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Strategy Session November 7th, 2016

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  • bRobert: $WTW $NTRI Both working. WTW oozing out NTRI Target 1 $58
  • genki: @bRobert $WTW $NTRI If I am buying $WTW, where would you set the stop?
  • bRobert: @genki $WTW $NTRI Buy small. I bought at lower band $42. Expect you might get a pullback. Add later on confirmed breakout/pullback that bounces. Stop $44.40 Bottom of range is 41.40 Again SMALL starter. . More conservative option is to wait for breakout and buy pullback that bounces outside bollinger channel. Safest play because you're buying confirmed breakout with buying interest coming in before reentering channel by eager buyers who missed the initial breakout
  • genki: @bRobert $WTW $NTRI That's good information. Thanks.
  • spmeyers: @bRobert $WTW $NTRI would you count this as day 3 or day 4? either way it seems a bit late for this move
  • woodman: @MtChet $WTW - there are multiple levels of resistance with in a broader range. But the BBs are expanding.
  • bRobert: $WTW Weekly squeeze. Perky along with NTRI. New Year"s resolutions to fit into a Ferrari
  • JBed: @bRobert $WTW Funny! Thanks for all of your great tips, by the way.
  • Bridget: ...
    $WTW $NTRI - in a squeeze
    $ETSY - day 3 of this breakout, watch for pullback

    $SCMP - missed this breakout

    $CIFS - in a squeeze
  • MtChet: $WTW - bouncing off support
  • bRobert: $WTW still sideways consolidation. This should get popular after the holidays
  • woodman: $WTW - got out this morning.
  • Vehid: @woodman $WTW any news on this? I sold 2/3 on Friday
  • Reif99: Any insight on $WTW? Why the big sell off after earnings?
  • gwenzee: @Reif99 $WTW Buy the rumor, sell the news. NP
  • Reif99: @gwenzee $WTW Except no one had bought the rumor. They bought on the news, and then sold the day after.
  • gwenzee: @Reif99 $WTW Splitting hairs. I don't follow the stock but do enjoy everyone's comments about Oprah and her weight loss or gain.
  • Junior1: @Reif99 $WTW Finding the "why's" and using logic are two things I've given up. I've learned to just follow the price action. And now I actually make money trading.
  • optionswealth: @Junior1 $WTW That is so true. Suspend all logic and just follow the price action. Easier said than done, though.
  • Vehid: Good thing that I added to my $SQ. Otherwise I was under water today because of $WTW
  • debeers: $WTW-If you sold on the earnings pop up let's say 16-18%, you get to do the whole thing again as i did this am. On a dreadful day, its up and opened up.
  • woodman: @debeers $WTW - I bought shares back this morning too.
  • RedLeaf1: @debeers $WTW Thanks for the post. I added back as well.
  • audrina0904: $wtw no follow through today on this. Should I take profits? Or wait?
  • Robert1965: @audrina0904 $wtw I am out 2/3 53.75, 1/3 51.25 yesterday
  • Vehid: $WTW Sold half yesterday. Anybody thinking of adding today?
  • Junior1: @Vehid $WTW I was looking for support at 48.00. that didn't hold... yet
  • Vehid: @Junior1 $WTW It depends on market too. People are hesitant to buy now as indices are down.
  • Junior1: @Vehid $WTW BTC Nov 17 2017 55.0 Calls @ 0.05 Sold these on Monday @ 0.75 I'm a huge fan of buying back written contracts at 5 cents. It frees up buying power earlier and there's no commission. And at tax time, my software does better if the trades have both ends. Options that expire worthless, need to be manually adjusted.
  • Reif99: Any news on $WTW? Held through earnings (Yea!), didn't sell yesterday (Boo!)
  • Bridget: #Notes: Another day, another high Earnings after close: $SQ $SEDG $ROKU $OSTK $TWLO $OPK $ATI - big volume selloff to support $RHT - broke out of a very tight squeeze $WB - new high $ABBV $WDAY - both very close to breaking out $WEN - gap down and recover but still lots of supply overhead $WTW - complete reversal on the breakout, fakeout $HST - breakout from multi month consolidation pattern $COST - stair stepping higher, bottom of gap is at $170 IPOs $TSG - reports tomorrow $SSTI - new high $SOI $CIFS $PLNT $MTCH $DXC #dumpster diving $KR and $KHC coming out of bases
  • bRobert: $WTW I'm overweight WTW and . will be trimming a bit.
  • Robert1965: @bRobert $WTW Where are looking to trim. I am thinking 1/3 around 51.00 as stop, in the 1st hr of trading Thanks
  • Henry: $WTW You guys definitely ought to lighten up and scale back
  • woodman: @bRobert $WTW - It took a month-long breather consolidating at the 50 day in a narrow range waiting for earnings. So, *hopefully* it's built up strength for a new leg up.
  • Robert1965: @Henry $WTW my breakeven on 3 lots is 45.85, the cheapest lot is 44.40, what are looking at for you to sell
  • Henry: @Robert1965 $WTW my comment was directed at the unnoticed play on weight loss words
  • Robert1965: @woodman $WTW You were right, great post
  • wijimmy: $WTW ROCKETING HIGHER AND HIGHER ... how high can it go today ???
