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  • debeers: $AAN-LONG GOING INTO EARNINGS SOLD NOTHING Aaron's, Inc. Reports Strong Second Quarter Revenue and Earnings - Raises Outlook for 2019 - Revenues of $968 Million, Up 4.3%; Non-GAAP Revenues Up 10.3% - Diluted EPS $0.62; Non-GAAP Diluted EPS $0.93, Up 10.7% Progressive Earnings Before Taxes of $58.4 million; EBITDA Up 22.3% - Aaron's Business Same-Store Revenues Up 0.1%; Continued Strong E-com Growth SHORT FORM; -Don't touch a thing on this one. I'll post more later on it.
  • debeers: $AAN-wrong so gone. When something doesn't do what i expect, i say, oh well....minimal damage but damage nonetheless. $TMHC-if Hovnanian, which sucks ,is up, then Taylor Morrison which already pre-announced that it is doing much better than expected, should crush on the 31st. They do a lot of townhouses.LONG $LRCX-down and the semis move as one. The difference here is that this one makes the wafers that they all use so unless there is a severe recession, this one might be the best of the rest. Not big but in.
  • debeers: $AAN -Lovely just lovely.
  • debeers: $AAN=If you need a feel good story today, here's one:LONG FORM
    Aaron's, Progressive Leasing and Former NFL Star Kurt Warner Unveil 50th Home Presentation to St. Louis Single Mother
    4:15 PM ET, 07/15/2019 - PR Newswire
    ATLANTA, July 15, 2019 /PRNewswi ...
  • debeers: $AAN-my favorite part of the story is that this is a single mom working 2 jobs. Sometimes, if you work your -ss off, there really is a fairy godmother............
  • Nepenthe: @debeers $AAN Thank you for sharing that!
  • debeers: @Nepenthe $AAN -you are welcome Nepenthe
  • debeers: $AAN-Why i like it: LONG FORM
    Aaron's, Inc. (Aaron's) is an omnichannel provider of lease-purchase solutions. The Company engages in the sales and lease ownership and specialty retailing of furniture, consumer electronics, home appliances and accesso ...
  • bRobert: $AAN Nice move on earnings. Busting out of nice base $70 target Look for pb/bounce
  • Wykeman: @bRobert $SPY $TQQQ $UPRO $QLD $SSO $ABMD $ALGN $HIIQ $WCG $ANTM $CNC $ILMN $TMO $XLI $BA $LMT $GD $AVAV $CAT $URI $XLK $ROKU $NFLX $GOOGL $AAPL $AMZN $IBM $CSCO $TWLO $ACIA $NVDA $QCOM $MSFT $CRM $NOW $TTD $XRT $ULTA $EL $HELE $LULU $W $TSCO $IRBT $WTW $AAN $ROST $TGT $COST $LOW $HD $MCD $DPZ $DIN $XME $CF $CLF $HACK $FTNT $PANW $FDX $UAL $UNP $NSC $ODFL $XPO $XLF $BX $KKR $FLT $SQ $C $JPM $DIS $DISCA $SNE $TTWO $MTCH ? My eyes are wide open. And I do have positions in other sectors. I choose not to publish every position, or trade I have in this forum. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  • bRobert: @Wykeman $SPY $TQQQ $UPRO $QLD $SSO $ABMD $ALGN $HIIQ $WCG $ANTM $CNC $ILMN $TMO $XLI $BA $LMT $GD $AVAV $CAT $URI $XLK $ROKU $NFLX $GOOGL $AAPL $AMZN $IBM $CSCO $TWLO $ACIA $NVDA $QCOM $MSFT $CRM $NOW $TTD $XRT $ULTA $EL $HELE $LULU $W $TSCO $IRBT $WTW $AAN $ROST $TGT $COST $LOW $HD $MCD $DPZ $DIN $XME $CF $CLF $HACK $FTNT $PANW $FDX $UAL $UNP $NSC $ODFL $XPO $XLF $BX $KKR $FLT $SQ $C $JPM $DIS $DISCA $SNE $TTWO $MTCH Neither do I. But when I hear other influential members take an overly cautious attitude and say there's nothing to invest in RHRN , I feel a bit obliged .
