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Strategy Session January 10th, 2018

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January 10th, 2018
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  • bRobert: $SCCO $JJC $FCX nh.. JJC at support. FCX above 50d
  • bRobert: $FCX Pre pop on earnings beat.
  • Bridget: Earnings after the close: $AMD $CMG $TXN $AKAM $T Earnings tomorrow morning: $BA $FCX $V $KO $LUV
  • bRobert: $SCCO $JJC $FCX SCCO JJC flags Weekly breakout FCX reports 10/25. High base. Will move. No edge
  • bRobert: $FCX . $SCCO FCX gap fill. Phase 2 hammer. SCCO . breakout. minimal pullback
  • Wolf: $FCX up 5% on weak dollar and strong metal prices. Long XL position.
  • debeers: $LRCX/$WTW/$FCX- Providing you didn't look back after last week, you saw Oprah rise again today. The little LAM gambols ahead of earnings and Dr. Copper $FCX is telling you that the economy isn't stalling out. Elsewhere $BLUE was the biggest bio winner as the lead Bio analyst at Evercore upgraded it to outperform.
  • bRobert: $VALE $SCCO . $FCX double bottom pop. FCX "scrum", congestion moving up. SCCO . head of class. Target $46
  • bRobert: $FCX Tight formation in preparation for nest move. Looks like a rugby scrum
  • bRobert: $JJC $VALE $FCX JJC trying to break out. Looking at copper stocks. VALE double bottom. FCX getting perky. Higher high/low. BHP resting on 50d.
  • success: @vfr777 $JJC . . $FCX is breaking out taking a very small starter position
  • success: @WCN, $FIVE . . Stops hit yesterday . . new adds today . . NPXI @Dans pick . . added my third buy of $SQ . . $GRUB got stopped out (2% stop) today . .$FCX bought for spec trade (idea from @vfr777 related to potential demand for copper)
  • bRobert: $ATI $FCX ATI short squeeze. FCX expect fcx to follow rest XME surge.
  • stevef214: $FCX Reversed down from nice open. Is this an add or sell opportunity? Anyone have thoughts?
  • woodman: $TECK $FCX - TECK is providing a low risk buy here (with a stop under $21 at a spot you are comfortable with) with comparatively good reward potential. Whether it rolls over at the 50 day remains to be seen. FCX is similar, and is bouncing better that is TECK, but the short term reward potential is not as high as TECK. FCX is testing the 50 day resistance area now. No position in either at this time, but I'm watching TECK.
  • infocus: @woodman $TECK $FCX Thanks for the idea. Starter position @21.22 with tight stop.
  • tejas7: $FCX 50 DMA going over 200 DMA now. Stock is falling today. Move towards January high of 16.80 working slowly. We do not know if it will cross that high, but I think it will at least try to reach there first. I am adding a little more today @14.50 on one smaller position I already own from Nov 16 @13.50. (most of the position got stopped out at 14 in March and I held onto the rest for very long)
  • Robert1965: $FCX, Yesterday got stopped out at 15.17, it hit a low of 14.64, then up 1% every hour closed at 15.21, is this one to re-enter
  • bwcarnation1: @Robert1965 $FCX if you like jim cramer he featured oil and copper charts by carley garner last night..short of it looking for both to go lower....short of it meaning the charts, not saying go short
  • gmj: $fcx, $scco anyone know of any reason other than a natural PB affecting these with $jjc still up this morning ?
  • :
  • gmj: Thx Bridget @Bridget $fcx $scco $jjc
  • Sher: $UPS - Nice reversal after touching 20-day MA, today - Oct. $115 call position back in the green. $EEM - Long Aug. $43.50 & $44 calls and looking to add Oct. $44 calls, as well - Reversal off this morning's low looks like beginning of phase 3. $ABX - Went long Oct. $17 calls, yesterday. $FCX - Getting beaten up, once again, on Sept. $15 calls... down 45%, despite settling feud with Indonesia over mining rights - Bounced off 20-day MA with this morning's low and now back above VWMA - Hopefully, this is just a phase 2 PB.
  • debeers: $FCX-copper AND gold are up today. There's your twofer. Expecting Grasberg agreement imminent for 2 year mining rights to Freeport.
  • am: Would you consider today's action as a reversal for $FCX and $ATI? it looks like $SCCO is better behaving, thoughts anyone?
  • issues: @am $FCX no just profit taking. Still holding
  • woodman: $FCX moving above the top its flag pole.
  • debeers: @woodman $FCX -Fine. I'll send out for a new one
  • Vehid: @debeers $FCX not much happening for $SCCO so far though
  • woodman: @Vehid @debeers $FCX $SCCO - $VALE working too.
  • Vehid: @woodman $FCX $SCCO $VALE The whole sector is working except the one that I own! Jizzzz
  • debeers: @Vehid $FCX $SCCO . Let the SCCO go and added to $FCX because of gold kicker.
  • Robert1965: $VALE $TECK, $FCX, has anyone added today, to these, I don't like adding near the HOD, but I have small positions
  • issues: @Robert1965 $VALE $TECK $FCX On the 10 day chart all look the same. We hold FCX. Have not added.
  • debeers: $FCX vs $SCCO- with all due respect, DAN, I like $FCX a whole lot more than $SCCO. $SCCO is only copper and has more expensive labor and with a little bit of luck,Grassberg should come together in the next week and that will give FCX a shield over 2 years with cheaper labor and you also have the shield of gold in case of market freakout.
  • cmaxwel1: @debeers $FCX $SCCO ($FCX holding since $13.56). I got long on copper and $FCX after the Orange Haired man won. Keeping long.
  • DAN: @debeers $FCX $SCCO Yeah, I understand the difference. I'm just looking at the chart, which I like. Very thin stocks -- just 40k traded so far today. Two weeks to cover, and at new highs. If I was Warren Buffet and looking for an investment in copper/metals, I'd buy FCX. But as a trader,...I like the action in SCCO -- though either one will do!!
  • woodman: @champ $TECK $AA - I have $FCX and $VALE on the same theory.
  • debeers: @DAN $FCX $SCCO ---And here I thought we were friends. LOL M r. Buffett is, in my humble opinion, one of the most odious and vile people in the universe. The interest rates he charged the banks to save them in the heart of the financial crisis would make the Biblical money changers blush. I don't know if you recall, but Gates publicly had to shame him into giving money to charities as he had never donated a red cent previously. Given his advancing years, he probably considered the tithe a cheap insurance policy.
  • issues: @cmaxwel1 $FCX $SCCO Orange haired. Humm I guess that's Trump. I never thought of it as orange. That's funny. Thanks for the snicker!
  • DAN: @debeers $FCX $SCCO Well, I can't argue with you about the ice cream man. I've never been a fan, and am quite familiar with all the things he did relative to the last market blowup. He helped cause it, and then he profited from it big time!

