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AMZN Weekly Chart

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  • champ: @mrmike $NVDA --- Is he going to be on you have a time..? He doesn't recommend stocks on CNBC...just comments about his thoughts on market direction. On $NVDA, this stock dropped because of #disappointing-results-and-guidance, this is not a sell the news event, on fair ER results, this is dropping for more than a few #negative reason. It will turn at some point but it could take weeks or even months, negative guidance, really means move on and let traders chop-up each other. However, there could be a bounce trade, hanging around....but this is a waste of time, to be watching for now. $AMZN could be one of many to watch, for entry at some point, this most always pays off....this just zig-zags with the matkets.
  • mrmike: @champ $NVDA $AMZN #disappointing-results-and-guidance #negative in the 2:00pm hour. I got in late,167.00, but I'm gonna hold till the last hour today.
  • cb: $AMZN been working today
  • champ: @cb $AMZN ---- I don't know about working...but it has been zig-zagging and I have a new entry position....need the shorts to cover before the close....and I'm now guessing that they will.....but I could be wrong, that also happens.
  • cb: @champ $AMZN yes agree, been in and out a couple of times today, next week should be interesting
  • bsieling: @mrmike $NVDA $AMZN. I got in late as well. Stop is at 162.95... hasn’t hit it yet but probably will. Guess. I was late on this one
  • BocaRick: $AMZN drop below 1.550 for a few minutes. now 1,553
  • champ: $XRT @ $46.11....$AMZN $1,550....looking better....real nice just to be.... waiting and watching for entry
  • mljbaer: $AMZN ..Does anyone think 1546 was the low for this down move?
  • champ: $AMZN could be a nice bounce set-up, I have a position and I might swing part....
  • champ: @bigbartabs --- I'm going to swing my same positions ...$FXI$TCEHY $KWEB $GOOS....and I added back $BABA.,..small size....will swing part on $AMZN
  • cb: @champ $FXI $TCEHY $KWEB $GOOS $BABA $AMZN long AMZN
  • rachel: ...
    $AMZN – higher low
    $NFLX – higher low.
    $OLLI – not even close to being tempted to buy this stock. It’s off my watch list.
    $SCVL – flush before earnings. Watch tomorrow. Big gaps shouldn’t be bought.
    $IYZ – ...
  • DAN: The entire expanded "FAANNG" complex is now below their respective 200-day moving averages.


    These are all under big and persistent distribution. Generally speaking, if you are holding these stocks, you ...
  • cb: $AMZN bought some
  • cb: $AMZN this bird is trying to fly should be good for a turkey shoot
  • bigbartabs: @cb $AMZN ... if it flies like all the turkeys in my yard every day... shouldn't be hard to hit. The dogs can't even scare them off.
  • cb: @bigbartabs $AMZN LOL !! 😃
  • rachel: ...
    $AMZN – I would short this on any move back to 1700.
    $AAPL – Above average volume over the last 3 days. All selling. OF last 9 days, 7 were down, and 5 of those 7 were on heavier than average volume.
    $NFLX – H&S? Looking like ...
  • Richlion1: Any thoughts on $AMZN. I think I'm caught in a bull trap. Thanks
  • DAN: @Richlion1 $AMZN I am short.
  • Richlion1: Okay I guess I got caught on the wrong side of the trade. @DAN $AMZN
  • DAN: @Richlion1 $AMZN What day did you buy, and at what price? I don't need to know number of shares...Just want to see if I can help you out so it doesn't happen again.
  • cb: @DAN $AMZN are you looking to add if 1650 breaks? As I see some support there, do you see it testing a promenant level at 1600? Thanks
  • DAN: @cb $AMZN No. I would not be adding to a short in this market. The snapbacks are pretty violent. I keep shorts on a tight leash. And I don't press it. You make most of your money on the long side.
  • champ: $AMZN ....I had entry near the I will see if it it is working....
  • BobbyG: Intraday VWAP's are on deck for $AMZN, $SPY and probably others. For the day traders watching.
  • rachel: ...
    $NDX – $AAPL/$AMZN…that’s all you need to get this index falling.
    $AAPL – see LITE below. Testing 200-day MA. This is a BIG test. A HUGE test.
    $ISRG – typical.
    $NVDA – earnings on Thursday
    $MSFT – same p ...
  • cb: $AMZN anyone picking up any of this RHRN.
  • Reif99: Big bull/bear struggle just above 1700 in $AMZN. Think the bears are gonna win, but we'll see.
  • Reif99: @Reif99 $AMZN Wrong about that I guess
  • MtChet: @Gary $AMZN $SPX $DJI $MDY $IWM $NDX $DXCM $OLLI $TNDM $LFVN $ULTA $MCD $ROST $ESRX $UNH $HUM $PFE $NHC $VICI $KMG $HCKT $ROKU $MED $Z $ALRM $WTW #NOTES @Gary- Where is the link to the webinar?
