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Strategy Session August 9th, 2016

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  • Lou: Hot off the press, just posted on Oppenheimer website is Ari Wald's Top Ideas for 2018 technical report. He's high on Financials and Transports for 2018.
    Here's his summary:

    Ahead of our 10 Big Numbers for 2018 macro outlook that we plan to
    publish ...
  • steve71: @DrScience $MSFT Microsoft is one with huge overseas cash, waiting for the tax bill to be signed. Others are $AAPL $GOOG $ORCL $C $JPM Maybe the "repatriation trade" is coming to fruition.
  • Suz: @steve71 $MSFT $AAPL $GOOG $ORCL $C $JPM $C should get hit on the move back to the USA as well as AIG as they both have substantial profits stored offshore that they will have to pay taxes on. $C was #1 on the list of stocks who could get hurt on the repatriation.
  • steve71: @Suz $MSFT $AAPL $GOOG $ORCL $C $JPM #1 Right, $C def on the list. Barron's had a slightly different angle a few weeks ago. They mentioned $HPE $GILD $TDC $HPQ as repatriation plays. Their absolute $ overseas were not as high. But the amount of overseas funds is the highest % of each company's market cap. I'm sure an English major could have said that more clearly.
  • Tony220397: @Suz $MSFT $AAPL $GOOG $ORCL $C $JPM #1$citi, their bad assets over sea now worth less now!
  • michaelH: @Suz $MSFT $AAPL $GOOG $ORCL $C $JPM #1 re $C but who's to say they repatriate?
  • champ: $BAC ---- The $TNX 10-year Interest rate dropped today and took the banks down, with it and Gold bounced. Sold these positions yesterday $GS, $C and $BAC this morning at $29.30. I posted yesterday, that the sector could get a little I took profits.
  • bRobert: $C Same setup as BAC. Target $85 . Trigger >77 . Long 2019 Leap calls
  • issues: @bRobert $C which do you like better $BAC $C or ? for an add or new buy?
  • bRobert: @issues $C $BAC C is the cheapest price to book. Well capitalized and is doing 33% buy back. One bank......this one. I'm long JAN 2019 LEAPS. Very profitable. Will continue to add. This will be a $100 stock faster than many think.
  • Ernest: @bRobert $C Robert, first, thanks' for all your posts. I read most, and find them very helpful. I have a quick question, how do you figure the target prices ? I've been trying to figure it out using the daily charts, but I am not sure I get it.
  • bRobert: @Ernest $C Usually calculating targets from measured moves of classic chart patterns using the daily/weekly charts. Often there are several patterns in play in the best stocks. the best stocks complete most of the setups. The chart pattern is used as an estimate. It doesn't entitle you to make money and still necessitates good risk management. Failed patterns are helpful too since they often lead to an aggressive counter move. C . has a weekly cup/h targeting $87. High base daily targeting $83+
  • bRobert: @issues $C $BAC You can buy the XLF and have a bit more safety in numbers
  • Forexpro: Re: $JPM, $C Hi, Friends, SeekingAlpha reports that $JPM and $C will not participate in clearing Bitcoin futures contracts, although $GS says that it will, for some customers. I think that's a prudent decision; even with initial margin set at 35 percent, clearing firms are too exposed to major losses, or so it seems to me, with little in the way of rewards. Here's hoping that your day is going well; all the best!
  • champ: $GS....I'm holding a large Spec Day trade this stock, this morning and I will be swinging $BAC $C and this dog $WFC.
  • champ: $BAC $C and my Spec $WFC ---- Many sold bank stocks going into the Vote. I sold 3/4th of my Spec Day trade on $GS but I'm swinging my other bank positions.
  • champ: @Robert1965 @SusanW ---- $C...$BAC $JPM ---- I really like the banks but everything is moving really fast....I will like them better, after I see how, the vote turns out tomorrow....I don't know... if I should add or not....hard to say. I'm watching $C RHRN.
  • champ: $BAC $WFC ----- $C New position this morning.....all banks are still climbing. Now I'm holding all 3 banks.
  • DrScience: $XLF $BAC $JPM $C Banks liking what the Fed's Jerome Powell had to say at this morning's Senate Banking Committee hearing.
  • MtChet: @DrScience $XLF $BAC $JPM $C - I can't believe nobody else is talking about the banks. Long $JPM and $C
  • champ: @MtChet $XLF $BAC $JPM $C ---- I had a post that banks are pushing the markets higher today and this is a #BreakOut, for the sector....holding large positions and posted $BAC and I even had a post on $WFC.
  • Bridget: Notes: Lots of breakout today from squeezes: $DIA $GLW $BAX $AFL $CHRW $MCD $LEA $UNH $PII $FAST $XRT - lots of retail stocks that have been beaten down are showing some strength $M $ANF $TJX $BBY $THO $WGO - up big after earnings Banking stocks rallying today $XLF $KBE $BAC $C $SCHW $ETFC $AMTD Also credit cards - $V $MA $AXP Tech is a mixed bag $AMD $NVDA $ADI - pulling back $MSFT $NFLX - about to breakout Aeospace & Defense up today $HON $BA $LLL Shorting $ALRM $BSX $MOMO
  • SusanW: $C I am wondering if C is at a good buy point today.
  • Forexpro: @SusanW $C

