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  • debrup: Volatility Squeezes: $MASI PSS $GD N $WM NUAN $IPXL CVLT $VFC GILD $MILL XOM $EA PSEC $HA V $RENN MA $SCCO AKAM $AVID FFG $GRMN These are some name I found in my scans that might be interesting. wishing you all a good weekend from sunny London.
  • aloha808: $AVID - this old fave of ours has pulled back to fill the breakout gap. Time to buy more?
  • sjasp76: $AVID I was wondering if some members could look at this stock and give me some advice. I bought $AVID around 8.00 dollars and sold half my position before earning for a nice profit. They crushed earnings yesterday so I sold my other half. My thought was I can buy back after the stock settles down around the 200 day moving average. The stock yesterday had huge volume and gapped up with a shooting start pattern. My question is how do other members play that kind of stock pattern? A huge gap up with high volume but the sellers did come creating kind a #doji with long tails on both sides. @Steve
  • gldnbrew: $AVID - Doing nicely on @Dan's spec. Does anyone have a upside target and/or should I be following it with a trailing stop (ATR is .28c). @Paul
  • bullmoose: ...
    Tech: $AAPL, $AMT, $ADBE, $AMZN (not yet on this one, but I'm looking for a higher low to start), $AVID, $CCI, $RAX, $SIMO, $VHC
    Retail: $SBH, $YUM
    High Yield: $ANH, $ARR, CPNO, CQP. $CTL, $CYS, $FNFG, $MAIN, $MO, ...
  • firebird68: ...
    $AVID ~ got in a little late on this one....but will see what happens after it finishes consolidating here......bail if it breaks down...add if starts up again.