  • issues: @bRobert $SPY $TQQQ $UPRO $QLD $SSO $ABMD $ALGN $HIIQ $WCG $ANTM $CNC $ILMN $TMO $XLI $BA $LMT $GD $AVAV $CAT $URI $XLK $ROKU $NFLX $GOOGL $AAPL $AMZN $IBM $CSCO $TWLO $ACIA $NVDA $QCOM $MSFT $CRM $NOW $TTD $XRT $ULTA $EL $HELE $LULU $W $TSCO $IRBT $WTW $AAN $ROST $TGT $COST $LOW $HD $MCD $DPZ $DIN $XME $CF $CLF $HACK $FTNT $PANW $FDX $UAL $UNP $NSC $ODFL $XPO $XLF $BX $KKR $FLT $SQ $C $JPM $DIS $DISCA $SNE $TTWO $MTCH Everything seems so pricey! Stocks are so expensive. I remember when stocks where under $40 or $50 /share. Now they're all over $100 and $200 and some go into the stratosphere where they fetch $400 on up. Wow. I think it's inflation, don't you?
  • bRobert: @Wykeman $SPY $TQQQ $UPRO $QLD $SSO You have energy, healthcare IBB XLV . devices $ABMD $ALGN ,HMOs $HIIQ $WCG $ANTM $CNC . etc . $ILMN $TMO $XLI industrials eg $BA $LMT $$GD $AVAV .$CAT .$URI etc, $XLK still works . $ROKU $NFLX $GOOGL $AAPL $AMZN $IBM $CSCO $TWLO $ACIA . $NVDA $QCOM $MSFT Clouds . $CRM $NOW . $TTD . Retail $XRT $ULTA $EL $HELE $LULU $W $TSCO $IRBT $WTW $AAN $ROST $TGT $COST $LOW $HD . Food $MCD $DPZ $DIN . etc . $XME $CF . $CLF . $HACK . $FTNT $PANW . Transports $FDX $UAL RAILS $UNP $NSC etc Trucking $ODFL $XPO $XLF . $BX $KKR $FLT $SQ . Down the road $C $JPM I'm leaving things out but this is a good snapshot of what is working. Entertainment . $DIS $NFLX $DISCA $SNE $TTWO Romance $MTCH . A lot is working if you open your eyes. That's why the averages are printing nh's
  • bRobert: $CASY Short squeeze continues $AAN $60 target
  • bRobert: $AAN Short squeeze. Watching for phase 3 breakout. Long
  • TunaHelper: @bRobert $AAN in a short sqz? Seems unlikely, as ~ 4% of the float is short with ~ 4.5 DTC.
  • bRobert: @TunaHelper $AAN Small cap with small float and low daily volume. Look at the days to cover. More important
  • TunaHelper: @bRobert $AAN DTC is not high, not a large # of short shares, and it's trading below avg volume - all suggest that it's not a short sqz. Also, cannot really call this phase 3 of a vol sqz breakout. The BBs are > 13% wide - not sqz'ing.
  • bRobert: $AAN nh Short squeeze. $60 target from WEEKLY ascending triangle breakout LONG
  • bRobert: $AAN Breakout continues Shorts 7d to cover. $60 target. High margins leasing furniture, appliances,electronics. Double digit revenue growth. Cheap. $CASY short squeeze. continues. Look for pb/bounces. Extended $CONN Another retailer with strong growth and a short squeeze potential.
  • bRobert: $AAN $60+ target 7d to cover
  • bRobert: $AAN $DLTH $TLRD Cheap retail
  • bRobert: $AAN . nh WEEKLY breakout $58/$60 target
  • bRobert: $AAN nh $59 target
  • bRobert: $AAN Great set up Set a breakout alert
  • bRobert: $AAN . Watching for sustained WEEKLY breakout . $65+ . target . Small float. Shorts 6d to cover . High margin business....leasing furniture, electronics, appliances.
