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  • justinp: $CRON $APHA $MJ Turning so far today , defined risk. $ACB squeezing.
  • bsafriet: $APHA. Missed E/R, leading the group down. Good day to be short all these names!
  • scottrades: $ACB and $APHA both have news out about some German license approvals. Both up in Premarket on the Canadian side.
  • scottrades: $APHA moving today. Could be an Earnings run. They report in 2 weeks.
  • scottrades: $APHA - Earnings Release April 15: https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/aphria-announce-third-quarter-fiscal-103000724.html
  • scottrades: This is a hourly chart of $CGC $WEED, it's getting real tight but not giving us a direction yet. On close watch for me. A lot of potstocks like $HEXO, $IIPR and $APHA had nice days yesterday, I'll be watching them for follow through. Lots of #FOMO out there, don't get caught up in it.
  • mrmike: @scottrades $CGC $WEED $HEXO $IIPR $APHA #FOMO Looking forward to your next video.
  • woodman: $CGC $CRON tight BBs; $APHA also tight with price right up against the top BB. (Long CRON and CGC; no position in APHA.)
  • bRobert: @woodman $CGC $CRON $APHA I believe it's your turn to buy 100k shares of $CGC and give it a gentle nudge.
  • wijimmy: @bRobert $CGC $CRON $APHA ... Spread the wealth... push up $TLRY also.....I like that they are partnered up with drugmaker Sandoz which is owned by $NVS ( Novartis ) to distribute medical marijuana and that they also partnered up with AB InBev $BUD to develop beverages that contain marijuana cannabinoids...
  • Sher: $APHA – Pretty happy with 6.6% move today – Have been holding/adding to Apr. $10 calls, for a while, which are still underwater due to poor position timing – 3-weeks of sideways consolidation now exhibiting tightening upside squeeze. $ACB - Took profits (89.6%) on Apr. $9 calls, this morning – STC @ $1.45... $CRON – Holding “ailing” April call position in anticipation of a run, of sorts, into earnings (the 26th) – Encouraged some by a “just noticed” Schedule 13D filing, posted this morning, by Altria Group reflecting share ownership of 149,831,154, representing 45% of class.
  • Sher: ...
    $ACB – Happy with this trade… $APHA and $CRON, not so much.

  • stairm01: @Sher $DG $MSFT $AES $BZUN $MRK $ACB $APHA $CRON Thanks Sher for pointing out SWAV a few days ago. I entered today on a break above $32.
  • Kasey: $ACB, $CARA, $CRBP, $HEXO, $NTEC, $PYX, $MJ, $TCNNF, $CNTTF, $APHA, $TLRY, $GWPH, $OGRMF, $CGC, $NBEV @scottrades, What a "Value Add" by Dan, to have @ScotTrades. Great weekly videos and also, lately increasing tweets re: pertinent info intraday. Thank you.
  • scottrades: @Kasey $ACB $CARA $CRBP $HEXO $NTEC $PYX $MJ $TCNNF $CNTTF $APHA $TLRY $GWPH $OGRMF $CGC $NBEV Thanks Kasey!! Appreciate the shout out.
  • bRobert: @bRobert $NXST $GTN $SBGI $sbgi $SFIX $WLL $WLL $WLL $EOG $BA $BA $BA $FLT $FLT $FLT $FANG $JPM $UGAZ $RARX $TME $SLCA $SLCA $SLCA $NXST $NUGT $NUGT $JNUG $NUGT $EXP $BA $USO $TKR $FANG $FANG $FANG $FTSI $LBRT $ACB $CARA $CRBP $HEXO $NTEC $PYX $MJ $TCNNF $CNTTF $APHA $TLRY $GWPH $OGRMF $CGC $NBEV $ACB $CARA $CRBP $HEXO $NTEC $PYX $MJ $TCNNF $CNTTF $APHA $TLRY $GWPH $OGRMF $CGC $NBEV $NVDA $NVDA $NVDA $BA $TMO $ILMN #11 #Spec-Swing #YTDL #Entry-Timing #Bounce-Candidate #Oil-Fracker They are all too extended for a good risk reward trade. There are no shortages of stocks with great chart set ups offering good entries and very favorable risk rewards. Keep track of this group and patiently wait to see if better opportunity presents itself. eg HMOS . Be selective especially in a market probing the top of a range.
