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  • issues: @rachel $FDX $SPX $T2100 $T2108 $T2107 $T2115 $SQQQ $XLF $MA $V $XRT $XLI $XBI $IYR $SMH $AAPL $NVDA $T Is this recent? It looks like 12/21/18. "Tax loss selling? Not now. Vintage no doubt but relevant? The notes from this past weekend would be Dan's comments on $ORLY $AMED $NUGT $IYZ $XHB $NLY $HLF $CYBR etc. right? Do those notes come out next month or next Christmas? Just curious!
  • phgruver: @Henry My bad. I can only blame it on my old eyes. Yes, $SBAC is in the same business as well. Of course, the roll out of 5G could force you to buy a new iPhone as well, so that could also be good for $AAPL....
  • debeers: @Forexpro $MSFT $AAPL -MSFT did at least promise quicker and better and it is. Nowi come to findthat it will only be good until year end. Mr. Softee has done well for a lot offolks over the years if they take a patience pill. NP though. All the best to you always, Forex
  • bRobert: $OSK . Grateful Dead trade. Strong chart. $CLF . $X . Watching for follow through. Not retreating much $BA . I don't think it will come in as much as i would like it too . A buck or 2 on an extended $400 stock. Flag/sideways consolidation in prep for higher prices $FB . $AAPL . $PANW . $CRM . Buyers underneath. $GOOGLE gap filled below, Now gap above. I like this one . Near bottom of range $1100 . area. Stalking a position for a swing trade +. Not necessarily today
  • bRobert: $AAPL . Money is not straying far from the apple tree or other newly loved $FB . $BA .$PANW $CRM . Several others . Friend one of them on pb/bounces .
  • debeers: @bRobert $AAPL $FB $BA $PANW $CRM -do you kniw anything about the new head of sales for $AAPL? I couldn't find all that much and what i did find was very complimentary.. You don't pay someone 26 million bucks to do a s--tty job
  • PRK: @bRobert $AAPL $FB $BA $PANW $CRM $AAPL goes ex div. on the 8th.
  • baronp0329: @debeers $AAPL $FB $BA $PANW $CRM

    Debeers, here's a zerohedge article on the new Apple Retail Head, Deirdre O’Brien.

    "We are encouraged that a core Apple insider took over the reigns at this juncture," said Dan Ives, an analyst at ...
  • bRobert: @PRK $AAPL $FB $BA $PANW $CRM Hope it dips. Many will be there to catch it
  • DAN: Good morning. First, mark your calendars for tomorrow morning at 9:15 am ET. I'll be holding another trader training session as we look at the opening rotation and try to skim some bucks off the bull.

    The futures are up just slightly this morning a ...
  • bRobert: $AAPL $187ish measured move . Long calls
  • traderbren: $NFLX - seeing a nice bid this morning, probably based on rumor that it might prove to be an acquisition target by $AAPL.
  • bRobert: @traderbren $NFLX $AAPL Should have been done years ago at a much cheaper valuation. Imagine what price Apple would have been up to
  • champ: $AAPL .... Day-4...NP.... but they are helping the markets....$GOOGL is also moving up a little...ER today...NP but that is also positive.
  • schartline: $aapl Appears to be moving nicely after ER. Today's price action is nice, but is not being confirmed by volume. Am I being paranoid? Long calls from lower.
  • bRobert: @schartline $aapl Trade the chart with stops.. Price action is the most important variable. . Higher measured move targets Flag trigger $185+ Stop below flag
  • grcjr: $AAPL $BA $NVDA - appear to be moving up a bit more. At or close to high of day. All were good 59 minute trades. Something to watch for.
  • beachreader: @bRobert $aapl beautiful thx you
  • sierramp: @Forexpro $AAPL Very eloquent, entertaining and appreciated.
  • Forexpro: ...
    Here's hoping that you're doing well. It's certainly possible that your stomach is more sensitive than is mine, but I've learned over the years that although my gut is often a pretty good indicator as to the very next move, it's terrible at predicti ...
