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Strategy Session February 15th, 2018

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  • bRobert: $FB squeezing on 5d chart. Will add above $180.50 . Target 1 $185
  • rck89: @bRobert $FB I've also been watching....$180 is like an iron ceiling! I'll also add to my options positions, if it pierces $180!
  • Sher: Yesterday: $BYD – Added to Jan. $29 call position – Phase 3 move underway... $FB – BTO Dec. $120 calls $JD – Initiated Jan. $40 long call position – Also holding Dec. $41 calls Today: $EEM – Took profits on Nov. $45 calls – Still long Dec. $45.50 calls To keep things honest, taking losses on $ATI, $NTNX & $X call positions, which pretty much wiped out the month’s gains - No excuses, here…
  • michaelH: @Sher $BYD $FB $JD $EEM $ATI $NTNX $X Question, Why so deep in the money w/ 120 on the FB calls?
  • bRobert: $FB Next step? Decent initial entry if no position.
  • bRobert: $FB intraday squeeze. Long leap calls. Added earlier
  • Robert1965: @bRobert $FB what are the leaps
  • bRobert: $FB intraday squeeze breakout
  • bRobert: $FB sloppy high base. Trigger > 183. Target $200. Annoying unfilled gap 172.50 area
  • bRobert: $FB Strong underlying support . remains above breakout area
  • rachel: ...
    15. $FB
    16. $ETFC – holding in base pattern above $43. Brokers are doing well ($CBOE, $SCHW, $AMTD)
  • bigbartabs: @rachel $XLF $JPM $BAC $T2100 $T2125 $SPX $DJI $MACD $DJT $CSX $NDX $JNK $HYG $GLD $YY $EPS $ESNT $SQ $GBTC $LRCX $BABA $OLLI $PAYC $NVDA $ROKU $FANH $CZR $JUNO $FB $ETFC $CBOE $SCHW $AMTD ... great notes. Thanks for posting this daily. This is especially valuable for our newer SMM members.
  • bRobert: $FB Tight consolidation/wedge above breakout area. Forming high base. Alert >$183 Long leap calls. .
  • rachel: ...
    10. $FB – right time to buy? Yes...but is it an outperformer?
    11. $TTD – very good example of why your first loss is your best loss.
    12. $ROKU -- Squeeze continues. How many shares are short? Not seeing much. What are institutions doi ...
  • bRobert: $FB To say that FB just tracks the SPY is plain wrong. It is up over 50% this year. 100% over 2 years. (SPY up 16% this year) Look at the weekly chart. Does this look like a stock that just tracks the SPY? It's a mistake if this wasn't part of a long term portfolio. Cheap valuation PEG < 1. You might not like the CEO, but you can invest in this or MO and give the money to charity.
  • optionswealth: @bRobert $FB I took it that Dan was talking about the next few months and not the past or very far in the future.
  • bRobert: @optionswealth $FB g This is really a great holding stock. Over 50% annual growth for the past 5 years. Try to time and trade every blip it if you like. The big money was made holding it. Huge mistake if you missed the move due to poor timing. . If this isn't a true holding stock, what is? These days it is one of the rare stocks where fundamental analysis goes hand in hand with outperformance.
  • rachel: ...
    1. $FB – This will just track the S&P
    2. $AMZN – faltering here. Long term uptrend is still intact. Zell says that $AMZN needs to be 25% of the US economy in 5 years in order for the value to be justified. No it doesn’t. Th ...
  • michaelH: #DAN $NVDA #Long term holders: I've listened to Dan's commentary and advice that long term holders who have a profit in a stock should take 1/2 off prior to earnings. Such prudence may make sense for the short term, but I must set forth a different v ...
  • rck89: @michaelH $NVDA $FB $CELG #DAN #Long So are you holding your entire $NVDA position, into earnings tonight?
  • michaelH: @rck89 $NVDA $FB $CELG #DAN #Long yes
  • Lynda: @michaelH $NVDA $FB $CELG #DAN #Long I agree with you, this approach didn't work out for me. I sold $LRCX and $NVDA and I can't get back in. I am talking long term too. I would rather hold long a good stock in a good company and not be chained to my computer every day watching every second.
  • RedLeaf1: @michaelH $NVDA $FB $CELG #DAN #Long Thanks for alternate viewpoint.