    Hi, SusanW,

    There are never any guarantees, but on the slightly different chart setup that I use as my default, yes, $C looks buyable. The only pending negative news that I'm aware of concerns Europe; according to the Financial Times ov ...
  • champ: @SusanW $C --- I really like $C but NP, at this point. Its 50/50....everything is all about next week....its only a guess, until the markets get the news but on positive news, Banks are going to have a major move higher. Be aware...traders/gamblers are at work today and could be all week and even on the 1/2 day, on Friday. I want to take new positions and I'm holding back and its hard to hold back but day a swing trades might work and I'm trading a few. ... and I should point out that.... I'm holding my position in $BAC into the news and it might be alright to take a new small position but its all about risk and the risk part is up to you and the size of any new position would be important.
  • champ: $DJI ---- #MarketTiming ----- #StockEntryTiming ---- #SectorTiming ---- #MarketRisk ---- Just posting a little info on timing, that will help improve profits on New Positions. #1 Market always important before you invest in the markets, y ...
  • dpugh: $JPM I got in this and then sold a bit ago. Watching $C too... does anyone think this might be a smoke is clear back to the upside for these banks?
  • champ: @dpugh $JPM $C ----- Look at their earnings power and who is the % leader over the last few quarters and years and which one will have the most too gain, stock wise. On $BAC, they payed out the most, on fines...over $60 billion $$$$, hard to believe ...
  • grcjr: $BAC $C $GS $JPM $MS $WFC - all down today. All still in their channel. Not seeing any news.
  • champ: @grcjr $BAC $C $GS $JPM $MS $WFC ---- Markets are dropping a little and Interest rates are dropping a little but not much, the 10-year is only down -0.39%...some are taking profits....the odds are now 92%, that they will raise interest rates.
  • grcjr: @champ $BAC $C $GS $JPM $MS $WFC - interest rates should help. Should also be already baked in. Thanks.
  • champ: @grcjr $BAC $C $GS $JPM $MS $WFC ---- Yes, your right its baked in, that #Why they are dropping.
  • bRobert: $C sideways consolidation. rising 50d . Rest next move. Long leap calls . 2019
  • traderbren: $C -- could get moving if it clears $74.74 ish. Long.
  • grcjr: $BAC $C $GS $WFC several of the banks dropping now in premarket.
  • Samik: @DAN. Tx for your advise. Completely sold off $WB @16.5 % profit. Had earlier sold 1/2 position @ 35% profits. Also sold off $LITE @ 12.9% profit. What's your advice (buy/hold/sell) on $C @13.5% profit, $SINA @22% profit & $CC @48% profit. Had sold 1/2 position in $CC before based on your advice too. Tx for the inputs & advice. Really appreciate.
  • mopick: @Samik $WB $LITE $C $SINA $CC $WB, wish I had better success. Sold this am for 3% loss only to see it reverse to the upside.
  • Samik: @mopick $WB $LITE $C $SINA $CC Which one did you sell this morning for 3% loss ? I am usually not a short term trader unless the stock is doing really badly or @Dan says sell off the stock.
  • mopick: @Samik $WB $LITE $C $SINA $CC Sold $WB, just poor timing. Stupid move.
  • bsafriet: @mopick $WB $LITE $C $SINA $CC why do you believe it was stupid to exit with a 3% loss? It could easily be a 5 - 10% loss tomorrow. If the reversal has legs, just buy it back. It’s called trading. Don’t second guess your reasons for making a decision to close a position. I’m sure they were valid. Risk management is never perfect and certainly none of us have a crystal ball. All the best!
  • champ: $BAC @ $27.18 HOD and also another new 10 year high, still OutPreforming all the other banks...but YTD $C is right with it % wise. Still holding....
  • bRobert: $C Gap filled Now V recovery vs bear wedge. I'm holding 2019 calls. That's my time frame. I'm not worried.
  • Robert1965: @champ $C Are you still holding this after earnings, adding to it
  • champ: @Robert1965 $C ----- Not at this time....
  • Lou: Added a little to $DVAX on pullback - now full position but don't expect real pop for a few months. Patience is required as timetables seem to have moved. See SeekingAlpo report regarding conference call yesterday with MS. Added $MS and $C short puts (to many now OTM) in an effort to build LT position at lower prices. Will continue to sell puts as others expire until someone will put shares to me at a price I like.
  • woodman: @Lou $DVAX $MS $C - I'm thinking the PDUFA will be soon, and before the "delayed until 11/10/17" date.
  • Forexpro: Re: $C Hi, Friends, Pretty aggressive move form SocGen analyst Andrew Lim, who drops $C from "Hold" to "Sell". According to SeekingAlpha, his primary concerns are increasing loan loss provisions on the credit card front, and a flattening trend in net interest margin. I'm not sure that $C's experience is so radically different from its competitors that it warrants a "Sell". In fact, the stock has retreated sufficiently far to begin to look attractive to me, and I may sell a put or two here, just for kicks. Take care, and all the best! P.S. Did go net long via a bull put spread. Got a fill instantly, never a good sign, but we'll see how it goes.
  • Forexpro: Re: $BAC, $WFC, $JPM