  • Forexpro: @bigbartabs $MSFT $AAPL Good Morning, Bigbartabs, Re: our discussion earlier this week, from the London version of The Times: "British manufacturers are continuing to stockpile goods in case of a hard Brexit. The latest IHS Markit-Cips purchasing managers' index says that inventories increased at the fastest pace in the survey's 27-year history, with purchasing volumes expanding at the greatest extent since November 2017. "Despite the boost from stockpiling, the reading for January slipped to 52.8 from 54.2 in December, a three-month low, as the trend was one of lacklustre demand for orders and exports and weak output. As Samuel Tombs, chief UK economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, put it: 'Contingency planning for a no-deal Brexit is providing only limited support to manufacturers at a time of weakening underlying demand.'" Cable is lower, but not dramatically so. All in due course. I'm saving up to buy the Tower. All the best!
  • bigbartabs: @Forexpro $MSFT $AAPL ... buying the Tower. If you beat me to it, I'll have to settle for Big Ben.
  • debeers: $AAPL-German court rejects 4 patent claims against apple. Good on them! Good for the stock.
  • woodman: $AAPL on the comeback trail. Looks like a longer term ride.
  • audrina0904: @woodman $AAPL - I'm not as good at measured moves and technicals as robert, but $aapl looks like it has $180 written all over it
  • schartline: $aapl A coast down to 20 ma on the hourly chart on decreasing volume. Long calls
  • steve71: $AAPL Short @ 168.10. Initiated today, for 1-3 weeks. Risk to the position would be a China agreement by March 1.
  • champ: @steve71 $AAPL --- Could be some news tonight. Payroll numbers in the morning. Both are major news events....
  • bigbartabs: @baronp0329 $AAPL $QQQ ... I marvel how perma-bear-shorters have any money left. That's got to be a tough way to face the markets 9 out of 10 mornings.
  • Forexpro: ...
    While it's hard to describe $AAPL as the "tech leader" these days, it's still a big company with decent brand name recognition, and it's better for the market when its stock is moving higher. That remains the case this morning; the regular ...
  • bigbartabs: @Forexpro $MSFT $AAPL ... hey buddy... what's your bet with Brexit? Do they leave without a deal?
  • Forexpro: @bigbartabs $MSFT $AAPL

    Hey, Bigbartabs,

    Here's hoping that 2019 is treating you kindly, Amigo. There's no unity on the UK side, and there's been a surprising degree of unanimity from the EU along the lines of "You're quitting, why do we owe ...
  • 1winkie: $AAPL - shares were indicated up almost 5% at $162.22 after earnings which were deemed good enough after its big drop despite such weak iPhone orders. BMO Capital Markets maintained it as Market Perform with a $153 target, and Mizuho maintained its Neutral rating but lowered its target to $170 from $175. Canaccord Genuity maintained Apple as Buy but lowered the target to $185 from $190. UBS reiterated its Buy rating on Apple with a $185 price target, and Wedbush reiterated its Outperform rating and $200 price target. Disclosure - Long and holding
  • bRobert: @1winkie $AAPL More transparency into the growth of high margin services. This will ultimately raise the multiple of the stock. The real growth driver of the company. Dividend and 10% share repurchase make this an attractive long term investment.
  • Kasey: $aapl in a squeeze minute chart
  • grcjr: $AAPL Very large volume trade just occurred.
  • baronp0329: Great trading day!!! Taking partial profits on $XLK $NFLX $JD $WYNN $AAPL. Thanks Jay.
  • bigbartabs: @Forexpro $MSFT $AAPL ... Brexit... I appreciate your well plugged in opinions. I have some past business folks in the UK, that I keep in touch with. You've reinforced what I was thinking... in regards to maybe the worst disruptions for them still ahead. Thanks buddy... all the best...
  • debeers: $AAPL-bans a facebook application that solicited teenagers private data. Good for you, Tim
  • Forexpro: ...
    I'm sorry about your operating system malfunctions, but Mister Softee did keep $AAPL alive when the latter was on life support. So, there's a choice! I find myself using Windows more and Mac OS less, these days, if only because a lot of trading soft ...
  • debeers: @Forexpro $MSFT $AAPL -It doesn't matter what the market is doing, you are wonderful all the time. So, tell me, Mr. Forexpro, do you think that if they give it EVERYTHING THEY GOT, it will be enough?? I use windows as well but the minute i upgraded, they blocked everything that wasn't them.
