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  • bill52: $APHA possible swing trade set up. setting stop at low from 6 days ago (4.40) risk 4.5% for swing gain 20-30% (5.5-6)
  • bill52: $APHA $SPCE $BE $SONO some names to watch now for a possible swing trade with lower-risk entry point. long. starter positions.
  • JoeT: $APHA continuation from yesterday's breakout... looking better than most pot stocks. may be the only one above both the 50d and 200d. $CRON getting close to the same
  • scottrades: REMINDER for #Potstocks Traders: $APHA Reports Earnings tomorrow.
  • scottrades: $APHA moving out of a Daily base but hard to buy here. Watch for an afternoon Pullback.
  • scottrades: Some #Earnings to he aware of this week: $AMZN $AAPL $AMD $FB $SHOP $BA $PFE $MCD $UPS $MMM $PYPL $HAS $GE $SPOT $V $APHA $EBAY $MA $SBUX $RTX $AZN $F $SAP $QCOM $CNC $MO $XOM $PG $ABBV $GOOG $TDOC $RPM $GILD $NOW $KHC $DXCM $BUD $CLF $PINS $ANTM $WING
  • bill52: @bRobert $VFF $CGC $TLRY Your thoughts on $APHA as well?
  • bRobert: @bill52 $VFF $CGC $TLRY $APHA I like the WEEKLY reversal base It moved > 50 WEEK A change in character It hasn't done that in 18 months $7 target 1 Not an ideal buy point extended > 50d but you could buy the flag trigger or the PB/bounce
  • bill52: @bRobert $VFF $CGC $TLRY $APHA thank you!
  • scottrades: @scottrades $APHA as well.
  • bill52: $APHA making a move to break out. will see if it can follow through. long.
  • RuDu: $APHA going nicely.
  • scottrades: My notes for today: $SPY Broke the Low of yesterday. Broke the high of yesterday. What a ride. $QQQ Nice. $GDX/$GLD Pointed out move off the lows. That worked eventually. $NEM Holding the 50 Day. Watch for it to take out the low of Tuesday. $TNA Bought some near the close. $LHX Big Volume today. Right at a pivot. $SWCH Bought back today. $MU Posted about this in the forum, big move today. $COR Tight Squeeze Good volume. A REIT. $UBER Nice Reversal. Support at today’s low. $LYFT Working. $SPCE Keep this one on a watch list. Decent Triangle forming. $CGC A little resistance here. Earnings Friday $TLRY Inside Day $APHA Consolidating $VFF Coming back into the BBands $CRON Pulling back on lower volume than yesterday, this is good.
  • scottrades: ...
    $APHA 6.8 Days
    $ZYNE 7.4 Days
    $NBEV 5.3 Days

    OTC PotStocks with good volume: $TCNNF, $CURLF, CWBHF, $VLNCF

    There’s a bunch of different ways to trade the sector if the moves continue. You could also just look at the $MJ ETF.

    Seeing some le ...
  • scottrades: $APHA and $TLRY starting to curl a bit.
  • bRobert: @scottrades $APHA $TLRY TLRY flag.Daily/weekly. $12 with trigger. target 1
  • bRobert: @porter2524 $SPY $QQQ $GDX $GLD $TNA $CGC $TLRY $APHA $VFF $TSLA $SWCH $SABR $DDOG $MSFT $WORK $UBER $LYFT Consider $MJ. ETF Own a bunch. Very liquid. $16 measured move target. Look for pullback/bounces
  • scottrades: ...
    Watching #PotStocks for some follow through today. $CGC $APHA $ACB and $TLRY are all Top Watch.

