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  • spmeyers: $BID auction not going well
  • steve71: $BID $CHDRY $LVMUY $MOV $PVH $RACE $RL $TIF Our "Luxe ETF" may be dead money until the tariff wars are resolved. Chinese are big buyers of luxury items. There's little technology here for them to steal. They just pay up for prestige.
  • bRobert: $BID Early phase 3 Target $65ish
  • steve71: $BID $MOV $PVH $RACE $RL $TIF Sutton's Law. When asked why he robbed banks, Willie Sutton replied, "Because that's where the money is." At the moment our homemade Luxe ETF is almost entirely green. As DeBeers points out, some customers are impervious to tariffs and market gyrations.
  • steve71: $BID HOD HH,HL Adding to position at 58.70
  • justinp: @steve71 $BID Is this on the "@debeers luxury list?"
  • steve71: @justinp $BID Yup. I have all of those names, adding to this one only.
  • justinp: @steve71 $BID Thanks for raising it. Seems like a solid rinse & repeat business for when you need to trade up to a bigger Renoir.
  • JBed: @steve71 $BID Downgrade to neutral from buy.
  • debeers: @justinp $BID --Not on my list.I usually pick it up a week before the big art auctions and into the auctions just as a quickie!
  • bRobert: $BID phase 2 . Target $65
  • steve71: $BID $MOV $PVH $RACE $RL $TIF $TXT Consider this collection of names a luxury ETF. DeBeers has been in several of these, probably physically as well. The common denominator is that they all have outperformed the indices. The top 1% worldwide continues to amass wealth in a disproportionate way. This is where they spend it. Other luxe suggestions are welcome.
  • justinp: @steve71 $BID $MOV $PVH $RACE $RL $TIF $TXT I'm just wondering if $TXT is going to be regarded as more aerospace, despite the Cessnas and Bells sold in the corporate segment.
  • steve71: @justinp $BID $MOV $PVH $RACE $RL $TIF $TXT Right, Textron cuts across both luxe and aerospace. I don't think there is a pure play in bizjets.
  • bRobert: $BID Breakout Target $65 . Long calls
  • khamilton: @bRobert $BID How far out do you buy calls on this one? thank you.
  • bRobert: @khamilton $BID I've been in the name for a while since the double bottom. I've rolled up calls several times. right now I'm holding April calls
  • bRobert: $BID setting up for nice move Target $64
  • bRobert: $BID moving higher. Target $64
  • bRobert: $BID Low risk entry near support. Target $63
  • bRobert: $BID 20d bounce. Target $63
  • bRobert: $BID higher low . target $63
  • bRobert: $BID bo . Target $60 $63
  • bRobert: $BID trigger . Target 1 $60
  • vfr777: @bRobert $BID Hi bRobert. I was wondering what you use to set the target. You are so helpful in listing the trigger and the target. Just wondering.
  • bRobert: $BID Setup . alert > $52 . target $60
  • bRobert: $BID setting up Target 1 $60+ alert > $52
  • bRobert: $BID double bottom. All it took to goose the stock was to sell a DaVinci for 300 million
  • mopick: @bRobert $BID Ah, make that $450 million!
  • bRobert: @mopick $BID I was outbid
  • bRobert: $BID Target $61. Earnings 11/3 . Long calls from below. Will reduce position, roll up prior to earnings
  • bRobert: $BID Target $54
  • bRobert: $BID target 1 $50 acquired. Sold partial . Target 2 . $58
  • bRobert: $BID Target 1 $49 made. Next target $56
  • bRobert: $BID Counter trend trade(daily) working. Targets 50 then 57
  • bRobert: $BID Breakout continues. Target 1 52
  • bRobert: $BID $CZZ BID Inverse h&S bottom. Target 1 $52. CZZ Really sweet stock Long term target $12
  • bRobert: $MELI $BID Meli Adding to long term position Bid nh
  • bRobert: $TIF . $BID Money into these high price spreads\ Tif recovered from disaster quarter , near highs . Bid near highs
  • bRobert: $bid nh . Will add above 56.1. Long calls
  • bRobert: $BID Long term hold. Clean breakout. $65 target
  • Bridget: $BID breaking out of consolidation after earnings beat. gap and run so far. Checkout the weekly chart. Buy on the pullback.