  • Forexpro: @debeers $MSFT $AAPL Thanks, Lady DeBeers, I can assure you that I'm not nearly in your league, and so well short of "wonderful", but I do appreciate the kind thought and words. Just out of curiosity, I have been observing more and more frequently that when there is an operating system upgrade - for both MacOS and Windows - there is a better than 50/50 chance that my Norton (Windows) or Kaspersky (Mac) software will begin causing problems. Just a thought. Again, here's hoping that everything else in your life can be described as "smooth sailing".
  • bRobert: @Sher $ROKU Until $AAPL reports, volatility will be high, conviction low. $FB + $BA tomorrow.
  • bRobert: $TVIX $VXX $VIX Ready to go in either direction . Double bottom but Lower high so far. <50d. TVIX Set up for a 50% move to the 60's or a pullback to the $30's No edge. Dichotomy in market with strong machinery,materials /industrial names and weak tech,semis (retest breakout zone ). Currency issues, Fed.. Trade what is crystal clear or close wallet and relax reaction to $AAPL $BA $BABA others will calm or inflame r the market gods. More clarity on the state of the world economies needed. Mixed messages.
  • Forexpro: Re: $AAPL Hi, Friends, It was down, now it's up. ToS calculated the expected move at 7.95, and thus far, the range post-release has been 9.50, so vol buyers have gotten their money's worth. That is, as long as they work for institutions capable of having a bank make them a not overly abusive OTC price, enabling them to exit after hours. All the best!
  • CraigReynolds: @Forexpro $AAPL All I'm hearing and reading is how it's sin not posting unit numbers and need another great product. I guess services will be business from now on.
  • baronp0329: $AAPL China revenues plunged 27%, in-line with downside preannouncement. NP in Trading accounts. But AAPL is a long-term position in a 2 of my Retirement accounts (currently at 55% position). Waiting for conf call.
  • traderbren: @Forexpro $AAPL - yeah, the options implied a 8.6% (or $13.30) move in either direction. If the AH pop holds, it should bode well for the Naz tomorrow. Also, $AMD won't hurt as they are also moving higher AH. Hope all is well from your trading turret.
  • traderbren: @bRobert $AMZN - agreed. Depending on the move in the Naz (due to $AAPL, $AMD, $EBAY, etc) Amazon could get a bid tomorrow and reverse the damage from today, as they were trying to push it and keep it below the 50d today. Tough to kill the Amazonian beast as you said! ;-)
  • baronp0329: Doug Kass (The Perma Bear) tweeted: "I have added to $AAPL short at $164 and to $QQQ at $163" Well, Doug may be right. I read some analyst articles that they will also fade any pop on AAPL.
  • bRobert: $AAPL There are several patterns in play with measured move targets $162 - $168 We will see if the price action reinforces the notion that the low is in and perhaps this is just the beginning of a larger move Long calls
  • traderbren: @baronp0329 $AAPL $QQQ - let's see how it plays the price & volume will tell you.
  • bRobert: @zycouna $IQ $FXI $NTES $BILI $YY $KWEB $EEM $SPY $BABA $AAPL $BA $FB $CAT #PMI I'm not using TC2000. Just eye balling the 5d charts on yahoo, market watch etc
  • zycouna: @bRobert $IQ $FXI $NTES $BILI $YY $KWEB $EEM $SPY $BABA $AAPL $BA $FB $CAT #PMI I am curious what you mean by a 5 day chart. On TC2000, a 5 day chart and a weekly chart appear equivalent. Eg. I can pick 4 day, then weekly, then 6 day. No 5 day selection possible.
  • bRobert: @champ $IQ $FXI $NTES $BILI $YY $KWEB $EEM $SPY #PMI I like $KWEB . The 5d chart is bullish C&H with a $45+ target with trigger. Many of the components similarly configured. eg . $BABA . $10 potential move to $170 . They report Wed and will be a market mover. Huge week for earnings . ....$AAPL $BA . $FB $CAT . and a few others . Should make for interesting trading.
  • Henry: $AAPL Machines are messing with Apple RHRN $MS says it is at an attractive buy point
  • bRobert: @Henry $AAPL $MS Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If buying in scales, it is not a bad entry point to dip a toe.
