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  • scottrades: $AMD back above the 50 Day
  • debeers: @scottrades $AMD -Well, sir, you know what they say, CEO's sell their stocks for many reasons: buying a house, tuition for their college bound kids, even a walletectomy(divorce---)---But they buy for 1 reason only---because they think their stocks will go up! Lisa Soo bought into the teeth of the cacaphony. As did Arnault, as did manyof the Homebuilder execs etcetera etcetera.
  • scottrades: @bogle_buffet $NVDA $AMD $MU $LRCX I think NVDA looks the best here. I'm long AMD right now, but also aware that the moving averages are lurking above. They did get an upgrade today which could push it through. Watch the 50 Day on LRCX, MU and AMD.
  • champ: $AMD...upgrade.
  • debeers: $PHM/$GNRC- First the bad news :deaths in Tennessee due to tornadoes and so it begins: first tornadoes, then flooding, then Cali fires.$GNRC Second the good news: Look at $PHM Our house is a very, very, very fine house- with 2 cats in the yard--Folks may cut back on some things but despite the naysayers, people will buy because their parents, who remember 18% rates will make them if they qualify. More in a bit: LONG $AAPL/$COST/$JNUG/$LVMUY/$MRK/$SHOP/$ZM /$AMD/$TW---simple girl, really.
  • bogle_buffet: @scottrades $NVDA $AMD $MU $LRCX Thanks Scott, I'm long on $AMD, maybe will add some more position, looking to get an entry for a long position on MU and LRCX
  • Robert1965: #Chips are moving $soxl +13.00, $amd 1.75
  • phgruver: @Robert1965 $soxl $amd #Chips Actually, no. You need to go down a few posts to @Gary's post, and click on the link he provided. If you are not registered, you will have to register first. It only takes a few seconds.
  • bogle_buffet: @scottrades, $NVDA, $AMD, $MU, $LRCX Thanks Scott for today's swing trades session, it was very helpful. Any thoughts on semi stocks particularly $NVDA, $AMD, $MU, $LRCX?
  • Herb:
  • issues: @Herb The following stocks were taken off the IBD 50 and replaced with the ones below: $ADBE $AMAT $AMD $BMY $CBRE $CDW $DHI $EPRT $FNV $FISV $FTNT $GOOGL $GPN $HQY $ICHR $JBL $LULU $MA $MSFT $SRC $PLNT $STNE $TROW $TRU $UCTT $VEEV $WEX
  • debeers: $AAPL/$AMD/$NVDA/$LVMUY-after schmeiss buying. Might be early but not wrong and have kept $AAXN because this weill be green because it was a victim of a market not performance.
  • Robert1965: @debeers $AAPL $AMD $NVDA $LVMUY $AAXN $AMD bought at 42.00 small looking to add where did you buy
  • success: @debeers $AAPL $AMD $NVDA $LVMUY $AAXN added to GNRC . .
  • debeers: @Robert1965 $AAPL $AMD $NVDA $LVMUY $AAXN -$AMD--not as smart as you are so i paid a buck more. Considering that any idiot can pick stocks------------i can't wait for Monday!!
  • debeers: @success $AAPL $AMD $NVDA $LVMUY $AAXN $GNRC- so that you know---took a skosh of $DHI to go with. For $GNRC either a disaster or interest rates will do and abhor the loss of life so hopin' for the former.
  • Robert1965: @debeers $AAPL $AMD $NVDA $LVMUY $AAXN $AMD is starting to fall so is $SOXL
  • debeers: @Robert1965 $AAPL $AMD $NVDA $LVMUY $AAXN -$RCL $JNUG $TTD There is an index that has never, to my knowledge, been discussed in SMM and i think it can be added to the toolbox. It isn't nearly as precise as yours but generally works just fine--- it ...