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $BID Sotheby's. Click here to view associated video clip:
  • Trixie: @Bridget $JWN $KSS $M $JCP $LB $DECK #fallingknife $BID seems to be beating its own tune, looks like it caught an upgrade.
  • Bridget: ...
    $BID and $DNKN - new 52 week high on big volume, I see these continuing next week
    $SYY $DF $KHC - Food stocks are still working
    $EXTR - huge volume at the 52 week high, but no news I can find.

    Bio/Healthcare stocks:
    $AQXP - breakout on volume yes ...
  • Trixie: @champ $WMT $AMZN $DG $DLTR $XRT $BID might interest you.. near 52 wk highs w a rounding bottomish
  • Trixie: Some retail type things that have cought my eye, $BID, $SALE and $FOSL
  • debeers: $BID/$TSLA-2 of Jim Chanos' top shorts for the year. It doesn't matter if you agree with him or not. It has never benefited me to go against him once he has gone public. With TSLA there's an interesting twist: all the deposits collected for th. Ie ...
  • dkoran: $SPY/ Markets -be careful on this rally . Just saw where one of the high priced beach lots on panhandle sold for 15% off of asking price . Art being sold at 40% discounts to prices a few years ago . $BID is a leading indicator of market direction and usually leads the way down . Look at The chart . Also,the 15% off asking was from 875 down to 725k.thats a lot of change to just want to get out . I am seeing the 3-5 million dollar homes being dropped 200-350k . That's the start of I want out . I was there in 2006 -2008 time frame and k kW that high end panhandle market . Be careful !!! Don't let these crooks on CNBC tell you all is good .
  • dkoran: $BID- interesting segment on the bad auction at art market last night. Some pieces down over 33% from a a few years ago sales. Harry Dent article a few weeks back calling for a big market correction said a good way to play t was to short $BID. It has come down a long way already but looks like it could fall to the bottom of recent down channel which is around $ 3 more down.
  • dkoran: @DAN It was a subscription i believe my brother has that he forwarded to me but it required no log in so not sure. I just clicked on the link and there it was. His side kick /partner in the news letter said that their negative plays for 2016 were to buy the Jan 2017 EEM puts (can't remember which strike ) but to wait as they feel market might run up to 2100 short term . Also, his high end thesis was to short $BID as history shows this stock to crater when times get tough. He also said to wait for a bounce up as it has come down recently .They had a few others but can't recall. They were some long plays with some fixed income funds i believe.
  • manoli77: Check out $BID Look like it is putting in a bottom. Nice looking chart.
  • Forexpro: ...
    A feature article discusses insider purchases of large cap stocks. Some of these are more impressive than others; I can't get overly excited by one purchase of 5k shares of $NWL. Yeah, it cost the director who made the purchase $200k, but I'll bet t ...
  • Esslinger: ...
    Dr. Elman's oral presentation discussed the case of a treatment na# ve patient diagnosed with PDR. The data demonstrated that topical application of squalamine eye drops in a monotherapy regimen, $BID and then $QID, was associated with regression of ...
  • brandonh: $BID anyone know whats up wit the gap down? I cant find any real news and earnings arent for 3 more weeks.
  • Tim S: $BID - I did some research and couldn't find a darn thing. I have no idea.
  • snmtraders: $BID - Me neither and I own some of this dog. I was hoping it was a fat finger trade, but worried one of the big owners is liquidating. Nothing in the newswires that I can find to substantiate either.
  • nmshore: $BID Schwab shows the stock went Ex-#Dividend today. A 4.34 special #dividend payable on 3/17
  • Dannomon: $BID - Looks like it's in a classic phase 2 of its breakout. I had very out of the money Jan '15 puts as a hedge but this market keeps chugging higher. Covered half my position. If I was bullish for 2014, I'd go long $BID #rhrn.