  • Aragorn: $AAPL inside day and up
  • debeers: @bRobert $AAPL $MS -What MSNBC never tells you is the other side of what Katy Huberty said. When i have a miss, i need to see a plan first.
  • Henry: @Aragorn $AAPL 10:09 am Rosenblatt securities says the Iphone XS isn't doing well in China source = TOS news
  • Aragorn: $AAPL very tight one minute chart looking to break out
  • Aragorn: @Henry $AAPL thx Henry but today the stock doesn't care. Day traded some calls looking to get back in. $TLRY to the highs
  • phgruver: @Wolf $AMZN $QQQ $MSFT -- $AMZN is 9.55% of $QQQ, so it does have significant influence on that index. $AAPL and $MSFT are the other big guns, and they are both doing better than $AMZN today, so the Q's are up. I'm long via calls.... edit: added punctuation for clarity
  • Robert1965: @Aragorn $AAPL big feb put spreads 215/210 for $4.00 credit over 9000 contracts
  • bRobert: $AAPL Nice technical set up going into earnings. reversal pattern with $170 measured move target. Events trump charts Earnings 1/29. I will likely hold some through earnings . Too close to the presumed bottom
  • woodman: @bRobert $AAPL - I'm holding mine. My position is small I plan to add. I think it's on the mend and the bad news is already baked in.
  • bRobert: @woodman $AAPL Stir fried
  • rachel: ...
    $AAPL – likely to move higher just b/c of selloff. Earnings on Tuesday.
    $IBM – strong after earnings. Up to top of range now.
    $SMH – Good move on strong earnings.
    $XLNX – still going.
    $AMD – earnings on Tuesday. Watch ...
  • Henry: @Mpower27 #Epic #Cramer Yes He thinks $AAPL should buy it. I think he over rates the so called value of the Apple watch to diagnose atrial fibrillation. Every time I had it, after valve surgery, I knew it. He is correct, other systems don't talk to each other at all.
  • bRobert: @Henry $AAPL #Epic #Cramer Many people are unaware of their heart rhythm unless it gets very fast. Many flip in and out of Afib. There are many other medical applications being developed for the iWatch. Tip of the iceberg
  • stairm01: $AAPL Breaking out of an intra day trading range.
  • bRobert: $AAPL . Longer zig. Will add on next zag/higher low .
  • Forexpro: Re; $FUL Hi, Friends, Despite what appear to have been potentially disappointing results last night, $FUL is forging ahead this morning. A close above 45.56 will put it into an uptrend: "Adjusted EPS increased 27% to $0.90 in the 13 weeks ended Dec. 1, from $0.71 in the year-earlier period. That lagged behind the $0.98 average estimate of analysts surveyed by Capital IQ. Fiscal Q4 revenue increased to $768.4 million, from $678.2 million, but trailed the analyst consensus of $803.7 million. Looking ahead, the company anticipates FY19 adjusted EPS of $3.15 $3.45. Wall Street was looking for $3.76." Volume is nothing to write home about, although options volume is substantially higher than the norm (but still, only 742 contracts have traded' the number for $AAPL is 84k). I've set an alert at 45.57, but I'm not raring to take this in, necessarily. All the best!
  • shoredriver: @bRobert $SQ ...Who is likely besides$AAPL??
  • bRobert: @shoredriver $SQ $AAPL No clue.
  • bRobert: $FB flag. Watching to add. $AAPL I like this set up going into earnings at the end of Jan. Long
  • Forexpro: @champ $ROKU $WMT #News #Video-Streaming-Service Thanks, Champ, There are a couple of heavier hitters on the way ($DIS, $AAPL, etc.). Dunno that $WMT was the biggest challenge looming out there. At least some of the buying enthusiasm seems to be due to $ROKU's announcement that it is removing Infowars from the platform. It had already been banned by $FB, $GOOGL (YouTube), $AAPL and $TWTR. A public relations nightmare prevented is a lot of Dollars cured. Hope you're doing well; all the best!