  • bRobert: $AAN another strong retailer. Leases furniture, electronics, appliances Excellent top/bottom line growth Weekly breakout ....flag. $60+ . target,
  • bRobert: $RH . nh in AH . Tomorrow may be another day, but I remain long term bullish in the name and the complex. eg $W . $AAN $WSM . I took partial profits on my hedges today on the exaggerated move down. I will make further adjustments tomorrow based on the price action. eg I may convert a bear put spread into a bull put spread.
  • shoredriver: @bRobert $RH $W $AAN $WSM $RH..... Tried the cornstarch, cranked some Nina Simone....maybe its time to fire up the Vitamix with some daiquiri action......thinking about adding in A.M.....
  • debeers: $AAN-Another Georgia company posting record results! If you pay folks wages that are below Federal minimum wage (which the Georgia companies do) half your homework is already done,
  • Aragorn: TC200 Popper scan $TWX $HAIN $EAT $CTSH $AAN
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Thursday's close $AAN, $AFOP, $AHT, $AMCC, $AMZN, $BAS, $BCOV, $BJRI, $BLDR, $BMRN, $CA, $CB, $CERN, $CINF, $CLF, $COG, $COLM, $CPWR, $CTCT, $DECK, $DV, $ECHO, $ELY, $EMN, $ESRX, $FET, $FII, $FLS, $FR, $FSL, $GRT, IM, $INAP, $INFA, $KBR, $KLAC, $LOGM, $LSCC, $MCRS, $MKTO, $MSFT, $MTW, $MXIM, $N, $NCR, $NR, $NTGR, $OUTR, $PFG, $POL, $QLGC, $RGC, $RMD, $SIMO, $SPN, $SYNA, $TCO, $THRX, $VR, $VRSN, $WDC, $WOOF, $WYNN, ZNGA
  • Tricia: Earnings for Friday: PreMarket : $AAN, $ACO, $ALV, $B, $COV, $CPN, $CVH, $CVX, $DTE, $F, $GT, $HELE, $HMSY, $IMAX, IP, $KKR, $LPNT, $MGLN, $MRK, $NEM, $NWL, $PG, $PVR, $SPG, $TOT, $VFC, $VTR, $WY, $XLS, $ZBRA PS. Make it a GRAND day....... TGIF!
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Coverage of $AAN was started with a Buy rating, Keybanc said. $34 price target. Company should see better comp sales growth.

    Autodesk upgraded at Jefferies
    $ADSK was upgraded to Buy, Jefferies said. $44 price target. Survey suggests that near-t ...
  • normr: $SHOO - Split tactic. I wait at least 5 days after the split, looking for a pullback to support on the daily and my secondary indicators signaling a trade. I'll wait up to 8 weeks past the split for this condition to set up, using the split as a trade catalyst. I am watching $ARO, $AAN, NETL, and $SHOO right now for post split trades. $GMCR, $GIS, and $CLB are on my radar as future split trades. Trade well ! Norm.
  • Aporn: $XHB - @Dan, After your video of market recap I checked the components of $XHB and found the top ten holdings to be: AARON'S, INC SC $AAN Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. $BBBY $HOME DEPOT INC HD LEGGETT PLATT INC LEG LENNOX INTL INC LII $N V $R L $P NVR OWENS CORNING $OC SHERWIN WILLIAMS $CO SHW TEMPUR-PEDIC $INTL TPX WILLIAMS SONOMA INC WSM Other than $NVR, the top 10 are not really homebuilder. Should we still use this as our proxy? This info is from Yahoo Finance. Aporn
  • nfrey: $AAN, does anyone have an opion on this?
  • Junior: $XHB is called "homebuilders" but keep in mind that they include $BBBY, $AAN, $LII, $MAS, OC. Not exactly companies that pour foundations and buy plywood!
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Stock Price $USD 58.15
Change -1.19%
Volume 787,523

Aaron's, Inc. is engaged in the lease ownership, lease and retail sale of a variety of products such as widescreen and LCD televisions, computers, living room, dining room and bedroom furniture, washers, dryers and refrigerators.

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  • February 13th, 2020 - 2019 Q4 Earnings
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