  • Robert1965: @debeers $AAPL $AMD $NVDA $LVMUY $AAXN $RCL $JNUG $TTD $BX Great information Thanks
    $JNUG -seasoning only not even an appetizer/$LVMUY/$NVDA/$RCL/$SHOP/$TTD--
    $AAPL---You buy when the CEO' s are buying-Tim Cooke bought
    . I wanted it but didn't buy till Tim Cooke did.
    Same with $ ...
  • scottrades: My notes: What am I doing? Watching the leaders and asking myself… where’s VWAP? $SPY/$QQQ Look for more bounces next week. $GDX/NUGT I posted a note in the forum about why these are selling off. It’s nice to know but Focus on the chart pattern. $AMD Day traded this a few times today. Let’s talk about how I used the VWAP for bounces. Some Stocks to watch for a bounce Monday: $TWTR, $UBER I’ll have a list of stocks Monday morning for the Live Trading Session as well.
  • brett_anderson: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $GDX $AMD $TWTR $UBER #VWAP -- let's see it!
  • debeers: $HD vs $LOW-There's no place like HOME. Lowe's missed. HD didn't. Would i buy either one now? Nope. We are entitled to 2 more rather large reversals--1 when the largest votes are counted in the primaries and one at election time. Meanwhile, in my opinion, start peeking (peeking is different than buying) art the divvies of as closeto 4% as you can get. You want the p/e as close to 18x as you can get--maybe a skosh higher for the semis but NOT a lot. I am going to see if i can get $AMD as close to 40 as i can, for example. Just sayin' . I'll get back to you after the Moderna call or you could listen to one. I mean if you are up already..........................
  • debeers: $NVDA/$MU/$AMD--all the biggies now officiallhy in correction. NP in any. Waiting is hard but waiting is smart.
  • Henry: $AMD daytrade, long
  • agiaccag: @dan, $msft, $qld, $amd, - got filled near the bottom but my Fidelity Active trader did not update for at least 90sec before I actually find out if I got filled. I'm glad I saw Dan's note about the risk of putting in multiple duplicate trades. I just sat patiently. thannks Dan
  • DAN: @agiaccag $msft $qld $amd 8-) Nice job!!
  • lanedra: @Henry $AMD sold the 48 put for 1.03 expiring this Friday, Feb 28. Can you show me how to write that in trader language? LOL
  • woodman: $MSFT $AMD - bounces off 50 day.
  • issues: @woodman $MSFT $AMD Did you buy anything?
  • woodman: @issues $MSFT $AMD - As to these two, I bought $MSFT today. I lifted my stop on $AMD before the open and have held it.
  • woodman: @issues $MSFT $AMD - $MSFT and $ABUS were my only purchases today. I'll wait to see what tomorrow brings.
  • snowbound: #Market Everyone's trigger finger twitched at the same time .... time for more coffee . $NVDA $AMD -4% reaction , both somewhat elevated and vulnerable . The set-up on $MU ( -3% move , now regaining ) looks much more risk-controlled with support nearby at the 8DEMA , the 20 and the 50DSMA = 55.13 . I took my $AMD gains off earlier into weakness and am awaiting an entry-add on $MU . Its been the canary in the coalmine chip during the "trade dispute" so its clearly not immune to the virus . We say , of course the Fed must ease .... its a no brainer .
  • captron: $AMD - Whats not to like. Climbing up the top of the BB's. Good employee.
  • DrScience: ...
    over 100%: $INFFY, $POWI, $NVDA, $MRVL, $LSCC, and $AMD
    70-90%: $SMH, $CRUS, $QRVO, $ADI, and $INTC
    40-70%: $QCOM, $SOXX, $ON, ,$XLNX, $SWKS, $NXPI, $TSM, and $MXIM

    As for $SWKS, I've been a long-term holder (as most in the forum know, but all i ...