  • grcjr: $DIS earnings after the close today. My primary questions: - impact of Hurricanes on Disney World, Epcot, and cruise ship (projections are hurricanes to continue to increase severity and frequency) -impact of merger including estimates on spending to build out streaming (were it me I would consider buying time from $AMZN 's AWS, $GOOGL, or other to start)
  • Bob E: $AMZN @Dan I'm temped to buy $AMZN RHRN! It is barely above the 200 SMA, just below the 20 SMA. However, it is $164.56 below the 50 SMA. That is 164.56 that I don't want to miss out on! Some help please Should I buy it here or wait?
  • champ: $AMZN.....nice move...
  • Wolf: #Stop-while-ahead $GPN + .10, GNC short .11, $ALGN 11/9 35 call 2.00, $AMZN 11/9 1680 call 4.00, $ETSY 1.20 (thanks @Dan). No losers.
  • champ: $AMZN...up $73....watching closely....might add.
  • Robert1965: @champ $AMZN I thought about 1700. missed it
  • champ: $AMZN ...following the market ....clean break thur $1,700...could have legs , don't know...?@ $1,720
  • champ: @Robert1965 $AMZN ---- Entries are not easy, thats for sure....$URI still dancing around.....trying to zig-zag even higher. Traders are at #Work everywhere....
  • woodman: @Robert1965 $GOOGL - $MSFT +3.7% $AMZN 4.9% $NFLX 4.3%
  • DAN: @Bob E $AMZN Sorry Bob. Just saw your post. You have to define your time frame for AMZN. I bought some stock this morning, but it is because of the weekly chart, which shows a lot of upside. So it's not a daytrade or really even a swing trade. I think AMZN goes higher over the next month, though, of course, I could be wrong. But it's a pretty jiggy stock, so it'll be a ride.
  • jeffslm: @woodman $GOOGL $MSFT $AMZN $NFLX - I, unfortunately, sold a big chunk of my long-term NFLX position based on the "Sky is falling" commentary. Nobody to blame but myself but still very unhappy about it.
  • champ: $AMZN HOD ...don't know where this is going either, I'm just along for the ride, for now.... it is moving in the right direction.
  • aliwishes: $AMZN has really moved up today. Think it's time to sell or hold - don't think I've ever seen such a % rise.
  • woodman:
  • woodman: @aliwishes $AMZN - darn, erased my post by accident. I will try to repost.
  • Kristine: @aliwishes $AMZN - I started buying yesterday and then added this morning. Planning to hold until the market says otherwise. Looks like it will close at the HOD.
  • aliwishes: @woodman $AMZN I'm long Woodman- rode this thing up all year then down in Sept and Oct but I think Xmas will really be good for Amazon this year. It's like Dan says- it's an anaconda.. I'm staying put for now.
  • woodman: @aliwishes $AMZN Depends on your time frame. I bought some today. I like the weekly reversal. Last week was a long doji. This week is a higher high. On the daily, it blasted up through the 8dEMa. Decent volume today, too.
  • baronp0329: @grcjr Totally agree on the 59 minute trades, doesn't have to be only the first hour of trading! Like, you I've been busy with Options and had a very profitable trading day especially Nov Calls on $AMZN, $SQ, $PFE, $HAL, $NBL. Closed 90% of my trades a few minutes ago. Back to 87% cash. Good luck with your trades.
  • grcjr: @baronp0329 $bigbartabs $AMZN $SQ $PFE $HAL $NBL And $AAPL $IBM. Even short time with $ADBE, $AMD, $ETSY, $MCD, and $SBUX. Still hold some of them despite my loose policy that big moves can turn down over night. Waiting for the next day can wipe out earnings .... I'd generally give up a gain over night vs a loss. I can always reenter in the morning if it looks profitable. (for SMM members: almost all my "trading" is with options so you might want to join OMM ... take a free trial. It will take time to learn but is worth it).
  • baronp0329: @grcjr $AMZN $SQ $PFE $HAL $NBL $AAPL $IBM $ADBE $AMD $ETSY $MCD $SBUX I am a member of OMM since early 2018. I’ve learned a lot from @dan and @Bridget regarding options and risk management. Agree with you in locking most of the profits at the end of the day because I still do not trust the market. I would rather have realized gains today more than potential gains the day after.
  • champ: $DJI @ 26,180 up another 545 points #Day-8 and now the market is only down 755 points appx, from the YTDH. Great day and I had nice profits...but I'm really disappointed by the way, that I handled my positions and my trades today...I would give myse ...
  • Gary: ...
    COTD: $AMZN – taking the momentum trade with stock...or calls. Live trader training tomorrow morning.
    Notes: Midterms were the road block to commitment. Now they’re mostly resolved.
