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  • champ: $FMSA @ $7.85 ---- Back in this morning....
  • Robert1965: @champ $FMSA What did see that made you get back in.
  • Robert1965: $FMSA Just got stopped out at $9.10
  • champ: $PBR up 5% is the leader and $FMSA is leading the Frackers...up 5.7%...I'm holding way too many positions
  • woodman: $CRR $EMES $FMSA $SLCA ($HCLP but not much) #Fracking - bouncing after big pullbacks.
  • Sher: @woodman $CRR $EMES $FMSA $SLCA $HCLP #Fracking - Are you in any of these?
  • woodman: @Sher $CRR $EMES $FMSA $SLCA $HCLP #Fracking - Only $CRR which I bought today.
  • Robert1965: @champ $FMSA have you added to this on the bounce, looks like a earnings run, a I am thinking up to $11.50, then a drop, like $EMES, your thoughts
  • Sher: @woodman $CRR $EMES $FMSA $SLCA $HCLP #Fracking - Thank-you ...
  • champ: @Robert1965 $FMSA $EMES ---- Yes, thats they way I'm playing it.... earnings on 3/9/PM. The nice buy was yesterday at $9.40 but know one really knowns whats going on...you just never can till...but all the frackers should be safe.... until their earnings...is my guess....and I will be adding again...but I just don't know when....I own all the frackers at this point....except $SLCA and I might take a position...after 3/9. $FMSA has a market cap of #2.. $2.1b and #1..is $SLCA at $4.1b... #3... is $HCLP at $1.1b ...#4.. is $EMES $491m and #5 is $CRR at $355m....I haven't looked at $FRAC or $SND.
  • Robert1965: @champ $FMSA Are you still in, looking for a rebound but so far none
  • champ: @Robert1965 $FMSA --- Still holding the fracking stocks ...long term for me. Remember $FMAS reports on 3/7.....all hard to hold ...just takes time.
  • champ: $FMSA @ $10.25 ....adding going into ER on 3/9/PM
  • champ: @issues $EOG $CVX $SLB $APC $HCLP $EMES ----- I'm holding $EOG $CLR $FANG $COP $OXY $PXD $PBR $HCLP $EMES $FMSA $CRR $BHI $NOV $ALJ $PBF $ETP $KMI $WPZ $NAT in the entry sector...I could have missed a couple. Watching many others...
  • champ: @Motorman $EMES --- You know anything can happen with this ...I only have a very small position....my play is with another 1/3 size position with $FMSA.
  • woodman: #Fracking - $SLCA $FMSA pullbacks could open up some opportunities, eventually. Not today but keep on radar, particularly if they hold channel. $EMES, short term topped. Not pretty.
  • tjv821: $fmsa anyone know why this is getting killed today??
  • champ: @tjv821 $fmsa --- All of the Sand....Fracking stocks were up even more this morning on the open....and they started selling off because $SLCA was sell on the open or you could say sell on the News...because of the nice gains. $EMES was up 20% on the open... just from yesterday morning....no surprise that all sold off.....especially $SLCA and $EMES....I'm only holding 1/2 of $FMSA for now....but I'm watching to add back to some of the others.....traders had to take profits....you buy stocks to make profits....and when they come in faster than they really should ....you... Have... to back out....for awhile and just wait for a new Entry. LOL
  • tjv821: @champ $fmsa $SLCA $EMES $FMSA ty for your response
  • stevef214: @Bridget $BABA $FB $AMD $DOW $SLCA $GRMN $PWN $FISV $CNI $LNT $FMSA $MMM $QVCA $FSLA $CSIQ $JASO $JKS $SND $IRTC $PTHN $PEN $CNDT What do you think of $BABA today. It's down but holding the 8EMA? Is this a god place to add?
  • champ: $EMES and $FMSA....could get another leg....
  • woodman: @champ $EMES $FMSA - ugh, I thought about replacing my sold $HLCP (due to coming earnings) $$ with $FMSA yesterday, but didn't pull the trigger.
