Thinking about buying CBOE? Here’s my take. (January 10, 2018)


CBOE ( NASDAQ: CBOE ); all of the exchanges are doing pretty well, even some of the financials like JP Morgan ( NYSE: JPM ) is up again today. So, CBOE ( NASDAQ: CBOE ), CME ( NASDAQ: CME ), Nasdaq ( NASDAQ: NDAQ ), ICE ( NYSE: ICE ) (the exchange not the guys around the border), these are all doing pretty well.

In our growth stock list we have Chicago Board Options Exchange ( NASDAQ: CBOE ) so we will just look at that. This stock is in a volatility squeeze; it is in a really, really long uptrend, you can see that. I think it is really buyable right here; not the best buy. You can see the stock walking right along the upper Bollinger Bands but it has had a little rest here, it has had these little rests before. This is not a cheap stock but it is a consistent stock.

I think you can buy this stock here but just make sure your position size is such that you can withstand a pullback to around 120.00 or so. That would be over 8 percent, you could make it 9 percent or so. That would be your risk in buying right now. Because if the stock pulls back to here; if it pulls back $3.00 or $4.00 and you get stopped out that is probably going to be a premature one because stocks like this do pull back. I am just saying you can start building a position here because the way the stock trades it does look like it is moving higher.

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