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  • CHOFF: @phgruver $SMH - $TXN missed, pulling down $SMH. $AMD reports today. $NVDA is stinking up the place and about to test another support level at $211. $SMH has broken to a new low below its support level. There appears to be no relief in sight at the moment other than $SOXS vs $SMH. When and if the $SMH stocks turn, it has historically been a 10-15% return. That said, I bought more $SOXS today with a trailing stop.
  • CHOFF: Semis - not good. $AMD weak guidance reported AH, $TXN missed yesterday (both components of $SMH). $NVDA dropping further on the news as well.
  • rachel: ...
    $SMH – 52 week low on TXN/AMD. Oh, and $NVDA too!
    $V – Up on earnings…right into supply.
    $MA – up on V. Earnings next week.
    $TSLA – big pop tomorrow, and don’t look for this to come down much b/c short int ...
  • GOOSE: $AMD & $TNDM Report earnings this week.
  • rachel: ...
    $AMD – earnings next week. Would not hold this.
    $SQ—wedge resolution. Good short setup Friday morning, with buy stop above $80.
    $SKX – traderbren’s short today.
    $PANW – would consider shorting if it pushes closer to ...
  • JBed: $HEAR $RST $MMM $AMD hanging on by an eyelash. $MMM has largely escaped the worst of the selloff and I'm still holding although last week's profits are smoke and I'm down about 0.5% on core position. Took small new positions in $HEAR and $RST, both of which have more or less shrugged off the indices. $AMD looks to be holding around $26.50 or so. Tight tight stops on all.
  • greenpatrol: @bsafriet @Issues $AMD $LRCX $MU $NVDA $INTC This chart shows how reliant each chip company is on China sales. $QCOM has the highest, followed by $AVGO. Note that $AMD has a higher percentage of sales in China than $LRCX.
  • issues: $LRCX Lam Research Stock Pops On September-Quarter Beat! This is good news for $MU and $AMD and for the whole $NDX! Hurray!
  • Robert1965: $AMD is anyone in this for the earnings run
  • bsafriet: @Robert1965 $AMD Not yet, when is the report date?
  • Robert1965: @bsafriet $AMD Fidelity says 10/24
  • bsafriet: @Robert1965 $AMD txs - haven’t gotten to it yet, I’ll message you back when I do.
  • issues: @bsafriet $AMD Tomorrow $LRCX reports and that will affect $AMD $MU $NVDA according to Jim Cramer
  • bsafriet: @Robert1965 $AMD To soon to buy for an E/R play in this market. Too much of a downdraft to expect a run up into earnings, imho. I expect an E/R beat, but doubt that we’ll get much of a pop unless the market sentiment changes appreciably. If sentiment changes then it might reward you come E/R. For now, I’m on the sidelines. Best wishes.
  • bsafriet: @issues $AMD $LRCX $MU $NVDA missed your post while I was making mine. I don’t think I would follow Cramer in this case. $NVDA, $INTC and $AMD are in their own niche separate from $LRCX. In the former it’s all about hyperdata center, PCs, and gaming. IMHO $LRCX is all about China. Thanks for your post. Best wishes.
  • Robert1965: $AMZN $AMD $MSFT $ADBE all stocks I was looking at made PM moves uP
  • Robert1965: $MU $AMD $SOLX all today 2+%
  • issues: $VIX high was at 19.86. When and if it hits 20 the bottom is near. I don't like getting stopped out at the bottom. I pulled a few of my stops. I will wait it out and buy when the day turns green, perhaps tomorrow!! Getting stopped out at a loss means I won't buy back for a month to avoid the wash sale rule. Stopped out of some very good stocks: $MSFT $UNP $EW $SQ $AMD $DDS $PRAH $TXMD $BSX Ironically $JWN is up on a terrible day!