  • champ: @woodman $EMES $FMSA $HLCP ----Look at the chart on $EMES...this one really has a lot of room to move....without bumping into any resistance.....but they are all moving up. I'm only holding these 2....with size..... going into earnings on both.....but I do believe it's just a matter of time before $FMSA breaks out even more from here.
  • woodman: @champ $EMES $FMSA $HLCP - thanks.
  • issues: @champ $EMES $FMSA Looking at the charts $EMES is up 100% in 3 months while $HCLP & $SLCA are up a mere 35%. It seems EMES (rhymes) is much more liable to a greater fall, i.e. more volatile... Do you think so too?
  • champ: @issues $EMES $FMSA ---- $SLCA Holders will be taking profits before and after ER.....I expect a beat....and it really needs to be a big beat or great guidance for the stock to bounce even more ....all entries are really hard at this point...but if they have a big beat along with guidance....you will see the others frackers bounce even more....going into their earnings like $EMES on 2/27 and $FMSA on 3/9. I have been in and out of all these names for a long time...you can see by looking at my posting thread.
  • Bridget: ...
    $FMSA - still in a squeeze
    $MMM - looking very strong, new 52 week high

    $QVCA - my dumpster diving stock today. Coming off a double or triple bottom on the weekly. Good volume today on this rise. Retail seems to be recovering lately. ER on 2/28. S ...
  • champ: $FMSA $12 ---- I have been holding this stock for a long time now and I'm way up...added yesterday and this morning....could be time for the next leg higher...????...long term hold for me....and I'm also still holding $EMES.
  • spmeyers: @champ $FMSA $EMES maybe but OIH looks like it wants to go down some more
  • issues: @champ $FMSA $EMES We bought $HCLP a few weeks ago, instead of $EMES. Now it looks like EMES would have been better.
  • champ: $SLAC $CRR $HCLP $SND and $FRAC @issues $FMSA $EMES $HCLP --- Thats what I think but it's really hard to tell at this point...this cycle is still early... for all the frackers...@Dan, was was talking about $FMSA in one of his Strategy Sessions not to ...
  • tjv821: $asix and $fmsa weak
  • stevef214: @tjv821 $fsma I think you mean $FMSA then the 20DMA is at $12.37 and the 50DMA is $11.08
  • tjv821: $fmsa debating on weather to see if I should sell at work and can't see moving day averages
  • tjv821: @stevef214 $fsma $FMSA ty for the help still profitable barely see if 50 day holds ty for your help
  • champ: @cmac $USO $CLR #oil - Yes, Oil is troubling at least 2 out of every 7 or so days it seems like. I did sell...took small profit on $CLR $COP and $APC all on difference days ....because I added to fracking stocks...like $EMES and $FMSA. A lot of zig-zags going on in this sector....really hard to trade.
  • champ: @tradeforfamily $EMES --- Should be a go...they already did a public offering on 11/18 and it was priced @$10...earnings are not until 2/23...I can't see much of anything now that would be holding this stock back. Good news out of $CRR this morning ...so that really helps....could get an earnings run because of CRR. The next fracker up to bat on earnings will be $SLCA on 2/21 and they should also beat and that should help $EMES even more.. for a few days.... $HCLP reports on 2/23 also and then $FMSA on 3/9....all systems should be set for a good run...I have been adding and I'm now watching and waiting to add one more time...I have 2 full positions now and I have been posting my adds. Thats the way I see it...so my plan is... I will add on any drop...All Aboard!
  • tradeforfamily: @champ $EMES $CRR $SLCA $HCLP $FMSA Thanks so much!
  • champ: @tradeforfamily $EMES $CRR $SLCA $HCLP $FMSA
  • champ: $EMES @ $16.20 up over 10% now. I have been in this stock for a long time now ...It just keeps climbing. This has been a real winner...the 2016 hi was $16.20...2015 hi was $58 and the 2014 hi was around $130.....still has a lot of room to climb....is why $GS upgraded this stock today. I have a large position and I added another 25% today @ $15.20 on the drop this morning...now I will be watching... to add again. I'm also holding $CRR and $FMSA for about a year now. All have been really big % movers...I have many posts on these stocks.