    There was a line that @Dan said a few years back that clicked with my last night as I was putting my son to bed for the 3rd time. His entire 6 years of ...
  • success: @scottrades $CGC $APHA $ACB $TLRY #PotStocks excellent points . . I am still learning
  • Rockstar: @scottrades $CGC $APHA $ACB $TLRY #PotStocks Great Post about the mind game.TY
  • Herb: @scottrades $CGC $APHA $ACB $TLRY #PotStocks Thanks Scott. Good words of wisdom. In 1970 (indeed!) I met a Polish physicist in Munich. The first thing he said was, "Hell is just like this, but the children need less sleep."
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Lower High but in trend. $QQQ Ditto $GDX/$GLD Meh. $TNA Watch above 24 next week. $CGC Squeezing on high volume. $TLRY Same. $APHA Same $VFF Same. $TSLA Sold this. $SWCH Coming out of a base on good volume. $SABR Tightening up. $DDOG Hit an ATH today $MSFT Going sideways. $WORK Zzzzzzz….. Wake Me Up When Consolidation Ends. $UBER Riding the 8EMA $LYFT Getting tight.
  • porter2524: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $GDX $GLD $TNA $CGC $TLRY $APHA $VFF $TSLA $SWCH $SABR $DDOG $MSFT $WORK $UBER $LYFT Scott, You've got a few pot stocks in the same situation. What's the best choice? I made a little on TLRY today but didn't want to hold it over the long weekend.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Building a high base. Mind the shakes. $QQQ Sideways here, which is good. $GDX/$GLD Still in trend. Support at the Middle Bband $TNA Close to breaking out. Good volume. $TSLA Moved into the close. $MSFT Going sideways. Watch 187 $BLBD Bus company, huge volume today. $F Riding the top BBand. $TLRY/$CGC/$APHA Squeeze in the last hour. $SRC Holding the 50 Day. $SQ in trend, support at the 8 EMA $EPRT Right at the 50 Day. $WORK Trying. $KLXE Low Dollar Stock. Mind your size. Watch 1.83
  • scottrades: ...
    Some #PotStocks are seeing some follow through premarket. Be careful about chasing these gaps at the open. Give it some time to establish support. $ACB $CGC $CRON $TLRY $APHA
  • glens13: @que_chimba $TLRY $CRON - just watch $MJ for large volume from the big boys. They will all go. $CGC $CRON $APHA.
  • scottrades: Some cannabis names catching a bid. $CGC $APHA $CRON https://mjbizdaily.com/talks-underway-in-canada-to-add-cannabis-to-internal-free-trade-deal/
  • Nepenthe: @scottrades $CGC $APHA $CRON Looks like you answered my question. Must be some telepathy going on. Cheers.
  • scottrades: ...
    $APHA #PotStock with Earnings...say what? Gaping up 19% today. 5 Days of Short Interest, watch for a little squeeze above 4.50

    $APDN Gaping up over 60% on news about shipping 5 Covid Vaccine candidate to Italy.

    Airlines are in this news and up sl ...
  • Sparrows: @scottrades $SPY $APHA $APDN #PotStock Time for $SPXS? I carried some from yesterday, and would appreciate your posting if you are taking any actions.
  • scottrades: @Sparrows $SPY $APHA $APDN $SPXS #PotStock Not yet. Will be watching to see what happens. So far looks like SPXS is fading back as the gap fills.
  • Sparrows: @scottrades $SPY $APHA $APDN $SPXS #PotStock got stopped out a few ticks after the open, at 11.85. of course it then ran without me. not mad.
  • scottrades: @Sparrows $SPY $APHA $APDN $SPXS #PotStock You can always re-buy.
  • brett_anderson: $NBEV broke AVWAP yesterday, broke prior $1.32 resistance, gap up this morning $APHA similar to NBEV, sitting just over the 50 dMA, zoom out to a weekly $BTG resistance at 4.93 (I'm in @ 4.23) $EGO sweet trade yesterday, sold some and am holding for now, looking to see it break $11 or so $SHOP broke the 50 dMA, missed it, but looking for an entry if it tests $TSLA SMH... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ $ZS 8 d EMA has been support, could be a small DT w/ defined risk
  • scottrades: #PotStocks moving here. $CRON $CGC $NBEV $APHA
  • Ringo: $CRON $TLRY $APHA $CGC - All the pot stock is moving up today.
  • bill52: $APHA took a position for a swing trade back into the 5's or a retest of 6 if it ideally works out. 4.5 max stop loss
  • scottrades: $APHA Moving premarket. They have agreed to receive 100 Million Strategic Investment from an Institutional Investor.
  • brett_anderson: $APHA stopped out
  • yongli: @brett_anderson $APHA It just testing the BO. spot to add for me.
  • DAN: ...
    $APHA -- I guess everybody wanted to sell at $6 bucks.