  • steve71: @issues $VIX $MSFT $UNP $EW $SQ $AMD $DDS $PRAH $TXMD $BSX $JWN Interesting that $DDS is weathering the storm, today anyway. Could be buybacks. "Lesser shares buybacks due to soft cash flows are a concern. As of Aug 4 still has $497M of buyback authorization remaining under March 2018 program."- Zacks from mid-August.
  • GOOSE: $AMD Traded over 19 million shares on TOS so far. Is this correct?
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $AMD BTO For a partial day trade, and to cover some short 47.0 Calls. $AMD BTO STOCK @46.92 1/2 Position
  • woodman: @GOOSE $AMD - On the chart, as a straight stock trade, it's offering a nice, low-risk risk/reward if you use the 50 day (yesterday's low) as your stop reference.
  • Gary: ...
    3. $AMD – oversold bounce? Steep drop.
    4. $AAPL – still working.
    5. $MSFT – still working now, after rebounding off $110 and 50dma.
    6. $MTCH – Watch this. Not a good setup, but watch it!
    7. $FIVE – failed rebound. Sti ...
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: Risky $AMD STO 01/12/18 28.0 CALLS @.48
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $AMD STO 10/19/18 27.0 CALLS @.52. I'm up 66% on my 28.0 calls from this morning.
  • bsafriet: @GOOSE $AMD nice trade! Congrats!!!!
  • grcjr: $AMD moving up at the open.
  • grcjr: @grcjr $AMD $AAPL, $NFLX - like many of the techs, Up at the open. Now down.
  • Henry: $AMD Carter Braxton Worth, just said AMD is going to $20. Mike Khou is putting on a 1x2 BePS He gasped when Carter said $20 lol
  • issues: @Henry $AMD He is wrong. Period! Compared with others, look how well it held up in the turgid market. I saw it's going back above $30. This is a flag pattern that should be bought once again.
  • Robert1965: $AMD the short was in this
  • grcjr: @Robert1965 $AMD - and now getting some buying.
  • bsafriet: $AMD $INTC Closed my $AMD positions yesterday prior to close and entered $INTC at $48.24 and $48.17. Added to $INTC prior to close today at $48.69 and $48.71. Playing investor sentiment changes here based on analyst upgrades of $INTC and downgrades of $AMD. I think they are wrong regarding $AMD and will re-enter after price settles and we get a reversal day.
  • Robert1965: $AMD just hit the skits down 7%
  • Robert1965: $AMD anyone looking at 30.50 level
  • issues: @Robert1965 Robert what is the 1965 behind your name for? Is that when you graduated? $AMD I see it as just consolidating - going sideways. No action here. We hold a 1/2 position and will add if it drops sufficiently.
  • Robert1965: $AMZN $AMD, anyone looking in the PM $AMD opened at 7:00 $33.40. dropped back $AMZN up $10.00 does this look like fakeout
  • phgruver: @Robert1965 $AMD $AMD's pattern, yesterday, is fairly constructive. It's sort of an ascending triangle, although it is also close to an inside-inside day closing near the high (it actually exceeded yesterday's high by a few cents). Premarket action is to the upside. I think you can stay long, but it's too extended to start a position. If you want to add, you need to see a breakout above $34.14. Along with $QCOM, this is one of the strongest names in the semiconductor space.
  • Robert1965: @phgruver $AMD $QCOM THANKS
  • Wolf: $INTC $AMD $TSM #Startup Startup headed by Intel's ex-president releases first chips made by $TSM
  • grcjr: $AMD $INTC $NVDA - one passing thought. Of the three, I believe that only $INTC has fabs in the US (and other places in the world). I believe that the other two use fabs in Chine, Taiwan Semi.
  • Robert1965: $amd is this time too sell in PM up from the close 30.48,
  • grcjr: @Robert1965 $amd - good question. Looking at the daily, the recent action is breath taking. You might sell half and set a trailing on the rest. I do believe that taking profits is just fine. $AMD really needs to spend a week or two consolidating. I believe the news is good and this ticker should move higher.
