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  • gwenzee: @wineinquirer Remember to place $ before symbol so others can see the chart of the stock you are discussing, i.e. $VEEV $PFPT.
  • tsogles: $PFPT Short squeeze starting? !! days to cover
  • Bridget: $PFPT nice bounce off the 50dMA
  • Bridget: Notes: Every sector was up today. Some rallies are getting old. IV is very high in many stocks going into earnings at the end of the month. Lots of breakouts but many have already run too far too fast. $CTRL $KEM $CALA $EEM - breakout on the weekly, wait for the pullback $Z - pullback to 50dMA, seeing capitulation today $PFPT - nice bounce off the 50dMA $LVS - at the 50dMA $WB - at the 50dMA $GLW - new all time high $BX - breakout $SINA - breakout $CHTR - starting to breakout $SYK - breakout $TRP - breakout on the weekly $TMO - breaking out $TRMB - starting to breakout, at a nice buy point $PYPL and $SQ both moving higher #IPOs AYX - too late now LNGG - new high JAG - nice pullback APPN - almost at a new high
  • bRobert: $PANW $FEYE $FTNT $PFPT $VEEV Cyber security perky.. Added to VEEV. Stop below 50d
  • spmeyers: $PFPT (cloud-based cyber security solutions) is pulling back to a good buy point (the 20-day m.a. has worked before)
  • bwcarnation1: $PFPT looks a bit scary on daily but looking back to last Oct on weekly chart looks better. 88 hi then 88.48 new hi last week and now another new hi today. Maybe since Oct it has been in long consolidation though volatile and possibly can move up from here. 50d has recently crossed 200d. I'm holding a small position. Any thoughts on my analysis appreciated.
  • bwcarnation1: $PFPT nice zig zag higher...nearing the channel top
  • Forexpro: Re: Markets, E-Mini Futures Hi, Friends, The E-mini futures pulled back to the midway point of the regular session range, and for now are holding above it. I'm not involved, but I won't be surprised to see some further downside, possibly to the low of today's Value Area, which would bring the price action from the current 2134.25 to 2130. The bounce off the halfback level suggests that activity is being dominated by "short term" - which doesn't necessarily mean "small" - players, who will, properly motivated, be just as quick to buy 'em as to sell 'em. I'm looking at $PFPT as a possible long. Cramer mentioned it this morning along with $AKAM, which is having a pretty good day. Speaking of days, here's hoping that yours is going well; all the best!
  • Forexpro: @Forexpro $PFPT $AKAM Hi, Friends, We did see the additional move lower in the E-minis. I'm agnostic from here; my sense was that we'd see 2130. With that out of the way, my view is not even as reliable as a coin toss. In my previous post, it was precisely as good as a coin toss. :) Here's hoping that your day is going well; all the best!
  • ag1: $PFPT Beat others seem to be following.
  • ag1: $PFPT starting to squeeze, has been flat for days, beat on earnings last month, in an uptrend, what's not like?
  • ag1: $PFPT at a new hi buying a place holder, waiting for a little PB to add
  • ogas: $PFPT - DAN could you go over this stock during one of your Strategy Sessions? I can't find the place on the website to make the request. Thanks in advance!
  • Bridget: @GOOSE @ogas $CLVS $PFPT go here, put in the ticker you are interested in and hit enter. It will take you to a page with the all the most recent postings on this stock and you will also see the "Video Request" button. #videorequest
  • GOOSE: @Bridget $CLVS $PFPT #videorequest Hey Bridgit, thank you. @iwanttobelikegoose, ;>) already gave me instructions.
  • woodman: Some #Cybersecurity stocks: $RDWR - It's essentially filled the gap (from early Oct.) at this point, so it may well pullback some. I like that it's putting the descending 50 day in the rear view mirror. Good room to move higher, even if it first pulls back. I'm thinking the converged 50 day and middle BB area (if not the 8dEMA) are support now. $QLYS and IL - both coiling under the 200 day. $PANW - continues to move up out of wedge. $PFPT and $ZIXI - have been muy bueno (PFPT all time high; ZIXI highest high since 2007).
  • pcotton: @retal $HACK $PFPT $CSCO I see your point. Thin-traded stocks are easy for short sellers to push down. Good point. I'm out.
  • retal: $HACK @pcotton Of the 34 stocks that make up $HACK, most are going sideways to down. The only one going up recently is $PFPT. Many of these stocks are small caps ($CSCO an exception) and thinly traded, yet most have the same impact on $HACK. Each stock has between about 2% and 4.5% weight on the ETF.
  • pcotton: @retal $HACK $PFPT $CSCO - HACK is reflecting the behavior of the individual stocks. Looks like it's going to go below yesterday's low, bearish.
  • woodman: @Jorma $PANW $CYBR $FEYE $DDD $SSYS $HACK #Cybersecurity - I have a wider cybersecurity watchlist than the $HACK components, but even if you look at the $HACK components, you'll see a wide variety of charts. Some in the upper right, some moving to the upper right, some in the lower right, some dropping even out of the lower right to more lower right. Compare, for instance, $PFPT $ZIXI $LDOS $VRSN to $CYBR, $FTNT $FEYE $CUDA. I had a position in $HACK but sold it.