  • CraigReynolds: @DrScience $SWKS $INFFY $POWI $NVDA $MRVL $LSCC $AMD $SMH $CRUS $QRVO $ADI $INTC $QCOM $SOXX $ON $XLNX $NXPI $TSM $MXIM Nice post with reason & helps. Thanks
  • Wykeman: $AMD ripping. Long from below. Upgrade
  • Ajax4Hire: @teacher5 $TSM $TSM - TSMC Taiwan Semiconductor is a primary IC vendor for many of the familiar "semiconductor" names, for example: $AMD, $NVDA, $AVGO, $AAPL The Business model is called "foundry-less", for example, $AAPL, designs their ICs but then uses $TSM to manufacture. Different from $INTC, $MU, $SNE, $TXN; who design and build their own ICs. Software runs on hardware and hardware is built with ICs(Integrated Circuits). $TSM, and Taiwan lives in the shadow of mainland China and is partially tied to the Chinese economy(as we all are).
  • Wykeman: $AMD still going looks like 60 soon enough. Big volume. Long
  • teacher5: @Ajax4Hire $TSM $AMD $NVDA $AVGO $AAPL $INTC $MU $SNE $TXN Thanks. I’m new to this and am wondering which semiconductor to buy and when. Is this a good one ?
  • snowbound: $MU Breaking upper trend line on the DAILY chart . Uplifting averages , stacked w 8EMA cross > 20 DSMA , both becoming close-term support . Heavy China exposure is making this a laggard compared to $AMD and $NVDA . They're all chips to me and I'll leave it to the experts to point out the differences. I feel the $MU engine warming up under the hood of Chinese government support . Thanks Rah
  • scottrades: $AMD right at resistance.
  • woodman: @champ $SPY $AMZN $NVDA - $AMD having a nice day. I bought this after it reported on the further pullback that started as it rolled into its report. It appears to have resumed the uptrend, though now nearing its all time high reached before the report.
  • champ: @woodman $SPY $AMZN $NVDA ------ $AMD, really strong, News today, could be a nice play off of $NVDA, also, watching both,...I'm holding $NVDA, for the ER move..... #Thanks for the heads up.
  • sniper: @woodman $SPY $AMZN $NVDA $AMD thanks
  • Robert1965: $AMD some today at 47.57 hasn't broken above 48.00 the trade looks like it it not going anywhere, opinions please
  • bRobert: @Robert1965 $AMD WEEKLY target $52+ acquired EXTENDED and susceptible to pullback EASY money made $SMH breakdown
  • jr3345: @Robert1965 $AMD --you can sell now for breakeven rather than hold over weekend
  • Ajax4Hire: ...
    When a big IC maker($AMD,$AVGO,$INTC,$NVDA) creates a new "big" IC,
    several Reference-Designs are also created.
    Hardware Engineer uses the RefDesign to create a company product,
    make changes to reduce cost, add features, improve on Referen ...
  • traderbren: $AMD - providing a low risk entry here.
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: $AMD BTO STOCK @47.37 & 47.95 $AMD STO 2/7/20 48.5 CALLS @1.00
  • woodman: $AMD - Picked some up today. Strong into the close.
  • Motorman: @woodman $AMD Yes, and thanks for post on $CYRX. Have a position and will add if it hold tomorrow. Did not see any news.
  • DAN: Good morning. Futures are pointing to a higher open today, but you've got to be careful. Here's why:

    1. Apple ($AAPL) reported strong earnings and revenues last night, and also guided higher. The stock is up at a new all-time high...but just bar ...
  • GOOSE: TRADES: Late reporting. Got beaten up with $ I yesterday, blind sided by congress. Dems da brakes. ;>) $ I STO 2/7/20 4.5 CALLS @.45 @4.15 now. $PINS BTO STOCK @22.58 $PINS STO 1/31/20 23.0 CALLS @.25 $AMD STO 1/31/20 CALLS @.50
  • infocus: @GOOSE $PINS $AMD Following you on this one ;>) $PINS STO 1/31/20 23.0 CALLS @.25 $PINS BTO STOCK @22.71
  • grcjr: $AMD earning summary from Earnings Whisper Adv Micro Devices (AMD) reported 4th Quarter December 2019 earnings of $0.32 per share on revenue of $2.1 billion. The consensus earnings estimate was $0.31 per share on revenue of $2.1 billion. The Earnings Whisper number was $0.32 per share. Revenue grew 49.9% on a year-over-year basis. The company said it expects first quarter revenue of $1.75 billion to $1.85 billion. The current consensus revenue estimate is $1.86 billion for the quarter ending March 31, 2020.