    $LK -- long term investors should buy on any big weakness. If it hits 50-day MA, get a venti position.
    $PLAN -- Supply at $60. Breakout today.
    $CDNS -- watch this saucer pattern. No right &l ...
  • scottrades: My notes for today: $SPY Bounce on the 8 EMA $QQQ Didn’t even get to the 8 EMA Before bouncing $GDX Don’t get me started on this. $INMD What a move today. Looking for a test of the high. $PINS Went Long this today. Nice bounce. Risking less than $1.00 $PLMR Leaned on into the close. Support at the 50 Day $TWLO This keeps catching my eye, though it’s not a Squeeze $SBUX Nice Reversal. $DDOG Moved off the 8 EMA though I think the real move comes above 43.60 $EXPE Popping out of a #Squeeze, Look for selling pressure at 123 $LOW Mentioned this last night, I think you want a stop about 4% lower $RRR Trying to move above it’s base, good volume today $CGC Holding above 23.60 $APHA Nice ride today. Request: $NEE - Looks tired. Needs to consolidate
  • bRobert: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $GDX $INMD $PINS $PLMR $TWLO $SBUX $DDOG $EXPE $LOW $RRR $CGC $APHA $NEE #Squeeze $GDX Short term trading in GDX is difficult I don't trade it that way I expected a short term pullback New Tight ascending channel . (bear wedge like) Bounced off top of range It is in no man's land in the middle of band . Watching for higher low but letting it do the work
  • scottrades: Watch $APHA above 5.65.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $APHA Moving now.
  • mogo: @scottrades $APHA I've been waiting for this! I got in early hoping it would break out of its recent range.
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes for today: $SPY Technically still higher than yesterday's close. $QQQ Higher low, but feels consolidatey. $GDX Getting tighter. $EYE Short Squeeze under way. (Up 10% Afterhours) $LOW A little selling into the move. Alert at 123.20 $LZB Potential Gap Fill trade. $EGOV Watch above 24 $PLXS Low float. 6 Days of Short Interest $BPFH Sloooow mover in a squeeze $PZZA Papa John may be a little crazy, but this chart looks tasty. $FN Posted about this in the forum, good volume. $APHA Swinging this.
  • DAN: ...
    $APHA -- good breakout today -- one of the only pot stocks.
    $NVAX -- issuing $100 million in common stock. This is why it pays to sell early.
    $AMZN -- Not acting well.
    $PLMR -- former GSL stock trying to get back on track. Earnings 2/3.
    $OLED -- A ...
  • Kid2old: @DAN $NFLX $SPX $MDY $IWM $DJT $NDX $FFTY $MTUM $TSLA $STNE $GLOB $RNG $EL $TXG $TPX $SCHW $AMTD $APHA $NVAX $AMZN $PLMR $OLED $XPEL $SCHW $AMTD Buy out announced on Nov 25 https://www.cnbc.com/2019/11/25/charles-schwab-to-buy-td-ameritrade-in-a-26-billion-all-stock-deal.html Ameritrade stockholders will receive 1.0837 Schwab shares for every share held. These two stocks are tidally locked.
  • tcburke82: $APHA interesting news this morning. Anyone else playing the news?
  • DAN: ...
    $CRON -- Add $8.83. Alert $8.80apha
    $APHA -- Alert $5.50
    $OGI -- Do NOT buy this here. Low dollar stocks are very volatile. Entry must be perfect.