  • Henry: @Robert1965 $amd 3 minutes after your post Argus gave it a price target of $40. Premarket gyrations are influenced by poor liquidity and low volume
  • bRobert: @Henry $amd Put a line under the lows of the rising channel. Place a stop just under that line. Partial profits are never a bad idea after a big run. Consider selling a piece into strength, You can trade around a core. buy back a bit if/when it comes in and bounces
  • grcjr: @Henry $Robert1965 $amd - good point Henry. I can't remember how many years it has been that I last traded in the PM. Yesterday, I took roughly 50% of my swing trade off the table near the top. I will wait for the open and then decide what to do today. Looks to me that $AMD will bounce a bit. Wait and see.
  • phgruver: @bRobert @Henry $amd Related, I've been looking at the top 10 holdings of $SMH, and almost all of them are up this morning. $SMH put in a hammer reversal on Wed, touching the bottom of it's trading channel. Yesterday was a good day, and pre-market today looks like reasonable follow through. I think it's time to get back into semi's, FWIW. (IMHO and all that....)
  • Robert1965: @Robert1965 $amd Thanks for all your posts
  • Robert1965: $AMD thanks to those who answered my question about PM
  • champ: @bRobert $HQY ---- Not on this stock.... but $AMD worked today, need to be careful on what you pick. There is a #right time and a #wrong time....and on $AMD, Wednesday was right but Thursday was wrong and then Friday, was right again ...but for now, I took profits.
  • bRobert: @champ $HQY $AMD #right #wrong Nothing wrong with profit taking. It doesn't count until $$$ are in the register.
  • bRobert: $QCOM .nh . My favorite along with $AMD . $86 + . target WEEKLY range breakout
  • Kristine: $AMD - Nice premium on the calls. STO the Oct $40 strike for $1.40
  • CHOFF: I guess Cramer said he liked $NVDA better than $AMD during his AAP call just now. $NVDA being bought while $AMD is dropping rhrn. We'll see how long it lasts.
  • mrmike: @CHOFF $NVDA $AMD He can't keep changing his dogs name.
  • champ: $TLRY ...these are the bigger player, the professionals, they are in $AMD also, really hard to run with this crowd.
  • Robert1965: $AMD is up ATH 31.98, +1.80 5.95%
  • Kristine: @Robert1965 $AMD - I have a small position. With only a 30B market cap I think they have more room to grow. Debt is a bit high but about the same amount of cash. Also consistently beating on earnings. I don't plan to add until some consolidation in the chart.
  • bsafriet: $AMD Another day, another upgrade, another ATH. Added this morning. Rosenblatt Securities analyst Hans Mosesmann raised his PT to $40 to take the lead in who is the most bullish street analyst. Feels like I’m trading bitcoin or a pot stock. Keeping a tight trailing stop, updated daily. I’d be interested in hearing from others here on the Forum how they are trading $AMD. Me - you gotta feed the ducks when they are quacking.
  • Robert1965: $AMD 30.14 in PM ATH
  • champ: $AMD....really nice....more positive news
  • champ: @Bob E #OT ---- $PRLB $DRN low volume stocks bother some but not others...high volume stocks can really zig-zag..$AMD $RENN.....It depends on the stock and the reason (News) you are holding a position...and it really depends on what you think. $TRHC...started out as a really low volume stock, when I first started posting in the forum.
  • bRobert: $QCOM VERY strong nh $84 target My top chip along with $AMD $NVDA
  • paul8798: $amd any thoughts ?
  • spmeyers: @paul8798 $amd not a buy til it breaks out -- but this stock is waaay extended; I'd look elsewhere
  • issues: @spmeyers $amd AMD reminds me of $NVDA years ago when I bought 100 shares of NVDA at $19 and waited for it to drop to add but it never did. Now look at it. I think AMD has some amazing new chips that are faster and smaller and better. It's the stock for the future! LTH! I also bought 100 shares of AMD at $19.
  • Greendayguy: @issues $amd I bought some today and sold before close for a profit. Decent day trade for me, I can always get back in at any time. Same with $TRHC today, left some money on the table on both, but made profits. Profits are always better than loses, especially the way the $DJI got hit today.