  • msb: $BID - Looks like it is rolling over, coming down out of a #squeeze on the daily chart. Weekly looks like it has a ways to fall.
  • Dannomon: $BID - 50dma is clearly support and after an entire month of squeezing, this might be ready to pop or drop. This is kind of the canary in the coal mine here which I feel moving into 2014 will ultimately drop when the debt limit "talks" get going again. Jan '15, 30 puts.
  • Dannomon: $BID - oh, and right now it starts. Finally breaking through the 50dma moving down.
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Monday's close $AGO, $ALIM, $BID, $CRAY, $FTEK, $HOLX, $IOC, $RAX, $SHO, $SLTM, $SPRD, VSAT
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Tuesday's close $ALJ, $AMTG, $ANDE, $ATO, $AVNR, $BID, $BIO, $BMR, $CAR, $CF, $CHRW, $CHUY, $CSC, $CSOD, $DGI, $DGIT, $DIS, $DPM, $DVA, $ENOC, $ENPH, $EOG, $EXEL, $FSLR, $FST, $FURX, G, GA,GDP, $GEOS, $GEVO, $GIVN, $GLUU, $GPOR, $JAZZ, $LQDT, $LYV, $MCEP, $MED, $MRO, $NUAN, $OAS, $ONTY, $ORA, $PRI, $PZZA, $QUAD, $REXX, $SD, $SLTM, $SNTS, $SPRD, $SYNC, $TESO, $TWO, $URS, $VSAT, $XNPT, Z
  • GOOSE: VXX @hambone To each his own of course, but SVXY'S premiums are much better. I am always able to do the trade with a bid between the $BID & ASK, or even a little better. I am heavy in $SVXY THIS MONTH, and so far, so good. Did want to try VXX though. ;>)
  • crestinjb: $SNDK - TRADE LADDER $BID ASK Speaking of level 2 windows, I use Think or Swim and when the stock is really going up,..... if you zoom out on the trade ladder, where all the bid and ask are practically pulled into one block you will see very lopsided numbers such as 80 bids vs. 300 ask. if this is the case almost always goes up; where as if its opposite such as 291 bids vs. 95 ask it goes down. Has anyone ever noticed this or understand how to properly digress this scenario????
  • rczar: $TNA @bigbartabs.....I sold @ 1.35 or an average of .95 loss. But it screamed into the close and I'm thinking a left .40-.50 on the table. Nope, although the stock ran up it became frozen @ 3:59pm @ ASK 1.50 and $BID 1.35, so I maxed out my recovery. But what a finish in that last 20 minutes. Incredible. Well I will see you on Monday and Cheers My Friend !
  • Tricia: $BID @MsEllie - re the Beau Chancy -- nice try, but that was not my voice you heard bidding, it was @Debeers and she has the gem - I cannot believe didn't she tell you - Wow - that @DeBeers thinks she is " $HOT STUFF" she is dancing right now with that gem around her neck Wow, she is a " Bad Girl, bad Girl, such a sneaky bad girl -- Beep, Beep, uh uh "
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Sotheby's estimates, target cut at @Craig-Hallum
    Shares of $BID now seen reaching $40, according to @Craig-Hallum. Estimates also reduced, as the company is realizing lower margins. Buy rating.

    Express Scripts estiamtes lowered at ...
  • Tricia: Earnings Today: before Thursday's open: $BAM, $BT, $KSS,MPW, $MT, $SNE, $WIN after Thursday's close: $AGO, $BID, $CA,CIM, $DAR, $DRYS, $ESRX, $JWN, $LBTYA, $MBI, $MCP, $MDR, $NUAN
  • Tricia: $BID @ Ms Ellie and @DeBeers.
    I have given careful thought before responding regarding the diamond bauble which I procured last week and in spite of my generous offer to share, all weekend I endured all this roller derby hip checking babble f ...