  • mariner: @michaelH $NVDA $FB $CELG #DAN #Long For this very reason I've started to experiment with buying inexpensive out of the money puts which will be in the money in the event of a substantial post earning drop. I'm especially likely to do this on high f ...
  • leb: @michaelH $NVDA $FB $CELG #DAN #Long Thanks for your post. I have been struggling with same issue with regard to Dan's advice I guess your approach would be guided by whether you consider yourself a trader and/or investor with regard to a particular holding or portfolio.I think most of the time Dan's advice is geared toward trading short or medium term and less toward long term strategy
  • DAN: @leb $NVDA $FB $CELG #DAN #Long Hey team. I have no issue with what you're saying here. It all depends on what works for you. And from what you're saying, holding through earnings is working. That's encouraging to see, because it means that you're in the right stocks. 8-)
  • DAN: @michaelH $NVDA $FB $CELG #DAN #Long Seriously, @rck89, @michaelH, @Lynda, @RedLeaf1, @mariner, @leb, don't let me sway you from what works. I'm sure that $CELG is just an outlier. If you've been holding it for 6 years, you're still up 220%...which ...
  • bRobert: $FB Long leap calls will add above $180
  • bRobert: $FB adding to long via call spreads . when >180.
  • bRobert: $FB Next target $184.60 . fib . 1,272 extension.
  • bRobert: $FB Flag over breakout area. Watching for move through $180 Target 1 $184.50 Fib 1.272 ext
  • Henry: $FB Cramer having a stockgasm over $FB
  • gwenzee: @Henry $FB Very cute,
  • bRobert: $FB Retest of breakout. Gift for long term holders. Raised guidance for 2019. Corporate tax reform won't hurt this company. Long leap calls
  • bRobert: $FB Positive retest of breakout area 177.40. Can use this as trading stop , if desired , instead of 50d 171.90 Still a gap at 172- 174 area. Long term holders, not an issue
  • Lynda: @Robert1965 $FB @ 4:05 pm
  • Bridget: Earnings after the Close: $FB $GPRO $RIG $QCOM $YELP $TSLA $SHAK Earnings before open tomorrow: $APA $YUM $CHK $BABA $RL
  • mopick: $FB, anybody holding this over earnings out after the bell?
  • Gmoore: @mopick $FB Yes, but I've owned it since late last year. It's beat expectations every quarter this year.
  • traderbren: @mopick $FB - yes, I have a slug that I've held long-term, and will hold over earnings, but I may sell my Nov 175 Calls to minimize any risk since they are up bigly.
  • Henry: @mopick $FB me, no guts no glory. Actually I looked at the various times I owned it and I never get back in soon enough once I sell.
  • Bridget: @mopick $FB I'm holding short $175/$170 BuPs through earnings.
  • Henry: $FB Revs up 47% sorry I can't type $1.59 eps
  • Henry: $FB The wild west out there, it spiked to 188, dropped to 180.3 and is now 183.7, all in 3 minutes.
  • champ: $FB $XPO $MLCO $PXD $FRAC $WPZ $BLL ----- Holding positions in these stocks into earnings. These 3... report in the morning $MLCO $FRAC $WPZ
  • Mpower27: @Henry $FB sounds like someone just had to friend FB
  • mopick: $FB, parted with some of my position in front of earnings. Big expectations.
  • Robert1965: $FB Earnings 11/1 is it before or after markets, Fidelity is not giving the info
  • Bridget: @Robert1965 $FB I have "after market hours"
  • bRobert: @Robert1965 $FB After
  • Robert1965: @Bridget $FB Thanks
  • Henry: @Robert1965 $FB In the news today for the "Russian" connection. Russian financed groups sponsored protests (on both sides of racially charged issues) FB and GOOGL supposed to testify before Congress this week. This is sort of old news, but different, in that it wasn't just ads it was actual facebook groups
  • Henry: @Henry $FB The stock has weathered the red scare of the day and MKM Partners are predicting a big earnings beat and a $200 pt
  • bRobert: $FB nh. Target 1 $179 . (fib extension) . Earnings next week. Long leap calss
  • champ: $FB $AAPL both still moving-up ...still holding..for now...just because their not in stock, sales are still strong ...and should continue into X-Mas, I'm reading .