  • Robert1965: $WTW took 2/3 off at 53.75
  • wijimmy: @wijimmy $WTW out 54.30 Can't see it going higher.. Not a believer in the company. But was a Great Trade ...Thx ALL
  • Robert1965: @Junior1 $WTW Thanks for your post kept me in
  • Robert1965: @thehook1 $WTW Thanks for you post kept me in
  • bRobert: $WTW weekly target $90. Not necessarily straight up. Results may vary. Long leap calls
  • Junior1: $WTW BTC 11/17 41.0 puts @ .05 Originally sold these @ 2.16 on 10/09/17 underwater just a bit on the 11/17 55.0 calls that i sold yesterday. though these should work out well too
  • woodman: @Robert1965 $WTW - not sure yet. I need to let it play out. For now, it needs to hold the intraday low.
  • emi: $WTW If the percent of float sold short is double digits, then this stock should move higher, right? I'm thinking of adding a little.
  • Robert1965: @woodman $WTW, I took 2/3 off at 53.75, 1/3 at cost 44.40, where would you be adding
  • bRobert: @emi $WTW Recommend waiting until tomorrow to add and only if today's high is taken out. Raise trailing stop on initial position to ensure healthy profit. Stop on secondary just below today's high if entry.
  • issues: Earnings beat on $WTW $MCHP (1.35 to 1.41 actual) $MTDR $RCL, but I don't yet see $XEC. I guess they have yet to report, right? I sold $TTWO with earnings tonight I fear it'll drop as $EA and $ATVI, no matter what they report.
  • issues: @Robert1965 $WTW Looking at the chart I see WTW slowing going down over the following days/weeks
  • Robert1965: $WTW anyone thinking about holding over earnings, I looking at selling today, have loss, I don't see doing higher, does anyone have a different opinion, please post
  • DAN: @Robert1965 $WTW Robert1965, see my morning post. If you have a loss and you're holding over earnings, you're gambling and hoping. As long as you understand that, then you can make a decision. As a policy, I won't hold a losing position into earnings. I figure that the stock has been falling for a reason, and I don't know what it is. Be mindful of the fact that any advice that you get from other members about whether to hold the stock is nothing more than guessing. Nobody knows which way a stock will move when the earnings report is released. We might make a guess...but we really don't know. It is truly a gamble. You might win the hand, you might lose the hand. Dan
  • thehook1: @Robert1965 $WTW I will buy your shares then....I see low risk at this level. They are gaining traction in Europe
  • Robert1965: @DAN $WTW Thanks Dan as I said looking to sell I don't going to 45.85 making it a breakeven on 3 lots, my cheapest lot 44.40
  • Junior1: @Robert1965 @DAN $WTW Option pricing is suggesting a $7 move. (15.5%). Historically, WTW has had 25% + moves on ER. Implied Volatility is very high on the near term options. Sell the premium? That too, would still be gambling
  • genki: I use TOS and sometimes, the piviots in TOS are different from the standard calculation. E.g. today for $WTW, S1 in TOS is 44.34 while S1 from standard calculation is 44.07. Today's low is 44.33, matching TOS S1. Does anyone know how pivots are calculated in TOS? Thanks.
  • DrScience: @genki $WTW Using PivotPoints study, my 5-min chart shows PP@ 44.65, S1 @ 44.07, and R1 @ 45.26. Check out http://tlc.thinkorswim.com/center/reference/Tech-Indicators/studies-library/O-Q/PivotPoints.html
  • genki: @DrScience $WTW That's interesting. I use the same study. See my screenshot.
  • DrScience: @genki $WTW Send me a screenshot of your Data Box for that study on that chart to DrScienceOMM at gmail dot com.. Click Style, and select Data Box (Fixed).
  • DrScience: @genki $WTW Hmmm... May have a bad data point, and since the number is static throughout the day, it might not be updated correctly. Try this: Force a data refresh in System: Collect Garbage. If that doesn't work, remove the study from the chart, and then add it back. Finally, the old standby, try closing and reopening the application.
  • genki: @DrScience $WTW Repost
  • Junior1: $WTW no report yet. Though its trading up 2.6% ah
  • bRobert: @Junior1 $WTW Up 12%
  • Junior1: @bRobert $WTW Phew... I'm short 55.0 calls and 41.0 puts. IV has been huge, couldn't resist
  • Junior1: @bRobert $WTW Now it needs to survive the CC
  • audrina0904: $wtw anyone have accurate short %?
  • Junior1: @audrina0904 $wtw per yahoofinance: Shares Short 8.49M Short Ratio 7.52 Short % of Float 39.49%
  • audrina0904: @Junior1 $wtw if that’s accurate, this may run a long time.
  • woodman: @audrina0904 $wtw - Sweet! I did sell some into earnings, but kept most. It's done so well thru the year to get to this point, I didn't want to keep it all on the poker table.
  • debeers: $WTW-Gettin' sassy and gettin' fat! Check out prices.Short interest 9.71%.