  • DrScience: @justinm89 If you use #TOS, the MMM (Market Maker Move) is published on most tickers at the top of the All Products tab. Otherwise, add the price of ATM Calls and Puts (an ATM Straddle) for a good approximation. For example, $AMD has a MMM of +/-3.953 and the ATM Straddle is priced at 4.50ish for Friday's expiration.
  • justinm89: @DrScience $AMD #TOS Thanks!
  • snowbound: $AMD Earnings after today's market close . Holding partial with 20DSMA = 49.05 as near-term support . Adding on bloopers .
  • debeers: $AAPL-of Miss Gwen's eye beat numbers and Guided up.Long $AMD/$EBAY/$SBUX-down. Either a miss or forward guide disappoint.NP
  • sniper: @bRobert $SOXL $SMH $AMD thank you
  • snowbound: $AMD Taking partials . Everything looks fine on the DAILY but WEEKLY looking bearish at a time when all the heads are talking about high flying chips . Its extended .
  • bRobert: ...
    Another approach would be have been to pick a high beta Chip at a good buy point and ride the wave I rented $AMD 66% move from OCT breakout A little bit more with call options
  • spmeyers: @bRobert $SOXL $SMH $AMD $LSCC has pretty good setup
  • Auto: $KBH $AMD $COST $BYND working 8>)
  • Auto: $AMD $CWH $MGM $KBH $KSS continues north added
  • kbrowe: @Auto $AMD A long time hold for me. It broke above $50 resistance again, and looking to see it close above that level and go much higher levels. Based on their product line announcements, I think they will finally take share from $INTL in 2020 in a big way.
  • Auto: @kbrowe $AMD $INTL yes I'm long $AMD each measured move it makes on the daily is $10 all good 8>)
  • GOOSE: A TRADE: Rolled out and slightly up. $AMD BTC 1/17/20 50.0 CALLS @1.00 STO 1.31 $AMD STO 1/24/20 52.0 CALLS @.55 +2 STRIKES Earnings 1/28
  • 1winkie: $AMD $INTC $NVDA $QCOM - Chips are strong - added to $QCOM
  • Henry: $AMD a new hi
  • grcjr: $AMD - New all time high. Check out a multiyear weekly chart. Long term hold and short term swing trade. Cramer pumped it a bit this morning but the stock was already up at that time.
  • bRobert: @grcjr $AMD Just to point out This stock has had a WEEKLY $54 target since Oct trigger Long term hold High beta along with $MU
  • scottrades: $AMD Holding up at the 8EMA.
  • scottrades: @sniper $qrvo Semi's have been notably weak. I think they do need some sideways consolidation. $AMD for example was upgraded yesterday and sold off. A Cheat entry would really be a small position here with a stop at the Low Of The Week. I don't see any rush to start a position here.
  • GOOSE: Weekly Expirations: $RAD 1/10/20 13.0 CALLS $LK 1/10/20 40.0 CALLS $AMD 1/10/20 48.0 PUTS $ I " " 7.0 PUTS $ I 1/10/20 7.5 PUTS $ I " " 8.0 CALLS $AMRN 1/10/20 22.0 CALLS $STNE " " 39.0 CALLS STOCK CALLED $NTNX " " 33.0 CALLS STOCK CALLED
  • bRobert: @scottrades $qrvo $AMD $SMH bearish RSI divergence Small double top may come in a bit closer to 50d like in DEC
  • sniper: @scottrades $qrvo $AMD thanks
  • sniper: @bRobert $qrvo $AMD $SMH thanks
  • scottrades: $AMD Holding the gap.