    $BTU ~ I'm in love.....BTU been berry berry good to me.....adding on dips....waiting ...
  • bullmoose: Trending Stocks (@joebob) - First, I don't recommend buying on a day when the market gaps up. Usually what's happened lately is that the market meanders along or drifts down after the gap. Today could be the day it doesn't do that, but the odds say that you'll get an opportunity to buy the stocks you want at a lower price than you can right now, either later today or in a day or two. There will be a few exceptions as there always are if you pick 'em right. That said, here's a list of some trending stocks I'm either in or looking to get in. Most are not at good buy points. $AUY (just bouncing off the 200-day), $AVID (breaking out), CPWM, $FAST, $HOS, $KOG, LKQX, $MO, $NUS (watch out for the lower high), $QCOR, $RAX, $RGR, $RS, $SFD, $VGR, $VHC, $VRTX, $WWWW, $X, $YUM, ZOLT.
  • Eptake5: $AVID @Dan mentioned this puppy on the weekend update, I hope, I could not find anything remarkable, has anyone else looked into it?
  • Eptake5: $AVID This stock from @Dan on the Weekend Update is starting to move up, so I opened a starter position. I could not find any news but it is green and @Dan does not give out picks on stocks or even a hint unless he feels positive about it. Look at it's chart. Presently up 3.07%!!
  • futurepants: $AVID - Just to temper your enthusiasm, I believe @DAN said of the stocks he reviewed, that if he HAD to take a trade, he would take this one. But luckily he doesn't HAVE to do anything! :) Keep that position small.
  • Eptake5: $AVID Amazingly strong for an $8.00 stock, thanks @Dan.
  • scottto: Alerts - This weeks screening yielded quite a few candidates. #Financials in general are all pretty tight. I didn't include those in my list. Also, with oil at highs for a while, the energy sector showing a lot of squeezes in the winners circle. I left a lot of those out because I'm not sure how much more oil can or will go up at this point..... $VC - Recent IPO that gapped down last month. NOVL $WY $MTN $SWFT - recent IPO, near highs $SWK ABH - recent IPO $MDCO $ONCY $LF $GRMN $CHD $HOLX $AVID $CAB PDE $ONNN $COV $ITW $ZMH $AON @scott
  • scp: Gapping upIn reaction to strong earnings/guidance: OPXT +28.1%, $FEIC +18.6%, $JDSU +18.1%, $AVID +15.5% (light volume), $AVNW +13.0%, $SIMG +10.1%, $MTSC +9.8% (light volume), $AET +9.0%, OPXT +9.0%, $PLNR +6.2%, $SSL +4.9%, $HLIT +4.7%, $MFLX +4.4%, $PHM +4.2%, $NCR +1.9%, $WY +1.8% M&A news: SVLF +71.3% (acquired by an Affiliate of Cerberus Capital Management L.P. for $2.50) European Banks trading higher on Tier 1 upgrade: DB +2.4%, $CS +1.9%, $ING +1.3% Analyst Comments: PAET +2.5% (upgraded to Buy from Hold at Citigroup), RIMM +1.8% (hearing upgrade at Tier 1 firm), $PTEN +1.1% (light volume -- stock was upgraded to Buy from Hold at Citigroup and Canaccord Genuity)
  • JamesLutfy: $AVID - 3 Day Rule This stock has gone down quite significantly for the 3rd straight day. The only problem I see is the significant gap up has been completely been breached and there is no obvious place to put the stop except for the 50 day moving average in my opinion. Anyway, since @Dan talked about the three day rule - I was wondering what were some possible ideas of how to trade this stock. By the way, I don't own $AVID and have not bought it during this run up... ------------------------------------------- Gold bugs - there is a guy on Bloomberg talking about gold vs. the 30 year, and he now feels that gold is hitting resistance because the 30 years is gaining value against gold and believes gold will not rise for the short term...thought maybe people would find this interesting.
  • nimbl: $AVID - watching for 1st entry down on very light volume and becoming interested at $14(#200ema). May be headed to fill the gap. Low volume fill is the best fill. Please post if you see some news.
  • Richlionheart: Avid MarketEdge calls $AVID a strong buy and like you said its near the 20 and 200 ema. I'm going to start a position here. Thanks, @nimbl
  • herr.327: $AVID ..started a position here at 14.10. Similar to what has been mentioned, I like the low volume $PB right to the 20 day and just above the 200 day. I have a stop set below the 200 day.
  • nimbl: $IMAX, $PRXL, $PQ, $RFMD, and $KEG I am still long all these names with $IMAX and $PRXL up on the day; my energy and tech plays down with today's weakness but not stopped out(yet). $RIGL, $AVID, $CSIQ, $FCS, $NOK and $NBR are on my GOT TO WATCH list. Looking to get involved if support levels(20sma,or #200ema's) are reached and held. May have to step up to $RIGL here since it doesnt want me to get in it seems.
  • Bob: @RaggMopp (now there's an old song!) Of course it's okay to disagree with @Dan's thoughts or anyone else's when it comes to discussing stocks. It's a sign of traders doing their own analysis and right or wrong, that's learning/sharing and that's good. I haven't seen what @Dan has said on $AVID but I would agree that it seems to have lost some momentum. All that said, please check out the "New Members: Read this before you post" link on most pages. It basically encourages us not to start new threads but add discussion to the ongoing daily thread. Check it out and hava a good weekend.
  • aliabassi1: dude read the prior to posting video ... AVID's bull trade is over... what indicators are you looking at... Momentum is trading down, Stochastic's are pointing down and MACD looks like it is topping in. $AVID was a short #squeeze, the #squeeze is over, it has a 13 days to cover threshold on it and it has been up for about a month and a half... consider who you have behind you to push this stock up. I would sell, there are bigger and better stocks to buy
  • rams345: $AVID $12.81 up .47 and on high for today. On 5-12-09 @Dan mentioned this as a "juicy" short #squeeze as 11% shorts. Stock having good up side move today. Any one interested in commenting?? I don't believe any post about $AVID since that date.
  • aliabassi1: I don't think the move in $AVID is done.. i took my profit early... it moves to slow for my taste but as @Dan would say.. if it ain't broken it is still good.. looks like it found support ..
  • aliabassi1: ...
    1 question - I am holding $AVID and they have a huge short interest (18 days to cover). The stock has gone up about 7% in the past 7 days which is alright I guess but I feel like I am missing out on the action because the volume just wont pick up wh ...
  • Sizzle: ...
    Dogs: 1. $HZO Marinemax Inc. 2. $TLAB Tellabs Inc. 3. $SONS Sonus Networks, Inc. 4. $NCT Newcastle Investment Corp. 5. $SWHC Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. 6. $CHS Chico's $FAS Inc. 7. $THO Thor Industries Inc. 8. MOT Motorola Inc. 9. $PHM Pulte Ho ...
  • Sizzle: ...
    Dogs: 1. $HZO Marinemax Inc. 2. $TLAB Tellabs Inc. 3. $SONS Sonus Networks, Inc. 4. $NCT Newcastle Investment Corp. 5. $SWHC Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. 6. $CHS Chico's $FAS Inc. 7. $THO Thor Industries Inc. 8. MOT Motorola Inc. 9. $PHM Pulte Ho ...
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Volume 323,613

Avid Technology Inc is a provider of digital media content-creation solutions for film, video, audio and broadcast professionals, as well as artists and home enthusiasts.

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  • August 8th, 2019 - 2019 Q2 Earnings
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