  • bsafriet: @paul8798 $amd Taking market share from $INTC and giving $NVDA a challenge in gaming. Closed at new ATH. I’m long and looking to add shares. If this moves holds tomorrow, I think you can start to build a position. This is a very strong stock, not the old $AMD anymore. A buy on any pullback. Hope this helps.
  • CHOFF: @phgruver $SMH I'll be looking to enter $SOXL tomorrow possibly. I sold the majority of my $NVDA position last week around $278 for a big win. The market is soft with light vol. $AMD is blasting off but it's too late for entry with high risk. I'd like to buy $NVDA, but I'm not convinced it's done pulling back on its long term zig zag uptrend.
  • phgruver: @CHOFF $SMH $SOXL $NVDA $AMD $INTC is a dog, along with $TXN and $MU but other chip makers are looking good. $QCOM, $AVGO, $TSM $NVDA have all had pretty good runs of late. Being an election year does throw some things off, but 4th qtr. is traditionally the strongest qtr for technology.
  • paul8798: @bsafriet $amd $INTC $NVDA $AMD Thanks, my thought exactly !
  • bRobert: $AMD @QCOM . Not giving back much.
  • bRobert: $SMH bounce. sort of expected. Let's see if it can be built on and lead to a range breakout over the next week. Costs nothing to watch. $QCOM $AMD . VERY strong. Stubborn breakouts. This is a tell. Easy holds . $QCOM target $85 + .
  • Wykeman: $AMD up again..
  • Wykeman: $AMD extended..still going..big vol. Again
  • rck89: $AMD So why is this stock so is this stock so strong today? Did miss an upgrade by one of the "talking head" firms?
  • shoredriver: @debeers $MTN $AMD never made it either on the the best of my knowledge....and it is like up only 170% yeah...too well known.....
  • jmichaelet: @rck89 $AMD Not sure on upgrades, but I did see an article stating that they are on track to release their next generation of GPU this year, which is a technological generational leap ahead of Nvidia's best (without getting into the details). If you're not familiar check out GPU architecture and the implications of AMD's upcoming (7nm) vs. Nvidia's new line (12nm), but the short version is AMD's chip can pack more power into just over half the space, and be more energy efficient. I'm not saying this is driving the stock, but it is a potential driver for AMD to continue their revival these past couple years.
  • Robert1965: $AMD lots options were traded 27.-28 range the only I saw
  • grcjr: @Robert1965 $AMD - I went with the Oct $26 Call up very nicely at this time.
  • paul8798: $rig$amd$nflx@Dan Hi , I'm a new member. I have held Rig for a while, any chance of it moving higher? also opinions on nflx and AMD. Thanks Paul Marino
  • bRobert: @paul8798 $rig $amd $nflx $RIG Yes there is more than a chance for $RIG to move higher. LONG TERM this will likely trade at much higher prices as oil supplies wane in the face of constantly increasing world wide demand. Short term, it was chopped down a bit by falling oil prices. $NFLX has a reversal pattern in motion targeting the old high. (charts aren't guarantees. They highlight possibilities and help manage risk/reward ) If the current flag triggers, chances are pretty good that the measured move targets will be achieved. Stop below flag. $AMD Extended . Flag. Will probably go higher, but it is hard to buy at these extended levels. Easy to hold with stop below flag. Wait for more substantial pullback or find another train. The short term risk/reward is less favorable than other possible trades IMHO
  • grcjr: $AMD possible flag pattern ... needs to consolidate after a nice move up.
  • MBWS2018: $AMD: DAN... I got in at $10.04 with a small amount of shares, Looking at the chart I feel it might be consolidating here, but with this pullback I am thinking I should take a little off the table. Any thoughts? I have a Stop at 23.15.