    Sweet gridlock. More of the same.
    Do you care as mu ...
  • bigbartabs: @grcjr $bigbartabs $AMZN $SQ $PFE $HAL $NBL $AAPL $IBM $ADBE $AMD $ETSY $MCD $SBUX ... I've been through OMM as well. But I was (and still am for the most part) too busy to really spend the time... so I decided to just use SMM. I'm terrible for having too many irons in the fire.
  • bigbartabs: @champ $DJI $GVA $VMC $AMZN #Day-8 #guess #Day-9 #assuming-and-guessing #guess ... I don't think you are alone here buddy, nor across the trader universe. I think this V bottom move has surprised a lot of good seasoned traders... and investors. Helluva move. I've been getting better at not staying out completely, for too long. If we quit getting daily lows, I try to scale in a little each day without taking too much risk of more drop. It has worked pretty well over the last 5 days or so. But... I still didn't build many full ticker positions. Lots of half positions... that are waiting for the next good pullback to add. Good luck bud.
  • champ: $AMZN had a nice move of $220 $$$'s, off the low on 10/30... to the high on 11/2...wait for the new entry. The next trade is need to be in when the stock starts it next move up....and not before, just wait and watch for would be nice if that happens on Wednesday.
  • DrScience: $AMZN down 4%, hanging onto $1600 by a fingernail. Stock could retest the lows before the smoke clears.
  • champ: $DJI...this is a nice move going on, without $AAPL $AMZN and many others....
  • audrina0904: @champ $DJI $AAPL $AMZN - I dont believe the move...I think it sees a real hard time.
  • champ: @audrina0904 $DJI $AAPL $AMZN ---- I agree, can't really be #sure about any move...until after the elections....then Market-Direction might become clear, one way or the other. You know for me, I have been posting, it is one day at a time. There is know real reason, to really commit, with size, in any position for now...but even with small positions, you can still have nice profits or traders....could just make a few day trade, also with nice profits, either way. However, there is know real reason to really do much of anything, until after the election, IMO.
  • rachel: ...
    $AMZN – wedge pattern. This is the money sucking part of the pattern.
    $AAPL – pulling a Musk and investors aren’t happy. Hard to see it NOT testing the 200-day MA.
    $EYE – setting up ok. Keep watching this. Alert $46.
    $OHI ...
  • DAN: $OLED --Good morning. I'm not in the forum on Fridays, but thought I'd just pop in with a few trade descriptions. $OLED -- I was watching this stock this morning, waiting for an oversold rebound. It never happened at the open, so I just set a price alert at $95 and went on with my day. When the alert was triggered, I bought some at $95. Still holding it, and not expecting much from it though. Tight stop on it. We'll see how it plays out. $AMZN I also shorted AMZN stock this morning (sometimes it's just easier to trade the stock rather than mess around with options, which are fairly illiquid). That's still going. Have a good day. I'll have the Stock Watch video out during the day today. It's more of a "research" piece, so there's no reason to wait for the market to close. Dan
  • Richlion1: I'm in a little late but short $AMZN also.
  • PJMR11: @DAN $OLED $AMZN I got in OLED early at $93. How much upside do you see here. I have a habit of selling too early on my profitable trades.
  • DAN: @PJMR11 $OLED $AMZN No way of knowing. IF the stock gets close to $100, I think it would get selling pressure. Good entry, PJMR11. I'd keep an eye on $95. OLED shouldn't fall below that level this morning. But it's still working, and you should raise your stop to at least break even. I don't know how much you bought, but you could have a partial stop just below $95 to lock in some profit on part of your position; but the market is volatile, so if you are too quick to pull the trigger on any pullbacks, you might close the position too early. AAPL is rebounding, so OLED should too. I think you're fine. Hope that helps. Dan
  • PJMR11: @DAN $OLED $AMZN Thanks. I have raised my stop. Not a real big position but if it gets to $100, it will be more than lunch money.
  • champ: $ for entry $GOOS...this is a buy --- On-Line #Holiday sales are expected to be up a very large 14%, over last year's good numbers.
  • grcjr: @champ $AMZN $GOOS #Holiday - $AMZN currently trading at the 200dma having move to the 200dma just yesterday. I'm waiting to see it hold above the 200dma.
  • champ: @grcjr $AMZN $GOOS #Holiday ---- I'm in know real hurry on any entries....just watching but I did add to $GOOS @ $56.70
  • grcjr: @champ $AMZN $GOOS #Holiday - good plan. I was in too much of a hurry this morning generating commissions for Fidelity. Waiting longer may mean missing part of a move but can assist in making better chance. Have a green one.
  • champ: @grcjr $AMZN $GOOS #Holiday ---- I'm trying to get a Spec position that holds on $AMZN and I'm in testing now.... at $1,656
  • cmaxwel1: @champ $AMZN $GOOS #Holiday (I have been adding a few shares at a time under $1600).