  • scottrades: #ShortReport out on $OPRA from the same group that went after $APHA. https://hindenburgresearch.com/opera-phantom-of-the-turnaround/
  • scottrades: ...
    $APHA Not invited to the party.
    $ENDP Congrats to the traders who grabbed this in the live session today! Watch for a test of the high tomorrow.
  • mogo: @scottrades I think $APHA is still getting over earnings/guidance. The good news is that investors haven't completely abandoned ship. If it can absorb and tire-out the sellers, it'll hopefully climb out of this 4.75-5.50 range.
  • scottrades: $APHA Miss on Earnings. Bringing down other #Potstocks premarket. This could be a buying op. Watch the first 10 mins. $CGC $CRON
  • BGale65: $APHA recovering on intraday charts
  • scottrades: #PotStocks FYI $APHA has earnings tomorrow.
  • Ringo: @Scott $APHA - Is this a good buy point looks like holding at 50DMA
  • scottrades: @Ringo $APHA You'd want a stop around 4.70
  • baronp0329: @scottrades, $APHA $CGC $CRON $TLRY Most of the Pot stock prices are going "Up in Smoke" Took profits 2 days ago but still long 1/2 position on $APHA at 4.96 from a few days ago
  • scottrades: @baronp0329 $APHA $CGC $CRON $TLRY Yep. I was quick in and quick out. Disappointing, but out of our control.
  • bRobert: @baronp0329 $APHA $CGC $CRON $TLRY Set alerts Set it and forget it eg CGC > $22 I am interested in this pullback
  • scottrades: ...
    The main problem with a lot of these stocks (despite the initial supply problems) is the fact they are missing revenue expectations and one of the reasons for that was the terrible roll-out of retail locations by the provinces and with Ontario being ...
  • scottrades: @scottrades $CGC $APHA as well.
  • success: @scottrades $APHA $CGC $CRON $TLRY $HEXO $OGI $NEPT $ACB #PotStocks watching these trades . . all opened higher and then started retreating
  • baronp0329: @bRobert @scottrades $CGC Locked in some profits: Closed 3/4 $CGC Dec20 21 Calls from yesterday, 68% profits. Closed all $CRON Dec20 7 calls from yesterday, 59% profits. Still long $APHA stocks at 4.96, up 11%.
  • scottrades: Of all the #PotStocks I have been watching today, $APHA is the only one showing late day strength
  • baronp0329: @scottrades $APHA #PotStocks Yes, Still long $APHA at 4.96. Took good profits this morning on Dec $CGC $CRON calls from yesterday
  • brett_anderson: @scottrades $APHA #PotStocks it's like ya get the feeling that eventually they have to go up. too bad the charts aren't able to grok with that sentiment! :)
  • Nepenthe: @scottrades $ZAGG $APHA #PotStocks Not pot, but ZAGG. If you have the time, wondering what you think of this set-up. I ask only as these type seem to be mentioned by you a bit, and they're ones I've failed to recognize in the past. I've drawn a trend line from its high of 11/7, down to its next low high, on 12/6, and looking for the price action to break above that line. I bought a starter position as it bounced off the 50ma a few days ago, with a stop just below the LOD, and am looking to add if, well, what? Or am I grasping at straws that shouldn't be grasped? Cheers.
  • scottrades: My #Swing Notes: $SSO Trend is up, Good volume today. $QLD Ditto. $CGC Great, for the first 15 mins...then not. $CRON Nothing here. $APHA Had some nice strength. No reason to sell. $WMT Trying to Squeeze here. Watch above 120.50 $CL Alert at 69 $TRI Alert at 73.60 $MDT Alert at 114 $CTAS Alert at 262.80 $SBUX Working, let it work. $ALGT Alert at 175 $XPLE No trade yet, but watch at 16.40 $SBCF Trying to Squeeze higher. Slow mover. $YETI Use today’s low as a place for a stop.
  • scottrades: @baronp0329 $CRON $CGC Nice one! Some of them are getting nice and coiled. $APHA as well.
  • baronp0329: @scottrades $CRON $CGC $APHA thanks Scott for APHA. Nice vol and price in last 30 mins. Also tempted to get some $CGC now. forming a hammer and broke and staying above 50d.
  • Scruffy: $APHA @Scottrades - Lots of upside trading especially since the middle of the day. Nice percentage move. If we have strong close and some follow thru in the morning, I think I will add to my position.
  • scottrades: I've been off the #PotStocks Wagon for a while. Took a piece of $APHA this morning. Holding at the 50 Day and breaking out of a small base. Tight stop.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $APHA #PotStocks My stop is just below the 50 Day MA. We had a nice pop at the open and has since pulled back.
  • scottrades: ...
    $APHA Watching, waiting.
    $HEXO Going sideways.
    $KIDS Massive volume (for this stock). You now want to make sure that breakout level holds.