  • tjv821: Other stocks that are working $axas$geos $sgyp $sivb $uri $ $aig $evr $wu $utx $rop $fivn $arry $fmsa $ndrm $dgx $pkg $
  • champ: $CRR @ $11.10 moved back up thru $11... but I'm expecting more zig-zags....I really like this stock because it's a lagger and it really has a lot of room but I'm also holding $EMES and $FMSA....these are holds going forward for me....the first earnings report will be with $CRR on 1/23/AM. Earnings on all the other are in February and that also includes $HCLP and $SLCA.....so ....I'm not really not expecting any news that would dropped the price of these stocks other than the price of oil...which is going to zig-zag.....and traders taking profits.
  • champ: $FMSA $EMES $CRR $HCLP $SLCA ---$USO --- Will be getting the Rig count #'s today at 13:00 ET....by $BHI...looks like the fracking stocks are reacting ahead of the # because all are climbing. I added to $CRR @ $10.73 on a climb the other day and it ran up to $11.32 but my timing was off because it fell back from that high of $11.32 on that same day, on 12/21 but I'm still holding my full position...long term hold....also holding $FMSA and $EMES.
  • champ: @woodman $CRR - YW...It's on the move today....you still holding $EMES....? I'm still holding $EMES after that secondary on 11/18....also holding $FMSA.
  • woodman: @champ $CRR $EMES $FMSA - I don't have $EMES or $FMSA. Good job on FMSA which I know you've just been holding. FMSA looks like it would be hard to trade (for me anyway), as it seems pretty spiky/volatile, but good if you bought in good spots and are just holding it.
  • champ: @woodman $CRR $EMES $FMSA ---- On FMSA ....back in May or July I think it was but they are all zig-zagers... I add on drops....as they climb.
  • stevef214: @champ $CRR $EMES $FMSA $CRR, Yes nice move today and since you posted on it. Thx also
  • champ: @woodman $CRR ---I really like this one and $GS had an upgrade this morning...don't really know why they were waiting for so long....I started a new position on the low at the end of Oct and have been adding and posting....for about a year or more....I'm also holding my full positions in $EMES and $FMSA.
  • woodman: @champ $CRR $GS $EMES $FMSA Thanks, Champ. You've been on these for a while. I added to my $CRR today.
  • champ: @woodman $BRS $WG $CRR $HOS $OII $WFT #OilandGas - YW, and I guess I should repost my positions in this sector ...I'm holding swing positions in $CRR $FMSA $EMES $NOV and $BHI in this sector and I have been posting on all.
  • tmende: @GOOSE $FMAS $CRR $EMES Try $FMSA
  • maratom71: @cmaxwel1 $FMAS symbol $FMSA, thanks for posting.
  • champ: @cmaxwel1 $FMAS $CRR $EMES - Sorry ....$FMSA
  • maratom71: @champ @GOOSE@issues@tmende@woodman Can You'll correct your symbol $FMAS to $FMSA, TYIA!!!!!
  • maratom71: @champ $FMSA Thanks, tried to look at chart, there was none.
  • champ: $FMAS $CRR --- $EMES @ $11.10 - Great entry @ $9.75 on 11/18........This should be a go now....after the stock offering that was priced @ $10....and I'm still holding $CRR and $FMSA.....all long term holds.
  • champ: @bnnybklyn $CRR - After earnings....on the 10/28.. I bought a starter position and then I took a good size position after it dropped...around the low and I double up around $6.....and I will add again next time oil moves up. They said... that October was better month and we all know why that was....because Oil started to climb....the oil drillers have to stock all the material and sand ....before they gear-up....it does take time to get the product....I'm guessing this current quarter will be better for the companies in this sector because they are now shipping for next year. It takes time to start the drilling programs for each company... they have to plan and have everything on site.. I also have a position in $FMSA.
