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Strategy Session June 5th, 2014

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  • rachel: ...
    $ADBE & $SQ – same type of price behavior. What does this tell you about the upside?
    $DJUSHB – diving deeper.
    $LEN – look for at least another 10% drop
    $PHM – weekly chart says a lot.
    $KBH – 50% retracement from hi ...
  • captron: $ADBE going on sale again. Below S2. Think I will step aside until they decide how much it's worth. A little profit taking never hurt anyone.
  • Spotdog: @captron $ADBE CNBC yesterday, Hedge fund Mgr. Leon Cooperman said that he will be closing his $ADBE this year
  • captron: @Spotdog $ADBE Something is going on for sure. Last time it touched the bottom of the BB's on the weekly was in 2016.I took my profits with a smile.
  • woodman: @captron $ADBE - fail and rollover at the 50 day. Not pretty. 200d support ... thus far.
  • captron: @woodman $ADBE I agree, this is new behavior.I'm out for now.
  • Reif99: @captron $ADBE Last hour's volume was in the highest ten of the last month. Hard to imagine there'w nothing special happening.
  • indigo1948: @DAN $NFLX -off the $NFLX topic - do you have any opinion on $ADBE? It appears to be at a good buy point on a daily chart. Thanks Dan
  • captron: $ADBE Already trying to fill the gap. Don't see this one on sale very often. Long
  • debeers: $ADBE-The JOLTS figures tell you that good help is hard to find and, wouldn't you know it, an inexperienced clerk had this one on the sale rack by mistake? "NO, dear, the designer gowns are on the left. Sale rack on the right!!"
  • traderbren: $ADBE - back above the 50d. Great move today!
  • bsafriet: $ADBE Jumps after hours, reaffirms 2018 targets, and expects 20% higher revenue for 2019. NP - but that may change tomorrow
  • Robert1965: $AMZN $AMD $MSFT $ADBE all stocks I was looking at made PM moves uP
  • champ: $ADBE ...HOD
  • issues: @champ $ADBE compare $ADBE to $ALGN! $ADBE is in IBD industry group 147 (not good). ALGN is in IBD industry group 5 (excellent). Accumulation for ADBE d-, and ALGN is worse at E! I prefer ALGN (although I own both). Added to ALGN.
  • champ: @issues ---- $ADBE is up about $11 today but I'm only trading this position....and I like $ALGN also...and it is up around $7. I took profits, on my trade, this is one I'm not swinging.
  • rachel: ...
    $ADBE – rebound off 200 day MA.
    $AMZN – big traders still trapped.
    $NOW – 200-day MA rebound. Look at the pain in the chart. Low ceiling.
    RP – same thing. After a big drop on a stock that you own, are you selling “now ...
  • DAN: $AAPL $AMZN $ADBE Look at stocks like Apple, Amazon, and Adobe. All have been strong, but are not working now. They're all falling away from their highs. Big yellow flag.
  • bsafriet: @CraigReynolds $TNDM Hi Craig! Thanks for responding and your comments are appreciated. I agree with you about finding one trading strategy that you know well and works for you as a trader. Seems I do best with diagonal call spreads, keeping the s ...
  • CraigReynolds: @bsafriet $TNDM $NVDA $ADBE $ANET $PANW $GE I have been trading mostly for income. Retired. Been trading along with @DAN OMM and learning diagonal trading. Sure appreciate your help, insight and all. Thanks again and keep on winning.
  • bsafriet: @Henry $ADBE The key here for price direction is in-line guidance. Anticipate a modest sell-off to work-off the pre E/R run. Opportunity to add for long term holders AFTER price settles. Long term hold. One of my best and most reliable employees.
  • Henry: $ADBE new hi post earnings
  • bsafriet: $ADBE Suprisingly nice move on a small E/R beat and in-line guidance. Took profits on my E/R play call spread and will wait for price to settle before adding to long term position.
  • woodman: @bsafriet $ADBE - I sold some on Wed before earnings. Looking to buy them back on a pullback. I'll just have to wait.
  • champ: $ADBE...will be reporting earnings after the close.