    $YETI Bought some today, watch the video for I how like to enter stocks intraday.
    $SBUX Own this, it’ ...
  • champ: @scottrades $SSO $QLD $CGC $APHA $HEXO $KIDS $YETI $SBUX $GDI $SMH $AMAT $DIOD $TSM $AMD $FORM $LECO $JBL $KBH #Squeeze --- Yes it is all about timing, timing-In and timing-Out. Took profits on $KIDS, today because news bounced this stock today, priced the public offering, tomorrow is a wait and see, unknown for now.
  • Ajax4Hire: @scottrades $SSO $QLD $CGC $APHA $HEXO $KIDS $YETI $SBUX $GDI $SMH $AMAT $DIOD $TSM $AMD $FORM $LECO $JBL $KBH #Squeeze
    Three(3) items;
    $YETI - designer, marketer, distributor of outdoor and recreation products.
    YETI cups are so awesome and the coole ...
  • bsafriet: #Cannabis These are my picks out of the group I follow: $CGC, $ACB, $APHA, $CRON, $HEXO, $TLRY, $ACRGF, $CRLBF Need to see follow through tomorrow to confirm this move. Sparked by the new CEO for $CGC coming over from $STZ.
  • baronp0329: #PotStocks $CGC $CRON $APHA No selling on 3rd day. Still in Beast Mode. BTO $CRON Nov22 7 Calls at 0.21 yesterday. STC 1/2 at 0.45, 114% profit. BTO $CGC Nov22 17 Calls at 0.55, been taking partial profits. Took another 1/8 profit, STC 2.90, 427% profit.
  • xjonez727: $ACB over $3 and $APHA trying to clear $5
  • baronp0329: @scottrades, what is with the big move on $CRON $CGC $APHA about 11am PST?
  • Tango: @baronp0329 $CRON $CGC $APHA Excellent insight
  • scottrades: @baronp0329 $CRON $CGC $APHA There was some news that $MO was buying more $CRON at these levels and some traders see this as Bullish. Also a lot of these stocks are down 30% in the last few days...so assuming some shorts are covering.
  • baronp0329: @scottrades $CRON $CGC $APHA $MO Thanks Scott. I want to trade the oversold bounce, need to get some Pot Stock Options going real quick.
  • Herb: @baronp0329 $CRON $CGC $APHA even $ACB up! Interesting that $IIPR isn't.
  • Sher: @scottrades $CRON $CGC $APHA - Scott, are you nibbling at any of these?
  • scottrades: @Sher $CRON $CGC $APHA I'm really trying to focus on Squeezes right now so I'm not trading any of these at the moment.
  • baronp0329: @scottrades $CRON $CGC $APHA Scott, soon your Tweeter user name will be "The Squeeze Master"! haha.
  • Sher: @Herb $CRON $CGC $APHA $ACB $IIPR - Out of 23 pots stocks I watch, 19 are showing green, today, for the first time in forever...
  • scottrades: @baronp0329 $CRON $CGC $APHA I'll take it!
  • baronp0329: $CRON $CGC $APHA House Judiciary committee is marking up a bill to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. A companion bill has been introduced in the Senate. https://www.forbes.com/sites/tomangell/2019/11/16/vote-to-federally-legalize-marijuana-planned-in-congress/#22e6a8db201b
  • xjonez727: $APHA getting pounded by sellers
  • Showmethemoney: @scottrades $SBUX Thanks. $APHA I know you follow the pot stocks. All the bad earnings are out. You think this a tradable bottom here for APHA?
  • scottrades: @Showmethemoney $APHA Not my trade. No volume confirmation.
  • xjonez727: $APHA is a dog @scottrades do you track this one? I know $ACB has earnings tomorrow
  • scottrades: @xjonez727 $APHA $ACB Yep, I watch Aphria. The chart isn't giving me any buy signals yet and I don't like to bottom fish so I haven't traded it for a long time.
  • DAN: @xjonez727 $APHA $ACB Re/ the pot complex: If you start with the chart...you'll never even see a pot stock. None of them would ever pop up on a scan or watch list. At some point in the future, that will probably change...but until/unless it does, I'll never see a chart of $ACB $CRON $CGC $TLRY or any other stocks in the industry. The only one that I can see that MIGHT wind up working again is $IIPR, which is a REIT with a 4% yield. But that's not on my radar now either,....because the chart shows the stock in a downtrend. Remember the four phases of price movement: Phase 1 -- Accumulation Phase 2 -- Markup Phase 3 -- Distribution Phase 4 -- Markdown. We want to be in Phase 2 stocks. ONLY Phase 2 stocks. Any of the other three phases will, by definition, underperform Phase 2 stocks. Make sense?
  • Showmethemoney: @xjonez727 $APHA @scottrades I've owned only $APHA and $CGC in the past. I just started a position here in APHA I think they are the best of the Canadian bunch. It would be nice to have a permanent CEO though.
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Stock Price $USD 8.30
Change 8.50%
Volume 17,451,400

Aphria Inc is licensed to produce and sell medical marijuana, including dried cannabis and cannabis oil, as a Licensed Producer under the provisions of the ACMPR.

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