  • woodman: $PFPT - so much for my comment last night about being up ~8% in the ah on PT boosts. It opened this morning red. But it's creeping back up now. Still looks good on the chart. But who knows what happens next week going into a Fed decision. And that goes for any stock.
  • woodman: $PFPT - this is a not-often discussed cyber-security stock that I bought just today, minutes before the close, after my brother mentioned the chart to me earlier in the day. Seemed like it was in a good spot at the 200 day but hadn't yet made the move that some others like $PANW and $FTNT had made or were making. So, I decided to take a chance on it. Fortuitously, it received some upgrades and PTs of $70 and $72 after the close, pushing it up over 8% in the ah. We'll see if it carries over to the trading day tomorrow. (Doesn't come close to negating my shellacking in TTPH the other day, but I'll take what I can get.) Thanks @MoneyHoHo, wherever you are.
  • NotRightRabbit: @woodman Work is good. Glad you have some time. Cyber stocks ran up a good deal. Some seem to be pulling back a bit. $FEYE $CYBR -long exception $VDSI steady uptrend, waiting for short squeeze. $PANW $PFPT -NP Now I am looking at $JNPR- Long- wondering what gives. Looked like it is consolidating and just dipped to touch the 50d ma. I am tempted to add.
  • NotRightRabbit: $FEYE is up in pre-market. holding long as it continues into new territory. $PFPT has been doing things I like to see. NP yet, set an alert at 61.90
  • woodman: $PFPT - inside day, but may be done going down.
  • NotRightRabbit: $PFPT OUCH! I don't know what Im doing in this.
  • woodman: @NotRightRabbit $PFPT - with two upgrades, I thought "for sure" it would right itself. It didn't. My stop was hit and I'm out. But I will continue to watch the flush and see if buyers step in. On sidelines now. Sucks to be wrong, but sucks more to be poor.
  • woodman: $PFPT - most unkind to me today.
  • Aragorn: $PFPT - great trade for those who got in today hammer - tomorrow it will break the hammer and run with the stock for an add. If it comes back to the top f the hammer close out the newest add. That is how to trade this tomorrow IMHO if you have some, if you don't then you can start a position above todays hammer. A hammer represents to me selling pressure that exhausted. Now the stock should just go, if it doesn't then get out. You can always reenter
  • rj7150: @woodman $PFPT Some times you're the windshield Some times you're the bug!
  • woodman: @rj7150 $PFPT - so true....
  • NotRightRabbit: @Aragorn Thank you for the solid advice. I held $PFPT through the red dagger this morning and added on the bounce. I now have a homework assignment, to decipher what you laid out. Should be interesting. Much appreciated!
  • pcotton: #scan #rightUpper (after hours 4/22) pullback to daily 20,50 or weekly 20, and bounce $AVGO $CONE $DRII $ENR $FDS $HII $IPXL $KSS $MMS $MTSI $PFPT $SKUL $SKX $SNPS
  • NotRightRabbit: $PFPT up in pre-market. Earnings after the bell today. Holding through.
  • woodman: $PFPT - I'll be holding mine through earnings after close too.
  • champ: $PFPT - Another security name reporting tonight ..they have 6% of the market share with 3,300 customer. This lesser-know security play isn't expected to turn an annual profit until 2017. This stock is a grinder and just keeps riding the 50 day higher. Could move some of the names around in this sector AH.
  • woodman: $PANW $PFPT - PANW nice day and nice close (at the high). Waiting for PFPT earnings.
  • woodman: $PFPT $PANW $FTNT - three cyber-security stocks that have pulled back within their longer uptrends and into a rising 50 day. FTNT (no position) reports today after the close; PFPT (long) tomorrow after the close; and I don't see a date for PANW (long).
  • steve71: $PFPT Closed strongly in the last 30" yesterday. Momentum continues this morning, albeit low volume.
  • pcotton: #scanResults - right upper corner, pullback to 20 or 50 dma $ABC $ABMD $ACT $AET $AHS $AMC $ANTM $AVGO $BR $BURL $CBRL $CTB $ESPR $FTNT $G $HNT $HOLX $HUM $IBKR $MHK $MMS $PFPT $RHP $SIX $SKUL $SLGN $TGT $TM $TSS $TXRH $UNH $VMC $WCG
  • steve71: $PFPT surging to the wire
  • pcotton: #scanResults - right upper corner, pullback $ABC $ABMD $ACT $AFFX $AMC $BR $CNC $CTSH $EA $FISV $G $HNT $IBKR $JACK $LOW $NCLH $PANW $PFPT $SKUL $SKX $SLGN $TA $VMC
  • DAN: $PFPT Reports earnings 4/21. Mentioned in this weekend's update.
  • janner0814: @DAN Thanks re: $PFPT
  • woodman: @ginny #Cybersecurity - I have a watch list of 29 tickers in the sector. Only 1 -- $CYBR -- is red and just by a little. (Long $PANW and $PFPT in the space.)