  • bRobert: $CRM . nh .s This stock always offers amazing opportunities on pullbacks. No losers. $175 target . Add on pb/bounces. $ADBE results will either offer an opportunity or send this one much higher. Look at the WEEKLY 50% /yr .growth. Long term employee
  • Henry: $ADBE $1.74 beat est of $1.69 forecast 22% yoy growth in digital media. Down and up in ah
  • bsafriet: $ADBE E/R 9/13 AMC, up 4 days in pre E/R run. Expecting a beat. Long leap calls. Implied move 11.45 pts, 4.3% PT 278.5 high, secondary 285, SMA(50) low target (255.23)
  • bRobert: $NEWR $CRM $RHT $MDB $ADBE $NOW $TTD Cloud kings Going much higher. Many good entry points . Follow the money flow
  • bRobert: ...
    I'm looking to see $IBB breakout reaffirmed. $XLI Weekly breakout to continue Follow through $LMT $HON $MMM The other sectors are winning positions and watching for signs of weakness. $XLK Watching cloud plays after sell off eg $RHT $N ...
  • CraigReynolds:
  • bRobert: $NOW $NEWR $CRM $RHT $ADBE Cloud sale over $ULTI $PAYC also
  • traderbren: @bRobert $NOW $NEWR $CRM $RHT $ADBE - great list. Long $RHT and $CRM. But looking at $ADBE and $NOW.
  • bRobert: $$NOW . $CRM $RHT $ADBE $NEWR . The cloud is bright and sunny today. Powerful sector action. Added to $RHT $CRM
  • woodman: $ADBE edging higher out of some consolidation.
  • woodman: $ADBE looks good.
  • CHOFF: @woodman $ADBE - interesting article on $ADBE. IBD thinks it's due for a drop since it's going on 19 months leading.
  • woodman: $ADBE - pullback gave an opportunity last week. Weekly chart tells the story.
  • mopick: $ADBE, added to my position, held $240.
  • mariner: $ADBE, $INTU, $CRM, $NFLX etc. Given all the carnage in tech and social media over the past two days, and fact that so many have sliced through 50 day moving averages, might this not be a good time to be looking for one or two day bounces in many of these stocks?
  • mopick: @mariner $ADBE $INTU $CRM $NFLX, looking at $ADBE rhrn. See if $240 holds.
  • mariner: @mopick $ADBE $INTU $CRM $NFLX Thanks. Good point. Regarding $ADBE etc, doesn't the smart money sell on the first day, the semi-smart money sell on the second day and the not so smart money sell on the third day? If so, when does the smart money buy back? The end of the second day, or beginning of the third day?
  • mopick: @mariner $ADBE $INTU $CRM $NFLX, good question. I would say the third day, especially when I start a position (LOL).
  • mariner: @mopick $ADBE $INTU $CRM $NFLX Certainly safer that way, especially with a tight stop, yet there is often a big bounce early on third day. A shame to miss it, but on the other hand you don't want to get burned.
  • bRobert: $ADBE Flag trigger $285 target. Add on pullback/bounce
  • baronp0329: @bRobert $ADBE Own ADBE for awhile and it looks good maybe to 290. Also sold some Aug 262.50 Puts today for 4.90 for credit.
  • tigerjohn8: $ADBE $CNC $CRM $V $AMZN sold a third of my positions in each these. These looked a little overbought IMHO, If market softens I expect them to go down and me to reload up to full positions again.
  • grcjr: $ADBE may have set a double top.
  • Gary: ...
    7. $ADBE – up at ATH. Hold this, and add on any pullbacks.
    8. $TSLA – careful going against this. It could pop.
    Lesson: Don’t hold a stock that’s going against you. Death by 1,000 paper cuts.
    9. $SCHW – obvious breakd ...
  • Reif99: $ADBE pop on good volume
  • kt4000: $INFY, $BILI, $NVDA, $MRK, $PYPL All partial positions - all on the move.... reduced my exposure in $IQ ... Also adding $TD and more $ADBE... and already have a full position in $DOCU
  • Zxy42: Any buyers of $ADBE and or $RHT or other Cloud Plays at these levels?