  • Sher: ...
    $CRON – Despite yesterday’s downgrade, stock up 4+%, today – Earnings in 2 weeks; $ACB up 2.7%; $APHA, unchanged – Long all.

    $VIPS – Continues slow trek upward – Today’s move puts it at VWAP threshold - Sub ...
  • woodman: @bRobert $CRON - I bought some CRON today, to go with $ACB and $APHA that I bought a week ago.
  • bRobert: @woodman $CRON $ACB $APHA Nice play group. All natural grass fed
  • JBed: $APHA acting like it's ready for the next leg up. Long and looking to add with confirmation of a breakout.
  • bRobert: @JBed $APHA Most of them are on the same cross country team and enjoy running together. Pin action
  • scottrades: Watching for $APHA to pop out of it's triangle today. They have received Health Canada approval for their Aphria One Production facility: https://aphria.ca/blog/aphria-receives-health-canada-license-amendment-approving-fully-expanded-production-at-aphria-one/
  • PJMR11: @scottrades $APHA I have an alert set for $10.75. If it gets over $11, there should be room to run.
  • Reif99: @scottrades $APHA Still well within the recent squeeze PM, about 10.50. Edit: Should really say at the top of the recent squeeze
  • Reif99: @scottrades $APHA Maybe already baked in? Not much reaction.
  • scottrades: @Reif99 $APHA Yea, that Gap up really ruined the celebration...lol
  • kt4000: sold $APHA not trading well..... up to 10.50 down to 10.14..... little follow thru even with news.
  • WWWilly: $APHA turning, NP.
  • CraigReynolds: @WWWilly $APHA Waiting on $10.75, watching.
  • WWWilly: @CraigReynolds $APHA have my alert set $10.70 to draw me back
  • scottrades: $APHA needs to break $10.60 for continuation.
  • scottrades: Nice Flag on $APHA. Stop just below the 200 SMA.
  • kt4000: added $GUSH earlier, added 1/2 positions on $APHA, added 1/2 positions on $INGN and against better judgement small add to $CVS to reduce overall cost basis.....
  • debeers: @kt4000 $GUSH $APHA $INGN $CVS ---I don't understand how Inogen makes any money at all. They lost their Medicare appeal where they wanted to back charge people, their customer service is total crap. Their billing department is clueless often telling clients the reverse of what the sales department says. Of course, that is just my family's experience with them.......................GL and all the best.
  • kt4000: @debeers $GUSH $APHA $INGN $CVS good feedback - however they are excellent marketeers, they produce the lightest weight unit, and I believe many of their users would walk thru fire to pay an extra 2k out of pocket to get rid of an oxygen tank that impedes their lifestyle. Also did not buy in AH (glad I did not) they beat all of their metrics and numbers, and I weighted until all of the down/upgrades came across this morning - lowest target was still $175..... I also listened to the call last night and a rather large customer reduced their purchases in the first half of this year. Hence the reason for the Guidance. Customer Services means a lot but they own a large piece of the market. at $106 I can make money on this.
  • Sher: $CRON – Reports B/O on March 5th. (Tues.) – Estimates are for a $.005 ($.01) earnings/share loss and revenues of $6.7M… an increase of 431.53% over the prior year fourth quarter results. Back above VWAP, 20 and 8-day MAs – Early entrance squeeze could go either way – Volume on the tepid side, but money flow chart is increasing - Initiated long Apr. $22 call position, this morning, in anticipation of bullish momentum into earnings. $ACB; $APHA - Holding several long call positions in both.
  • spmeyers: @debeers $GUSH $APHA $INGN $CVS INGN stock getting flushed so maybe you're not the only one
  • efrain007: $APHA anyone know when they are due to report?
  • shoredriver: @efrain007 $APHA ...@scotttrade
  • efrain007: @scottrade do you know when earnings are due on $APHA
  • woodman: @efrain007 $APHA - I see this kind of question asked so frequently and I just wonder.... Folks really need to figure out how to find earnings dates on their own. It's such an important part of what traders and investors need to know. I've posted this site often. https://www.earningswhispers.com/ It's very good and has what you need. And, as posted here often, you can always go to the company's site. In fact, that is precisely what you should do if you have any doubts about a date you have seen elsewhere. It's really okay for people to figure this stuff out on their own. Trust me, it's okay.