  • snowbound: $MU WEEKLY chart upper trend line pts 07.22 / 09.09 / 12.16 . Struggling at BO level here after upgrade run . Expecting consolidation as $AMD shines .
  • scottrades: @SteveD I'm seeing some of that. Was surprised to see $AMD break down like it did.
  • SteveD: @scottrades $AMD All the green weeks on the weekly are nuts - I missed that big move, just trading it here and there. Nice move from that $40 area pause.
  • scottrades: @SteveD $AMD True, I guess it has run
  • scottrades: $AMD Red to Green.
  • snowbound: $NVDA Started a new position today . WEEKLY flag with trigger , P-action also tested 8EMA area . DAILY candle riding above 8EMA and consolidating with sector . Today $AMD was playing red-light / green-light ( after two down days ) tested 8EMA support and formed a spinner . Bullish thesis is the starter blocks are primed and awaiting a short-term catalyst . Trading pivots better left un-traded is becoming a ( bad ?) habit but I am getting comfortable with ins-and-outs as a larger template for risk management . Entries are plentiful the trend is positive which is a favorite time to practice in the deep end for this snowbie .
  • debeers: $AMD-Lisa Su will be opening the CES at 2pm Pacific today-Opening address.
  • Margi1983: $AMD.. Resting or is it time to take profits? I am up 14% in just 3 weeks.
  • bRobert: @Margi1983 $AMD I think it has more upside $52+ .flag target but it is extended . Partial profits never a bad idea . Keep rest with trailing stop just below flag . Buy in scales . Sell in scales
  • Margi1983: @bRobert $AMD Thanks for the great advice!
  • kbrowe: @Margi1983 $AMD Lisa Su, AMD CEO, will be delivering the opening speech at CES later today, and possibly announcing new products in their so-far successful roadmap. Something to consider...
  • bRobert: @kbrowe $AMD Partial profits with a trailing stop on rest allow you to continue to participate in any further upside with decreased risk .
  • snowbound: $NVDA WEEKLY flag solid uptrend off W bottom . R1 level at pivot-down inflection point 50SMA (weekly) 10.15.2018 . Early set-up . DAILY strong resistance ATH 240- level . Three successive days lower lows , lower highs with signs of support 20SMA . Bottom line … I see more weakness-consolidation in $MU , consolidation $NVDA and after some minor chutes and ladders $AMD is going to shine as Investors embrace Lisa Su . The others will closely follow with $MU trailing . Otto BTO stock Lmt 230.18 for re-entry after successful run . These Ottos have been working for me in this space with well-defined R/S levels during trade talk volatility ( fingers-crossed ) .
  • debeers: @Margi1983 $AMD -you didn't ask me but so many ways for this one to win that whenever there is as schmeiss in progress, i add.
  • Ajax4Hire: @kbrowe $AMD
    In the past few years,
    CES has been a big showcase for automotive innovation
    (Auto companies using CES instead of Detroit Auto Show for big announcements)

    $GM was a originally scheduled to provide
    a lion share of key-note addresses as w ...
  • debeers: @DAN $SPX $DJI $MDY $IWM $QQQ $IGV $DT $CRM $RNG $DDOG $SY $WORK $INMD $PRFT $EL $PLMR - $CYBR had a nice move today as well as $BOOT and, although they are coming after some of the semis, Microsoft has now replaced Intel in its surface pro with $AMD and Lisa Su is the keynote speaker to open up the CES conference. FYI
  • snowbound: $MU WEEKLY candle has dropped below high BB , it held as support for two candles but now in-channel upper BB resisting . Looking at previous wedge and BO it’s easy to picture the same type of consolidation while averages catch-up , presumably w ...
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Advanced Micro Devices is a semiconductor company with manufacturing, research and development, and sales and administrative facilities throughout the world. It provides processing solutions for the computing and graphics markets.

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