  • sierramp: As a Swing Trader I've added to my watchlist but not doing much else. Watch list: $RHT $KEM $RP $FTNT $ANET $HQY $ADBE $PANW $NRZ
  • bRobert: $ADBE nice pop off 50d in quality cloud
  • captron: $ADBE - Still below its 50 looking like it may turn around. Would be a great entry for this stock that never lets you in.
  • stairm01: $ADBE I had an alarm go off. ADBE back at the 50 dma.
  • bRobert: $ADBE closely watching. 50d hit.
  • kt4000: $ADBE anyone watching this?
  • kt4000: $MRK doing well today.... $ADBE down but picked up more.... $DOCU what a gift @ 55.+... $PYPL going nowhere (hopefully at the end of the day) ..... $BABA buying more - I want $RHT but .... @ < 144.00
  • bRobert: $ADBE Look at the daily. Dips to the 50d have always been rewarded.Watching
  • CHOFF: @bRobert $ADBE - alert set at $241. This chart looks like other leaders ($CRM) that do the same thing.
  • kt4000: $ADBE $DOCU $PYPL - Buying .... Waiting for $AMD and $MU to come in a bit more. Also adding $GS seems to be moving up in anticipation of the CCAR reports
  • Henry: $ADBE is going to fill the gap
  • bRobert: $ADBE . 20d bounce.
  • Henry: $ADBE $250 pt, by WFC MS $260: JPM $275 Stifel Nicolaus $280 Canaccord, $278 BMO Capital Wish I bought last night at $245
  • grcjr: @Henry $ADBE - good morning. With $ADBE down and the PTs generally current above premarket price, I'm thinking about adding when $ADBE finds support.
  • Henry: @grcjr $ADBE looks like we are in for an ugly morning, at least. The Trade War is back on.
  • grcjr: @Henry $ADBE yes. $ADBE may go down further with the market as a whole. I'll be watching.
  • Reif99: Got shaken out of $ADBE this morning didn't see any news
  • BocaRick: @Reif99 $ADBE Earnings were last night, good earnings and guidance, just too extended
  • Henry: @Reif99 $ADBE no news? You missed earnings last night
  • Reif99: @Henry $ADBE Must have put in the wrong ticker symbol. Yes, you are correct. Thanks.
  • Henry: @Reif99 $ADBE I'm sorry you got shaken out.. It hit 245 last night, briefly. I missed. It's a long term hold for me.
  • Reif99: @Henry $ADBE Yes, would have been a great trade to get out before earnings and jump back in this morning. I did put on a BuCS this morning.
  • bsafriet: $ADBE Re-entered $ADBE today. Diagonal call spread, long Jan’19 $230.00 calls @ $36.87, short Jun-29 $260. Calls @ $2.11. Trade yields 5.7% assuming ADBE is less than $260 at expiration of the short call Jun 29. Will rinse, lather and repeat.
  • issues: @bsafriet $ADBE I'm there with ya! Added 1/2 position without a stop in place.
  • 86944T: @bsafriet $ADBE I got in with the Sep 235 Long call. If your short call goes ITM, say at $262, will you just buy it back?
  • bsafriet: @86944T $ADBE I’ll roll it to a higher strike and out in time depending on the #days left before exp of the short call and the velocity/momentum of the move.
  • Wykeman: $ADBE earnings ATC..
  • Stuart: ...
    $PLNT 7% > 50 SMA ; $ADBE 7% > 50 SMA ; $ENTG 7% > 50 SMA ; $BOFI 7% > 50 SMA ; $SUPN 7% > 50 SMA
    $ETFC 6% > 50 SMA ; $ANET 6% > 50 SMA ; $TEAM 6% > 50 SMA ; $RHT 5% > 50 SMA

    5 IBD >= 0% but < 5% above ...
  • Kristine: $ADBE is finally pulling back today. I have admired the up trend for a long time but never took a position.
  • bsafriet: @Kristine $ADBE One of my most consistent money makers for several years. I switched from long stock shares to long call options, trading diagonal spreads. I buy the long leg 3 -6 months out with a delta of approx 0.75 to determine the long strike price. Sell calls when $ADBE is trading at top of trading range, 2 wks to 1 month out. Reports 6/14 AMC. Best wishes.
  • Kristine: @bsafriet $ADBE - Thanks! it certainly has my attention.