  • Nepenthe: @efrain007 $APHA Earnings Whisper has it for 4/12, unconfirmed. My Merrill brokerage has no date for it. Cheers.
  • scottrades: @efrain007 $APHA: Apr 15 is the date I have.
  • efrain007: @woodman $APHA Thanks, I can usually find on my own through TD, NASDAQ, etc., but I couldn't find this one. I'll save that website you provided... appreciate it, thanks.
  • efrain007: @scottrades $APHA Thank you!
  • efrain007: @Nepenthe $APHA Thank you!
  • Sher: $VIPS – Opened long May $6 call position, yesterday – Believe 2-28-19 low ($6) marks bottom, for now – Has reclaimed both VWAP & 8-day EMA – Felt post-earnings sell-off was a bit overdone. Earlier posts: $APHA - Went long several call positions, last week, and intend to hold, despite yesterday's PB - Stock is up 2.5% pre-market. AM news follows: Aphria announced a worldwide license agreement with Manna Molecular Science, producers of state-of-the-art cannabis transdermal patches 6:32 AM ET, 02/26/2019 - Briefing.com Manna grants Aphria exclusive preferred vendor status for a period of five years, and an exclusive license to produce, market, distribute, promote and sell Manna patches containing cannabis oil as an active ingredient. $ACB - Initiated long call position, yesterday - Early entrance squeeze and, so far, tracking the 8-day EMA.
  • WWWilly: @Sher $VIPS $DBX $APHA $ACB with you on $ACB April calls from yesterday.
  • Sher: ...
    $APHA - Went long several call positions, last week, and intend to hold, despite yesterday's PB - Stock is up 2.5% pre-market. AM news follows:

    Aphria announced a worldwide license agreement with Manna Molecular Science, producers of state-of-the-a ...
  • sierramp: @Sher $VIPS $DBX $APHA $ACB RE: $DBX, just asked husband about $DBX, he has a website design business. I asked why he doesn't use Azure or AWS. $DBX was first in the cloud bus, around 2008 I believe. They have a large established customer base among people / businesses that need cloud storage. 2018 #IPO, Rev growth rate last 4 qtrs 25.74% Gross margin 74.9% I have started a position.
  • scottrades: @Sher $VIPS $DBX $APHA $ACB GREAT rundown. Thanks for SHER-ing. :)
  • DAN: $APHA -- took a small position in this. I see a lot of chatter about this today. Just letting you know that I agree with the bullish move.
  • spmeyers: @DAN $APHA $ACB looks better to me
  • DAN: @spmeyers $APHA $ACB Can't disagree, spmeyers. All the stocks that I follow (and Scotty has a bigger list and greater knowledge than I do) look like they've got good potential. $ACB, $TLRY (still squeezing...and could go either way), $APHA and $CRON. All worth looking at...though they are a "niche product" in my view. Dan
  • scottrades: Good morning everyone! I produced a #Potstocks video for some peeps who follow me on Twitter. Hope it helps.. http://youtu.be/PsHRGcEBmVA $CGC $APHA $VFF $NBEV $HEXO And some others included.
  • scottrades: $APHA continuing to move today.
  • PJMR11: @scottrades $APHA Right at resistance $10.54 Pivot Point
  • infocus: @scottrades $APHA Thanks for your informative video, as usual, today. Bought some $APHA @10.52 for a small starter.
  • infocus: $APHA Stopped out for small loss.
  • petros06: @infocus $APHA right there with ya
  • woodman: @PJMR11 $APHA - sold mine.
  • scottrades: @infocus $APHA My stop was hit.
  • scottrades: @petros06 $APHA Same. :/
  • Crodmm: @scottrades $APHA $NBEV BACK TO 6. Buy, add, sell, hold?
  • Sher: Position adds today: $APHA - April $10 calls $DBX – April $26 calls $MRK – April $80 calls $PYPL – March $95 calls $JD – March $26 calls
  • scottrades: $APHA getting a BUY from Seaport Global and an $18 price target.