  • debeers: @audrina0904 $wtw -9.71% is what I get.
  • genki: @DrScience $WTW It's the same after close and open TOS. What got me interested is quite often, the "revised" pivots are correct.
  • bRobert: @audrina0904 $wtw Not as high as before but fine. 6 days to cover.
  • TunaHelper: @audrina0904 $wtw Short interest for WTW ... Per WSJ.com: 6.25M shares short 10.91% of float Per Morningstar: 6.25M shares short 29.05% of adjusted float* *Morningstar reports a figure based on the "adjusted float" - where the adjustment is based off of insiders and 5% holders (with the assumption that they don't really trade their shares because they are long term holders or have other restrictions on trading). The reported short interest in TC2000 is from Morningstar (just an informational thing bc that's the number you will see at the top of the charts in the daily SS). If you use the 65dma volume (= 1,358,265), the DTC would be 4.6 days. I have found that Yahoo data can be inaccurate at times, so I never use it anymore. (Plus, ever since they started polluting Yahoo Finance with a ga-jillion ads, I found the site to be really unusable.)
  • TunaHelper: @TunaHelper $wtw Update on my last post re $WTW short interest ... I though it might be worth mentioning that the settlement date of the reported short interest for WTW 10/13/2017 - so it's pretty old. The short interest info will be updated on Thursday after the close (which will be the reported short interest as of 10/31/2017).
  • Robert1965: $WTW is earnings before market or after on 11/6
  • Vehid: @Robert1965 $WTW After market
  • geotheo: @Robert1965 $WTW I believe it is After
  • woodman: @bRobert $RACE - I was looking at this one this weekend. You need $WTW to fit into a $RACE.
  • bRobert: @woodman $RACE $WTW Very true
  • Vehid: What do you folks think about adding to $WTW? Thanks!
  • bRobert: @Vehid $WTW Adding? Not for me. When it decides what it wants to do there will be time to add to a winning hand. Initial position, yes with stop below. I have no edge in this trade. NTRI had good earnings and plopped(low risk entry for those who like a challenge)
  • audrina0904: @bRobert $WTW ^ this is what i have done too
  • optionswealth: @Vehid $WTW It made another lower low today. If you are thinking about an earnings run, it reports on the 6th according to my trading platform, and it hasn't started that run yet.
  • Vehid: $WTW I think buyers will come after this too and that time it is already late to add. Anyway, I added a little bit @$44.88
  • audrina0904: $wtw Good entry?
  • DAN: @audrina0904 $wtw Not a bad place to start a position, though you're not getting any "confirmation" that the stock is being aggressively bought. But this can be an early entry with minimal risk, and you could add to it IF the stock starts breaking out above last week's high. Dan
  • audrina0904: @DAN $wtw Kind of what i was thinking...thanks @dan
  • rachel: ...
    COTD: $WTW – “Entry here?” Yes. Good low risk entry, with a stop at about $44.50
    $SPX – Still going strong. Nosebleed trend.
    $DJI -- parabolic.
    1. $MMM – gap and run. Only tradable as 59-minute trade (59MT). Sel ...
  • debeers: $WTW/$WYNN-When a story changes i change my mind. What, sir, do you do?? Both shoulda been very positive today and neither is. Woulda coulda shoulda papers the landscape...................... people vote with their money
  • Chris_P: $WTW Is it still forming the cup or in a handle?
  • bRobert: @Chris_P $WTW If it breaks above $50 you get the naming rights. Very tight consolidation. Still behaving
  • DAN: @bRobert @Chris_P $WTW That's how I'd look at it too. Right now, it's still just trading in a relatively tight pattern and could go either way. (We shouldn't ever extrapolate into the future with a prediction that it will do something). I like the ...
  • rachel: ...
    7. $WTW -- Cup & Handle? Note the high volume breakout on Oct 2nd. Didn’t follow through...but is building the right side of the base.
    8. $MCHP – good uptrend.
    9. $ALGN – new high on volume.
    10. $ESNT – new high ...
  • DAN: $WTW -- conginuing to move out of a$45-47 consolidation. $50 would be an all time high. And with 27% of the float being short, I wouldn't be surprised to see that level tested in the next couple of week -- earnings are due on November 2nd.
  • bnnybklyn: @DAN $WTW since i bought it years ago at $70+ i know it's not an ATH. Sold at $9.98 right after I joined and then watched it go to the moon ...cry me a river, i know, ha.
  • Junior1: @bnnybklyn $WTW ATH = 86.97. May 2012
  • woodman: @DAN $WTW - hope you are right, Dan. :) I've had a core position in this for a while (by my standards, anyway), sold some when it last seemed to get a little extended, and bought them back on the pullback to the 50 day. Never selling all, and keeping a core, has been good with this one. I suspect earnings are coming soon, but I've only seen an estimated date in early Nov.
  • DAN: @bnnybklyn $WTW Gotcha! Was higher in 2013. I just didn't look back that far. 8-\
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Weight Watchers International, Inc. is a provider of weight management services, operating globally through a network of Company-owned and franchise operations.

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