    I ha ...
  • debeers: $FCX/$CENX/$MDXG/$MTN/$WYNN.-Couple of notes this am. As opposed to last year, the government at Grassberg wants to get a deal done by October which would carry the entity through 2 years. $FCX has your inflation kicker built in. $MTN-don't forget we have an Olympic year and the stock will be ripping. $WYNN- and the other Macau coherts peaceful but WYNN has more room to run because the patrons can get in to the casino now. Boston Harbor permitting done. Do I think Wynn will overspend on the new casino? Yes. Do I think folks will li8ne up in droves to be in an elegant destination? You bet. ANY TAX RELIEF would be major for all of the operators.
  • DAN: $SCCO $FCX -- copper is breaking out.
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $FCX Freeport-McMoRan Inc.. Click here to view associated video clip:
  • captron: @DAN $SCCO $FCX Got in yesterday when Cramer started beating the drum.
  • DAN: @captron $SCCO $FCX Nice move. 8-) Ka ching!
  • tigerjohn8: @DAN $SCCO $FCX Dan "would you rather?" ;)
  • DAN: @tigerjohn8 $SCCO $FCX Would rather "SCCO". Thinner stock, and coming out of a squeeze to blue sky. FCX is the crowd favorite. I think both are going higher, but I like SCCO because it's up at a new multi-year high.
  • Sher: $FCX – New position – Long Sept. $15 calls @ $.68/share $UPS – Long Oct. $115 calls – Added to position, Fri. – Nice reversal off 7-27-17 bottom. $CC – Long Oct. $48 calls – Also added to this one on PB, Fri. $EEM – Bullish reversal continues – Long both Sept. $43.50 & $44 calls
  • issues: @Sher $FCX $UPS $CC $EEM Thank you Sher. Why did you choose FCX over SCCO? Others in the IBD group include $TGB $MSB & $TECK. IBD ratings $TECK pe of only 8 and IBD ratings 94 cumulative, B+ accumulative. But TECK looks like it's at resistance. It was at this high level in April. $FCX 87B $FCX and $CHGG look identical on the charts. Coincidence? Perhaps!
  • Sher: @issues $FCX versus $SCCO - $SCCO has little to no call activity - $FCX Sept. $15 stats are OI of 34,568 and Vol. of 7,815, today.
  • issues: @Sher $FCX $SCCO Thank you Sher. Really appreciate that info. I bought FCX! Hurray!
  • Sher: @issues $FCX, $SCCO - You are so fun... I wish you lived in So. FL!
  • Ernest: $FCX I do not like todays candle, is anyone tightening their stops?
  • Robert1965: $FCX anyone adding here I waited too long this morning
  • debeers: $CENX/$FCX$KITE/$MTN/$WYNN- Sold $ULTA this am because I was wrong. It doesn't matter what i like if no one else does. FYI-$RCL has seen the average age demo drop for its cruises by 5 years. This is part of the continuing experiential story: cruising, skiing, gambling . Gwenzee's KITE still flying. When the SMH went below 85 this am, sold my LAM. When the index goes up (after 2nd week of Sept. perhaps??)will buy it right back.
  • bRobert: $JJC $FCX jjc up over 2%. Fcx up 4% . weekly flag.
  • bRobert: $FCX If rises above $15.27 . measured move is to $19 area. 200d Long calls
  • woodman: I haven't been trading (and hence not posting) due to vacation then being swamped with work. I did buy some $FCX and $VALE today, however.
  • DAN: @woodman $FCX $VALE Can't disagree with you, woodman. Both look pretty solid. Neither breaking out yet...but looking frisky. (Nice to see you back). DAN
  • woodman: @champ $PKG $TECK - With $PKG, what I'd be "hoping" for is a breakout from the squeeze to new highs. Too early to say that's about to happen. I have no position in PKG. I don't have $TECK, and when I looked at it today versus $FCX, I felt more comfortable going with $FCX at that particular juncture. It would have been nice if I already had TECK. Oh well.
  • champ: @woodman $PKG $TECK $FCX --- Entry looks good at this level. Their is news...Reuters had news yesterday, about a flash flood in their Indonesia'a operations....but should be alright...? Don't know if you saw that news.....
