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  • DrScience: #Earnings Implied moves for some companies reporting tomorrow BMO. Some offer pretty attractive premium in OTM strikes. $UAA +/-13% $ONDK /-12.3% $IPGP /-9.3% -- Sell FEB 120/125/150/155 IC @1.75 $TOWR /-8.5% $MDSO /-8.4% -- Sell FEB 80/85/65/60 IC @1.00 $NMRK /-7% $TAP /-6.6% -- Sell FEB 67.50/72.50/60/57.50 IC @1.00 $USFD /-6.4% $SABR /-6.4% $MLM /-5.6% $HUN /-5.2% -- Sell FEB 19/21/23/25 IC @ .47 $JLL /-4.9% $NP /-4.6% $AYR /-4.1% $OMC /-4.1% -- $STE /-3.8% $FIS /-3% $NRZ /-2.1% -- Sell FEB 17 Put @ .25 (to add to positions) $WELL /-1% $WEC /-1%,
  • dcphinney: @DAN $AER $AL $AYR $AYR up 9 percent on exponential volume.... what's that about?
  • justinp: @bRobert $AER $AL Also $AYR in that industry - more in a base however.
  • bRobert: @justinp $AER $AL $AYR Fly another. Squeezing out
  • DAN: @bRobert $AER $AL $AYR $AL and $AER -- really nice bases. EPS growth is good.
  • justinp: @bRobert $AER $AL $AYR Yep, thought it worth watching $AYR if it follows the others. Related industry, $GATX also perking up.
  • mharps: $AYR up on earnings-started a bit
  • pcotton: #scan #rightUpperPullbackBounce (after close 4/21). Bounce off daily 20 or 50 except as indicated 20week. $AYR $BLUE $BSX $DRII (20w) $EFX $ENDP $JCOM $LEA $MANH $MTSI (20w) $NBIX $PANW $QLYS $SCI $SEIC $SKX $STZ $TSCO $VNTV $VRX $WYN (20w) For copy to watchlist: AYR BLUE BSX DRII EFX ENDP JCOM LEA MANH MTSI NBIX PANW QLYS SCI SEIC SKX STZ TSCO VNTV VRX WYN
  • pcotton: #scanResults - right upper, pullback and bounce. Some squeeze breakouts. $AFFX $AHS $AMAG $AYR $CNK $CONE $CRL $CRUS $DIS $FDS $HOLX $LEA $MANH $ORLY $PANW $SCI $SEIC $THOR $UHS $VNTV Here's list for copy paste: AFFX AHS AMAG AYR CNK CONE CRL CRUS DIS FDS HOLX LEA MANH ORLY PANW SCI SEIC THOR UHS VNTV
  • pcotton: #scanResults #upperRight (after the close) - good trend, pullback and bounce $AYR $DIS $HOLX $JCOM $KAR $MANH $ORLY $SCSS $SEIC $TSCO $VNTV copyable list follows: AYR DIS HOLX JCOM KAR MANH ORLY SCSS SEIC TSCO VNTV
  • Poppy: Tuesday's pre market earnings: a little late for action. Notable earnings before Tuesday's open $AIXG, $AMT, $ARIA, $AYR, $BLMN, $BMO, $CBRL, $CRZO, $DLR, $DPZ, $EOG, $EXH, EXLP, $EXPD, $FCH, $FE, $FNP, $GLDD, $GLDD, $GTLS, $HD, $HFC, $HPT, $IART, $INFI, $LNT, $M, $MSO, $ODP, $OGE, $RLGY, $RST, $SAFM, $SDRL, $SHOO, $TMUS, $TOL, $UNS, $UTHR, $VC, $VSI, $ZINC
  • tsogles: $AYR Aircraft leasing, fundementals aren't great but it is in a 6% vs at the 50 sma in an uptrend and may be worth a shot with a fairly tight stop Yield 4.28%, beat on last earnings and raised #dividend. Entering a starter position small and will monitor. @Terry
  • Tim S: Notable earnings before Thursday's open $AAP, $ABC, $ABX, $ACOR, $ALKS, $ALU, $ANR, $ARRY, $AVP, $AYR, $AZN, $BEAM, $BGCP, $BLC, $BUD, $BYD, $CAH, $CI, $CLX, $COP, $COR, $COT, $CRR, $DGI, $DISCA, $EL, $EPD, $EPL, $FCH, $FIG, $GBX, $GTI, $GTLS, $HAR, $HGG, $HSH, $IDCC, $INCY, $IQNT, $IRDM, $IRM, $ITC, $ITT, $IVZ, $KEM, $LECO, $LIOX, $LKQ, $MA, $MGM, $MMP, $MOD, $MPC, $MPLX, $MSCI, $MYL, $NI, $NIHD, $NILE, $NMM, $NVO, $NYT, $O, $OCN, $OSK, $PDCE, $PNW, $PPL, $PRGO, $PRLB, $PWR, $Q, $RFP, $SCG, $SFY, $SHOO, $SMP, $SNAK, $SNE, $STRA, $TDC, $TE, $TEVA, $TWC, $VICL, $VPHM, $VRX, $WNR, $WWE, XOM
