1. avatar Spearchucker53 says:

    Dan, So now that my dental practice vanished for the foreseeable future, I’ve been spending more time on SMM/OMM and am blown away by thing things I’ve been skimming over. What a tremendous family you have built!. Thank you for this personal message that is perfectly on point in every way and a tremendous encouragement. I am close to retirement but was still very dependent on my practice income. With your guidance, I am going to be in a much better position to weather this storm and move forward. Thanks again.
    Randy Sachau

  2. avatar Tregnier says:

    Thanks Dan, you are so sincere! Please keep taking care of yourself and your family like you do your subscribers. I am a fairly new member and my trading has improved bigly…even in these uncertain times! WE will get through this!

  3. avatar michaelwoods says:

    GOD/SELF…..Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…The courage (power and ability) to change the things I can….And the wisdom to know the difference! Worry does not CHANGE one thing!! Worry is a swirling tornado that goes round and round leaving nothing but destruction in its path…. the sound and fury signifying nothing. It goes down the toilet drain of wasted energy getting you absolutely nowhere. And what is the sum of that mind game = ZERO.!! And Dan…its ALL spiritual! We are human beings having a spiritual experience…its that simple. So enjoy the earthly school and the lessons your learning….And you know many of them very very well! Your a GOOD MAN DAN, Thank you for you , and for sharing your light and being of service to others… its the lesson we are here to learn. Be Safe my friend and all the best. Michael Woods

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