning this one last week - good job indeed!
  • woodman: @peppercorn @moneyHoHo $DPLO - Thanks. GL to us all.
  • woodman: $DPLO - real this time or fakeout? I've been long a small position, waiting for it to reveal its true self.
  • woodman: @Aragorn $DPLO - another ipo - I still hold out hope for this one though it has been frustratingly stuck between 20 and 22. $DPLO is the largest independent specialty pharmacy, and I believe the 4th largest specialty pharmacy, in the country. The company has a lot of loyalty among customers who must buy those very expensive cancer, orphan, Hep C, etc., drugs. I believe its quiet period ends tomorrow.
  • woodman: $DPLO - ipo I've mentioned a few times. It is breaking out today. It remains to be seen if it will hold on.
  • woodman: $DPLO - successful ipo. I've been in this one, and added this morning on the move above $22.00.
  • woodman: $DPLO - 5dEMA for this ipo is your bogey. Long DPLO.
  • woodman: $DPLO - broken record - ipo continues up.
  • woodman: $DPLO - metioned this successful ipo it last week. Still working.
  • woodman: $DPLO - ipo that is working. No position at this time.
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Stock Price $USD 5.03
Change -4.47%
Volume 282,437

Diplomat Pharmacy Inc is a specialty pharmacy company. It is engaged in improving the lives of patients with complex chronic diseases.

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