  • DAN: @MBWS2018 $AMD Nice job, MBWS2018. I'd take a little off. Frankly, I'd put my stop at around $23.95 on at least half. Depending on your trading approach, you might keep a stop on the remaining shares just a bit lower, or just decide to hang on unl ...
  • MBWS2018: @DAN $AMD Thanks Dan, Thanks being there for us to ask these types of questions. It's always nice to know that when I have these types of thoughts about a trade, that I can reach out to you or this great forum for either confirmation of that thought or to get another approach to it. It means a lot! Thanks for the reassurance and confidence you instill in us.
  • phgruver: $AMD is generating some serious volume in the premarket. They announced their new Radeon video accelerator over the weekend, stealing some of the wind from $NVDA's sails. Not being a "gamer", nor into CAD/CAM, etc, I don't fully appreciate the capabilities, but the industry actually seems excited. I've always liked $AMD products (this computer is running on and AMD CPU) but I've never made money on the company. Of course, Hector Ruiz is no longer in charge....
  • phgruver: So far, $AMD has traded over 2.22M shares in the premarket. By far the volume leader. $TSLA is second, with only 1/2M shares traded. I'm not sure if it actually means anything, but I'll be watching $AMD closely after the open.
  • bsafriet: $AMD Holding a tiger by the tail. One hell of a short squeeze going on compounded by the Mo traders piling on. Long, overweight and have been adding. Keeping a trailing stop in addition to watching and using alerts. Gapped up at the open, above R2, trading above R3 now. Up another 9.51% today!
  • spmeyers: @bsafriet $AMD pretty crazy move for such a widely followed stock
  • bsafriet: @spmeyers $AMD Big short position being liquidated. Working on an estimate for how much longer before shorts have covered. I will post estimate.
  • bwcarnation1: $AMD anyone selling up here? I bought late and mistakenly bought 3x what I wanted then sold 2/3 of it which was a huge mistake cuz I'm up 20+% few days
  • bwcarnation1: $NFLX sold in 2 parts out now, also $AMD sold
  • bsafriet: $AMD Short Squeeze Over
    The 8/15 data had 146.33M short or 15.82% of float. Today’s volume at 1:23 PM EDT is 175M shares which more than covers the outstanding short position. This is hedge volume, institutional. Barron’s has the float ...
  • bsafriet: $AMD Forgot to submit last post till now. I’ve sold 25% of position at 13:58 EDT
  • Robert1965: @bsafriet $AMD as you posted started to drop, off the high, did you start easing up
  • Mpower27: @bsafriet $AMD I have been marveling at its parabolic move. Np
  • tigerjohn8: @Robert1965 $AMD I did. Sold a third of my position. I was up and average of 25% since buying and adding the last week. Took a third off and now thinking about a couple stops for the rest. I HATE GIVING BACK Hit a stop then just closed it all. Seemed like a lot of sudden profit taking. Who am I to question
  • bsafriet: $AMD. Now completely out, all shares both accounts. Had some execution glitches on my end (?) which slowed the exit process and probably cost a little profit. Last shares sold at 14:23 EDT. Wishing that I had sold all at once, but choose to scale out and got caught on a couple of head fakes. Knew the ballon would deflate rapidly once the selling started. $AMD now trading below R3 and VWAP. Will watch for now, let price settle in and maybe re-enter if we get back above R3 and VWAP.
  • bsafriet: $AMD. Is everyone out? Anyone hold any in case it bounced? Should we have held on to some shares? My execution problem was on Merrill Edge and was my fault. It’s my wife’s 401K rollover to an IRA account. I wasn’t aware that I couldn’t change a stop order to a sell order on their trading platform. All I could do was change stop price and # shares. I ended up canceling the order and submitting a new order to finally close the position. The consolidation of our accounts and brokerages is on my 2 month challenge list of things I can do to improve my trading performance. That was enough fun for one day - back to mundane account maitenance!
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Advanced Micro Devices is a semiconductor company with manufacturing, research and development, and sales and administrative facilities throughout the world. It provides processing solutions for the computing and graphics markets.

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