  • Tim S: Notable earnings before Tuesday's open $ACM, $ADM, $AFSI, $AKRX, $ALLT, $ARCC, $ARCO, $AYR, $BPI, $CCC, $CHTR, CMLP, $CNK, $CTSH, $CVS, $D, $DBD, $DISH, $DNR, $DWRE, $EMR, $END, $ENDP, $EXPD, $FBN, $FE, $FOSL, $GGS, $HAR, $HCN, $HPT, $HSIC, $ICE, $IFF, $ISIS, $KORS, $KWK, $LIOX, $LPX, $MGM, $NRGY, OAK, $OMX, OXF, $PH, $POZN, $PQ, $RDC, $REGN, $RIGL, $SATS, $SE, $SEP, $SMG, $SPR, $SRE, $STWD, $TA, $TAP, $TDG, $TDW, $TECD, $TGH, $THC, $TICC, $TRGT, $VSI, $WMC, ZTS
  • debrup: Gapping up&down. Up: $DF +26.8%, WFR +16.5%, $EVOL +13%, $CHTP +12.2%, $IILG +10.4%, $KNXA +9.9%, $ENOC +9.8%, $CSGS +7.9%, $ESRX +6.9%, $RAX +6.1%, $TSEM +5.8%, $ACTS +4.8%, $POWL +4.7%, $SAPE +4.2%, $MAXY +4%, $DMD +3.2%, $RIO +3.1%, $MNTX +2.9%, $JAZZ +2.8%, $ACHN +2.2% Gapping down: $PRMW -21.2%, $PCLN -15.1%, $XOMA -10.1%, $Z -9.6%, $WG -8.7%, $NVTL -7.5%, $IDSY -5.6%, $EXAS -4.8%, $AYR -4.3%, WPZ -3.5%, $EXPE -3.2%, $KRC -2.2%, $UBS -2.2%, $VVUS -1.9%, $PLAB -1.1% Have fun!
  • Golf77: Should old Losses be forgotten, And never brought to mind? Should old Losees be forgotten, And days of long ago ! Here's a recap of some winners. $AIG DANG $YOKU MBLX $MIC KEM $SNH NCT $SFI CRME $NXPI MTW $TQNT SOLF $VHC CSIQ $SOL MNI $GRT RFMD $FLY XTXI AHD LEDS $GRT TOWR $AYR KNXA. Some losers CSR UTA NOEC EXM IPSU SDTH $ARAY ANOE EXM Much more winner then losers. Ready for 2011
  • fredsfreedom: $AYR - daily chart, a thing of beauty
  • freddy77: S&P 500 thoughts from a person who has had a bearish slant The ability to shrug off the jobs number (up from 429,000 last week to 464,000 this week!) and focus on the European PMI and all the good earnings report, in my less than humble opinion, bodes extremely well for this market to shoot up and possibly not fill the gap. I think the last hurdle will be Existing Home Sales at 10 and if we can hold up well through this number I believe today and tomorrow will lead us to 1100 approximately where we will sit and think about things for a bit. I have 2 short positions I will close this morning once I see if we can fill the gap up, and then I will watch my longs (ALK, $NGG, $NLY, $AYR, PDE, TGI) Good luck to all Freddy
  • freddy77: S&P Don't look now but it might not even be a snap back rally by the end of the day. Going slightly net short into weekend but trying to stay close to neutral: Shorts= $CLF, $ADM, $ADI Long= $QQQX, $AAPL, $AYR (one I should have sold long ago and am stuck with it for the most part now) Have a good weekend everyone, TIGF after 4 PM :) Freddy
  • Russ: $HSIC, $CTSH, $TMK, $CNW, $GPC, $LYV, $ANSS, $EMN, $PBI, $PH, $SWK, $URBN, $WLL, $NKE, $RYN, $AER, $AYR Yesterday, these tickers were being bought pretty consistently throughout the day without a lot of gyration. They ended at the top of their candles on strong volume. If not right now, then when all the dust settles in a few days, some might make good buys.