  • champ: @cmaxwel1 $AMZN $GOOS #Holiday ---- Thats a good plan....I just pick-up $11.00 $$$$
  • champ: @grcjr $AMZN $GOOS #Holiday ---- Schwab, is giving 500 free trades for $100K of new Dollars and they are paying 2.05% for Cash on the the daily SWVXX, for those who are at Schwab.
  • champ: $AMZN getting a very slow move to the have to like slow with this stock....maybe it will continue...??
  • champ: $AMZN ...could move back up now...looking better.
  • rachel: ...
    $AMZN -- stalled at 200-day MA. Weak market next week could hurt this...and hence, the NDX. C&H analysis intraday
    $AAPL -- not gonna be reporting iPhone/iPad/Mac sales numbers? Musk is a secret BOD member?
    $NVDA -- $220 top.
    $FB -- EPS surpris ...
  • tkcoretrader: $AMZN My 59 min + trades work just fine no matter how this market goes up or down. Thanks Dan for the 59 Min package 2 years ago. Cash is king.
  • ab3250: $AMZN $QQQ both at the 200 DMA from below.
  • Roadrunner: $AMZN the weekly chart I use shows a black hammer with a long tail with volume that is comparable to the volume last week for the sell off. Wouldn’t that be a bullish signal?
  • DAN: @tkcoretrader $AMZN Love seeing your post, tkcoretrader! Great job. Good discipline, and excellent 59 minute tactics. 8-)
  • tmeyermstr: dan, what are you going to do w $AAPL and $AMZN tonight?
  • Henry: @trader98 $AMZN it is day 3 I was in and out of a call trade today. The stock could go up or down in the aftermarket $30. If you think that the weekly hammer in the stock will hold and you have a longer time frame, it would be ok, but I think you will be able to buy it cheaper tomorrow.
  • grcjr: $AAPL $AMZN $NFLX all making nice moves today. $AAPL earnings tomorrow after the close. I will close today's day trade ... today. And trim my swing trade tomorrow.
  • baronp0329: @champ haha! Still mostly in cash (92%) and waiting for volatility to settle down. Mostly day trading and a few swing trades. $AMZN and $BA options have been profitable trades last few days. Good luck. Hope your day and swing trades are working out.
  • champ: @baronp0329 $AMZN $BA $URI--- Thanks and the same to you.....and that is exactly what I'm doing also....but it is getting a little easier and I did swing positions from yesterday.....and it looks like I will be doing the same today, if we have another nice close. My best swing yesterday was $ is at $120 now, was @ $126.43 this morning...but I took the profits, however, I'm back in near the low today, #check-out-the-news....and see what you think, they guided higher this morning, again because of M&A news, before the open, this stock now has a positive reason to move back-up to around the $140 level or even higher. They report nice earnings and beat by $0.12 and revs and they guided higher, for 2018 on earnings, on 10/17 LOL
  • baronp0329: @champ $AMZN $BA $URI #check-out-the-news Thanks Champ for the heads-up on URI (not on my watchlist). Did a quick review on news, volume and options. Shows higher Options volume than OI for Jan 125 Calls. Will set an alert on URI on my watchlist.
  • champ: @baronp0329 $AMZN $BA $URI #check-out-the-news ---- Take a look at my posts on $GOOS, for a retail stock idea, this level should work, I added.
  • baronp0329: @champ $AMZN $BA $URI $GOOS #check-out-the-news Thanks. Will do. Don't have any retails for now. Keep an eye on $CRC and $MPC. Started 1/3 positions today on both at the open. Looking for oversold bounce and hold for 3-5 day swing trade. Also started 1/3 position on $FXI at 39.25 today.
  • champ: @baronp0329 $AMZN $BA $URI $GOOS $CRC $MPC $FXI #check-out-the-news --- Will do....#Thanks.
  • CraigReynolds: @Bob G $AKAM I may also add, Dan said last night, today would be a good day, not to trade. Yesterday $AMZN show same look. way up pre-market, then Wow (down) all day.
  • Brian_M: If the market opens now $AMZN will be below the lows set yesterday
  • mljbaer: $AMZN. If breaks above 1540 today, will be long calls for a short term bounce.
  • Reif99: To my eye $AMZN still looks pretty weak
  • Legobusier: @bigbartabs ha....pretty much describes me today...not "really" trading, but bought VERY small $AMZN position(s), with ridiculously tight stops....stopped out twice now for minuscule way or another $AMZN seems to always take my money - either thorough trading or shopping..
  • bwcarnation1: @Legobusier $AMZN you're truly a prime customer!
  • Legobusier: @bwcarnation1 $AMZN have no idea... :)
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: Getting ready to sacrifice $100 to the stock market gods. $AMZN STO 11/2/18 490/500 BuPS @4.37
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