  • bRobert: @champ $FB $AAPL Long Leap calls. Will likely roll up profits to OTM . call spread prior to earnings . (LEAPS)
  • champ: @bRobert $FB $AAPL ---- Yes
  • bRobert: $FB $179 . 1.272 Fib extension. Target Earnings 11/1 trumps charts .
  • Bridget: ...
    $FB - starting its run into earnings, same with $AAPL
    $AVGO - breakout from this downtrend
    $ATVI - breakout from downtrend, ER on 11/2
    $EOG - breakout from tight squeeze, ER on 11/2
    $UPS $FDX - breaking out of squeeze
    $PAYX - breaking out on the wee ...
  • rachel: ...
    8. $FB -- now this should break out.
    9. $EXPE -- Dragonfly doji...Buy signal at $124.55
    10. $BIDU -- Stocks that are going higher don’t do this. Likely to find support here...but there’s supply now.
    11. $ALGN -- Big blastoff. Even the ...
  • sagsworth: @Dan, Last week you thought $FB could make a earnings run to 200. I’m getting hit hard with losses in options on this down about 40% in the last few days. Need your or other members advice please. Thanks Sagsworth
  • PhilHarmonic: @sagsworth $FB You should have had a plan in place if your original thesis did not work out. Now its hard to tell when the stock will stop going down. Will support at the 50 dma hold? Or will support kick in at the 160 level? Risk management should not be an after thought. I recently purchased the stock with a plan to sell some what below the 50dma, if the stock did not perform to my expectations. I will take my small loss rather the suffer the psychological pain of seeing greater losses and not knowing when they will end. Of course the stock could still rocket up to the 200 levels. There's a little bit of gambling when buying for the short term gains.
  • bRobert: @sagsworth $FB Options leverage cuts both ways. Are you too overweight? Too short a time frame? Stops on calls? I trade options on FB with a longer time frame. I hold leap call SPREADS. and trade around a core. The leaps give me enough time for the stock to work. Call spreads mitigate any short term losses due to the short call. (I often buy back the short call after a downswing) After big runsI sell my trading position (keep core) . and wait for a pullback.
  • DAN: @sagsworth $FB No earnings run has materialized. The stock couldn't hold $175, and that is a very important "tell". With options, the leverage can be great when you're right, but it can really hurt you when you're wrong (or...when the sto ...
  • DICKY: @DAN $FB You offer such sage advice Thanks
  • rachel: ...
    21. $FB – super choppy. Volatility and volume after a big run are not positive. Staying away from this one.
  • sagsworth: @Dan $aapl,$fb time to bail❓
  • DAN: @sagsworth $aapl $fb Depends on your timeframe, but I wouldn't sell either right now because they appear to be done for the day. Likely to stabilize from here. But if they break to new lows today, you should consider at least lightening up.
  • DAN: @sagsworth $aapl $fb $AAPL I don't like AAPL at all. I think this latest roll out has been a complete embarrassment for them. They release the iPhone 8, with the only real distinguishing factor being a higher resolution camera for all the selfies ...
  • rck89: @DAN $aapl $fb $AAPL $FB Wow! So tell us how you really feel about $AAPL? LOL
  • bRobert: $FB Retest breakout area.Very Healthy. Makes for safer secondary entries when confirmed.
  • DAN: @rck89 $aapl $fb $AAPL $FB It's just been a comedy of errors. I'm a customer. I really wanted to buy the latest iteration of the iWatch. Need a good "sleep" app to track the little sleep that I do get. But given the various problems the ...
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $FB Facebook Inc.. Click here to view associated video clip: http://stockmarketmentor.com/stockanalysis.html?ticker=FB&clip=91954
  • Forexpro: Re: ToS, Oil Good Morning, Friends, ToS added some features over the weekend; the most meaningful, to me, is an improvement in implied vol charts. In past iterations, only daily numbers were produced; now, supposedly, the output will conform to the timeframe of the chart, e.g. an hourly chart will generate hourly implied vol readings. Pretty handy, if the results are accurate. I've attached an hourly chart of $FB, with the indicator. On the oil front, the FT obsrrves: :Crude oil was the standout mover in early Monday trading as conflict between Iraqi and Kurdish forces broke out south of the oil-rich city of Kirkuk. Energy stocks in Europe and Asia climbed." It's always something. Best of luck today!