  • woodman: @champ $PKG $TECK $FCX - I did not see the news. I haven't been trading much at all, or keeping up well with the market, b/c of vacation followed by a heavy work load. I'm still limited in my ability to trade, or at least to trade with some modicum of good judgment. That's why I've been absent from the Forum for the last couple/few weeks. I probably should't be trading at all given all this. :-?
  • bRobert: $JJC $FCX copper at highs. Will add to long in FCX above $15.25 Cup/handle trigger . Measured move $19+
  • woodman: $FCX pennant.
  • bigbartabs: @woodman $FCX ... that's more than a pennant. More like a 50 foot flag... waving in the wind... on one of those 100 foot flag poles! I can almost see the stars and stripes.
  • woodman: @bigbartabs $FCX - you're right! (Why do I have an urge to salute as I post this?)
  • bigbartabs: @woodman $FCX ... as I used to say to a good friend "Jose, can you see?"
  • woodman: @bigbartabs $FCX - that was the name of my blind carpenter. He quit out of the blue one day after he picked up a hammer and saw.
  • barbjim12: @woodman $FCX that was one of my favorite sayings I used on my grandkids. they thought I was crazy!!! Nice I not the only one.
  • optionswealth: @woodman $FCX Top that off with the 140 dma already crossed above the 200dma and the 50dma is not far behind. The 50 dma is asserting itself. (-8
  • Bridget: @optionswealth $FCX I sent out an idea to buy the Sep $15 Covered Call for $14.10. Yields 6% in less than 45 days. This may not break out but it does give you a good cost basis.
  • stevef214: @Bridget $FCX Do you mean buy the stock and sell a Sep $15 covered call? I get that closer to 3%, although still not bad.
  • DavidM: @stevef214 $FCX This position can be purchased right now for 13.98, yielding over 7% if called away.
  • Bridget: @stevef214 $FCX yes. You get 3% from the premium on the call but it also allows for another 3% of upside move if you get called away at expiration.
  • stevef214: @Bridget $FCX Ah yes
  • woodman: @barbjim12 $FCX - It was a favorite of my father's and has stuck with me for life. That said, it doesn't rule out the possibility that you are crazy. :-)
  • bRobert: $JJC $FCX $NTES Copper breakout. Looking for follow through in miner FCX. NTES Squeezing down. Looking for earnings run. Other Chinese names also perky. BABA WB ......
  • bRobert: $fcx flag. JJC rocking. fcx the miner
  • Wolf: @bRobert $FCX $X Agree. $GLD had a dragonfly yesterday and is up .35 pre-market. Watch $FCX for a reversal. Long XL position and weekly 14.5 calls @ .15.
  • bRobert: $fcx Watching for phase 3. copper (jjc) and gold up. Should run
  • bRobert: $FCX $X FCX flagpole X low vol pullback after pop. Looking to add on resumption move
  • tejas7: Metals- especially Steel sector $AKS $TECK $FCX
  • Sher: $FCX – Took profits on Aug. $13 call position, which jumped 120% following this morning’s ER – Was considerably underwater at yesterday’s close - Bailed way too early & unable to get back in – Calls now up 233% - Yes, I left a huge amount on the table and, yes, I am in full sob-mode… $JD – Took profits on Aug. 41 calls, yesterday, EOD – Still holding Aug. $42 calls and added Aug. $43 call position, this morning. $JBLU – Has turned into a total trading fiasco, despite strong ER – Long Sept. $23 calls, which have taken a recent beating, and decided to hedge position by adding long puts, EOD, yesterday – Currently getting clobbered on both ends of the trade!
  • indigo1948: @Sher $FCX $JD $JBLU - been there in full sob-mode multiple times but profit is profit and yesterday it was a loss-never look back.
  • Sher: ...
    $FCX – Took profits on Aug. $13 call position, which jumped 120% following this morning’s ER – Was considerably underwater at yesterday’s close - Bailed way too early & unable to get back in – Calls now up 266% - Ye ...
  • Sher: ...
    $FCX & $JBLU are giving me considerable grief and both report in the morning – Not sure about my game plan, at this point…