    Good Morning, Friends,

    As always, there is plenty of detail in the $BAC earnings report, and I won't burden you. In a nutshell, there is something that makes $BAC stand out, in my view. It isn't particularly well run, and it do ...
  • Robert1965: $C anyone buying below $71
  • bRobert: @Robert1965 $C In scales. Very long timeframe. 2019 . leap calls
  • Forexpro: @Robert1965 $C Hi, Robert1965, This is a large, complex beast. As I look at the daily chart, something close to 70 would offer a decent ratio of potential reward to risk. Normally, if I'm looking to buy into a decline, I like to see stochastics in oversold territory, and $C isn't there, as yet. FWIW; best of luck, whatever you decide.
  • bRobert: @Forexpro $C Understood. Buying in with scales call spreads. 2019.
  • bRobert: $C Filled gap target as expected
  • RoIbis1: @bRobert $C Nice call as per your previous chart read. Where would you look to add on daily chart? Thanks for your posts
  • bRobert: $C Long tail hammer after gap fill
  • champ: $BAC @ $25.75 ---- Looks like they beat on all lines, overall looks good ...I might have missed a line or 2 , but this a great earnings report. The one negative is that they only make $3.5 billion $$$ on their trading account, thats down 15% YoY it was $3.92b, all the BS is wow down 15%, I guess I should feel sorry for the bank, but I don't....they had great trading results....and the way that I can tell and judge these results, is by looking at the others that have reported and they beat those banks. I'm still holding my full core position and I will add back my trading position before the next earnings report and sell 3 days before because that has been the trend. This is still my top pick in the sector and I also like $C but I took profits on those positions.
  • grcjr: $C $JPM both beat. Up in premarket.
  • grcjr: @grcjr $C $JPM - so much for good earnings as both made a dash below yesterday's close.
  • bRobert: $C imho healthy pullback in C . This has doubled since last year. Great weekly. This will lead to a better entry, sustained long term price appreciation. POSSIBLE gap fill around $71
  • grcjr: $C $JPM earnings before tomorrow's open. I'm leaning toward trimming or closing what I have left. Thoughts? Seems quite a bit of the commentary has been to cover "issues".
  • bwcarnation1: @grcjr $C $JPM I'm holding $C and don't know what to do....maybe sell 1/2? fwiw IMF identified 9 banks that may have trouble remaining profitable and $C is one of them.
  • grcjr: @bwcarnation1 $C $JPM - I'm down to 1/4 positions in $C and $JPM Calls. Still have a long term $JPM stock. I can argue both sides of the "what to expect" discussion. Coin toss. In any case they should give a hint for the others.
  • bwcarnation1: @grcjr $C $JPM I did the same $C sold 3/4...good luck
  • grcjr: Bank Earnings and more. 10/12 $C $JPM before open 10/13 $WFC $BAC before 10/16 $NFLX after 10/17 $MS $GS $UNH before 10/18 $AXP after 10/19 $WGO before, $ISRG after 10/23 $STT before 10/26 $INTC after Hope I have those all correct.
  • champ: $BAC $C $MS $GS $JPM ---- Looks like $BAC is still OutPerforming all the other large banks and really all banks, after a fast look but I might have missed a couple. I posted in order as they have performed over the last 52 weeks and $BAC has beat $C, ...
  • Samik: @Dan What is your take on $C. It seems to be showing a steady climb. Good to invest ? $ROKU seems to be showing an attempt to climb back up. Also, should I sell off $CC (43% profit), $WB (20% profit), $AAPL ($56% profit). Had sold 1/2 of these 3 a few months ago based on your recommendation of taking some profits off the table. Tx
  • grcjr: $C $MS $BAC $STT - banks setting new 52+ week highs. $GS set new 26 week high.
  • Forexpro: @grcjr $C $MS $BAC $STT $GS