  • MissEllie: BID-not that I think anyone else is in this, because I have a following of two, one of which keeps writing #options on $PETM and the other which likes to trade spot poultry, but Munch's "The Scream" sold for a historical record 119 $M tonight at Sothebys, including commish to BID. The rest of the auction did fairly well, although some works you would have thought would go higher than estimate didn't, and other lesser works did. I'm sure most of it is going to Dubai and wealthy techhies and will never see the light of day in a museum. Let's see if $BID can get one over 40 tomorrow!!!!!
  • Tricia: $BID at @Debeers and Ms Ellie: yesterday @DeBeers wrote BID-@TRICIA From Yesterday-I was listening to a conference call when you posted to Miss Ellie re:the 400 carat diamond up for auction and that it had already been sold privately with a written bid! You had to have known Miss E and I would be above board and bid at auction and yet you sent in your written bid anyway? How could you?? Well, I did it because I am a biotch...... but a nice one so you and $MS Ellie can borrow it when ever you want ...... Diamonds are a biotch's best friend...... lol! Now I can face my darling Lord Arrogant...... :>!
  • Henry: $BID I vote for mud wrestling :-0)
  • debeers: PIR/LULU/PCLN/TDG/WAB-allworking but $PIR up 3% ahead of Thursday's earnings.JOJO tell me you're not going to sell our gal LULU.The not so Spectacular $BID might finally not be stumbling out of the gate. At least she doesn't look washy and her Beyer figures on the wine auctions were outstanding.
  • GregCra: $VHC @mrkkaz - yes that does explain it. Just checked with ATP at Fidelity and it is triggered by the $BID ( not Last). Since then it has gone lower - so I guess I was lucky :)
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Sotheby's downgraded at Williams
    $BID was downgraded from Outperform to Perform, Williams Capital said. $34.50 price target. Lower sales growth is cutting into margins and earnings.

    Cisco Systems rated new Buy at Cantor
    $CSCO was i ...
  • debeers: BID- a correction of a mistke and a tease: $BID reports Wednesday nite not Monday nite. This is one of the few Lambada(my original term) stocks I own.A Lambada stock is one where the bar has been consistently lowered by analysts to the point where i ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Sotheby's estimates, target cut at @Craig-Hallum
    Shares of $BID now seen reaching $47, according to @Craig-Hallum. Estimates also reduced, given lower realized auction sales. Buy rating.

    Northern Trust numbers raised at Jefferies
    S ...
  • Splendor: $BID - doesn't it seem like there's an underlying bid to the market? Consumer sentiment was terrible a la 70's style and yet the market recovers then FOMC minutes were kinda blah to negative but the market is jumpy then seems to resume a little upward. end of month buying? some perverse insistence that the market makes it to 1250 before falling to 1080? haha, don't know. but i'm still a little long.
  • debeers: JOJO- has been right for awhile. The #Cramer thesis can be summed up thusly: if the market slides what will the rich give up? Botox?OMG, no,their decorator's recommendation for fine art? No. Interesting note: $BID was upgraded today also but did not ...
  • kkolupoti: $CRUS - Cirrus Logic is catching a $BID pre-market on the news it will replace Epicor Software Corp. (NASDAQ: EPIC) after the close of trading on Friday, May 6 in S&P Small Cap 600
  • jkricha: $ARG - Playing mine a little different than JOJO- I think you can make a case that once the $BID date has passed then the stock may be able to go higher. I do not buy/sell on analyst calls but the last 3 upgrades that I have seen were all north of 70.00. This is the most straight forward trade I have, Take the bid great, do not take the bid and go higher or sideways great, but if you do not take the bid and do not go up or sideways then I have a stop waiting to be exercised. I will make money on the trade but, do not know how much. LOOOONG Common
  • jamesg: $BID - I bought it when it was close to support and now it's in a volatility #squeeze. My investment thesis is higher inflation will force high net worth individuals to purchase art and other collectibles as they did in the 1970's. That should make $BID more profitable and hopefully me too!
  • jamesg: $BID - Breaking out of volatility #squeeze. Probably don't want to chase it, see if it clears 44.38 and holds until the end of the session.
  • jkricha: Yhoo - Yahoooooooooo! Not sure if the $BID rumor is true but, I took a little off the table.