  • woodman: $PFPT - ran up into the close, to close at an all time high.
  • ginny: @woodman Im holding $PANW $PFPT bought some $FEYE today and will hold over the weekend to see if it moves higher on the 60 Minutes piece (if it aires) I am playing $CUDA via long July 40C.
  • woodman: @FHS $CYBR $FEYE - I've been looking at both, but I have no position in either (I've been in $PANW and $PFPT and letting them go without meddling). If venturing into one or the other, I'd say use the 8dEMA as your reference point for staying in or getting out. If they can't hold the 8, I'd say be done with them. For some reason, I like CYBR better here. But it's bitten me in the past, so I've been hesitant to put my hand out to pet it again.
  • woodman: $PANW $PFPT $SWKS - mentioned these 3 yesterday as being at good add spots. Dependable channels, all of them.
  • woodman: $PFPT - cybersecurity stock. It looks okay.
  • woodman: @DAN $PFPT and $PANW seem to fit the bill too.
  • woodman: $PFPT - at a good spot. Cybersecurity stock.
  • ginny: @woodman $PFPT unfortunately, I got in at a higher level. I will add to position here and lower cos basis. thanks woodman
  • woodman: @ginny $PFPT - anything for you, ginny. :-)
  • Auto: $PFPT daily bounce off low bb.. weekly flag adding break of $50 will add ... :>)
  • mradams0621: @woodman $VDSI Nice chart. My true love Steph. Link pumped $PFPT today as her Fast Money final trade. Didn't look at it yet. Do you know it?
  • woodman: @mradams0621 $VDSI $PFPT - only that it's one of the cyber security stocks. I haven't followed it, however.
  • Diana2010: Retail, Rails, cyber security, and medical software- Some of the areas showing relative strength today. These are not comprehensive lists, just some relative strength that I noticed- $FIVE, $KATE, $WFM, $KORS $CP, $UNP, $CNI, $NSC $PANW, $PFPT, $IMPV $ATHN, $MRGE, $CERN
  • Auto: $PFPT all time high.. will also follow $CYBR if E's are good :>)
  • traderbren: $PFPT -- creeping, but then it has come pretty far off the bottom. $LOCO -- keeping my eye on this as it looks like to wants to go. $GPRO - popped on the 5-min chart, but be careful as they report after the bell and it could go to the moon, or fall hard to earth!
  • traderbren: $MBLY -- watch it as it might get going today $PFPT -- creeping higher $BBRY -- moving higher (maybe something underlying this?) $BABA - thanks to Goldmans neutral rating, but it needs a rest.
  • traderbren: $PFPT is another on the move. Have a position.
  • traderbren: $PFPT -- keep an eye on this as it could be getting ready to move higher.
  • traderbren: Liking the action in: $AAPL (long), $BABA (started a position on the 21st), $GS (long), $NFLX (long), $MBLY (have a position), $PFPT (gap up and pulled back to fill, so watch it), $PBR - (have a position) climbing steadily on the 5-min chart.
  • traderbren: $PFPT -- scaling nicely on the 5 min chart.
  • traderbren: $PFPT - popping on the 5 min chart
  • infocus: $PFPT - Bought place-holder position @ 41.60. Dan mentioned this last night as breaking out of a volatility squeeze.
  • traderbren: @infocus I'm with you on $PFPT. Took a starter position yesterday at 41.60
  • DAN: Security Stocks: $FEYE $ZIXI $PFPT $PANW $IMPV $SYMC Some of these are looking really good and didn't want to wait for the weekend update to do them. Will be covering them tonight, and probably do a followup this weekend. FEYE – 50-day moving average. Intraday high is $36.85. Watch for higher prices. ZIXI – squeeze now. Beakout above $4 is buyable. PFPT – squeezing. Breakout above $4.50 is buyable. PANW – Cramer’s interview IMPV – trending higher out of squeeze SYMC – breakout above $25.00 is going higher. Hope this helps you guys. Dan
  • Tricia: Earnings after the close: $ABAX, $AFG, $ALGN, $AMZN, $ARAY, $AVNW, $AZPN, $BCOV, $BCR, $BRCM, $CB, $CLS, $CMG, $CNI, $CPHD, $CPSI, $CPT, $CSC, $CTCT, $CYT, $DLLR, $ELX, $EMN, $ESS, $GDOT, $GOOG, $JDSU, $LSTR, $MCHP, $MCK, $MCRS, $MTW, $N, $NATI, $NEU, $NGVC, $PFPT, $PKI, $PMCS, $RGA, $RHI, $RVBD, $SIMG, $SYA, $TSYS, $TUES, $UIS, $VR, WYNN
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Volume 5,372,340

Proofpoint is a security-as-a-service vendor that delivers data protection solutions that help medium- and large-sized organizations protect their data from attack and enable them to effectively meet the complex and evolving regulatory compliance.

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  • July 26th, 2018 - 2018 Q2 Earnings
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