  • champ: $EMES @ $10.35 up over 14% watching but NP.....you can make good $$$$ on Bounce Candidates like this one but again NP ...I'm holding $FMSA and $CRR......all are up except $SLCA the loser for today....all the others are bouncing even $HCLP.
  • champ: $CRR @ $6.45 - $FMSA @ $7.85 - Reported in line #'s this morning....revs were up 18% QoQ ...they had greater volume ...I did hold thru earnings and I'm under water a little.....but I'm going to hold. $CRR had a nice bounce this morning but fell back and I'm still holding my full position and I'm up a little because I added the other day. This sector is waiting for $SLCA the biggest player in the sector to report today in the AH's.......but I have NP in this stock.
  • JJT1: @champ $CRR $FMSA $SLCA Thanks for info. I have been watching and planned on buying $HCLP and $SLCA when they bounced off 50 day SMA. Now they are both below and I will look for new entry at lower price...maybe.
  • champ: $FMSA reports in the morning...taking the loss....however, I'm holding 10% of my position over earnings.
  • champ: @Bridget $SLCA - All of these stocks are dropping $EMES $HCLP but $CRR is green a little and I'm holding $FMSA@ $9.00 so now I'm down a little but still holding for now....their must have been a down-grade in one of these names or in the sand fracking sector....if anyone knows about any news.....Please post.
  • JJT1: @champ $SLCA $EMES $HCLP $CRR $FMSA I can't find any news so here's my opinion. Just down as oil down today and frackers down $EOG $FANG $GPOR maybe some profit taking before earnings.
  • champ: @JJT1 $SLCA $EMES $HCLP $CRR $FMSA $EOG $FANG $GPOR - Thanks...the first one to report is $CRR on 10/27 tomorrow morning in the AM and then $HCLP on 10/31 Monday in the AH's.... $EMES on 11/2 ....then $FMAS and $SLCA on 11/3 ....if $CRR beats in the morning....that could push all the others up and they are still green but only by 4 cents.
  • champ: @issues $USO - I have no idea but I did Post that I took profits in all my energy names last week because of the nice run.....however, I'm still holding $FMSA $NBR $ALJ $KMI and this stock that I'm under water in $NAT but only a small loss at this point.
  • tnt: @champ $USO $FMSA $NBR $ALJ $KMI $NAT I am looking at $KMI here for a long.
  • champ: @tnt $USO $FMSA $NBR $ALJ $KMI $NAT - I'm also thinking about adding....But I'm thinking about waiting until next week....however... I'm watching. They make money on the volume that flow thru their pipelines...the demand...and as you know the price of oil or n-gas does have a small effect on demand....but the lower the price goes down the better for pipeline companies.
  • champ: $HCLP @$17.75 $FMSA @ $9.20 - They are both saying demand for Frac-up sand is picking - up...both are climbing.....and I'm long both.
  • woodman: @champ $HCLP $FMSA Nice job with these. Just yesterday I was lamenting the absence of $SLCA in my holdings.
  • Trixie: @champ $HCLP $FMSA I'm sure u'ed like the trend in $SLCA too. Can't get on board here. .P/B around the 20ma seems much better.. Not long but wished i was.
  • Alexandra: @champ $WFC Thanks Champ. $FMSA up today.
  • champ: $EMES and all of these fracking stocks are climbing for now with WTI-Oil and N-Gas drilling plays this morning...$SLCA $HCLP $FMSA $CRR...if you were to look at the 1 month chart... it looks like $EMES is the lagger of the group... could be why it's making a better move this morning ...now up 22.50%...I just wanted to point that out....for those who might not have looked....thats why I'm long this stock.