  • champ: @Forexpro $ROKU $WMT $DIS $AAPL $FB $GOOGL $TWTR #News #Video-Streaming-Service --- That news about $WMT, was just CNBC...with Article...take a look. I'm still holding my investment position....and I get all the #News-Alert-post. I'm just posting the news for others...I'm holding a investment position because I believe this stock will #stream-up, at some point...that is my opinion. Take Care!
  • schartline: $aapl moving up all of a sudden, anyone hear a reason for the jump?
  • Mpower27: @schartline $aapl from what I see its everything just jumped.
  • sierramp: @schartline $aapl possibly report of tariffs with China easing.
  • woodman: $AAPL - I bought some, hopefully with a longer time horizon. Bad news came out already (before 1/26 earnings report). Double bottom seen on the weekly; the bounce coincides with the 200wMA. Figured I'd give it a shot.
  • bRobert: @woodman $AAPL Perfect set up into run.
  • bRobert: $AAPL Trading above the 20d. Hasn't been here for a while. Long calls
  • infocus: $AAPL in @154.92 w/stop at breakeven.
  • bRobert: @infocus $AAPL Long. I like the set up going into earnings run. Bad news priced in.
  • infocus: @bRobert $AAPL Thanks, good to hear that from you. I have to leave for a dentist appointment in 15 minutes, but the stop is in.
  • wijimmy: @bRobert $AAPL ...$AAPL .. but could be more Bad news to come.. to risky to hold over earnings IMHOP.... I like when @DAN says.. Just Buy 1 share and if you were Right... You can say you were right and you owed it... Gotta protect your $$$$.. and know your risk factor
  • bRobert: @wijimmy $AAPL Earnings s nearly 2 weeks out. Run up
  • wijimmy: @bRobert $AAPL My bad.... report's on 1/29 ... I hear you ...
  • grcjr: @bRobert $AAPL - I "hope" it is all priced in. Long in my long term account. Options for a short time rentals. I anticipate a small hold over earnings but have time to decide. Earnings 1/29 after the close
  • bRobert: $FB trigger $165 in the conversation. Long $AAPL Watching flag. with small position from below.
  • bRobert: $AAPL will watch for higher high to print. Bullish RSI divergence.
  • bRobert: $AAPL The medical apps for the iwatch will be a game changer IMHO. Many different areas addressed. EKG Telemetry/holter monitoring is a multi billion dollar industry. Apple will take a small slice. Fall alert, potential for glucose monitoring , many others Services will be a huge high margin winner. You need an iphone to take advantage of the watch.
  • Robert1965: @bRobert $FB $AAPL where are you in $APPL I am in but way underwater,
  • bRobert: $AAPL Adding in scales.
  • Forexpro: Re: $BCSF Hi, Friends, I've mentioned this rather new yield hoggie on a couple of occasions. It's had a stormy couple of months, but has been through one dividend announcement (0.41) and has recovered nicely (well, to where I took in my first tranche, so that's nice). I don't know what, apart from (probably) illiquidity drove it up 4 percent on the day, but I'm glad that the lack of volume worked in my favor, for once. Still, 441k shares; not $AAPL-sized volume, but not nuthin'. The yield as of today's close is 9 percent. I'm told by a friend with access to the portfolio manager that credit quality in the portfolio remains very high. FWIW; all the best!
  • bRobert: $AAPL . The pullback in the stock was more shallow than all the recent zag pullbacks.. Looking for zig to move > 20d . It hasn't been there since Nov . Long calls
  • rachel: ...
    $AAPL – earnings run?
    $GOOGL – big move today.
    $AMZN – could break out of wedge.
    $MCHI – double bottom.
    $HTHT –Coming out of a base. Note RS line.
    $EDU – good consolidation out of trend break. Alert $65
    $N ...
  • Forexpro: @Reif99 Hi, Rieff99, Yes, I think that would be a good example, although that one was pretty widely noticed, and at least some people intimated that the implications were negative. $AAPL is much more visible than are most companies, of course. The attached chart shows that although the stock did take a hit following the day of the announcement (Nov 1), selling after the initial drop would still have been quite a prudent speculation. Hope you're doing well; all the best!
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Apple Inc designs, manufactures, & markets mobile communication & media devices, personal computers, & portable digital music players, & sells a variety of related software, services, accessories, networking solutions, & third-party digital content.

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