  • bRobert: $FB top of range . Stops raised on partial
  • Gary: ...
    $FB -- $175 resistance. Wouldn’t buy until high volume move above $175.
    $KEM – still going.
    $HTHT – strong uptrend along 50-day MA. Volume picked up in August. Very steep run now, but active and focused traders can buy near 20-day ...
  • mainesurf: #videos is there a way to search the SMM site and pull up the videos that a certain ticker was discussed in? For example, I want to pull up the last couple videos where $FB was discussed.
  • geotheo: @mainesurf $FB #videos http://stockmarketmentor.com/stockanalysis.html --- Go there and type in your symbol
  • mainesurf: @geotheo $FB #videos Thanks, I knew there had to be a way, I was just using the wrong search.
  • Gary: ...
    1. $FB – failed at $175. Still rangebound, but not a catalyst for higher market activity.
    2. $AMZN – failed at 1,000. Like FB – at the top of a sideways ranging channel.
    3. $AAPL – not seeing any reason to own this. Batter ...
  • traderbren: $FB - seeing a bid in the face of some bashing even from Cramer.
  • traderbren: $FB -- getting traction here.
  • bRobert: $FB if takes out $172+ . area, it can run to $180. Not much fib resistance on daily chart . Stop $168
  • bsafriet: $FB $AMZN $AAPL $NFLX $GOOGL All the FAANG stocks sold off today, But somehow the $QQQ managed a small gain. Emphasizes that the action is in the small caps.
  • bRobert: $FB Move above the 50d and Fib resistance 170.6. Pretty Bullish. Opens up POSSIBILITY of run to 180. Long leap calls
  • sierramp: Does the movement of $FB in the last two days look like a Bull trap? I am suspect of the break lower after two months of consolidation.
  • tigerjohn8: @sierramp $FB I don't know, it could be. I'm keeping a pretty tight stop on it.
  • bRobert: @sierramp $FB It might be. 50d has been violated before. Is it resistance this time? Only know after the fact. Adjust your risk.
  • SMMReif82: $FB $AMZN, $AAPL, $NFLX $NVDA $GOOG Any comment on FAANNG? All rallied today on lower volume than the last two days except GOOG, which had higher volume.
  • Mpower27: @SMMReif82 $FB $AMZN $AAPL $NFLX $NVDA $GOOG off the cuff, these had been selling off for the previous few days. I would of expected a bounce at some point.
  • Vehid: ...
    2) Click on chain icon to identify tickers($FB) and hashtags(#Oil). Then hovering on tickers by mouse shows 3 month chart similar to SMM. Clicking on tickers and hashtags opens a popup showing all your notes related to that ticker or hash tags.
    3) C ...
  • Bridget: $FB has broken below the 50dMA and getting close to the previous low at $165
  • Amykris: Does anyone know what's going on with $FB? Is this Zuck selling shares to fund is presidential run in 2020? Lol
  • PhilHarmonic: @Amykris $FB It's the Russia thing.
  • captron: $NVDA $FB $OLED Just took a look at my long term portfolio. Ouch! Then I looked at the IBD50. Only 12 are green. Don't feel so bad now.
  • DAN: The weak open has accelerated to the downside though we could see a snapback today. As noted this morning, all of the "FAANNG" stocks are selling today. If only one or 2 were selling, it wouldn't mean much. We've seen it before. But whe ...
  • Vehid: average volume/today so far $GOOGL 1.3M/1M=1.3 $NVDA 12M/15M=0.8 $NFLX 5.6M/5.4M=1 $AAPL 27M/32M=0.84 $AMZN 2.88M/2.9M=1 $FB 24M/12M=2
  • Gary: ...
    COTD: $FB -- __ ways to see this is going lower.
    1. 50-day MA at $169
    2. S1 -- $169.
    3. Last low - $165. Converts all base buyers into losing trades.
    4. $MACD/Momentum – already showing weakness.
    5. Volume – heavy at open. Different t ...
  • champ: @jan2138 $APPL $FB --- Yes, $AAPL....I don't know why I do that.... but I do it all the time...Thanks.
  • jan2138: @champ $APPL $FB $AAPL I did that many times when I was long quite a bit ago.
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Facebook Inc operates a social networking website. The Company's products are Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Oculus. Its products enable people to connect and share through mobile devices and personal computers.

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