    $ABBV – Shoot… Big reversal on long call (Aug/Sept) positions, today – Guess I should hav ...
  • Sher: ...
    $FCX & $JBLU are giving me considerable grief and both report in the morning – Not sure about my game plan, at this point…

    $ABBV – Shoot… Big reversal on long call (Aug/Sept) positions, today – Guess I should hav ...
  • Sher: $AA - $.04 beat on earnings, revenues in-line, narrows FY17 guidance - Stock down 2.5% AH - NP in $AA, but have multiple positions in $CENX & $FCX, so was looking for a strong earnings kick-off.

    New long call positions: $FEYE – Aug. $16 &nda ...
  • Sher: $AA - $.04 beat on earnings, revenues in-line, narrows FY17 guidance - Stock down 2.5% AH - NP in $AA, but have multiple positions in $CENX & $FCX, so was looking for a strong earnings kick-off.

    New long call positions: $FEYE – Aug. $16 &n ...
  • bRobert: $JJC $FCX $VALE $GLD $GDX Copper breaking out with moves in miners. Perky action precious metals. COT reports least number long contracts in a very long time. Might be leaning the wrong way.
  • bwcarnation1: $FCX now up 5+% on big vol and above 13.19 last resistance
  • Wolf: @bwcarnation1 $FCX I don't see any news, but GLD is up .5% and CPER is up 3.3%, so probably increase in product price. Hope it keeps going.
  • Sher: $BX - Rocking... Lovingly long Aug. $33 calls... $EEM - Back in Aug. calls, but this time at the $43 strike. $AUPH - Ha! My July $7.50 call position is up 500% - Have added, here & there, in a "bail water" fashion - Calls hit an AT low of $.02 on 7-11-17, so was expecting them to expire worthless on Fri. - They've regained Nasdaq listing compliance, but don't think that's solely responsible for today's 11-12% gains. $EEM – STC Aug. $42.50 calls, 37% gain - Anticipating PB, here. Metal ERs: $AA (Wed., A/C), CENX (chged. to 8/2/17, AC), $FCX (7/25/17, B/O) – Exuberant expectations for all - Long Sept. $CENX & Aug. $FCX calls.
  • DAN: @Sher $BX $EEM $AUPH $AA $FCX $CENX Nice move on $AUPH. Big winner today!! 8-) Ka Ching!!
  • Sher: $FCX - Added to Aug. $13 call position (opened this AM) @ $.60 - Poised to run into earnings... $KEM – Squeeze breakout continues – Up 2.3% today - This is a Schwab “A-listed” stock and 1st Qtr. projections, due 7-27-17 (B/O), are beyond stellar: Estimates are they’ll earn $0.20 non-GAAP per share, an increase of 227.83% over the prior year first quarter non-GAAP results, and will generate revenues of $252.6M, an increase of 36.60% over the prior year first quarter results. Currently long Aug. $15 calls (thinly-traded) – Jumped out of prior Aug. $14 call position w-a-y too early…
  • PRK: @Sher $FCX $KEM I added to $KEM. Thank you for posting this information.
  • stevef214: $XME $FCX FCX moving today on positive comments from Jefferies about the Grasberg mine talks, NP as of yet. $CLF having a nice move along with the XME which is looking that it could continue its move up. Long $CLF
  • audrina0904: @stevef214 $XME $FCX $CLF I am also long $CLF from much lower levels, I added on the higher low which to me confirms the bottoming base. IO numbers continue to rise in China as well.
  • stevef214: @audrina0904 $XME $FCX $CLF yes I am in from much lower. I did not trade last week so no add yet.
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Change -2.04%
Volume 16,545,500

Freeport-McMoRan Inc, formerly Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, deals in the mining of copper, gold and molybdenum.

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