  • sierramp: @greenpatrol $DOCU I am. I've been researching it this morning. I don't normally hold over ER but every little bit of news and buzz I've found is extremely positive. Nobody is talking about acquisition target but Google made an investment in $DOCU I believe it was in 2012 so there is or was some kind of a partnership there. Adobe bought another electronic signature company a few years ago. Appears that $ADBE and $DOCU are the most respected. $DOCU has $7.6B market cap which is nothing to sneeze at.
  • issues: Looking at $HQY reporting today. Cramer said it's just too hot to touch with a pe of 72. Watching $ANDV (good base for a jump up) & $EPAM! Cramer said $MZOR and $CPRT ok. Packaging, Cramer likes $ACN, but I prefer $PRFT - much better ratings on IBD. I just bought 1/2 position $PRFT! Great chart but extended. But as Dan says, "It gets more extendener!" I bought small starters in $BIDU & $BABA and on Dan's SMM "Stocks" weekend - bought small $NTNX $H $ASND $NKTR (sold at a small loss). Thanks to you folks I added several hundred shares of $OXLC. Good tip from whomever suggested it. Thanks! Earnings for tomorrow $OLLI -Wed $FIVE -TH $AVGO Cramer likes the clouds: $ADBE $CRM $NOW $SPLK $RHT $WDAY and even the worst $VMW. We have positions in $NOW $SPLK.
  • debeers: $ADBE/$SHOP-Adobe bought Shopify's biggest rival: Magento and Adobe can crush Shopify in e-commerce as a result. This is sort of like Sun Tzu's The Art of War-the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Shopify going against Magento is a cakewalk. Shopify against Adobe? Not so much.
  • issues: @JBed $BZUN It looks to be in a trading channel. Today I did as Dan suggested and "sold some." I sold some or all of these: $AAPL $ABMD $ADBE $ATI $COP $ETFC $FB $FFIV $HAE $LGCY $OLLI $OXLC $VMW $WLL $WRD $XPO.
  • JBed: @issues $BZUN $AAPL $ABMD $ADBE $ATI $COP $ETFC $FB $FFIV $HAE $LGCY $OLLI $OXLC $VMW $WLL $WRD $XPO I should have done the same. Well, next time it gets to the top of that channel...
  • baronp0329: $OKTA $CRM $RHT $ADBE @Dan and other members, any idea why the "Cloud" stocks are being hit hard today? The 4 I'm referring to are down 2-4.7%. Long OKTA and CRM.
  • bsafriet: @champ $ADBE $PANW #Day-5 #Day-4 #Great-Post #pay-attention #homework Txs for your kind comments. I agree with you — a lot of stocks working and putting money in our pockets. We just have to be smart enough to hang on to it. All the best!
  • sierramp: $ADBE dragonfly doji.
  • grcjr: $ADBE another new high
  • bsafriet: $ADBE. B/O move continues. E/R not till 6/14 (E). Long diagonal call spread.
  • champ: @bsafriet $ADBE ---- and It has been moving up, into this Jefferies Global Tech Conference and that was today....could continue....I missed your post yesterday....Tech stocks most always move up into conferences....because quality companies....usually report positive news. Don't really know how I could miss this, for 5 days in a row now...this one is doing the same....#Day-4...$PANW. #Great-Post I guess... I'm just to busy, with to many other swing trades and I'm still working too many swings ...right now. I'm just saying to all...their are $$$$...everywhere in this market, for those who #pay-attention and do their #homework.
  • bsafriet: $ADBE. Challenging ATH. Long
  • grcjr: $ADBE another all time high.
  • grcjr: $ADBE set to open just shy of a new all time high.
  • Gary: ...
    8. $ADBE – Alert $213
    9. $RHT – needs a LOT of trading at current levels.
    10. $PAYC – holding stock.
    11. $PRLB – steep decline. Careful here. Hold…but don’t buy. Selloff too recent.
    12. $SUPV – barely ma ...
  • bsafriet: $ADBE Defing downgrade - here’s mud in your eye!
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Adobe Systems Inc offers a line of software and services used by creative professionals, marketers, developers, enterprises and consumers for creating, managing, delivering, measuring, optimizing and engaging with compelling operating systems.

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