  • GARY: ...

    Might want to check this one out. It is in Blue Sky territory ... !!! - both in the weekly and daily charts. For those that follow the $ADX indicator ..., if I am reading it correctly, a new uptrend is in place.

    Though I wrote about it ab ...
  • jkricha: MEE - $BID - I read somewhere on RM that 80 percent of the reported rumors this year never materialize. FYI...
  • cafepronto: $BID Last night I was reminded that during times of inflation people turn to material goods such as works of art, jewelry, antiques, etc... - and auction houses are where the action is. So I took a look at Sothebys - $BID -At resistance now on the weekly chart .... but, may be getting ready for another leg up. Might be worth watching. No position. Andr#
  • jdy61270: $BID - This is looking very nice & starting to breakout.Anyone else on this??? Any thoughts on this stock??? Thanks
  • CallaLilly: BID- The Art Newspaper explains a new paradigm for Sotheby's (and Christies) - making me think $BID even here is a good deal, but of course I do pullbacks. Guarantees no longer by the auction house but by ... Stephen Cohen (and other hedgies) - note that Stephen Cohen bought Damien HIrst's Shark for a lot of millions and as it turns out the shark was not preserved properly and has been disintegrating for years. Oh well.
  • RtHereRtNow: $POL - $BID 8.70/ASK8.73
  • CallaLilly: ...
    $BID stock has tripled so far and the November evening sales were more than satisfactory but Bloomsbury has an article this past week that really the total volume fell 75%.

    In the Great Depression, women spent on perfume, silk stockings and lipst ...
  • CallaLilly: $BID - just saying ... $BID Sotheby's surges after paintings sell for higher than expected prices Sotheby's (BID) last night obtained $134.438M in revenues from its "Contemporary Art Evening" auction. One painting- @Andy Warhol's "200 One Dollar Bills" sold for $43.76M. Sotheby's had estimated that it would only obtain $8M-$12M from the painting. Another Warhol painting- "Self Portrait" fetched $6.13M, versus Sotheby's estimate of $1M-$1.5M. An untitled painting from an artist named @Donald Judd was purchased for $1.65M, while Sotheby's had expected it to sell for $800K-$1.2M. In late morning trading, Sotheby's rose $1.77, or 10.08%, to $19.33. (Thank you, sweet weak dollar - looking like a first class departure lounge)
  • CallaLilly: $REV - piecing in, long at 14.65, mental stop (loose) 13.93 $BID - piecing in, long at 18.65, mental stop (not that loose) 17.93
  • CallaLilly: Small signs that something good is brewing ... from Women's Wear Daily Herm# s Sales Rise 10.2 Percent In Quarter $BID (Sotheby's) fall auctions began with lots of bidders, that hasn't happened in the last year, and many works went over the minimum. There were American bidders along with ROW people. And then that beauty thing - that $EL, $REV, BARE, BFRM,AGN all reported vanity is strong. Just anecdotal.
  • LChart: You guys are great, good community team spirit. I am having lots of fun learning. I am a dumb new guy, so here is a dumb new guy question... When you place stops do you use stop loss, stop limit, dollar trailing stop loss, percent trailing stop loss, dollar trailing stop limit or percent trailing stop limit ??? Second dumb question is.. do you stop out against the $BID, ASK OR LAST value of your stock ?? thanks in advance for your help
  • CallaLilly: Dean - Thanks. Of course I don't know which way the market is going. 32.00 would make toes curl up in pure pleasure, though. Hard to play Chinese stocks with the right kind of risk management. Just my daily grumble to get back to the sunny side of the world. Esoterically speaking, I wonder if I am wrong in my fervent desire for the dollar to dive down low. I'm motivated by the effect world-wide of art selling high and strong with a weakened dollar and wondering if that's so for oodles of other things, that we're actually better off manufacturing when it's so. Not that wishes make a thing happen but the stronger dollar has profoundly injured the international art market and of course $BID and Christie's.
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Sothebys is an auctioneer of authenticated fine art, antiques and decorative art, jewelry and collectibles.

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