  • Poppy: $AYR - Good morning everyone - $AYR reported earnings at $.26 missed estimate by .05. Could be an ugly day for this stock on a nasty day in the general market. For those who don't follow this stock - the company buys planes then lease them out globally to countries that don't want to own but need planes to do business. Good luck....long $AYR - for not very long - has been good knowing ya..(small profit)
  • Bobo: $AYR Does anyone follow this stock. I think it broke out of $MM Pattern and might be forming a bull flag on the weekly chart. Any idea welcome. Thanks, @Bob
  • freddy77: $ARO, $AYR, BPO.....some different stocks!

    Retail is smoking today but I think one to have on your radar is Aeropostale. A teen retailer, fundamentally trading BELOW 15 times which in this space is unheard of for a company that is performing, on ...
  • jojo1480: $TGH, $ACET, $AYR, $TAL - Stock trading near or at the weekly upper BB, just a few ideas if your interested in the transportation sector distribution cos. (ie containers, etc) . gone surfing at Swami's, day is to nice to be sitting in doors!! Long TAL.
  • Russ: ...
    $CE, $AKS, $MDR, $TEX, $HRS, $HLIT, $CROX (sorry, but it fits), $CCOI, $TYC, $ININ, $NVDA, $HIG, $LUK, MI, $FOE, $CHS, $ANAD, $CETV, EP, $SWHC, $L, $EGLE, $NM, GMR, $DY, YSI, $XL, MDZ, $PLAB, $BRY, $MAS, $AYR, $MGI, $UTSI, LEAP.

    Perhaps others wi ...
  • freddy77: $MS, $IAT, $MRVL, WDN, IAP, $FDP, $QQQX, $AYR, $DNDN, JCG, $ARO, $BPO A lot of my employees are slacking a bit today but they have been working hard lately and all appear to be fairly far, in dollar value, away from receiving their pink slips today. I think they may be in need of a fun filled weekend to recharge the batteries. Good luck to everyone today. Freddy
  • freddy77: $UVE, AYY Both still working with market down 60 points. $UVE has a #dividend yield of over 9% and it has an obvious sell on stop or around $4.86. $AYR has recently moved very quickly but if you look at a weekly chart it appears to be moving out of a tight volatility #squeeze! Freddy
  • freddy77: $AYR Aircastle Ltd. I know this stock won't be everyone but it came up on one of my screens a week or two ago and I bought a starter position and have added a second position this morning. These guys/gals :"engage in the acquisition, lease, and sale of high-utility commercial jet aircraft to passenger and cargo airlines worldwide. The company also makes investments in various aviation assets, including debt investments secured by commercial jet aircraft." Again this is on a recovery play, it has been in an extended tight volatility #squeeze and appears to be trying to break out to the up side #RHRN (right here right now for you newbies!) My screen was identifying value and looking for stocks that trade below book value and at p/e multiples less than 10. $AYR trades at a 0.6 Price to book ration and the P/E is about trading at 8. Freddy
  • Poppy: $AYR - Freddy I got a 1/3 position last week and ran out of fund to buy more...a shame since today it pops up quite nicely. Congratulations for finding it...hope it's good for both of us. @poppy
  • singleralan: Take a look at $AYR & GLS; they pay a good #dividend too. Bearcat $AL
  • tmjska: $AYR - considering buying it here with a stop at 12.40 (there should be a good support at 12.50). Any comments ?
  • tmjska: $AYR - bought a small position today at ~12.90.
  • singleralan: Hello Team, I bot 3 this morning: current prices & returns - $PFE @$20.05 +1.2% $AYR $14.38 +7.15% $DEPO 4.16 +2.46% Bearcat Al
  • tmjska: Bearcat Al: $RFMD, $PFE, AYR.
    $RFMD - The "obvious" traget is the #200ema. That's where the previous rally stalled back in early June (somewhat shy of 200 ema). The 200 ema is now crossing the 200 sma, so I guess it would take some volume and market ...
  • Gabe: OK. I like to short weak charts, such as $AYR, $IPAR and GRA. I'd like to think that it is less risky, although it's probably more like a matter of taste...
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Stock Price $USD 21.25
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Volume 136,879

Aircastle Ltd acquires, leases and sells high-utility commercial jet aircraft to passenger and cargo airlines throughout the world.

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