  • champ: $FMSA @ $8.40 up over 7% today - New position ...back in this fracturing sand and solutions stock this morning. Proppane Solutions for use in hydraulic fracturing and sand-based proppants for use in hydraulic fracturing operations in the US, Canada, Mexico, China, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. They are based in Chesterland, OH. They also have blended sands for foundry, building products, glass, turf and landscaping, filtration industries and others.....including White Frac Sand.
  • champ: $CRR at $14.90 HOD - Trying to climb even higher going into the close...on the YTD chart this is a lagger.....if you were to look at $SLCA, $HCLP and $EMES. I'm also long $FMSA.
  • champ: $EMES at $8.97 at HOD up 20%. These sand plays are all still working going into the Oil drilling rig count #'s tomorrow... which should go up again a little more tomorrow. I'm still holding $HCLP $EMES $FMSA and $CRR but NP in $SLCA....have been posting on these.
  • champ: @stevef214 $HCLP $EMES $FMSA $SLCA $CRR $HP- $HP and the ETF $OIH both moving up....good picks I'm long both now and still holding the sand stocks...I also added $WFT this morning off the news from last week and the upgrade this morning. This ETF $OIH could be the next sector to move. .
  • champ: $OIH at $29.35 up around HOD up 5.3% - The oil service sector is breaking out...$OIH $SLB $HP $BHI $WFT $HCLP $EMES $FMSA $PAA....I'm long these stocks with trailing stops.
  • champ: $SLCA and $FMSA - I'm now reading that both of these sand plays have the best access to rail and barge lines to ship sand quickly and will continue to take market share away from the others. With this access they save $20-$40 per ton over the others. They ship a 100 rail cars at a time. I didn't really know this until today. NP in $SLAC...because I have been reading that they will or could be buying one of the other....but it could be a rumor. However, they had a public offering and raised $200m in cash back in March and on that news their stock spiked up on 3/17 on volume and $SLCA has had the best move YTD.....just saying.
  • stevef214: @champ $HCLP $EMES $FMSA $SLCA $CRR Hopefully $HP and OIH will rise with them, I am long calls in both
  • champ: @stevef214 $HCLP $EMES $FMSA $SLCA $CRR $HP - Both good picks $OIH and $HP...but only with WTI Oil and know one really knows what oil is going to do in the short term. LOL
  • champ: $HCLP at $10.04 HOD up about 13% ...looks like we have a break out here this morning....still holding for now....also $EMES and $FMSA ....I have been posting on these stock.
  • champ: $SLCA up 5.4% $HCLP 16.5% $EMES 8.7% $FMSA 9% $CRR 3.3% all are up and appear to be breaking out and climbing...HOD for now. I'm still holding 3.
  • champ: $HCLP $EMES $FMSA - Really strong stocks today and all 3 were up around 20% on this breakout ..basically on news that more drilling rigs are gearing up to come back on line and had 9 oil rigs announced that they were back on line this week or last... ...
  • champ: $HCLP $EMES $FMSA - I'm Spec swing long in all 3 of these Frac - Sand plays... these sand fracking stocks have been moving up with WTI Oil...this small sector could move up even more. $SLCA could merge or buy out one of these stocks. There's obviously a chance... thats what I have been reading but I don't really know....just saying. I long because they have been moving up with oil.
  • woodman: $SCLA $HCLP $EMES $FMSA - Friggin' Frackers!
  • Bridget: I'm getting out of $FMSA. Was hoping this squeeze would result in a pop to the upside but today it appear that the move will be down.
  • Bridget: $FMSA found this one on my scanner today. Recent IPO that seems to be "done going down". Current resistance is at $9.50. I have a price alert set that if it breaks through this level and holds then I will buy. IPO price was $16.52. I will look to hold till we hit that price and then perhaps buy some more.
  • DAN: @Bridget $FMSA -- really good squeeze. Thanks for sharing that, Bridget. I like the chart.
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Stock Price $USD 3.73
Change 3.32%
Volume 11,577,800

FMSA Holdings Inc is a provider of sand-based proppant solutions. Its business is organized into two segments: Proppant Solutions and Industrial & Recreational Products.

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