    Thanks, Grcjr,

    I was admiring the daily chart of $STT earlier today, and wishing that I still received restricted shares on a regular basis. I also looked at the direct competitors, and the $KBE large bank ETF, since th ...
  • grcjr: @Forexpro $C $MS $BAC $STT $GS $KBE $BK $NTRS $JPM I've owned some $STT in the past. I still check it but wish I had jumped back in. Best to you.
  • bRobert: $BAC . $C BAC weekly range breakout target $28 . C . Target $87+ . Long C . 2019 . 90 calls
  • Bridget: $JPM and $C both at the high of the day
  • bRobert: $C Weekly target is $90+. Not in a straight line. Huge call volume Jan 2019 $100 strike. Long leap calls
  • tejas7: @mopick $BAC $C
  • DAN: $C -- continuing the uptrend. Financials are doing better with the possibility of higher rates via rate hike, or balance sheet reduction.
  • steve71: $XLF $C $HIG $PYPL Nice day in the neighborhood. All in. Totus porcus.
  • champ: $YUMC @ $39.50 ---- Yum brands #China.....nice Upgrade yesterday 9/18 by $C, with a target of $51.00....KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and East Drawing is a Chinese food, QSR brand these brands and #Others and their are other bands....7,500 restaurants in China and they like this type of food. This stock is going higher and has been on the move, with nice volume...take a look. I have a Hold and be Rewarded position.
  • steve71: $AAPL $GE $MSFT $CSCO $C $JPM $GOOG $ORCL $PFE This is a list of the companies which have the most money offshore. Or, these are the companies which should benefit most from proposed corporate tax cuts/repatriation. If the GOP tax plan starts to look real, we should see all of these tickers move. My only positions are Citi and Microsoft.
  • bRobert: $C nh breakout
  • Forexpro: Re: $MS, Bulge Bracket Banks

    Good Morning, Friends,

    From SeekingAlpha, just as a background datum:

    "Tweaking her models following management comments at investor conferences over the past couple of weeks, Morgan Stanley's Betsy Graseck sees t ...
  • haroldzero: @Dan $C Hi Dan, from you point of view, is C considered a breakout from a long base? Is it a good buying opp. today? Thanks Harold
  • DAN: @haroldzero $C Yes, I'd say it was a breakout from a base. Volume is good. By the end of the day, it'll have printed a high volume day. It's up 2.56% today, and it feels a bit late to be buying today...but I don't think there's anything wrong with starting a small position, and then adding to it tomorrow if the stock is acting well.
  • Forexpro: ...
    I'm not in this ticker at the moment, but I remain interested, and the company is currently presenting at the "Barclays Global Financial Services Conference". I'm sure that it's fascinating for all in attendance. This item caught my eye:

  • Forexpro: Re: $JPM Hi, Friends, Continuing a theme, Jamie Dimon opines that $JPM's Q3 trading revenues will be off by c. 20 percent. Both $C and $GS have also indicates that trading revenues will be lower this quarter. As these businesses are almost infinitely scalable - as we used to say, "Doesn't take any longer to write a couple of extra zeroes on the ticket" - incremental revenue drops straight to the bottom line. Sadly, the reverse is also true, and a 20 percent decline in trading revenue will make a dent in overall earnings. Hope your day is going well; all the best!
  • champ: @Forexpro $JPM $C $GS---- On $JPM, what they said was, trading rev would be down y/y by 20%, against tough comps, not Q/Q, it would be nice if they would report Q/Q but that would be to easy. They also said that they might not give trading rev guida ...
  • Forexpro: @champ $JPM $C $GS $BAC #up #down

    Thanks, Champ,

    You're correct, I didn't specify, but banks always offer business line comparisons on a year to year basis. There is some seasonality on both earnings and expense sides, making quarter to quarter co ...
  • champ: @Forexpro $JPM $C $GS $BAC $MS #up #down --- I traded all 4 going into earnings, the last 3 reporting quarters but last time I sold all after JPM reported on the open and I only held 40% of $BAC into and thru earrings and I'm back in $BAC, for now but everything is day by day, for me, at this point because the markets could turn at any time. Thanks, for the info, Take Care!
  • Forexpro: Re: $C

    Good Morning, Friends,

    September 11 is always a somber occasion, especially when it is bright and sunny, as is the case today. Courtesy of, via Interactive Brokers:

     Citi CFO sees q3 markets revenue lower y/y, 'per ...
  • grcjr: $JPM $BAC $GS $MS $C - if this group sucked you in this morning, they are taking it back, trading near yesterday's close.
  • rjk: @Forexpro $BAC $COF $WFC $C $JPM $AXP $TD I've added this analysis, with other comments you have posted over the years, into my file of important tidbits to remember and review frequently. Your experience, knowledge, and wisdom are exceeded only by your generosity and kindness of spirit. With admiration and gratitude to you and so many other forum members, thank you. RJK
  • Forexpro: @rjk $BAC $COF $WFC $C $JPM $AXP $TD You're Welcome, RJK, And thank you. I'm afraid that you're giving me way too much credit both intellectually and morally; please remember, I spent the bulk of my adult years on bank trading desks. :) Here's hoping that all is going well for you; thanks again, and all the best.
  • Forexpro: ...
    I read a piece by Doug Kass today; he was discussing banks - he was short a couple of tickers, very long another - and he mentioned a metric that has been more or less received wisdom among the CNBC pundit types. Yeah, you're correct, that likely me ...
  • Geewhiz: @Forexpro $BAC $COF $WFC $C $JPM $AXP $TD I learn more from you at OMM/SMM than I did during my MBA quest. Perhaps I stay awake with the forum. ;-}
  • JJT1: $GS $JNJ $BAC $C $JPM Little overweight in financials and wanted to wait till Yellen speaks tomorrow, But tired of $GS staying below averages so sold. $JNJ in a tight squeeze so thought better place and options cheap. STC $GS Sept 220calls and BTO Sept $JNJ 130 calls.
  • JJT1: $C $BAC $JPM $GS all in the winner's circle (Kinda), sideways consolidation, (some longer than others) and having oversold bullish stochastic cross...
  • grcjr: @DrScience $BAC $C $GS $JPM $MS all trading at/near a must hold level.
  • Forexpro: Re: Banks Good Morning, Friends, Abrasive, feared bank analyst Mike Mayo has resurfaced at the latest of his many shops ($WFC), and has initiated coverage of his research universe. He has, according to SeekingAlpha, assigned "Outperform" ratings to $C, $BAC, $JPM, $GS, $STT, $STI (more of a superregional than the others) and $ZION (ditto). Doesn't mean that any or all of them will end the day higher, but it can't hurt. All the best!
  • rjrtwilliams: $C Any thoughts.
  • grcjr: @rjrtwilliams $C - most of the banks are doing well. $BAC $C $GS $JPM and $MS are all doing well. They all look good on a daily chart. See if your trading software will let you do a "compare" of all 5 (plus perhaps some not so good like $WFC). I've attached a 3 month daily chart. $C (the candles) looks to be the best but $GS is a close second. You can change the chart to focus on your time frame. When many are doing well it is tough to pick the best. Try to find the better picks.
  • Forexpro: @grcjr $C $BAC $GS $JPM $MS $WFC Thanks Again, Grcjr, Here's a different look, via StockCharts: All the best!
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Citigroup Inc is a financial services holding company. It provides financial products and services, including consumer banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage and wealth management.

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