  • PJMR11: $APHA Moving again
  • scottrades: $APHA just gliding on increasing bullish volume. Easy trade to manage. This is a 1 hour chart.
  • woodman: @scottrades $APHA - APHA and $IIPR are my only weed stocks I have at the moment.
  • scottrades: @woodman $APHA $IIPR Nice! I'll add IIPR to my list for my next video.
  • woodman: @scottrades $APHA $IIPR - thanks. @bRobert has been a steadfast proponent of IIRP. I followed him into it some time ago. It's been easy to hold if bought at the right times. I added some more on the dip last week occasioned by the note offering. Of the group, it seems like a worthy - perhaps the most worthy - long term hold candidate. The chart has offered reliable entry areas and, on the whole, has been pretty indigestion-free. Here's the weekly view: https://www.screencast.com/t/ZcPjU55W
  • scottrades: @woodman $APHA $IIPR Oh that's a pretty chart! That's one you frame and hope your family doesn't get jealous. :)
  • coldevinc: @woodman $APHA $IIPR Have added IIPR every little dip that I could
  • Sher: New positions, today: $APHA; $DATA; $MLCO
  • bRobert: @Sher $APHA $DATA $MLCO Is that like laundry day....fresh clean sheets. the stinky ones in the hamper
  • Sher: @bRobert $APHA $DATA $MLCO - Yup!
  • woodman: $APHA on the move.
  • PJMR11: $PYX $APHA Continue strong into the last hour
  • scottrades: @PJMR11 $APHA Was just about to post this: $APHA - Mentioned it last night in the video. It's been trading great all day. Got some today.
  • PJMR11: @scottrades $APHA I purchased it this morning after watching your video last night. Thanks!
  • scottrades: @PJMR11 $APHA Boom! Thanks for watching.
  • PJMR11: @scottrades $APHA For sure. It was a good entry. It still has to work through the resistance to $10.95. If it can do that, there is blue sky above.
  • scottrades: $APHA has a new HOD
  • scottrades: @scottrades $APHA NO Follow-through on this.
  • scottrades: The market has been waiting for this $APHA review since December. There was a short report calling out $APHA for their LATAM Acquisitions for being fake and self dealing. Turns out they are not fake but they are removing some upper management. Stock is up in Premarket. https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/aphria-announces-conclusion-of-special-committee-review-849111860.html
  • mrmike: @scottrades $APHA Are you buying @ 9.60?
  • scottrades: @mrmike $APHA I'll be watching to see if the gap holds or if it just fades.
  • mrmike: @scottrades $APHA ok thanks
  • scottrades: @mrmike $APHA If price holds the gap and keeps moving, there might be a trade there with a stop at the low of the day.
  • Kasey: $APHA just entering squeeze on hourly chart
  • scottrades: #PotStocks $CGC $ACB $APHA $TLRY $MJ https://www.marketwatch.com/story/cannabis-stocks-climb-ahead-of-congressional-hearing-on-banking-2019-02-13
  • scottrades: Some oversold bounces in #PotStocks. I'm playing $APHA today.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $APHA #PotStocks I'm out now. Quick and dirty. 5% gain.
  • traderbren: @scottrades $APHA #PotStocks - nice reversal in $ACB this am.
  • beachreader: @scottrades $APHA : Scotttrades - i did watched your video last night... on $APHA, i think you mentioned pb, and would look attractive... can you refresh my memory...sorry . thx
  • scottrades: @beachreader $APHA @Dan actually mentioned Aphria last night in his video. The while line is where your stop would have to be and the Red Box is overhead resistance. Would like to see the stock build more of a base for me to buy.
  • woodman: $ACB and $APHA showing a little life. $CGC potentially.
  • beachreader: @scottrades $APHA thx!
  • Sher: @kt4000 $ACB - Also holding sizeable position - Took profits on $NBEV, $APHA and $CRBP on 2-4-19 - $ACB is on deck to report, Monday, B/O...
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Aphria Inc is licensed to produce and sell medical marijuana, including dried cannabis and cannabis oil, as a Licensed Producer under the provisions of the ACMPR.

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